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, i
Proposal of the Corporation
Commission Does Not
Meet 'Approval
PHOENIX. Jan. 17. Strong opKMi
tlon to the plan or railroad account
ing proposed by the Arizona corpora
tion commission is being made by
representatives of the various rail
road companies doing business in this
state, wfia. are now in Phoenix.
Last Monday was the date set .or
the hearing qn the proposed new sjv
tem TiSSlfe?31 had a numbjer of
witnesses and representatives present
to show cause why the system should
3 not be t f lnt Sffeot. U S. Mayen
Vaudjfoc'Uf tLi!tk!ahQBia corDorat.on.
was the principle witness on the side.
oi tne state. He is intimately a-
. qualnted with the Oklahoma system
of railroad accounting, after which th-j
Arizona system is. patterned very
' closely.
, tltr. Mayer was put on the stand,
and he was still there Tuesday after
.' noon. Examination and cross examin
ation were consuming more time than
anyone expected.
The 'coronjLssJoners went into eecir
tire session i"id returned with r pro
posal to the railroads. This was that
Sir. Mayer take up his testimony
where he left off and prepare ;t in
the form of a brief, to be submitted
Thursday .at.tf rnooa at 4 o'clock, then
iur me raiiroaas to nave til Jlonuay
morning, at 10 Kclock to file reply
This pWpdsaT'was violently opiosed
by V. ,& Durbrow pf the Santa Fe and
; other raiiroadroen. They claimed
that the? Were not being given enough
time to -prepare their brief. They-
-ors and tafcJsbnfe weeks to get their
briefs ready. The commissioners re
fused absolutely to any such arrange
ment. It was pointed out .that the
, railroads ha4 their traffic men present
'and no doubt had all the information
necessary"vrith tliem.
Mr. M,ayergn back. on the, stand
and his examination progressed fif
teen sninulsifrnqre. Mr. Durbrow
'then announced that the railroads
.would agree to the 'proposition of the
commissioners. " ,;
'; This morning Mr. Mrtfer had h
brier finished and submitted. Since
'he adjournment Tuesday aftemoon
" the railroad mln "have been spending
most ot their time conferring in the
offices of Chalmers and Kent.
Dr. nmd Kin.
Dr. Ix:mt Kin. r. l.--i!!ns physician of China nho 1 now in . I'nil
" at. Sa a Mjraotu! fiWml of Vaan Sol K-l. t Luxw R.'-'.-n.. fhj
-j-criOj' Kaf ut fc IhtU Iniorraatton Mri.i. 1'msii witch lftJ -:
l.t r hr a if- Celestial: ua oi tht ne hs twetlt-Cve tttUlr-. ji.
tlistii he. vantH Kin sutys that he is uno of tae mu.1 oauttt'i m.'
. m.ic r"!: tttt-sh( r kn -w.
llALdFkX. .. Jan. 17. Instead
of dying on the gallows today, in ao-
cordancfadththc sentence originally
pronounced on them, the three Graves
brothers apen, .the day in unusually
good spirits;: thankful that a respite
had given them a new lease of life
'and hopKai t't another trial will
enable .hem to escape tho axtreina
Xehalt.' iOf the lav, Their WSjJ.Jws;
wuCoctcd. an extraordinary- amount
jOf attention throughout this section,
chiefly "becaHye it furnishes the first
instance' ou ' record In which three
r brothers, p7Q fieen cepde mned to
-; death In eatWfl 'Canada. The crime
' of which they were convicted was the
' murderjdf Kenneth Lea, at Kentvllie
.in June last The three brothers, in:
an Intoxicated condition, called at the
. victim's house at night with the pur
. pose ofyMting; a domestic in Leas
employ, and whom the latter had for
bidden them to see. In a scuffle that
ensued, Le -wa? shot and died two
days later. In the trial it was brought
out that one of the brother had pre
viously threatened to kill Lea.
Assembly at the university n Tuj
son was addressed Thursday morning
by Captain C. C. Smith ot the Fifth
United States cavalry who will be
stationed at Fort Huachuca. Capt.
Smith spenUseveral years in the civil
and military service of the . govern
ment in the Island of .Mtndemio. one
of the aotitRern Philippine islands.
Of this island and the men and
women who live on it Capt. Smith
spoke most intctrefttiasly. He told of
the manners of the people of their
ways of. making a living, of" their war
faro, of tieir -sports and hunts. ,
Other American mining oomnanles
have advised the authorities the, un
less more evidence of protection can
be shown them they will have to close
down their works, the rebels or tiaa-
dits becoming so bold in their raids
ijhat foreigners see danger for botii
J their property and their lives.
