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Demonstration That Caused;
Death of Minister of War
1 Is Laid to Course of Na
tions of Europe.
Representatives in London
Are Bitter and Details of
Affair Are Transmitted to
; Washington Officials
LONDON. England. Jan. 24.T-The
blood or Nizim Pasha." itechad Pasha,
leailer of the Turkish peace delegates
said today. "Is on the heads of the
European powers. Their unfair and
precipitate. attempt to force Turkey
to" surrender has borne its Inevitable
fruit." -
The Turkish plenipotentiary furth
er declared that the events of yester
day were to Jjeexpected by any one
who knows Turkey, the patriotism or
the people and the spirit of the army.
The Ottoman spokesman pointed out
that only two European ambassador
In Ixndon know through experience
what Turkey really is. These ere Paul
Oambon. the French amtassador, ani
Marqirs di Francavila.ithe Italian am
bsmadoV" Hour of thYse. aecordrae
to the Turks, tried to dlsuade their
colleagues in driving the Turks to ex
Ambassador From Turkey G'ves Out'
Story of Assassination as Accident
Regarding the public demonstration
of Constantinople, in which Nazlm
Pasha, former war minister and com
mander of the Turkish army was kill
ed, the Turkish embassy received? to
day the following cablegram from the
minister of foreign affairs of Turkey.
"For some time there has teen man
ifested a feeling of discontent among
the people against the cabinet of Kla
jnll Pasha, who, foreseeing the iOpular
movement, thought it better to take
strong measures for repressing it. The
delegates tp the grand council and tu
mors which spread afterwards caused
the discontent to turn into a feeling
nf exasperation, in consequence or
hich. a large crowd went yesterday
to the sublime Porte in order to man.
Ifest the feeling of the nation. At the
moment of entering the sublime
Porte's a'de de camp to the ex grand
vizier prompted by an excess of zeil.
or perhaps by fear, drew a revolver
and killed one of the rowd which,
'though it has been peaceful up to
that moment, .had to reply to the un
expected attack.
"While this exchange of shots was
taking place, Nazlm Pasha, hurriedly
coming out of the council to see what
was taking place was struuck by a
shot and mortally wounded. A civil
ian, who remains unknown, was also
mortally hurt. On account of these
fjcts the cabinet resigned and his
Imperial majestly the sultan has charge
cd-Cbevket Pasha to form a new cab
":Tho portfolio of foreign affa ra.
which Is occupied protem by Mouktar
Bey. has been offered to Osmau M
-zjtnl Pasha."
Young Turks Said to Have Acted Un
der a Wrong, Impression
LONDON. England Jan. 24. A dhv
patch from Constantinople to a newsj
agency here says- ""It is learned on
high Authority that the youne Turk
committee i well aware that the
sultan unwillingly gave way to the
retolve of Grand Vizier Kiamil Pash.1
to cede Adrianopie. The young Turk
officers who were recently received bv
the sultan left him with the Impres
sion that he would not object to a
siidden change In the government
and the same spirit prevailed in the!
family council the sultan recently
"A pamphlet, obviously inspired,
has been distributed here. Tt sayt
that the young Turk committee has
l-cen the means of liberating the sul
tan, and saving the caliph from an
endangered position.
"Enver Bey was most v kindly re
ceived by the sultan, who, without
hesitation, accepted Kiamil . Paaba's
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Helen Gould and Finley G. Shepard; Miss Gould's country home at Tarry town-cn-the-Hudson. One interior
gallery where marriage was solemlzed; the other shows the magnificent conservatory of her
Tax Commission
Says Assessment
Must he Full Value
PHOENIX, Ariz., Jan. 24.
The state tax commission issu
ed an order today requiring all
County assessors, hereafter to,
assess property at full value."
The order merely enforces the
law long on the statute book
always has buen unobserved.
