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Chinese Slave Girls Rescued by U. S.
Authorities Tell Strange Tale
North Carolinan Among Those Slated
for Cabinet Positions Under Wilson
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or ' f3yfw
am s
Spectacular Boost of 1907
Is Inquired into by Money
Trust Probers in Connec- '
tion with Amalgamated
Bloodv Battle on Hudson
, ft
River Bjer Results in the
Death of Two and Serious
ly Wounding of Dozen.
Detectives, Armed Only with
Clubs, Seek to Defend the
Strikebreakers Helpless
on Company's Pier.
' HACKENSACK. N X. Dec. 11.
Scveral hundr-'d Klriking employes of
the New Vork, Susquehanna and
Western railroad, ambushed under
the -palisades overlooking the Hudson
river, opened fire on a boat load of
-strikebreakers landing at the coal
doclcs at Kdgewater tod?y. In the
pitched battle that followed, two
railroad detecties Mere killed and
a dozen mfn were wounded.
A telegram requesting that the ml
litla be called out to quell the dis
order was sent to the acting g"bY
ernor of New Jersey by General Su
perintendent Stone of the Erie rail
road, Stone escaped a storm of bullets
fired by thp strikers as he was seek
ing shelter in a building.
The men killed are: Andrew- J.
Oraw, 2S, of ninghamtou, X. Y.,
captain of detectives; and Clarence
Mallery, 43, one of liraw's men.
The wounded include John D. Rj"
erson or Jersey Oity. lieutenant of
detective; William Kink, William A.
Woods, rrank A Brown and William
Hicks, all detectives of the Krie ra:i
road. Ilicks Is in the hospital, wound
ed thirty-three times Urown and
vo6ds""Vero shot through the" Tidad.
Rycrson in thp back and chest and
King in tne rlgnt ear
Strikers Wait Chance.
The men wtie hiding beh rid the
cliffs, and trees and waited until the
scow discharged Its cargo of men
broffgnt to take the strikers' places
A volley of blank cartridges did not
frighten the strik-breakers, wlw
pushed forward toward the railroad
tracks on the coEl wharf. The men
In ambush then left their hiding
places and. firing real bullets, at
tempted to swarm out on the wharf.
They were mt by the private de
tectives who, unarmed except for
clubs, engaged them In a hand to
hand struggle.
Three hundred employes, mostly
foreigners, of the Susquehanna, which
the Erie controls, quit work Monday
demanding a wage increase of five
cents an hour This demand was
Permanent Headquarters in
Manhattan Located De
spite Some Opposition
CHICAGO, Dec. 11. New York wa
selected as permanent arauiiuniicu
of the execuUve committee of the
prostessive party tonight after a fight
gn which the delegates to the nation
al progressive conference from sev
eral states sought to have the head
quarters located elsewhere. The xot
on this Juestion stood 32 to 12.
Chief opposition to the selection
of New York came from Florida. Colo
rado. Idaho, Louls'ana. Texas and
It was decided to establish a pe.--manent
publicity and legislative bu
reau In Washington.
La Porte Tells of Experience
in Salvation Army
Hall in Chicago
TUCSON. Ariz, Dec 11 Christ's
invitation. "Come unto me. all ye that
labor and are heavy laden." is wnfct
caused Stephen La Porte to confess
to the Chicago police a few weeks
ago that he killed Walter Taylor, a
rancher of this section, five year ago.
I-a Porte, who once repudiated his
confession, took the stand In his trial
today. Ha said that he confessed aft
er hearing a sermon at a Salvation
army hall in Chicago and went jm
mediately to the police station.
Ho said today that he killed Tay
- lor but did so in self defense.
MBIk fflyHpft mSB&39S&&0w'.w
Left to right: Tal May,
Four Chinese girls, ranging in ag?
from IS to 21 years, were recentl) dis
covered bj the United States auth
orities at San Francisco disguised as
members of the Chinese crew of the
steamer Nippon Maru The girls had
been confined in coal bunkers dur
Ing the voyage of twentj-one da vs.
and had lived in total darkness. They
tokl the Inspectors, that they had
Underwood Wishes Time De-
voted to Drawing of
" Bills on Revision
of the Tariff
want to see tl.e tariff hearings con
cluded b the end of Januar Th-
wajs and means committee will have
a chance to work out a rough draft
oi a um lor iibe ueiween now anu ai.-
er the present congress expires March !
f . 1 .1 t r b ft w lltf-aa" l'ndniu rdii
-.. bj.u ucUnr..u .cuut. i .,
Tho committee of which, he is chalr-
I nderwood regards as full inforaa- j
tlon regarding the tariff schedules,
but the committee, by adopting a
schedule of hear'ngs beginning Jan. 6
rl.bl.t h WAtnf lkvl n 1 nr Tnn l
proposes to allow eerybody Interest
ed, an opportunltj to gie informat'on
on an particular schedule.
