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iMcManigal Tells of Sugges-
tion That Dynanvte Be
Used on Detective in His
. Own Office.
Union Labor Will Be Asked
to Raise Defense Fund fo."
Men on Trial for Conspir-
' acy at Indianapolis.
INDIANAPOLIS. nd. Nov. 2. Ex
plosions on nonunion iron works in
Milwaukee. Omnlia and Springfield.
Massachusetts were explained today
ly McMonfgnl at the dynamite con
spiraoy trial as having been done by
him shortly before lie and J. It. Me
Nnmara arrlveil in Detroit to "clean
up" that city and were arrested with
suit cases tilled with dynamite.
Four weeks before his arrest, hn
tcstlllrtd. he observed that he was
being -followed, hud seen strange
heads dodging around cornerr of ele
vator shaft r In tho Ironworkers head
quarters in Indianaolis.
"I told James II. McNnmara befor-
we started for Detroit that William
J. Burns had detectives after us and
that they even were coming up near
the vault whern re stored pur dy
namite. OnL- of them followed me ou
the streets when I was going with a
milt case of dynamite to Mow tip a
South Chicago job." said .McManigal.
"McNamara said if we ynv any n:or6
of them we would jfo lo cnjc&so andj
rent a room next to uuros omce. pui
in an electric wire through the walls
arrange and set off a bomb at Burns
desk when he was sitting there and
that would end our troubles with him.
I told him we had better not do any
thing of the kind or get near Hums,
that was aVout Alril S. 1911."
He and McNannra were arrested
Fcven days later.
Joseph Schwartz, was arrested to
day on a charge of attempting to
obstruct justice by intimidating Cor
neiltii. U Cowley, of Monica. Pa..
witness, locked in jail and after a
preliminary hearing before V. S.
commissioner was held to the federal
grand jry.
Labor to Aid Prisoners.
American Federation of Labor de
rided today to ask the unions affil
iated with it to raibe money for tbp
defense of the alleged dynamiters
who are on trial at Indianapolis.
The resolution adopted by the con
vention was "that the delegates to
the convention on 'their return, ad
vise their international unions and
local bodies to provide financial as
sistance for the trade unionist on
trial at Indianapolis to aid them to
secure a fair trial and appealing
their cases should a fair trial be de
nied them." The resolution also urg
ed that the men on trial be "not con
victed in advance or a decision of
their case may be lnlluenced by the
alleged fact that certain corporations
and a private detective agency are
"clamoring for conviction.'
Other Business Transacted
It was decided by a vote of 15,731
to 122, more than the two third ma
jority required, to revoke the char
ter of the (international associa
tion of Steam and Hot Water Fitters
and helpers.
The convention also refused to take
any action in the dispute between
the factions of International Brother
hood of Electric Workers and refralu
ed from a decision that the only fac
tion was the one affiliated with the
federation, legal.
Other resolutions adopted favored
the Initiative, referendum and resell,
including the recall of Judges, popular
election of IT. S. senators, worMng
mens' compensation law with a rc
tintion of employers liability law,
eld age pensions, repeal or amend
ment of the Sherman anti-trust law
to prevent the prosecution of a labor
union under its provisions.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn, Nov. 22.
Spec'ai Examiner Settle of the Inter
Mate Commerce commission came (o
Minneapolis today to begin a series
of Important hearings on complaints
affecting Northwestern shippers. In
cluded among the matters to come up
tire the proposed advance in rates for
transportation of fuel wood, lawdust
and shavings from Wisconsin and
Michigan to Illinois points, and the
proposed advances in rates on Un
seed oi! from Minneapolis and St
Paul to Chicago, Kansas City and
other po'nt8-
Faunas Turkey Red
L.rescrcnt society
Mine. Rtjaat Paahx.
Mmo nijaat Paslia is the founder
of thn Red Cros Society In Turkey.
an organization similar in purpose toj
otir Hetl Croi-s She is the firs' i
Christian wife oi a Mohammedon toj
reire?ent Turkey at the British;
copru and is known as one of the
most beautiful women In Turkey.
