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Parties to Interrupted Con
ference Appear to Be Far
ther Apart Than on Day
of Breach.
Representatives Talk of Can
non and Dreadnoughts
Being Needed to Deprive
Them of Islands
LONDON. England, Jan 10. The
Iiendulum of peace In the Balkans
h.vlngs between the fall of Adrlano-
Iile snd aetlon by the (toners of Eu
rope. Both Turkey and the allies are
unresponsive to the advices and
friendly offers and pressure by -which
the powers bare attempted to bring
the conflicting parties to terms over
Adrlanople. Compromises by which
the "Holy City" neither would be
opaated entirely from T'irkey nor
ceded entirely to Bulgaria iiave fceeu
refused b both sides. Turkey's
hopes of sating Adrlanople hare
uudoi).'dl been revived by Uio
threatening attitude of Rumania. It
is. believed In some quarters that
Rumania's stand is backed by Aus
Both Sides Threaten.
, The ambassadorial conference met
today but announced no important
decision reached. The ambassadors
will not confirm the reports that a
naval demonstration has been Plan
. ued as a last resort to Influence Tur
Kej Turkey's threat to withdraw her
Irfjnce delegates next week It the al
lies refuse to reduce their demand?
is not taken seriously by the ambas
sadors. J 4 "1
The allies have made a counte'
threat that they will give all neces
sary notice of the termination of the
present armistice in case of the Tur
kish delegates' withdrawal
The hope that the dinner given last
night by French Ambassador Cambon
would give an opening for friendly
conversations to the rival delegates,
leading to an' end of the deadlock,
proved fruitless as the dinner Is de
scribed us a cold and stiff affair.
M. Venizelos and other Greek del
egates are up in ann6 against any
serious attempt to prevent Greece
from acquiring the Turkish Islands.
They say with indignations that this
phase of the situation has been aug
mented by a knowledge that initiative
for keeping the islands away from
Greece comes from Italy, which
Greece considers as a supporter of
the triple alliance.
After ouUining the claims of Greece
to the Islands, which he says are en
tirely Greek and have maintained
their nationality through centuries' of
oppression by enormous sacrifices to
keep intact me national cnaracter
One of the Greek delegates said
"The only phrase thus far ventured
as a kind of justlficaUon for refusing
the islands to Greece is that Greece
cannot possess all the Islands on ac
count of the equilibrium of the Med
iterranean." This equilibrium never
can exist while one territory belong
ing to our race is bathed by that sea
under a foreign dominion. The Chris
tian powers will have to employ
dreadnoughts and cannon to drive out
the ChrisUan. Greeks from their own
Islands and hand them back: to the
horrors and tyranny of the Turks."
The Greek delegates say that they
cannot Imagine that Italy la acting
for her own Interests regarding the
Islands and suspect that she is seek
ing to please Germany or Russia.
Germany is supposed to aspire to
part of Asia Minor and Russia has
a long standing desire to be master
of the Dardanelles.
A plan of customs reorganisation,
comprising a revolutionary change of
tha boundarios of customs districts.
Is so close to completion that with
in a month Secretary MacVcagh, of
the treasury department, expecU to
submit the scheme to President Taft
lor his approval. It becomes effec
tive July 1
Jatper Goodwin, Henley Winner Pass
es Away In New York
NEW YORK. N. Y. Jan. 10. Jasper
Goodwin, stroke of the famous Colum
bia University four of IS7 which
won the only crew race ever taken
y Americans at Henley, die at h:s
home here today Ho was sixty-two
year old. Daath was due to a general
Massachusetts VSomen Commissioned
Preserve Trophies Yankee Naval Victories
"W? 35?fe.
Mr. Fimlrr at irurk.
pj 3j&m -i im
--.- 4JUa.r5fliHL Trj7 .7 jamk. - -Vvi
:rJ iHffiJsi Ju
'.1?r k2HHHBHMi !.-. Ci
trTTriiM niiT-' frT-1 t. Msm. t '!
