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Bisbee daily review. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1901-1971, November 19, 1912, Image 1

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gk NLMBER 166
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Secret Service Men Take into
Custody Alleged Members i
of Syndicate in Six X de
ly Separated Cities.
Tbsse wJdi Projects to Be
PTpinote! Are Mulcted and
Ttjfen Told Their Proposi
fkm Is Worthless.
GINCBWIATr. Key. l WHh ar
irti today in aft dtiea of teas at
B1 hr the awvernraoat to const;
!!?." Tet rtjh attack1
chain of swtedtera. United State ic
P1 operatives declare they
hroaKfct t the surface an organiza
tto that ka mulcted ,, corpora
"JJ" teviar M promoters of -rnUtJot,
and a half dollar in the last
? jwr. These arrest were
?fy the result of secret inJict-
m-nw rcanWHi ftere by the Faited
.. ,.uh arami jr-. xiv,, arreted
wwe r. u. AtlBVaril, at Cleveland
. s. llanaafcmi, Cheago; P
.wiot. nnntnv, .-. .; Mason G.
. flw vm; Thinas Fisbvick.
Beati: A. P-ruce Crane. Newark N J
JftdfefMKmts were returned ben
mtH fhre t the men who it la ai-
Nwd eonatttated one Ha of the
chaia. They wr XinfKrd, Any ford
aad J". R. Long aad J, s. Makoim.
WhO iS Mtl tO lM Of 'tBBori. Tk.,
other rr4ta were made on afMavttaf
oi gOTunaseiit officiate..
- -. JOh?fiU"T1fScKeiSe.
-Xnjli trf Ue evidence trhtch re
BR ta th jidictmems. it is said.
-w BiTBB use Franu jury by a wo
Biaa, Uis Clara Krenage. foraerb
emptowl as . stenogranhed bi &
urn of Hinrard. KedsUr an,) m i
calm. The j.ten of
!!SH- toatZvTZ. "
oiwmtlnii. i. :.
nwrnterr of the concern to" advertise'
thir abUlrjr to sell stocks for nw.
lUCfrn In rlro(. '
r aad Inventors.
WlltV t Si S advertise, tha, important town, the Servians too nlted Shoe Machinery, company. The
sad tevratota SSL'0 Z0'- thr pa''a- including command,. : decision w regarded as important be
h inventors. Those who m ' i -... r.. . ... .... "" , . .,,-,-- ,..ri nn
IbstJ?.! LZ3 " a83 forty seven guns, thus that "a parent license agreement" plan
ttL Lwf L W,V lU aeving the greatest individual suo- i being adopted by may concerns as
tree raine. unless guaranteed by a! cess of the war. a result of the judicial ban upon "pure
S!2e,.Bty mny- The cu--1 Monastir was the second city of trust" plan as exemplified in the case
tamer vjaa tflen recommended to go Importance in European Turkey It of the Stindard Oil company, of Ohio:
rJST 1 conduct the was Turkey's stronghold In Macedonia "holding company" plan and as de
Jr!f!L TTf2S,re com')anT- Hann- and by Us downfall Macedonia passed ciared Invalid In the northern securi
inra, tae todfrtmems state, would ' completely out of Turkish hands tles c and a combination of hold-
arwttee the stock, charging one' What part the Greeks played In the !tS and manfacturing company as
wr eeat of Its par value. The pro camure has not been ascertained, it shown In the Standard Oil. tobacco
motor woald then be Informed a pur-1 Is known the Greek army was march- cases.
charer or the entire issue would be ing to the assibtar.ee of the Servians, Justice McKenn3, in his opinion aid
fSBHil. provWiag the proiioslt'.on waaland it is supposed the Greeks were! In elect that the agreement was to
foitnj worthy. A charge for ratbw able to cat off the Turkish retreat to l convert independent, competitive com
8 b$k as a third and sometimes , the south. ' panles into combination subjected to
forty-five per cent of the per value of. The Servians will naturally te elat-! and regulations, and trade was
iac HDffi wonwi ix nrft Tnr- !o i...
vestlasstloa. Afterwards the promoter ' he capture of Saionki and thus will
was fafortsed fcls prososltlon han ' have a great moral effect on the fj
prore so good and was dropped. ture course jof the war.