Stimson Outlines Plans
- -- ,-v,.
Secretan of War Stim&on told the
house committee on militao affairs
today alout plans of the government
fortifications of Hawaii through work3
to be built back- of Pearl Harbor and
about plans for guarding the Panama
Canal on land b troops stationed ai
intervals from one end to the othe"
The protecting force would muster
8.000 or 10,000 men.
Major Gen Wood completed ar
rangements to detail more'than ten
thousand troops for coast defense duty
around the Pearl Harbor naval sta
tion at Oahu, Hawaiian islands. The
troops include six regiments of in
fantry, one regiment eich of cavalry
and artillery, and twelve coman!es
of coast artillery There are now
about 3,000 troops on the island of
Taft Heads Red Cross
President Taft was re-elected to
lay president of the American Ued
Cross at the eighth annual meeting
of the organization. The other offi
cers are: Robert W. DeForest, of New
York, vUe president, Charles L. Mc
Gee, of Washington, secretary; Sher
man Allen, assistant secretary treas
uij. treasurer William Bullitt, so
licitor of the department of justice,
Must Make Boland Own
Witness to Prosecute
Inauiries Desired
WASHtvfiTON. D. C Dec 11. Ef
forts to show that the charges on
which JUUge uouerc . Arcnuaiu ui
the commerce court. Is now standing
trial before the senate, as a court Im
peachment, were the outgrowth of a
,! and a "disordered brain" were
made today by attorneys for the ac
cused during tne testimony 01 wiiuam
13 nnl.nil nf Conntnn Pa Rpnitnr
Bacon, presiding, ruled these efforts j
'not to be in. oraer curing cross ex
amination. Attorney A. S. Worthing
ton, representing Archbald, declared
lie would sail noland later'as his own
An May and Tal You.
come o Hong Kong from the couc
trj to celebrate a Chinese holiday
The attended a theater togetha.- and
after the performance fell 'n wWi a
strange woman, who drugged them.
The girls gave their names as Ah
May, Tai You and Ah You. They
were brought to this country for slav
ery purpov8- 'They a.e nou on An-
gel's island awaiting deportation.
Philadelphian Tells j)f Rais
ing 3200,000 to Defend
JVkNamara Brothers
qulry as to whether John J' McNa
mara, after hs anest and before he
pleaded guilty of causing explosions,
was knovn to President Frank M
Ityan and othVr officials of the lroii
',. inn .-. ,,.,,, ,. ,ho
rnment on cross exlminatlon of
defendints in the djnamlte conspiracy
trial today
Michael J Cunnanea. of Philadelphia
i ca tlf tA ha Vi tk ti-i-I unrt In imViHf
deraon3tratlon managed by the labor
unlons of Philadelphia as a protest
,,. ,hn ftv.m,m' ;,, ,n1
V ..
assisted in raising $200,000 for the de
fense fund of the McNamara brothers,
lie also said he wrote letters to J
J McNamara after the latter was can-
I iineu in jmi in i.aj AiiBieh, uii buhl
h wab unabIe to reca tne 0
of this correspondence but would send
to Philadelphia and produce the let
ters in court He said that he believ
ed Ryan had a knowledge of the Me
Numaras Innocem-e
Government Thought to Be
Defrauded of a Million
by Woman
NEW YORK. Dec. II A smuggl
ing conspiracy to which many of the
largest dressmaking establishment
of the Vnited States are parties and
through which the United States
treasury tvs teen defrauded of a
million dollars revenue, was alleged
by federal authorities jtoday when the
first indictment in the case was se
A middle aged woman was Indicted
on the specific charge of "facilitating
the transportation of smuggled goods
into the country by way of Canada.
Customs officials described her. as th
wife of George Haldren, a lawyer, of
New York. London and Paris, but
not living with her husband for some
lime. When arrested today she was
in possession of twenty-one gowes,
-valued at $15,000- the finest, officials
said, that have been seized In this
J'port for years.
