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Secretary of War in Report(
' Declares Against Grant- j
ing Independence to the
Island Possessions.
Improvement of Service and
Greater Efficiency Are Told
to Congress in Official
WASHINGTON. Dec. 9. Unsparing
condemnation of those vvfeo would
from "misplaced sentimentality or
lazy self Interest" east the Filipinos
tiiioii tho world in tl.e state of help
lessness and ltefore they had acjulrod j
the full benefits of American chlrt
zation. is a strong feature in tlij an
nual report of Secretary or War Hen
ry L. Stlmson. Many other subject?
of Interest are treated in the report,
slich as the relations of the National
Guard to tho army, the Improvement
In tho army tactical methods, tho
adejuacy of the present icserv
the orving need of cltiiensh
the Porto Rlcnns, the conservation of
tho national water powers In navig
able streams and the advisability of
amending the Panama Canal Tolls
act so as to relmpose toils on Amer
ican coastwise shipping leaving the
Army Shows lncrease
Pealing first with purely military
subjects, the secretary states the
strength of the regular army at th
beginning of tho. present tiscal year
aS2r"305, an Increase during the year
of 18U officers ana t.ssi eniistea m.en.
iHe says the spir't of thtf personnel ,
of the army continues to iraproie. ai-j
trihutable not only to the work of the I
service schools and the General Staff
but to tHo pracUcal opportunities a.
forded by the recent marfcuvers anl, when the train arrived at Taft,
changes In organization ami method rajiroad men were forced to break
Unlit ofTiccrs are speedily discove ed , own thc door of the express car. la
tinder the searching tests of Seld con- a como covered with mail sacks was
ditions. "One or tho surest wajs of jj w jaraby, the express messen
gettlug rid of the dead wood of our ' gtr who was Just regaining con
army is to work it as far as possible. . sciousness. Hamby was apparent
under tho applicator- methods or , onJ Btunned and pdysirians declared
roolern military training, the s-jcr-, he waB n(jt EerioUsly injured. He
tary declares. In "eating or . , dp deU1,8 of th-
als of the army. Secretary Stlmson i A t he ls stu, suf.
asserts n Demi io w t"Zl
ontl-eanteen leg Ration has J
sponsible f0'u .--LuJS!
WhlC,f "', f lnS of fortTM
results of his own Instionotwny
"S'SSSliL: I
Ses to be the ultimate causes.
wWch make the record of our army;
In this respect shameful fceyond that,
or the army or any civilized nation.'
Million Is Saved '
Under the head or reorganization of
thn iorelgn garrisons the report di-
Tects attention to the benefits attend-
Ing the substitution for twelve reduc- j
ed strength TcglmfnU in the Philip-!
Itinesy by a garrison of six regiments (
ot fall strength with a resulting sav-
Ing of over one million aonara pc
. . ,,..- iti .j
year. Tne immeaiaits tuuiiuu
the posts at Panama and Hawaii, he
strongly urged as ly ar e m0?
Important items of military expendi
ture for the immediate future. It Is
said that the locks and machinery a:
Panama already have reached a con
dition of extreme tulrjerabllity in
case or sudden attack, yet no sreater
force can be sent there than tip one
regiment now on guard until new
..., r constructed ror them.
r-'"" -- "- .,,... -j.
and the spcreiarj '6 ,u"
works shuold begin at once. On tne
other hand, says the secretary,
i Pnari Mflrnor- naMmi.
,- t parl Harbor. Hawaii, 's
far greater straggle importance for
the protection of the entire Pacific
coast from attack than any of .he
positions on that coast now so strons
lv forUtied. No naval enemy could
make a serious effective attack upon
wVrtlon of the American Fldft
coast, unless it had rirst reduced the
position at Oahu, threatening 1U
flank. Quarters ror the men who are
to protect the great stalls "aval ma
terial, and seacoast gons from falling
into the hands of land attackers
should be pushed to completion as
rapidly as possinie.
