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j Published Every Morning Except Monday
5 -by the
lSHHHLflKfi coNsvrTZQ rv
Editorial .Office PHONE NO. 35. 2 Kings
Buslnaaa, QXtlce . .. PHONE NO. 33
By Mail, per year (Strictly la advance) J7.G0
Single Copies ......... '.OS
By carrier, ier month 75
M U will bo the earnest endeavor of Tho Ilevlew nover Intantldnally
(to wound the. felling of anyone. '"' ,
. Should an erroneous statement appear In the columns of this paper.
call our attention to It, and if an error, due correction will be made, and -
, ' The advertising columns of thlsj pajer arc for sale at the regular
of flee, rates to unobjectionable matter.
Entered as Second Class Matter
under Act of March 4. 1872.
Tbe""Haxdest task which iwlll bo
encountered by 'the democratic party
after It takes, complete control of con-
f f - .
press, and the national government
softer March -4, will be the proper .re
vision of the 'present tariff laws as a
redemption of tho promise of the Hal
tlroqro contention.
" It is being made, manifest alread
that the owners of tho industries and
interests who have enjoyed the bene
fits of prqtectlon for years will fight
desperately to prevent any material
reduction of the tariff on the articles
they represent.
In"thn hous it Is not likely that a
i i
bill providing for an. honest revision
r" .
of the democratic tariff pledge could
lx defeated, but In tho senate th
?emocrat!c,inaWtty-Js very'snlal, not
more.'jthan two or Uired and a very
Might op'iKtsitlon from democratic coll
ators would defeat ft, tariff bill.
TJunder tho heading 'The Sordid
Side of Politics" the- El Paso Times
thus discusses democratic duty
connection with 'tariff legislation
"In the trior hearings are in prog -
reus in Washington at this time, pre
liaratory to tlie revision of tlie Payne
Aldricli tnrift law by the democratic special session of the legislature con
congress "to be "assembled in special ' aiders only such legislation that Is
fcession just after 'the Wilson inaugur-1
ation, Uiero is
. - .... :.
a magnificent exhibi
tion being given of tho sordid side o:
American politics. Men who are ful
ly cognizant of tho fact that the great
democratic party has been called intr
power by the masses of the people or
its solemn promise to reduce the tar
iff and lossen tho cost of living, arc
appearing brazenly before tho com
mlttee in charge of the hearing an"
advocating the retention of the pros
ont oxcesshc duties on practically ail
imi-orts.-1 ""
"To liston to tho specious pleading
of theee special interests and bolicv.
ono-half of their allegations, the pro
, tectHe Ky'Stem deised and main
tained by thJ Republican party so
.long as (he Vrice or Its domination
and control qfUio affairs of the na
"tten. Is' (lie only instrument thai
stands between the American pcopli
and the complete 'destruction o!
'American Industries. Abandoning the
old cry of necessary protection foi
infant American Industries, these rcp-
reftentatlvos- of the special Inlerosta
i'bo long .cowan,' that protection, now
Ixjldly doelaie 1tlMit'iirotPctl.on lias
come to stay that to destroy the tar
ft wall bxHt around this nation for
'their befleftt is to bankrupt the nr
tlon and precipilaU- industrial condi
ilows that will destroy the living wage
and redace the Vrg earner to a
Hate of absolute cenury.
4" "Every protected Interest In tho
gauntry Is making its formal cr.tr
.Into these hsajings and reciting the
suae old story of almost bestlargrepd
ed avarlceIt makes no difference to
"Ihes men that the masses are bcinj
ground 4fito a fins podr through
ihe enjoyment A their special prlvi
. l4cs. protectlaon has become a fixed
"rUidple THUfb situation as viewed
Wn Uielr stanfipolut, and they can
K& TA -.-j. .1
flno of sib o' moso shani
liiifct' Tiowl 'fortnroteIon for
nSlfrflh ttrjfonmd plunrler the raass
at, fs not corffined altogether to tha
-ct oi-JlSlll-iw. Howard Taft -ana
at tho Postofflcc at Ulsbcc. Arizona,
Theodore Iloosevelt. Men
who call
themselves democrats, but with the
love of tho republican flesh pot In their
hearts, have not hesitated to appear
Lefore this committee and beg and in
sist that the great democratic party
of this nation stultify Itself by per,
uiitting this republican iniquity to re
main in forco juse as It is.
