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. aRIZ, UHIV, LIB. DEC I 1912
V0LU3IE 15.
..m. w- , - -!'.;-wp5ig. . V-'tyP ;
4 0, v Vi . TT V "W1 "r if " t "s (fWHaak l J'" -JJI'PJWl
i "7F& M. &
ffe j; ,"t " "-?,'
V"3L NUMBER 178.
i Uses Position to
Gives $150,000 in
Aid of Cause
International Joint Waterways Commission) Investigate
Enforce Loans
Pollution of Waters Between United States and Carmda
of Brother BiW
Charles Taft Gives Almost j
One-Sixth of Republican
Today May See Armistice
Butfjfurth'er Delays Are
Occasioned bv the Greeks
Who Hang Back.
I!! P WX
U. i . I.1LUULU
Germany Will Support Aus-I
tria Hungary in Conten-'
tion with Servia. Spirit of
Conciliation Displayed.
LONDON, Dec 2. Dr. Von Betc-mann-HolIweg's
declaration that the
solidailty or the triple alliance, which
It is rejiorted, has ust been renewed
for another term of years, and the
announcement of German) 's determin
ation to uphold Turkey In an econom
ic Hense aie likely to intluence tlio
delegates of all countries concerned
to discuss peace conditions in iie
spiiit of moderation alread) shown in
the armistice negotiations.
According to the Greek minister at
Paris, Greece opposes the proiHJal
that the besieged garrisons te pro'
listened during the armistice No
ciouut ealousy exists between Greece,
and Bulgaria. Greece asserts the
Gieek fleot played the Important role
of the war esiiecmll) in preventing
Turkey moving troops Ly sea and
that, without her naval assistance, :be
fiVnf,S? f. 'chiecd, "ch a
inlliant sift-cese. The race Letwet-n
the Greeks and Bulgarians for octru
lane) of Salunlkl and the incidents
loIlwiitK thte. incieaied the ill i-el
uig. The Oreekh now consider their
interests are being sacrificed in tiip
peace negotiations.
It is u?cpeclel an armlhtlce pro
twI Jfiill he signed so.nolime tomor
row. vbt It is possIWo it will L
fi.rther delayed.
Eelief in Sofia Is That Terms Will
Be Agreed Upon by Tonight.
SOFIA, Dee. 2. The pleulpotcnti.
tries held a meeting at "i o'clock this
afternoon at llai?hte, but it is con
sidered doubtful whether any definite
conclusion regarding the armistice
will be reached before Tuesday night
or Wednesday.
An important point of the armistice
lias been settled, such as the reten
t on of the respective armies posi
tions as now occupied. I
The question of the Bulgarians us I
ing tile Adrlanople railna), it is as- '
sorted: will probably not be dropped j
:is will the Turkish counter demauu
for permission to send food to the ,
5,arrIfon there. Th;s is regarded as
utterly impossible. The Adrianople '
railway is now less indispensiblc to j
Bulgaria, because of the great sup-
plies or wheat that have been dUcov-1
ered in Dcdeaghatch w ith a mill ci-;
lacity jit many tons of floor daily ,
which can be sent by the rallwaj dl j
Teel to the troops in Tchataija.
The third clause or the protocol, re
lating to the blockade of ports on the
Black and Aegean seas is not consid
ered vitally important and probably
will give rise to no contention.
W uld Blame Greeks.
If further delay occurs in the com
pjel'on of the armistice it is felt here,
the blame rests wit hth0 Greeks, who
fur seme Inscrutable reason wish to
continue the war while Bulgaria. Ser
via fend Montenegro favor peace and
Turkey is Relieved to be actuated by
tht same desire. According to re
liable Information received here. Great
Ur.taln and Kussia, as well as Ger-ir-any,
have counselled Turkey to
wake peace and it is expected nego-
tfartlens to this Pnd will begin short-!
ly at Sofia. The Turks propose to
held a peace conference at Brussels
and the Greeks aHftgestPd Constanta-
softie. bt all the other allies favor
the IlHlnnrUm eajrital.
King Ferdinand, accompanied by
his mlBlster of nnee, ha left So
Ha for Tchelja and this is regarded
a a potlve indication the armistice
is at the point of completion.
armistice has not yet been signed.
