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VOLUftlE 15.
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Ortie McManigal for Prose
cution in "Dynamite Con
spiracy" Cae Testifies o
Connection with Explosion
Says McNamara Declared He
Wanted- to Blow Building
to Hl in Order to Make
Good Cleaning Out.
lirt time since the twcnty.oHe per
sons were krfied i the blowing hb of
the Los AngeW Times Oct. 1. lSltf,
James' B. McNamara's detailed con
losfln (o having eawfcI the explosion
and ls motives for doing it. his com
ments on the fact of so many persons
Uaiig killed, hj.8 related on the wit
ness, stand In t'Jcdynamne conspir-
nry- trial to,In. Ortie K. McMan
iKl t3tlfled of the confession givea
him while he a!d lie wag If alng Mc
Nnraara in the woods five miles from
Ctmover. Wis, "both of th?m having
cone to the Wisconsin woods on the
jiretewse of being hunters.
Accuses Labor Leaders.
Olaf A. Tveltmoe and Eugene A
Clancy, of San Francisco, Ubor kad
t-rs. McManigal testified were listed
Lv MeNawara as having made ar
rangements for tho Los Angeles ex
plosion, having furnished two men
V . Schtn'dt and David faplan. to
assist in burlng high iower mtro
Klj'corine because of Schmidt and Cai-
Ian being reKiiliirly employed on the
const by the btilldhtg trader cpUHrjjJ
.eCcliM!?ia TKioaxHl Cteiity"
are iiinons tne forfy-fiv defdHt8.
Cnplan and Schmidt named by Jtc
Manlfinl were indicted at Iyjs Angeles
ith James 1!. McXamara on charges
of murder but never have been cap
ttiml. Government agents have beeu
iiriornied that Caplan has been hilled
Wants Times Blown to H I.
When he asked McNamara wbv he
twisted off tne gas jet In the base
ment of tho Times building before
the explosion. McManigal testified
this convensation ensued:
McManUal: "Why did you break off
the gas jet?"
McNamara: "llecanse when the ex
plosion occurred I wanted the whole
I uliaintj to go to hell."
MeIaisl: "nd you knew there
wen so many people in there too."
McNamara: "What the difference.
1 vas to make a aood clenalHs out:
1 did it. Dut I am sorry so many were
killed. I hoped to gel Geeral Otte.'
Tries to Shoot Him.
Daring h-'s say in the woods. Me
ManiKal said McNa.aara look a Bhot
at him with a pistol and lie accused
McNaraara of trytnn to do away with
Mm. He replied It did not scare him.
McManigal said McNamara said the
Ucr of blowing tip the Times was
TTeitmee's and said: "Later the bit;
Iiaymnsler Is there and never any
thing is to be' feared on the coast for
Tvtttraoe is a friend of Mayor Mc
Carthy in fact Tveitmoe is mayor of
San Francisco."
Congressional Special Will
Leave Arizona Feb. 26 to
Boost for Democrat
Boosting for the Congressional
Special, a train to he ran through to'
Washington, D. C. on account of the
laaHgnratloR of President Woodrow
Wfewn, Nick Osborne, brother of tfce
seeretary el state, spent yesterday in
the lty aiH will return to the eapital
dlf today. He received much eneedr
sement from nisbce democrats and
Iwlleves that this city will be rejtre
sented tnr a large delegation on the
special and in the Inaugural parade.
Special Leaves Feb. 23
The sfteeial will leave Phoenix Feb
ruary 26 and will stop at the follow
ing places: Bl Paso. Kansas City,
Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Niagara
Kalis, Syraoase, Troy, Albany. New
York City. Philadelphia Baltimora.
Washington, D. C. A stay of three
days will fce made at New York City.
The return schedule calls for the
following stops: CiBcinnstl, Frankfort.
Ky, Lexington. Ky, Ijouisvllle, Ky..
Nashville, Tens, Birmingham, Ala-.
Mobile, Ala New Orleans, La, Hobb
lon. Tex San Antonio, Tox. At Io
vttle s ride trip M9 the Louisville riv
or will be made.
Excursion for Men Only
The excursion will tee mide up of
men only and the fare for the round
trip, exclusive of Pullman and diner
4 : -itilKiMK
Ik dmSBm
Joseph W. Folk.
That former governor Joseph W.
Folk, of .Missouri, may again enter
public life as a member of the Wilson
I cabinet Is the opinion of those close
to Gov. v iison. Folk Is known to
be a man cfter Gov. Wilson's heart.
