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Jury Requires Only Twenty,
Minutes to Arrive at Ver-,
diet That Means Death in
Electric Chair for Them
Judge Punctures Defense in
His Charge, Picking Testi-t
mony of Alleged Murder
el's to Pieces with Care.
NEW YORK. .Nov. 13: "Gyp llu
Itlood." "l.:ty ljule"', "Daso Frank .
and "Whltcy" Lewis an? held to have
killed Herman Rosenthal, the Ram: 1- .
er. at the instigation of Charles lterk j
cr and like him. must juy the penalty I
of dath In the electric chair TUp ,
jury -which has been hearing the evl- j
deuce against the four Kiininen so de j
cided today when the returned a
verdict of RUilty of murder in iho
first degree after deliberaung Inn
twenty nilnut-s.
Verdict Taken Coolly '
The jury was not bro.mht back
tho courthouse lor fifty minutes after .
reaching its erdict as, the courf had1
adjourned for lunch.
The gunmen hojrd the verdict
without a show of emotion, they
stood at tho tar looking straight
ahead as the foreman of the lur ,
rose to nuke known the results o:
their delfhei.ition and they continued
to stare stolidly In fiont of the oar
until the formalities of the proeeed
ine were concluded. Former Magi"-,
tmf Wnhlo rnimaol fnr tho ninmM .
nnnounre4 ho would appeal from a '
months may olaiwc before their uRi- j
to their cells in the tombs they turn-.
ed and filed out or the court with as I
firm a step as when they first enter- j
ed. -Whitely Lewis, who was most I
dramatic of the four when he testified
on the' stand, aloue wallail with head
iis-itvfiri a ffaov nnm. ml tup door lead-
r""". "..... .',.;. f !, -r.v- !
ing over the "bridge of sighs" -Gyp"
!JZn2?'M !
undertone which none could hear.
Wives Wcep Bitterly
....t.. -i r.v.- ,iii r.ooH rifithq lands of smart carriages and au-
nt n .ho .hniihler of her hnstbands i
.w k .ninlr irle.1 to comfort
Gyn-s' "wife known as "Gyp's
r'i . . 1 .- i- ,V. 1
iT llU.n1
i received me u;. ... ...c .
bouse detention. The two other- gua-1
men are unmarried.
The final day of the trial opened ;
with Justice GolTs charge to the Jury j
which occupied three hours. His !
........ Arai.h..i.iul mnnv ivilnts of t
it.i.cidu .........
tho testimony of tho gunmen which i James Wllhon. has sencd In that ca-j Veagh. whose $1,000,000 house was
tho prosecution, in its summing up. paity for IS ears. Secretary of built for him by Mrs. Msceagh as a
ileclared discrepancies as fatal to the state Knox came to Washington in Liithda nurprlke.
cifedlbillty of their stories. J ipoi and entered President McKin Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Ungworth ha-,
If tho defendmfs contention weiejIcy.s cabinet. And Secretary of the lived in the capital ever since her
true that Rosenthal and his compan-1 N-avy George von L. Meyer was in; father first came here as vic presl
ions WJr-bber. Vallon and Schephs, 1 1r:ijent P.ooeeU's cabinet as post-! dent, at the beginnng of President Mc
shot Rosenthal, would he have in- lnaster general. Kinlcy's second term Her husband
vited them around to the Metropole AnioK tIle assistant secretaries of. having been defeaied in the recent
holtel to the scene of the shooting." tI ut.i.arniient so ety will greatly election .the Longworths. after March
Judge Goff asked the Jury. ;
-nirt ih r'bfendents tell the train '
.".."- ,....- .. .ih.l
when tney saiu xiiey saw i.uc..i.-.
shots. Were they near enough to dis
tinguish the faces o! those who did
tho shooting, but not to see Rosen
thal fall Was the testimony of the
ihn defendants in support of the
alibi of "Dago Frank" interposed by !
prearrangement" he asked.
