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3T 'ME
AS Hffij
Foreman of Coupt-3Road
Gang Is Shot Down ' by'
Cowboy Jeff Adams While
Standing at the Bar. ,
.Tragedy Occurs at Huachuca
Siding and Bystanders;
"'Are,, Endangered
Slaver Is Disarmed.
ucaj siding. Nov ;
la Tombstone) Joe Btuno,
f the aowntv road cane at
Tmrf. tlAO- tt.lt, nl.ivt i . uKnt n..1
- v4 mi. t piutr, nna Euuk aim.
Instantly killed this afternoon about J
-P o'cloekdiy tJabe Adams., a cow boy. '
Tlie bullet pierced Uiuno's head and ,
lie dropped dead in his tracks as ha ,
flood at the bar of a saloon drinking ,
with a friend and waiting for hi
dinner to be brought.
Adams was silting on a chair in
the saloon when DIuno enteied but
no word passed between them. Dluno
was ena-Sf-ed in conversation with a
fr.enu". George McClune. when Adam,
stood up and. drawing his gun. said
with an oa'h, "Now III fix you." and
shot liiuno.
No cause for the killing is known, i
np it is said that the men had not
quarreled before the shooting. (
Bystanders in Danger. ;
Adams made au attempt to draw
lik gun on others In the saloon bu: I
lie wag overpowered and placed un. I
der arrest. New of the ishootlng was
telephoned to Tombstone aud Deputy
Jjpk,das to Tombstone apd placed J
'iiTm in tfie eoHafy jaii. Tfic'cSroifer.
nornx in nune urmeu neie uuu
at thts place held an Inquest early
this evening and fixed the responsibil
ity tor the killing.
Adams is a cowpuncher about 3". ;
ears or age ami is nja-rieo muuo
was abotK the game age aiui lea
a . fe an I fmir -lildru who icside !
at Tombstone. He was foreman or a
county road gang that was working
near here and had corae in to water
Ms r.tock, dropping in at the saloon
to get dinner
The preliminary hearing will
held Monday or Tuesuay
be '
foreman To
inr.i- broadcast the assurance that their
nflAEIA Til AT PI nCLinl policy is to suliordlnate Ithat-
1 1 li H 1 1 Hllll Ml III lliir
. t-i r V:lt:n nf
Men on I rial for Killing at
Lawrence Speak ill Their
,t. rkolf
UWn DCnall
SALEM. Sow 23.--"Jf you think us
guilty of murdering our sister. gi
us death. History will record our
end, we will go to a higher Judgment
seat. Millions of workers' will take
up our flag and labor on when we
drop in the ditch "
That was the closing theme of two
of the most remarkable pleas ever
beard In a courtroom when Joseph
Httor and Arturo Glovannltti, leaders
In the Textile strike of last winter
at I-iwrence. rose today in the pris
oners cage to speak for themselves
and their comrade. Joseph Carusa. ai
cused of the murder of Anna Lopizzo,
who fell a victim to a bullet in a
strike riot last winter District At
torney Atwill had Just denounced both
men. He had spoken the last word I
lor tne commonweaun, charging un
the utterances of Ettor and Glovan- BELGRADE. Nov. 23 The body
nittl to the strikers were treasonable. I of Gen. Fethi Pasha, former Turkish
That they were a menace to tree gov- minister to Belgrade and commander
ernment. agents of mob rule. Destroy- i of the sixth Ottoman army corps, waa
ers of the sovereign state After this ; found among the dead on the -Mon-the
defendants lawyers held a short I astir battle field, it ! Relieved ho
conference with Judge Quinn and !h , committed suicide when the troops
Utter ierinittexl the defendants to j fled In panic, on account of It becom
address the Jury. las Impossible for him to stay the 'n-
Httor spoke llrst, deliberately anJ ' ev liable tide against his native lanil
coolly analyzing the case, declaring
he bad feeen tried not upon his act
bfat npon his views.
