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t v? idW 7.iT. .-'.iL- jfcMJLEJjiL?cgiLWlLiBaCfyjT a 'I'i'fif A iii' T -"- ii h tT i r Tf3BC?ii TJyriiBimZniiEifc i - a'W aTS
ftiiia8fifl,iWaif iirrr - u
if "7 - " s-
Women's Wear
Main Street
Mens' Wear
i.iiLL.mmiif.ii.i.w ji.-iTi.tnj
Our Annual Thanksgiving Linen Event
I it ' 4 'W'W m Q
x'-4 Ilk
Mercerized Bleached
n ... 7 7 r. .r .,.
ii m w &a . m m . hi c r . .
iieiiidutcfieu uinen wapRins
Ready For Use Low Priced
NArKINS, 18x18 Inches of mercerized cotton Damask, full bleached and
permanent finish, all new designs, a remarkable value at the price L2&
per dozen
NAPKINS, 202n Inches, of good quality mercerized damask, full bleached:
in many beautiful pattern, an exceptionally good value at Monday's
price $1 50 per doun.
Hemstitched Scarfing 35c yd.
Hemstitched Linen Scnrting by thl yard, full bleached aiid splendid qual
ity lS-tncues wide. You can buy anv lenzth to suit vour rennir.nionru
V per yard 35c. t
Not a Special Sale at Reduced Prices- But Special
Linens of Real Merit and Superior Quality at Prices That Make
Each Item Here Advertised a Genuine Bargain
IP ANY PRODUCT OF HUMAN SKILL can be said to have .attained perfection, "The Fair" Store linens claim that distinction. Our linens have
an enviable reputation in the Warren. District for beautiful finish, sterling: wearing qualities and lowest priceswhether it be a 15c Linen Towell. or
a ten dollar reception tablecloth. Our linens arc made from pure flax yarns which we know are sound and worthy to be woven into the linens we
recommend interwoven with our reputation- Our linens are exclusively new and beautiful in design and finish.
YOU CAN PIN YOUR FAITH TO OUR LINENS. We stake our reputation upon them. Everv purchase means .n exceptional value for
your money There will be a brisk selling of linens here Mondaj rtach low prices and splendid values could result no other way.
(Extra Large Cotton
Filled Comforters at
GOOD M0A.W COMFORTERS titled with pure white,
clean cotton Ihey are just what 0u uant to keep
mi warm thtse cbMy nisbtK covered both sides with
figured Stlkohne You will pa :0c tc $t more else-
i Mutric iui t-uai uiuc aiwuui m ? JV. f
srs dOi
at M5
r7n-Qn ,v, rvvfvc fsnV
I I JJ.JS (II. WIHIfll&IJ L. -? JJ
Remarkable value
Tilt: COMKORTKRS e sell for $3.50 a.e 31 ell made
and carefuli) finished as any woman could make
them and cost less than the would hae to pa for tho
matenalb Sateen or silkollne coer, tilled with bet
qunlity clean, white cotton.
The Store That Serves You Best
tUrcuph nuiiihr. of wear, "ifc-incheg wide. In Uoral and
itv at file prite per yard i."c.
Table Damask yd. SBclj cf.jfrhprl' 'Tnhlp Cl.ithT Genuine Irish Linen Tahle Damask Vard $1
at will give rood senice and retain Its luster I CHI O fcl,j.d I C IA I CXLtti LlUiio I cbNI'lN'h IRISH LINUX DAMASK. 7-inche wide. doi.ble satin finish, grass bleached
dot designs, an unusually good qual-
German Bleached , Table Damask yard 75c
GKWINK GKI'MAX TtLEACHED Tablo Damask, bood weight. 70-inches Wide, in large floral
pattern an exrptiouallx good jilue at 75c ier ard 2020 inch Napk.ns identical In qualil
and pattern at t'-! "! r dozen
70-inch Bleached Linen Damask yard Si00
l'STIIVIlN I XHI.K rMASk imrf iinen nj ol 4td 1umv c,unllt b'th s'ner aud fu!
b'ca"tied kinds 'n a sjilendid. aSiortmuit of new Mbi!Us. in tlleUi Ue lis and scroll pat
terns iiincfes wide iriied at $1 W) a yard
r r,. fJ.J j o.j f ........
rine nemsnzenea ana oiampea lumens
eniLiae t"e prodnit of the most important manJtacturers. You will not onl lie d
iighifl with Ihe jjatttini, but wt'u the excellent tiualities we present, LCNC'H
Cmriis. syr.RBS.- ARFS rEXTERPIEfES and DOILIES with plain hemstitched
border, ai a o ht-is stainjW rtdv tc embroidtr i'rues range ironi l"ic for '.x'J inc.i
doii ts. jp t" $1 .' . for i-'Tii inch squares J
Prices fhat Say
"Here's to Your Thanksgiving Table"
TVULE CLOTHS of "fine ' raereer?zed Datrask. all bleached.
flower and foliage pattern; iaro clotn, tvio artt
square, pracd for Monday's selllnyB
at each . , ....
