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awriWMwiiMfPi -
, Fuwran
Gus. Hickey Stated $5000
"000 kWas Not Enough. .
Monev to Put High
ways in Condition
enthusiasm" rampant
Gooj'roads came In (or a fnfl sbaro
of attention during the I'hoenjXrf&lr.
according to both John 4- Hovfcir and
fius Hickev. the former doing hU
boosting especially at a meeting) a!
tha state, jjood road association and
the latter at"-meeting of member, jjfj '.
tho boards of freeholders. M both
ol those meetings the niattetyd'utbpnd
issue ,Xvas considered MrJlUjrreyU
told the freeholders that 0lTOoT'
was not enougn ana mat u inercsuau
be an issue tne money mttgi'De ex.
pended in a similar way to the.jjresent
nlan of distribution of road tax. funds.
To. the proposa? that it all tg2?Sjj
ed ' from l'hoenix. life the old ttri-"
torjal method, he explained itKht this
country would never consentffotSaehi
an arrangement. i "TS
Attend Association Meeting
John J. Bow en yesterdaf.toldjEof(T
the good roads enthusiasm he found
at Phoenix among people from ail tt-c-Uons
of the btate He and Dr. filed
soe of this city attend the good roads
association meeting where the mattin
of a bond issue was considered. Mr.
Jlowen believes that it Is possible to
get action from the legislature .on u
bond lssu for road building at the
next bession but is inclined to tiiink
It will come before the people -in n
referendum tor final action. Like,.Mr
Hickey he co'nslders a Jj.OuOJKtfwisBHe
too small but '3 does not loslvtqr'sffl
large a 'bonding as some entbnsJUfF
are asking. He also favors similar
methods, of expenditure to those 'now
employed. He states that routs"wore
' not discussed at the meeting; 'hafhe
Jng considered a dangerous rocjc
whlolr might" spill the ship
Lamar Cobb Coming
While Iiisbceites werfl in Phoenix
the iriatter of the survey of the state
highway over the divide was taken up
with the state engineer, Lamar Cogb
Mr Cobb stated that hp would rnmn
to this dlftrlct and start tEisf watier)
within the next two weeks. At the
time of such visit matters relative
to tho BIsbee-DouKlas link also- will
to tinsmerea. ine.se mattery 'savuj
had to wait urflil the automobile l?j
cense monev came in . 1
Mr Bow en stated that from all di
rectlons people motored to Phoenix,
never before were there o munv cart.
In the capitol.eity and the faavecabntt
lor setter roads was consrijantlj
given the greatest Impetus ItTjaPffT
r received in Arizona
Special meeting
for initiation.
Thursday, N'ov 7th . S p
J. 51 BALL, i: It
Adv ertbement
Boys' Knee
Knickerbocker' Style
Sizes 7 t o 1 7 Years
Reg. $l25and$l50vars.
THIS offer consists ofabout one hundred pairs of
Bovs' Knickerbocker Trousers, extra full cut
and well made. Materials include all-wool wor
steds, ca,ssimeres and cheviots in new stripes, checks
and plaids, and new gray, tan and brown mixtures.
The kind of trousers that wiil stand the strain of
healthy, vigorous boys dn the school playground, all
seams taped and douhle stitched. They are from our
regular stock and. marked, to sell for $1.25 and $1.50
specially priced for today's sellmg-at$l:0Q a pair. All
sizes trom a to 1 years. -
Corduroy Knickerbockers
Sizes For Boy.VFrom
7 to 18 Years- Full
Peg-Top Styl Special
THE economical, mother who wishes to carry out
this principle in dressing her bov and still have him
look neat, without detracting from his appearance
will find the Corduroy,Trpuser best adapted to the
youngster's needs, the most practical and serviceable
garment for school veaf., y
Our stock is complete, plenty of all sizes, rang
ing from 7 to 18 years, made of qood quality corduroy
in drab color, full peg-to'p style, watch pocket and two
hip-pockets with flaps to button, rei.'fdrced at every
point whtre the wear comes hardest. Priced at $1.75
a pair, and agood value at that, tc
&f?d L2t
llaltnee of rose cliarrmjuse. Th.
model requires, la medium aixe. 1 2-1
yards of 44-lnch material; 2 yard c
6-lnch ribbon; 7 yards of 21-2 mcl
lace. Sl-I jards of narrow Leading
The petticoat requires. In rocdlun
nlze, 2 J-4 yards of 4-lnch mnterlal
5 yards of 2 1-2 Inch lace. The cai
requires 1-2 yard of 19-Inch allover
1 1-4 vi-rt nl lu
Long Courtships.