Glovannltti followed. Both protest
ed their Innocence. Ettor urged the j
Jary if they found them guilty, glvo
them the death penalty and not shut
them up in prison.
Scores of women wept and eve
men were in tears.
The Jury will be charged Monday.
South Dakota Village Caught
? Prairie Fire is Wiped Out
STURGIS. S. D. Nov. 23. Accord
ing to word received here today the
.entire town of White Owl, about C"
miles from Sturgls was destroyed by
lire yeterdsy. The blaze started as
a prairie fire and many homes in 'he
vlolnlty were also destroyed.
South Africa -Rears
Dedication of Memorial Marked by Impressive tCeremonies
Dedication of
On Tahle. Mountain, near the city
of Cape Town, South Africa. Lor 1
Grey In the presence of a tremendous
crowd recently dedicated the Tein:u'
Monument 'in memon of South Atri-
IZ - 1
Russia' and Austria Are En-
gagCd in Mobilizing 1 TOOps
Alone Borders as If Pre
paring for Wars Advent
LONDON, Nov 23 Interest in the
war situation shifted today from the
belligerents whose delegates are pre- J
l'uiiiiK iu iiirei vsiui mi apparent am- j-
cere desire to work out terms for jj
trace, tn lh prpat nelhlmrinr imu-- t
' ets of Austria and Russia. These ri-1
. i
Uals are strengthening their bornvr
I forces at an hour when the states
men of all powers are spreading
rIs (0 the interests of the common i
Weifare of Euroiw; and In the cause'
of peace. . I
'O threatening (actor in me sltua-
jUon is known whlcn has not exUtPd
i since the beginning of the war unless
' 'l be near the approach of the Ser-
i vian army to the Adriatic and steps
! towards mobilization that may mem
nothing more than mutual distrnst.
I When the crisis Is oxer Iloznla at.d
I No threatening factor in the sltua-
Herzegovina arose Russia and Aus
tria were nearer war than they seem
now. yet the war cloud drifted avay
LONDON. Eng. No. 23. Under
cover In fire the Turkish warships
of the Ottoman column landed In the
Sihir t,ea at Marmora today, thus
threatening the llulgarlan right win,?
at Tchatalja. The Bulgarians attack
ed fiercely, but were compelled to re
tire with great losses.
PRAGUE, .Germany, Nov. 23. The
reservists to five German army troops
were today ordered to report In col
ors Immediately, .according to nevs
dispatches. Indications that that Ger.
many is getting Into line for emergen
cies, which are so apt to arise in
connection with the Balkan-Turkish
AUSTRIA Vlenna?,.Vov. 23: Greit
apprehensions and the increasing
prospect of war w'aV Intensified here
tcday when strict censorship wasj or
dered over all messages, mal and
telegraph was ordered by Austro-Htin
Monument in memory of jjRrodes
Cecil Finitit Mojiument near Cape Tow.n.
,ca - s greatest benefactor-Cecil Rhodf-s
I Thfe speaker delivered a stirring ou
Llogy of the great "empire builder,
whom he declared had done more 'pr
jthe dark continent than an oth;r
Enough Dynamite
to Destroy City
is Found in Hill
Los, Angeles tMan Who Held
Up Police Station Re
veals Hidden Store
23. Carl RledelbactiV the man
who terrorized the Los Ange
les police for two hours Tues
da with sixty sticks of djna
mite In a box was brought
heie today and let the officers
to a cache In Oeclez hill, ten
miles west of here where the
unearthed enough dynamite to
blow up an entire city.
Rledeibach said he stole it
three months ago and "plant
ed" It In the hill.
"The police found it Just
where I said they would, said
Rledeibach They think I'm
crazy, but I aln f
Departure of Salazar from
Port Palomas Is Taken
as Indication
EL PASO. Nov. 23. The rebel
forces under General Inez Salazar,
which a few days ago took the Port
Palomas, on the New-Mexican bound
ary late today evacuated the town
and movd south. Recruited to about
G00 strong the rebels proceeded to
ward Guzaman oa the Mexican North-i
western railroad.