Shorten Training Period
The tactical reorganization of the
army on tho basis of three inlantry
divisions, the report shows, has pro
gressed l M "IM.t 1lhn
?onsrcS&"i ussistance in the ray of
providing for large ample posts and la
series of conrerences of tho general
officers o the army have 'ten plan
ned for this winter. As a result, the
Sme now necessary at the outtrej
or war to organize the regular army,
will be dispensed with.
Touching the army reserve, towards
which congress has made a start In
the present approprlaUon Wll. UJt
secretary said that the most serious
defecila the plan to. that It create,
too long a period of service with th-j
colors. The expcrlonco of the United
Jame M. Beck.
Jatnes M. Becx.
Former Assistant Attorney Gen
eral James M Bek Is one ot th
principal attorney In the caae now
pending lu the UnltJd States supremo
court, brought to test the constltu
tlonalltj of the newspaper pablicit
lav. Attorney Deck argues tnat a
tho constitution did not expressly give
anj power to regulate journalism, anj
attempted regulation can only b Jus
tified as a necessary and proper
iwans to carry out some federal fuue-
He denies that the regulation or
n(wspaier ovnrrship and the en
forced publicity of its business can l)i
an appropriate means of carrying oat
the federal power over the mads.
?bW ''..K
tiffll R0B8EHS MAKE
HAUL $20
Express Car on Train of San
ta Fe Branch Line Is
Successfully Looted
11AKERSFIELD. Cal.. Dec. 9. A
2d,000 gold haul was made by two
robbers who held tip the express car
of the Sunw-t Western tram between
liaherstleld and Taft. Cal., tonight.
Tie money was consignee to tne nrar
National bank at Taft by the Kirs:
National bank of Hakersfield and was
not ..jaci jn the express safe.
fering from the effects of a blow and
Is rafher incoherent.
omcials or thc First National tank
"?rc flnnea the fact that $20,000
had beeS notified of the theft of the
"Su- Sunset Western Is a branch
of the Santa Fe. which runs nto the
Midway oil iehK The train left
here at 6 o'clock and the robbery
occurred between. 8 30 and 9. Thero
are no stops between Maricopa ann
Taft and the robbers musr have
dropped from the tram while it was
jn motion.
Several iosses bive left here for
the scene of the roblery and others
are searching the vicinity of Maricopa
aiul Taft
Alaska Copper Camp Buried
Beneath Avalanche with
Severe Losses
COnrx)VA. Alaska, Dec. 9. Nine
. men are beileved to navo ien knted
today when a snowslide on Copper
mountain carried away seven, build
ings or the Great Northern Develop
ment company. Eleven men were bHr
led under the avalanche and only twp
.have been remoued alive. Three are
known to be dead, and no hope Is en
tertained ror the other six.
The known djead are John Barto.
James McGavock. Frank Wahls and
two unidentified.
John McCarthy, and a Japanese,
named Kee, were rescued McCarthy
was seriously injured about the body
and the knees and legs are hroken.
The bodies of Barto, SIcGavock, and
Wahls have been recovered.
The mine was one or the largest
copper properties In Alaska located
by U C Dillman, the well known min
ing operator, and is owned by the
Great Northern development com
pany, whch has offices in rew lorn.
H. F Griy. the manager of the com
pany. Is now In New York.
States and that or European nations,
has shown that the soldier can be ad
Wraately trained for his duties In con
elderably less than three years. A
shortening or the period of training
with the colors, says the secretary,
would greatly Improve the character
of the young men who will come into
the army, and in no way diminish tho
effectiveness of their trainins-
WW Tnctimit
Charges Made for
BisbeesNaco Water
Corporation Commission
Acts and Is Making a
Physical Valuation
of Property
PHO&StX, Oec. 9.fSpe-
ciali A complaint cbarg.ng
the railroad companion which
haul Into Arisuna with cjjerg-
ing evtesire freight rates on
flour, cereals and tojeol pro-
ducs will be filed with the In-
terstate Commerco Cominhv
s on by the Aricona CojKra-
tion Coinm'selon. according to
a decision I'eached by the inam-
bers of the commission in ses-
sion at the capital today. This
will be the biggett case yet
undertaken by the state body
The members of the commls-
sion also decided on their own
moton to investigate the rates
charged by the Morenci Water
company A similar iuvesUga-
tion will be made regarding
the Itlslae-Naeo Water co:u-
pany, a petition complaining
against the company having
Iieen fled by a number of Ilis-
bee people The commission
now has an engineer in Histee
making a physical valuat'on of
the plant
Low Prices Are Reached in
Twenty-five Leading
Issues With No
Support Given
NSW YORK. Dec. 9. The low
prices In blocks of all classes for
several months was recorded today
when the selling moemont. which
wns checked temporarily last week.