Then, too, he halls "rom St. Louis and
Is one of the strongest Democrats In
his section of the country. Cabinet
jobs are generally distributed geo
graphically, and It would be quite
logical to select one cabinet member
from.- tho Missouri metropolis.
Uofore the wealth, fashion and in
teliect of Ulsoee and its suburbs. Et
ta PIhlajaa4amI, ty a noble" house in
in itofcsjas. iiecame th fe of Kti
(Wknwa In twTmJr; repm'- of Uie
km imr Jhurfctt.iTsj r
dents of Lowell and the wedditiK w
ifce reialt of the combined efforts of
Us br-.lnes interests of that city to
provide something unique as well an
interesting for the bazaar on tho even
ing on hlch they nlayed the host
The bride, a beautiful girl of the
blonue lyiie, wore a handsome cos
tmne of blue silk cut princesse anl
carfed a bouquet or carnations lied
with mull of the same color. She was
attended by the charming Mrs. Pat
Nathan, who wore a robe of cloth of
gold and a picture hat to match. Tb
l-room was attended by his best man.
Billy Graham. Lou ell's distinguished
on. the btecksmlth-fcUitesman, who.
clad in a nteh silk hat. a white neck
te and apparently a dress suit, made
a dashing figure.
To the tune of a popular ballad, the
procession wended its wa between
the a sles of the interested spectator
to the center of the hall where a
temiwary platform bad been erected
and where the ceremonj was per
formed by the magistrate of a neigh
boring city. No sooner were tlw
cunple pronounced man. and wife than
Past Esalted Ruler Jack McGregor,
chainnan of the bazaar committee
kissed the bride and he was fol
lowed by the confirmed bachelor. Wal
ter D Evans. At this point, every
prominent Klfc followed close on the
heels 01 the leaders and saluted the
blushing bride.
After the ceremony the newly-mar
Ned couple stayed a while to receiv
(he Iteariy congratulations of the com
pany present. The gift of the groom
to the brid was a handcome brooch
of Ix-aton Blks gold, while from that
organization, she received a et of
handsome furniture- Among the wed
ding gifts was a purse of money from
I tie Blks and another purse contrib
uted b the business men of Lowell.
NKW YORK. Nov. 1L: Leach Crow
of New York, knocked out ' One
Round" liognn of Caltlomla in the
third round of a scheduled ten-round
boat here tonight. '
WAYCROSS. Nov U. Steps to
reorganize the old Georgia state base
ball league, will be- taken at a con
ference of the promoters here tomor
row. According to present plans the
league territory will be confined to
the southern half of the state. Among
the dtles proposed for the circuit are
Urunswick, V.tldoita, Waycross. Amer
icas, Thomasvllle. Cordele, TIfton and
fare, will be less than $100, the great
er the number of democrats In the
party the less the cost of transporta
tion. Tho excursion will be a boost for
everybody concerned. It will boost
Arizona, the Southern Pacific the
democratic party of the state and the
various towns that send delegations.
The train itself- will be the flne3t
that the Southern Pacific owes and
there will be every convenience, in
cluding a bath room. At Washington
the cars will lie pirked and they may
bo used as a hotel by the Arizonans.
i Democratic President-Elect's
i SuDDorters Obtain Writ 6
Mandamus for Honest ana
Fair Count from Court
Register of San Francisco
' Tries to Estimate Roose-
velt Wins Golden State by
' - .
Plurality of Small Number
lomla's co in plot count gives a Keosp
tlt plurality -of tro in considerabl.
iore than a half million votes. Ttiese
figures are sfild to bo official iti all
but three counties: San Fnmcistoi
1-os .Angeles and Yuma. In Lqs ',
geles. Col. Roosevelt's stronghold. ""the
demoriats obtained from the djstriei.
court of appeals an alternative writ
of mandamus returnable .Monday.
-onipeliing the board of suierv!soi
to "make a talr and honest count"
The democrats maintained a final
'ount would j.ut Gov. Wilson several
hundred votes ahead in the state. The
progressixori .Insisted there will be m
material change.