"To tho shame of Texas. It ran bo
said that one of tho brightest and
ablest attorneys of tho state is be
fore that committee as the represcnta
tho of the Cattle Kaisers association
of Texas, protecting against any re
duction In the tariff on cattle or on
d-essed meats. He asks that congress
a dontocralle congress pledged to
tariff reduction and a lessening of the
present exorbitant price of meat,
thall ignore the vh'dges made to the
jieople and retain, to the cattlegrowera
of the state the privileges they are
now enjoying under . tho republican
syttem of protection."
Governor Hunt has Issued the call
1 for the special session of the IcgUIa
turo which convenes on February 3
tTlM?stacconstitufio:i provides that a
named in tho call made for It.
Governor Hunt, in the present cai.
has given the lg!slaturo a free hand.
The code revision report will bo sub
mltted with recommendation for leg
islation on forty-five subjects and be
sides this the governor has recom
mended man special subjects on
which he asks legislation. Every pos
sible feature of our state government
may iiaie the attention of the spesciai
session under the following paragraph
included in the executive call: "A
general revision of the tans relating
to the state government and powers
uid duties of state officers, including
he Arizona corporation commission
nd other state boards and commis
During -previous sessions of the
tate legislature Gevornor Hunt at
'empted to secure a constitutional
lmendmont abolUhlng capital punish
ment in the state. This recommenda-
ion conies fifth in the present as.
lgnment of legislative duty. It may
e .expected that In his forthcoming,
message Governor Hunt will present
arguments at length in favor of this
measure which Is known to be one of
his special desires. He has previously
announced that If the legislature
fuses to act in accordance with his
wish on this question that he will
cause the matter to be brought before
the people of the state by the initia
tive. Tbc governor makes no specific rec
ommendation regarding any new rev
enue laws, but it is presumed that
hls subject is included In the sub
jects included in tho. code revision
recommendations, of which there arp
The governor's call mentions "ap
propriations which would enable Ari
zona to make exhibits at any proposed.
fair or exposition," hut it does not;
ude,a mention , aL state iliulUlogfi
Uiongh inkfitneearf ih.ellcgislatan.-.
. f ' 1
trould be .auhorijedto provide a build
I !..!. ' " -!
tng In connection with'exhibits at San
.Francisco and San 'Diego, If It saw;
fit, though It is hoped that the meni-
1 here win agree that a slm'r.Ie ttfblbltj
of the resources in Arizona in the
great halls that Will bo provided at
tho Panama exposition will bo suffi
It ie Mid that many of the legisla
tive subjects included tho those in
cluded in numerous requests ro
ceivedd from the , citizens of the
tato and therefore the desires of
the governor regarding them may not
be definitely assumed until he sends
his 'message lo the special session.
When Robin Ruff and Gaffer CVeen
were e-changlng opinions, in a-onco-popular
song, of what wonderful
things could be done with tho necc
hary amount of cash, something lest
than $5000 a year was fixed as the ir
reducible minimum for the attainment
of complete happiness. Kobln Ruff, we
believe, finally concluded that no
amount of money, however large,
could insure happiness, however much
of mere pleasure it could buy. It was
the wise philosophy which popular
ised the Jsong, first in England and
afterward In this country. But that
was in a simple day.