Ttie Greek, plenipotentiary Is tlH
awaiting instructions from his gov
ernment. It is believed In Constan
tinople that peace negotiations will
tfce ptoee In netral territory.
VIENNA. Dec. 2. According to the
Itsfehfxt Russia has concentratea
haH" a million troops behind tho girdle
of Polish fortresses. All Polish regi
ments have been sent cither to the
hiUrJer en to the Caucasus.
KefHyJng to a newspaper Inquiry
as to whether the Egyptian prinee.
Ahmed, would be found to be an ac
coftalile candidate for the throne of
r i ft i t tw a i - r
I Charles H. Hyde.
enuFRNMFT mm
niinrtinr m ninr
Hive Hundred and Forty
ninth Witness Is Examined
and Defense Is Given Its
Inning in Dvnamite Trial.
INDlANAPOIJfS. Dec 2 Argument
that those who alread) have confessej
caused alone the illegal transjtorta
tion of explosives on passenger trains
to blow- up non-union iou und steel
jobs, were advanced in the examina
tion of the "djnamlte conspiracy '
trial of John II. Itfln. president of
the International association of Bridge
- J C. ....! 1 Ilfn..u A .
tnis tegtinl0ny, lts ;49h wUness. ,be
L... . . tu - ....
governmeut closed the case, and on
its own motion had four of the fortv
five defendants dismissed on the
ground that the charges against them
had not-been sustained.
Before, tufting the stand as the flrnt
witness for the detente v t n -n
announced the resignation of Herbert
S Hoc kin as secretaiy and treaem
er of the union.
Defendants dismissed were W II.
Ifcnson. East Galloway, iN. Y., form
er president of the Detroit federation
of labor. Milton H Davis. West
Chester, Ia., ormer member of tne
executive board of the International
Association of Iron Workers, Spur
geon P. Meadow 8, Indianapolis, bus
iness agent of the local Council i'f
Brotherhood Carpenters and Joinei's,
and John R. Carroll. Syracuse. N. Y
a former official of the Iron Work
ers. The government said the relearc
of these would not affect the merits
ol the remaining rases
Famous Diva Given Ovation
Upon Her Arrival
in Chicago
CHICAGO, Dec. ,2. Mme Sarah
Bernhardt, who began an American
vaudeville tour here today, was es
corted from the railroad station to
her hotel by a squcd of mounted po
lice on arrival. A procession of au
tomobiles lollowcd the noted actress
to her hotel.
iNEW YORK, Dec. 2 Copper qiet.
17 10 to IT SO Exports last month
19.H0 tons. I-omlon copper easy .
Albania, Ismail Kemal Bey. the Al
bania leader, said that after the for-
election for a head to te state would
be held n accordance with the wishes
! of the people Eligible candidates
j will be either tribal princes or slm
, Pie citizens of Albanian origin.
BERLIN, Dec. 2. Germany stands
firmly with Austria-Hungary In te
conflict that has arisen between that
country and Servl.1 or for that mat
ter, any conflict that may be forced
upon the dual monarchy.
In a speech today in the Retchstag,
Imperial Chancellor Dr. Von Beth
marmhollweg, made a declaration,
which Is taken to mean a warning to
Russia, although Russia is not named.
AH party leaders except the social
ists, expressed approval of the gov
crnment's position.
AVALOK, European Turkey, Dec. 2.
Independent Albania can depend up
on unstinted sympathy and the moral
support of both Italy' and Austia
Hungary, according to assurance glv
n Ismail Kemal Bey. the Albanian
leader by the consuls of thoae. two
powers, speaKing on ue".u u. i"i.
respective governments.
Charles I. Talt of Cincinnati; ,
Ii -other of the hresldent Iqd !
the contributions to the reiwu-
I lean campaign lund with $15t-
000. aceordinr to the Ilnrii
statement of tht republican ,
national committee filed wllk I
the clerk of the hottse todajg ,
Total contributions receive- '
reached iJ04,S8. Rxperidltures
were $900,163 for speakers, sal-; (
arles, advertising, rent and otu-
er purposes. Including $7."i.0nt o
to the American association St o
foreisn newsiapers.
