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County Treasurer Hicks Is
Readyjj.To Pay AH Out
standing County
(Uy- Oscar K. Coll.)
TdMUSTQNE, Arte, Jan. 22.
Coanty Treasurer Charles V. Hicks
hab issued i'call or alt outstanding
general eounty fund warrants and
will pay efCIln tha neighborhood or
about JlOO.OpI of iper Issued by Co
chise count? Iseveral years ago. This
leavs the banner cotmty oftbe tate
on practically, a cash basls,a distinc
tion that no other county enjo'ys-hi
Aribzonu, which Is further proof hat
this sect Ion it f the southwest is eu.
joying much! prosperity.
LavJ Library Shipped.
The law library belonging to Attor
ney Harry ji Pickett has been
shipped to Memphis, Tennessee, where
the owner hij opened law offices. This
is only a isrt of the extensile law
library of tfee well known law Arm
of Pickett ad(l Pickett, which will con
tinue to maintain offices in Tomb
stone and ufmer the able guidance of
Colonel H. JL -Pickett, direct the in
creasing ArjWHo practice of the firm
Passes to Beyond
Word b&jb-n received in Tomb
stone of thfi death of Charles Fisk
iu Los Angeles, Cal., the early part of
this Btonth. The deceased was a for
mer Tomb-Hone nMident. having
frenred as WeRs-Fargb agent nere toi
several yean. He was an Arieorta
pioneer, havinp resided In Globe in
1S79 and later located in Nogales.
He wor w;elt"iaiown by old Ariaona
residents of jlhe Soiithw!t. lie was CI
years of ag$ and during th latter
:art of his $fe was stricken with a
Itebt form ioC paralysis, which left
him an invi&d. He leaves a wife and
daughter reading at Los( .Angeles,
who are also; well known here.
Meets With Mishaps.
Robert AXtell, who, recently mK
with a &eriofe accident at the Reeves
ranch near .Tombstone, is slowly re
covefiB from his injuries. Last
week the yog man was brought into
to'ri for sfirglcal attention, due to
accident vEf? chopping wood. Ii
appears thai while swinging his axe
the Wade wij swerved from its course
by a glaseelblow on a knot of wood
and .hit hte right leg below the knee,
thereby inflicting a wound whicn
reached the! bone, and his physician
was obliged o jmt in fourteen stitdj
cs in order;, to sew up the wound.'
which bled profusely, causing the in
jored man to become very much
weakened by the loss of blood.
Will Lecture Here.
Professor Chandler and Professor
Willm, botti prominently connecbeji
with the I'nlverslly of Arizona at
. Tucson, will deliver a lecture ia
Tombstone on the twenty-flftb. of this
month. Roth will addresshe peopls
of the county seat on thjgsame even
ing, and arrangemeutsare now tinder
way and partly nerfecfeffby Professor
Ii. H. Stoer, principal of the Tonil
btone Public schools, and formerly
county school supehlnteudent, for tht.
coming event.
Reports are current in Tombstone
to the effect that K. II. Gage, the well
known ArUona pioneer, and formerly
president of the Tombstone Consol'
dated Mines Company, is again in a
fcrioiw condition at his home in Ban
francisco, suffering from Urighfs dis
ease. Mr. Gage has retired from pub
lic life, having disposed of most of
his rlona holdings, owing to his
physical disability not permitting him
to iriirsuu raining or other interests. It
is hoped by the many fi lends of the
esteemed , pioneer in Tombstone ana
Cochise? teounty foS an. ' early and
speedy recovery.
News Items.
Statistics show that there were
271 births In Coohlse county and
2U deaths recorded between Januarj
1 and JHne 3(HU, 1012 according to
reports issued by the postofflce de
partment, totaled $4,070.
There arc C5 school districts In Co
chise county, employing 104 'teachers,
while the monthly payrolls average
nr $17.Mffl per month.
The nojt hearing for final natural
ization papers will be had in the Su
rerior court at Tombstone sometinv
during the month of March, the date
will be published later.
