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The Future
Marvelous Revelations
The World's Famous
A utois
Meeting of'LegisIature May
Be Featured bv Scrap for
President of Senate
and Speakership
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A question of law haB interjected
Itself Into the state legislature speak
ership question and as a result one
of the warmest fights since Arizona
attained statehood Is said to he un
the political cards lor the Interim be
fore the convening of the legislature.
Supporters of Sam It. Brudnor. of
Benson, say that were he legally qjal
itled to hold tho position that ho
would again be the buuse hoes, hut
It Is claimed by man- that Bradner
by accepting the Job as secretary- at
the live stock sanltaiy commission ho
dlatjujlffed himself.
It Is not a mcro rumor that holds
Lack the large number of ambitious
legislators to succeed Uradner. The
cjupstion of the legality of Braduer
succeeding himself ag hou aiak'T
is now being Investigated by Attorney
General George Purdy Dullard, accord
ing to Senator W P Sims, who re
turned yesterday from Phoenix.
Bradner is Disqualified
The lay opinion among jolitlclans
Is that Uradner is disqualified and it
has gained such a degree of currency
that the administratis has taken cog
nizance of It and referred It to, tho
attorney general. A decision la ex
pected to be glveu at an early date.
II there Is no official Impediment,
Bradner will again ask for tho Job.
so he has told his friends in ti'?
(house membership and they say that
he Is able to swing the strength to
again land the house plum.
The lay opinion, for confirmation or
rejection of which tho question was
referred tu the attorney general. Is
that by accepting the political berth
created by the last legislature that
Bradner is not eligible.
In anticipation of the disqualifica
tion of Bradner. several legislators
are said to be pluming themselves lor
tho speakership fight, which Is ex
pected to be a warm contest in which
influence will participate from the
entire state. One of those who is
shining up his castor on the edge of
the ring is said to be H. II. Linnle, cf
Prescott a young attorney who serv
ed on tho house Judiciary committee
at the last session. Itepresentatl-.e
Brooks of Gila is said to be posing for
the political lightning. Both aro un
derstood to be quietly working among
their friends of the various county
delegations. k
Cunnlff In the Head
While it is believed by politicians
that Cunnlff president of the senate
may have opposition no one have yet
placarded or otherwiso heralded his
candidacy. Cunnlff Is one of the flow
ers of the progressive movement that
placed tho present administration in
office and his strength, apparently. Is
th.it of the administration forces.
What effect the candidacy of Linnle,
fori speaker of the house, will have oh
"v "- -SrfPK
&&.. "&Z .X&.
"S5-"-: . -viS&r Diana Ctte.
Floreax Zlegfsld. who has lonr neJi ""e reputation of getting znoro
pretty irl to bis shows than most theatrical managers ever dreamed
of, has succeeded this season In presenting many sulking; beauties In his
"Follies of 1812." Next to Lillian Lorraine. Diana Oste la declared to
be the prettiest girl In this year's "Follies." The play Is now running
in a. B'cJuHvay theater.
the re-election aspirations of CunmSf
is a question The other counties of
the state would hardly view with a
toleration the giffng of both the house
spirit of toleration to giving the house
to Yavapai county legislators. If both
persist in their ambitions one will
probably be sacrificed.
The disadvantage of having served
and of entangling alliances will Le
Cunnlffs and what pro'lt there be
longs to tho opposite condition na
turally accrues to Linnle or to BrooLs
for that matter All speculation how
ever is bounded by the "if", thit will
be resolved by the attorney general's
opinion, for If Bradn'?r Is still quali
fied he will be a candidate for the
speakership Whether Linnle or
Brooks will be led by ambition to
measure swords with the Benson man
Is also speculation
Anyway, according to Senator Sims,
the political bees are swarming and
none are seeking insurance against be-
lng stung and lightning rods are a la I
Mode at the state capital
Xo positive word has been given o it.
by Governor Hunt as to me date "of
the special session of the legislature, "
said Senator Sims, though the pass'-1
bility of the extra session before he
first of next ear still exists. If such
a session should be called this month
it will probably be a very brief one. It
Is said.
Brief Local Items
Tells your name, age and date of
birth, also of changes, successes, fail
ures, marriages, divorces, travels,
lovo affairs, your sIckncsB and
chances for recover', talents and
questions that pertain to the future.
His predictions aro always correct,
and never fnll to come true, as thou
sands of peorle will testify.
I accept no fee In advance. If you
are not absolutely satisfied when I
am through, then pay me nothing. Is
this not honest?
Those who wish to take advantage
cf this low fee must call at once.
I will tell you what your disease
or sickness Is and -whether or not
you can be cured. Everybody wel
come. None slighted. Hours 9 to
S:30 p. ra Dally and Sunday.
Marx Hotel, Lowell Arizona.
