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Bisbee daily review. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1901-1971, January 07, 1913, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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; 8f 'taiiM.mSXV3S.'!s.2". i 'ii'i'wiiifT. . -- ... I, . -UJiMaiifCTWM'CTTWr"rtTY iT. mhi. tT'T """T"" I ' ' " n I r-- mrcir rn nnuni wiTt , "" ,, iiifiyii5iifrrrf'iry-ii ..' . " i
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k, m -
t ssa;r'
- If
Refuses- tft Approve Bill for
Autojib41e Bought for the
Prison Delivered to and in
Service of Governor
Bord of Control Asks Su
- preme Court to Compei
Approval of Account fo-
"Buz." Wsgon.
imva ByssAiT wbbes rkview.
H4m. am, x u. . Buying pi-
alsc, Jk L Application was arndo
this locrnlug to h supreme court
ffrt a, wHt 'M mmARmvA compelling
J. C. Catlww. auditor or the state,
te SHWve for P5Tnnt a claim of
Ike ArtroHa Motor com nary for thr
Iiarcienr prlM of an automobile con
tietd for with the selling concern
tajr lactate board of coatro1 The
appticitkHi had been made Satnrdav
t lKrtk CunnlBgham but he d?ired
U eetiault the ether memhers of tEv
powrt lK.fore eBterhifr the order for
U appearance of the state auditor
as! a )teriiic and augjeosted the ai
lieflti n renewed Hondar w hich
aettetims taken a stated above.
Hlaiory of Controversy.
Tte atowtlon whje makes a merry
tcMote the xolitlcal teapot ot Ari
aona aB tarn abont through a seriee
of circtfMsiattees occurring about aa
fellows. Awlicatlon wag made fey
the fvrison ofRrlal at Florence to thv
lW(3 oC coatraf for an taHomoMfe.
I t I . . ,,., .V, .t,l.f llA n.t
. m,. p """."" "P. a
nf VrmtimttKtoaf&'m,rTm 'Z&Meln rrf T,
una maintam'nic ot me everi cb
vtet Mti cnmiw now in existence the
mm or an aatomotfte would be a aav
hie to the state and exl"edfte Ue aT
ministration of the duties of Warden
Sme. The board of control took hind
to the suggestion and ordered an
"fejpcrtiaemest for oxta tor au auto
'V,. Iia ntuiwtnr rt? tliA Yklila fha rnn
"K Pi . W" """ 1-"C- ""- " . ..y
.-, t tract w awarded the Ansoaa Moto.
jMk..lK8Nny for a 41 horse power 1 pas ,
-'IfMOieriHr the total price bein J234J ,
wf w JC wttl b reoiIWi that during the tor
.2??.J' &. i 1 I.UutUM uft oa:2
larrchased sad given over to the usej
of lac sovetBor office where it re-
Bfned oaUl the arrival of the newly!
p4T0tmsa Aooti-tsirou wiien ''
mi was xnaue aim iiiv ifu izai wo--,.
Jpte AMrw ear was taken in charge hv
'tfcB;'eiaiffet!r of Governor Hunt. The
' '" Z I .
&fi vr w aucb nse touay
Sonr Lauoh at Hunt.
The foot that the new car did no:
jV. to the prtfon the institution for
tit e of which K was originally ad
'", TixtHei for, seemed to be of tattle
caaweni to any one around tite ear
MaL There wm some Jofeing witti
Otmn&r Hunt over his appropriating
le new carnd aenotng tae om i oik-
if -" --- jt.-.
tp.Ma pet inatitutioB and other ,
aiw we govi.rv - --.
ft fceing recalled that he had exhiblt-
i nnumtal waIWn procinvuies on
tfce naaurtB of nt Inauguration.
SrytlitaK west well until the eJaini
f:H - - ,a flu, ntutifnr fr sav
iittadSof tbe car
-'"HAVflltor Caltegban rerusea to at
the claim, taking te poawtoa
wkiu? uw f
he ear" was t la use oy w,
"i j .. .