Fresio'ent and Russia" Ambassador
Hold Long Discussion.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 19. The re
tailor to be maintained between tho
United States and Russia, after the J
existing treaty becomes lnoperatin-v
on January 1 was subject or discus
sion today betveer. President Taft
and Russian mbassador M. Bakhm
tieff at the conference In the Wttte
House. An announcement of an agree
ment upon a continuance of trade re
liittens Is expected before January L
Arguments on California Vote Will Be
Heara iooay.
LOS ANGBLES. Nov , 19. An
amended peCUon by the democratic
co.nty committee to their orlglna.
pica .for a write of mandate to halt
tho canvass of ballots cast In Lo
Awreles city and county 'or presiden
tial eletors. on Nov. 5. was filed with
the district court of appeals today.
Assistant District Attorney Ford sale
h,, wohM enter a general detnurrei
to'ths amonde answer and arguments
wltl be heard tomorrow.
Case Against Harvester Compa"y on
Again saiuraay.
n4Cjj!NfvrrN. Nov. 19. The hear
Hg of tho government' suit against
tho soallcd Harvester trust will bo
rewmetl In Chicago Krway wmi oi
flctete of the compnny on the stand.
i-i 1 n-u.ni ;
OOCIUI UfJiivuvui in
Due When Democrats Control
iHBF vWwm&'' tHB 3- B
im k IhW ApsL tBBiBt'i H
jlB TiHrbb I It & 5R H
fc ""v
At the left Mrs. Nicholas Longwefth
. M-. .. ,,ever and .,
WASHINGTON, No. IP. With the
inauguration of Woodrow Wilfon, on
jjarch lp and the re-lnstatement of
the democl.aUc party -n a branches
of government. Var-hington wi.I tin
upheaval. Names that 'one of the moot sought after members
. .... ...'. j.
nve shore bngmiy for years on tne.
ivi j t:u a vt --.
be scratched of
social register will
a oES Ukc their places. Crcs.l
and monograms will be painted off !
tomoblles and others will be drawn In
their stead. Houses w.H change own
ers with wonderful rapidity. All willlflclal duties end. They ere Secretary
1.. .hmrui nnH it n-ni imlPMl be tho i of State Knox, whose house in K
..... ... ,.
greatest mewmornosis mat aw-.
Ington has ever known.
Take the cabinet for Instance,
Many of Its members who must toon
step dowrt and out hae served foi
vtara Tho Kprretcrv nf agriculture.
. Assistant Seen tary of State and
,,. ,..,, u-nnn is.tnnrl
Wilson. Asa.stanr '
" ln.iniU6iu
Business Men Will March in
Body to Station and Meet
the First Train
TUCSON. Nor. 19: (Special)
Merchants have been requested by
the Chamber of Commerce to close j , tf wagers on the Cull
their establishments Wednesday H ! ? V !. .,.- . .,,
tween the hoars of 10:30 and 1 o'
clock in order that las many as pos
sib l- may be present when the first
passenger train cotaes In over the El
Paso and Southwestern. The twin
Is due at 11 o'clock. A luncheon has
teen arranged at the Old Pueblo club
1 for the members or the chamber and
i cuests.
Secretary John F. Jlyers has as
surance from Walter Douglas of BIs-
bee that an official of the nwd will
be present if it Is possible to ar-
range it. jonn u. nngai .i.
the address at the station on behalf
of tire citizens.
The plan Is for all to gather at
the chamber of commerce at 10:30
o'clock land march to the stition on
West Congress street The band will
play and the flags will fly. Follow
ing the Celebration at the station,
members 'of the club will proceed -o
the luncheon.
It Is requested by Secretary My
ers that thje flags and bunting be
brought forth by merchants to give
the city a joyous appearance,
KEW YORK. Nov., 19. Demarest
defeated Sutton 200 to 1C0 this after -
noon In their billiard gamo.
rvVi? 'o
recretary of the Navj and Mrs Deek
tary of War and Mrs. OUer. all of
cial ilaj of the capital.
Perhaps -theigreatnst change of all
will bo felt in the absence of Speaker
Joseph Cannon, ont. of the most pic
turesque figures In Washington. HU
dauhter. Mffcs Helen fannon, wa-i
or Sociei.