Vhaleer is the answer Los An
Peles county holds it The expected
a:ns in Alameda and an Francisco
counties for Wilson did not material
ize today. Although the official can
vass In jan Francisco was not com
plete late toJaV, City Registrar Zee
tnansky estimated Roosevelt. will gain
thirty totes over the unofficial re
turns. Unless an upset Je waiting
in Los Angeles, it sMraed certain that
Roos5Vlt will carry the state,
- JHiild Hilts, la ifwnboMt oennty, the
lt-t nortlioru yreeiuct In the struggle
brought in today, catte da smile by
raillng to alter the result one Iota
Although a staunchly republican pre
cinct It cast four votes for Taft, one
for Chafin. and none for ether of tut
fo Iradinz candidates.
lYTUCD pniininnTf-n
uinr.ii umtuiUHiLu
Membership of Eta Bit o'
Pie Society Increased
by Three
We have with as today, to begin
ar. per formula of tie prominent
cit.zen whose function It is to start
everj' public speaking with the' word
"we -have with us today," three new
candidates, active and p&ssive for the
degree of P. M. in the society of the
Kta Rita Pie. or in the English ver
sion. Eta Bit o' Pie. In the Irish
verjicn. which is often used In this!
count, the "a" and the "o" are re
placed by the word "av." which mesng
the tame, however. Whether native
or of English or Irish extraction, all
'o consumed with a common desire
to ?erve the country-
Joseph Gray Willing.
So wfc have with us today, b name,
and In alphabetical order, Joseph H.
Gray, secretary of the Warren Di
Irict Commercial oiub, prominent Elk
aHd editor of the Mule Gulch News.
Mr. Gray's friends insist that he te
eminently qualified for the posUloa
hud they are awaiting hi nod to get
Into the field The next new candi
date IS. J. W. Hogan. former Justice
of the peace, well known democrat
"nd Tealty man. Coming down the
P.'we have J.' J. Patten, accountant
trnd city tax assessor, whose friends!
are petitioning support on Ks behalf
There are others who feel called
to serve the country but they are
preparing for the responsibility by
teilrement and solitary meditation.
When they attain sufficient meekness
to ask for preferment thev will get
imo me race.
BOISE, Nov. 14: Prmddent Taft
swung into the lead today by a small
margin in the presidential race In
Idaho Wilson ia running close hut
it will be Impossible to say who, car
ried the state until tho official count
Is completed.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 14: Conslgtf
ments of arms and ammunition which
are known to be hero and Intended
for the Mexican rebels and are being
closely watched 4y the war depart
menL Information was received today
here thit such shipments were bclns
sent to El Paso and orders were given
Immediately that 'a sharp outlook ho
kept to see they did not get across
tho border.
Southern Statesmen to Come into
Again and
SfKr Otar W. Undtrwood and Senator Eg-rH
JSav. t ?r Jameii bottom, Champ Clark and aaaaaaaaWyTyo rL-J?L&Zl
Soiitiwrftrs will probably dominate! Oscar UnJerwood, of Alabama, will
tb nert L-onsress. Champ Clark, of
Missouri will be re-elected speaker;
Believed Clearing' of Euro
pean War Cloud Import
ant Factor and Rise Fol
lows Optimistic News
NBV YORK. Nov. 1L In the most
of its essentials today the stock mat
I et was a repetition of the preceding
i'aj'6 session. lrrrularity was no
Joss pronounced -and-the fruit of tho
products was dullness, although the
total output was larger.
The trading plainly was professional
and some of the speculation ran into
issues supposed to be operated b)
pools. The further clearing of the
''uropean war cloud was an Import
ant factor in an Initial rise or 1 to :
points, being the natural sequence of
a strong ioudon market, despite the
Increased firmness In money and the
rislns. of d.srouut rates.
Botn Paris and Berlin displayed re
newed strength. London dealing.
here were 25.000 sjiares.
Some surprise was expressed hero
at the raising of the German banks'
dtecouut rate to six per cent, the high
est since 1S0S.
Cables suggested a resumption cf
copper buying for Euronean consum
ers which probably can be accounted
for In a large measure to the
strength oi those shares.
The pressure against Steel contin
ued all day. but Smelting recovered
Its losses of yesterday.
Bonds were irregular, total sales,
par value. $1,637,000. Government
bonds unchanged.
NBW YORK, Nov. 14. The 1012
New York Land' Show, which is to
open in the Seventy-first Regiment
Armory tomorrow, is expected to
bring together one of the largest gath
ering of agriculturists in the world's
history. The gathering will include ex
perts from the various experimental
stations and colleges and fatmera from
about "fcvery section of the country.
The exhibition Itself will consist or
exhibits of agricultural machinery
and farm products of every kind and
from at) sections of the United States
and from Canada, Mexico, Alaska and
Porto Rico. The show will continue
until Dec S.
REGINA. Sasfc, Nor. 14. The new
Saskatchewan legislature assembled
today and was opened with the cus
tomary formalities. The government
program embraces several matters of
public Importance and a busy and in
teresting session is forecasted.