AttoB for which 1t was pur-
i;eW B,Ttre atS m.lTl 1 in
" Ht hfa J"'"'" '
T"7TF-. . AA.4air) fftar
UaLVZrJZ.i XZ. u briw: the'
l .il wo urt fnrijuatice !. are convinced tnat a
u -..i i Rfiierf
Hearing Is Refrj
r ... - . .-u. am
ftQ lwwv . -
LTr fc,i Tba rmt
aalr U br raanera where
eetatehedL Conaen'lT
JL nr a. orCer for Cal-
,r aB4 answer will be
Ktntnmr bwithhs j ,'T.M.r7 " - """"" "";":"';
nf iMA 4nmeTtor coari o lbib
" '
' riuahan Is Firm.
ter CaJlfR00 deeliaed eecrte-1
iftft H!HeaHy to dtscoa the
i.-?iiiimHc trial thereot ui rrew
SjSd that the posRton of Ai'
STllhBha i Uken not aa the
LwiZL Msitv of a ear far the
UMgiiN hoard Cf control m be -
"' . Z m ... ni Ifcat ib Contract
'ike motor company speJed
' ..- .,.. nrlian nnd
H22L ymet of same woe draw; 3nge Carpenter today The hoarlne I Hcrantcn. against tbe Delaware. Lack
tth prison fond attbogh the. te indefinitely deforced because oti awanna and Western railroad .He
2? -hn jjlf"'"' to Ote gBvernor and
E mm alnee devry I -
rlrar v B("w
ST rJiL t t u fivr fat suoh
wM- ntlrr- luads wlgnt be sod.! rJnnln? and according to the records
rt,LTr aar Jt8 ftwO r tfce, of the board of control made a mo
St nonlraior e jsewrtwr's of-, ttan that all b Wds to rejected at tha
""V1 SKlTiaA"' un th PW- t. fbp rtrm Stntnr mmnanv hfd
Ste sttha nf ear frw the be -
"r -. . . ..
;ft f.MJ' ' V t
.! mMiwmmUMMthfM t '' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '' " " " " ' -"" ''l' ',m ' ", mmm-e ,! .ipiwiiiiiiij7wwinwi, n. pim.dfctM.
Manuel De Arriaga
A rumor is cu Tent in Portugal that
Manuel De Amiga president or the
republic intends to resign from office
It has net been confirmed however,
and the pres'dent continues h.s ef
forts to organise a new cabinet.
Republican government m Portugal
has hardly proved a suecets. sad D?
Arriaga 's reported as in despair of t
giving iae lieofMe a proBjieruos an
lieacef al adniinrstratioa.
Automobz'Ze Tieri
s More Serious
Than Embezzlement
& Tha Supreme court declin-
. l- V
4e toftai-jeitfWrr tn tae re
Mc.Naniara fro Ne York to
N'ew Vv vatminister n t to
answer a- charge of tee larceny
of an automobile An attempt
vs firs i made to extradite
McXaroara en tberge of
stealing 8271.000 from the
bank of Montreal
McNama-a fought extradic-
tion In the later case oa the
ground that it was nothing bJt
a subterfuge to try h'm on the
O alleeed theft of money charge.
f CCfj 1 1 1 1 1 1 f J P fjfJ
..... . .. .. n. aaa
MllJlJULU I lUiJ i Lflll
P. Attorneys Unscram
bling of Merger Faulty
Is Decision
The plan proposed bj the Union "Pa
circ raurcaa anorneys ior uiuboivius
lue v v aml the s P. by allowing
the ij P- gtoct-fcoliiefb to bave tie
exclueiv'e priv liege of buying the S. P.
stock new owned bv the IT P. railroad
corporation, vvas curtly but positive
ly rejected today by the supreme
eort of the ITnUed States
Justice Day announced the conclu
floe by the court on the plan pro
iMftJ j,v !. railroad attornevs . and
' -
itii.jniim iiv tif i;i ti ninvni. ; iit-
" . , ' . ,", , rv.t,nhr
I aaiacw sio vtri.xvru w .- . . . v . .
hoWIW that the ownership of the
rtock oy tbe u. P. was la violation of
Government offloiafe, who heard
.afp?a Hpon. aad that any iiaper"
!rtfMitatlnn m.t b. nhlMtMl hv the
f t ... a.. ft .1 a.
me nn, itMMt ie uusil-uh iuui si
i corporaUsn is only another name for
, Kocijiioiaers, ana to aiwvv tne u r.