County Treasurer Hicks recently
sent to the state treasurer u check t
to the amount of 27S,1S6.5S beinc
Cochise county's rtiare In full foi
state taxes for ilio year 1912. This icl
said to be the tersest amount re
ceived from any county, and -xceed-iBg
Maricowv by nearly $GO,0W.
Professos K. H. Stover of tfi
Tombstone public schools was recent,
ly graRted a Hfe certifieate to teach
tn Arizona by the slate board of edu
cation, which is an honor accorded
but vry few in the new state.
Tombstone will lortly have it
own lighting system, the city council
having decided to Install a municipal
lighting plant for the purpose of fur
nishing street lights.
Such Is Report Received by
El Paso Mexican Consul
E. C. Llorente
KL PASO, Jan. 23. General Jose
do la Luz Dlanco, the fc-uerai com
mander reported to have been cap
tured and eiiecuted two weeks ago by
Red. Flag rebels near Babicora, Chih,
is alive and pushing a vigorous cam
paign against the Red Flag bandits
along the Chthuahua-Sonora state lln:
west of Madero. says Mexican Consul
P. C. Llorente. The consul said last
night that he has recehed dispatcher
from Sonora to the effect that Ulanco
is still alive, and ery much alive.
Blanco, according to numerous un
confirmed reports, was, captured early
in January near the Hearst ranch at
Ifehlcorji by a .flylns squad of Red
Flaggers. 3t was said that he, and nis
secretary were taken while they 'were
about a mile away from the -column
of federal volunteers he commanded.
Late; came the news that be was ex
ecuted. Een Mexico City papers ac
cepted the story of lllaneo's death
and printed long articles on the subject.
Our Navajo Scrip
We now have our Navajo Rase scrip
Mil are ready to acquire title to jour
lands. We will make a selection ia
tho L. S. Land Office February 10.
. 191S. Send in jour orders now. so wo
"can iheck them in Land Office. The
priw will be ?3 00 per acre, and fully
Act quickly .before the other fellow
gots jour land.
Write or wire
2M Phoeiits National Rank Rldg.
Phoenix. Arirona.
Don't mHs the club dance tonight
at. Den LhI Ki.erybody invited.
S:M p. hi. AdiertteemenL 124.
V?tctal meetlw called for Saturday
EJiht Jan. 2ta., 8:30 p. m. initiation.
--Advertisemenu 106
J. M. RALL, K. R.
a M. COX. Sec'y.
Examine Gibson, of Inter
state Commission, Now
Taking Testimony
PHOENIX, Jan. 23 These are busy
days, for the Arizona corporation com
mission. Yesterday Interstate Com
merce Commission Examiner Gibson
began ltsurlng the complaints regard
ing coal rates from Gallup to Arizona
points. This hearing Is being held
in the United States court room,
Attorneys and traffic managers of
most of tho railroads doing business
in the state will be present The
commission will be reitresented by
Chairman W. P. Geary, Commission
er V A Jones, Commissioner A. W
Colo and Secreta.j A. C. Smith, wjo
Writes Letter to Dwight B.
Heard in which He Clear
ly States Position
In response to a request for a state
ment as to the value of a measure
for the protection of the public graz
ing lands under -a. just system of fed
eral control. Colonel Roosevelt, has
written the following letter to Dwight
B. Heard of Phoenix on thta Import
ant subject which we publish in full
Office of Theodore Roosevelt, New
York, January 14.
were able to be present at the meet
ing of the National Lite Stock asso
ciation. I heartily approve of the
policy you are adocating of Federal
control of the public grazing lands. Of
coarse the present occupants of the
rangea must be protected In their le
gitimate rights, and every effort must
be made to seouro co-operation be
tween the goiefnmenl and the stock
instead- of continued friction.
drew the complaint.
All rates on coal from New Mexico n.en.
to Arizona points are attacked. Tho Equally of course our first coualdera
i f i. ..oJ.. .... t .i . - . .. .
i io a must oe to promote me interests
The name "WALK-OVER" immedlatelv stamps
a shoe annouccpinoct as importanL The re
sponse is extraord nary.
