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President Taft Gives State
ment Saying He Will Fav
or Submission of Canal
Contention to the Hague
. i
Bacon Thinks U. S
Ask for Special Tribunal'
to Insure Impartial Judg-I
NHV YORK. N Y Jan 4 - IVe& (
Ulent Tuft, referring this nfteraooi; to
Hip dispute between this countrj am)
tJreat l.'rilalii In the Panama Canal
matter, said that lie would favor su
mining the question to the Hague
tribunal for arbitration.
President Taft's declaration that ho
Intends to have the Panama Cana'
controversy with Great Britain sub
mitted to arbitration "and toon gei
down to the iointat Issue." again
brought out the snarp division that
exists In the senate over the obliga
tion of the United States under the!
Senator Bacon, the leading demo
cratic member on the foreign tela
tlons committee. Senator Hitchcock,
another democratic member of the
committee and other prominent mem-
tiers oi me snnato expressed in con-
miction that the l nuea states is
jbound iby the treaty kWitU t;reai.
IJritaln to submit the mai
tter to ar-1
' -bHnitlthi
Senator Uoot. of New York.
is now in Washington holds th
same view. Senator Sutherland re
publican, also a member of tbe com
mittee, has previously expressed the
belief thai the subject is a domestic
oiip and not such as the United States
is compelled to arbitrate, senato-
SnrSSJSi'S Northwest Covering Cali- That Sixteen Others
united states, it it submitted to ar- fornia, Nevada, Arizona Lost Lives
titration, could properlv ask for a I
special tribunal so constituted as to, SAN- FRANCISCO. CaU Jan. 4. . NEWPORT NEWS. Va.. Jan. 4
insure imiiartlal juagment. "I thlnV mj, Wjnd8 along the coast, which i Slx members of the crew of the steam
that the question that Great Rritaln cached a maximum velocity of 53 er Julla Luckenbach. which was cut
raises.-' Bacon said, "is one that, mes an hour at Point Reyes will ,n two and sunk b' the British steam
arises upon. the interpretation of th cntlnue" tomorrow, according tr tU.?r Indrakuala, early yesterday morn-Hay-Pauncefote
treaty We have -t government weatlmr forecaster here.i ns '" Chesapeake Bay, were rescue-1
treaty with Great Britain which spe-! Tuc heavj blow from the nonh avijj 'd ; Jf0?'?8 ,0 ,a
qlally says that wc must submit to, I10rtneaijt ls cohering California. X??S,g j!! '
,A rirliltratior. au questions growing out, iate and Arlzona. sSnow fa)Ilng tonight from the Jcnuu"rnAl;
a f i. Intrnrntntinn of treaties, uro-i , t.,.. -1.1..... t . n.Z che. which weht from Baltimore 'o
1 I mS ,h rfnn. .ffPrt vital intor-'
, iuiu ..j .... .. i
., . , , t. !
esis or mo imiiiuome m uu..v "'jfomiH ani a continued drop Is pro-
the contracting states or do not con- ,lleslei for toraorrow-. vessels arc
? ???$ Kr"..,'-1 to ,0? Vt tor a sm ",OW
" '",,""'". I ."i ,
committee, said "he might as well
abandon the llonroe doctrine as lo
submit the question to arbitration. I
am inclined to prefer reconsWcratlor
of canal legislaUon."
Former Manager of Cardin
als Settles with Own
er for S20,000.
ST. LOUIS. SIo. Jan. 4. The claim
of Roger Bresnahan. former manager
of the St. Louis National league team,
against Mrs. Helene Unttoa, ownr
of 'he team, was compromised today
It Ts reported that Bresnahan was
paid $20,000 for the cancellation of
whatever claim he may have had
against Mrs Brltton for alleged vio
lation or contract, under which he was
to manage the club lor five years.
The subject was adjusted at a con
ference between counsel for Bresna
han and'ilrs. Brltton. By the settle
ment Bresnahan becomes at liberty
to siell his services to the highest
bidder. Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and
GhTcago are said to be in the market
for him.
For FHends Who Were Jailed For
'Publishing a Bull Moose Message
CALDWELI fa Jan. 4. Col. Theo
doro Roosevelt, In a telegram receiV
0.1 tndav bv James H- Gibson, progres-
(CA state chairman, extended nisn
sympathy and admiration to K. S.
Sheridan, C. O. Isroxon. and A. R.
Cruzon. who are serving a Jajl sen
tence for contempt for publishing
Roosevelt's message. He also com
municated with progressive semtor
to see U something could not be done
in the XL S. senate for what he terms
an outrage.