Th fmHeOBents charge the pro-1 Aaotner of the strange silences that
ceeda frnm ttw. ttrr, ineifttrttnnB -4thae characxerlzed thin vestr niuw,ar
vMd among tha members of tna',( nave falltr. ovor Constantinople.
hAkerace concerns and the debenture f"m which only brief disiratches are
ctieiitaftfe. No effort was made torcc,ved telling of the resumption at
eH aay stock. K declares, and only ' Tcltala Ht of the little and that the
a Merfaactory iavestli?auo made of
the merits of
the different enter-
Some of the Victims,
IjwHrltWal corporations named la
lh tadietmenis here as baring been
victfMe of the brekwa mchtrie the
JMtr Jleot YaHe? Wrcit aud Prodsets
rtinapatir, Fokt.au Fibre box company.
01W Jttver Bend Mining and MIU
m company, Tuooa Consoaidated , an attack on the Tchalaja lines was
Mining company, Derbyshire Manu to cmpell this course as It seems in-faetartag-
company. United Mine and credible that BaUnrla for the mere
raffUa aooipaBy. Burrell Manufae-'
tat-M eotapanr, Bradley Ills.: W. 11
Xwrejr. Hoefcford. IH ; J. H. Wiewow,
MRwMfte. NasserotM letters, ad-
pniettve raatomers to com
WMWitcote wMh the CMcaaro Debenture
or relating to the sate of
i wr attached to the radktmeata
ae evWeato. Tha sendiag
thrcMKh i
Ihe mails to H. K. Wtowow, of Mll
waka tt a pawfchlet called. Ma
vertmuat versa ecwiatlen" la laada
ttw haata of ee oeaat ia tha laCct.
Wtmi, the presfdeat ot the Aer
tnm Mwleaipttow cowpaay. at Baehea
tr, hi chaiiMd with eottplietty in a
wJNww to rfefrmnd la coaaectton with
Hi ftiiehealer roaeern.
Ouvwaaaaat oalchila deetere they
haw evNteac ahowina; that theao turn
attar eoaearaa are involved ta eae
cajaia. The Brm of Mtnyard, K easier
aaa IfaJnohai. wheae actlritlea here
at said ta have remitted la the gov-
lavaetlcatkm went out of bas-
hMt Aaril, and the roewbors all
lalt flw eKy, drta their acUrttiea
wrtwoB war eJtanfce several timoa.
the stints on tha offices coaaiag
from J. O. Mlnrrard aad Co., to
Minyard. KeMier aad Co, then to
Vulcolrr, and KeVsier Co.. then to
Vinjard. KesslerSahd Malcolm.
M. Jolinttcn. editor of the Hous
ton Post, will nil the unexpired term
of Senator BalJey of Texas, who baa
quit public life to lake up tho prac- '
Uee of lavr in New York city. John- j
too mis for several years Democratic ,
naUena! committeeman from Texas.
lie Is one of the leaders of the anil i
prohibition faction of the party Ui
that state.
Johnston Is to receive his appoint
ment at the hands of Gov. Colquitt.
Congressman Sneppard. who U the
senatorial nominee by preferential
vote, will bo elected by the legislature
for the full term and take bis seat
MarVh t
11151 FILLS
Greatest Victory of War Is
- won hv Servians nnrl
ir-T v Tti ; i mwwii iiiPii
mVjLLi .Ma2- M4c.
l! i-I5
BBT rf.
1 R. M. Jonnston.
Tr,Wcti. IJ .., i tlen that they abide by the attiicheil
r I ends no Hastea oniHrtee-asc.autrworfUiwjt srft.to ob-
1 urkish, Downfall
L . . . . l:Ar ldea l"e
' . .A.....
.lur' so eminent may have nad of
-J ura rrsuiciiaa
far," ?r
.; . : "" -"- K-v'c "'
nd .it thin t-ij-tnrv trhioti uim.,t-o h
ou"n naB maoe a iresn personal ap
peal io me uuropean Servians to in
tervene for a termanatlon of the war.
Quite as little may te expected to
come of this apiieal as of previous at
tempt at mediation by the powers.