Carnegie Fund
For Ex-Presidents
Raises Objection
The announcement of the Car-
negie corporation that a pen-
slon of $25,000 will be gien
former presidents has caused
a stir among members of con-
gress now here.
It. is itoltaieiU.jL movement
-t will be inaugurated to induce
that body to provide a petisicu
Senator Culberson of Texas.
declared It would be "undemo-
eratic" to hae former presl-
dents pensioned by a irlate
Girder at Douglas and
Is Instantly Killed,
Breaking Neck
DOUGLAS. Nov. 22. Accidental!
lalKng off a girder of the boiler house.
70 feet high, Sherman Ei"zler. an Iron
worker, was killed yesterday -a
Douglas. The accident was at the
new C. & A. smelter, now under con
struction. Biszler was walking along a gird
er and in some manner lost his bal
ance and fell on a flat car loaded with
a boiler. Death was instantaneous
and an examination of he body
showed that his neck and collar bone.
lf.s arm. leg and nip bones were
broken. His fellow workmen wh6
know him well cannot account fot
the accident, as be was always
known to be a very careful workman.
After the accident Coroner Wee
notified and empaneled a Jury, com
posed of William Owens, J. M. EI
licot, Joe Speer. W. C. Jack, F. M.
Sherman and E. B. Duvaile the re
mains were moved to the undertaking
establishment of A. A. Fur'geson.
Inquest Held
The Inquest vtas held at 2 o'clock
and after hearing T. B. Argyle, and
John Corrang, eye wltnese'es of the ae1-
cweni. tne jury renaereu a '.
. . , ,f.t
that "E-szler came to his death bv
accidentally falling off a girder of j
the boiler house at the C. and A.i
smelter 70 feet high upon a flat car
loaded with material."
Giszler is survived by a wife who
was prostrated upon hearing he sad
news of tbe accident.
He was a native of California, hav
mg formerly .resided at Sacramento.
He came here about a year ago.
HAKnvniL Ind Nov. 22. The an-i
- H
X j
F-eet from'0"'
nual conference or the Indiana Inter-; ing to the police. Anderson and, Cam
collegiate Press association began atleron have admitted that they were
Hanover College today with members! delegated by their unions to destroy
In attendance from. leading colleges
J of the state. The meeting will ton
. tinue.over tomorrow and will conclude
with a banquet at which Henry Wat
terson of Ixdlsville Is to be principal
. . .nn. .
tajy jnr
ey s
Cash Register Criminal Pro
ceedings Start Off Slowlvi
in Cincinnatitand Bid Fair;
to Drag Along. !
CINCINNATI, O. No. 22. That '
(he trial of President John II. Pai
terson and twenty-nine other officials (
cr former oUicials of the national cash (
' register comiiany of Duyton. charged,
in the federal district court with lo
I 'latlng the criminal section of the
Sbermau law, w.ll be a long drawn
out affair was foreshadowed toiin
wheu tlie examination of its iirst
witness failed to end before adjourn ,
Henry 1. James an nutomobilo,
dealer of Detroit was ou the stand all
day and will continue nib testimony J
I Monday. i
"Knocker Cards" were sent against
his company accordink to James, for'
fa report to whatever rival machine.
! whipped out our agent ' terr.tory
; There were Introduced in e'.-
1 demo tojrother wjli national tosh
register magazines. I
Had No Mercy for Others
but Asks It for Himself
' in Hereaft
shall have paid io4uv a debt I ought j
-onicted murderer, as he stood in
the death chamber waiting to be tak
en 'to the golluus. a sliver crucifix
dangled from the priest's neck anft
the condemned man toyed with it, re
flectively. "Here too." he murmured, "is one
who died as a criminal, but that wan
'two thousand years apo Before
they knew better."