, rtecolders to bay the stock no"
'held b the V P railroad, a corpora-
I tkn of which they are stockholders.
i i'jes .cnm n reaiura ta iiieuif
! U.... An t Am nnE .MD llt
! aatlon The cae wHl bo go baCK
to the district court of Utah, In which
the Bit criginated, and that court will
enforce the decree of dissolution as
directed by the supreme coart
1 CHIC GO. 11L, Jan. G Bight
.MmMlc f2iarzr!np .Tnck Jnhnftnnt
! (, alleged violation of 'he Mannl
.uu .k,. .m , oiis hkfnrol
I tj,e decision exiKct-d by the Unit;!
l States supreme oovtrt on tho eonstlW-l
tkmaHty of the act.
, was aceepted.
Airbrakes on Cars in Los An
geles Freeze, Children Go,
Skating While Thousands
Seek to Save Crops !
ICS -aBIB8, Cal. Jan 6
Thousands of men ar ost totmtlit
1 ttfng their ingenviltv aRa'nt the
cold iB an effort to scve fiom further
damage the Southern California ett
, rue crop valued at fifty millions.
What lose was entailed bv last nights
freexe has not tyeen eetlaiated. but
t was serious, so ser'oos, grocers an J
ttrus o;ert g. that it vill have!
an appieclatle effect on the pr'ce oi I
fruit ard the outlook Is not.eiKOHrs' I
v 1 be weather iarau hat pre-
dieted a calm windleea nlftht, with)
I teraperat res as low or lower than i
' fioee which last Blunt stuttered ullj
, reccrde of thl. ty years
' Througtout the c'trus region thou '
.ands of smudge pots smoukjered. or
blazed tonight, emitting dense clouds
io, smoke which it was hoped wojld
i isife temperatures w.thin orchartis
land SiOves sufficiently t prevent
' furthor freesing of Truit on the trees
Smudging opera t-ons 'are ia presrets
' all last night and todav ond will con
t sue until the present almost unpre
cedented cold ware abates When
the cold vae passes It will be pov
sible to estimate the damage not onlv
to citrus fruita but also to the vege
table cros, v.alnuls. and deciduous
trees, vvhK.h have also Buffered severe
ly. The cold has create raach Incon
venieace Suturban trol'er service
schedule, are demorajbsed on account
o' the freezing of aiibraVe valves
Water pipes bJrst, and in various
l.Uces t s reiiorted that tee is to
th.ck over standing water that chil
dren have attempted skating
Accused on Witness Stand
Does His Case No
Good by Making
Friendship for his Scranton associ
ates, with whom he lived and worked
fcr cars, was the motive that led
Judge nobrt V. Arohbald, of the
I'Rlted States commerce court, to ne
gotiate with officials of tbe Erie and
Ijthlgh Valle) railroads over the set
tlement of coal land matters, and that
nmuced him to indorse certain notes,
tcconlleg to statements made by tbe
vecttbed jurlfct himself today, when
lie took the stand before the impeach
ment court in the senate to testify
in Ms own behalf
rchbaid followed his wife to the
aritnew stanc He repeatedly denied
that improper motive sinfluenced hU
actions, or that be sought to tise cor
ruptly his power as a federal judge
to inilHCe railroad officials to do cer
tain, things
Tells of European Trip.