Mrs. Haldern was traveling. It is
alleged as Sirs. Amaldorn, Madame
Haldane and Madame Hubert.
demnation of the federal govern
ment's condemnation policy and a de
termination to petition the next leg
islature of tho state to appropriate
25,00 for defraying the expense of
investigating fake mining concerns,
were two lmrortant decisions made
today by delegates to the California
Mining congress, that ended Its con
vention here.
Present officers were re-elected.
"aft Is Tolflof Unbearable
Conditions Prevailing in
Various Part of Riven
Sister Republic
American Businessmen Tell
of Injuries and Ask That J
Rights, Life and Property
Be Safeguarded.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 11. Presi
dent Taft listened ton'U;Lt to start
tins dUeloures of, present day couul
t.ons in Mexico. Four Ameilcai bus
iness men. villi 'Stexl.f&a interests
two members (l ie senate and a coi.
gierKiixin. sat in tho cabinet roj.ii
and heard the story, vouched for bj
all, and told the president by one
man who has been in the southern
republican 'or the lpst few weeks
A tale of outrages on Mexican wo
mn. snurders. hold-ups of Americans
y bandits, who e!zi.d tho Americans
and held them for ranso mand general
lawlessness and disorder was told.
ThU storv mme out at a hearing
granted ov :se prR dent to Ameri
can buslnexs men vho appeared be
fore the stale department and were
referred to the While House.
Thev did not ask Intervention, they
said, .fter the hearing, but requested
me president to se that Americans
are protected and life and property
be made safe
The president nromised to take up
the case with the departments con
cerned LAutf OFFiGE SGALP
Republicans Urge Man Who
Supported Teddy Be
Swiftly Retired
WASHINGTON. Dec. 11 An effort
is being made here by leading Ari
zona republicans to becuie a new
man for register of the land office m
Arizona. It is charged that the pres
ent register repudiated President Taft
who appointed him, and came out lor
Roosevelt. The republican organiza
tion of the state ig behind the move
ment for his immediate removal. 1-or-enzo
Hubbell. chairman pi the republi
can state committee of Arizona, s
here on business but refused to dls
cuss this matter.
No one connected with the piesi
dent has an thing to sav about the
Taft appointees who supported Roose
velt, but it is generally understood
In (iolltical circles here that the pres
ident will get around to nearly. If not
all of them before lie retires from of
fice, as he considers tliat the men to
whom he Issued commissions wera
bound by common decenc to remain
neutral at heart.
In connection with the above It was
learned in Hisbee yesterday that I
E. Rlgley. a Phoenix real estate agent
Is being pushed for the jHjsltlon. The
term of Mr Parker, the present in
cumbent, expires this month and
those here who are in touch with the
republican organization confldentally
expect that his successor will be
prompt!) appointed.
Union Pacific Is Leader of
Decline That Approach-
Low Records
NEW YORK. X. Y, Dec 11 Wall
street went through one of the most
exciting days of the year today lead
ing stocks sold at quotations approach-1
Ing the low record of 1911. Twenty-1
five active railroad Industrial Issues, j
which make up the usual table of
averages, only escaped -by a narrow 1
margin from reaching the low level
of that period. j
Sales in Union Pacific aggregated,
233,000 shares, or atout 20 per cent !
of the total business.
BUTTE, Mont, Dec 11. Albert
llalk, convlc'.ed. last weeU of the mur
der of Thomas SsIonBki, was sntenc
ed today to one'bundred years In the
penitent'ary by'Judge "DonJan.
A quarrel between wives led to tii'
killing, which! occurred on Aug. 0.
i (7)
Among those who are regarded as
certain of cabinet portfolios unde? tbo
Wilson administration is Josephus
Daniels, democratic national commit
teeman from North Carolina and 11
ITirMnHeKH &,
tor of the Rale'.gh Nos and Ota- paigns lit is rumored that Mr Dan
er. Daniels was one of the most ar. I lels may get the portfolio of postma3
dept pre-conventlon campaign sup ' ter general.