SPARTANBRG.-tS. C Nov. 14. The,
heads of many of the leading colleges
and academies of the South met In
conference here today to discuss the
question of uniform college entrance
requirements and other matters of mu
tual Interest. The conference- will con
clude Its sessions tomorrow.
Dominate Lower House of Congress
prooasiy oe .Democratic noor leaaeria
the bouse, and Senator Ollle James, of
Kentucky, will be on of the powers
Witnesses Tell of
Murder of Gambler
Herman Rosenthal
NEW YORK, Nov. 1L In the
picturesque language of the bow
" ery the Uireegunmen oa trial-as
the actual murderers of Gambler
Herman Rosenthal, gave on the
witness stand today a version of
saying: they hoped to win for
themselves an acquittal, "Gyp
the Blood." "Whitey Lewis" and
"l-eft Louie." In stories' which
fitted together perfectly and In
some parts proved almost a lit
eral repetition, the three gunmen
accused "Bridge" Webber. Harry
Vallon and a mysterious "strong
man" of firing the shots that kill
ed Uie gambler; themselves they
pictured as Innocent bystanders
lured there by Bald Jack" Rose
and "Dago Frank." and a fourth
gunman. All testified they were
not on the scene at all. Frank
will be given a chance to tell his
story tomorrow.
Friends of Former Governor
Demand He Be Appointed
Secretary of the Interior
DENVER Colo., .Nov. 14 Alva
Adams, three times Governor of Col
orado, is -being put forward as the
candidate of the west for the postioit
as secretary of the Interior In the
cabinet or Woodrow Wilson. The
commercial bodies of this, as fell aa
of other western states, are a unit in
-oicing cf the ne- 7TSsyit the ap
pointment or a western mti. as his
secretary of the Interior.
Ex-Governor Adams is everywhere
regarded at the beet lu'ormeil man
in the west on quest'ons affecting
life public lands of the country. He
has been a resident of Co!orad) for
mere than lorty years, ud iia 'been
rocs successful In his business enter
prises. Prominent Politician.
He has also been a prominent figure
In democratic politics In this stale,
as well as In the nation il councils
of the party. Five times hy ha teen
liOiinated by his party for Go.er.'or
of Colorado, and elected threo times.
His administrations were the best Col
oardo has ever enjoyed, because of
taislness-llke conduct of state affairs.
In national politics Governor Adams
has been a commanding figure. He
served as national commt'teemtn fro-i
Colorado for four years, and was in
all that time an ardent sup.wrter of
William J. Bryan. It was Adams,
who working with Bryan led the fight
in the national committee meeting In
Washington last January agaln-it Guffy
of Pennsylvania. Again at Baltimore
he led the fight, against Parker of
New York, t
Colorado, having the greater rsrt
of Its entire area under the public
domain, is deeply Interested in the
cosduct of the affairs of the Interior
department, and In Her demand lor a
western man for secretary of that
braach of governmental affairs, I sub
ported by other western;"states simi
larly situated.
Their Own
In the senate. Senators O'Gorman,
' York, and Kera of Indiana.
will be among- the leadra of the uppr
house from the north.
Examining" Physician Be
lieves Assailant of Col.
Rosevelt Is Dangerous
to Be at Large
MILWAUKEE, Nov 14: One of
the alienists In examining John
Scbrank, assailant of Col. Roosevelt,
said privately today that Schrank
showed evidences that he considered
himself a deep student of psychology,
and thinks be is capable of adjusting
any wrong or is a. Judge of psychologi
cal merit as to any question aff-ctlng
the public, hence the alienists said,
Schrank might again use force to cor
rect what he supposes lu.i e put ic
or political IKe. and he is dangerous
to be at large.
TORONTO, Ont. Nov. 14. Repre
sentative bankers and financiers from
all parts of the Dominion were pres
ent today at the opening of the an
nual convention or the Canadian Bank
ers' association. Interest In the meet
ing centers largely In the choice of
a successor to Sir Edward Clouston,
Bart., who has announced his desire
to retire from the presidency of the
association. D. R. Wllkie, prssldent of
the Imperial Bank of Canada, appears
to be the strongest possibility for tbe
NEW YORK, Nov. 14. The second
annual meeting of the Telephone Pion
eers or America began at the Hotel
Astor today and will continue over
tomoirow. Thomas A. Edison. Alex
ander Graham Bell. Theodore W Vail
and other men who have had a prom
inent part In the development of the
telephone Industry are In attendance.