Mrs. Archbald, Ulling of the trip
to Europe, which Archbald enjoyed
at the expense of Henry W. Cannon,
a director of the Great Northern and
other railroads, said that Cannon was
her cousin, that the two families had I
teen intimate for years, and that the
nvitation received b the Archbalda
(o ty to Burope in 1916 came to Mr3
rchbald pereonallj She gave the
...v, . .. .
senate .etter from Cannon IU
and other letters that passed between
Cannon and Judge anc Mrs Archbald
were filled with a. discussion of the
trip with a personal exchange to em
phasize the doke relationship that
Only Favors Friends.
Archbald admitted his association
with Kdward J Williams, of Scran-
toK. in wsotlatiOBs for the Katjdid
refuse coal damp, owned Jointly by
rafcsidrary of the Erie railroad and
the first ot RobertRon and law He j rom tuoe-cuiosts ts tnrce ana a nan
admitted that he talked to second vice times as great. J
President Richardson, and General) The war against the sale of liquors
CoHneel Brownell. of the Erie, In an!to Indians was "waged with contln-
effort to oxriiwt a decision as toi'""" "" ; . z . .. , v.
-hether the Prfe shonld vrrant oiv thb riport added, "and the . fight
onTJnTl:itZ TaUtinSto
.i..ii i,,i v, a , (,hh ' rrult i-r. alentlne iolrited to tn
r,; thTu, . in his" favor'
Archbald fleclared that he had no
Intorest whatever In the settlement of
the c&b& of the Marian Coal Co- of
" to the officials of the railroad In
bat case, he said, as a friend ot
George M. Waton, attornoy for the
coal company, and C G. Roland, one
of the owners of the coal company.
He had no thought of reward for his.
effort, he said, and no purpose to in J being given to the Instruction of In
fluence the railroad to make a favor-j dlan gir's. The character and efflcien
able settlement. J cy of the training given to them must
Work On Panama Canal Nears Completion
. .
f - & Imsi "tElifc flEBu T twi '3Sw
Upper picture shows t'Cmendous lock gates at Gatun. At the bottom, Gaturt spillway
Tne yea 1x13 will witness the
opening oi the Pa ima cai.al h n
I-resiuent 'p'i oo!t the rums o o
ernnient it cnt of hii iheiishei
hopes thjt (lie ij i d n might e
m- ncaa jnaiar; he iTle!-d a
tb possible from the paternal care of 1 ' r 'e !Xe i"t"'tt'1n1s,ll!'1 J
,,..,.,.!, . i of an inteneite form Girls can be
.he UuHed Sfe Kovernthent, now) ke,lt ia gch()o on)y for n few Jpars
li'e guardian In virtually everything I after they have developed Into woman-t-e
docs, was the opinion expressed n. ,lood " a stated.
he annua! report from the hareau df, . . ,. , . ....
Indian affairs submitted to Secretary! The rcatrtn Investments the In
of he Interior Fisher by Uober. G.j t,I,n servlcr Ii., continues the re-
Valentine, until recentlj commlsion-i ih", is in me socaiiod returned ,,TTT . ,.T , m,
er aud made imMlc trday ""dents who have been awav r the, VOULD HOLD TIGHT
The tfiet commwrfoner voiced the) ner tchools and have returned to rpf-j lTir;H PRnirTC:
hope that the day mtebt be Bear! llv Jt or ""r their home reserva-. J " JIU,n lftuluci
when the United States will finally t,0,n Theie are about 3".GU0 of theiw,
have lirted its hands from Indian af-, Judiang. who represent au economic WASHINGTON D t Jan . a
rtire and all Indians in all re-nectt1 ir,e9tmei,t, H ! estimated, of abou-. "' ju. u t. Jan h A
vmSStnTttbM f0-606 Th 8tB1t8 fluent- ot manufacturers importer and
their fellov Americans, I Iy ,arc con'lered meiely troubW; representatives or other interests ur-
Frcm Nation to State Quakers, by the hUperintendenU. of tho focted by customs changes a'red their
With all the expedition compatible, iervatious. declares tho commisbion grievances before the house com
w.th the Indians welfare." he added. r The superintendent forgot en ' m!Hew on w aD(1 M
-tly should be taupht to look to their "& ll0 ,a(Js ,h8,t t'Hs class, of In- ,De n-8l of a ser es f ,.,,,., rt.