- -I
1 mKimff i ixl. J . tu. "
'llluffinil W''"-
Imttwlb " "
UiJmr uo nutt m con
For your guidance as
to style for fall
Correct suits this fall have
"natural"shoulders and waist t
Our suits are of nrictg Brmti
Clothes, which insures
their correctness
Values this fall are beyond
those of other seasons, we think.
Try on a suit tomorrow-
$20 $25 $30 $35
"Sc'liwarlz Brothers Co.,
Hunt In Huachucas.
Returning from a five days hunting
trip In the Huachuca Mountains Mon
day evening four well known local
men. D C Bardon, John Uruen, John
Carr and P McGuire report a most
successful hunt in which three deer
and numerous quail and cotton tail
rabbits were trought to earth by their
combined prowess Tho hunters repoit
ed ideal conditions during tho rive
days and say that game this year is
plentiful. Tracks of deer, bear and
other same were everywhere to be
seen and were It not for the limited
time in which they had for the out
ing, they believe that a bruin or two
ould have been added to their mighty
Alleged Lowell Shooting
A preliminary hearing was held be
fore Jurtlce George It. Smith at Low
ell -Monday afternoon in tho case of
John Hill, a Flnlsnder, who It is al
leged opened fire with a 32-Savage
automatic revolver on Mike Salo. a
countryman of his, in Upper Lowell
Snndav afternoon Salo was uninjur
ed. Owing to the lack of witnesses
for the defense the case was held ov
er until Thursday afternoon. Novem-
ber C, the defendant being hefil- undr
$500 cash bond. Salo yesterday swore
out the complaint against Hill.
Supervisors to Meet
The county board of supervisors
trill moot tomorrow at Tombstone
The first Tuesday Is the regular meet
ing date but on account or election
tho mxtlne was deferred a day. The
mnttoi- of emnlovinir statn nrlsoncrs
on the county roads, which Chairman
Gus HicJvey took up with Governor
Hunt laBt week at Phoenix, will be
brought up at the board meeting.
Gun Toter Fined
Francisco Valenzuella, who are ar
rostoH hv Offlcpr Gibson on the charse
of carrying a concealed weaoon. was
arraigned before Judge High or the
city court yesterday and fined seventy-five
dollars. The Mexican was
unable to pay and went to Jail. Abo-it
o, dozen peace disturbers were arraign
ed and received the customary fln
for' the offense.
Daughter Born.
Born to Hr. and Mrs. W. T. Menear.
at the Cooper Queen hospital, yester
day, a girl.
C?tildv Elected to Offlce.
Cu". E Cassldr, postmaster at Bis
bec. was elected secretary anil treas
urer of the Arizona postmaster's as
soclatlon at their annual meeting held
at Phoenlr during the woek of the
state fair. J. Knox Corbett, of Tuc
son, was elected president
Yesterday's Kotel Arrivals.
At the Copper Queen hotel: Albert
J. Houle. Houghton, Mich.: R. C. Lock
wood. Chicago: F. J. Kerman, U. S.
army; R. A. Helmlch, U. R. army; II.
D. McVay, Phoenix; E. Rumscy, SL
At the Philadelphia Hotel: J. W.
Van Osier, Los Angeles; C M. Branch.
Globe: George S. Gage. Cananea; A.
F. Parsons. Douglas: T. W. Nugent:
T. F. Jones, Tucson; M. F. Gray,
his physician hope that be woall re
cover. "No Infection has appeared,"
said Dr. C F. Hiwley, who is attend
ing the man at tho Copper Tueen no?
,.ni "nmi nnlptin cnmnllcations. such
as blood poisoning or' pneumonia up-
... j . rT 1 a t nltn
pear, ne snouiu recover mcic
danger from blood collecting Intern il
ly, though pneumonia Is what Is mosw
No Gun Play Made.
Adolph Thonnes, of Lowell, wlshos
it stated that Glenn Shipley, who at
tempted to kill himself Saturday morn
ing in a ravine in the foothills near
tho Forest ranch, did not attempt to
draw a gun on him. The Ilevlew re
porter was Informed that wnen 'ino
rlno found Shipley, the latter, lying
wounded on the ground, attempted U
reach Tils pistol which lay on the
ground beside him.
T 00K out for stormy weather. A good "Auto
Robe" is what you all wish for when you have
to make a long drive on a cold and windy day, for
there is nothing so comfortable as a big warm "Auto
Hobe". We have them in all patterns, all wool
Prices Range From $5'00 to $1800
The latter are extra large and heavy
For' The Horseman
Good warm stable blankets from Si. 75 to $4.50 each. Waterproof street blan
kets $3.00 each. Also regular street blankets of all wool at a large selection
of prices.' Saddle blankets, collar pads, buggy whips, blacksnakes, harness oil
and soap and in fact everything used around the stable we have it.