was resumed today with increased
vigor and some of the severest losses
in the present decline were Inflicted.
At the close, -when quotation were
at the lowest, the average price for
tv.-entj-fhe leading issues. Including
flftcen railroads and ten industrials
had fallen within three points of thej
low average of the year which was
leached In February.
During the morning the market was
,nlet with ftw important change.
Traders do not care to take a d'"
cldcd iiositlon because of the chance
or a decision today by the United
States supreme court on important
cases that are pending. As soon as
word was recelveci Trom Washington
that none or these decisions would
be rendered today, heavy sell-ng be
gan. Brokers paid that the liquida
tion was chiefly on the port of out ot
town holders of securities, whilo
local traders were chiefly responsible
ror the heavy short selling.
No concerted effort was made to
support tho list or so-called "blp In
terests," apparently not being averse
to rarther drops.. There was soma
further scaling or loans by financial
institutions whih may have been s
factor In the day's operations. The
copper producers' monthly statement
showed the expected increase In stock
on hand, the gala in exports having
been more than offset b the shrink
ace in domestic consumption Bonds
ware wc-ak with declines in some ac
tive Issues running from one to two
pdints. Total sales par value $1,
&70.0CO Goernmert bonds were un
Witness Tells of His Action
In Regard to Sale of
Coal Dump Option
WASHINGTON. Dec 9. John P.
Rlttenbouse. of Scranton, Pa., an ex
pert mining engineer, who surveyed
tho Katdydid Culm tank, at Scranton.
under the direction of W. It. Isley
Brown, of the department of justice,
testified today In the Impeachment
trial of Judge Archbald. of the com
merce court, that the Erie railroad
rnn lit hnvn obtained $35,000 for th.;
coal out of the refuse Instead of $4.-j
V)0, for which It agreed to give- ar.
option to E. J. Williams, a business
associate of Judge Archbald.
A positive statement has been
made that he was offered an option
to purchase an Interest In the Katy
did Culm dump by E. J Williams, in
i tie office of Judge Archbald, at
Scranton, several days after Archbald
Informed him thats.WHiams had no
authority to sell, was made by Thorn
a H. Jones, of Scranton. The state
ment was brought out In cross-cxarr.-Inntlon
by Representative "Webb, of
North Carolina, part of the house
managers. The wltnesn said that
Williams offered to sell an Interest In
the dump ror $25,000 and accompan
ied him to the office of Judge Arch
bald. Ihere, the witness said. Arch
to sell any part of the Culm dump.
At the top, left to rlfltit, H. W. Uegleltnsr, Frank M. Ryan and Moulton H. Davt.J at the touom, John T. Butler
and Pftll'p A. Cssiey.
INDI NAPOI IS, Dec. 9. (Special)
That tltosa who already have con
fesd iloiie raaMd the Illegal trant
portatlcn of explosives on passenger
trains to blov. up non-union iron and
steel Job that It th defense or
the forty odt defendanth In the "dy
namise conspiracy" trial now being
held In ImKa'-apoHs.
On thc stand for several days last
wcK ITesldent Frank M. Rj-an of the
International Awoclaion f Bridge
and Structural Iron Workerrf denied
emphatically that he had had any
thing, to do with tie long series of
ma to oo i '""f V" "I
plOSIOnS WUICB lor Pt-vc-iai )o
.-m.,. 'iinintn
in-flKW KfHhfflh
ULU" w.w.-...- ,
.j - JT7lu.AM. i
Trust Proceed and Hard
ships Put Upon Banks
Are Disclosed.