With cholera snd typhus ravaging a
demoralized army and a jtowerful en
emy hammering at the gates of ihe
capital, Turkey must again appeal to
the allies for terms. Undoubtedly the
object of the commanders in ordering
Btory ot trlumpital entry Into a city
she does not desire, should wish to
take her army Into a disease Infected
zone. Turkish reports, even of offi
cers, and official dispatches of the re
salts of operations have bean so un
reliable throoghoat that little atten-
i tioa can be paid to the statements re-
Jawdlna- the Tehatalja battle Issued
iivm iwuiiiiiihiihij. upifraiHins are
-probablv HtUe store than a military
NBW YORK. Nov. IS. The govern
Ing power la aatear athletics In the
UnitAl States gathered In free at the
Waldorf-Astoria today for tho silver
JiiMlee meeting of the Amateur Ath-
ietic Uroa of America. Tho gatherinu
began with the customary business
sewrion. at which the records made
daring the year were passed upon
and several new and Important role
and amendments considered. The pro
gram for the remainder of the day j'
ana overling proviaea tor a numoer oi
addresses reviewing the twenty-five
7ear" history of the A. A. U. and
the part It has plajed in the advance
ment of amateur sports In this country.
Democrats Win ,
Point Contest
in Los Aageles
l.OS ANGW.KS. Nov. IS. The
dftinotratlc contestants won the
first round In the lnl contro
versy over the presidential voto
!n Lo Angules county today vlic n
the district court of ameals over
ruled the demurrer of the Loaid
of 8iiporvl8or setting forth . an
nllejr-il lack of Jutisdictlon by the
co;;rt. At tho fame time the
co .i i, held tho petition of the
democrats lor a writ of lnanda
;nis attafklng the official returns
in thirty five precinct Insufficient,
and required the petitioners to
ruicii'1 tnelr application by b
st!tuutig lor general charges of
rr.iud specific nuances of irres
ulantKS In the precinct Involved.
Tho contest will h reaameil
Wedi.tiday with arstuncnta on
the amended petition ind tho
answer of Asaisiant District At
torne Ford, acting for the super
i.or!.. which will be IlleU tomor
Decision Wdl Have Sweep
ing Effect on Other Com
binations Investigated
eiKsch making decision today the so
called "hath tub trust case," the tu-;
rreme court of the United States laid
down the broad principle that there
can 'he no monopoly in an unpatented
i product or a patented machine with
:out violating the Sherman anti-trust
law Justice McKenna delivered tae
I unanimous opinion in courL
In accordance wltli the decision the
l court struck down as illinal "license
agreements" by which manufacturers
of K5 per cent of sanitary enameled
Iron were bonded together ina com
bination. The license agreement al
lowed the mauulacturers to use a
patented dredger, but only oiv conJl
iers who bought from lndeiendeni.-.
woald not sell In certain territory,
and would not sell "seconds."
Officials of the department of jus
tice are heghl) elated oxer the de-1-slon
which is expected to have Import
ant bearing on several investigations
now Ainder way as well as on the anti
trust suits already filed against so
called "moving picture trust" an 1
nraciicaiiy coiuroiieo iroui ue aro-
ducer to consumer."
He said "the potency scheme es
tablished by the corporation of S3
per cent of the manufactures, their
fidlllty to it was secured not oniy uy
'trade advances but what was pracUca
I ly a pecuniar ypenalty. -.ot lnap.ly
termed In the agreement "cash bails
Today's decision sustains the decree
of the I'nlted States District court for
Maryland -abrogating license agree
ments and paves the way lor a retrial
of the criminal suit against the "bath
tub trust" the first trial of which, held
at Detroit several months ago, result
ed in a disagreement of the jury.
Final Argument by Moss Is
Bitter Attack Upon the
Alleged Slayer
NEW YORK, Nov IS: The last
words for and against the four gun
men on trial for the murder of Gambl
er Herman Rosenthal wore said today
when the counsel made appeals- to the
ary and tomorrow their fate will he
delivered Into the bands of thit jury.
The four defendants, "Gyp the
Blood" "LefUe LoHic" "Dago Frank"
And "Whitic" Lewis, heard themselves
characterized by District Attorney
Moss as tho "hands which held Instru-
"' " L- A".'i. "J ,.',,'";
, hA bralng cbarle8 Recker the
., ,fe rrferrod to lhera a8 -,blt
,,., nf ,,nmn- nnd the witnesses
vho identified them had shown the
.0llrao of aoldlers marching un to
By their attorney. Charles C. K.
Whale, the defendents were pictured
as men who had been criminals, but
who were Innocent of this crime-vio-tltns
of the testimony of "the men who
really killed Rosenthal, Rcse. Webber
Vallon and Schepps."
Turkish priicnen on march near Adrianople, guarded by Bulgarians
October14. Montenegrins Like Tushl. Loss: Montenegrins, 1,500;
Turks CCOO.f !