WALTIIAM, .Mass, yTaD 10-(Spe- time nd the Inroads of the ubiqul
cial.) To present the trophies of tous moth
many a hard fought naval ictory' Many Famous Flags,
nnd to sate from destruction bv moth ,athe co!lwti,IB there the bat
nnd a3e the s.an, and stripes that E Ef TVJr.
waed o er victorious Yankee ships
oi war. an Amelia Fowler of Wal-
tham has been selected by the gov-1
ernment ,. survlse the expenditure . mcnVaZ rterTn
of 30,000. rerentlj appropriated by one of the most Interesting flags In
congress for the preservation of the' the collection Other notable stand
collection of historical battle flag rds that are fast going to rack and
no . In storage at the naval academ rain are the flags flown by the Span
in Annapolis f6i, squadron In the battle of Manila
Some of these nags were taker in , Itay. tne flag of the goemor-general
battle as long as a centurj ago j of the Philippine Islands, taken by Ad
Others are of historical value be- Imiral Dewey,. In 189S, and the ensign
cause of the world-famous seallght- hoisted in Japan by Commodore Per
ers over whose battles they waved r at the time of his interview - Ith
AH of these, numbering 136, are now 'the Japanese commissioners W I'rga
almost destrojed hv the ravages of, in 1S34
Federal Officials Are Accus
ed of Favoring the
Gas MonoDolv
WASHINGTON. D. C. Jan. 10.
An investigation Into the conduct of
Federal Judges Van Walkenburgn, of
the western district of' Missouri, and
John C. Pollock, of the district o'
Kansas, was asked for today in peti
tions from the common council of
Kansas City, Ma. presented to tht
house by Representative Borland, ot
These resolutions were framed by
a special committee of the Kansas
City council and charge that Pollock
and Van Walkenburgh appointed re
ceivers for the Kansas Natural Gas
company, which. It is alleged, is con
trolled by the United Gas and Im
provement company of Philadelphia
and whp were "friendly to the inter
sts, design and purpose of those two
A further charge against Pollock Ij
that he issued an order to the receiv
ers directing them to charge an In-,
creased price for gas delivered (o
the Kansas City Gas company.
The petitions were referred to the
jndiclary committee of the Louse.
Representative Borland satd hv
would ask the committee to consld
er Uio 'complaints immediately
Colorado senate a demand that he be
Effort Is Made to Make theS.tA.Ta,R0lSI"
President L'nderstand
Eli PASO, Tex Jan. 10 Efforts
are being made to show the Madero
administration, through Pedro Lascu
rain, ajat Low serious are the condi
tions in northern Mexico, especially
to foreign investments. The Mexi
can minister of foreign relations was
here today and conferred with vari
ous American railway and mining
men before departing for the east to
return by way of I.aredo to Mexico
Accompanying the Mexican minis
ter on his trip along the border Is
Lloyd C Griscom, formerly American
ambassador to Italy, Oriental and.
South American countries and presi
dent of the Pan-American society
While Griscom Is said to be acting
lc an unofficial capacity it is known
that he Is formally representing lhe
department of state. i
laKH ser -:?:B
raB-:rvi .';
rii.vy.v ,j iirsat?!
Mf;SrV?2i -aWWA. iCf
(O Boston Photo .w. c.
of iif Ibe ansa.
other is a BrlUsh rojal standard, cap-
i ",rea a' qrK. Canada. In 1813. by a
s'l,dtJfoa under Commander Chaun-
Will of Late Ambassador Is
r Filed for Probate - Paper
Control in Doubt
NEW YORK, Jan. 10. The will of
the late Whitelaw Held, ambassador
to Great Britain, and owner of tht
New York Tribune, leaves his en
tire estate, with the exception ot u
specific bequest of $110,000. to his
widow. Elizabeth Mills Reid. Tho
win was filed for probate today In tho
surrogates court at Whlteplalns, New
York and makes Mrs. Reid sole ex
ecutrix. Regarding the control of the Tri
bune the will says- Should my son
Ogden Mills Reid, display a capaci
ty or aptitude for tho work, it is my
deire that he should ultimately suc
ceed to the control of the Tribune,
but this disposition of the property
must be left to his mother.