As the hajiginuif held Mul from be
hind to adjust the black cap uuii
noose. "Jesus pray for me." he ex
claimed thickly and that instant the!
trap was sprung
At the end of nine
mlnntnu n-,l thlrtv Enwtnila Uf H-nn '
pronounced extinct. lltlcai situation without )arellel In
Srafcur vas an educated role of,lhe Btate-S history, that he will be
krnve-anguTgerOnNuemghrlr'nt Son u' r John i
April i. laiu. wnne rrazea wun
drink at the end of a three weeks' dc-,
j bauch he shot his wife dead before'
.the tyes of her two small sons by !
i a -former marriage, because, although .
she had gien hint all the money she
had. it was not enough.
Wltn Head ana LegS
ChoDOed Of bv Fiend
" y
iittif ROCK Ark Vnv .
D-L )'JZ k Vn,nA- ,?-'"-V .
Posses led by boodhounds are Mth-
ing or the murderer of Miss Miry
hi, 7 ' ;fVr i3' .,,.
i '"it J" "rL"
iMJss Barnham was the daughter
of a -well known and wealthy farmer.
Yesterday she mounted her horie and
rode to the postoffice and her fall
ure to return resulted in a search
The body was found today with the ,
head and legs chopped off. !
COLUMBUS, 0 Nov, 22: Tha
first degree murder case against Misi
Cecil Farley, the stenographer, charg
ed shooting Alvin E. Zollinger, will
go to court tomorrow. Attorney Ton
kins for the defense, in making a
pica today, announced that If the de
fendant Is acquitted she and Jerom
Qufgley will be married ami go with
tbe girl s parents to California, as
planned Lefore the tragedy. She
j ,.t .,- 1... .11 V-
Wfwn ",lu '"f JU'"1" ."f""w "? f,
rors to alio
marrlas.e The
come up tomorrow,
CHICAGO, III- Nov. 22. Jame A.
Anderson and Charles Cameron, prin
cipals in tbe war of aron and znur-
4.k nllnmul tsv tint's IvLf.n n'Offiul !.. thn
uu ouct, ..o.c ."tt.. ".r "ct.,t. "..J i ,. ral!.l ,....
two rival local unions of the interna
j tlonal Brotherhood of KUctrtcal
i Workers, were given a preliminary
hearing in court today. Many sensa-
j t.onal discl05.ures r.re pected when, thj dfendant waft unanimow-
the two defendants are tried. Accord
the rival union by burning buildings
In which the rivalswere employed.
One basfneas agent w"as killed In tho
"war,"- and bulldlnfc's aggregating
$100,000 In value were burned. It is
r i mimn l tr iniMnii .m.mtfnnr, ., .. VS31
Le't to right: Col. DjeVed Bey, Crown Price of Turkey and Capt. Nourey
Here 1 s:he first photograph of thefstantinople the other day. With him
crown ..rir.ee of jrurkey to reach the k "Ur'dBe
I isited Stages, lie posed for It In Con- and Capt Nonrej Bey
Secretary of State Appears!
to Be Unable to File Re-
turns on Last Day Set !
by Election Law.
Wxlji u"u "AI
..,.,. T,
Mnuai-MU, -ai. ov.
SeCrptaTV -InMnn
is fearin
tho io-1
ton bv November 23. the last 3av
prescribed by the election law of the
state because of existin; c.ndiiious
In Los Angeles and AlaniaJa counties.
The official figures he f.as already
compiled are threatened v. itSi recount
j i.ut. -Ulllfa IIIIUJUUHI 1111- Mdl? 4
I result of the decision of th lxs An-
m..Ai1. , .... J ..A., nhf.lll ... . ..... .. '
' geles appellate court.
The secretary of state 1 lilpced !n i
a most embjtrasslng positi n. arm
ed with only a verbal oplnlo'i by the
attorney general in effect that the
time limit for "edification provision
's directory only and not mandatory.
