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ArflZ UIVV. L;n ,,
b r
February 7th Designated for
the Central and Southern
Counties; Two Thousand
Autos Now Licensed
Order from the Corporation
Commission Providing for
Uniform Reports to That
Body Expected Soon
UOM.M 202, N.. It A. BUILDING.
PHOENIX. Arlr, Jan. 21. Governor
Hunt yesterday issued his annual Ar
bor Day proclamation which fixes
February Tth as the -lair 10 be ob--irvta
In the Central and Southern
counties of the srate, and April jRt
the date for the five Northern coun
ties or the state. The last legislature j
very materially increased the scope!
of Atbor Day observance wtrlch was
rornwiy limited tp observance by
public school children. The present
law calls for the observance of tho
day at all public institutions and by
all public official?. While It s declared
to be a holiday, the law outlines an
observance oC the occasion along th-
ljnes of tree planting which sboulu
make Mho day n ery busfoneiNfor
&& la? ''JfeiUSSam'
oMie huio uicenses
Ten state .tuto licences were Is
sued today oy Hon. S. P. Osborn,
t-ecretnry of state This brings the
total number of amo registrations It.
Arizona up to 20ui. ot which number
T7 nro fnr mm nf nvttr Jn TinrenMnura i
Under the law the last named class or
-lO.OO, while other vehicles pay att"i:al legislation. The Investlga
annual iWnses of J.". 00. All chaufieur l on w"' be the most "tensive ever
licenses. 333 hae been isued by the UI"Iertalen b the commission. It is
fclate. Such licenses are issuel for ,ike,-v that in tno weeks a fonnat
life and cost their owners $S.D0. The I ordcr Instituting the Investigation
are rrqulred to be held b all who'wil1 ,)e lss"eI- Is pointed o-it that
operate autos for hire. iihile under the existing laws, the
Montana Weather
In a letter received at the gover
por's otflco this n.ornlng. a corres-I-ondent
of the Arizona' chief exec
trtlvu writiiiE: from a Montana town
waxes enthusiastic over the Idefl
wfathrr conditions being onjoyed I:
Ills particular locality. Says the le
ter, -"We arc having ideal weather!
eluce I last wrote you the thermom-S'1
Hit fniilni- in mrkter nnv t.,!...
than 10 above zero, and so far wf
have not had over fivr feet of snow.- " " tnterstate lines are subject
Gm.-R.or Hunt referred the letter to.to the commission's JurlsdicUon.
Hoveral of the Southern Arizona
Hoards ot Trade.
System for Reports.
The matter of tho adoption of a unl
form rystem of reporting to the cor
jioration commission by the transpor
tation companies of the state has now
bc-n flunllv submlt'ed for decision by
tbij commissioner, and an order out
lining the form which will be re
quired, will probably be Issued by
thd commission during the next Ixt
days. During ihe hearing concern
ing the report fonns a number of wit
nesses were examined at the re
quest of the railroad reprereniatlves 1
who sought to show that this or tha:
feature of the report wonld bt 01
no' value to tbe commission but of
great expanse in cost of preparation
by the transportation companies. A
most Interesting witness was Oent
Van Slyek now a reslden of Trinidad.
Colorado and general live stocfe
for the Santa. Fe lines in the west
Van Slyck It developed was an oln
AHzqnan. He first can.e Jnto Art
7twa to tho Tonto Hasln Cii'nlry with
a cattle outfit from Utah back Irr
S-l and "86 began his first rail-oa'J
work with the old Atlantic and Pacific
Important Hearing
Members of the corporation com.
mission are preparing for' the hear
ins whlch Special Examiner Gibson
of tbeilnter-Vate Commerce commis
rfon i to hold at Phoenix beginning
January 23. on coal rates from Gal
lup. New Mexico to consuming mar
tlets In the state: On fuel oil from
Southern California points to Art
7ona point and on paper labels fronv
Now York City to Arizona points. In
tho firat named matters the commis
sion Is a party to the hearing, having
made the orirlnal comphMnl while In
fne last two name! matters the Pa
cific Creamery company made tho
rninplaint and the Corporation com
iiilnsion will Intervene.