Although General Salazar declared
to United States army officers th' t '
he Intended to move against Casa ! SACRAMENTO. Cat., Nov. 23.
Grandes, It Is believed he will cdtnj Secretary of State Jordan has de
to Juarez, opposite El Paso. cided to wait "until tbe second Mon-
Before leaving the rebels, sent orr day In January, if necessary, the last
the line their wounded and those of day for the California electoral candl
the federals, thirty-one in number, in-. dates to meet In the state capitol. to
eluding Colonel Francisco Correlti. certify the election returns to Cor
who. was the federal commander o' ( ernor Johnson, In the event of con
the town. They will be cared for ft j testg or delays preventing his certifi
iiuraous. .. ji, m arm pnysicnns ,
ana nospjiai corpse- attendants. tlei are outstanding at that time
General Salazar .sent S0p In cur- ,,e w, make a certiHcatIon of Uwse
rency to Major McDonald.f the thlr-, bf , to callfomta. the
,ef.w,h."a,rT- "fioned,J PIom.u. diggraca of a fa,lure be represent
with he explanaUon wUned to' he ', ft? the national e ectoral college
":. I?".? T. . ,J:.e..8.?r mrr
cat attention
to federals 'and reliefs
Crimson Wins Cross Country Cham
pior.jhip from 'Cornell.
ITHACA. N. Y, Nov 23.-
relinquished the Intercollegiate cross
Z?J Z aZd'l:elJl"Z
Captain John PauL Jones of the Cor
nell team was the first man to cross
the tape. Jones won by 150 yards
in 32;291-5. He has taken individual
honors for the last three years.
larvard'ti score Was 32. points;
Cornell was second with 48; .Dart
mouth third with K7.
outti Afrj.
nan tr tody p' men ,4 mouem times.
The ctonil Which had maintained ;he
"silence of the tomb"' throughout the
address. "toU1 Into a deafening ifp
plause after the dedication ettrcises.
Election Muddle in Los An
geles Mav" Reach a Gon
clusion "Since All Parties
Strive to That End.
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 23 -The po
litical muddle in Los Angeles cowity
!s now u three-sided affajr and prob
ably will bo settle Tuesday. Bj
agreement of counsel for all .con
'cerned todnj.' Judge Walter BoruVeli
fixed Toesdaj a, the time he or ?om'
other superior ctmrt Judge will hear
the complaint of the progressives,
filed tojiay. asking a reu.unt of South
Pasadena precinct No. !. Los Angeles
tlty precinct No. TAS.
This agreement of counsel cut
down the tlmP usually necessary in
8'ien proceedings irom twenty days
to 'e-s than three hours, thereby In.
Heating a genuine desire to have a
final decision clenr.ng tbe whole
Following tlie lii'ng of the com
plaint Assistant District Attorner
F'ord filed an answer on behalf of the
si'per Isora and also a demurrer to
the complaint Jeff P Chandler for
the democratic committee, announced
be would associate hlmt.elf as attor
ney with Ford. Joining the latter in
an effort to show that the court had
no Jurisdiction.
If Necersary Secretary of State Will
Walt Until Day Electors Must
Meet to Cer'ify Returns.
ctiott before that uate. If any coun-1
WI.en the secretarv.of states of-
flee closed today returns had been
received from every county of the
state except Los Angeles and Al
LOS ANGELES. Nov. 23: John
Joaquin and James Ballonl, brother.
,w"'" ""L'" V not know
-oney was heir savings of the elgb-
teen years tbe hrothcre have been m
the United States ami Alaska juu
was kept In a suit case in bills and
gold, as the brothers were preparing
to return to Switzerland, when they
discovered the loss.