Jordan asserts he cannot certify the
final result of an election to the gov
ernor while some Counties are out
Found standing, disfranchising the ritUens
,eer other counties have not sub-
; fitted returns. The clastic loophole
'Which the attorney general has nro-
i vlded in his interpretation of the
Ia Jordans only oiportunft to
shlft an atom o( ';, y
Jordan today received ieve'al iuer
:f from Los Angeles from -.ollUcIans
asking If he intended to go ahe,d and
comply with the Ijw and file wrh
the governor the returns already on
""""' -" " -". " ""
that hc will not do so.
M,n Yhr Qhnr Rnncpvplf-i Bounced today in a signed wage agree-
ftUn WnO DtlOt KOOSevetjment between union miners and otll-
GoeS tO Asylum Declaring (dais of the National Bituminous Coal
Wf:j :,. Cn..nr1 and Coke company.
ilina 1S SOUna The agreement practically recog-
MILWAUKEE. Nov. 22: John
ISchrank, who shot Roosevelt oi tbe
i night of October 14 at Milwaukee Is
I Insane and was committed late today
i fc"fc Ut W
by Municipal Jndge Backus to the
Northern hospital for the insane, n?ar
Oshkosh, until cured.
Before being led back to the jail,
ac'nrank said: "I expected they would
find me Insane because It was in the
papers two days ago. I want to say
now I am sane. I know what I am
doing all the time, i am not a lun
" t , -vj .7- -3 a,a ,V
on to do my duty and did It.'
The committment was pronounced
after tbe presentation of an exhaus
tive report by tho commission in
ly adjudged insane. Tbe altenfsn
agreed that Schrank is suffering fror.i
chronic Paranoia and doubted If he
could he cured.
NEW YORK, Nov. 22: Coppr
firnv.17.13 to 17.40. Arrivals 15 tons.
Exports for this-'montU 10,703 ton.
Lead easy and' unchanged.
VJSiUliJSK 23, 1U12 VC&
Wilson Defeats Roosevelt by
Plurality of 3,776 and Taft
by Nearly Twice as
Many Tallies.
The final ofhcJal and complete ru-
turns o,' the presidential election in
Arizona, completed at Phoenix las:
'night gives Arizona 10 Wilson by a
? ' V
The otticlal ote v. as as follows
Wilson 10.244; noosevelt MGS; Taft
S.'jSS; Debs 2.061; Cbufin 234.
Wilson's plurality over T&ft la
7.2&U. over Debs 7.2S0. over Cuafin
Wilson failed to receive a major
ity of the popular vote Jacking 2,431
votes of rectlvipg as many as all of
his opponents combined. His plurality
oer Iloosevelt and Taft was 7S7:
over Roosevelt and Debs 812.
Iloosevelt received 3,179 more
than did Talt and 3.304 more otes
than did Debs.
Taft received 23 more otes than
d.d Debs and 2.733 more votes than
did f'hatii. That is till the comfort
the official llgures otfer the regular
republicans m the state. Roosevelt
I received 313 more votes than Taft and
Debs combined.
Men Obtain Concessions that
Practically Grant All
of Their Demands
i CHARLESTON, Nov. 22: What is
believed to foiecast the end of the
' sreat coal strike' In tbk- Kanawha
I coal fields of West Virginia was an-
i nlzes the union, provides for an In-
create of twenty-one ' per
cent in
.wages, reduces the tonnage, permits
j the miners to organize, provides for
a ne hour dav and gives COO men
now on strike preference If they
should desire to return to work.
Woman Who Confe'sed to Two Mur.
der Will Plead Not Guilty
SEDALIA. Mo. Nov. 22 Instead of
making a plea of guilty when her
case Is called In court It Is probable
Mrs. Pansy Elle I.esh, who confessed
In Los Angeles to the murder of twe
Missouri women will contest the cas.
according to Oeo. F. Longan, coun
sel for Mrs. Lesh.
