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President Defeated But Is
t" iSaid to Be Far from Dis-
couraged. He Plans to
Strengthen Party.
Says President-Elect Wilson
Has Difficult Task Facing
Him and Express Desire
for No Extra Session
The house of representatives
will be: democrats 2S3; repub
licans, 115; progressives, 12;
doubtful or unreported, 25; to
tal, 435.
The foregoing shows the
standing at 9 o'clock last night
In the house of representatives
in the sixty third new congress.
The total of 283 gives the dem
ocrats 64 more than the 218
necessary for a majority and
52 more than the democratic
membership in the sixty-second
COLUMBUS, Nov. . Defeated but
far from discouraged President Taft
already has forged plans for holding
together and strengthening the re
publican party. The plan arc not
given out but he raid tonight to a
friend that the party will continue to
exist and that it will l-e as active as
In the past and that there is no rea
son to believe its chances for future
success are not excellent.
So far as the president's plan Is
concerned, he hopes to see organized
a "national republicans club," entire
ly apart from the republican national
committee, which shall cherish the
principles of the party and be a
source of political activity not only
during election years but at all times.
To the suggestion he might be the
republican nominee in 191C President
Taft replied with a smile but no com
ment -and laughingly repeated his In.
tpntion of returning to Cincinnati to
practice law.
Wilson's Task Difficult.
The president is convinced the
task of President-elect Wilson will
not be an easy one He said tonight
he earnestly hoped Wilson will not
call an extra session of congress to
revise the tariff. He wished, he said,
to see the present prosperity to con
tlnue as long as possible. Mr. Taft
declared Wilson would face a con
gress roadr up to a large extent of
untried men who have come to be
lieve in "histrionic publicity, who be
lieve that to show their faith In the.
people they must at tlmep be insur
gents, and oppose the program lead
ers." Taft Interested In Tariff.
The president narllcularly is In
terested in any tariff revision pro
gram and laughed when it was ald
be was eagerly awaiting democratic
efforts to reduce the schedules of that
"iniquitous Payne-Aldrlch- laws," and
was asked if he did not consider Gov.
Wilson more conservative than radi
cal. The president told the follow
ing story about Senor Zias, head of
the radical party in Cuba: "Zias was
campaigning once," said the president,
"and was accused of being coriserva
live. Tm not a conservative." said
Zias, "I am a. radical and I must speak
as a radical on the olatform to keep
iriy followers, but in office I am not
a radical."
Goes to Washington
The president left Columbus at 3'20
o'clock for Washington and Is ex
pected to stay there with but a few
trip away from the White House un
til March i. He announced today he
will not visit the Panama canal dar
ing the Christmas holidays as he had
Richard L. Lervis, cne of the six
foot secret service men who has
guarded President Taft since he was
elected four years ago, today was
notified to proceed to Princeton. He
will be joined by other secret service
men "later.
EL PASO, Nov. 6: The following
telegram sent, to President-Elect Wil
son by Attorney RIcardo Gomez Ro
ibtU representative of the revolution
in north Olexlco reads: "As represent
ative of General Pascula, leader of
tbo Orozco revolutionary movement In
.Mexico, I cordially congratulate you.
Especially sincere la our happiness, at
your success slnco the platform of
the democratic Prty Is almost paral
lel to the reforms for which Mexico
is fightln?"
' .JfsEaW'.BsisH '
John Wansmakcr.
When James S. Sherman's succes
sor as Republican candidate for vies
president Is selected on Nor. 11. no
one will be surprised It John Wans
maker, or Philadelphia, is named.
Wanamaker bas always been e
stanch Republican and Is now an or-,
dent supporter of Tuft. It la be
lleved that Wanamaker will be will.
jlriK to accept the honor, whether
president Taft Is re-elected or not.
IM WON :'!
WILSON, 10,000
Pennsylvania Shows Roose
velt in Lead by 20,000.
Teddy and Democrat
Claim Other States
CHIOVGO. Ills., Nov. C latest
election returns place Iowa in the
Wilson column by about 10.000, with
the probabilliy that Illinois will also
be there on the final count, the Roose
velt lead In the latte- state being re
duced to S.COO with K.S7 down state
precincts, including many strongly
democratic, yet to report
enrylvanla for Teddy.
In Pennsylvania Hoi,sevelt leads bv
twenty thousand. Kansas and Minne
sota are claimed by both. Wilson and
itoosevell. tloosevelt haIng a small
lead in the former and Wilson silent
ly ahead in Minnesota.
Wilson to Carry Minnesota.