Hearing In Los Angeles.
On January 27th Comralsslener
.Jone will leave for Los. Angeles
-where he tDI appear before a bear
ing conducted by a special examiner
of tho I. C. commission on a pro-
Ht . F I)'
nlK hpS "&JPftFatN 1K
m jBBr
Esther ClerclaaO.
Esther Cleveland. lnnph- i
Grover Clevelanil and a debutante
of the season. ' hating a splen.lid
time In Washington, where she will
remain most or the winter. She is
proving a great favorite with the
roungeretat the nafonal capital
Commerce Commission Be
gins Probing Affairs of
lelephone Companies' and
.Will Proceed.
Preliminary work was begun today in
the Interstate commerce commission's
luimusaiion oi me tejcgrapn &no
teiepnoiie line? referred to that
icay upon Attorney General Wick.
v-' aedston-'iliat'he
not proceed under the Sherman
law against the American Tele
Phone and Telegraph and th
Cell system. Chairman Lane began
the preparation of plans for the In
Quiry . ''ore the work Is finished it ma
inmnoriiy ot tne commission to make-
!ftn Irtntilm ta lnt.t....1.1.. .!.
J"" ...".J o uuirJJUiuie, IUQ cixacc
incut or new lefclslaUon may be nec-cs-sary
before tbe results of the in-
cttIcatIon can be mode effecUe.
It Is fxpected that tho Jurisdiction
of the commission 01 er 20.000 tele
phone companies In the United
Sln,es win b,! attacked In. pan or aj
a". .mosi 01 mem are 'ocal
comjianles, but it will probably b
?ie!d tnat 5nch of tbem as raay form!
. . . .... . .
posed advance- of; California and A'ri-
zor-a rates by the railroad companies
op tin receptlclef.. An order was so
cured some time aeo for a temporary
s'lepension of the proposed advanced
rate and a final ajudication of thy
matter will follow the hearing.
The shipments in question are used
i-xtenslvely by those engaged in the
butcher business, the dairying ana
apairying industries. It takes rran
tfct cans to co'nvev the. honey pro
duct of the state to market. , The
Arizona production for tbe season
jurt closed amounting to over 100
tars. One firm bought sixty earn to
be uswl in the flavoring ot ginger
fcaiw they sell.
Small DiStmPUished Partv
V:1! ". u.. t
win vju uy iiaui iu
Witness Ceremonies
XEW YORK. Jan. 21. In striking
distinction from the previous wed
dings In tbe Gould family, which In
variably have been marked by tbe
most lavish display second marrJ
ages excepted will be tomorrow's
ceremony uniting in marriage Miss
Helen M. Gould, the third child and
eldest daughter of the late "wizard of
f'nance," and Flnley J. Shepard. The
wedding as already annoanceu will
take place at Lyndhurst, iss Gould's
country -seat at Tarrylowrn
Despite the desire of both parties
that tbe wedding should attract as
little public attention as possible, 't
Is doubtful if any event of Its kind In
recent years has attracted more at
tention. The. immense fortune pos
sessed by Miss Gould, tbe prominence
into which she bas been brought uy
her many philanthropies, and the
(Continued orTPagr2)
I M H Ml i
Injunction Cases
Will Have Hearing
Monday January 27 1
Actions to Set Aside Three j
Cent Fare Law Up at
San Francisco 4
SAN FRANCISCO. Pal., .tan o
21 The Hearing of petitions
of seven transiiortat'.on com- t
panies or A r zona lor inliinr- "
tions to present the Arizona
stale corporatiun commission
from enforcing the three cent
fare law ratified by the people
at the election of November
3, last, will take place Lofure
Judges Gilbert, Morrow and s
Detrlch In the United States
district court hero JaJnuary
27. The first hearing will be
held before Judge Morrow, who
recently returned from a trip
to Arizona where he engaged
In organizing the district court
' of the new sute.