Cit' Ticket A"ent at Tu(
PASO. Dec 2. (Special) An
hi Pasoan, E. G. Mustaln. w ill be the
division freight and passenger agent
of the El Paso & Southwestern rail
way's new offices In Tucson The aii
polntment will he In effert with the
yearlings bought in at $12 per hun
sion of road service Into rucson will
bo ready for traffic at that time Mr
Mustaln is traveling agent for the
Southwestern, and has been connected
with this railway s)stera for six yea-s
The new- office will be outfitted sini
liar to the fc.1 Paso offices, with ma
hogany furniture.
John II. G.'ayson, the ticket agent
at Bit-bee, has been appointed cit
ascnt for the new office at Tccson
The successors to these two mea have
not )et been appointed Grayson was
lorraerly in the G H. city office In
El Paho
Official Figures Compiled
Last Night Give T. R.
20,488 Over Wilson
IX)S ANGEl.ES, Dec 2. Roosevelt's
pluralit) over Wilson in Los Angelas
county Is 20.4S8
The official canvass, after numerous
interruptions because of court orders
and delays due to controversies of t'je
board of supervisors and watchers
of both parties attending the canvai.s.
was completed tonight It gave the
following totals
Roosevelt (Wallace! T3.59S, Wilson
iGnfiini ".." ll
Ratlier Than Injure Smaller!
Children Hero Turns
Sled into Culvert
SAI..T IAKE CITY. Dec. 2. Rath
er than Injure and perhaps kill some
smaller bos who were In the path ot
his sled, Allen Rosslyn. aged firtejn
chose death lor himself today, lie
was coasting down steep hill In tne
city and finding no other way to avoid
a collision, he turned his sled sharply
into a water culvert and sustained in
ternal Injuries from which h died
soon after
Matter of Patents on Arizona
Mineral Lands Is Taken
to Highest Official
WASHINGTON, Dec. President
Taft late today granted a hearing of
the White House to Hoval A. Smith ot
Arizona, to whom the Interior depart
ment recently refused patents on min
eral lands In that state.
According to Secretary Fisher, the
case hinged upon the Interpretation
of department regulations.
Fate of Accused Hangs on Delibera
tions of Talesmen
FORT WORTH. Tex. Dec. 2.
The fate of John Beal Sneed, the
banker, accased of the murder of A.
G. Boyce sr, a wealthy ranahman,
rests tonlsht with the jury.
At 9 o'cloek the Jury was .locked
up or tho night. -
-r-vj - P pjjDTL DV ;.i
4 ''iW MJ Suoreme Court Dccslon Is r; I
Sm?W&ammSM of Widt lmporrce ,o-' -;t '
" Jiff Pfef MMM?-"f ' . Stops AmaIgamions. . ,
fitSS'WtowSPMB Force CmoLo.butCa'" '! J
w'fflPt 'WIW Prevent Stringulatlon. "i '( .
... .. .... ..., . .... y.lew , trancing, lot to rignt. n. A rcwen. C A. Ma9ritn aua . h
urt.er. w,tt na. i-ft to rlclt: F. s. Stricter, Jamt. A. fawnty anu I. C. Csscram.
Intornatlea4 OBMmiss.OB oc Wa-1 They will be accompanied bv expert thur Fort Wllitam nd nnlufh na
tcrways. eoiHfcpuiid af thteAnier!can
and three CMa4tu meoiler which
has been hokjfag lesions in Washinc ,
ton. will shortly make a personal ,n
sje?tion of the boundary waters be
tween Canada and the I'nited States
which art' LH.'.ed to be .tOilutod
Work of Winding Up the Old
nminnrnn nnyurisrn
S 8 BrrfHpS ni i 8 1 JlHfr" Stlr'H
niinriT nrnnmii nTam
in K Hhh S UK is
U liUIl! ULUU U 1 I J mi!
Clcarinls the Decks for t'he Democratic
- ,I'Srw--,t1-t ,?,
Tion is lynuenaKen. lai
Appropriation Bills and A
tion Will Be Attempted.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2. The son-.
ate and Itotae settled ,dowa to work
today tor the hleh pressure session
.w i a . -w. a
. .- w .r. .