, Sheriff Henderson Is In receipt of
messages from a man named LutrelL
of Mrs. Lesh, who said be will ar
rive tomorrow and aid bis nolco anj
cald he wanted Mrs. Lesh to male
her home with, his family If she is
Appellate Court Decision
Stands in way and They
Seel; to Nullify it in a
State Coiirt
I.OS ANGELES, Nov. 22. Com
plaint 'n equitv will be tiled in the
supetior court tomorrow by the law
committee of ihe progress! t part
asking a recount In the two pi ec.net w
involved In jesterday'a decision o
the appellnte court in tb election
'file democrats will resist all efforts
of the progressives to nullify the ad
vantage gained by them In the ap
pellate court. In order to gl the
democrats ?i chancu lo irteri2t,A?
flstant D.strtct Attorney W.- J Kra,
will associate with htm as counsel
for the board of supervisors. Jeff P.
Chandler, chairman of the democrat
ic law committee.
The complaint will ask a recount
of the ballots in Pasadena. Precinct
Na. 4 and Los Angeles City precinct
No. 34!j. fo that returns can be cor
rected to show the actual numbei of
ballots cast and for whom In the
pres.dential election.
Progressives Hope On
Chairman Louis W. Meyers, of the
progressive law committee, who pre
pared the papers, said tonight lie ex
pected a decision early nexc week
and expressed confidence that the;
superior court will grant a recount,
which may throw California back into
the Roosevelt column. According to
Myers, only a los of li: votes to
Roosevelt is actually Involved In the
In the meantime the supervisors
apparently are In no hurry to begin
a recanvass of the county returns as
directed by the appellate court and
little or nothing has been done today
tbe electoral vote but it is said work
will be started In earnest tomorrow
Assistant to United States
Treasurer Resigns by
Specia Request
WASHINGTON. Nov. 22. Gideon
C. Rautz, connected with the treas
ury department for forty years, re
Gi'gned as assistant treasurer of the
United States today at the request of
Secretary MacVeigh. He will be suc
ceeded tomorrow by Christian S.
Pearce. ch'ef of the division of banks,
loans and jKistcl savings. Secretary
MacVelch said the change was made
because Bantz was not in sympathy
with his administrative pol'cles.
Bantz, it Is announced, will be of
fered some oth.-r position "I ves:-o:i-bibility
in the treasury department.
The news of the resignation became
public almost simultaneously with tbc
swearing m or Carmi A. Thompson
as treasurer to succeed Leo McClung.
the announcement of whose retire
ment a tew days ago gave riie to min
ors that th eseoretary and treasurer
were out of sympathy.
All reports of a further upheaval in
the treasury service were bet at rest
by Secretary Macveigh with the state
ment that he contemplated ne moro
End of Murder Trial Not Reached at
SALEM, Mass., Nov. 22: Mori de
lay In bringing to an end tho trial of
Ettor, Giovannlttl and Carsuo for ;he
Loiezzo murder In the I-awiencu
Textile strike seemed certa'.n when
court adjourned tonighL with District
Attorney Atwill's closing argument
not completed. That the cas will
not reach the jury before tomorrow
night is assured, while It Is even pos
sible that Judge Qulnn will not
charge the jury before Mondav.
Normal Conditions are Being Slowly
Restored In Hurrican Swipt
KINGSTON Jamaica, Nov. 22:
Normal conditions are gradually le
inw anroA In th hurrican swent
district of western Jamaica. Railway
communication is resumed, out ieie
graph lines are not repaired.
In tho absence of detailed rei.-ortc,
It is Impossible to state the full dam
age of the hurricane and tidal wave.
Sloan Will Decide Whether Rebel
Leader Shall Be Freed.
PHOENIX, Noo. 22. Judge Sloan,
of the federal court, Issned a writ of
habeas corpus today on behalf of
Emlllo Campa, who is in Jail at Tuc
son, charged with being a fugitive
from Justice return In twenty days.