Tariff Revisers Desire to Af
fect Industries Little
as Possible
Chairman Underwood, o:
Jan. 24.
tile house
means an
the tariff
was no in-
cemmittee on ways and
nounce'i emphatically at
hearing today that there
tentlon of cutting the rates of duty
along competitive lines to ruin bus
iness Interests of the country.' He
took exception to intimations that lie
attributed to republicans, ihat the
democratic majority committee pro
posed to mike rates that would dU
tuit bus'ness prosperity.
The committee, which heard to
day's testimony of many manufactur
ers and importers on th flax, hemp,
and Jute schedule is cot disposed to
Question the competitive character
and luxury classification of many lac
es, embroideries and other articles
n the schedule. This indicates that
the committee favors the retention of
approximately the same rates on many
This schedule is one of the most pro
fitable In the whole tariff scheme ana
produced last year more than $49,000.
000 1 revenue, the duUes averaging
above forty-five per cent ad valorem.
Some of these articles could be re
duced to stimulate competition and
bring-revenue; ' ',
The export tax on Manilla hemp wus
questioned by the committee.. Un
derwood criticized it as aibad law. He
suggested that no export 'law is in i
keep'ng with the sp'rlt of the Ameri
can constitution.
0-.-.J i ai,.i s-.,.hu,..fitr,..
;; mIh-
.-r. !
MADRID, Spain, Jan. 24. M.
rr. the French aviator, flew from Pau,
France, across the Pyrineea and land
ed here In safet ytoday. He stopped
at Guadalajara, Spain, for fuel. In
his course over the mountains be at
tained a height ofn Ine thousand feet.
GREENB0R07 N- C. Jan. 24.
Greenboro lr "entertainlrg for threi
days the tenth annual interstate con
vention of the Voung Men's Christian
association of North and South Caro
lina. A large and enthusiastic attend
ance marked the opening of the pro
ceedings today. Governor Mann ot
Virgli.la. President Mitchell of the
University of South Carolina and Dr.
C. W. Kent of the University of Vir
ginia are among the scheduled speak
Report May Be Important
But Close Has Appear
ance of Being Inglori
ous and a Failure
WASHINGTON. D. C, Jan. 24 -Accepting
as an .argument the lengthy
statement made by Henry P. David
son, of J. P. Morgan and Co, denying
the existence of a money trust and at
tributing corporation financial inter
ests to a weik bauk'ng law." the
house money trust Investigating com
mittee closed today for the time lacing
its financial probe. The committee
will begin within a week, the cons'd
eratlon of its report, which will rec
commend changes in the national
banking laws and legal control of var
ious financial agencies.
Davison s statement was an analys
es 1 argument based on tables and
charts presented by the committee
and "purporting to show the control of
?zr.000,000,000 of resources by ISO tU
rectors." His statement denied this
conclusion. He set forth specifically
that the firm of Morgan and Co fcte
lict'ed that there was no such thing,
either In form or fact, as a money
trust." The committee did not alfe)
the statement to go on record as testi
mony but allowed It to he recorded as
an "argument-"
James J- Hill, the railroad pioneer
of the northwest followed Davison on
the stand and was examined briefly
ss te-Ji's affiliations with various
banks and railroads.
Suffrage Passes the Nevada
House and in Iowa Is
Put Up to Women !
.. .. ... I
CAU&UiS Villi, .-lev JAU. -.
Woman 5uffrage passed the assembly
here today with but three dissenting
votes. The measure will go-to the
state senate Monday and should pass
as It is generally expected to go be-!
.u- 1 r x -J. .. tt.. .U"e aacuvMnv,i.. V w. .v..-..
i jvrtx tuc ircuiJie ui hctbua ii tu ucAt
general election.
GRINNELU Iowa, Jan. 24. To de
termine whether the women of Grin
nell really want tho right to vote or
whether Jt is only the desire of poll
ticians and enthusiasts a woman suf
frage "primary election will be held
here January 31. Women nly will
be allowed to vote.
WASHINGTON. D. a. Jan. 24.