WASHINGTON. I) ('.. Dec 9. The
clearing house domination of b:nkln(
nstitutions formed a basis ror the
first days' examination of wltnesso
before the banking and currency com
mltte's investigation, ot the so called
money trust, which was resumed to
day Samuel Untermyer, counsel forj
me comnuMiion. in cuuuuuuac me e&-
arainat-on, endeavored to sho?""3 gea
cal movement among the clearing
bouses to impose on the thinks a rule
enforcing the collecting or commis
sions on out-of-town checks collected
by the banks.
In this connection was ascertained
that the Baltimore clearing .house de
clined to admit a state bank of Mary
land to clearing membership, becanse
It would not be forced to abide fcy th;
clearing house rule enforcing collec
tions. From Pittsburg bankers, Unteraiey
er elicited the information that a suit
was pending to prevent the enforce
ment of the rule, which was adopted
In conjunction with the clearing hous
es of Cincinnati. Cleveland and Co
lumbus The Mellon National bank.
Farmer's Deposit Bank and the I-ta-coln
National bank of Pittsburg, de
clined to accept the rule aml-are seek
ing an injunction to prevent its oi
era tion.
Robert W. Wardrop. president of
the Pittsburg Clearing bouse, told the
committee that collections of out of
town checks tree of charge would not
embarrass banks financially, but the
'imposition o a rate exchangee was for
the purpose of "increasing earnings."
CttNCINNATI. O- Dec '. Thrf?
thieves in the guise of tax collectom.
today stole diamonds worth ten
thousand dollars from the Jewelry
stote of Adolph Wtebell. They asked
the clttk to show them the diamonds.
He did so, whereupon tho men bound
and gagged him and securing the
and gagged him and securing tne
stoives, they walked leisurely out '
the store.
dence In Ibe trial or Sldna Allen,
eh3rgeJ with the muider of Attorney
William M. Fosijer. In the ilUlsvllle
courthouse tragedy, closed here to-
'day. Argument was opened was open
ed by the prosecution.
before and including 1910 terronzeJ'inP. mong the more prominent
employers of non-'mion labor In the , member of this board are Mounton H.
stn'cturnl steel and iron world. ' Davis. Phillip A. Cooley and II. W.
The derene of John T. Butler, first LeSleitner, The case against Davis
,i ,,rmiiiit of the association. Is his already been dismissed by the
the same. "I wnnt to declare that I j government
never knw the association to provide Senator Kern nnd William .V Hard
any 'unds ror dynamiting, and as ing attorneys for the defense, are con
. .. .it mi-a rni- manv . fnl..nt of tnelr ability to convince the
jears 1 ougM to know what' going Jury that Jobs' referred to in the
- o - ii.,ti.r -if ihor were.lttteri of the union ofhcias. meant
crimes planned in the union I knew,1
nothing or them"
X determined eftort is also oeini- uipdi. ii u.-.e -, -
n..dQ to show that the executive, th.se very e Iters whh tbe bo,,,
bnard of the union never appropn-
-. " ,',," , .. i fr dvnamit-
rti-u o u.,-. . -.. -
mm i larinnrnn
nil mm
iU M
niTi rn innw
bHlnhli I UU AT
Col. Roosevelt and Others of
Th New j--artv LCancrS
Will Hold National
i T .
i CHICAGO. Dec. MDai prei am-
tions for the national cpnrerence of
tho progressive party, to be held to-,
lleted last night. Members i ol tn
loc.il commit e on arrangements.
headed by Medill McCormlck an-
nouneed that they had reserved ac-
rommodatiog for c!ose to one thou -
sand delegates.
nd delegates.
tUo an-ival of Colonel Roosevelt
and members of hi party from 'n!aafegard her Interests anil pretage
east today was made the occasion or !from the RrowinR cf influence of
a demonstration by progressive who siaedonlf the obect being to compel
escorted their leader from the railway j Rlissja to' dfeavow or Servia the mat
ttation to the Hotel La Salle with a ,er of a Adriatic port. In St. Peters
procession or automobiles. irg the opinion Is held that no i re
Tonight nvmbers or the Illinois cHlcilable diference remains between
Progressive State Central committee the mnimum of the Servian demand
and progressive members-elect of the i anj the maxfmHm that Austria Is pre
lllinois legislature held a meeting- to i J)ared to concede.