"i w .v.
Some of those who wll leave of-
ficia, ..to on .Man-h 4 will continue
to live in wasningion. ai ieaai
three members of the cabinet have
Lecome so attached to the city that
they will not go away when their of-
. , .,, .,,,m:1 in
tnreei i uo ui -lie ii.m.,,..., .
Washington; Atloruey General George
Wickersham, who purchased a horn'
in inth street utn ills arrlal in
Washington four years ago, and Sea
rctary of the Treasury Franklin Mac-
4. w il' take m ilicir residence in .
Hnnati. President Taft's home town.
Whether Preferential or
Election Vote Shall Pre
vail Stirs Up Trouble
SAN FRANCISCO, -Nov. 19. Tho
.IeclIAi bv leadine betting commls-
fornia electon according to electoral
results and not by high Vote has
thrown confusion nnd dissent Into 'a
Bmlt nrmv of betters who ,havo at
stake an amount estimated as not
less than J500.000.
Some individual stak. holders in.
formed the betters they would only
nay on a baMs of high man wins.
Others follow the commissioners. J
Whatever the result there Is sure to
.',. 3Dd ,oud contingent of mat
! - Those argue they nevei
"n8' ' mJL less wager on
-whether the. California electoral e!el
gatlon would be split, that when they
bet Roosevelt or Wilson would carry
tho state, they meant that their fav
orite would recelvo the highest pop
ulai vote and nothing else.
iai,u ---
PJesldent-elect Wilson paid an of"
ficlal visit tod2y to Governor Genet-
... ci Hm... r nnltrw-lr. anil later
Ihad tea with the army officers. W
J son contemplates occupying rnccb of
j his time In walking, bicycling and
J preparing for future legislation.
Bulgaria Admits Willingness
to Consider Terms'of Sus
pension off Hostilities and
for Final Beace.
Ottomans Are Expected to
Be Willing-to Grant All'
That Will 'Be.Asked and to
Save Constantinople.
Porte will appoint tomorrow pleni
potentiaries to meet the Bulgarian
pienuotentanes on regard to an arm-,
istlce An omciil note issued tonisU ,
says llulgarian government replied to i
the Po.tes recent communication
rerctlng an armistice that Bulgar
ia is ready to enter into relations
with the Ottoman plenlpotenitailes
with a view to the conclusion of an j-
armistice and todistiiss conditions of
peat e
paris, it., jov. i9: The condi-
tlons of the Balkan allies demand lu
lespect to an armistice according to
Information recehed he.e. Include
the unconditional surrender of Ini-
porunt ixjlnts, uch as Adrianopie, ,,,,.... .... v. , , .
the Tchatalja lines aud Uunuro, on MILWAUKtE. Wis. Nov. 19 Tlut
the Adriatic sea. Bulgaria will ie- John Schrank. who attempted to av
nojnce entry Into Constantinople au.I sassinate Roosevelt is insar.e. was
many persons lielleve Tuikey wllli,ne conclusion of the report of fhe
vleld most of the points in the hope alienists appointed by the court to
that Europe will' undertake to reduce examine his menUIIty Being Insane,
the chlus of the allies when a peace ' " will be impossible to try him for
is concluded i 8eeklnK WH Roosevelt, and he will
If the Pour Iarlires is successful I be lncarcarate.1 in the insane hospitil.
Constantinople VKH remain Tutklu'
M?2.?hMicTDc MIIRflPR PfiQF
ly will not object to the Albanlas r QL IllUilULn UHUL
maining unaer ine ouitraim.. ui ." i
Sultan if that powers acquieses In
this. Numerous difficulties are i'e-1
malnlng. however. Including the Ac-
gean lsands matter, a Senian lurt
on the Adriatic, partition of territor- '
les and claims of Rumanian and Ser- .
vlau customs administration.