Not a penny was left outright to
his son, Ogden Mills Reid. or his
daughter, Jean Templeton Reid, now
Mrs. Hubert Ward, although it was
indicated plainly that the late am
bassajdpr wished them provided for
ilterally and equally by their moth
er. The value of the estate Is esUmated
at from $10,000,000 to $20,000,000
Ran Second to Democrat Who Died
and Now Demands Governorship
DENER, Col Jan. 10 J. C. Nlx-
h, progressive candidate for govern
or in tne November election, an
nounced today that on Monday he
.ill file with the secretary of the
gomery, democrat, -who received the
highest number of votes, but died
between the election and the offi
cial counting voted by Umj legislature.
Kenyon Bill Final Vote In Senate Is
Not Decided Upon.
No sooner had the senate agreed to
adjourn today to vote January 20 un-
-on Uie Kenyon bill that prohibits
the shipment of intoxicating liquors
Into dry states, than a parliamentary
wrangle developed which carried tne
flnal decision over nntil tomorrow.
NEW, YORK, Jan. 10. Copper
quiet. Electrolytic unchanged. Ar
rivals today 132 tons; exports this
month 6147 toss.
London copper weak.
. .1 .'K'V-tj;'
Representatives of Protected
I Interests Insist Tariff
' W.-.H M.,-f u r i ...
" "" '"' "c uuw-
i ered bv Democrats.
WASHINGTON. V, C Jan. 10 -'
Keep the tariff as 1 standfc or hard
ship w'U result to American Indus-
ttry. " This ws the consensus or-1
opinion by witnesses at toda's hear-
I ing of the metal schedules of the tar
iff by the bouse committee on wajsl
'and means
The committee hsrd repie:it i
tlves of lead and zinc producers In the
west and Mltsouri. manufacturers ut
I rlnt ng presses machine tool manu
facturers and others in allied metal
trades, all of whom presented a solid
front against a revision of the present
tariff rates
Chairman Underwobl pointed out
that the committee was legislating for
revenue for the prefceit and was tint
figuring on what might happen In t'te
George V Cook, of Denver, repr
sentlng the zinc and lead itidustrv oi
Colorado, asserted that If lead an J
zinc were placed on the free list over
a hundred producing mines and con
centrating m.lls In twenty-two state-:
would close down.
Wm. Smythe. of the Amcricaruma
chine company pctured the German
manufacturer as rubbing his hands
with t)el!ght o.er the present remov
(a! of the duty on machine tools. I:
said that the German manufacturer
has special international rates ant)
added that Germany1 and Englam'
possess the great export trade of the
Motion for Rehearing Made
and Arguments on Law
Will Come Today
TOMBSTONE. Jan 10 (Special)
Attorneys fronr IV'sbee. Tucson and
Los Angeles gathered here toda
when the important case of Cunning
ham vs Costello. once more came up
before JuJdge Smith of Yavapai coun
t. who had come from Prescott for
the hearing Arguments today were
devoted to the motion for a re-opening
of the case and tomorrow will be de
voted to arguments on the questions
of law involved as they were raised
at the trial and on the briefs
Today the court heard the motion
and arguments thereon for a reopen
ing of the case that has attracted so
much attent'on from the proraineuce
of the parties in the mining world of
Cochise county At the c!oe of the
arguments -Jon this motion decision
was reserved.
Tomorrow will bo devoted to the
hearing of arguments on the law
poIntB Involved In the original trial of
the case last fall, when the issues of
fact were decided by the jury after a
prdtracted trial. At that time the at
torneys for both sides claimed victor
ies upon the Jury's findings
Among the attorneys who were 'n
attendance before Judge Smith, todav
were E. E. Ellinwood, John Mason
Rosa. George Neale, John S Williams,
Edward J. Flannlgan of Bisbee
Messrs Ben Goodrich and Scott from
Los Angeles. Eugene S Ives of Tuc-
on and Roy Morfool.
Company Makes Offer and
Is Taken Up Suit Is
to Be Dropped
,DOUOLAS, Jan 10. (Special)
Settlement was arrived at in the cor
troversy between the city adminis
tration and the Mountain States Tele
phone and Telegraph company at the
council meeting that was held tonini
In a manner that was satisfactory to
all. Tho suit is to be postponed and
ultimately discontinued and the com
pany need not obta'n a franchise.
