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Bisbee daily review. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1901-1971, November 24, 1912, SECTION ONE, Image 2

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ri,r-AiLy. 5" .W
WWyiWPxrawraimw xwi'Hnn wi w ww yajv yw r ' i u n1 i'i 'inwwWffiM v w Tii .iiwitiiiwpwyK;
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Nvy imwwwMl'wwiiWi
Misses' and Girls' Aviation Caps $150 rfi
Z Women's Flannelette Gowns $ I25 "$!
rfcwft, swf tr bea fccarclty of the knitted Aviation Caps for Oirla and Misses, but our east
em nrcenuit6s were fortunate In locating a large lot and to clote out the entire line
'hf iniker offered us especially favorable prire inOureninti They're hero ready for jour
Inspection tomorrow rooming. Colors gray, any, cara.nal. white and corablna'ion effects
Choice for tle
N'ow thft the nights are getting quite chill), firmer Sleeping garments ae nlrasst a uecessl
i An iufspcrnou of our splendid stocks of Opting Flannel Gowns, and a glance at the mod
es prices will convince the uiot economical woman that 'ie can buy thera ready-made
fhraper than sue can make them at home Hide of best quality materlar in plain colors and
striped patterns Priced at $1 25 and $1 50.
The "Store lhat Gives Greater Value
A Sale of Street
Frocks and Evening Dresses at Prices That nWill
t. ,
i i
i i
I -
1 ii
Reduce Our Superb Stock to the Lowest Limit The Excellent Styles and
Quality , of Materials Present an Unrivaled Saving Opportunity to Buyers
I? -m -- -
PivGQro That HQVe Sfc up to Now (t1f95 I Plivsyoosyc Tnat Were Formerly Priced 1 Q45
Urebbeh for. $1850 an(J $90 Special 91Hf UTeSSeS at 2R and &21 Serial tPlO
-i t..
The arr not ordinary Dresses in any rone or the word as you will sec, for ourelf t"u
moment vo.t grauce at the assortment But. tho are beautifully fashioned of Serge, Whl
em. oeHenuee. Corduroy and Velvet in the seasons most favored styles, every wanted
eoloc rne4e4 They are not simply breadths ot goods -ewed together. They are ver
Makle Itnl creations to gl&dden the heart. of anv woman whore wardrobe requires a smart
tailored frock Regular $lS.3o and ?20 vnlues for SU.93
Here's on offer that cannot fall tc Intoiest anv woman who stands In need ot a Charming
Hventng Gqwn, or a correct stylUh Street Ftick rl.c assortment includes the most desir
able fabrics andtcolors. Soft cllnelug Satin Oiarmetffce, Merfsaline. Chiffon and Net in sim
ple and elaborate styles for evening wear And others of strong, sturdy ail wool Serj,e,
Whipcord, Aeoiicnnrs and Velvet in., graceful una becoming styles fpr street wear The ot
ter Includes every dress now in stock marked to sell for $23 and $27 0 Choice for f 1S.45
Beautiful Tailored Suits For Women
Representing Values Infinitely Superior to Any Suits Here-to-fore
offered at Such Modest Prices Strictly High Classm Garments fk
SPITS NOT VPI.n FOR THEIR DIFFER KNCE- Not like the models timt usually sell for such modest nriees. A patt.calarly appropriate etfenng for this' Z-Sa
waon of
offering w
biirely put ou In a thankful mood
A STYLISH WINTER SUIT is of the least consequence to jou. this three-priced
Yon rouidn t isk .or a better assortment at
twice thW prire alue-. that are slmplj ainaz
IpK .nd laiii.ot fail to attract a host of well
divssed women anxious to economize without t.ac
rilieing euher otyle or (Jualltj And the wo
rasn bose 1 mit it, 2". for a Tailored Suit will
find it a pleasure to select from this handsome
Hto is an offer typical of the highest ossIbIe or
dr of economj Strictly Man-Tallored Suits that
are the pprscnihcatlor of Stle Perfection united
with a Quality which admits of no doubt or ques
tion Tnere is practically no Iin.it to our choice
of modish materials and fashionable colors A
gathering that Knoi no equal in Bisbee Choice
to $850
Mid- Season
Street and-
Dress Hdts
Regular Values
The majoritj of these are effective and becoming tailored
styles so desirable for general wear, shown in all the
modhh CMUerials of the season. Values that ate seit
eihfest when you catch a llrait ot the chc effects In
duileHl at this spwlal price Shown In a full line or the
swson's favored colors and black. Regular $t.Slt to
S.o values for $115
Trimmed Hats
Smart Styles
Regular Values to $1250
See the "1 ep Tnrbsns, th smart" Mushroom and Large
Dress hats in all new colors and bine k Great values that
arc to win triumph for a department that has alreadv
retn pilfer amen? tne bi-st milliner sliops in tn sotitu ,
west Fverv woman can find an Individual ttinrifl m Jier '
taste in this large gathering of prettv Fall and W Inter
Millinerv and the saving is well worth while Choice
of iM) and $12 V hats for $' 45.