Nazim Pasha. Turkish commander u
chief, sent out the following dlspaUii
at three thirty this afternoon: "A des
perate artllleo engagement begaa
this morning ana is fiing continued
with success. The Bulgarian Infauliy
operating on the frontier line of up- .
fense was repulsed by our a.imei;.
fire. Part of the enemy's batteri.-s
were silenced."
'We ordered a detachment of
troops to advance and they attacked
the enemy's entrenchments and forc
ed" them to flee. We captured a num
ber of rifles, machine guns, helmtt-J.
shovels and pickaxes. A number of
the helmets bore a badge Inscribed
thirty-fifth regiment Vrania, showlug
there were Servian troops with .be
enemy The battle continues."
Another telegram from Nazim
Pasha estimates the Bulgarian losses
in Monday's lighting on the Turk'sn
.right wing as four hundred killed or
wounded. These Include twenty offi
cers. Two machine guns were cap
BEIX1RADE. Nov. 19: A semi-official
statement denounces as un
founded reports of eruolty perpretrat
ed by Servian troops on Albanians
which declares they were spread for
the purpose of supporting Albanian
Thii ctarpmnt rnntinties: "Dnring
the fighting, measures which may. I me ultimate resuu oi me receni eie
have been severe weie adopted, ow-' tion depends largely upon changes
lng to the treacherous attitude of the i made In the official count, however
Albanian combatants who lu many ' small, is the opinion of those about
- -..- -
cases raised a white flag as a token
of surrender and traitorously mot -
,i.rt fh Servian officers who ap-
nroached them. More over the Al-
banians terrorized the Inhabitants of
vintages and burned houses. We did
not proclaim thei.- misdeeds at tne
time, Ijecause the attention of Ei
rope was then centered on the events
of war."
WASHINGTON. Nov. 19: The
United States has asked the Balkan
alllps and Turkey to permit a party
01 American army ouicers to join
their forces andUgo over the field on
which some .of the greatest battles
of modern times have been fought,
within the last few weeks. If per
mission is given the member of the
special cavalry board now touring Eu
'rope are now available and attaches
at London and Paris will b ordered
to the scene Immediately.
' 1 "niPTW
S '
Richard Jervl.
For tne first time in hi life Gov
Wcodrow Ai'.son f -.enjoying the cjc-
perlence- of being shadowed by a se
cret service sieutn, iuchard or "l)lck" j
jervjs is me operative who is guard
1!r hinl wn,n ,n; m, i.i ..
mnt, Ehaao-A.cl, b Be, b h
nil,ir.i- ,. , ,. .,.. ., . '"
i'i"cuju.rb iiu iaci mat tn's is a
Part of th price one pays for being
a president elect
1 T
Goes to Assylum
','Assassin of Roosevelt Found
to Be Irresponsible and
Cannot Be Tried
Motions Are Denied and Fi-
nal Arguments Begun
by the Council
SALEM. Nov. 19: Closing arrjJ
ments to tlse Jury began here toda
in the trial of Ettor. Giovannittl and
Caruso charged with the murder of
Anna Lopizzo in the Textile stdke
at Lawrence last winter.
Judge Quinn overruled motions by
tne defendants' counsel to take the
case from the jury so far as Ettor
and Giovannittl are concerned. Tbo3e
two aiy charged as accessories to
killing before fact. It is alleged that
through their Incendiary utterances
they incited strikers to the rlotln;
that resulted in the woman's death.
It was urged upon the court that in
sufficient evidence was presented to
justify submitting the case to a jury.
For Caruso is charged with hav
ing stabbed officer Benoit. having ac
tuallv participated in the fatal riot,
no motion was made to close the
Items of One or Two Are
Expected to Determine
Whose Is Victory
T . .., . .. ... . .
me capiioi who nave oeen cioseiy
, following the work of Secretary ot
State Jordan's office. Although to
date the additions and subtractions
of one or more votes in each county
have been about equal in favor of
tbe progressive and Wilson electors.