When the city council met tonight
a proposition from the telephone com
pany was read which offered to move
the fine alarm and police signal boxes
to the new- poles ot the company when
all shall be erected, to file an Indem
nity bond in $10,000, or $13,000, and,
provided the corporation comirlssicn
shall agree to furnish the city with a
free telephone for each 2,000 of inhab
itants. Upon consideration of the offer of
the company, the council decided that
the offer embodied all that the -ity
could hope to obtain and was accep'
ed When the appllcat'on for Injunc
tion comis up at Tombstone a post
ponement will be asked and when all
the terms of the agreement have been
complied with the suit brought by tho
city will be abandoned.
J ANUARY 11, 1913. "
Hofcrt -
New York Banker Sees Dan-
jger If, System Falls
into Bad Hands
WASHINGTON. I). C. Jan. 10
That the present concentration of
money and credit has gone fat
enough . that, "in bad hands'' It would
have a bad effect upon the nation,
that "the safety of the situation lies
in the personnel of the men In con
tro'" and that the uresent conditions
are not entlrelj comfortable tor the
country," were a few of the state
ments made today by Geo. F Baker,
master of finance, as the climax of
his two davs' examination before th
bouse "money trust" committee. But
Baker declared jhat the "bad hands"
could not retain control.
Thse statements, coming at the
end of a day of. routine examination,
during which Baker reviewed In de
tail the operations of himself, his
bank the First National Bank of
New York, and J. P Morgan and com
pan, in the issuance of bonds, start
led the committee and Baker's conn
Samuel Untermver. counsel lor the
committee, was wading through a
mass of heav statistics relating to
bond issues haadled by Baker's as
sociates. Suddenly be paused and
leaned forward In ills chair and shot
thts question at the 73 year old financier-
"Mr. Baker, I suppose you
do not thing that there is a money
trust," demanded tne lawyer
The committ"e, spectators "and
counsel sat forward In their chairs
The 'vltness leaned back in his chair
complacently and replied: "I do not
think there Is."
Wilson's Last Effort Out
side of Home 'State
Is Tonight
PRINCETON, N J, Jan 18 Wil
son is enroute tonight for Chicago
where he will address the Commercial
club tomorrow night. This en'saxe
ment to deliver an address bet -e the
Commercial club was accepted by
Gov Wilson lous before his election.
His speech will probably be tlx in at
he will deliver outside of New Jorsoy
lelore he becomes presldonL
Returning he will leave CAicago at
12:40 k m. Sundav reaching Trenton
Monday, when he will speak at a
Ipnclyjon oi the New- Jersey !ctort
who meet on that dsy. Members of
the let M'tnre have been invited Tht
?!-.lr will mark th ren"vI acllv'ty
of ti-e c'.'ernor in 'state itr.tlm
BERLIN, Germany. Jan. 10 Aboli
tion of the linx't of seventv-Sve mil
lion dollars for issues of imperial
bank notes below the value of twen-
ty.flve dollars was recommended to
day by the presldnt of Reich bank
to ins imperial parliament.
hsj aHHiBBiiilllll(wH19BpHllBIH
km jj' "' "s v- hhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih
Witnesses Admit That Prac
tically AH Lines Have.,
the Same Rates
WASHINGTON1, D, C, Jan. 10.
;.Most steamship lines trading betvvcen
the Vn-ted. Stated and ports in South
and Central America, South Africa
and Australia use identical freight
rates,, agreed to in conference, accont
ing to shipping men who testUled u-
day berore the house committee m , further arguments A recess was oi
vt,t gating the so called shipping leret! at once and at the end of mere
tru5t , w. than one hour of debate it wa3 an-
The- witnesses were Paul Gottbell, nouneed tnat ,he senate had ,jeclIne(,
president ot Funch Eaye and Co. to aIIo,v the quesUon t0 be sUbmltied
freight agents in New J , ork for a num- t0 Archbnld. He.: then formall with
ber of large steamship companies, 'h,,. i.
Paul Gerhard:, New York agent for
the Prince line and W illlam E Halm,
New York agent for the Houston line.
All the witnesses insisted that no
tebates were giren on outgoing car
goes from America by their compan
ies or those associated with them in
rate conferences but J i n . i. n.
bates w ere i rotiably i en ou
goes coming ftom aouih A.rk.t
South Amenca
Washington Receives Re
ports That Do Not En
courage Hope of Peace
vVASHINGrON. D C Jan. in
state department reports today Indi
cate the recurrenceOf disorder In the
Rtat? of Sonora, Mexico, which has
been re-entered by rebel forces
The consul at Agapulco. In the
southern part of the reimbllc. re
ports that 500 rebels, after 2 days of
fighting, havt taken Tecpan from ly
federals lie adds that San Geran
lmo has again ten sacked and that-a
large -numbor of persons are being
held for ransom.