For The Sportsman
Golf and Tennis goods are here in one of the largest and most complete
stocks in the entire southwest. Try our new Goodrich tennis balls they are
the best balls made. Also Goodrich Moose, Stag and Meter golf balls. Foot
balls, punching bags, boxing cloves and everything for the man who enjoys
outdoor games. i:i?'!?..'7f.,.1 .V : . t
Council Meeting Postponed.
Thn mentine of the City council has
been postponed from tonight to to
morrow nigat, on account 01 ioaay ue
ing election day. The calendar for
tho meeting is business of a routine
nature, comprising reports of officers,
committees, etc.
Karcmiil's Condition Sitp.
The condition of Joe Hammill, who
was accidentally shot in the arm bv
a ,suc-shooter. at Painter's ranch last
week, was better yesterday than at
any time since he was brought In by
Dr. C. F Hawley and placed In tho
Copper Queen hospital. One of the
bones of the arm wasifcadly shattered,
two inches of It being reduced to
powder b the bullet 'which came out
at the elbow.
2Ti yu as fr eer do not take a sub
&TI stitute. Insist on having The Tann-
hauser Beer, (the beer that is bottled at the
Brewery.) Delivered to you at $3.50 per case.
If your grocer does not have it, call
n sz fnn Rr. F?m w)n
Agents of the Copper City Brewing Co.
Unknown Mexican Killed
Tho unknown Mexican who was run
over and killed by , train at Naco,
was buried hero yeiterday by the
county undertakers. Jhe O. K. under
taking company. NoJbne was able to
Identify the Mxl"n.
There are 350 animals with the AI.
O. Barnes Circus, each of which Is a
performer. Among them are forest
bred lions, twenty altogether, a herd
of elephants, a caravan of camels, roy
al Bengal tigers, pumas, tears, leo-
tia-ds. laguars. hyenas, zebras, mon--
I kej n. of every known species, dogs and
I ponies. With this show may be seen
Imore animals than ever collected be
fore at one Umo and offered for ex
hibition either In this country or
abroad. Will show at Warren, Sept
12. Advertisement.
Sh!nley Holding Own.
TJie condition 01 uiennmpiey, ure
young man who attempted to commit
suicide Saturday after shooting his
favorite horse, whose use the owners
had denied him. was such as to give
Campbell Company Pitching
Tents for Several Days
in This District
, There'll be a gay time In Lowell i
this evening when the Campbell Car
nival company opens a week's en- j
fagement in the city. It will be
"grand, glorious and stupendous," '
according to the dlctr.m of the man-'
agement. whose promises assure tho i
patron that he will have the best
Ltlme- of his life for the mere ouUay '
of tho small stuff that is burning ,
holes In pockets. i
The original fat man, the eight- J
legged calf and the other circus fea- j
.tnres hav all arrived Including- the j
rancy dancers, 'jae company, num
berine more than three hundred
people, arrived in Lowell from Doug-,
las yesterday afternoon where they
closed a very successful week. They
had their spetfal cars, the scenery.
booths and other carnival effects
come later by freight Most of the
members of the "company Journeyed
o Bisbeo the latter part of yesterday.
eelng the town and making pur-
bases at the local shops.
The manager and his staff have
Ihelr own special car. the members
-if the company having rooms In,
own. The carnival grounds are lo
cated on the flat just north of the
station at Lowell, the numerous
tents, booths and mechanical contriv
ances taking up nearly an acre of
ground. UH EH2S
N calling your attention to the fact that
we have a good bank which is a safe
place for you to put your money we
wish it understood that we are not say
ing anything against our competitors nor do we want
you to transfer your account from them to us while
you are getting the proper treatment but we want
especially the accounts of those who are not con
nected with any of the other banks of this City.
We want new business.
4 per cent on time deposits.
Miners and Merchants Bank
The Conservative Bank
Ancient Ophel Potteries
French savants carrying out exten
sive Investigations In Jerusalem, on
the southeastern slopo of the Temple
hill the Ophel oj Scripture have
discovered a number of very early
tombs, some of which contained pot
tery considered to belong to the pe
riod of 3,000 B. C
As to the Coin,
as to tne uoin, ii
Inquires a paragrapher who Is Just II
beginning to dip Into the Joys (though
he doesn't call them that) of Dickens: II
vve nave traiieu aicnoias rticuieoy
to the point where be has Joined a
theatrical company. Is It worth while
following the scent further V In this
case, friend. It isn't a scent; It's a
To give those who can only come to Bisbee late an
opportunity to inspect my beautiful line, my store,
opposite P. O, will remain open until 8:30 p. m.,
throughout November and December.
See window next to Bank of Bisbee for largest
diamond display ever shown in Arizona. Official
watchi nspector for E. P. and S. W. R. R.
Jeweler - and - Optician
i .

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