October 19 Bulgarians capture Mustapha Pass. Loss: Bulgarians,
C.CCO; Turks, ,3,000.
October 20 Bulgarians beglr attack on Adrianople. Losses In the
battles about;Adri2nopIe are estimaledBulgarians. 515,000; Turks.
October 2,4 Greeks take city
Turks, 3,C0. .
October 26 Servians capture
, Xovemfcem Greeks sinic Turkish cruiser. Loss: Turkey, 260.
fiovcmbeirS Fall cf Salonika. G""eek loss, 2.500; Turk loss
4,020. . t
November 11 Fighting about Tehatalja forts. Bulgar loss, 4.000.
Losses since November 11 and In other battles arid skirmishes
go to make up the gigantic sacrifice of 150,000 lives.
Once More Municipal Affairs
Are Shaken and Riven
to Their Foundation
by Removals
since the strenuous times preceding
the 'ecall of former Mayor Harrier
which resulted In the establishment I
of the "good soiernineut" admluistra- j
Hon which remained, have political
and sirvlco circle.! cf Los Angeles j
Leen so shaken as today, foilowlng'
the summary dibm.ssai of George Bak-'
er Anderson, private secretary to May-1
or Alexander and an executive order i
for the dismissal of deputj CIt t r..- r: j i u
prosecutor Fred c. m. choate. strong. Damaging Evidence Is Ad
i parttacn to .ndcison, who was for- mitted in Trial of Alleged
merly Its secretary the good govern-1 rWrinmirp Pnncnin-
nieut organization threatened to in-1 uiitiiiiic uniJir4l.y
Voke the recall airalnpt ibe mavnr In !
which threats the septuagenarian ex-1
ccutive replied with a defiant chal
lenge. Nearly every c'ty official ot
any Importance has taken sides In
the matter, dividing the city hall into
two all but armed camps. No one con
fesses to ability to predict the final
out come.
,,' u-" ""-"" ":t ",rT'
outcome of the Gi.y Edd.e case, Ar.-'
ns.1. H, t ... .1.. 4i ... .
derson having been accused of "rram-1
Ing-up against K. V. Lloyd, one of.
the chief witneseea against the sus-,
rciHled oity prosecutor, awaiting trial
iwr an aiiBKeu oueii-w aBni"-i - iuuuK;on December 1911. after admitting in
woman. Cecil H. Nichoteon and Jack their twesence that he knew James
Arlington who are said tc have beeu
Instruments in the clleced trapping of
I toyii, at Anderoa i instigation arc
rei ported to be oa the way to Van
couver, B. C. Nlci'olson's home.
Chief ot Police Sebastian has tele
graphed to the San Francisco police,
to stop the two men.
KANSAS CITY. Mo, Nov. 13.
Speakers of mmsual dtotincton are
to be heard at the annual John Jay
tanqaet of the Kansas City commer
cial club tomorrow nlghL Chin Yans
Tang, the Chinese minister at Wash
ington, heads the Mt. The others wll
include Joseph E. Ramsdell. United
States senator-elect of Louisiana, and
Iter. W T. Dorward, pastor of the
Tabernacle Baptist church of Milwau
kee church of Milwaukee
ST. LOVIS, Mo.. Nov IS. More
Uian 1.000 retail merchants, represent
ing widely serrated sections of the.. ,oan phark ev aRd varJoM POb.
country, have arrived In St. Louis to emB re!atrJK to cbm Iibor prtoon
attend the nrst annual convention of lcondlons tbe oi tne defecUxe
the National Federation of Retail. Rnd dependent and sanitation and
Merchants. The federation, which was puhllc heath ateo W1H ro-pivo at
organisced at Chicago a year ago, will ' tention. Many delegate to tho con
meet at the Plante.- Hotel tomorrow jfeience arrived in the city today. Tho
and continue in session three days, j program will begin, with 'speafal
Noted authorises will discuss widtChurch services tomorrow and rue
variety of questions of tntaretr andsbusfnees fcIons will otcupy the
importance to the retail trade. 1 three following days.
of Servla. Loss:
Greeks, 1,000:
Uskub. Loss: Serbs, 1.5C0; Turk.