Mm - IBPiA? aKK7Xit 'Hl
iifHk; miLt- i -m jst- If!
Top, left to riant, benor Don Eduardo Suira and Youtsouf Patha; bottom,
Mlrza All Khan -- nor Don P. Ezequlel Rojat.
The New Year reception at the ranis of gbld braid, imposing medals.
WhltP House. Tucdav evening, wa "filing Jewels hats with long plumes
a brilliant affair. Cabinet ofneers onisitii Jewelled h'lW Some
. . . of the loreign ministers who were
;nd their wUes. senators and govern-J lnost ,mp0-iIlgiy dressed were Senor
ment officials. arm and navy men' Don Kdu.irdo Suarez. the minister
were present in srrat numbers. Most
jazzllng of all. however, at least so
far as iiress was concerned, were the
representatives of foreign govern-
They were decorated with;
'PfflC "COAST IS" "
Heavy Blow from North and
" "'?" "L"""7.": -1" '?,the JndrakuaUVs assistance.
,1 temrcrature is low in nonnern v-aii-
totti imn i lira ik iiiu' in iifin nni .;,.'
v...i ...-. w ." .w" ... ..w. ......... v.
along tne nortnern coast.
ty-flve mile gale, which began at 0.
o'clock this morning, continued dnr-i Ion steamer for New YorK. First of
lug the day and prostrated power fleer Frederick Hunt was so unstrung
wires and telephone and telegrapbj that doctors bad to administer drugs
line. A building in coure of con- to quiet him.
' fctroction In the south end -was blown I
down. Several workmen narrowly l
escaped with tbclr lives.
Rebels in Mexico Loot Inde
Cold Company Camp and
Threaten Another
by the house "money trust" investl
WASIIINGT0N. Jan. 4. Fear HtKa(jng committee, and the mJUIon
felt for the safety of four Americans alre te today rei-orted as being on his
In charge of the camp of the :ndfejWJir t0 Caba chairman Pujo said to
Gold company at Inde, Durango, Mex- day tnat he g yuHfled to wait until
ico. where operations were suspend-! January 13, the date set for the finan-ed-after
the camp was looted by 15ofcier-fl annearance. before conslderin-r
f rebels. I
Information was received today by, Tne aDg t0 jei.gther. Into hours
the state department from the Amer-. lne dal,y hearings were announced
lean consular agent at Parral. who today and thc tentative date of clos
sald the rebels seized several thou- ,ng lhe jnvestigatIoii was changed
saad dollars and threatened th- from january 15 to January 20.
lives of Americans there, as a result chairman Pujo said today that he
of which the works were closed. hoped to have a report prepared for
Manager Hayr-s. in charge of th-! Amission to the house about Fcbru
Bablcora Development company, the arJ. j
Hearst property near Madera. Chi- The' TCftoTt wih recommend changes
huahua. telegraphed the American n the currency gy8tem and remedial
consul at Chlhnahua the rebels tn, ,egl8laUon toHCaing banking laws,
force are approaching the companies Ftock eacian2es and clearing houses.
property with Intention to attack.'
Military authorities at Madera have METAL MARKET
been Informed and they promised im j;Ey yoRK, N. Y.. Jan. 4. Metal
mediate rellel. .
ARIZGN'A Windy and
cooler in the south. Snow In the
) gti2S$&?M
rrom Caili. oussouf Zla Pasha, the
" u.-kish ambassador, Mlrza All Kuh
Khan, representing the government of
Versla. and Senor Don P. Ezequlel
Uojas, the minister from Venezuela
Is Reported bv Survivors
It is re-
tK,r,e,, by eleht aarvlvora. who lanrt
j h this mornine bv the steamer
ptnnyivanla tS sixteen iAonl
Tcr uffi!ves.th One mrnieT after
'being rescued, the wireless reported
NORFOLK. Va.. Jan. 4. Eight sur-
vHors of the Luckenbachs crew, who
landed at Newport News, sailed
from here tonight on the Old Bomln
Financier Now, on Way to
Cuba But ls Due Before
Committee on Jan. 13
Although no subpoena has been ac
tually served on William Rockefeller
other measures to take testimony.
nmrVets nuiet. nradlcallv nominal
j Electrolytic 17.C2J to 17.S71. Total
I rales, par value, amounted to $t,12o.
000. Government two's regular, de
clined a. quarter of a point on call.
and the registered governments also
declined a quarter on call.