There Is a probability that the result
will hinge upon these small Items
Hillsdale Court House Cafe Will Now
Go to Highest Court
RICHMOND. Va Nov. 19: The
d-ate of the hanging of Floyd Allen,
son ot Claude E. S. Allen, for partici
pation In the Hlllsville courthouse
murders was postponed today by Gov
ernor Slann from November 22 to
December 13. The respite was grant
ed so Claud Alien might take an
appeal to the United States iupren'
court on tbe constitutional ground
that his
life was twice plsced in
Man with Infernal Machine and Other Explosives Takes
Possessionof Headquarte rs and Causes Reign of Ter
ror, in 'end About the Building Until Knocked Down
and the Instrument of Death - is Recklesslv Hurled
into the Street and Fuse Is Extinguished. ' .
LOS ANGELES. Nov. 19: Armed
with an infernal Etichlne contain
ing enough dynamite to destroy an
entire city block, a bolt'e of nitro
glycerine and a 4j caliber revolver,
a masked maniac took possession of
the central police station today and
held it for an hour while hundieds of
occupants of the building and those
for blocks around,' panic stricken,
sought the safety of distance.
When Detective James Hoslck
knocltd the man unconscious after
stepping behind with a 'Jiliy. the fu3e
of the machine automatically ignited
and without thinking of the conse
quences detective Samuel I B.-owne,
carried the box outside and hurled
it Into the street. Sticks of high
powdej-d dynamite were scattered
over the pavement while hundreds of
spectators stood apparently paralys
ed with fear awaiting th uatonation
that would send them to eternity.
.Through a freak chance there as
no explosion --and Browne continued
kicking the explosives and stamped
on the fuse until he had broken all
Lunatic Makes Appearance
In the receivlnc hospital, where ho
lies tonight badly injured about the
Bkull, the man gave Ills nanfe an Al
bert Henry Davis. He said he is a
ititive or Germany. C4 years old.
Davis entered Chief Sebastian's of
fice grotesquely masked and carried
a box in his hands with straps across
the. shoulder to prevent it's dropping.
I said he wanted the highest offi
cial of the EsMe summoned and the
police must not approach or he would
blow all Into eternity.
Detectives secretary Enlvjely kept
him in conversation while the jail
was cleared of prisoners and the
courts in session were notified. The
building quickly emptied Into the
street which was roped off a block
either way. Two street cars wer
used to remove- the hundred prison
ers to another station' and the police
reserves were called out.
Davis intimated that was not his
light iume but refused to talk of his
Evidence of Day in Dyna
mite Conspiracy ase
Hurts Defense and
Is Convincing
conditions fn Kansas City, Mo., in
which Albert Brown, the business
agent oi the local ironworkers union,
is alleged to have conspired with
James it. McNamara to have a bridge
across tbe Missouri river blown and
induce Barber to do tbe dynamiting
In Los Angeles, were described at the
"dynamite conspiracy" trial today.
Charles Brow n, w ho has been re
ferred to by the government a a cit
izen with imiortant evidence, testi
fied that he became acquainted with
McNamara in a barber shop and later
having met the dynamiters on the Pa
cific coast. McNamara loaned bin.
fifty dollars with which to return to
Kansas City .
Tells of Offers.
-JIcNaniara told me he could fix i.
to I might earn lots of money." the
W.rness testified. "He said a lot of
non-union jobs were to be blown up
and there would be work at Kansa.
City. He introduced me to Bert Brown
and said he would pay me two hun
dred dollars lo blow up tho bridge.
"Brown said it was an open Job. and
they wanted to make the contractor
ntit on union men. I asked Brown
whv he did not do it and he rerlied
they wanted to get someone outsldejof
the union because Hniou men would
ha susnected. McNamara said lib
vtould see I cot two hundred from
Brown and then I was to go to Los
Angeles -where there would be a lot
of cleaning up.
I was interested In an amusement
enternr se then ani after . putting
them off finally told them I would
not do it.
Others Offer Testimony.
Witness said his last conversation
occurred in August, 1910 shortly be
fore McManigal. according to his con
fession, blew the bridges that Eu-
cerjR A Clancr. John J. McNamara I
talked about blowing of the catherdral
construction at Indianapolis as tes
tified to by Patrick J. Dugan, a for
mer Ironworkers business agent. Du
fcan said he accompanied McNamara
aud Clancy when they wena to look
at tho cathedral and after McNamara
pointed out the place to put the ex-
1 plosive, Clancy measured It off with
past. He declared he is not an I. W.