He will be brought here In a fev
days for the hearing.
i fah m
While No Visible Headway
in Negotiations Is Appar
ent, Yot Europe Thinks
Break Will Heal.
Modification of Preliminaries
Is Promised by Bulgarian
Plenipotentiaries Who Go
to the Front.
LONDON, Nov. 2: Efforts towrnl
peace in the Balkans made no visible
progress today. Exchanges of artlf
llary fire and Infantry recognois
sances. proceeded along the Telia I
talja lines.
Nazlni Pasha, Turkish commander-in-chief
In a dispatch ' to Constanti
nople claims the infantry battle o-.-curred
In the front center of his po
sition and that the Bulgarians left
several thousand dead before the
Turkish outer works. Not .much
ercdlance, however. Is placed In tbl
Elsewhere In the war zone the mil
itary situation Is unchanged.
The Servian rorces are advancing
toward the Adriatic meeting vv'tU
hardships in the barren mountainous
country which is burled In deep snow.
The Bulgarians occupied the im
portant town of Dedraghatch, termin
us or the Salonlkl railway on the
Egean sea.
The Turkish crusler Ilamidieh
came Into port at Constantinople to
day damaged from a Bulgarian 'or
pedo. Larkish claims the Ilamidieh eanK
two of the Bulgarian "fo'rpedo" boat
with which she engaged yesterdsy
but report is not yet confirmed.
Still Expect Peace
Peace negotiations are believed by
diplomats only to have been suspend
ed by reason of Turkey's refusal to
accept the first offer of allies. To
them the Tmkish position appears to
be one of waiting expectantly for an
other end. The best opinion in Lon
don, is that a compromise will be
effected by tbe blllgreuts and that the
powers are using their good offices
behind the scenes with this end in
i iew.
Reports from Sofia say Turkey's
rejection of the preferred terms or
a mlstice occasioned no surprise
there. Three Bulgarians, represent
ing three northern kingdoms have
started for the front with expecia
tlons of meeting the Turkish pea-'O
plenipotentiaries. A cessation of !nrj
tilitles is not necessarily exiected lo
follow the departure of the represent
atives of the allies on this mission
of peace. Whatever basis for an arm
istice may be reached. It Is expected
it will leave in abeyance the amount
of territory Turkey will be permitted
to retain. The compact It is believed,
will include tbe Bulgarians renuncia
tion of intention to enter Constanti
nople. Reports from Vienna announced
that the Albanians will proclaim In
dependence tomorrow at Durazzo
from which place the bervlans are
within five or six days march. Vien
na also reports there will be, a Joint
Italian and Austrian naval demon
stration off that port.
SOFIA, Nov. 22. Three Bulgarian
plenipotentiaries for the negotiation
of an armistice between the allies
and Turkey .departed today for the
Tchatalja forts where they will meet
the Turkish representative. It is ex-
l-ectcd formal negotiations will begin
within 24 hours.
The allies, it is stated, are pre
pared to grant a modification of
terms, and are confident these will
be acceptable to the Turks.
The Bulgarian cabinet has assured
the 'powers that Bulgarian troop
will not enter Constantinople, thus
obviating armed Interference on the
part of Europe.
Red Cross Rally
WASiiTKfiTON. Nov. 22. Disre
garding race and creed In th hou ro'f
distress the Red Cross has stretched
out a helping- hand to Red Crestent.
Ambassador Reckhlll of Constantino
ple cabled the state department to
day th Red rrois relief organiza
tion n fth:tt iiv. under American :-
pervision, not only has supplied Rid
Crescent v tth on-prte outnti ir
several tmnd-M wounded in tho mil
itary hospital at Tashkishla, but ha
equipped a ward In the operating
room and supplied t-urgeons and
nurses, under the supervision oi
Mjlnr Sinclair Ford of the medical
. ti s ttellef work, will be
carred on elsewhere with the assist
ance of the missionaries among the
refugees of Asiatic Turkey.
-iAI 1"

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