CHICAGO, Nov. 14: Hope tor re
lease of Jack Johnson held In the
county jail on a charge of violation of
the Mann act. is high among his tt-
torney's tonight. Matthew G. Baldwin
of Evanston. schedules property said
to be worth $48,000 and has signified
his willingness to sign the pugilist'.-
$30,000 bond with Mrs. Tiny Johnson.
the fighters' mother. Judge Carpenter
of the United States district court said
he will take the matter up tomorrow.
NEW YORK. Nov. 14: Copper firm
at 17.12 to 17-50. Arrivals 633 tons.
Exports for the month 6100 tons. I-eaJ.
firm, at 4.70 to 4.80.
LONDON, Nor. 14: The royal so
ciety of England "recognized today the
remarkable sanitary administration at
the Paaaraa canal zone and awarded
Jts highest triedal to Col. William
GoTgas, V. S. A. chief sanitary officer
f: tho sane.
Ottoman Empire Seeking
Armistice from Bulgaria
Forestalls Tardy Action of
European Nations
Because of Strict Censorship
It Is Difficult to Arrive ar
the True State of Military
LONDON, Nov. 14: Turkey now
has-formally made appeal to Rulgaria
for peace, thus forestalling the tanlv
action of the Kuropean concert to
wards mediation. No armistice has
teen concluded, difficulties have aris
en 'about the terms. It Is said Bul
garia demands evacuation of Adrian
ople. Scutari and Monastlr as a con
dition agreeing to an armistice. Ne
gotiations, howeter. continue, censor
ship again is exceedingly severe nail
It Is difficult to arrive at an correct
Idea of the Military o.!t!on
NEW YORK. Nov 14:--The steam
er Annetta which was ,reiorted as
sending a message from Athens vvuh
seized for carrying contraband cargo
and "is the property or the Donald
Steamship company John A. Donald,
of that company said tonight' the All
netta carried a cargo of coal consign
ed to the Greek government when It
left here and was scheduled to return
with a cargo of currants; for tha
Thanksgiving trade. Donald received
a telegram from Captain Durier, re
lating the steamer's arrival at Pirae
tus the port of Athens, in which lie'
stated the cargo of coal was discharg
ed. Oonald,could not understand why
the vessel was seized. "
LONDON. Nov. 14: The great vol--ue
of aeroplanes for war was proved
by the Bulgarian army, not only for
reconnalsance work but for the fire
patrol. That the murderous accuracy
of the Bulgarian artillery was due in
a measure lo the activity of the air-
I men was demonstrated in letters re
ceived from the front. Any attempt
of war correspondents for the tele
graph news emplojing flying machines
was met during the operations by
set ere losses but the stories are be
ginning to filter although stiowlni; re
markably effective work done by the
BERLIN. Nov. 14: Reports of atro
cities committed by the Servians in
Albania, are confirmed by a corris
pondent of the Tageblatt. He said lit"
witnessed the bunting of several Al
banian vllbges. and the shooting of
both men and women. The Servians
declared they are carrying on a war
of extermination.
ATHENS. Nov. 14: The miulster
or war announced today the Greeks"
had captured Motzovo. near the Greek,
frontier, after an engagement lasting
forty eight hours Forty Turks weru
killed and SI made prisoners.
Adrlanople has fallen Is a rumor here.
Sincen oon yesterday wireless com
munication with the beseiged city haa
Tailed. It Is reported considerable
skirmishing Is going on In the region
of l.a!;e Derkos, on the Turkish right
wing, where Bulgarians are assembl
ing In large force.
RIRKA, Nov. 14: Montenegran
forces renewed their attack on Turk
ish positions around Scutari, which
was surrendered ' rew days ago be-"
cause of the te'rlble cold weather..
Heavy guns ary-ived and the bombard-
ment began early this morning and'
fire was concentrated on the Turkish
batteries, doing great damage. A fe.r
projectiles passed over the " town,,
thi owing the Inhabitants Into a panic.
GLOBE, Nov. 14. After adopUng an
extensive program, for labor legisla
tion which will be advocated at the
next session of the 'legislature, th
state federation of labor adjourned
tonight Among the measures recom
mended b the convention are a mln
Imnm .wage scale of four dollars a
day for mine employes and a latr re
quiring the examination of posting
cn'S'necrs and providing for the ae--
(,ulsttlon by the state of the property
of any individual corporation at its
ii-sned valuation.
OTTAWA. Nov. 14: The steamer
'SJayflcwer was sunk In the Made-
Warka river last night and eleven
i -

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