WHY Recau-ut Tor more than - lial.'T.i
lury -WALKOVKR" has labeled the most re
nir.rk'ble Men's Shoes in the world. Manufae
tilling genius first placed -WALK-OVER" shoe
in the front rank and honest improvement has
l.ept them there since.
WALK-OVER" Shoes are sold in 54 coun
tries It takes more than-mcre words to cause
the millions of wearers to lMfoi on "WALK
OVCRS" When hadred6 of other brands
of shoes aro offered for ale at the Jamo
Stica a result calls for more than jflst mosey vale. R calls for a
distinct ' oHt-claeing of all competition Kt only tn product? but al
so in theinethods behind the product. "WALK-OVER" furnishes
both, -?
Two New Shoes Just Received
Of Tan, Russian Calf & Blk. Gunmetal
THH ILLUSTRATION at your right
dap!ct aur, number , made on a
new testhe "SCOUT" of Tan Rus
sia Calff leather, button styte, high
toe and Cuban heel an wK soles.
A shoe that will Meet the most ex
acting lAQMinds of the swell drc&ier;
smart, sbmj-; extremely styHefe bt
not froafkteh. We ak the, yoo;
man whf appreciates Sue Dress Snooa
to call fer a took at this. newVyk.
k Pair $5.
Mens Black Gunmetal
IShoes Button Style, at
Oar namber 38 is made of Ulack Guetal 'aK Stock, on the new
"DOPE" last, button stjle. Cn?an heel Nat dressy and of suou
appearance. A shoe that jnoif men are delighted with'the moment
they see'lt. We are positive that so much genuine snoe -aiue for
the Huraej, does T0t exist els -where m Blsbee. a i.air S". 00.
?mg? -
commission has an imposing array ot
evidence to submit.
In all probability thp hearing will
not terminate for several days. The
applications of J. W. Dorris, Ed Els-
of the small owner, the. actual settler.
the actual homemaker. it is for this
reason that I feel, especially in the
sheep business, that our aim must
mrt Hunm
President Matthews and Pro
fessor Clark Return from
Tour of Coast Schools
A Utile Good Goal
Makes a big hot fire when a
a lot of poor coal serds out nj
heat at all It 1? economical to
buy our coal because It is
clean, goes farthest, makes
most heat, leaves very little ash
and costs no more per ton than
poorer grades. W deliver to
any part of the city.
'American Block Lump
Oak chunks Juniper and Oak
wood. Any length.
Independent Fuel & Feed Company
OfSce Main St, Opp. Palace Stables
L". J
Connecting with Logan & Bryan
Private Wire System at Denver
br & Co., Qos.ton and Calumet.
Logan & Bryan. Chicago tnd Ntv
York. rsaffia
eler and other Phoenix business men stety to promote the ownership
of small permanent and stationary
herds owned by actual set'lers. as
against the iFeat migratory bands
Owned by absentee owners, which if
for reparation on freight charges
from eastern points will also l.e
Three Cent Fare
orner "jtiffiUmrffr,? (unchecked in their operations ruin the
Buliard and (rparalimrcWBffllssio.v . .. . . . ,. ' ,, . ,. .
er A. W Cole will leae tomorrow 7""" , "i J C l
evening for San Kranclsco. where fh?r kmfe" a nd, at meva" the. 'f
they wtll represent Arizona in the sfter tbemselves. We must do
lr..n rnnt ffr 1 C OC t ft nTW k lilt itl
the federal court next Mondai. An 1 reckless deastation of the
the state's affidavits hate been sub
mitted and there is no reason wny
there should be any further delay,
so far as tbe defense is concerned. It
is possible but not probable that the
Santa Pe will ask for another contin
uance, dt is expected that the cases
will be heard in two days and tint
peneral Buliard and Commissioner
Cole will return to Phoenix about
February 1.
Hearing In Los Angeles
Within a few days Commissioner
Jones will tea.ye tor 'Los Angeles,
where the complaint ot the commis
sion regjrdins the rates on tin cans
from California to Arizona will he
heard by an interstate commerce
commission examiner. Recently the
railroads trted to raise the tin can
rae. The ' commission secured a
suspension of the new rates until a
hearing could be held. The hearing
fhas een set fer January ST.