Toung ladles in Russia are not at all
averse to long engagements and use
all sorts of artifices to stave off the
wedding day as long as possible, but
In no country In the world are court
ships so abnormally long as In Bohe
mia, where engagements commonly
last from 15 to 20 years In fact,
there recently died there, at the age
of ninety-nine, an old man who had
been courting for 73 years, and who
was married on his tf.eath-bed.
F .
Might Be the Fact.
Barriers who broke Into a ?art
jvt recently removed all the ftahlon
ble pannier dresses belonging to tht
ilstrcss of the house &ud left a nca
cr of old cklrts "Tho police," says
Paris correspondent, "suspect e
.nahipn expert.' Wc-pp the oth
and. are Inclined to tended tl the
urglary was aot committed by th
tdy's husband, who may easily have
ecn a simple-hearted fellow Vot
-lched to see his wife becomingly
xessed for a week or two. 3y
. 1 "(i) 'IMK
r ovk. i ''if AW
3 $MUffl
WmW i
?1 --:- k
(I J
yi j ;
' -
! I
'mm -
$1 75
Pastor of Presbyterian In
stitution Preaches to His
Flock in Non-Partisan
Sermon on Election
"Thou shalt provide out of
all the people able men, such
as fear God, men of-truth, hat
ing unjust gain." Exodus 18 21.
. .. t
iThd Jftskrgcoj jthq Chitfch" p the
voters of the country was the theme
,offi sexmon deyvrefl levJohn
K.,j"ry, pr tneaijresoj terian cnur-u,
"Sunday evenlrig. The, sermon was
non-partisan ln,cbaracter.
jThe clergyman prefaced hls.mess.
ago by stating that the result of to
day's election 'Is" dependents on a fac
for in the electorate that has not
plajed as .prominent a part in prevl
rouilelections ea It will In today's elec-
ffinn Ihn inrlonendpnt voter. "AVhat
tnll this factor do, which will it sup
frort? If there Is a landslide It will
W be "to "either of the old parties,
but I do not think there will be a land
slide. This has been a campaign of
I thinking. It has been an unusual
campaign I think we will all agree
While there have been things said
that ought not to have been bald and
while there has been the usual actlvlt.v
by unscrupulous politicians, I believe
that the result of the election will
come nearer to being an expression
of the voice of the people than ever
Party Lines Less Conspicuous
'The cry of partisanship has bc:n
worn threadbare and party lines v;lll
be less conspicuous in the result than
ever before. Decause my father wa
a republican it might be argued that
1 villi vote the straight republican
ticket which I do not Intend to do
"Naturally party counts more In na
tional elections than in local elections
for it is not possible for the voteis
to know pcr&onally the candidates Tor
president but the pUtform is in a vva
the expression and belief of the can
didate. The thing that counts moio
than any other, however. Is the man
"If the .progressive movement 13
never heard of again after today, it
has served the purpose of avvakenins
the public conscience
"The two things that threaten the
rule of the people are the professional
machinist, or politician and the pow
erful interests. The trusts and L15
money interests are due to the indif
ference of the people. They them
selves are not primarily to blame
Progress Depends on Individuals
All of the great reforms that have
accomplished, .in history bave
perbohalliea" Tuft Uiey fjavo
Jbeen accomplished tiot because of
popular or spontaneous movements
but because some leader has arisen to
espouse them and fight for them. Pro
gress depends on individuals. If men
in high places are not actuated b)
the common good we tan not cairy
out the high mission of the nation.