Want Information on Sev
eral Points Which Otto
man Diplomats Do Nor
Think Sufficiently Lucid
LONDON. England. Jan 21 Tu ris
er wishes certain passages In the note
or the powers explained fcefore a re'pl t
will be presented. Rechad Pasha, head
of the Turkish peace delegation, an-i
the Turkish ambassadors to the pov-era-
liae been instructed to seeic
itiuciuaiion on tne passages in qui'H
J tion.
Some of the points on which TurK-
tfhnrs' 3T'nes explanations areontlVsJ
CO"10- lac f!l ri, lAi. . .....
... .W..1...0. .we jui.iv uuic aaja lil iv
In case the war is prolonged, the
fate of Constantinople might be put to
a question Does this not mean thut
the allies might be allowed to attack,
conquer and retain Constantinople, or
mean that the powers themselves
might control the government in tiie
Ottoman capital?
What SuDDOrt Offered
The note speaks of "moral material
and benevolent support by the pow
ers." What must Turkey understand
that? How is this support to be ex
tended, under what form and to what
extent? What guarantee is there of
the fulfillment of this promise?
Turkey also asks what assurances
the powers offer of the settlement of
the question of the Aegean islands in
such manner as to exclude further
menaces to the security or Turkey.
3pek of Broken Faith .
It is said that the Turkish dele
gates are endeavoring to obtain satis
factory answers to these questions
made in reference to what tbey des
cribe "Europe's broken faith" In fad-
In fA tit n a. fn ..tnnt ,
" 7 " "" '" '7 ,V'VUT.
T" hsh 8Sk .?, I """ 1"Z
j-wu.v jwv t wi,u..bu, T..1U&C.C. iii-J
resuu ot tne war.
A distinguished diplomat, losing pa-
tI recommended them not to pr.
,end to more nahe tnan ,hcy
since the Turks know well that the
stato of the European powers con
template Is the only case If the Otto
man arms are victorious, as In 18?7,
when Turkey defeated Greece, on
which question Europe did not permit
a change In tbe status quo.
Testimony at Phoenix Shows
I Calm Deliberation of
i Accused Man
PHOENIX. Ariz.. Jan. 21. Louis
Beckton, serving a penitentiary term
or murder, who was brought here as
",c Btar witness In the trial
of Wil
liam Falttn, a rancher, charged wlti
tbe murder of his partner. Carl Peter
son, last summer swore on the wit
ness stand today that Faltin told him'
he had deliberately set an
clock 'for two a, m, to wake him in I
order to kill Peleron. After slajine;
bis victim, the witness testified, Fal-
tin threw the body Into a wagon an.l
hauled It to a (.hallow grave that he
had dug some time before the crime
vas committed.
The discovery of Peterson's body
In the grave revealed the crime and
resulted In the arrest of Faltin wht,
fc charged with killing Peterson by
crushing his skull with an iron rod.
ST LOUIS, Mo, Jan. 21. Frank
N. Slmmcral, a policeman of Granite
City, Ills., was shot and dU'igtrously
wounded today by men wiiom ho was
toting to the city hall lo shelter them
1 iiihiMtiMw rs?ii MiiiHHBfi"ii iMtiilf a in 1 fMi'lfifmi matKxOr'&UrVSnSlf'lSKWKmmStS'i
V "I wmm.. MJJ-JKg&mm&L-A i'. iSBBKVuAmViVXVn'SSSSSSriSl'JSiSi,as ftaeMWMwMMWw ni.. '
. . .sSEt SiSteOiO1 jUiiyHfctflaHMte.
Crotra rrincraft of Rosiunnla and htr daughter Ileana.
Iloumania. Jan 21 - splendid Russian connections, with popularity has waned Now tho
tSpeciab With one exception th
most unpopular personage In Rou
manlc that Is the unhappv distlii-
1 t.'on of Crown tr ncess Slarle. dausn-
ter of th-' Enellsh Duke of Edinburgh
and wifg of the crown prince or
Rouman a.
years ago the cron
prince fell In Iove with the beautifi'.l
Helen Vacaresco. He would have
raarr.ea ner. j.ut tor-reasons -of state t of tne only woman he had ever loid.