Tbe two were forced to obtain Jobs
i on a uairy wmcit inc. "uu irwr..t.j
J sold. ,
With Eugene Debs and His
i.Attorney He Is Charged)
liwith :.Inducnm a iWitness'
t artr I aovu tlio'CtifoV I
IN' SUM $1000 EACH
FORT SCOTT. .Nov 23. On federal
Indictment were returned hen1
I against Eugene V. Debs, the'sociall&t
! candidate for president and Fred 1,
IWairen, editor of Appeal to Reason.
the socialist newspaper published nt
Gfnid Kansas und J. 1 oSbeppard,
Warren's attorney. Warfen and
Sheppard were arrested here by l)e
I puty a r. S. marshal.
I The indictment charged "obstrue-
I tlon of justice by inducing witness
les to leave the country."
J Warren and Sheppard were releas
ed on $1000 bonds each.
The offense charged In the Indict
ment Is alleged, to have been commit
ted In connection with the cisa of J
A. Wayland. tjwner of Appeal to
Reason. and city editor Pfifer of thai
1-aper and Fied Warren, were charg
ed In the federal indictment l-sued
last May with the misuse of the mails
inA posting obscene matter concern
ing the federal prison at Leav en
worth. Wayland "committed snifride
recently The attorney for the ot'ier
two men filed a demurer in the fed
eral court at Topeka and Judge l''il
loclc took the case under advise
ment Debs. Wairen and Sheppard wer
cited tor contempt of court three
'months ago by the federal court .it
Topeka on the same charge which
led to todavs arrests They were dis
charged that time by Judge Polloc.
At the hearing in the contempt
case J II. McDouough of Kansas Cltr.
formerly a prisoner in the I.eaven
worth penitential-,, was a govern
ment witness. He testified the de
fendants paid him $;00 to go to Cal
ifornia and not testify In the mis
use of mails case. The defendants
admitted payment of the money put
said it was In discharge of a debt.
The indictment charging misuse of
the, malls resulted frpm the publica
tion of an article criticising condi
tions In tbeJeavenworth jienltent
John Defeats Fli by Score of
20 to 0 and Goal Is Not
in Danger Until
Last Period
The Crimson triumphed
the Bbie on Yale field
Nov 23
today over
when liar
vorri's elvn. taking advantage of
Yale's backfleld errors, made two
touchdowns and two field goals and
rolled up a score of 20 to 0 ocer their
ancient football rivals This victory
carries the football championship
tast.to Cambridge.
Harvard scored a touchdown and
r.eld goal in Loth he nrat and third
periods. The first score came when
Storer recovered the ball wh;h
Wheeler, the Yale quarterback
dropped on belni; tackled and sprint
ed 25 yards to the goal line. Hard
wick kicktd the goal.
A minute late another Yale inuit
gave Brickley his chance to kick the
first field goal.
A fumble by Flynn at the opening
of the third period gave. the bal' to
Harvard, in the scriraage Brickley
dashed eighteen yards for a second
The sami player caught i.iies
forward pass and ran forty-two yard
after a few plavs-he booted the bal.
over the cross bar for l)is second
field goal
- Yale was not a factor in the game,
ex-cept negatively, until the final
vcriod Then the crimson nue
gah to yield to battering, and the
brfe legged players, re nforced by
substitutes- drovffjhe na.ll by line
plunges and wing blft formation Jo
wTthin ettnt yards ot . Hamrb
goat. There Yale became too con
fident of its rushing ability and lost
the ball on downs- A few mimMefs
later Pumpelly, standing on Har
vard't 35 yard line, prepared to at
tempt a field goal when the official
whistle blew and ended the game.
CHICAGO, Nov. 23. Second placo
honors In the "big nine" football
championship race belongs to the
University of Chicago. In one of
the fiercest and most desperately
fought games seen on Marshall field
In years, Chicago won the honors b
by defeating the University of Min
nesota 7 to 0.
Minnesota never had chance to
score. Chicago out-played and
kicked Its foe In every period.