'Tb IsBije TneRdav is one of per
sonalities All of the candidates for
president are good, clean men, men
of bterling worth, men of fine princi
ple and men of Christian character
Nation Backed by Christians
' hat is the position of the churcu?
Let us hark back to the beginning of
the republic. The nation was founded
on Christian principles and by true
Christian men. Our doors have al
ways been open to those seeking free
dom and the church is interested in
the perpetuation of those principles
and in seeing men of Christian char
acter placed in the high position of
the government
"The republic was founded by men
'audi as fear God ' It Is necessary
that the man who is to preside over
this nation shall have the fear of Go J
I if he Is able to realize that he is only
iue irusiee 01 tue people.
"It is necessary" he shall be a man
of truth. Some people think hat
greatness is evidenced by obstinacy
and by bull-headededness. No one
should be deceived by the tactics .Of
the politician who delves into ancient
history and brings forth what a man
may have said years ago and give It
as his present belief."
Men of Cleanliness Needed
n "On account of the cry of graft In
,hih places ft is meet that we snojld
select for .office, men 'bating unjust
gain..' Apply this Ideal on election
da When Samuel turned over the
sovereignty, to the people, who wanted
a king, he held out his hands and saM,
'They are clean.'"
t. Thou -shalt provide out of all the
people, able men, such as fear God.
men of truth, hating unjust gain.' Let
that be your ideal. Jf that Is the Ideal
God holds out to" us. that Is the Kind
of, men God w paid. iava lis beAjiot
jsvayed, by-jevery nejv idea, not kev-pv
Ing an ear to the-ground merely to
I hejjpulatv Wo need that kind of-men
IrxJUIsbee; men-ho will stand by urhat
I the?, belleie.''
I j
r Ejection returns by -ire. this after
noon and evening at Elks" club Ad
vertisement. 431.
i &fcn f Beauty Is a Joy Forever
. T. Fatix Oouraud't Oriental
Cream or Mogtoef lautlflor.
frrtfclc. ttb IaajL
Rub, and fekla Pttraiwa.
oa batr. n4 4
flMdeUTUM. D
t 64 ren. aad
leC of similar
c. Dt, L. a,
aTr mW to a
uir of tb t
ton i ptnt)i
A ywi i41i
will mm Unn.
1 flumnifed
flnmrnn Creum u tt Wrt tar&fat ot A it
'Sfi Jk
1 1 -z i tr r . at
$ & J&H
na trnrMion.' Tt nl tj all tfmuuit i Fi;
&ooCt Dnlttt SB tit Cttte4 tit, CUcti ud EaftK,
IM T, HW'JS, Pks, V tl hat JW 3n lak
ffodf T'HERE'S no use of
Til T?f? JLtalking-this is the
JDlU0Kl0DGI! '4, one best beer- lt is a
Tie Beer of Quality pleasure to look at the bot
tleanticipation is keen.'
And realization is in keeping with expectation.
At the club, in the dining car, at leading
hotels and cafes, wherever the best people con
gregate, you ( find Pabst "Blue Ribbon" always
served with the modest luncheon orthe most
sumptuous dinner.
Bottled only at the brewery In crystal clear bottles,
shotting at a, glance that it Is clean and pure.
Have your home supplied.
Phone or 'write.
VV. E. Harrison Co., Inc.
Phono 393
Ercwery Culch Bitbtt, Ariz.
The mo-i interest fag program that
has been shown .ItJ-Jbe Koyal for
some time will be tue bill commenc
ing with today's matinee 'Memories
of Patio Days," produced by Vila
graph company Is a work of art in
doutilc 'exposure Anxious to visit
the Rcenes of his youth, an old Mexi
can returns to Spanfsh Mexico He
flnds himbelf a tranyer in a strange
land, things have changed so After
days of travel bo falls exhausted and
dreams. Each vision Is portrayed in
a clear succession of bcenes depict
Ing the romance of his life, lt Is a
wonderful story of Spanish courtship.
Intrigue, an Indian attack by Indian
marauders and the 'ncroism of the
old Mexican whenu young man It
Is a replica of days of Spantsn cnlvai
ry wlx'ch Inspire anc enthuse our
souls with th (lays pLJoug ago and
Pll i'. with dredms of tho past.