Mongols Want No
LONDON, Nov. 18. One hun
dred and ton Mongol princes,
meeting in Pekin yesterday, ro
puiiated the convention signed
by Itussla wth Mongolia, by
which Russia guaranteed the in
dependence of Mcnsolia, and re
solved to ask President Tun Shi
Kal to afford military protection
to those Mongolian willing to
join, the Chinese republic. The
advisory counsel of the president
at once indoised the Mongol
princes' resolution and 45,000
troops were ordered sent to tho
Mongolian frontier.
gene A. Clancy, a labor union official!
or ban Francisco, fainted and remain
ed unconscious when, after making ad
missions in the district attorney's of
fice at I -Os Angeles that he looker
through a crack in a door and saw
standing in another room Ortie K. !
McNamara. the confessed dynamiter,
was related at the dynamite oonsplr-,
,, f. n', . ')
cUI asslstant 'to Ml0Tney General
Arth- ,. vioh rh ..hrd t...
evidence iu the dynamiting caaes m
California. He said Clancy eoHaped i
their presence that he knew James
McNamara was on the coast to blow
up tho non-union jobs.
1-awler and Vetlch also named Olif
Tvtnioe and Anton Johnannxen of San
Francisco. W. II. Popelaad aad J. E.
Munsoy of Salt take, as being aware
of the McNarairss dynamiting mission.
Pohlmann and Joanssen are aot
among the forty-Sve defendants heie,
but when the defense objected to the
c.uotlng of whatt Joan nee n might say
the court ruled evidence competent,
because it had fceen shown Joannen
was co-conspirator.
CEDAR RAPIDS, la, Nov. IC: The
advisability of having juvenile offi
cers especially delegated to look aft
er the Interests of children whose
parents are engaged in divorce pro
ceedings is one of the live questions
that will be considered at the annual
i":.c'h ","-"1 7Z, :"-. ZZ
I meeting here of the fowa State coa-
who captured them.
SQK1. Uulgara. Nov 18. -Special;
No definite estimate has bsen re
ceived of the total number of Turkish
prisoners that have been captured by
the allies, bat that lh0 number runs
high iato the thousands there can be
no doubt. Montenegrins, Servians,
Greeks, Bulgarians nll.hae takea
thousands of prisoners, until now the
problem of feeding them has become
n irinst "prions one.
The accompanying lecture was tak
en near Adrianople. It shows a squad
i of several hundred Turks marchins
to Bulgarian headquarters, guarded by
j their captors.
Though the war lias lasted but a
I matter of a few weeks it has been
lOBe of the bloodiest iu modern Euro
I. LlJ .. , .- n --...
ircnu umui, jit iesi. luu.uuu soiuiers
have been either killed or wounded
Add to this number the thousands of
I non-combatants whom the Turks have
massacred or who hae died of dis
ease or starvation because of the war
j and the list reaches slagger.ng pro
i portions
Speaker Again Changes Hii
Mind as to Resignation
and Will Be Pre
siding Officer
Sam n Bradncr. of Benson, has
handed Cochise county five thousand
dollars, in a way of speaking. Not
only that, he will give his services to
the county of Cochise, an ' -o ,v low
er house of th ier's'atue r. ..j.u, '. y
cons.-ntlng to scrrender the bau.Ie
of the secretaryship of the live stock
sanitary to-ird and remaining at his
At Phoenix, whence comes the news
ot Bradnor's change of mind, it Is said
that Bradner will again be speaker or
the lower house.
Will Avoid Election
Thus It came about that in the
course of two days Bradner, engagUs
in a game of soltaire "eeny-meeiiy-miny-mo,"
has finally decided not to
cost the county of Cochise $5,000. On
November 12 Bradner sits himbelf
down at hie desk in the office of the
secretary of the live stock sanitary
board and writes his resignation as
a member or the lUe stock sanitary
board and writes his resignation as a
member of the lower house and sends
it to the governor, because the fiaal
"mo" had coincided with the secre
taryship of the live stock sanitary
On November H, says the Phoenix
report, iliadner demanded a recount of
himself on the "eeny-rneeny-rniny-mo"
and finds, lo and behold, that the fin
al "mo" coincided with the house
membership, and ma hap the bouse
speakership, so he hies himself unto
his other office and dictates a letter
unto the governor withdrawing ae
resignation as house member and
writea another to the live stock san
itary board banding therewith his
teslgnation as secretary of the board.
See Hunt's Hand
It is believed here that Governor
HuRt can Bed Bradner to reconsider
his resignation as a house member.
Itradner being the administration Man
Friday, with Windsor constituting the
admlniet ration Wright Brothers or the
Gold Dust Twins. They are a team
that has been a pillar of strength to
the administration and Hunt doubt
lessly viewed with alarm the prospect
of losing one of them. With Bradner
"to right the wrong" and Windsor Io
"stag the song" the administration is
well-healed against political adversitv.