'2TTTZy' '"f'V".
i 15
Hockin Is Charged wjth Being False to AH with Whom
He Has Been Associated and His Bond Is Doubled:
Attorneys Are Threatened with Arm of the Law and
Disavow Acts of Clients While Woman Writer Is Bit
terly Denounced as an Anarchist by District Attorney
and Practically.; Excluled from Court.
lNRANAI'OLlS. Ind. Nov. 29.
B-y-imprisonment of Herbert S. Hock
In, one of the chlet defendants in
default of au increased bond which
was lequired by the court becaiibe
"he bad deceived everyone," the de
nouncing by the District attorney of
a woman writer in the court room as
an "anarchist," and repudation b the
attorney for the defense or some of
the acts of defendants, were among
the sensational incidents at the dyna
mite conspiracy trial today.
Hockin Is declared to have leen u
the employ of detectives soon after
the Los Angeles Times explosfou He
is also accused of having told a wit
ness of overhearing John J. McXa
mara talk to Fresloent Lynch of the
International Typographical I'n'on
about the explosion on the I'aciric
coast. '
. I. S. Senator Kern is among the
counsel for the defense-who disavow
ed an article published by some of
tbe defendants..
The lorrj'-flve men accused b tlw
government of complicity In the Mc
Namara dynamite plots by abetting
for four or ,flve years the Illegal
I ransnortatlon of explosives, sat la
silence when the testimony and ac
tion ot the court brought the unex
pected changes The developments
of the day were.
Events Fellow Fast
Hockin. secretary and treasurer o
the. international aMwiaticn of Bridge
and Structural Jron Workers, ws.
taken to jail because he was unatie
to increase his JlO.ouo bond to $;.
iiUO This wis ordered bj the court
after a witness said he was an em
ploye of a detective and had been
since soon after the I os Angeles
Times explosion, and "was not to ue
trUsted by daj or night by an) oao."
Hockin was successor to J. J. Mc
Namara, the dynamiter, as an omcl.il
of tlniunlon and is regarded as one
of the principal defendants.
Miss Mar) Field, of New York, was
luanded an anarchist "who ought to
be excluded from the courtroom. ' for
certain articles concerning the trial
she had published in
p iiaiou mil-1
AH of tbe oiclais of the anion no-,
on trial, including Ftanh. -M Ryan,
president. J T. Butler, of Buffalo,
vice president: M J .Young of Bos
ton, and P A. Coolcy ot New Orleans
were denounced for publishing what
the court said was au "outrageous
contempt of court."
Attorneys Disavow Act
Judge Anderson stated that as it
was Saturday night he was not in
clined to increase the bonds of 'he
hist named defendants. aud so he
would not act on the motion at .his
No sooner had the court spoken
han Senator Kern and William
Harding, rraonc the attorneys for
the defense, said they had not I'een
consulted about publishing the arti
cle criticizing the trial and the dis
avowed the sentiments expressed in
such article.
Pointing towards the table where
sat the attorneys for the defens
Judge Anderson said he had In mind
certain itersons who represented
themselves to be attorneys, and If
1 learn to-be true the things I have
heard of these attorneys, the arm of
the law shall deal heavily with them.
Concerning Miss Field who has
been present In the court for several
week's, Dlsfrrict Attorney Miller said
she nad 'ife'en seen often In the
company'6'f the defendant Olaf A.
TveRmoe of, San Francisco, "who con
ducted the same sort ot publication
as that In' Which has been puolished i
Miss FleTd's articles." .
Hockin Double Faced j
tanusey j. jewei, now eiigiueei -m
the Panama canal, had testified that
In August 1910. t month before th?
Los Angeles explosion, Hockin hai
been giving information about the
dynamiters and that soon a'er the
explosion there Hockin had worked
directly for William J. Burnt, -he de
tective to whom he descrllied fully
Just who the dynamiters were. That
Hockin, while an official In the un
ion worked for pay In trailing the
dynamiters about' the countn wit'i
Burns four months before any ar
rests were made.
The courts action In Increasing
Hockin's tpnd, in. denouncing certain
defendants' for publishing articles ta
criticism of the trial, came after the
Jury had retired for the day.