Restored to Health by Lydiat
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Elkhart, Ind.:- "I suffered for four
teen years from organic inflammation,
female weakness,
pain and Irregulari
ties. The pains m
my sides were in
creased by walking
or standing on my
feet and I had such
a ill bearing down
feelings, was de
pressed in spirits
and became thin and
pale with dull.heavy
e vest 1 had six doc
tors from whom I received only tempo-.
rary relief. I decided to give Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a fair
trial and also the Sanative Wash. I have
new used the remedies for four months
end cannot express tny thanks for what
they have done lor me.
"If these lines will be of any benefit
you have ray permission to publish
them." Mrs. Sadie WiluaM3, 455
James Street, Elkhart, Indiana.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
pound,made from native roots and herbs,
contains no narcotic or harmful drugs, rK
and to-day holds tne record of being the
taost successful remedy for female ills '
we know of, and thousands of voluntary ,
testimonials on Clo in the Pinkham.
laboratory at Lynn, Mass., seem to
prove this fact " '. i
If you liavo tlio slightest doubt i
that Lvilin. 12. Pinklinm's Vesrufa-
;3i Compound will help you, write j
(confidential) Iynn.UIass., for ad- i
vice. Your letter will bo opened, i
read aim answered uy a woman,
and lield in strict confidence.
' SM
The Southern Pacific, vArIzona
Eastern and El Faso i; Southwest
ern lines received notice from the
Ari2ona Corporation commission
Thursday that the hearins on dis
tance class rates to apply between
all "Wiriis in .Arizona, has been jwst-
poned. Tho hearnjr-was,to have bean
ekT. JanrST. R'tias teen deferfexl to
March 4.
The commission proposes to base
class freight rates on distance, and
the hearing is for the purpose ot
bringing out arguments for and
against that proposal.
Leaving EI Paso, Texas, but three
days ago and arriving in Tempo with
out having spent a cent of money for
transportation, is the record of 12-years-old
Busabio Torres, who wis
taken Irito custody by peace officers
yesterday afternoon at this place.
The youth left EI V&so without any
money and reached Tempe In the
same condition. According to the
story the boy told be was deserted by
his father in Kt Paso two years ago.
Since that t'me He has been employed
as messenger boy in a Mercantile es
tablishment until he took his recent
departure. Ills destination wu I!y,
Ariz., where two brothers and a sis
ter reside.
H. V. Mudge. president of 'the
Rock Island railroad system, will visit
Globe -in the near future for thqpBr
poe of taking an automobile trH
over Arizona's highway, from Globe
to Phoenix, via tho Roosevelt dam.
The gentleman will ship his auto from
Chicago to Globe and from here will
drive his car across to Phoeidx.
A bullion train of the Panuco Min
ing company, the American company
which operates gome rich mines !n
the district of- Concordia about "A
mites east of Noales. was held up J
and robbed of six cars of Milton,
valued at about ?12.000, being one
mule load. Other mules loaded with
iull'on were not molested.
B ;"
For Girls From 4 To 14 Years
Thomas K Flanigan is preparing a
writ of habeas corpus for Ooedwtu,
which will be presented to the United
States district court at Phoenix in
the near future, lie claims that the
original Judgment of the United States
district court was that Goodwin should
be hanged in the state penitentiary
at Florence and this was ailirmeil by
tne unttea states circuit court oi
appeals. ' The attorney clairot they
$avo no more right to execute him
at Globe than they have outside ot
the state.
To the mother who has a girl between the
ages of 4 and 14 this sale of Colored
Presges". fed ft. sorely je of grrat interest
especially so If she desires to sav money.
TneseDjessez are -n'ii of the very fin
est and belt of Washable materials, in
cluding atoghams, Maaras, Peremes,
ChamStgy ijnd GalaUsT Cloth, in every
stylish Peter Thompson, Itester fardvru.
RuMi,ifhcr: SiCddy btaose -.effests.
TheV'Afe, Presets t'arft fcrawriy
Uli. ?2-9n and ije an4 were pip&
value 5t5 original priw. They are sejnse
what soiled, from oaadliag, but a ., Htti
soap and jvater will mike tfeem as &
new. Kemeaiber, the actual value?:.
drejsen range, from iM qp to 15.1
Your choice for
sold at
- -ST
m-j MM$ m
mm mi i i
St. fit If jl A Mi 6 i j
use i svR
Children's Coats Regular $1 .95
Values From $4.50 To $7 k
There1 is only a limited numb?- of these coats, and if mothers
really know what a wonderful iiargain they presented they would
be sold In less than thirty isiautes from the tfute the doors are
opened this morning. To avoid dlsappeUtnwBt, we.fl-.nst teilyou
there are nine In sizes 7 and S, but all othnr yir.es to 14 are repre
sented la fhe lot.. Kegnlar values from 4i op to and including
coats .that sell for $7 Choice for J1.95. .,
!S fUllR
a fc n a DbnAiaiBKktaaini A
huMl pku s tuTtO?