The Mnnriest. snappiest si)ts ou ever saw offered
for lefes tLan $"0, Newness is t'leir kejnolr, new
ness of tlie stjle, of the weave, of the fabric.
They re far an av.aj ahead of any suits we've
previoutdy shown t anywhere near this price as.
nn inspection will convincing! prove. Garments
notable for their diferenc! Suprjome values at $35.
Sale of Fall and Winter Millinery
f J7V; C.7 :
Pattern Hats Spec.
Worth Regularly $15 and $1850
We ask von to come in in-' trv on these prettv hats that are of
fcred tomorrow at j'Si Evcr Iiat can he seen at a good ad van
Uige Irv on these hats and admire them if vou wish criticise
Uiem If von will Stud their value and go elsewhere if you da-s're-
hut we know yen win come back, and we know ou will
buv at The talr aim be tull satistleJ Ther" is not a singlo mod
ish effect bioght out this season that canno be found here Hats
that pobse'.s manv charmtng touches of originality that are qidck
1 noteu and admired, worth regularl) $10 to $18 "i0 -Choice for
$9 95
$&ttr&Vi '1
xtKzsit-j'jri i
sm fa f VlaHfi
lilt V V ViB,!
I -1 l I ""
l i '
41 ml
5 '! PikS
I w
d a 9 8
An Offer of Silk Fetticoats
Representing Remarkable Vol.
COMPARE THl.bC SILK I NDURfeKIRTS with thest advcrtltcd elsewhere a' JG .0 to $1 50
51 PERIOR to them all in quality Yet our prce is onl $-155 Each one is a beauty They r
made of splendid qoalltj sou, clinging Mescaline, the color rane includes plenty of black and
every watitel new shade Hy far the best val'je we over had Dout miss buying vour netticoat
I Monday I
.i i .
W& aiLored fl1 50
made of pure white linen, with
tucked front and back, laundered
i? collars and cuffo Especially adapt-
ed for wear wttij 'tailored Cloth
Suits. These are clean, new and
fresh. , Vn' exceptional value at
StfrQ each.
Embroidered (t'i 50
Waists at -R3"
what we anhesitaynalj' -claim to
be the linest and, hest assortment
of fancy liner waistc we hav
ever sholn"at a modest price.
Madfe of a fine quality pure lineu,
wifh beautifully hand-embtoidered
Messaline djEjOO
Waists at pD
a display of silk waists that fot
variety of style and beauty of de
sign we have never before equaled
Tailored and trimmed effects.
wome are made with the new- Ro
bespiere collar Unusual values at
15 and $6 50
Waists at
Exquisite models of Chiffon, Lace
and Net, in blark, white and best
evening Bhades. Some are em
broidered, others trimmed with
brilliant shades of tatin plpTng
and fancy buttons to mntch., high
necks, new effects in collars
Long sleeves. Pretty models a?