Speaker Clark welldlng tae omWera ,
order with ever Increasing force and j
succeeded In breaking two gavels be
fore he brought the enthusiastic mem
bers throsgb the hour and ten min
utes business
The session In both houses served
to complete the preliminary work of
the organization and left congress
ready tor legislative business tomor
row. The senate depressed bv the r-
cent death of Vi- President Sher-
ittaii. ami oe.iitiors riwuasa aim b.-
Hcr, was ia session only twenty-:? o
minutes. Both bouses adourned as
scon as the preliminaries of organi
zation were concluded, oat of respect
to officers and members who had died
el nee tho adjournment last August
The house will convene at noon to
morrow. HoU call of the houses showed sixty-six
senators present out of a mem
bership of ninety-three, and 27a rep
resentatives oat of a tnerfifcersalp of
391 There are three vacancies 'n
each branch.
WASHINGTON. Dec 2 The third
serskm of the ?nd Congress began at
roon tottay under circumstances of un
usual interest. It comes together after
a political upheaval of far reaching
extent wh ch wHl soon transfer all the
executive and leetslative branchefi of
jlhe federal government to democratic
While the present session Is merely
the expiring stage of a congress soon
to go out of existence and to be su-
ik reeded In political control and pol
icy alter March. A, yet today's soeWons
in the senate and homo together for
lirst time since the neeeat over
turning these leaders and elements of
the various faces and figure are again
n e. ideate today, although some of
'Inns, like Vx Speaker Cannors. will
Soen pass off the congressional stage
whilo others, like Speaker Clark and
Chafrman Underwood, have had their
tenures renewed and strengthened.
Wind Up Old Regime
As a whole, however, tho dominant
note as both branches of congress as
semble Je the new conditions, new pol
icies and new mon have been nsh
cred in as a rasult of the recent eler
tion and that about the only function
of the cresent- short session, lasting
) until March -L fa to pass annual sup
ply bills and wind up tne remains ot
the old regime.
In the senate. Vice President Sher
man, has been removed by death from
The boundary waters ro be Investi- .
gated include the Rainy river. St. !
Alary's river Luke St CJalr, DotroK'and Port Ilwau, the take IB thevlela.
r.ver Niagara river St. Ijiwrence riv
er following these latter Into Can
adian 'uTiton -is tar as ma) be nec
essary The investigation also Include
tl-p water n the vielnlty of Port Ar-
3 3
Republican Regime and
. Tl
V. ' -', ,-v T-A- - &
uc 'oevona -tne massage ot
bsolutelv Necessary Legisla
too presiding officer's chair, which !
1 wf I be filled temporarily by Senators '
llacon of Georgia, and GaU.nser ol !
!.. ti o ,. " I
" " T, , V c "f . rvpau-
Mean conrrnt nf .h n.t !.i, -,',. 1
50 votes as against the present demo-
cratlc strength of about 42 will con-1
" " v. niu, r ava c&ftwui i
'"V , uul" "rrea. . mla?nSa 'J'13 n.
trol Is eondlUoned larsel) by the pres-
onco of two elements, regular and pro-'
gresve In the republican total of r.0
Pcnator Heyburn of Idaho and Rayner I
. -m!m, u.e uieu since uie last
session closed, but In other aspects
the personnel continues unchanged
until Slarch 4.
In the hopee Speaker Clark and the.
various chairmen or tho two preceding
sessions, continue to diree affairs. '
with a total Democratic vote of 230,
giving a democratic majority of about
Last Appearance of Many
Tho nersonal aspect was very pro
nounced as the session began today.
the air of democratic victory pervad
ing the capltol identified with affairs
of congress for many years and who
have shared politics and legislation,
faced their last three months or ser
vice as the session opened
In tUs notable company w-ere the
desns of house and senate 'Tncle
Joe" Gannon, former speaker, and cen
ter of many turbulent sessions of the
hosse and Senator Shelb) -II CuHom.
for tlfirty years a seftntor'from Illi
nois, a personal friend, and contem
porary of Lincoln, and who was
efoeted to his first term In the na
tional Bouse of representatives in
Hoth Cannon and Cullom came back
for the winter's work the victims of
political defeat. Senator Joseph W.