:,i .n.rl.n..nt iut-d r ,i ,.-, ' dians r.rotct a8u!nt,t the order of i i ... u ... ' v
ttonal soverament My conviction Is
twt no itw oowaeie snouw oe
Ptacea in ib wa ci ine iransiorraa-'
tion of Indian affairs adiniulsttred i
by the United States into the afuilr
of norwal citi-siw under the ordinary,
irt,i.4- nr iii .tfn-s i
- l m --
i oo no: Bugesi runner auuisniy
for enlarged federal Jrdiction over
minor offenae and reservations. Ins-
pottan qnen-tona of carriage aid dl-
vwee illustrate difficult points, of
v,-blcn the onl proper solution ap-
poare to be education of Indians,'
whether or t thev an citlene, to
ntilv witt. th leir nf ihi-lr tttaies'!
arc trying to Dud that thing One of
our Mwtt acttv.:les te to make,
ever efcorf inilU m e schcot and
. .
" i
uh r He aa-.-j ii reer .-ihiii.,
. . . . 1
in the il no. .k of Tne.knal mh,'
in tut d.recU.H of roc.lonal guu
iui iiiiiiaiii scrrice in mi i.a imiio,
The Indian serviee In all Its parts
showed teersased activity during thc'Pra"' n Principal neiu uy tne gov-
jwr, the report stated, not in exte.i-1
frfon or turisdi.Uon. but In grappling
' fsore deeply end more InHnuiteJy with
... ti t. v. . . - -m.","",,""
campato for good health Vnil phys"-
nir with Incred mfmentam'
1Z. - , I. . y' ft """"" ""
the Tact that the death rate amons
tiu imlinn. u Aa w,r cent craatar i
.... .... . . .
iiitiii tnui amonK outer cmhsw ui urw
pie in tw ragistration area of the
1 nlted States, while tbe mortality
I " t5?' 'L ZFTZLZ ft
., '": ."i, " -fcr, " -' 'ai;Th Hn,n
of our cap-.tol.- shewing, he said, that
the -Indian though hundreds o' miles-
distant from his home. hah not lost
hh. lust for flrew.ter. and that the
laws us now in force are appucauie
Home Conditions Poor.
The home condition of tho Indian
problem, said tne commissioner, tor
which reason special attention Ut
fi- "
.L. ,
cpeued during his administration
lt will be earlv fall. Powcver hcfo'e.ness of the datun locks The lower
the firbt ships ran pass th ougli
The p.ctures show what is being ac
rompllshed on the canal The upper
odn) tlufce improved'hesaid, jMBcapse It Is I
Vs 3ro rJme.it-S fnrtSe kW inor.7ltaUr
they Had u vvhec the re-
" "."'"wr" .!.... T.:!1.
- "-" ." ..,?,-.
" not 'l"he !'ounl their own waj
to them And I am sorry to say he
co-itlnnes "that fnyjuently the great
t obstacle to theli finding their way
lfa-t in fh crm orumonr m-ptilnarv -m1
"" " , .",,,"" , .. u ,
Personnel It-elf. bvery Indian school
' ,,,ntrf should consider It a
vM' P",rt f uf ?a,'v wrk uto ' eep
track or the strdents who have at-
tended it. These returned students
"e the hope of the Indian problems
We would hardly think of spending: t
sJw'lar amount in training a ract
horse and then turn hw loose under
unfavorable range eomrMons to tnift
for himself
e f"L, "nlVt the greatest
". "l,0? . JL BI1
"'".. ".....", Zf l"'
whtilvCklfvn fVAUA.nm n t n I ki tvi
hniiiB kiuii hvtciii iiu am ill wiiiaio.
;. M , :,t ,,.,. . ' ,.j '
u" "i"" """ mwnum uir uu,
fo7eft Iloners ,,,,, ard
," 7 'eii i.M "i- X.