(Continued from Page I;
ing at a very early age, when he serv
ed as a page In the Kentucky legisla
ture. Senator Xerris Brown of Nebraska
will be succeeded by George W. Nor
everything we can to prevent the
lands. A legal method should be de-
Used allowing the necessary ttnc
Ing, and thereby to encourage the 1m-
proted breeding of animals and pro
mote the development of water supply.
A big proortion of the roceeds of
the leasing should be expended for tn?
benefit of the schools and roads with
in the district from which the pro
ceeds are derhed. This also will help
to protect the interest of the genuine
hemeseeker and homemaker. Of
course the department of agriculture
should have complete supervision and
control over what Is done. I believe
that the government and the stock
men can work together In a way that
will permit not only the development
ljut the conservation of the govern
ment range, and at the
TESIPE. Ariz., Jan. 23 Ixaded with
facts enough to plan a. whole univer
sity. President A. J. Matthews of the
normal school and A. R. Clark, In
structor of manual arts, returned to
day from an Inspection of all the up-to-date
high schools In southern Cal
ifornia, and jeady to go at the work
cf preparing specifications for the leg
islature on which will be based the'
plan for the new manual training
building- In the five days they were
gone, the educators looked over eight
modern high schools. Including the
well known institution In Los Angetos,
where a specialty is made of manual
work. From this and other schools I
and from representatives of big ma-'
chiriery makers In the east, Profes
sors Clark and Matthews gathered j
dala that will be used In planning!
the new- school building, which will
cost nearly $76,000 for tho ball alone
lit will be necessary to convince the
legislature of the need of the new
budding -nd same facts on the pron
able cost, effectiveness, etc, .vll
cume in handy when the Tempeists
go before the lawmakers with their
requests for funds. It was for the
purpose of making a complete study j
of neigljbor schools In a near i
by state that Messrs. Matthews and
Clark made their trip.
During the last session Tctupe
risked for. but was not granted, a
land of $130,OCO to build the new
department and to improve other
wise the normal school. Half of tbts
sum, if available at tne coming ses-;
sion, will be used directly on the
manual arts buildings, and the rest
will go into Improvements and new
equ'pmenL and probably Into the
construction of some smaller build
about the campus.
and High Glass Cafe
Special $1.00 Table d'Hole Dinner From 5;33 to 8 p,
Reg lar 50c Luncheon Daily HENRY P0PPEN, Manage
List Your Property
For Quick Sales With
HogaE and
Real Estate and Fire Insurance
Phone 10. Main Stree
Your druggist will refund money if
PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any
case of Itching. Blind, Rleeding or
Protruding Piles in C to 11 days j
50 cents. 419
Lumber Lime, Cement,
Paint of All Kinds, Build
ers' Hardware, Plate and
Window Glass.
We wish to call especial attention to the fact that we
are putting in a complete line of B .P. S. Paints,
manufactured and guaranteed by THE PATTERSON-SARGENT
CO., Cleveland, Ohio.
Watkins JLllIBOGr t0
will fulfil our prime object of promot
ing the welfare of tho actual settler,
the actual homemaker.
Faithfnlly yours,
Mr. Dwight R. .Heard, Phoenix. Ari
same time zona.
Foods That Bind
Little Children
Start Them Off Right v,ith a
Good Laxathe and Then
Watch Their Diet
Mothers are often unconsciously
very careless about the diet of their
children, forcinc all tn cit tha aimi.
. .. .. . . i
. wo r tea ytwrs as repreei 11- foo08t The fact Ig tnat a,j foods do
ea me nun .xeorasKa ciisinci in
congress. The new senator gained
promineooe as one of the original re
publican -Insurgents" Iff the house.
Anotber representative who will be
seen in the senate after March 4 is
William Hashes, the democratic
choice for the seat of Senator Briggs
of New Jers-ey. Mr. Hughes has serv
ed four terms as the representative
of the Sixth New Jersey district.