An extract from Miss Field- ar
ticle, to which the district attorney
out-preferred to as typical was: "On the
sixth of October these forty-five d-
i'" '. WT ""rv-i vvJITiriMrarrry''i-T'
.feudsnts walked into court and plead.
ed not guilty to the charges of tho
Steel trust. Then began the farce n
a trial, a trial In which money
inestk-e and power was the persecu
tor of want and obscurity. A. trial
In which the Steel trust masquerad
ed as the government."
A magazine published this a few
days ago and it was circulated In the
Asks Bond Increases
' In v lew of Jewell's testimony
about Hockin and what has happen
ed here today r wish to aak the court
to Increase to $20,000 not only he
bonds of Hockin. but ot all tbe 3th
er defendants who are memlers ot
the union's execut've- board " satd
District Attornev miller, after iho
Jur tetited. 'i don't caie now to
say what 1 am led to believe tbe de
fendant of Hockin intends to do, but
1 think it Is in the Interest or Jus
tice that heavier bonds should be re
quired. "It appears from tho articles crit
icizing this trial, which 1 read ftom
a union magazine this morning that
there is an anarchist in the court
room who has been meddlipg with,
these defendants."
"To whom do you raft" 'askod
Judge Anderson. ' "
I refer to Miss Mary Field and
I auk thatshr he eoludel.X'(3ni the
court room hereafter, she has oeeil
seen mingling with the defendants
and talking with them In many plac
es which put: her in contempt of
court "
Court Gives Expiesslon
Judge Anderson said- "1 did not tu
tend to take any notice of the ar
ticles read to tho Jury, but since they
haw been referred to 1 will say I
have never beard of such outrageous
contempt of court If any member of
the bar here present has given Ills
s-.net Ion to that publication, he Is In
contempt I want It known that tiils
trial is being conducted with absolute
fairness and no evidence Is Introduc
ed that is not in accord with the law.
i These men will get a fair trial. 1 am
(ietermintd that no innocent man
ifcall fce eonviited and no guilty one
escape the consequences of his acts.
'As for that woman, 1 hope she will
not appear in this tou.'t room again.
You notice I sa that 1 hope she will
not appear here again.
'1 will increase Hockin's bond. Jfe
has betrayed every pen-on with whom
he had to deal, but as it Is Saturday
1 will not consider increasing tho
lionds of the others. Hockin will bo
taken Into custody."
Sensation5 are Continuous
Several of the attorneys for tho
defense then disavowed Miss Field"
Hockin said It was printed without
hardly being read by the officers.
Hockin said he was unable to fur
nish a bond but thought he could on
Jewel was formerb connected with
a steel construction firm of Pittsburg".
He said on the stand that he testi
fied because he "had to."
District Attorney Miller stated It
was necessary that steps be taken,
through the state deparment to In
duce Jewel to appear.
Jewel testified that in the summer
of 1910, before the lx)s Angeles ex
plosion, Hockin came to his office in
Pittsburg and offered Information
about nltro glycerine bidden in an
old copper shop near Rochester, Pa.
be said. Hockin toid him aboHt tho
explosions planned and that Jams
11. blew up the Times.
Football Scores
Harvard 20, Yale 0
Navy 30; New York fntverslt) 0.
Army 23, Syracuse
Chicago 7, Minnesota G.
Cari:slo :.a Y C A. College 21.
Dickinson 0: bwarthmore 0.
Purdue 21; Indiana 7.
Kansas 12. Mfesojiri i. ,
Wisconsin 2S, lown IS;
4mes S3; Drake 2.
Northwestern ; IHlnots 0. "
Nebraska 11; Oklahoma ,
Colorado Mines 31; Cplorndo (Jol-
le . '"" s. '
Nebraska Norma! 42; Wyoming 26.
Montana 36; GemtapR 7? w 'fi
Santo Clara 19; University ot
Nevada 3, ,, ... ;'.
THO&on lt; lltsbge 7. t f sp.
i f

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