It was deemed wise to prevent the I Soon, however, disillusion came. For
union. The prince was sent to Eug-1 Marie was Indifferent to the kingdom.
laniU.where he met the Duke of Jid- hridlfferent td her husband, whom she
Inbursh" jtehte-trjfft did .not loratdfil nofloioi She-refused to take the
her, but after two years he yielded 1 trouble lo learn the language or 10
to the tremendous pressure whicii teach her children to iove their conn
had been brought to bear upon him. try As the years have passed ner
She was a princess ot England, vrVx ' 'ndifference has increased and jier
Second Cruiser Is Sent to
Mexico This Time Going
to the Atlantic
Ocean Side
WASHINGTON', D. C. Jan. 21.
Alarmed for the safety of United
States citizens, whose 1'ves may te
In jeopardy because of the widespread
Uwlessces3 of Mex.can rebels In Vera
cruz state and throughout southern
Jlexlco, the state department has
again called on the navy to protect
the Interests of the United States ci
tizens In the Mexican republic Tho
gunboat Wheeling Is steaming tonlgnt
from .Tampa. Kla for Vera Cruz,
where American are said to face
a graver crisis than that relieved fy
the cruiser Des Moines at'tbst'me of
the Diaz uprising of October, 1910.
Many Disturbing. Resorts
The request oj tbe state department!
to tne navy department catne after tha
receipt of a long series of reports
from United States ambassador Hen
ry l.ane Wilson' and consuls In south
ern Mexican cities, -ll reflecting
condition of anarchy, especially in the
state of Vera Cruz, where the federal
authorities face the problem of restor
ing civil order with a disorganized,
divided army.
Guerilla warfare, brigandage, the
sacking of ranches and villages - aad
other desperate crimes place Amer
icans and other foreign residents n
the state In constant danger- Latcit
advices stated that the department
has expressed the fear of a worse out
. .1 ui 1. . '
" " ""wins am..- .
3t Vera Cruz harbor Americans and
other foreigners will be taken aboard.
Officials express the hope that the
sight of her guns may have the same
?lmoraI effect as followed the arrival of
aianrt!,,, n ,,, ,- ..
Still Against Intervention
Today's act'on by the state depart
ment Indicates that the administra
tion's policy of non intervention will
fce adhered to to the close ot Taffa
term. While the present administra
tion will endeavor to take no action
which might embarrass the succeed
ing .fgime, it Is taken, for granted
that aggressive actios will be resort
ed to If the disturbed conditions men
ace the safety of UniteJSUtea citi
NEW YORK. N. Y Jan. 1, Cop-pe-
steadier, electrolytic W2Z to
exports this' month 1G.1SI tons.
London copper steady.
-j. ' . . L
&., -Tfr SLs. - -i - . dj.Aa.
powerful Gorman alliances Whv
should a mere matter of love be pei
mitted to spoil such an alliance for the
heir to the Rouman an throco? Thus
argued the royal matchmakers.
Xo woman ever had a better chauce
to rule by love than Princess Slaile
The Roumanians idolized that tall.
1 fair beauty. They were dazzled by
1 her connections. They were ready to
. forget the shatte
'crown prince, wh
ered romance of tne
ho had been rot-bed
Nogales Teachers
Strike When Fuel
Is Not Furnished
NCGALES, Ariz. Jan 21. Six
of the ten teachers of Nogale s
one public school went on strike
today and caused an Unscheduled
holiday for the children. When
the teachers arrived at the build
ing this morning they found it had
not been heated, and declined to
resume duties until the heating
plant was again placed in com
mission. As a result the entire
school was dismissed.