.., - .,nf..A rn-i-nm for lh' .
coming sess'-on of the general as-
tJull-Mooser program. vu.vsia.vii.wiui. u.,, -
The rohr'tn follows: ' 1 9. OfffCal announcement was matte
I ' luc-day today that Selih Bey. minister of mar-
II a. m -Conference 'ailed Jo or- Ine. Rechid PMba. mhiteter of aKrt
derby National Chairman juph M. culture and Oaman Nnzmal Pasb. am
r.,V Montana ,hassfld6r to , Germany, are appointed
iiM a. m-Ad'dre by' Colonel plenipstentiariea to the peace confer
RosweU" ence wMch will begin in London. De-
2) p. m. Address by Miss Jan6cemtHr18.
Addams. ow-lllalso preside. Ro-( AUSTRA MAKES CHANGES
C'SO p. m. Dinner presided over
by red '- Raker. Brief speeche
by Colonel Roosevelt and other
leaders. . .
10 a. m. Third seswon oi me cuu
forence. P'jpcusslon and reports.
2 00 p. m.-Final session of "
..-National commltteo
J . fiA -n m
nesting to act on recommendation
n rfvMiTrrpnce.
On Wednesday night Colonel Roose
velt will dine at the Hull House So
cial settlement, or Which Miss JanJ
Addams is the head
The committee on am"Beiu"
t. L tr. it in attendance at the
""T ' l" v gta, chalrman and
, ""fY the naUonal exec -
utive committee as well as nnnareos
"I -i, f ihp artv. InclndCng
fii iiifiiii.i . .. . . -
many women.
NEW YORK. Dec 9. Copper quiet
16J5"f to 17.12. Copper arrivals
4ST. tons. Exports thl month 75G
tons. London copper firm.
only new work wMch oPe'ed oppor-
' 2r "u", "' ".w t, i. 7Zn
mem uuu-u " ...-....-
ithe defense will res' its case.
B S1ii lfJ
Russia Stands Pat anrj Be-
lieves No Irreconcilable
Differences Exist Between
Servia and Austria.
ST PKTEH-IU Kli Hiiflsu, Dec. 3.
iiKSrS -changed Uy the
t, . 8erlous military prenora-
j PIren i Gennan
ta lnt 1n a Bveecb to the
hgta ad the renewal of the
, alliance. In diplomatic circles
various incidents are Interpreted as
. , . , .....rin'u tosir to
I .. . ...,..-. r. c. v,,rUm. TVML
VIBNNA. Austria, Dec. 9 Import
ant changes have taken pteee n n
Austro-Hungarlan war department.
Cen. Auffenberg. m'nlster of war, re
signed today. Gen. Krobatln. under
secretary of thc war offlcu. has been
: chief of the general" staff, who recent.
nnnlntPd hla sucessor. UCH su""
'lr mid a significant vlsK to Merlin
V paw - Von MoltVe
chef genera, of staff of the Oerman
chler general or stan ot inc wi.
, i?np(l. He has been suc
ceeded by Gen. Von HoeUendorff
who held the same post several years
o-k vAi-iitn snvcrnraent has ne
gotiated with a syndicate, headed cy
,h An.trian nostal savings banH. in-
c udmS Kuhn. Loeb and company,
!anf the National City bank or New
lYork ror an issue oi -. - p "."
' trMS,irv bonds to the amount or $2..-
, . T
inn r.nn chiz-h tiiii be taken at ninety
seven, and redeemable at par In eigh
teen months and two year.