Halter of Texas, low? a domecia&c
leader In debatcV came with the volun
tary announcement of his retirement;
Representative Cox of Ohio and Sal
ter of New York bronght into the
legislative halls tho titles of governor
elect, respectively, of Ohio and Now
Senator Crane or Massachusetts,
long regarded as the republican
whf-p" of tho senate; who also re
tired voluntarily; Senators Botirno of
Orefton. Guggenholm of Colorado. Wet
niois; of Rhode Island. Curtis of Kan
sas. Paynter of Kentucky Gable of
South Dakota, Brow n of Nebraska and
many others, democrats and republi
cans alike, began today their last
three months of service, before volun
tary or enforced retirement to pri
vate life.
Mourn Vice-President.
Sorrow for the late Vlee PreoJdent
Sherman overshadowed the spirit of
democratic trlump In the senate, and
tempered the spirit of greetings
lae S.ipcrlor the Saglfww bay on
I-ake Huron, and the lowr en& of
Lake HnHt ti the vloJnrtv of Sarnla
ny at Part Stnle". CMVeland, and
the buy at the weatera end of Ijik.
Erifl, and"Rosheter. Toroato and the
eastern and western ewk o Lake Ou
terte. amongst returning members. Custom
decreed that tb ipiier hoM? should
adjourn Immediately after meeting to
day out ot rpspect for th ememorj ot
the vice president, and in contempla
tion cr th s spnaiui-s were early In
rh? owllnt of th Printer's work
t.oemea inextricably atawC m, sen
iors and eotMnwwagarjMet la friendiv
esofcretK. wJUi'-eifl af tarl
reviskm in te sperM awfen jdMtt l
to seemWe uwter Pregmjk$mm,
next spring, in the f
can lefmers were -low to itfrait tfea
certainty of democratic eootrel oa 4l
teriff problems, even with th- grt
increase In membership that is to
w m cenxrm.
c reassemb-tlne of the hnti ifmn
together a host of men. long promin
ently identified with renublicen affairs
(in that bouy to whom the nlpcilnn
j bad brought political disaster Among
J them were Nicholas Jaongworth of
Ohio. John Dal7ell of Pennsylvania
Eteneier J. Hill of Connecticut and
.John a Needham of Callcfrma, ail
mombers of the powenn! was and
IBeans committee, and leaders in ad
1 vocation and defense of ronnhlmAn
f "10 Eo-callod ' Old Republican
H!"3"" 'Ue.forre J1 supported and
framed the Payne AWrlcJt ttrtU tow la
""""'"f " "" wi
tiie opening o' President Taffs admin
rainirifin mir rwn momiuira win .
main on 'the wava tnd m arts romralt
teen after Varch i lu -r n.-i i
Payne of New York wHl es-eiwnra
,i,e Prdney of M.thban.
- More Last TsTmers
4n ,hc ranks of the "tost termers,"
also, were Representatives McKtaley.
jvjlson. Fosa aad Prince of Illinois:
Itepresentative Norrts of Nebraska
who is noon to stop into tee senate,
rserresentstlvc Oltestead of Penasyl-
vara and SlrCall of Maseacbosta.
K.pubitians who were not candidates
,, ..i.iinn -..a nM.,..,..
for re-elecUon. and Representative
Cmmpacker. witose defeat In Indian
gave the democrats a olid delegatloi
from that state for the next session of
The extent of progreslve Influence i
la tho n Inter. seslon Is the subject o
general gosip at both ends of the
"apUol. Of the strong Insurgent re
publican element In the house, which
has voted with tho democrats upon
tariff measures dHrlng the utst two
years, many will wind up the"r ser
vice wuh this session In the Kansas
delegation. Victor Murdock was tne
only se-eaHed lnsnrgent to return to
his seat today with a title for two
more years Representatives Roose
".owns and Jackson. Ml compsratlveK
now member, went tewn before dem
oeratfe opponents
The president's message is usually
the mot Important fcweinaes on th
remeemMinc of eowrree. Bat as the
,rst day is marked y so teh hustle
and conjnsion ec 7mm mj
and member, wtth tnssr exehanw of
greetings, the dl.very of the message
to congress.- and its orntal read to
both hoss, ngoally pass er to we
second day.