Taft and Wilson are rnnnlnsr nprk
and nerk in Npw Hnmnohlrp Tnft
Taft !
is apparently certain to get the twelve
electoral votes from Vermont, Idaho
nuu uiau. i-nu ne may carry Wyoming, i
Roosevelt apparently Is sure of twen-'
ty-two electoral votes, seven In Wash-1
tnntnn nn.1 Hfl.nn f A f !... I... .. .!.!. I
ineton and fifteen In Vichlean with
ennnces ot carrying south Dakota,
California, Kansas, Pennsylvania,
Minnesota and Illinois. All the otter
states are in tbe Wilson column. Wil
son Is sure of -497 votes it is said.
the city vote. S precincts missing.
Wllron gets G,ri07 and Roosevelt4.872
LOS ANGELES. Nov. 6. Four hun
dred and fllty precincts out of 455
precincts in ijos Angeies city gives i
Roosevel 42.039; Wll-on 35,;87: Debs j
tat rtH i....t.Aj .i ... ......
13.707. One hundred and twenty-sev- j
n out of 272 precincts In Los Ange-1
les county outside of Los Angeles city j
oit,M tnADn....i wrt'i. um..... -i j !
gives Roose-elt 22.584; Wilson 14.-
ti.io; ucus a, .iz.i.
DANVILLE, Nov. 6. Former Speak
er Cannon defeated for re-election by
tilt votes by Frank J. O'Halr. demo
IMVPIKVITI Vnv MM!..... la
assured of oiio hundred tho'isuud plu
rality in Ohio.
i.vniAVtpm.is Vnv r. wt:.na
nlurnlltv in the- Ktatf. will nnnrnximatn
one hundred thousand.
Velt leads In Pennsylvania by twenty
three thoi'pand.
PROVIDENCE, Nov. 6. Wilson'
plurality In Rhode Island Is twenty-
five hundred .
TOPEKA. Kan.. Nov. C With more
than half of Kansas to hear from.
Roosevelt leads by less than one
CONCORD, Nov. 6 Wilson will
carry New Hampshire by about fifteen
WASHINGTON. D. C Nov. 6. It is
indicated that the democrats win
havs at least three hendred members
of tbo next house of representatives.
being a majority of one hundred and
sixty-five, and also a working major
ity in the senate
SAN FRANCIScbTNov. 6: 35S2
products out of 4372 In California
give: Roosevelt 241,539; Wilson 216.
331: Taft 756; Debs G0.4SS; Charin
Speculation Oyer Popular
Vote and Complexion of
Next State - Legislatures
Cause Political Interest
Late Returns Cause But Few1
J Changes in the General
Results and Democrats
. Sure of Congress
NEW YORK. t. Y.. Nov. 0 The
only uncertalnity Is In a few close
states whose electoral vote in no way
can effect Ihe election of Wilson and
Marshall. The speculation over .lie
popular vote for the three president
ial candidates and the complexion of
the legislatures that name the United
States senators held the on!) Interest
tonight In the final returns of yester
da"s general election.
The total of the republican electoral
column apparently is fixed at twele
votes or Idaho. Utah and Vermont,
but the footing of the Wilson and
ROOSeVelt COlllmn': fllpkpro nllormt.k.
ly during the day and night as the
lale returns from Iowa, Kansas. Min
nesota, South Dakota and Wyoming
gave indications of the changing of
the results of the returns of last night.
On the tasls of the latest returns
last evening with the vote of Iowa.
Kansas. Minnesota, South Dakota and
Wyoming placed In the "doubtful"
column, Wilson had 287 certain votes
In the electoral college: Roosevelt S3;
Taft 12. All the doubtful states ex
cept South Dakota have more or less
certain Indications il urine tl.o nlM
of landing In the list of the Wilson
electoral votes, wmie south Dakota
returns shows a general trend tonaid
Women Suffraae SurorliCc
The surnrisp nf thp t.puoml aianiini.
'hat became known today was the suc
cess ui women s sunrage in tour out
of fie states uherp rninstittitinn l
""""""' cic- suumuiea to me
People. The Ictory of the women is
complete in Arizona, Kansas and prob-
fiblV Mfphlfmtl Into r.lDPn. ... f.
amendments were submitted to the
ably .Michigan late returns from Oie-
gon Indicate they have succeeded
there while from Wisconsin came re
turns showing a decisle defeat for
the equal suffrage proposal.