T.ONDON. Bngland. Deft 0. It Is
reported in Paris today that the Aus
trian fleet h3d been concentrated at
Pola. tho chief naval station of Aus-tro-Hungary.
lEfflliS 01
Ways and Means Committee
.Will Devote Three Days
Each Week to Tariff Re
vision During Januarv.
House Appropriates $35,000,-
000 for Three Depart-
ments; Plans for Inauqifr-
U -
ation of Wilson Form.
WASHINGTON, Dec 9. Thorough
revision, schedule by scfcdlle. of the.
present tariff by the next congrs
was indicated by ihe decision today
by democratic members of the howr
ways and means committer to have
hearings on the tariff every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday of January,
beginning January G. One day vrtll
he devoted to each schortttle. It is
thought, and if necessary in any
case, not exceeding two days will be
allowed. There are fourteen sched
ules, but they may merge two or
three minor schedules vvKh wore Sm-i-ortant
schedules, and tho commit"
tee expects to complete the hearings
!v the end of January. One uay. at
the end of January will be sot asiilo
for those interested in free list ami
administrative features of prop(Md
Oppose Commerce Court.
Carrying appreciation of $3IJr0fl.
"S3 for the operation of the three
great departments of the government
Hotll the, next fiscal year, the legisla
tive, executive aBd Judicial appropria
tion blK passed th howij today..
Further oppoeltieti to t, main
ta xvinco of the lntntate ''commerce
covrt.waft-BiMilfeR-d whn Reprts''
ative Gillette, of MaKsachuseUs, wv
rd $."L."iiM) for that court w&ttfl was
voted down S3 to S3.
Prepare far Inauguration.
joint congressional Inauguration
committee would be authorized by a
resolution adopted today by tho sen
ate at tho instance of Senator Over
man, or North Carolina, providing tho
appointment of three members or Uio
senate and same number in the house .
to make the necessary arrangements
for the inauguration of PresUlait.
elet Wilson.
The resolution has not been acted
urion by tne house.
The two days' conference Between
Chairman McCombs. of the democrat
Ic national committee and party lead
ers in and out of congress, ended
la-e today when McCombs left for
New York. He aald that he will make
public tomorrow the name of tho
chairman of the committee, which
will have charge of the preparations
of the display connected with President-elect
Wilssen's inauguration.
Senate Is Puzzled.
Whether a Rntish private cluzen.
honored '.vith the thanks of congress
nBd possessor or a congressional
medal., has the right to go on tlia
floor of the Tnited States senate
chamber. Is a question that gave offi.
cials of that body some busy mo.
mentsJodny. Captain Arthur H. Ro
tron. the rescuer of 790 survivors
the Titanic came to the senate In
escort of Senator Smith, of Michi
gan, and spent some time meeting
members of the body. The officiate
of the senate were not determlaed
tonight whether h waa entitled to
the privilege of the floor, although
Senator Smith instated that Ctaf
Rostron was entitled to the san
privlleat as In th hewse, where m
(.uestlon was ra".ed as to his ettirt
IND'ANAVOLtS ind . Dec D For
toting for John J McNamara's re
election as secretary, at the Milwau
kee convention of th International
AioctHofl of Drldge aad Structural
Iron Workers in September, 1911. H
ironths after McNamara waa arraete
for dynamiting. Kdward K. PMHi.
of Syracuse. N. Y.. one of the forty
obo accused "borab plotters." wm
s.ibjected to a severe cress-eiamltw-tlon
at the goverHment "nyaawK
conspiracy" trial today.
Ph'.lllps. as secretary or the Syra
cuse local Hntoa. told of many let
ters that he wrote to McMaatawt hut
denied ho poll ted out or proposed (
Tho charges agalnH PhUM wro
based on IWUer In which he referred
to a Job at Hrewerton, N. Y., as foV
lows: "It l a fiBe nhnce to make an
everlasting piece of work and set
them thinking."
The letter was written to McNamara.
' --- . . .-fn ..... . . "! m
., ..j iiiiiiiMMIlrtlEililiiMWMMfcWMWMBffi

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