The National American Woman's
Suffrage association, ae such, will
tako no part in the inauguration ot
Wilson March 4. Nor will General
Rosalie Jones and the "army" march
ers have anything to do-with the In
augural parade, although they- will be
Americans and Foreigners as
Well -as Bfctiec Class Mex.
icans Express Satisfaction
at Action of Navy
The expected arrival on Sunday of
the V. S. gunboat Wheeling In Vera
Cruz. Jiex., caused, jejoiclng among
Ame. Icans and '-other fore'gners, as
well as among many of the bett;r
class of Mexicans, according to a d-s-patch
today to the state depaartment
from the Consul Canada in which i.e
says that the federal authorities :iv
sert they have drizen the rebels away
from the railways into the mountains.
Brig. Gen. Steever, in command of
the United States forces on the bol
der, today Informed the war depart
ment that reinforcement to the federal
army by 700 men. had raised the
troops in Juarez to 1,000 and removed
the danger of the city falling into the
bands of the rebels.
Peace Conference in Prospect Is An
nouncement Frcm El Paso
EL. PASO, Tex., Jan. 24. An armis
tice of f.B days to permit an Informal
dUcussion of peace terms, is effective
today. The peace commissioners from
Chihuahui are awaiting al Villa Ahu
mada. between the state capital and
the border, for the arrival of the ret?
el representatives. Gen. Ines Salazar
I is expected to head the revolutiomrv
(faction, while Col. Francisco Castro,
'of the 'twenty-third infantry, will be
a member of the federal commission.
CoL Castro and representatives of hei
state government and business inter
ests are at the neutr.il grouna. uniy
J permission to receive the rebel's pro-
0Ternment at Mexico city.
PVSAIS UttO Ll.l&t...U wrf ..w
UTICA. N. V- Jan , 24. An ad-i
. . ,. , ,-,.,,. h-HIov nf
l""" , "' "L '"L" : '"J,"? '.
P lJS.. J Jit ,he l?admc -
JllfJ"? " J2 !?,v 7 h"e '
lci" '. !"i:r ". .- .... I--.-.-
D"ua' ??"" "' " c, "i J.!. I
01 omcers wn u . . - . ,
meetlne tomorrow Judge Alton B.
Ti.,t.mt wdl K nmoH aa firpftirlent at
the associaUon. !
here to take part In the suffrage; Louisville and Nashville, and Mobile
pagent the day previous. ; and Ohio, whereby the railroad
Just why the women will not. take agreed to work -preferenUally" wltn
part was not made clear until Mrs.! the steamship company In regard to
Helen H. Gardner, head of the pub- certain classes of freight Kellogg
licity committee, said that no invita- Insisted that, although rate? -were dls
tlon had been received from the in-i cussed at the gulf conference, each
augural committee. "We are a non- ilne Axed its rates Independently and
partisan body," said Mrs. Gardner, incrcasea or lowered them by notifi--The
parade is a somewhat partisan I cation to the chairman of the con
affair. Therefore, our participation ; ference.
might be misconstrued. We have; - '
appealed to the senate committee oni EASTERN COPPER MARKET
public buildings and grounds for tha -
use of space on the south side- of the
treasury buildings on which we would
erect a large stand. Our hopes are
that the committee will grant the re-
quest" -'
view shows comer of library and art
country home.
Cral Arguments Made and
Twenjjy Days Given for
Preparation of Briefs '
bv Counsel
PHOKNIX Jan. 24. (Sped!) -t
least twenty ays and probab'y longer
must elapse "before the final decision
is riven n the Cochise Co-m'v pro
clnct office, appointment case TI113
catter was presented to the f.pieuie
court today on appeal from t'ae oi-.n-lon
renderej by Judge Sutter at TomN
stonc and tenty davs were grjnteJ
the contesting parties to fiW briefs
on the case. It therefore appears prob
able that at least thirty dajs .-will
slapso before the .final decision is
A matter of state wide Importance,
the legality of the prec'net appoint
ments hangs in the balance, upon the
case which was argued this morn ns
before the supreme court. Tha con
stitutionality of the act of the legisla
ture under which appointments were
made in the various counties Is &t
stake. For the county of Cochise the
County Attorney W G. ftllmare an.l
hs assistant Alexander Murry appear
ed and for the proponents John Vil
on Ross and William Cleary were the
attorneys. Arguments were beard and
following their close time was given
for the presentation of briefs.