Times can change, but thero are
some elemental truths about men, and
more particularly women, which nev
er can. Wherefore, it Is a blowing
against the wind for the young lady
lecturer to warn her sex against mar
rying men with, an income of less
than J10.000 a year. Men of larger
Incomes have been defeated by rivals
with but a tithe of iL And so will
thty be to the end of time. There al
ways have been mercenary women,
liii the mercenary womsn is not tho
type of her sax in affairs of the heart.
'he tyjie would count tho boredom of
living with tho wrong man for her. no
mailer whatghis income, as a mount
ain beside the molehill of getting up
re-tof a cold morning jind cooking break
fast for the right man. Such is the
type. And even a female lecturer can
not change the female type.
One may say that after the glamor
of lovo is gone, the mornings will get
so much colder that there will be Te-
cret .for tho J 10,000 roan who was
l ejected. But that Is foreign- to th:
tolnt which is, how the typical wo(
man who Is In lore Is going- to feel
about it then, and not a long time
afterward. A.nd "here again an old
popular song illuminates the case.. If;
ras a type of the young woman who
once sang of her grandmother's sago
advice against marrying " '
;tnld4hoW'8h&itfollQwedIL to the
reject ton,'qf-se VErlprichyofng 'men
and several godlyshowcd her a di-'
vided duty. -She tried -to be true tOj
grandma, but It suddenly came into
her head that if grandma had really
Ve'leved what she sald"graudnia hcnM
self would have died un old maid.'
There are things which neither motor
cars, telephones, phonographs, slot
machines", chewing- gum, or any of the
now paraphernalia with which wo aro
now cluttering too earth can ever
( hangc. And tho nature of men and
lionicn arc of thorn.
Douglas is now choosing candidate
for the board of freeholders who will!
be charged with the formation of a
new city charter which will provide a.
coinmissiou form of government in
that city. Thero seems to be a gen
eral agreement that all politics shaft
be eliminated In selecting the lemslfl-
tlve bodv which will bo charged with'iump In the price of copper.
y fcoy
The Result.
Old Ez Jones don'l chaw tobackei Pustmaster TlbbHts says the fel
for he quit on New Year's day, j ers have get to quit cuttln- their
And he's grouchy as a grizzly v. Hi. initials in the postoiHee while wait
an achin- tooth, they say ' j. ter their mail. The ttxtnres is be
Honry Perkins, he quit smokin' and ,,. , , . , , . , . .
ho feels so tarnal mean. i Stanln to look like a lot of totem
That he's tried to start a scrap with"!1010 aB1 Tibbits aggers that the
every feller he has seen,
So old He and Hank they cnaucod to
meet one day In Tlbbut's store.
And we saw a scra'p the lik of which
we'd never Been before.
Vr -FJS: 31 " -
And they 'vc both been laid u eet
since and livin' on the town.
Aimer Hanks has quit hard . cider
And he i m all fired cros.
That his wife has thrashed turn sev
en times to show him who Is bos.
Amos iltgglns cut oHt swearln' and
give bis feeiiilgs vent
He has booted all the cuts and dogs
wherever he lias wenc
i,Can. flll Sl."ff 5L"MkInH
and III has sued the Deae
Hcth have swore off takin' , ertufl
and both aro out for war.
Hut they neither df 'em seem to know
Just what they're- Jawla' for.
fflsr a'sp
rVIiU UitiVJ C4Wa -MU1U9 WUIIIIlt tuu
theres twenty men In Jail.
Never seen such scand-lns dotn's t
this HtUe village; quite.
Scems Ike cverlodyrs pcevi.h simI Ik
IooHing for a flghL
ome iS nervous, some J gloomy
some is despent and so
It doesnt seem like Ihe same old
town wc alius used, to know.
Uu 1 Ruess she will ot righted and
congenial wnen tho aeq
Who hare all been sweann" off star
in to swearln' on again.
On their old time line fence $& Mm a stick of -wod every day to
ble and thoir families dont!x,, ". ,.i. .w. clPi. ..... ..