While democrats regard Bradner'
sudden determination and as sudden
re-determination as due to pressure
from the chief executive, members of
the other parties have a ditferent
azm far IL "It looks to me as If
Sam had pat over a 'display ad' as
free copy on Uio people, aided by the
newspapers. I ace that he says he did
it to, save 0bcb!se-count4fie, axvenae
of an ejection," said a prominent republican.
First Vessel Is Due to Pass
Through Channel Next
Summer or Fall on Trial
Perhaps' a Year Later the
Oregon Will Lead a Naval
Fleet from Atlantic to the
WASHINGTON, Nov. 18. Some
time next summer or fall, no exact
date being 3pecilied, a vessel will
pnis from the Atlantic to the Paclflp
ncrosa what Is now the Isthmus of
Panama, which consequently must
disappear from ' the world's geogra
phy and b tho same human agency,
the western hemisphere will be di
vided Into two continents. The ves
sel will not be the Oregon nor any
other famous ship, but will be one
ot tho many small .water craft in
dally use by the canal builders; and
probably the only iw.ssengers will be
Col. Gtorge W. Gcethals, and thj
staff of American engineers, who for
th0 past eight years have been carry
ing on the' greatest engineering work
the world has ever seen. It will bo
latr than that, anywhere from six
months to a year perhaps, before the
formal opening of tho waterway will
take place and a naval fleet headed by
the famous old Oregon, will pas
through into the western ocean, and
the canal may be fairly .said -to ba
open to trade.
Will Anticicate Onenliic.
TfieW facts are "not of official, rec
ord as yet ;the date of January t.
1:11.1. still stands for the opening pre
dicted l Col Goethals. But that the.
opening will be anticipated to a groat
extent had been promised by the canal
builders in unofficial statements, and
now conies a clear intimation of their
piiriiose to advance the opening date.
)n the annual report of the canal com
mission, just published. It is dis
closed while the completion of the
great lock ly January 1st next will
not be possible, owing to contract de
lays, within t-ix morths thereafter tho
channel will be finished, while to in
sure tlie safe passage of th locks,
the contractor has been called upon
to Hi! sh the gates In one flight first,
. that if the rest of the work Is In
uindltion passage of ships can be
permitted without waiting for the
completion of the other flights. This
statement wMl be understood, when
It is known that the great locks being
built in daplicate: side by side, not
only to add to tho capacity of tho
anal but to insure Its continuance
in operation in case of a serious ac
cident to a blip In one of the locks.
Progress 's Sati-factory.
Tlie report shows a most satisfac
tory state ot progress ot the wholo
great work, though In view of tho
fact 'that it is dated September 10th
lait, the figures regarding excavation,
placing of concrete, erection of dams
and locks and subsidiary works are
not as recent as those contained In
tlie regular monthly reports.
Naturally the most interesting fea
ture or the report relates to the op
erations :n the great Cuiebra Cut.
Where great landslides, many rank
ing with an Alpino avalanche in mag
nitude, have so increased the amount
of material to be excavated, that were
It not found possible to steadily re
duce the cost per yard of dredging
and steam shovelling through tho
growing extpertness of the employes,
and improved engineering methods,
the total cost of excavation would
have been vastly greater than the
estimates. During the last year
nearly 16,."00,000 cubic yards of earth
wore taken out of this cut. leaving
nearly 12,0'0,00O to be displaced be
fore tho inal can be opened. The
damage caused by the slides may bi
appreciated from tr,e fact that nearly
r90.000 yards of earth excavated
was so composed or nearly 3G per
cent of the total excavation.
Expenses Mount Upward.
Already the appropriation made
by congress for the canal have run
Into big figures, the total Hp to June
20 last being $293,361,463; and slneo
that dae there have been additional
anDroiations. exclusive of these for
j fortifications, amounting to $28,980,-
000. making the grand total $322
r.41,168. On June 30 of all these ap
propriations, the engineers had ex
pended 68 per cent of the total esti
mated cost of the canal.
Outside of the canal proper, the
report nhows that work oar. been go
ing on rapidly in preparing harbor
for tho shelter of ships at each cnn.
of the waterway. The work of for
tification has also beeu progressing
well, nearly half a million yards of
concrete having been placed in Jhe
raortar pits and gun emplacement
during the last yr.
s k
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