Peculiar State of Affairs in
Cuban Commerce Is
w.iww.. " w ... -,.
.pr0erP8-1T.esUm.Qn? H131 conference of steam
BhI" ,,neS doln bu"8 tetween
8"" V and ba ,sW "to-keep
ourselves from destroying each oth-
." was presented today to the house
merchant marine ,committee: by Ches
ter v Kellogg, general freight agent
of the Munsen line.
, Kellogg identified -contracts that his
line uau vtiui iu buuiuciu launaj,
NEW YORK, J?. Y Jan. 24.
Copper steady, electrolytic 1C.30.
Arrivals 135 tons, exports this month
17.96" tons,
London copper steady. " ,
, Legislature Has Seveaty-Three Matters Called to Their
' Attention and Code Revision Makes Possible Prac
., ,'tically Any Legislation That Any May Desire to
Introduce Although Time Limitation May Necessi
tate Call for a Second Session .
News Bureau Bisbec Review, Room
203 N. B. A. Building. Phoenix, Jan.
24. Governor Hunt today Issued his
call for the legislative session to be
held February 3rd, and enumerated
therein the various subjects of which
the solnni may treat. It was the de
sire of the executive and his call was
framed with such in view that no lim
itation should be placed on the legis
lature. All of the subjects he in
cludes In the call, other than the list
suggested by Mr. Pattee, the code
commissioner. Governor Hunt Is de
sirous of seeing considered by the leg
islature .but of course such action is
not compulsory and some of the sub
jects may not be touched upon.
Includes Coae Revision
Regarding the code which for some
time" It was doubtful would be lnclui
ed In, the call Governor Hunt took the
view that no harm would be done In
including It for consideration at this
time and If the legislature did not
ciii to take the matter up they would
not need to. The Governor could not
be charged with limiting or attempt
ing to limit the scope the legislation
that the extra session would taktt.
In the list are subjects specially
enumerated Governor Hunt is Interest
ed and desires some action upon by
the solons which he no doubt will
point out and suggest In the message
he will transmit to the legislature
when they are convened. Most of tha
specja'l subjects enumerated Governor
riant had been called to tUs attention
Ly urgent requests from c tizens of the
state uho also urged li'.m to call the
legislative session that changes in
existing laws might be made or nev?
Funds Are Needed
laws' enacted.
Another point In calling the extra
sess'on was to secure legislation which
would facilitate the work of several
of the new departments of the state
government The great reason for
the session however was that appro
priations might be made for the var
ious state institutions.
In addition to the subjects which
are enumerated for the consideration
of the code, seventy-thre in all, the
governor made the followin specific
provisions Embodied
General appropriations for state in
stitutions. An emergency law ptov.diug for the
reg'stration of qualified electors, of
the state. The governor Is strongly
in favor to equal suffrage and feel3
that since the women have been giv
en the right to vote laws should oe
enacted whereby they may register
and become state voters at once.
A minimum wane for workers in
mlites smelters and reduction works
J and other hazardous occupations,
A law making possible the putting
Into effect the amendment to the state
constitution giving the state the right
to engage in Industrial pursuits.
An amendment to the state consti
tution provld'ng for abolishment of
capital punishment.
Construction o state highways and
roads- working of convict labor there
on and payment of families of con
victs for labor thus performed.