List Your Property With
'" M. G.;ttlGH ' '
Exceptional Facilities For Quick Service
provldlns tlie new city Kovernimmt.
A' a tnasf. meeting held Tlmrwlai
evening all poHtlcu! parties were
represented; republicans, prosres
ives and democrat participated
and" Mlwjled with apptireut broth
erly love and no vigag' of hid
den iioHtleftl utedgeons or dirk1:
tei cMndMfttes for the board ef free-lioWo-rs
were named and among their
arc a number of the most competent
men, to be found in that city.
The price of copper ts again show
lug incroased strength after a decline
of one ctt during- the last two
weeks. Opinion prevails, guuerally
that thore is no danger of a serious
f fMaon
K.foToiAl-fcoT. 5)
From the Hlckeyville Clarion.
woa't brin muchwhen he sell's imto
ble s-JQweor, whe will be appointsU
by President WHbon. Miss Amy Pnn
g)o buys she hopes the new democrat
ogThTB TCU ivas becns.
jc ttraster win be more accom-
i!paemta Perkins mailed t pusta
-card to Elmer Jons laht week an
Mtes Pringle went to the postomc
mmi naked the lwiAMaster to let he
read it and he wouldn't do it. Miss
t'rluste saj a iht wast office alnt no
I piece for a go! dura grouch and sho
ongnt to have something to sa about
.lit, as she buys more pwstage stamp
than anybody in our vuiage, since she
! IBts beon edin her pome to the mag-
A" HillHtcr M every feer that
bang around bts store tBta winter hau !
,?. . -. . .-.. .. .- yw ,
.nuger tne new ruBng erery tetter
JlmWRht a stick ot wee4, i4cIn' it out
mnmers ukk yaru on uie waj
down trrw
Ken CTfika etaims he would have
won the dgrfcen pickln' contest over;
.te .
fmtiit nn txttw fflnrtfcjla hcuittati 1
tbte vlHae only on MoHdayV
ti ruiHTvttRj' dtni riiuna. uit? limn iw
I ug ttfrowed otf promiscuous. Somc
Um wa taK . t an.
sm times It lanes seven mllos out la'
' 1m oonntt all tfepeadlng on th,
ppeeu ot the train. Om- station agent,
who VK Mt f,, tW gitch ,jght8
t , thB ,,,,. ,,,. nicini uJ
a pardyrOle mall bag tU bad
! rolled clear down from that town In.
tlie wake of a Train a wek or so
before and hadn't been missed.
---,. .fc&
"W .ii-.w aMHG 11 Will ,iVIIA, Udllt
The "hurry-up" dinner can bo pre and veal or veal alone, beef and
pared onlv from tho highest priced chicken. Tho crust was thick but not
njjts. bc.-ause these arc bctte-tcb rich but very tender and al
cooked only a few minutes over a together most tastily seasoned and
very hot tire But the highest priced i vegetables may be added if desired
meats are not one bit more nutritious las they add much to the 'flaor.
than the cheaptr cuts if the notiBe-
5,eepr Is willing to devoto a little
extra time to planning her meals in
I'y tin? way this Is a stood time of
year. -len tliiuKs have sttieu oown
nfter the holidays, to find Just wheth.
cr the best pcMbIe ivstem is being)
intfd lu cottducllrg the great business
of licsekevpinc In our homo. Are
yon enjoying tlu's business or profes
sion of housekeeping? If not find out
wkv. Do you worrv and fuss over It.'
If fo. find out why.
Do you hare days whoa you w-ear
joiirself out puttln? the house in or
der ami then are thore days and days
when you can't find anything? Fino
fait why this is true. Thore is only one
wy men succeed in business, and that
is with system. Lejtni from thorn and
take their business-like methods Into
the liome. use them, and see how
much easier and more oitlclent youi
work will be. If yoti are not obliged to
do it. but direct its doing. It will be
4 juit as nscewary to know how it Is to
Ve done, or itwill be Impossible to
oonvey your wants and deslrea to
Do you know how to plan systemat
ically throe meals in advance, and
have these good whblrsonio well
balanced nourishing mciis. makln?
out the procerv order at the same
time? If not. there is something lack
!ne in J our training for tho Trofes-
Ion you have assumed.