Arizona s Again
n Lead Wifh fc
Copper Production
Output During Last Year
Mav Reach 350,000,000
Pounds of Red IVletal
J 912 Arizona agpln holds first pUk3
among the coppci' producing states
of the United States. The output will
show a la.-se Increase oer the 30:',
202.000 iiotinds produced in 15H anil
may exceed 360.000.000 pounds. Th'tt
Is not only the largest output ever
made bjr the state, but the largest
I ever made by any state for one year
The production of copper from the
, Ulsbee district mil show a large In
crease ove.- the 1300.000 iiounds
1911 and may exceed 140.000.ooo
poun for 1912.
The output o; the JIorencI-Metealf
district will show a considerable in
crease over thatj of 71.SOO.000 poiinJj
for 19' 1 and may reach 80,000.000
pounds for 1912.
Los Angeles Judge Stops
Kailroad in Its Manipu
lation of California
Development Co.
I OS ANGELES. Cat. Jan 4 De
claring that the Southern Pacific has
been guilt v or legal fraud In its man
ipulations oi the Cabtornia develop
ment company, n the Imperial vallcv.
Judge Pordweil. of the superior court,
at the moment of his retirement to
day, rendered a decision which pre
vents the railroaU company from col
lecting $1,SOO,000 judgment until i!.
200.000 of other cUlms against the big
corporat'on concern be paid
This case has been before Judge
Bordwell for more than three .years.
According to his decision the develop
ment coMpanybftfrcitertr. including a
great sstem of irrigation, can be
hold Then the bond holders will e
paid $600,000 and the new Liverpool
Salt company of San Francisco JK0O,
000 before the Southern Facile can
collect on judgment gained by it in
After obtaining control of the de
velopment companv,in 190ri. the de
clslon sets orth. theSouthern PacifK
manipulated the iproperty and traas
ferred to itself certain of the develop
ment company's ' assets to liquidate
ts claims and also to defeat the col
lection of the Salt company's claim of
$000 000. This, the court decided,
would be a legdl fraud. In conse
quence it was decreed that the South
ern Pacific should not collect any
thing until the bond holders and tho
Salt company had been paid.
It Is understood that thc new Liver
pool company prepared a bid as high
as $1,200,000 for the development com
pany property, exclusive of its own
A Formidable Docket Will
Face High Court When
It Convenes Monday
formidable docket will face the su
preme court of the United States
when it reconvenes .Monday after the
holiday recess. It is colisldered like
ly that some Important decisions may
be handed dovn on the opening day.
The decision in the state rate cases
and the decision as to the rights rf
the Union Pacific stockholders in the
distribution of the Southern Pacific
stock are the decis'ons that are await
ed with most public Interest.
Among the Important cases docket
ed for argument before the Supreme
court on the opening day Is the suit
or the MInehlll and Schuyklll Haven
Hallway company against the col
lectors of Internal revenue at Phil
adelphia. This suit Involves, its gov
ernment's right to Impose a tax upon
corporations that have leased their
properties, which right has been de
nied by the lower court. The Issue,
If finally decided against the govern
ment, will involve tne loss of many
hundred thousand dollars In revenues,
since there are thousands of large
corporations which have leased their
properties and which will be affected
by the decision.
CHRISTIANA, Norway Jan. 4.
Captain Jaimar Jobansen, the explor
er, who has achlced much success
in polar research, committed suicide
here last night. He was a member of
Captain Roald Amundsen's recent Ant
arctic expedition, but left the base of
supplies when Amundsen and four
companions pushed tbclr way to th
South pole. The fact that he was
not among the leading party resteJ
on his mind and be brooded over It
since his return to Norway,
4p t-l
Raymond Polncalre.
Premier Raymond Polncalre Is e
candidate for the preslJeucy Oi
France at the comlsg meeting of the
French national assembly at Ver-i
sallies, on Jaimary 17. The assembly
ls composed of members of the sen
a and chamber of deputies, and will
noose a successor to President
President Asks Those Who
"'Strayed from the Fold"
i to Reurn: Is Only Speak
er at Dinner,
NEW YORK. N. V.. Jan 4. Presi
dent Taft presided here tonight at
what he stled his on political
"wake" and nude a funo a! over l.is
political corpse. He asked for mo
dest praise of his deeds vhile he liv
ed in the White House, and recited
at length the causes that led to his
"demise" and attacke.1 the enemies
he held resioiisll)I( for his "taking
off." The president was the only
speiker at the republican reorgani
zation dinner given at the Waldorf
Astoria by more than 1.000 rcpublf
cans front all over the country. He
spoke more than an hour in defense
of his administration and the execu
tive results it had produced. He made
the reply to personal criticism that
be had been more misunderstood than
The attacks on political opponents-
confined almost exclusively to th"
progressives were not bitter, but sor-
Towful. In spite of all the misrepre
sentations and unrest of the present
day desire 6r chance the president
said, he saw In the future a return
'to the old Ideas of government, an
awakening of the people to the under f
standing that social changes must be
made slowly and with sure steps. He
closed with an appeal to the republl-
523 who had left the party to return
and Join bands with' the millions wno
remained faithful.