An anti-lobbylng act, one of the
Former Head of Steel Trust
Gives Out Further
Inside Secrets
NEW .YORK, N. Y Jan. 24. That
tha participation of subsidiaries of
the United States Stee! corporation
rn pools organized for the purpose of
fixing prices was known to Judgt,
Elbert II- Gary, chairman of the cor
poration, long before he gave orders
that the pools be abolished was the
nat me pools De apoiisneu was mr;:in we uci-untc cummiuee o. -no
tatement made by William E. Corey.f progressive party will present to be
former nresldent of the corporation,
Corey so testified today In thu cross I minimum wage boards for the garment
examination of the government suit fades. Roosevelt's letters was writ
to dissolve the combination under tb, ten to .Michael Schaap, progressive as
Sherman anU-tnist law. This tcstl- fScmoly man.
mony preceded an acknowledgement . . .
by Corey that his resignation as prcs-! fore the Stanley investigation com
Idcnt of the corporation In 1310 -was j mittec Gary then declared that with,
the sequel of a dispute between him-i the exception of aMrall combination"
$elt and Judge Gary as to who was which he said did not fix prices, he
sunreuio auiuunij nu uui i"c -
i.ance committee of the corporation 1
upheld Gary.
This testimony fs directly contra
dictory to that of Chairman Gary be-
state constitution mandates tho last
session of the legislature failed to
agrcp on.
A law for the acceptance by the
state of funds appropriated to ne
state by the national government.
A law providing for the removal ot
the reform school from Bea-on to
Fort Grant. The old Jort and grouuJi
which comprise 2000 acres of land
were given the state by an,act of con
gress. A law for the publication or stuto
reports and statlst'cs gathere-l bv
state boards.
A farm Tor the Ktate prison and tor
the state asjlum for insane.
A law ceding totbe s. jurisdic
tion, ijver military rervatiom. Iius
law J proposed at the suggestion ot
the U. S. war department a, law hav
ing been recently enacted by congress
that no money should be apnroiirist
ed for use at forts where t. S. had not
been given jurisdiction by state gov
ernments. An appropriation or ? 450 to pay the
expenses of Arizona participating in
the ensuing conferences or state gov
ernors. '
Appropriations which would enable
Arizona to make exhibits at any pro
posed fair or exposition and rurjher
for the expense of studying and 'pre
paring reports of any sociological, in
dustrial, economical or financial vvarK
or system.
A law providing against the sale to
or use by minors or cigarettes.
Provision for construction o" bridg
es across the Colorado river at Yuma
and San Carlos Creek and Gila riv e'
en the Apache India.! reservation.
Provision for the revision and
amendmnt or laws of the state re
lat.ng to rules for the construction 1 f
statutes and general provisions re.ai
Ing to the effect and construction of
Provision for the publication or the
revised laws or the state.
A geiKral revision or the laws .-elat-ng
to the state government and pow
ers and duties or state officers .n
cluding the Arizona Corporation Com
mission and other state boards ind
Is Preparing Message
Governor Hunt has already begun
work on his mesate to the legislat
ors and it will probably be seat to
tne solons on the second day or tho
session. The work outlined for .10
legislature Is so general in scope that
trjere is little doubt that the sess on
win last fully sixty days and it is
possible even longer. There is no
time limit to length of the session but
legislators can only draw their salary
lor sixty days without a further leg
islative call. While it is not
thought it will lie necessary those who
know Governor Hunt best hive no
doubt he would not hesitate, to cs:t
a second extra session to complete
any real work at hand, if such was
Necessary. Ar'jona's executive has
ereat confidence In the legislative
branch ot our government as it is
now constituted. The lattitude given
them in his call is Indicat've of surh.
Roosevelt Takes Advantage
of the Garment Workers
Strike to Suggest Bills
NEW YORK. Jan. 24. Co ineldnt
with authorative assurance that every
effort Is being made to end the Gar
ment Worker's strike tomorrow night
and send 150,000 men and women back
o work Monday, Roosevelt made puO-
11c louay a letter wnlch announces
the executive committee of 'he
state legislature. Mils aimed to-create
ima no Knovvieuge 01 live existence
0f pools and that he had ordered
tbem abolished a? soon as they had
been brought to his attention. This
was In the latter part of 1904.

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