.. .. . . . . ., ...
?,?. "Z ,'?" 'S71S .n.7
i'30, LjV2t Tr ?-
PJJfL rfn,als Produced a total of ?l.-
,n,"fln art 3nd th l"otries which
Prodo tt ' s"d Jn"1' ?Tf
serv' in the o,Mnl0n of lh cmml9-
"loner the making of Navnjo Wank
ets, of tbe high greden of beadwork
., fc.b, T. r .-v.,-.. .i,..ia i
? . 7'" " . T"" J " "" ""
innerea ana preerven
Encourage Industries.
monc the Pima and Apaches ia
Arizona and ?one of the trite in Cal
ifornia, as well as elsewhere theiv
are expert basket weavers who should
be enrouragid. he says, while the
"""r" " i b. .oud -" i
iBua r by the Navajos congtitutes
,,ie'r Trra ZZYLS&
port. . He points to a woman basket
"" ??-. ?-! !,?"
1" 'i,0:?r,"wyri..,.:fc"r,. "
ieri,ices for from V.30 to 25l
" work U noWf-r or more neccs-
s,?y r w0r iryl In the Indian scr-
rt ,t?0rthn 2e.d matrons
aBd 018l,n lmiMtrIal teachers, ae '
I cording to the commissioner. The'
i bin Unr I. fh? women varies
I ttn instruction In sanitation to the
nrlston of cxpendKuro, and the
settlement of
domestic dl"icultleh
(Continued on Page S)
'picture ies some idea of the huse-
picture fallows the Gatun spillway
through which 1 000 culuc feet of
water pjsses per second
Friends of Protection Hurry
to Washington to Tell
How All Will Go to Bow
Wows If Dutv Is Reduced
Pajne-Aldrlch i-r-ff law a- the to.'t
oxtra session of congress The
discussion ranged from ioker chips to
sponges, and from caustic potash to
laundry soap The burden or the ar
guments was that the maintenance of
the present tariff instead of changes
Pfopo-sed by the democrats along the
j-ne of terms of the chemica, tarirt
teislon mi whIch was )Ut throlIW
the houses to the White House veto
Iaet year
Pictures Foreign Trust
The sjectre of a gigantic glue trut,
whese tentacles reached out over En-
,rcpe and Into South America, was
raised by Charles Delaney, president
iof the National Association of Glue
and rTpinttnf Afanufnnlnrora TV1nn.
cturcd ,th "Euroan Glue
l"!1 As. conlroUlng .cenx.ne i-t-
K?m OI lfve "tP"t " S'e on tne con
m .
iinHTir -T H urniiA gnn avrnnriinn a
-"" "". "u...h..o
operations io souui America Th-
Lp engaged -n
'"e. raa"",a5J Te " L""n " "
neSs ,,1 that the ,)resent tarIff on
- o - -
? .1 a.nd KelVln Was n0t ITOhiiOve
,He dec,ared that any material change
m present conditions would seriously
weaKen tne Inuuatrv lie Hiiirircxtixl
separating the two items agreeing
that there should be some adjustment
In the rates if glue and gelatine were
separated in the tariff classification
The committee sharolv n-.ies tinned I
. . ,CDm"""ee snarpiy qnesuoneu
several wnnesses regaraing proms
TV., . , , . , . I
other builneas that gave h'm consi'
erable profit
'Whats jour side line," he was
ased "Curling hair," he replied
"You'll find the gentleman from
Kentucky a pretty good customer'
jntenected Reuresentative I.on-worth
"l e",j ll" ,nvl,!!, ,""!ir ,
. ...' ,, .. . . ,.. ..... . ,
Tw tatahTentir .nTromi hh
J10 COB,mUtee Interrogated SI
?or,an. treasurer of the American
raphopone company or Rridgeport.
,??-? J1:.
"r; ,;"" ,:",i-;""'"" "'.", ;
, think It their business to ask about
private details.