Principal C. H. Madden put in
the day scouring the town for
wood as the trustees had permu
ted the fuel supply to become ex
Jewel on Finger of Poorly
Dressed Man Rouses
LOS ANGELES, Cal, Jan. in. Sun
piciou aroused by- tne flash" 'of a big
diamond on the finger of a -poorly
dressed young man resulted In the .ir
rest of James Conley an'd Harry
Payne. They confessed today thu
they had beaten William McDowell,
an elderly retired rancher of Walla
Walla, Washington, almost to dcrJi
and then robbed him of four thousand
dollars worm or jewelry.
Thev not
only took the jewelry from McDoaeil,
but deDrlved hfm nf nr.r Bf!th ,.r
. ..7 ' . -.-., ......... ...
ciotning he possessed, excepting one
c r - ... i .- .n ..... .
sun 01 unuerwear wnich ne Had on
when the two young men attacked
mm. .vicuoweii was unconscious wh?n
detectives entered bis room and is
still In a precarious condition tonight
In a statement to the police. Con-
ley and Payne said that they first on'
gaged a room near that of McDowell
In, a downtown hotel, and then called
on him to borrow matches. When the
old man turned to get some from a
match case, they felled him with a
Iad pipe
After looting'' McDowell's room,
iPayne put on'fie of the' rings and loft
the hotel, while Conley was to pack
and meet htm near the railroad sta
tion, xwo detectives standing, on a
corner saw Payne wearing the rinz
and followed him. When ho met Con
ley both were arrested. The jewelry
was found on them.
i;OR ARIZONA Fair Wednesday
warmer In the nortfc.
1 I UH mB8HjjhBB I
people grumile atliaUng to take care
(of her children who, they declare,
1 have not a drop of Roumanian bloo-I
in their veins Her cynleifcm, her
openness about her manv affin'ti.'s
, shocks them, and mothers declare she
1 has lowered tne morals of thplr
.' daughters by her example.
In the meantime, Helen Vacaresco
I has become the best loved, the moit
popular woman In Iloumania today
Her books and noems are read by the
, humblest, and her splendid social
work has endeared her to all, The
' people of Roumania mourn that the
! English pr'neees' should have taken
'the place in their future, king's Ufa
( which now- all asree should have
been filled by the brilliant and lovable
' sv.eethcart of the crown prince's
. jouuger das
Hearing by Ways and Means
Committee Taken to In
dicate Cut on An
other Necessity
WASHINGTON. C. C, Jan. 21.
"Free meat." proposed by the house
ot democrats at the last session of
congress but blocked by the presi
dential veto, Is indicated as a part of
the extra session of congress in the
tariff revision' program by the hearing
today by tbe house committee on)
u.!ii artrl manna Thft momliAr, nf fht
committee cmpnaslzcd the majority
sentiment In favor of free seats and
a strong stand toward free cattle 3l
made In accord with the general pol
icy of the democrats 1aBt year to
transfer the necessities or life, includ
ing sugar and lumber, to the free list,
A protest against putting cattle and
meats on -the free list was made by
S. H. Cowan.'.'of Fort-Worth, Texas,
as spokesman of the cattle Industry
west of the Mississippi. Cowan said
that such a plan, if adopted, would
mean a flood of cheaper meats from
the South American ranges and pic
tured the ruin of the- industry in
Texas. - w - -'
theVhouse? Vote fori fre moats at the
last session askd Representative
James, or Kentucky
"Yes," said Cowan
"And all of them were re-elected ?'
"Yes" was the answer.
j IHTII DID 'JUH tlUl ftUJItp; ItlUIllVl
to the vote of yoHr stater
Txas Always Democ
Iways Democratic
"No," replied Cowan. "The demo
crats of Texas always vote the demo
cratic ticket, regardless of such .mat
ters. Allegiance to the party is too
strong to do other wise. '
Rermuda and JIahama -Jslands regis
tered a protest against th present
tariff rates. Lorenzo Grorgc Rrice,
itepresentlng the Bahamas, urged the
reduction or the duty on sponges, p n -apples,
grapefruit and other things
T. H. H.,Utcrbridge and S S Purl
ing, representing Bermuda officially,
wanted the tarff reduced to help the
people whose trade he said depended
on the United States.