"Let us buckle on our armor again
for the battle for human'ty must be j
lought.sald the president. "Let us I
inflie Jliuse rcpuiiuuuill r.uu leu. mr
r impulse that calmer consideration
shows has bees nnwfsefcto-return and !
land again with us '8.1; Uils critical j
... .... ....!
lime. j.
"Let us invite from the ranks of
our opponents the democrats, many
of whom love the constitution and
the blessings It has conferred, to
unite with us in Its defense. It must
be a campaign of education amon
tne common people for the benefits .
of the common people against the per-
Bons of class hatred, fanaticism, un
balanced enthusiasm and the sophis
try of demogogic promise."
In the course of his speech the
president made his first public refer
ence to Col. Roosevelt since the cloo
of the campaign, asserting that prob
ably 1,000,000 normally republicans
cast their ballots for Wilson. In "or
der to avert the danger of Roosevelt's
Ghouls Rcb More 1hjn Hundred1 McMANIGAL IN LOS ANGELES ,
Grave? Just Outside ' 1-OS ANGEIJSS, Cal. Jan. 4. "Ortle
Gates o Paris. ! r. McManigal. confessed dynamiter
nd the principal witness against the
PARIS, France, Jan. 4. A gan; nf thirty-eight union labor officials re
ii t . i .i - . ..f' cently convicted In Indianapolis, ar
ghouls desecrated the cemetery "t, rlved at Ixjs Ancrles tonight from thc j
nichy-Lcvellos, just outside the gates' Indiana City. He will be B witness
ci Iarl. last nlclit. They saefceir
more than one hundred tombs and
s-tole a large number of precious keep-
sakes from the little chapel. Nonoi
of the bodes in the cemetery were)
disturbed by the robbers, of whom
no trace has ben found.
More Stamps Are
Required to Serve
The Parcels Post
Postmaster General Hitch
cock Orders Output In
creased to Ten Million
WASHINGTON. Jan. 4. By direc
tion of Postmaster General Hitchcock,
the bureau of engraving and printing
increased today the daily output of
parcels post stamps from 3,000,000 to
10,000.000 From virtually every sec
tion of the country requisitions by
mail and telegraph are being made
for more parcel stamps.
The postofflce officials are positive
that no longer a tie up in the ser
vice exists f.om decrease or exhaus
tion of supply of stamps, as a suftl
e'ent reserve Is on hand here.
lienor! received from various io.U
masters In the I'nltcd States Indicate
a tremendous Increase In business be
cause of parcels post, but no seriols
congestion Is reported.
Climax Reached Last Night
in "Burn-the-Mortgage"
Campaign at Big
-Chicken Dinner
At the last stroke of eleven o'clock
a torch was lit to the Elks mortgage,
while about the burning fragments,
rtood about three -hundred ElUs re
joicing over the destruction of the
last evidence of debt against the lo
cal lodge. The mortgage was placed
In a kettle which was suspended from
ta trident. placed la the center of the
room and the glow of the burning
paper enhanced by the total darkness
in which the room was, gave signifi
cance to the proceeding"'.
Joy and gladness then reigned at
the Elks home The building was fill
ed with lieople and there were dele
gates from Tucson. Douglas, Cauauea
and Tombstone. The guests who
came to enjoy thcinsel & did so
thoroughly. An excellent program
was arranged by tiro committee which
left nothing undone towards making
this, one of the memorable nights tn
the history of the local Elks lodge
St crowded was the club house
that two tables were necestary to
serve the guests. An excellent din
ner had been prepared to which both
guests and hosts did justice. The
serving began at nine o'clock and
more than two hundred were Tved
at the first table alon- ti i - "be
dinner, an erellen- musl'al program
was furnished by Brtunans orches
tra. Immediately following the banquet,
several talks were made by promin
ent Elks distinguished among which
were those made by Judge Fred Sutter
of Tombstone and former djstrict at
torney. J S. Wlll'ams. Lou Bonking
followed the. eleven o'clock yjast with"
jn eulogy of IjouIs Tozcr, the last Kl"c
to leave the local rank At the clos"
of the toast, the ceremony of burning
the mortgage followed
4 tlXl'Iiarv Hiphwav Ass'n. Is
,-. '. c i-j ', wt.
r-nrmMfi nil nri'jn iirif
at Yuma Yesterday
YUMA. Ariz, Jan. 4. Delegates to
the Good Roads convention met here
today and effected a permanent or
ganization, and declared their affi
,,. ,..,i.i ,a J rnr .