The other picture on today's bill
ii '"A Trustee of the Law," a strong
drama qf the social conditions In the
southern r.tates of today.
"Into the Genuine,-? an exceeding
ly dramatic story of the inconsisten
cy of our so called modern society,
vrhlrh recoijnlies wealth as the prime
factor. i
"Scenes In New Plymouth," is aa
J Interesting scenic showing some very
plcti'rsque scenes In Isew- Zealand.
"A Country HoUday" Is tho Utle of
a crash! bpng' comedy that is a riot
of fnn from the start A bunch of
boys go to the country to spend' their
v-nrnflnn -.nit hrtv lhf tinifc nf thwlr
1K-ot ArU-nrtlapmrnr
DOUGLS. Nov 4 (Special)
"Good morning, ilayor Hanklns," Is
the greeting that M. C Hanklns, chair
man of the county democratic central
committee, will receive when ho
comes down town tonjorrow morning
to cast his ballot for Wilson and
Marshall for president and vice pres
ides. At a meeting of the Douglas city
council last night. Cuunty Charoian
Hanklns was elected mayor of Doug
las, succeeding Mayor Baker , Ho
was not atpandldate for the position
and It Is jipt known jhis evenlrfe If
be will aflgeptvtmt it js generally be
lieved thaVJie will. !
J. H. East, councilman from the
fourh ward, tendrdhls resignation I
as a memrer or that body out it -was
laid on the table for consideration at
a later meeting.
Assistant County Attorney Alex.
Murry was In Douglas yesterday, ;to
confer witl Dr. W. A. Severn on mat
ters pertaining to tbe'-state livestock
ranltary Loard '
-The Writer Who D0-3 Most, m
That trrlter does tho .most who
fives hla. reader the most knowledge
tnd takes from him. the ietsr 'Ime.-
C. a Colton. 0
Election"retnrns will be shown
the Royal Theater tonight Adver
tisement. - -.... -&$.
OCT. 4, 1912.
To the Stockholders of the
Ileffern Mininir & De
velopment Company
who have not paid in their assess
ment, who hold stock not transferred
In thMr name, who have loaned
money on stock, etc, can exchange
their etoeK.-share for share, in th
reorganization if the company by pay
ing the assessment on their stock of
one cent per share The money can
be paid to Albert Dahlberg, stopping
at Victoria Hotel, Brewery Gulch.
Call on me bewen 3 and C p m ,
as I will be in during those hours, of
Risbee or to Mr. Albert Heffern, Box
J92, DouRlas. Arizona within thirty
days from date. The stock will not
be recognized unless this assessment
is paid upon heir stock when the
company Is reorganized. Send money
by draft, postal or express money or
der or registered mall. Advertise
Yours respectfully,
It has been absolutely shown that
rest, fresh air and good food do help
manv perrons suffenng from Tuber
culosis. But it must be admitted
that tho disease is seldom more than
"arrested . Something, more Is
needed '
Eckman's Alterative Is a medicine
made for the treatment of Tubercu
losis It has conquered thle disease
again and again. Often these benefits
have been effected where tho sur
rounding were not ideal yet rccov
enes resulted. Now we argue that
Eckulan's AUratire should be used in
every case of Tuberculosis, In addi
tion to good, inourishing food and
fresh air, which we all need. A re
markable case follows:
Weldon, 111
"'GentlefSen. Through Eckman's
Alterative I have beejt sated from a
pTematUre grave. On Decemuer 14,
l3(M, I was taken with Typhoid Pncu
monia. My lunge l.eca'cje very much
affected my sfrntifm ' was examined
and Tuberculosis Bacilli were found
On February' 21, 1305, I was advised
to" go to Tort Worth, Texas. While
there an abscess In tny right lung
brofce ariri (Ilscharged. 1 grew worse,
and becaffte very much emaciated.