A telephoned home is a protected home.
Burglars beware of telephoned houses.
In case of fire you want to get the De
partment without delay.
""'. i
More of How to Run Home
and Less of Latin and
Greek Says Univer
sity President
The modern home has not the facii
His of producing' as efficient women
as the ?Vtne ofjue hundred years
ago, asebrdlBg; to 'Professor ii. A. E.
Cbandkr ot the University of Ari
zon a.
- Ik1 - -
i .Sffi
f&W&Mft,-- ' r '-- ""
zyfiiYi 3
to make women as efficient as they
were one hundred years ago. Spin
ning, cooking, knitting, canning,
cleaning, have disappeared from' the
home of today and hns effected the
occupation of women."
Beginning with the fourteenth cen
tury the speaker outlined the indus
trial positions held by women and
the gradual breaking away from old
traditions and customs.
"Woman is one half of humanity,"
he declared, and quoting from statu
tics showed $6 a week to be her aver
age was. In mentioning this de
plorable fact he ' stated that econo
mists ftgnrfBg closely had found the
"bread line" was J7 a week.
Professor Chandler, in a lecture oat He told briefly the .reason why
tlie'Kconomlot Basis of tho Woman's women were paid less, than men fat
Movement." at the Woman's club In . the same service, attributing the rea
sons to the fact that women are phy
sically weaker, have only a limited
number of positions open to thepi,
Phoenix, inaugurated the university
extension course lectures in Phoenix
"The woman's ssovement Is prima
rily ecoHOni," he said. "It ' ori-l
sated from eonotelc conditions and
the reform that must come mast be
economic. To the economist the wo
Htan's movement ' means something
very different than woman's suffrage.
Tr-e ballot is only a symptom of the
great Movement and the remedy Is
not 1b lagislatios. The value of the
vote is irreatlv over-estlmuted. We ar
(Continued from Page 11
items on tho tobacco schedule as lux
uries, and one of the most easily
adapted to revenue making purpose
among the fourteen schedules, of the
revenue law.
Chief Interests today were centered
in the presentation of arguments by
the spokesmen of newspaper publish
ers and diametrically opposed paper
manufacturers. John Xorris, of New
York, chairman of the committee on
paper of 'the Atrrlcan Newspaper
itublisher's association, representing
the consumers who pay $35,000,000 a
year for newsprint paper newspap
ers throughout the country presented
testimony in favor of letting down the
can not move as freely from city toi""-- "ars "al su"1 "1 v-a--au.au Pa
rity and are not permanent, watrt '""SffiL'p? t
roony largely entering in their pta"?"""' nC,Pe g"deS
While women do not lend themselves j er and wood pulps.
,...,... i u. -i,i .. .- ,.- The American Paper and Pulp asso
to organization, he said they bad , ,i,,t. ,m, n .-..
mnil. ua,.aW.i1 ;,.'-., In rt wlIU" """ ." v.. loa.iun,
be taught less Lat'n and Greek and
receive "the right kind of an educa-
long on legislation and short on ad- Uon" that will prepare her to fact.
mtntstration. is education tn tne economic problems. "A practical, eco
home or the school that is needed I nomic training will sharpen her in-
rt ?nr.r Vj-ii-V ftct vaolrlAnt arwA-a aryt - U-
vars. To connect ni-Rspr.t nnnjiHM.r -""-" "- '" '"""". .i-.v".
Professor Chandler urged that girls
Confessing that be has committed I
a nmnlJor of petty tr.slts in order Us
tecure enough money to imrchase co
cams aB morpatae. v. it. Mcuray. a
lestaurant worker of Pougtas. aged
about 50, wrote a letter confesses
that he bad bees 'guilty of various
thefts, when he thought he was dying.
and Is now in seh a serious condi
tion that it would be Impossible to
try him. lis is said to be edveatsd
and refined but refuses to talk about
"vfouic? wT rwr " ewaI
stincts and teach her to organize and
become efficient," he concluded.
-Wftfc this will come the dignifying
of domestic work and a proper ad
justment and appreciation for that
ing, he said, the paper industry, wittv
Leaves Matter of' Providing For-.Chil-'
dren to Mlll'onaire Mother' !
NEW YORK, N. Y., Jan. 17.
Tee will of James IL Keene, the vet
eran stock market operator and turf
man, which was filed for probate' to
day, leaves tho entire estate?' valifed
between ten and fifteen million dol
lars, to his widow, Sarah J. Keonc.