low as $G50 Other; exclusive and
or.gma! styles at $7 50 and $10
Largest Most Complete and
Most Comprehensive Stock of Costs in
Bisbee and Surely Biggest Values
Smart Long Coats at $gQ
Our Lendo in the f oat department tor Monday is a wonderful collection
priced it lb o There is a vanetj of stIes including every model.
materia1 and slw or could possibly desire, everything, in fact, that
you wou.d demand in such a garment Coats that represent the maxi
mum of stvle and quality at a moderate prco CIv.ice $18 50
Handsome Coats at
Handsome Hlark Pluth Coats that have met with such universal pop
ularity this season larcc collar., deep cuffs, lined throughout with
Skinners Satin in bright, dazzling colors others of Cheviots, Tweeds
and Boucles In nolby mixtures and diagonal patterns The low price is
no indication of their value Clio ce for $29 3u
' feSA
ysv-'s; i: - !
7frSHKtf5- T1 v
. Mm VU
ma i m
"7 li rop
Wi t i 'V
N P fa5
ll S-l
Til H U
' rE ' ?
Wool Dress Goods Like These dt Such . Low Prices Should Keep Scissors
Flashing Through Folds of Fabrics All Day Monday This Offer Concerns the Seasons Newest Materials
llfS 54-inch Broadcloth CA
J9Sfflf 75c Quality For ot?c
&ffi$$& iS&ii&Zw brown, navy, grav- and cardinal, 75"
WWEt! quality speciallj priced for th's sals
Wy.'S'H at 60e a Brd
iras3ftil 38-inch Suitings Ttfr
m$S&&MEM 65c Quality For OXJC
This remarkable sale of Wool Drass Goods shows up an immense collection of splendid,
stvlish weaves, hich are in every way desirable, but the early season's business reduced
to parts of bolts and short lengths. No very great amount of any one kind but, suffi
cient yardage that assures no disappointment for those who respond to this announcement.
And so, to let you have them for as little as possible, while vet you have plenty of time
in which to use them, we offer the entire collection at special prices- averaging a FOURTH
to a THIRD less than their true value. A sale of Dress floods that -is simply beyond
newsDaner description. You must see and handle the goods to appreciate their goodness
in handsome new gray and brown
mixtures, regular t5c quality for 30c
a yard
54-inch Suitings
$1.25 Quality Foi
FANCY SUITINGS, all wool 5
iuches wide, In rich new mixtures.
tvo-toned effects and stripes $1,
quality for $100 a yard
52-inch Whipcord
$2.00 Quality For
WHIPCORDS, 52-Inchcs wide, n plain
colors brown, navy, gray, black, cream
and Xwo-toqea effects, $2 quality for
SI 70 a yard.
40-in. Storm Serge Q f
$1.00 Quality For OUC
STORM SERGE. i,irictl aij wooi. in
cream black, navy cardinal, leather
and gray. 40-inehe wide, $3 quality
at 80c a yard
38-in. Storm Serge ?f
75c Quality For'PVC
STORM SERGE, sH-wool, Mcbef
wide, in a wide range of thig season a
most avored colois, 7c quality at
nOc a yard.
and beauty.
36-in. Wool Plaids
75c Quality For
NpVKLTY PLAIDS or all wool an:
silk mixed yarns, n pretty new color
corrlJinatJonti JCiacht wide 75c
quality at GOc a yard
32-Inch Mohairs
30c Quality For
COTTON' MQHAIUS, 32 inches wide,
in new striped and . heck.-d it
terns and plain caters, 30c quality for
20c a yard
Eden Flannels
20c Quality For
EDttX FLANNELS, iOIncncs wldej
especial! desirable for sbrlwalstsj
ip piaic colors and pin stripes, 20c
qiaillty at 15c a yard.
25c Robe Land
Fleeces For
ROPE LAND Fleece. 2S Inches wide,
in conventional. Sower and large fig
tire designs, adapted for bath robes.
25c quality ior 20c a yard.