W. but said he had a gricvaneo
against the Eij?e 'because of ho
shopmen's strike.
His machine was an ingenious con
trivance. Davis" left, fingers v.t
cut off and he had fUlse "fingers at
tached to the trigger of tho machine.
Identity Is Established.
The would te dynamiter was Iden
tified tonight as Cvi Warr. a Ger.
man laborer. In a search of hit
home a S12 East Lake Avenue, tax
receipts bearing ihat name were
found. Alter much questioning " by
the detectives, the man admitted that
was his name. He said he also had
mor. explosives secreted lu the vicin-
Ity of his house and that when ho
recovered Srom his injuries he would
take the police to the hiding place.
Warr said he stole the dynamite fioin
a powder house of a quarry at Bloom
ington. near Coiton. Cal.. made an im
iresslon of the lock and made- keys
which oiened the powder house.
Machine Construction Faulty.
Warr Is a iattern maker and
worked in a number of Ijos Angeles
(ompunies. as a skilled mechanic. A
search of his home revealed a com
plete workshop. He has J.ved alone
for more than three yeare. Thre was
baldly any furniture In the house,
his bed being a dirty pallet.
A minute examination of the mech
anism of the mfcrnal machine re
pealed the reason it did not explode.
The fuse led to ajoose train of black
powder wnlch was supiiosed to con
nect with the tube of smokeless pow
der, but the burning black powder
failed to tUnite tho contents of thi
tube It was so arranged that there
had been time fqr the dynamiter to
make his escape after releas'ng tho
It developed tonight that chiefi of
I'ofice Sebastian had agreed to let
one of hla men shoot Warr from a
'rHiildlng across the street after the
jail wns emptied and all had reached
f.afet but was Anally ersuaded to
iry the detectives plan
i Democratic Electors Lead by
Plurality of 566" Over
Progressives With
Socialists Third
TOMBSTONE, Nov. 19. Special)
The following is tho total otl'clal
count of Cochise county votts for
presidential electors and amendments
as announced by th board of super
visors touay.
Wiley E. Jones lDIi
W. T. Webb 1347
John It. Hampton 151S
Carl Hayden. Rep. to Congress. .2103
Fred S. Breen 3S7
Walter Talbot 307
Hoval A. Smith -10.5
Thos. E. Campbell. Rep to Cong... 377
K S. Clark ,....1C91
J. C. Greenway 140"
Dwlght B. Heard 13S5
U. S. Fisher, Rep. to Cong. ....1261
J. I Brooks M9
K. B. Slmanton Sir,
Paul E White 812
A. C Smith, llep. lo Cong. 76i5
T. F. Wilson 2S
J Stanley Howard 20
.P.oy E. Sibley 20
O. GIbfon, Rep. to Cong.
Amendments to Constitution.
Recall 3412
Industrial Pursuits 3242
Taxation Amendment ....3364
Scbool Indebtedness 30S9
Woman SHffragc 2374
Referendum Petitions
Miners Lien JIS2
! Mon on Trains 27C6
... . . .. it.. r
Electric neauiisnis io
Three-year Trainmen 2T18
Seventy Car Limit 2740
Three-cent fare 3407
Peml-monthly pay-day 3396
Game Law 30S1
feet to learn whether the wall would
' .. .... n nnqphv iv.lilall.n hilt friC.
lilli 111. rt IH.-...MJ OIM,,...... U..W .....
explosion did not occur.
Edward Smythe and James E- Kay,
Peoria were- among the dafendants
taken to jail tonight because their
bondsmen surrendered them. It U
said tbe men will procure new bonds
v r !
agsaaatErgajr" MHMfimf'XiSSSSS
-MKt!-.- v -. 'i-
iatin iiHTfirnrmra
rriUirifi.;1'1ni t-- -- .

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