Dorian wanted shellac and copal
k ' ".leached nM
I and soaps were also discussed by
, manufacturers with a view to pre
I wilding reductions
7 V , ... y ., ... '"" nsre9lthen It j, Hseeas to con,,HHe the
at first, but later sa d that he had al-Jsdu'n-"
Allies Declare Sessions at an
End But Powers Believe It
Probable That Delegates
Will Get Together.
Turks Yield Further But Bal
kans Are Still Dissatisfied
and More Concessions Are
Looked for This Week.
LONDIX. Kng Jan. C The first
stage of the peace negotiations, which
was regarded by diplomats as largely
one of pretense Turkeys part to avoll
the appearance of yielding to the
demands of the allies without pres
sure from the powers. Is now over
and it Is expected the second stage
will now soon begin
W'th the itowers behind the scenes
pulling the strings with which to
compel Turkey to concede the bulk
of the allies demands, Turkey re
nounced in favor of 'the allies rlghu
to the island of Crete at the con
ference today and promised further
rectification of the Thracean frontier,
but insisted on the retention of Ad
r'anople. The allies declared this was not
satisfactory, and Mispenued the con
ference The conference may be re
sumed either by notification from
Turkev with fresh proposals to sub
mit, or Ly allies on the ground thsy
have a communication to make to the
Turks It Is expected the work of ye
lonferenco will thus bo taken m
again at the end of the week. '
Allies Are Blamed
Itechad Pasha, before reading n
statement today, made a brief speeali.
saying that Turkey was prepared to
give further proof of a conclllptorv
spirit, but regretted that the allies
seemed determined to concede noth
ing on them in part, then reading fo'
lowing ir we refuse tne cession of
Adrlanople. becaue cession is impos-s-ble
for the becurity of Constantl
nople and the Dardanelles we are
still ready today to discuss the fron
tier line between Turkey and Bul
garia but the frontier must leave
Adri?nop!e In Ottoman territory.
Wishing to give new proof of a
spiri of conciliat'on, ve consent de
sist from our rights over Crete on
condition, naturally, that the allies
will not claim a cession of other M
dnds in the Aegean sea
Shifts Responsibilities
"If not withstanding these enor
mous sacrifices, the allies reject alt
idea of entering a road to conces
sions wishing to break off negotia
tions, the whole responsibility for the
consequences of this rupture must
fall oj them In this eventuality ami
we declare all concessions made un
ill today void"
The lialkan plenijiotentlariea could
not conceal their dissatisfaction with
the statement and retired for a con
sultation alter which SI. Novakovilch
read the following statement:
The propositions of the Ottoman
delegates, do not correspond with the
demands formulated by the allies at
a former sitting
"Negotiations on the new proposed
bas's not being such nature as to
lead to understanding, the alllps see
themselves obliged to suspend the
sitting of the conference "
Sitting Declared Ended
Rechad Pasha protested energetical
iy asainst this jwocedure. sayin;--When
M Novakovitch sits in that
chair he does so not as president of
the all'es, but president of the whole
conference, which includes the Turk
ish dclegat'on Thereore, the simple
decision of the allies Is not silTlele:
to suspend the sitting without the
opinion ot the Turk's delegation
first being heard."
Novakovitch answered: "It take
.' '"" , " "'
two to make bargain
If one side de-
r1tnna t .nta, amv JL..Alnn
.-. o . biij unvDinrnm
Rechad, followed by tbe wbote Turk
ish delegation immediate!.- left St
James Palace.
The general hope Is now that 'n
the next three days the oHve branch
shall be offered In shnpo of eft'dal
or unofficial intervention by pevvws
Chicago Nationals Will Be Materially
Strengthened by New Member.
CHICAGO, 111, Jan C That Roger
Isresnahan will wear the Chicago Na
tional uniform next season was a
aounced tonight by Charles W. Mr
phy. president ot the club Sluiphv
declared that Ilresnalian will add fif
teen per cent to the strength of M
Murphy refused to name the salary
Ilgnre. He will mall a three years'
contract to the cubs tomorrow.
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