One hue American ranch In Chihua
hua it is reported, reeUj'or bandits
killed more than 100 cattle last week.
Ccuntry Wide Investigation of Stand
ard Oil Methods is Underway
,0 ,
" I
John McCourt, who began an invest!
cation today, there Is a movement on j
foot throughout the United States to I
determine whether the Standard OH j
company obeyed the dissolution rul
li.g of the supreme court. Local fed-
eral ofhcials, he said, were gathering!
evidence to be used In determining'
whether the company is liable for I
contempt for disobedience of the
courts orders.
FORT WAYNE, Ind, Jan. 10
Pcnnsylrania passenger train numlrsr
11 Is reported wrecked near Van
wert, Ohio, and wrecking and relief
trains have started to the scene En
gineer Chas. A. Prince, Is reported as
crushed to death under the engine.
Prosecution of Commerce
Court Judge on Impeach
ment Is Ended and Upper
House Has Fate in Hands
Consideration .Will Be in
Secret But Balloting Will
Be Done in Open - Thir
teen Charges Brought
The impeachment of Iui1.se Atxhbald
of the commerce court, nassed to
night out of the hands ot '' house
managers and Archbald s iutornejs
-nd became a subject for considera
tion by the senate, fitting ns a Jurv.
inc trial that had engrossed the at
tention of the senate tor mork? than
four hours a da since -Decemljer S,
tame to an end when Representative
S 1) t layton, of Alabama4cojiclifl'd
j his final argument to the hou mati-
ltli another appeal for tha re-
of Judge Archbald because ot
; alleged misconduct. -j I
Jubt as the senate was about to
adjourn Senator Reed, of Mii-souri,
asked y permission to submit oatvmore
quest km .to Archbald as to whether
or no't he had altered hf rei rd of"
testimony in the lmisrllle and Nash
ville rate case before tho commerce
court His correspondence with At
tornev Helm Hrucc in this vase fur
nished the foundation for one ot the
articles of impeachment
rchbalds attornevs declared thit
if the question was submitted thty
l.mii.i rvr.ii..t n n,.nrt.,niv . .o. ..
The senate will resume consider
ation of the cas-e behind closed doora
No vote on any of the 13 &epirate
charges raad against Archbald s ex
pected until Monday.
While the senate will consider the
I case In secret they will vote in tho
j Drinking and Lack of Sleep
I Are Said to Have Inca
pacitated Engineer
ALBANY. N 'Y, Jan. 10. Tils en
gineer had been drinking the nigl-t be
fore and had. slept less than three
hours; hence the wreck on tho Dele
ware, Lackawanna and Western rail
road at Corning N. Y last Independ
ence day. In which forty persons lest
their lives and seventy-five others
were injured. The state public ser
vice commission so declared today' aft
er a careful investigation.
Quarry Rescuer. Imprisoned by Cave
in and Storm Is Rescued.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Jan. 10.-Jame
Mejers, a quarry worker, was recov
ered today from the cave-In at the
! Alton, Ills.. Bluffs, where be has been
imprisoned since Saturday night bv
ulAht A rvw r4 iA llfh . rm 9 I
sleet, storm and Ice. He was taken
ta the St. Clair county farm In a seri
ous condition.
Moors Are To Be Shown Error of
Ways By France
t'AKIS. France. Jan. 10. Treachery
of certain Moorish chiefs, which was
responsible for the cutting on near
Mogatlor recently of a column of
French troops commanded by Capt.
MarceV) MassOHtler Is causing ser
ious trouble in that region and Geti.
Hsutey. iresldent FVench governor
of Morocco, with the approval ot 'ho
home government, has sent a strong
flying column under Gen Franchet da
Esrirey to Mogador to Inflict a salu
tary lesson upon the tribesmen.
r'aJwt &r .3:-. . r
Yi.....o.. r
. -.--;?--Z- uJOii&iZJL J

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