TtllLE CKOTHS OF GKUAfA !)!MASK. futl bleached, boo4 heavy
imai.ty, in floral, black and H"rfied natlems. 2 12
jards 'long by 2 yards:"wWd,q fslecl'illy good valuo
at each
TAHLE CLOTHS OF PURfcT IRISH DAMASK, full bleadied, t'.j.tble
rattn finish, in coin spot, floerand scroll itternn, dtp1 On
cloth is 3 eards long and 2 yards wide TSS
special at .x.H.VdU. .. . . -s.fc.. .. J
LARGE TARL3 Cr.OTHS.of Genuine Scotch Damask, and far suer
ior to anything eer bhnva .n thw town for the price, h ynn
pu ,
in tx)DD. flover bowknot. wild fosp ami rh.r .tr
I pretty designs, ? vards long. (wogards t. ide, each
22x22 inch
ecr thiead pure flax, in a. splenctd assortment of new designs, at Jl lo a yard
Napkins to match a J3.50 per dozen.
Pure Irish Linen Table Damask yard fcj
FINEST IRISH DAMASK: 72 inches wide, white as biiow. nlenchcd on the Irish, (feather, and
seeming btili to carry the seetres of the ol ooni. m beautKul 'new patterns! at SI 7-i a
ird j222 inch Napkins to match at $1 er dozen
Fine Bleached Scotch Table Linen yard $2
it VNDSuMESI I I i Hi.l) Si'ircil IHMV.Si, 1.1a r trvm iiua flax jarufc, exceedingly new
and bta-iiiful 11 design, care'i .. Uleat-niKt and Puul.eti, heavy weight, ,z .aoiiv-r wide, you'll
con-ider it a good alue at $- "ft a ard
.' " New Designs
Beautiful Drawn Linen
thai will be read here tomorrow Hosts of pretiy designs and new ideas are here to
delight the eye oi tho shopper who stops f or a moment in the Art Department.
ETC Prices begin at .' On for Scarfs and b'juares, anu range upwards to $'i M for cen-
an'i Lunch Cloths.
I tfrpiei.es
FineT able Sets
Tal'le Setb, cou-iMniir (jj ubc 'loth fii in fits
Square of sptoudij iiaalftj Weaitit,: 1-iihjsk in
coin dot and acorn patterns. (t "50
2a2u Inch Xa kins to ,raBtch
Per set . .
TRLE SETS, consisting of one larse lifin
stitched clcth of finest quala' Scotch Damask,
full bleached, cloth Is UsSO inches. ptDD
in floral and frolt patUrns; 2'K20 74
inch Napkins to metcb Per cet . f
HEUSTITCHF.D 1ARLL SETS of finest linen,
verv superior quality and pfrfectly tas
bleiehec" The doslgns are 'larticuiarl hand
sonio with borders all around, srtTO
cloth is jIxIS inches 22x2!Inch
I Napkins to match, ptr set
Monday We Feature What is Unquestionably The
Most Important Values in Women's Suits, Coats and Dresses
Announced This Season Strictly High Grade Garments
When it cones to Women s ppare! wt fiel that there' no room tor argtimnl Wt kno x that for arfet. to' (ii-iln.tiou ot v!f fo- solid L.'-ting weJing quality, an J
Ibhi but not If-sst. 'or lowness of price Our women's garm'iit department stands supreme We reiterate this.'or t'-t I enofrt ot th won. .in nhoha- ueer patronized us.
"Ihe Fair Store po!lc of alwai looking ahead, of Ixitldini: for -he tiit'ire. ot depending -ion mennaudist uur i iatn. - ihia imon frurnu adeftsint to sel' Us
hocti- still preails Women know that tue are safe in buMng iro-n i:s. The now thi the quulit is there that oar hil-el i-n a teat is abaolme gi'arantje of !oui
.it suing service.
(lur aisortn-ent of fall garments is a good eonent of this politj Fnnlfl ne wl-l, ..ou .onfd ins.ect other .1 ssortments beloie mtst ga..ii our irnt. Then you'll
ra.ie to the fullest the justice cf our laims to leadership
Qx. ' r ii n li
OLvueiis uuivii srusu
Most well Informed houseiceeiiers are familiar
with S"t;us lines Crash, and,-know why 't
makes the best towels; bacauso the can Jte
used over and over again 'and at the end ot
the season are still in good ' tendilipn. U comei
In Three widths, IS, 5 and 2jttiAes and priced
V at 121-2, Uc and 17 l-2c a yjird J
Glass Toweling 12Vic yd?