Estimates of the popular vote poll
ed by Governor Wilson ranged through
many millions during the day It is
found impossible to compute with ac
curacy the popular vote of any of the
presidential candidates and it will te
a number of clays before the counting
of the three-cornered contest in the
different Btates Is concluded
Assertions were made today from
set era! quarters where an effort was
made to gather the preliminary pop
uuno, Ui mison naa not
secured a majority of the votes cast
throughout thp rnimtrv r.ttmnt
ular oie ngures, mat Wilson had not
throughout the country. Estimati
Se from a small majority of a
rotes to figures nearly a million 1.
low the majority of thp notitiio.- ...
low the majority of the popular vote
but In no way will It affect his elec
tion or his complete control of the
electoral college. There were many
surprises throughout the day and
night Early In the day New Haniy.
shlxe was first credited to Taft and
went into the Wilson column with a
majority of about 1500 for the demo
cratic candidate.
Returns from Idaho, which came
scattering from parlv In ih. ..
ored Wilson so strongly as to create
a oenet it had given him Its electoral
vote but later returns mnrt it .i.Q
third state to go certainly for Taft
LONDON. Nov. C The remnant of
the Turkish army not ha rpnrhMi th
last ditch in European Turkey. The
rommisnnai department, to which the
blame for a serious defeat can be
largely laid. It has at last rpaltzp,!
even tbe Turkish soldiers cannot fight
on empty stomachs. It Is hurrying
Iread to tbe works and trpnrhps
soon as the means ure left for keep
ing the soldiers from overrunning
ATHENS. Nov. C Th firpek nairal
squadron today occupied the Turkish
isiana ot Tenedos, near the en
trance of the Dardanelles. The . in
vestment by the Greeks of the for
tress is nearly complete. Negotlaf
tlona for the surrender of Salonlki
were opened last Friday but the Turk
ish commander rfpmpn.lii bin tronr
shall be allowed to march out with
arms and all honor of war.
MILWAUKEE, Nov. 6: Governor
Francis E. McGovern, republican, car
ried Wisconsin, according to the HU
est returns tonlgbL
Fortune of $500,000 for 'Dakota'
Lensth of the frst trial, days
Witnesses examined
Exhibits introduced
Words of testimony 3,378,800
Costs $150,000
Sccond trial has lasted, months 2
Second trial to continue, days 90
HOSTON, Mass.. Nov. 6: Which
Is "Fresno Dan" of .Fresno. Cal.. or
Dakota Dan" -of. Dickinson. N. D.. the
son of Daniel Russell, deceased, late
of Melrose, Mass.?
This question is soon to be decided
by the supreme court of Middlesex
county, sitting at East Cambridge,
Mass.. just over the Charles RUer
from Boston, and on the decision
hangs the disposition of a. $OQl,00
bequest by the elder RusselL
It is an Interesting story How iu
18S:. Daniel Hlake Russell, son of
Daniel Russel. Sr , ran away from
borne and went west He had had
Debs Candidate for Radical!
Party Receives 55,000
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 6: Appar
ently Governor Wilson carried Cal
ifornia by a plurality close to twelve
thousand. Returns late today, added
to the margin of the democratic can
didate, seemingly removed all doubt
that California safely Is In the Wilson
column. Returns from 3128 precincts
out of 4372 in the state gave: Wilson
221. 50C; Roosevelt 212.142; Debs ",.
846; Chafln 12,194. Wilson's plurality
The result In three congressional
districts, the first, seventh and elev
enth remains In doubt, but with the
oemocratic candidate leading in each.
In the first. I. C. Zummwalt. democrat,
leads William Kent, progressive by
438 votes, with less than one third of
the precinct to be heard from.
Denver S. Church. William Kettner.
democrats has slight margins over
James C. Needham, republican and
Samuel C Evans, progressive, in the
seventh and eleventh districts respec
tively. Should these close contests be de
cided in faor of the democratic nom
inees. California will send a congres
sional delegation composed of four
democrats, four republicans, and three
progressives, a democrate gain of
three. The feature of the returns Is
the strength shown by Debs, the so
cialists' candidate for president- If
his present rate in maintained he will
have received a total of 45,000 or more
votp. in th ..... n,i .pt.ii.t
candidates will go to congress. .1.
QHt U'lT.nn In 1 1. .. lt. Ia.I -wA !
Ralph CCrlswell in the ninth, who i
made unexpectedly good runs.
son may be defeated by Joseph R.
Knowland, ..incumbent republican,
while Crlswell may yet overturn the
slight margin by which Charles W.
Bell, progressive, leads In the ninth.
Returns from the state senatorial as
sembly districts show the progressives
have an overwhelming majority In
both the houses of legislature. '
Copper exports thlr month 3J23
tons. London copper duIL
N OVEMBER 7, 1912
Dan, Bay State Judge Will
"Dakota Dan," Daniel Ruuel, Sr., and "Fresno
trouble with hU father and on leav -
ing .Melrose he dropped strangely out
of sight.