4,000,000 TREES
Christmas Trees for Coming
Holiday Will Cost $2,500,-1
000 Demand Steadily In
creasing Say Officials
About $2.:.00.000 is expected to change
hands in the Christmus""t.-ee industry
during the two weeks Leglnning to
dav Recently the baby pine tree wa-i
pltced under a federal ban becausu
of the devastation of the "gypsy
moth," but Uncle Sam nude the jwo
visiong of the quarantine so gener
ous as not to inter1,' -re with th ;
Ch'stmac tree trade
The United States consumes about
4.noo.000 Christmas trees every car
and tbe demand Is steadily increas
ing, according to the officials of the
Forest Service, who have been study
ing the subject with a view to deter
mining whether the use of tees for
this purpose Is likely to affect the in
terests of the forests of America ser
iously. The total tut of Chr'straas trees
each year yields the owner of ilw
lands from which the trees are tak
en about 5200,000, it Is estimated.
For the same trees, the consumers
who purchase them in the cities, pay
about $2,300,000. The great differ
ences In these two prices represents
the joint profits of tbe shippers and
dealers, minus transportation charges
According to the official reports.
New York City and the New England
states make holiday use on Christmas
of 1,300,000 trees. The- chief suppl
comes from eastern Canada. Mame.
New Hampshire, the Berkshire Hlll
the Adirondacks. and Catskllls. for
Uoston, New York. Philadelphia. Ilal
tlmpre and Washington. The middle
west gets Its trees mainly from the
swamp lands of Minnesota Michigan
and Wisconsin The south contri
butes man) trees and also the largeht
suppb of holly and other choice ar
ietles of evergreens
Federal Judge Holds Papers
Improperly Drawn Up
and Defective
PHOENIX, Ariz, Dec II. Emlllo
Campa, a leader of Mexican Insur
gents who has been held In jail near
ly three months on a charge of being
an alien fugitive from justice was
freed from jail today by order, of
Judge Sloan, of the federal court, who
gave a favorable decision In the hab
eas corpus proceedings brought in
Campi'g behalf.
Judge Sloan ruled that the proceed
ings apalnst Cam pa were not institut
ed by the proper authorities and said
that tbe papers were defecUve in
many particulars.
Campa said be would remain here,
as he was "through with revolutions."
vNEW YORK, X". V. Dec-Jl. Cop
per 'tttrkiT, 1". to 17.37. Copper arrl;
vais 1333 tons. Exports this month'
SfiTC tons. Iondon copper steady.
porters of President-elect Wilson, and
for the iast two decsdes has been
staunch democrat worker, having
ben one of Mr Ur an s closest ai
vlsers in the latfer's three cani-
Compromise Reached After
Second Conviction for
Shooting Up Court Room
at Hillsville.
WYTHEVIU.i;. Va.. Dec 1 1 Thi'-ty-fivo
years In tbe penitentiary is
the penalty S'dna Allen will psy for
his part In shooting up Carroll coun
ts court house at Hillsville last March
when five persons, including the pre
siding judge, sheriff and common
wealth's attorney, were killed by
members of the Allen clan and a
number of others wounded
Allen's nephew. Wesley Edwards,
will siend 27 )ears in the penltenti
ar). These sentences were the result of
a compromise this afternoon, follow
ing a verdict of voluntary manslaught
er ill the case of Sldna Allen tried fo
murder of Commonwealth Attorney
William M Foster, the jury fixing
the peualt) in that case at 3ve vea
impiigonment. Allen b il u nau ..-..
found guilt) of second degree murJe"
in a former trial for the killing of
Judge Massie. for which he had been
sentenced for fifteen years. Another
indication was pending against him
for the murder of Sheriff Webb, but
was compromised b) letting him plead
guilty to second degree murder and
taking a fifteen )ear sentence. The
combined sentences are 35 years.
Three indictments against Wesley
Edwards were -compromised in sen
tences of nine )ears for each.
Magnates Come to Terms on
Players and Changes
Are Announced '
NEW YORK. Dec. 1 1 The long ex
pected trade to make short stop of
Joe Tinker, of the Chicago Xatlonuls.
manager of the Cincinnati twim. was
I effected tuday at th"e"-lose oh'the Na
tional leagues annual meeting, oty
the deal, Chicago gives' Tinke'rt; Catch
er Chapman and pitcher Loudermil
lo Cincinnati for Pijchers HinnphrieiT,
Short Stop Corridon and Outfielder
aatchell and Knlsely and Pla)er
f Arthur lhelan.
CHICAGO. 11L, December 11.