Genuine, round thred pit's fhuc toweling, 'ul!
bleached in striped and cheokwt- iatter!.. IS
Inches wide, it is eseeitlly deeiraWe for drying
glas'are as it is positively guaranteed not to
re lint per jard JSioc
t leave
Linen Towes 25c pair
rare Linen Towels, wltlf hemmed ends, size
I7x3Mnenes. These towels are not the kind
that leave a fringe, hanging to ones features ot
slumn In the hand Eke a. drowned biscuit Siw
l cfcil a iair 2a .
'Damask Towels 35c)
Pure Linen Damask Towels, 4aln white, and with
colorel liorfcw, fringed or Hemmed ends, size
1fir34 inches, an eneehtloHallr sood value ai 30c
V2 : J
If I cg
Splendidly ronrtrt'eted suits of extra
welgnt serge. Hue worsteds and pretty new
mixtnrrs in rough matptias. In tny ,-jslze
you i?h both. MIes and Women's. XCel)
finished to the last detail Every eeat ie
lined with two-sensons wear satin. We do
not exaggerate when wj da that tlwSe
s?ltw show you a clear3'l8g of st.0.
Whether ytf& purjcfiaie dr'bbrypH'll prplit
hy eStHC JfLesc (garmeaii, as ttipy set J
new 4&nVJrfrd''o,f, tafiie In suits at 23.,
We ish to particular!) emphasize ih-s
strong value ou cbanr.ot obtain a made
toirdcr suit to iqual 't for Ibsh than $ri.0'
We mean .6 equal it in fit, ifliality ol work
nranslt p Tlu gatcering includes Just the
very Iiand-oinest and i.ttest fall and winter
styles -Strictly tailored models of man
nish striped cheviots, line "Serges, whip
cords and Imported Worsteds. They coma
In a!) tfyjs new" and-wanted colors. Coats
Hie 3iv and 32- Inches Iog and the sktau
are in the smartest modes.
It is tho llisbees woman s good fortune
bat. the pick ot these magmfceut produc
tions at the same tune that her Sister, la
Pans in paying two to three times as njuch
for the same sties, tor many of thc.su.it
ate direct cqplM of imported ovodeK
Suits with t'Oints of style individuality
about them that proclaim them .n a efts--)
b themselvetf, 'and ttWtefc' of"onlj ho
hisheet grade of iiilqrlBg'-andstylc. If Is
simply' Impossible foi uS to 'describe them .,, I
in dutail . . v
H1 R
Ultra Smart Coats For Women That
Posess Quality, Character and Individuality
Heres'a Coat oiTefJnir fi.at is out of the 'ordinary, it is distinctly unusual -Enabfng Hlnbeti Women to get a very rare bargain.
Snappy, practical and potaoly dressy i.ioUelg for street, motor and traveling, in a seemir.Kly endless variety of materials and color
It is lrfdeed, a handsome collection oi beautiful, coats. Jhey are mostly ol rich mixiurt.. the beautiful im,orted stuffs that are'
so effective and that glvt jjoch satlsfaltorj scrvict-Cbo.ce fo18 30. , 4 J J).J
A 3k
ClotK Dress&s $j1 ggQ
HAXhSOME dresses of Serges. Panama and Mftct
lire in i variety of patterns and colors, their
'spnjlHirnfcfcs relieved fiy a dash of color here and
bpru. Wc Invite you tA conje tomorrow .for a look at
these,, nepr dreKt9 for .wesjenff you'll attprcclato. theirs
beauty and oxropiionul worth. Ant jSose wlio havo"
wondered at the cvrmenls ThP Fair uairflratHred In the
past at $10 wnlOie inily astoanled stthvahie which
wvpiesent, i. tliU .Mou.la sholi4g ol Unites a. l?...
Party Dresses $22
ARTY DUI98SBS of dainty Meiwalmf, ChilTon
net and Onnadhies of uniriieitloBUble qmillt) .
Iaees of difiay, ombroidery of rtefcns, eoi-
nrings that hvchrfc every pretty hxbt shade hnagtitable.
s It concaivable that tlracaic with voeh faatnras
could bo aiiythng mtuxPH (kisbtT THertfs a liwaan
did variety of them InelHiieii hi tMe croup for Monday's
4ellliH: prleJ it tt!A-n4 the wou'i last long
that U rertatn.
EveningGowns $29
THE wc-mntr wlio IpsiUs on a i"MANN'1S1I Suit
Ik jnt as imtienttive In hor demands for t.
FEMININE' frock, and tbejjr pretty little silk 1
aow n are just tse soft cllnglcg, supple sort of affairs
Am delight her heart. NEW. of eoune! Narrow skirts
ftar those who lu them -and other styles just as raod
teti for those who DON'T. Materials are Sattn Char
MeiiM!. CrejKt d iletoor, Messaline, Aqllennes, Whlp--ord
and Imported Series in all the approved Vuiuma
""'" " irur lUI T. V.
-- ,
v ,v.

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