"I especially omitted making any. pro
vision for, my son, FoxhallianU- my
daughter? Ucssle," tho ;? ilbJaWJo
lying upon my wife to make stienpro
vjsion to jthem las she may deem pro
per," .
After two hours of debate in' execu
tive session, the senate confirmed
today the nomination of Col. Kdward
h, McClornand, first cavalry, to ba
brigadier general, Vice Gen. Wither
spoon, promoted. l
hn Investment of $100,060,()0 and an
annual business of $30O,6ob,Qeo, voic
ed the opposition to a change in mo
present tariff.
Robert Graves, of New York, urged
an increase of from 35" to 40 per cent
on foreign wall paper,
News of the (faction of Congress
man Can Hajwea, of Arizona, as
third vice-jiresidenl of the Natfona
Rifle association of America, set ot-
Knnizaticn coaneeted'JIJ as un-oiKoJai
matiner with the war department, wa
received in Phoenix by Adjotant Gen
eral Harris.
The tide association headquarter
arc locates in WashmguM. although
its membership extends to ail parts
of the united States. Mr. Hayden was
j not only .elected thlra vice-president
j of the organiiattoa. but also chosen
j as, a memoer oi we noaru oi uireciurs.
j The presldeat of the association
J lives in Maryland, the tirst vics-srssl-j
dent in Ma!n, and the semd vice
president in &Mo, so It will devolve
nnon Mr Harden.' as third v1c-pres'-!
dent, to preside trtr all sessions held
jln the national caplud.
ij.ii iV"t-M-Tg'li-i'2V'&P3Pa5?
'"Capt. Roald Amundsen.
Capt Tloald AroBndon. the dlscov,
srer of the south pels, arrived ir
Awerica a few days ago and durtna
the next six months H1 tour tlv
sounlD'. lectarlng ifl many cities. In
his iectare Aroondson tells a vivid
story' of his adventures in the far
i south.
I was walking ahead of the little
ftiravan.' he says In telling of the
final reaching of the jo!c "AH of a
sadden; I heard all ho pledge drivers
iJMilout -la nnirorIi.Kifa'H'what It
, meMit-r It .'meant that' Ihe last' prob-
JeJn'lntiolar discovery had been
j solved.
ADunoon w;u iiuikc a uusu lur liit
north tJfenat year.
. j ...;... ; -" l,fc
An elejsrlc heating pad, shaped to
fit the flDUt'our of the liifiiiafi face has
been wrested hy two Idaho inca. .,
ninw. vnrrxrn. atjti Tn-;i?Trir imrcOT.Ti a or -m ihaKncf'jtiimrn'K'fl Kjw?isr,j
s, (V' V fctAl4 IUVJA1 JMiVX 1 I I JII Ml iUl J JM kg MM R, liv BJr WW v Vfc JkXJLA J A AV fyicySi o .'PSS
(&&W , " U I No other baking mgSBl
' 'V...JSfcJl C J . MU m TrvTArHr wi raise. S1rJSVtM
Jm, .-m. Qrt, ,; I 111 nicer, lighter bis- S3fM
S il "m'tipl-'U'' I I ml I cults cakes and SI
JSS&iH ?'1tyKHSf ll ' IB 11 1 pastry, none is more Hgg
JBIiMr' 1 . . M .anff " p5 pure and wholesome , mme
MlGBSsV'i A hUM M . MK W . m
- JlBrlnrrt U S'DIW - . . 1 T1! 1Y7L. D. ft - m
" stm rm j!& w men vvny.i y lyiuicr m
ctiu wzr m
" " J . - ..-J-.. - v i- A 3 .. ,nxZX
& -. lEirrvou? ) ixu--y f am jMlsBgassssaiBMigHBJMBiMpJMlgWWWwaBKrfiJWii H3ga4aa
ihui tt ihaf i w, -. r-'."' i of RCOMc V
h "i:is-- f-.m ?ti
mm "w yy v at j i
t -... 'ULiSuf f'l''HHm t, MMivms K.vtrn Inrtm rcA Artwpt sicmal-in back. . -It
utToi'aa K4tP'l' -I I U'WilifrJvMJP Itis cauiDDed with handle, and when detached makes a I 1
For the
is the most compact and efficient
lighting device for all kinds of vehicles.
Will not blow out or jar out. Equipped with
thumb screws, so that it is easily attached cr
detached. Throws a clear light 200 feet ahead.
Extra large red danger signal-in back. .
It is equipped with handle, and when detached makes a
good hand lantern." Strong. Durable. Will last for years.
At DealenSefyahere
LuAar!?.' ) S Frnrf
L ' I

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