The years rolled by. The elder Rus
sell amassed more and more of n
fortune, and when early in 1!)07 hu
passed away he left behind him a
million dollars. He had not forgot
ten Danny, for in his will drawn In
1S97. was found this passage:
"My Bon Daniel Itlike Russell. IcFt
home some twelve years since and
if he should return and prove his
Identity within twenty years after my
decease it is my earnest wish, re-
quest and hope that my son William
share with Daniel equally and Justly
whatever of my estate he may hold
at the time Daniel returns."
William, it should be explained, nas '
the only child the elder Russell had i court of Middlesex county, which is
besides Dan. ! really Cambridge. It lasted 123 weary
William was named as executor and davs.
Ferdinand B. Aim), a cousin, was to J Now 'Dakota Dan" has appealed
act with him. This will was filed ' to the Supreme court of Middlesex
in due course. Apparently William county against the decision of tuc
was to get the entire estate Th-n probate court The lawers are fight
appeared on the scene 'Dakota D.m " J Ing and arguing ever Inch of ihe
lie blew in one la from Dick-1 ground. So far the rase has cot
Inson, N. D.. and registered in a Hoj.- ?l.0,000. And the end Is not yet
Royal Mail Steamer
is Aground on Reef;
101 Persons in Peril
During Fg in St. Lawrence
, River Near Quebec bhip
Runs into Rocks
QUEBEC. Nov. 6. The Canad
ian Northern rolyal mail steamer.
Royal Georqe. with 901 passen
gers, grounded on a reef of rocks
durinc a fog in the St. Lawrence
rlter earlv tonight. It is re
ported their plight li. serious.
The vessel went aground about
a mile east of Point St. Laurent
an island ten miles below Quebec
The wrecking steamer I.orl Stra
thiona and two tugs were sent to
the Royal George's assistance.
The boat was going at full speed
when It met with the accident.
ELLENSBURG, Wash.. Nov C Fir.
teen men are helpiesr. in the North,
era Pacific's stampede tunnel through
a crest of the Cascade mountain range
where ;hey were overcome by gas es
caping from a passing train late to
day. A relief train with mine rescue
apparatus and physicians was sent
from Auburn.
NEW YORK, Nov. 6. When two
men he discovered robbing his chick
en coop refused to halt early today
Policeman M. E. Austin fired three
shots at them. They disappeared in
an alley but an hourt later E. C.
N ''!,' .7 i '""' .iYji n..
POce station in a wagon and deilv-
PamnKAll IrttinWA- i4susr.A. ika
ered the bedy of Guy Alteman. Camp
bell admitted that he and Alteman
were the robbers.
BERLIN. Nov. 6: The election of
Wilson Is regarded generally by the
German press as most fortunate for
Germany. Newspapers say it gives
promise of a reduction of tariff which
bas crippled German export trade, al
so the abandonment of the policy of
the tariff "pinpricks" such as drn
those connected with the paper pulp
and split peas products under which
German-American relations have suf
or 'Fresno'
Deside Question
1 ton hotel Later William Russell
had an lriter!ew with him
"He Is not my brother Daniel!"
declared William. Then the battle
was on.
Daniel Make Russell hrnni?h milt
through his counsel. State Senator L
A. Stimson of .North Dakota, for
an accounting of the estato :-:! lor
an admission of his identity. The juit
started, he went over to Melrose one
day to see "my brother," William
Russell It chanced that Miss Sarah
B. Almy. a cousin of Daniel Illake
i Rusell, came to the door.
"ton re not Danny!" and she
.lammed, the 'toir in, his facc That
was the only time he ever called a'
the old home.
Then came the suit in the probate
Balkan ,AIJie Successfully
Defeat l&Hcfe and L atter
Said to Be at Last Ditch
VIENNA. Nov. 6. King Nicholas,
of Montenegro, discussed today the
intentions or the Ba'kan allies with
a correspondent of the Vienna Tage
hlatt "While the Balkan nations will set
tle their affairs for themselves," ho
said, "their victories have not made
them so daring as to forget to ac
commodate the wishes (o the general
situation in Europe.' '
SOFIA, Nov. . The Turkish losses
in killed md wounded in five days'
fighting In the vicinity of Lulc Burgas
and Bunar Hisgar, It is estimated, are
25.000 men and ene Bulgarian troops
captured thirty-seven batteries and
quick firing guns and took 2,000 pris
oners. Also they seized four locomo
tives and 243 railroad cars. Bulgar-J
an armies in Macedonia are adranc
Ing rapidly and are now in the val
ley ot Strnma.