20c Duckling -I e
Fleeces For C
JDCCKLING Fleece, 2&-inchos wide, in
pretty, Persian, flower, figure and
dotted liatterns, for kimonos and
'house nogilgees.
12 l-2c Outing "jyn
Flannels For
SHOliT LENGTHS of Outing Flan
rels In light, medium and dark col
ors, regular 12 &e quality, special at
7o Cyard
(Black Taffeta Silk and Messa-
line Regular $lzs Quality Special
SOFT, LUSTROUS fabrics aie the reason' vogue Never was there a greater demand
for them or less reason to expect to find thn. underpriced Yet we have assembled a
coBwderaMe stock of TJ!aic TaTeta Silk ana Rlaek Messallne Satin for tomorrow's sell
ing md or it at a prk& much )elow its trae alue. Qualities and weaves suitable for
dress, Wrtte as linings, toll 3fi-inches wide The silks regularly self -for "$1.25 a
yard, and good value at that, too, Specially priced for Mondi-y t 9c
50c Shantung Silk &ale Price 3Sg
8KAN"ItTNG SILK,- in sott ne'w shades of blue ai.d tan that -are to much in ev idefrce
3 promise to be in supreme demand this season 4n especially desirable sik for
Site, Coats ami Street Frocks Women W,0 i,osBess the most critical' tastes will find
i laaft with the quality of this silk, 27lnci, wide, worth regularly 5c a yarti, sale
W!. 0g&Mm,f ' v .t J
ei'TbO d?1Q50 J COAOO
pjL, piO ciOU tyf
We Have Made Every Effort That These Suits
Should be the Best in Town at the 'Pricey
VjuJif you care to know how well we have zuureeded. we sSget that jo wake it
i!WiAitv.t0yJit ,?iijhe FsiJiKj .Me's jDstferimjnt. THfe ifnea we teieftod
filzl' $ueko and $2Wj,fe bJ.eL arc heitflr aWUIty than ean be hail
In anv
ottier .jsWre In tbeSotawe&t,.in focL v4o Iatn wertorIU in orery.rel)eet.
two nSnutes lookWjrlat'tlfeae sitor looWn Jn the fnrior at ytotinndf In-
side of one vv ill Io more to make you uudfersfcnd "their
l. T HI? f m
t!l ?H
wc can say
your verdlet
s(Hertortty thou anrthtng
They are ready for your InsnectfiJui arfd v aj wffllwjc t mifg fcr
Men's Flannel Shirt $J5o
Yojr'rc going to need these good, heavy, vvarra flannel
bhfns sooner or later, and now's the time to choose while
there's a full range of sizes; colors ravy, brown and'
pray, fHli obL well made garments, extremely good value
at $1 5o each.
Men's Underwear Suits JjJJ00
M4' heavv derbj ribbed Cotton Underwear, In brown
ami cream colors, navy weight, we recommend it to the
man who fceU that balUrlggan is too l.ght for the present
degree ot temperature $1 00 a suit.
Men's W00l 'Sweaters $35
T$ mornlns? and evenings arc gettlmr quite cool; no.'
You'd hetUr protest. your health with one of these Sweat
arCwil. Ihev'Ti fill the nil! and kill th ehlll. Mad at
abotti all-wool ynrn of splendid quality, in plain coi-
nnfl white, all sizes, extremely gpd
-. jMd&&.
-. V mnmm''rimmtm'''t fim
MMNm -
9 .M..,lfl miim0i0timmtw4j0i0frvi$jlm
HiMM' I 3IWI T '"'wj " "" .2r(, B,-vwftfw.u-?uf h -"r SfRMtyaia -M fc - "innlr" WWIKirTiiQiCT-!-' "" "If T JH illBWphlJtjiTttMii-iijjfii i"''l' '.i I'lOnlfi-i I li i 1 I lill """.. I. '.," ".. .I'JJ .1 '" " ' '' "' ' " t-fn'Ll'",',--,-

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