So much may be done with so lit-
V 'J,1 " y VC-TM
his pay do a little more than supiiort his family weekly
if he doesn't he is losing, bemuse tho future- is to come.
If it's only O.VE DOLLAR, try and deposit It with this bank
weekly and provide for tlie day when the wages stop.
4 Per Cent Interest Will Be Paid On Savings
1000 Small Savings Hanks tor Distribution, call and get yojrs.
Citizens Bank and Trust pompany
Main Street.
Will E.
McKet President
O. W. Wolf,
Miners & Merchants Bank
The holidays are over, taxes have been paid
so now is the time to save money. YOUR
money deposited with us now will have
earned four per cent at this time next year.
Start an account now, however small, add
to it every month and you will be surprised
at the amount you can save in a year.
Stop And Think
Where are you financially?
Are you really gettiiii? anywhere?
Make a change. Get started right. Start a bank
, account and make It grow. Qwe yourself some
thing every week. At the end of the year you
will have saved ud a nice little sum.
4 Per Cent On Savings
The BaiakOf 'Bi$bee,-Bisbee, Arizona
W. IL CROP'ilY. rrea. M S, Ctf.N?IN'GHAM. Cash.
J. S. DOUGIwVP, V. Pres. J. P. COXXOLLY. AssL Cash.
W. H.-WILUA3I&. AssL-Cash.
Jtosu&to.Giteh &
tie if one only knows how to plan,
buj and cook it. Every man has to
glie Hire and energy to his business
in order to earn the money to buy
he meat Tho wife should be willing
to do the same unless this lncomo
will warrant the extra expense of
help. White in London, York and
.other English cities last summer we
were delighted with the delicious
1 PllV Wt motn fen... .nf- !...
Meat rolls were another dainty dish
and could be made from left-overs.
Meat and Pastry RollSj
Materials Chopied mrdtt '"flour!' 2
cups; fat 2 t ; baking -powder. 1 tsp.;
(salt. V, tsn: milk
! Vtonsils Rolling nin. pastry board.
bowl, teaspoon tablespoon, knife.
bnking pan.
Directions Chop sufficient cold
ham, veal or chicken on any other
meat fine. Season well and mix with
soft butter to shape easily about tho
slf.e of a finger. Make tho dough with
the Ingredients given, using only suf
ficient milk to mix and roll easily.
Cut In strips and "wrap around each
"finger" or roll of meat, put into the
pan and bake in a quick oven until a
rich brown Serve with a tomato or
brown sauce. ,
Meat Turnovers.
Mmost any kind of chopped meat
may be used in these, and if tho
f.uantlty on hand 1 small mix it with
potato or cooked rice. This filling
sliould be seasoned with 3alt and pcpV
pert onion or whatever Is relished
d Hid on pieces of short biscnl;
dongh rolled thin, and cut about thrj
i ce or a saucer. Moititen tl)e edges o
dough with white of egg and pinch;
together Rrush over the top with the!
nell beaten yolk and bake, in a hod
oven. Servo with a brown sauce with
a tonsroonfiil of capers or a few
sliced .stalled olives.
Another day we will give more or
;litp' Inexpensive meat dishes.
Bisbce. Arizona
C. A.. McDonald, Cashier.
Assistant iashlei.
h- -rJ! "
-' : itJss-' -.i -C"f
:.-s i." t
' v
1 -Ji
v ' -,'
'.. ii.("tiwa ii.'tt jk?Jii.ij!tsm;pa.ia-ii,,.--i.tv-r!ij?... mat
W, -,;frffilWfaHrTnmMfiHB il3

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