Edl"cns lr.tcrest Lies Wlwtty
Camera and Not in Fthns .
WASHINGTON. Dec. 2 Thomas V
Kdison was heM today not to ha-e
' eea the inventor th marks pic
ture illm by the cowt of spneals of
the District ot CotombU which rever
sed tho decision of Am rt
granting an inftmetJssi m taw
to Bdteos'n asiH-enees asninst a flw
company in Chicago Th cou-i held
Edison's work of development of mv
tion pfctures lies soiely in the cam
era appnratM
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2, The great
Ilarrintln merger which wag created
when the Union Pacific railroad com
pany boegltt foty-six per cent of Uta
Southern racial system, was split to.
day by the supreme court of tlla tutt
ed States as lu violation of the Sher
man anti-trusf law. Then, with tlte
ood of the merger before it, ths court
sent forth tfhe po'eatlous declara
tion that -'while the tow may cot be
ibie to cafoj-ce competition, it can
reach combinations which reader conij
pet'ttoa tmraciible."
Justice yay anmnmced the uitaili
taoue opi&Om of the court. Jugtlcg
Vandeventr took so part in tho con
sideration of tho case today, kt he
principle snding when he was circuit
Judge to the effect that thetvvo roads
were Bot competitors and therefore
no vietatyon of tie. law resulted from
the Saroaase, was reversed and an
nulled, instead of following the rea
soning of Justice Vnadevemer and.
Judges Sanborn and Adams, the
ciurt iij substance approved the- mi
nority fioldlng with Judge Hook that
tb roads were competitors. te that
it is just as much a violation of tho
law for one road to bu) the controll
ing stock of a compcutor as for a.
holdiag company to buy the control!
iug stork of two cnmiot!ng compan
ies, as in the Northen. Securities
case . As the Northern Secu-lties pUa
tailed nearly ten years ago. so tho
lUrflman plan fell todav
May App int Receiver.
The rireit I court of the district of
T '.ah is directed to supervise 'he sop
aration of the two roadr after hear
inr and in an emergency to appoint
n receiver to fell th stock. The
ilnion Pacific, if the circuit court sees
proper. ms retain control of the old
i Ventral Pac uc line to Oregon and
SMi Francisco
ri'e d'.'Ciblop. of the lower odrt that
there was no violation of the law In
the attempt to acquire the Northern
Pacific stock and the stock of too
Atchison. Topeka and Santa Fe rail
way compoB) afterwards abandoned.
and certain nterests In the San Pe
dro. Los Angeles and Salt Lake rail
road eompan) s allowed to stand.
The general belief here is the appll
ration of the decision to the railroad
situation in tne country will be -widespread
placlag a powerful precedent
In the bands of the attorney general
and will prevent the consolidation ot
competing roads Duiartment of Jns
t ce officials however, are not pre
pared tonight to discuss the tali ef
fect of the decision upon other rail
roads Wiekersham Makes Statement.
Attorne) General Wlekewtetm Is
sued a statement in which he de
clared the opinion extended the prtn
c ij-le ot the Northern Securities cas
nnu reaffirmed those of the Standard
Oil -nd St Louis Terminal psSocla
lion de I'ioilb
Wearied of Paying GuarJs as
Deputies Officials Put
It Lt to County
SALT LAKK CITY. Dec. 2 Several
of the largest mining com-pantec t
Bia-rhsm. who have been nnjtn-c
B-Murtto. 4titted s shertiTs sic th
lMt-lMnta of the miners strike tott
ed today In a protest to the eeMr
eenuniMnoners at SaH Lmtn tmmaxr
agalnt farther payment to sfRtctnl oi
fleers The eenunnnieaU-Ni deeterM
there were a lare nnmbe- of htwtoM
persons in the camp and it will M
quire at least 300 depvitles to Mat
tain peaee, CHins the twee perid &
the Mhtes. the compantos dechvng tbf,
felt hemee)-rs eMtMed W the fr
taction of the eetmtt.
Hepicsetitatives of the mnnanlKt'
m rnvited to meet the aummtennatf
lor further dhtemfdew UmUff 0!,
. I
r, i
V "1 lit 1 ,
( it'
V i ;"
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