MALTA, Nov. 6. The British cruis
ers. Good Hope and Dartmouth left
here today for Turkifh ports to em
mark refugees. Four battleships of
the British In the Mediterranean sea
passed here today on their way to
SOFIA, Nov. C The Turkish army
commanded by Nazira pasha was
completely crushed ir. a great baftle
in the last two days on the Serai
Tchorlu line. According to he semi
official paper here the Turks lost In
killed and wounded more than double
the loss at Lule Burgas. The Bulgar
ians now tre pursuing the defeated
Larmy. A flotilla of torpedo boat de
stroyers are coaling here and all have
been ordered to Levant,
WENNIPEG, Nor. C: Sir Thomas
i Lipton promised a $5000 silver Chal-
ienge cup to the Winnipeg rowing
club lo be rowed for by oarsmen from
the United States.
& NUMBER 156
sferj.ir"" ..... ..... ..
- mil nnu ninn
BY 4,000 VOTES
Carl' Hayden, Candidate for
Congress, Runs Ahead of
Ticket by 1,000 Votes Ex
ceeding Presidential Ballot
State Officials, All of Peo
ple's Party Do Valiant
C t 1 1 - r. r wt ri U nln 13 nil I I w
Big Ballot for Party
Special to The 8isbee Review.
Phoenix, Arizona
November 7. 1912.
The latest returns received
show that Wilson carries the
state by four thousand. Hayden
wins in race for representative
to congrtss by five thousand,
(signed) GEO. OLNEY,
While there was doubt yesterday as
to the states of the to losers in the
national race for president there was
no question or the success of Woo-1-iow
Wilson nor of the fact that he
has won an unprecedented victory.
I carrying more states and electotal
toies man auy canuiuaie oi any party
during the last quarter of a century or
during the nVesent generation.
Victory Only Increased
Additional returns from Arizona
and from Cochise hae only added to
thp mainrlt of thp democrats in tho
I state. Wilson will have a plurality
of about four thousand and
the majority for Carl Hayden, the
democratic candidate for congress will
exceed that' of the presidential can
didate. Democrats Sure of Victory
All ihe returns have not jet been
receied from Arizona, but sufficient
have geen reported, to insure ma
jorities of two to five thousand for
the democratic candidates lor presi
dent anil for congress. Ever county
in the state, excepting possibly two,
gave unusually heavy democratic ma
jorities and t ima county. long a re
liable republican county, joined tha
demociatic column.
I or this splendid democratic vic
tory much credit Is due to Hon. Geo.
A Olney, chairman of the state com
m ttce,. who directed the political bat
tle with skill and determination. There
being no state or county officers to
elect It was hard to keep up enthusi
asm, but some of the ablest speakers
In the party volunteered their ser
vices and did good work over ihe
Noted Men Active
Hon. Mails Smith. Hon. G.-P. Bullard
Paul Geary, of the corporation com
mission. Senator Ashurst and Secie-
1 tary Osborne, were especially active
In the campaign, as was Hon. Wiley
E. Jones and Hon. W. T. Webb, dem
ocratic candidates for elector.
The complete returns at Wlllco'c
show a strong vote polled for tho
democratic candidates, the progres
sives running second with the republi
cans a close third. The socialists poll
ed a vote or 20, the prohibitionists
coming In for one vote. The proposed
amendments to the constitution car
ried two to one in nearly every case.
PHOENIX Nov. 6. Wood row WII
con for president. Curl Hayden for
concress and women suffrage 'appear
to have carried ever county in Ari
zona, complpte returns from 160
out of 301 precincts. Including all the
popular returns from the state give
Wilson 8,231. Rooscelt S.COil, Taft
2.J79 Debs 2,177.
WASHINGTON Nov. 6. Latest re
turns show the defeat of ."Cy" Sullo
way, republican leader in New Hamp
shire, and William B. McKlnley. In
the 19th Illinois congressional dis
trict, leader of the ;-epublicans.
Sherwood of Ohio, author of the day
pension act was re-elected. The
strengthening of the dpmocratic
house i also marked In the retire
ment of several republican leaders
who have bi-cn n.ttilonal figures for
nearly a generation.
The greatest Ineres Is attached to
Uncle 'oe Cannon's dHtrlct. in Illi
nois, which he has represented for
thlrtv-elght rears. The latest returns,
show Ms defeat by Gil votes. Can
non's friend during his stormy days
in the homo. Hill of Connecticut, also
was defeated and strange too. I the
defeat of Crumpaker of Indiana, who
as chairman of the census committee
in the houfce, framed the reapportion
ment 'Jill under which yesterday's
election was held. Sneaker Clark-
chairman of ways and means and Un
derwood were returned with Increased

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