My physician informed" me" tHat I
must to'jo Colorado aB Quickly ae
possible. I left Texas, June i and ar
rived in- Canon City, Juno 3, rery
feeble Alter befng there two 'weeks,
my physl&'an informed me that my
case was hopeless. Three weoks la
ter I returned home, weighing 103
pounds, the doctor having given me
no assurance of reaching there alive
On July U, 10W, I began taking
Eckman's wonderful remedy for Con
sumption. Today I weigh 158
pounds. I am stout and well and can
do any kind of work about my grain
elevator. I have not an ache nor
pain In my lungs, oat well, sleep well,
and never felt bettor.''
(Sworn affidavit) . ARTHUR WEBB
tEejtman's Alterative ii effective in
llrohchltj?. Asthma. Hay Fever,
Thoat and Lung Troubles,, and In up
building the system. Does not con
tain poisons, opiates or habit-form
ing drugs. For sale by LoweK'Drug
Co., In lowcil and other leading drug
gists. AffU for booklet telling of re
coveries, ar.d write to Eckman La"b
flmtory; Philadelphia, Pa., for addi
tional evidence. 440.'
you Safety for your money, cdvice on business mat
ters and financial assistance when necessary.
Start your account today.
Citizens Bank and Trust Company
.Main Street. Blsbee. Arizona
Will E. McKec President. C. A. McDonald, Cashier.
O. W. Wolf, Assistant Cashier.
Connecting with Logan & Bryan
Private Wire System at Denver
ber 4 Co., Bos. ton and Calumet.
Lonan & Bryan, Chicago "d N,w
York. . -fcttl
. . . . .n.i.M
1 -
; : J7
List Your Property
For Quick Sales With
Hogan and Seed
Real Estate and Fire Insurance
Phone 10. M Street
and High Class Cafe
Special $1.00 Table d'Hole Dinner Fro.-n 5;39 to 8 p. m.
Reg lar 50c Luncheon Daily HENRY P0PPEN, Manage
re made of rood mater'als'. good
Iitnber roonns. etc , Is required In
their construc'lon.
If you are contemplating building
a homo vou should exerc.se roo.1
Judgment In selectin; the matprial3
lo be used In its construction
If you buy of us you will get the
best and at prices no hisber tban In
ferior materials pre sold at elso
Lumber Co.
P a 1 ace Livery
and Undertaking- Co.
Bowen & Hubbard, Proprietors
Phens Phone
Blsbee 23 LowelJ 7
Next Fair Hall
214 Donplas Uld?.,
Los Angoles, Calif
For Sale ar Exohanse
i ""-v- : vZT
Is Safe From Loss
Only When
deposited in the hank! It costs
nothing to have your Checking: Ac
count with this bank which offers
nmrM r-kODlTD QTOPK; l
Utvcn v--i ii-. www. .
The Southern Pacific
Of Mexico, Maintains at NACO,
Arizona . Sonora
A Customs Brokerage
under the management of
Forward your shlnmen1! In his
He Pays All Expense
and collects from consigns on de
livery of shipment at destination
Service prompt and efficient
Charges moderate.
Tne Line has just been opened to
Let us tell you something of the
LANDS and MINES of the West
Coast of Mexico.
H. LAVTON, o. F. & P. A.
Guaymas, Sonora
I 7 S'j a ta. Lv Clifton ar. 4 03 p. ni.
S 10 a in Lv Guthrie Lv 3 30 p. A.
'Wa m. Lv Duncan Lv 2,3G p. m.
1 ' 2 j a tn. T.v Lordp'Airg Lv 1-33 p. m.
XX 30 a. rn Ar Hachlta Lv 12:10 p. m.
South bound train connects w!tl
Pouttern PacISc west bound train
No. 1 leaving' Lordeburg 10:57 a. m(
Mountain Time. '
South bound train connects with El
Paso Sc Southwestern east boudd
tram for El Paso, leaving Hachlta at
II 59 a. m., Mountain Time, and
with west bound train for Douglas
and Bisbee, leaving Hdohita at 11:?
a. m , Mountain Time.
Clifton, Ari. General Passenger Agent
O. K. LIVERY and
Phone lf. Op. Depot Ambulant
i ' if rijt-

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