The negotiations of the American
and National league officials meeting
here and in New York today are ex
pected to be followed by an official
announcement tomorrow of a deal
whereby Frank Chance ic slated to
become manager of the JNew YorSc
Americans. His salary. It Is said, will
be the largest ever paid a ball player.
The negotiations to procure his ser
vices will be opened, it is asserted,
as quickly as he is declared a "free
agent" y the Cincinnati club which
recently old him.
ARIZONA fienerally fair, slightly
Nwe York Bankers Wrathy
at Detention from Busi
ness I3Ut
ThcHr Turns.
WASHINGTON. l C, Deo.-ijY.- V
An Irate group ol New York bankers j "
and brokers surrounded Samuel Un
term) or, counsel foctho baukln; and
currency committee tf the house,
when that committee adiournea the
"money trust" hearing late today .
and demanded ei'iier to be excused or
placed on the stand at once. These i
New Vork men hav been In Wash
ington since Monday and were told
tonight by I'liternuer the) would 1
have to wait their turns for examina
tion At the hearing today the withhold- .
ng of vast amounts of copper from 1
the market during 1907. was discussed
In connection with stock market
transactions la Amalgamated copper
stork by Tobias Wolfson, assistant
manager of the I'nlted Metals Sell
ing company.
The J locking pool of 1903 was dls-
cussed by Perley Morse, the public
accountant who went over the bookh
of companies (;i)gaRp(l in the pool.
Teils of Copper Boost. ' ,
Wollson testified that from April .to
October. 1007, hia company, of whick
11. Jl. Rogers, and. William Roqkefolt. .sy
ler were members, accumulated' vast--J tt
holdings of copper The niarket.aricjc. ,
he said, was 23 cents a pound. 'but
sales during that time amounted to
only about 93."..00n pounds as against
11,L;2JOOO ir. March of thnt )ea:.
Wolfson paid the company sold the
metal because it would have to b
sold or force the price do ah. and
embarrass the prodi clng companies.
The Un.ted Selling company advanced '
money on metal to the producing
companies that wished to sell through
it His companv be added, finally
was forced to dump the metal on Iho
market In October of that year.
'During all this time the price of
Amalgamated Copper stock In tho t
marl ft was held up by the price df
the metal, was It not" asked On- I
Tells of Stock Prafit3.
Untermyer produced-a record of
the operations of Amalgamated stocfc
from 1900- to date to show there vfas
greit activity In the purchase ol , -
stock- for a year prior to March. 1$07. ,
At that time, when metal was being
held, he said, great quantities ot '
stock were sold on txchange. oVl
dently from the accumulation of for- f
raer purchasers Despite sales 2,1 IIw (
00 shares In March that year the '
price, which had been 121, was main
tained thereafter during the period
that copper metal held, until when
the metal was released In October
und thn the tock dropped to C.
i'ntermver endeavored to get Wolf
son to connect the two -transactions
but without result, but Wolfson salit
at that time his compiny controjledl'
the sale of fifty or sixty ier cent Of.
the entire conper output of Iho
The case of Frank Wlll'e Smith. .1
negro under indictment for doubl
murder, was called for trial today.
Smith is charged with havin? mur-
, . ,. 1. r...tl nnA tl,llln a.
aereu rrau r "- !' -.t-per.rrhlte
bartenders, at a,.jileai-s r -, ,"
fort near .the State Fair gnds onj. -JC if
the evening of October . last. The . 3
v.ctlms met death "after having spent
the day in Company, with two wvan.t
One of the women left the seen"? bet
fn-re. iho mnrdpra anil -the other"" ' -
story of the negro was discrmlUed -at
first The girl saia mat me no(tro
a'ter killing the two men aonltea,
her. Smith was captured at IjohIs-
ville three weeks after the crlrie and
ui on bis return to this statonmnt is.
'sa'd to have confessed to the VtM-
ings In his confession he said tne
white men first called him namos and
then hit htm with a stone before he
began shooting at them. He dnled
Uie alleged assault on tne woman.
FRESNO. Cal, Dec 11. A ktrg? ab-
.JJ .
tendance marked the. opening here, to
day of the annual convention of the
California Fruit Growers' assabiatloyi.
The members will spend tbrsda,v -n
listening to addresses by noRH hor
ticultural experts and In dlsevubln
Questions relating chiefly to citrus
culture and viticulture.
Vf!.- .--
"., "-immmjJ&gne,w,

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