'Why you had a million dollars
worth of advertising in Wilson's go
ing to nermuda," smilingly suxgrated
Representative Valmer, of Pennsyl
vania, "eg," replied Purling, "and we
aro proud of bis visit"
John L. Slatfery. of Chicago, warn
ed the committee not to put a duty on
m)miHmmlt?'imVi''i rmwmm .m SK-.HK
I Former Secretary of State
Bitterly Assails Policy ol
Favoring United States
Vessels Over Others. !
. . m
Nation Cannot Afford to'. Go
on Record as Being False,
' Cunning and Tricky with
Other World Powers
WASHINGTON, 1). C. Jan. 21.
"Shall we Inform the world that tha
United States is fals" to its agree
ments and falpc to its pledred word?
Shall v.e have it made known th&
world over that you must look out oc
the United States v. Ill get tho advan
tage of you? That tne United States
ib astutr cunning,' slippery?"
With thin vigorous denunciation ot
the attitude of tbl country n the
linama cana' controversy with Great
Itritain, Senator Elihu Root closed a
two hour speech in the senate today
with an ippeal for the submission ot
the Panama question to arbitration,
or the repeal of that section of tho
canal law that gives free passng"e to
American coastvse ships,
Neutrality Is Essential.
Root contended that the authority
of the United States over tho cunai
l" based directly on the principle ot
j Wp are not at libety," said tlia
j senator, ' to put a construction Uon
I tl.e Pauncefote treaty that vlolateb
I Iiiei f-ontrolling principle of absolute
I equalitv embodied In ary other
I Ie quoted tho assurances given
! Great Itritain that the United States
would not seek special favors for its
rhlps m the Panama canal and cited
tne treaties of other nations In which
lh- same position was taken. Root
contended that the United Str.tes
c-cim no special control of tho canal
i ccause it owned the canal zone. This
ttiggesuun was made, he said, by
Pose who claimed that tho United
states was entitled to build the canai
and to own the property and should
do with It as It liked without regard
to previous treaties
Hold Canal in Trust.
"Nothing could be further from tin,
fact," declared Root. "It is not our
territori except In trut."
Speaking from his experience as a
member of Roosevelt's cabinet when
1 lie canal zone was purchased and
when over twenty-live arbitration
treaties were mede with foreign nx
Root delivered a most vigorous at
tack on the present attitude of the
United States.
Will Call Meeting.
It became known that following the.
senator's address. Senator IJrandegce.
chairman of the inter-occanie canaW
romnnttee, will call a meeting in a
few days to take up Root's amend
niont to repeal the free toll provision.
A determined effqrt by those 'who bi
Toed the original iiassagc or this
1 rovifclon will be made at this ses
sion to change the law before it goes
'nto effect and so cause the dispute
jtvitU Great Britain tc be removed.
British Note Answered.
Taft "has approved the note pre
Ired by tho state department in re
ply to a communication from Sir
idward Grey, British secretary of
foreign affairs, protesting against tin
coemption of American, cc-astwire
ebipplnc- from the payment of tolls in
the Panama canal. As "a matter of
official courtesy Information regard
ing this is withheld and the exac.
contents of the notf- will not be
known until tt has been rexived by
the British government at .London
through the American embassy there.
It way learned today that Rryce
the Drit'pli ambassador, had been in
vited to tho stale department a week
go and listened to an explanation
in detail of the American posltTon by
Chandler Anderson, counsellor of the
state department.
It Is believed here that after at
tempting lo eliminate a number or
proposition- i n'he Rritish note thft
ivere considered not to pertain to the
real iwmc. the secretary of state wll'
make his principal rffort to show
t'lit th tcrnf "all nations" of tne
Ifay-Paunccfotc treaty "does not nec
essarily Include the United SUtcs nnd
that It Is entirely competltent of this
government to treac its own shipping
different from that of other nations
insofar as the canal is concerned.
y.-' .: :.r7gsag:rw
f mm, m 4$bMpi
ft. SO. C-J !-
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