.f fh nam. of th s,h niemvArJ-
zona Auxiliary Highway association.
Resolutions were adopted favoring .t
highway along the route to San D!e;o,
CaL, To a city on the south Atlantic
coast, yet to be designated and the J
construction of a bridge across the
Colorado river at this point, the cost,
to be .borne by the I'nlted States, t'al-'
Ifornla and Arizona. The following ,
officers were elected: Ed Fletcher,
San Diego, president: : Charles 11.
Ackers, Phoenix, vice president; and
W. B. Gross, San Diego secretary.
against Anion Johannscn .of San
Francisco, one of thone indicted Jn
California by lhe federal court. He
then may get his liberty. His plans j
for the future, be said. Include the j
possibility of bis becoming a detective j
with a well known agency. j
Stiff Necked Attitude in the
Peace Negotiations Points
to Monday.as Last Confer
ence of Representatives
Balkan Delegates Firm xin
Declaration That Ottoman
Empire Must Surrendei
to Their L'ltimatum.
LONDON. England. Jan. 4. Unless
Turkey or the Balkan states can be
prevailed upon to recede from their
present stiff-necked atUtude. the peace
negotiations have arrived at a dead,
lock and Monday's meeting will ba
the last of the conference. The Turk
ish delegates strongly affirm that
they have offered all they can con
cede and the Balkan delegates pro
test with equal vehemence tnat tho
Ottoman empire must surrender to
them what they consider the spoils
of war.
The diplomatic battlf has been
.drawn at Adrianopie. If Turkey will
consent to cede the ancient capital
and strongest fortresses now lnv?sP
edr-so far as imperial witnesses cau
juflge. beyond hope of re!lef"alPmlQr
or questions can be arranged." J
Th Turks declare that they will
not give up Adrianopie under any
circumstances; the allies declare they
must The allies Insist that Turkey
must meet the ultimatum presented
on Friday without a change In ar.y
detail; the Turks declare the terms
ottered Friday are the limit which
I be will go.
Would Pave Peace Way.
Yielding to Turkey on the question
of Adriinople would undoubtedly pavo
the way to a general settlement. Dr.
Daneft, head of the Bulgarian delega
tion, announced today that unless the
xiiltan's envos accept, without the
alteration of a word. Friday's ulti
matum, hf and his colleagues will
pack their bagsage Monday and leave
London on Tuesday and that the
nrmles will give battle at Tchatalja
the moment the xriod fixed by tha
armistice expires.
Dramatic Conflict.
This constitute one of the most
('rainntie conflicts in the history of
diplomacy, yet the situation was fore
seen and expected from the first.
Only those In the innermost councils
know whether tho negotiations will
be finished on Monday or whether
they will just begin then. Events
have moved swiftly In the last few
days. When the allies delivered their
ultimatum yesterday, an answer to
which was demanded by Monday aft
ernoon Rechad Pasha replied prompt
iv and theatrically that It was not
necessary to wait until Monday; he
could reply on Saturday as well. To
day Rechad Pasha requested post
ponement of his answer until Mon
day. For this action he made two
explanations, one that the Turks de
sired to give the allies time to await
froth instructions. The allies are in
spired with satisfaction bv- the latter
statement, thinking that the porte is
r-alvcriiig on tbe question of Adri
anopie. Turkey Will Not Submit.
Rechad Pasha affirmed sothenvlse
"After we cede more territory than
that which thc entire allied states
had !efore the war. Turkey will not
buffer the undeserved 'humiliation of
ceding what is clung to'more for sen
timent than for territorial value. Be
sides. Adrianopie Is a Mussulman
towrf par excellence. Its population
is 1,180 000. only one-tenth of which
Is Bulgarian."
Osman Nizam! Pasha supported Re
chad Pasha, asserting that the In
structions from Constantinople wen
Insplrrd by public opinion and war
like enthusiasm b . the troops, at
Tchatjilja. 'After we declare this
sitting i nconference on Monday," he
said. "If It breaks the negotiations, as
the allies assert It will, we will pack
oHr belongings and" go."
Balkans Are Firm.
Dr Daneff In ar interview, repeat
ed NimazI Pasha's threat for the al
lies, saying to depart from the term
would not he accepted. Behind this
remains the fact that the Turks are
endeavoring to persuade the power
to Intervene and take tlie burden of
ceding territory from their shoulders.
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