Several of the states have not yet
selected tnetr senators. When the
elections are complete It ts possible
not agree alike with different per
sons. Hence, avoid what seems to
constipate the child or to give it in
digestion, and urge it to take more o!
what is quickly digested.
If the child shows a tendency to
const! ration it should immediately be
given a mild laxative td help the
bowels. By this is not meant a phy
sic or purgative, for these should nev
er be given to children, nor any
thing like salts, pills, etc. What the
child requires is simply a small dose
of the gentlest of medicines, such as
that one or more additions will be1 Dr. Caldwll Syrup Pepsin, wnfcl.
made to the foregoing list of present 'in the opinion of thousands of watch
representatives in congress who will , ful mothers is the ideal remedy for
i seen In the senate when the extra! any child showing a tendency to con
session convenes a few weeks hence jtlpatlon. So many things can ban
lb take nit the work of tariff revision, i pen to a constipated child that care
J3. U necessary. Colds, piles, head-
HURT IN MINE 'aches, sleeplessness, and many other
annoyances that children should not
Max Churkovicn received injuriefc na?e can usually be traced to constl-
at the Old Dominion mine at Globt patten. , , -j
dm to falling rocfe, which yill-prob Many of America's foremost vfami
ably prove fatal.- Ctiurjcovfeh Fwas lies are never without Syrup Pepsin,
working jjn the sixteenth' leve'rof the because one can never tell when
mine, oat from the A, shaft. -Without some member of the family may need
varning, rock and oin. felPupoii him it. and all cin sase IL Thousands" on.
from kbovo, crushing Tilm to thcldoryc U. among theta Mrs. M. a Dar
round, Hfs ha ok was broken, scal
almost entirely removed and two rlbi
'-5 ,- - J"i .
' J ills ii
P a I ace Livery
and Undertaking Co.
Bowen & Huboard. pronrletors
Hn.a R. y. D. Xo. 4, Belleview. Pa.,
wrlteef "I certainly think Dr. Cald
well s Syrup Pepsin saved my babys
life Majorie is a bottle baby and
could not get her food to digest, DUt
I fctind by giving her a small dos
of Syrup Pepsin when she had coli;
It always cured her" Dr. Caldwell s
Sjmp Pepsin is sold by druggists at
fifty cents and one dollar a bottle,
the latter size being bought by those
who alreadv know Itu value and i
contains proportionately more Re
sults are always guaranteed or money
wl'l be refunded.
I'vfryoiie likes Syrup Pepsin as u
is very pleasaRt to the taste It U
clso mild and non-griping and free
Lfrom injurious ingredients
i-r U nomerober -of your family has
cer used Syrup Pepsin and yool
would like to make a irersonal trial of
It befori- buying it in th regular way
01 i druggist, send your address a
pesfal will do to Dr. W. R. Caldwell
417 Wlishinglon St., Montitello. IH..
and- it- free sample bottle wlH be
mailed you. lit.
Sltbee 23
C:55 a. ru. Lv Clifton ar. 3;53 ji. m.
7.34 a. m. Lv Guthrie Lv 3:12 p. m.
S'lS a. m. LV Duncan Lv 2:2G p m.
9 38 a. in Lv Lordsburg Lv 1:23 p, m.
10 ij a. m. Ar Hachita Lv 11:59 p m.
South bound train connects with
Southern Pacific west bound train
No. 1, leaving Lordsburg 10:5" a. m.,
'Mountain Time.
South bound train connects with Kl
Pas & South wsstern, east bound
I train for El Pasd, leaving Uachlta at
111.50 a. m.. Mountain Time, and
iwith west bound traiif for Douglas
land Biabce. leaving Hachita at 10.Z0
a. m.. Mountain Time.
Clifton, Ariz. General Passenger Agent
Lowoll 7
V 71 1KM1
Mmi h
24 Hours'
J O. K. LIVERY and
Phone 15. Op. Depot Ambulant
Each Car.
'ole bran the (MJCY
Hetcons cf counterfeits
The Arizona Sanitarium
Pieciallv equipped for modern
and up-to-date treatment of
Rheumatism, nervous diseases
and geweral aargery. Price
l 1 -

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