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Published Every Morning Except Monday
by the
z?!U3S3fflK1??ssaa,ffissirL iwmbmmksstsss" t
jimuj'iu iii;iiijtwiiiiuffwij'i'W'W'wwi'in)iiuiiiiMW'i'iJiW'wriwwi'rrjfiijcw)iiu..ii n iji iimin 'm yyj ifagggggsgSHasgsi5Sgfsg
SBSST-, j " " T3 W - ": 'IWIPilF -
. js?r i
i j
Editorial Office PHONE NO. Zi, 2 Rings
BuHnoss Office PHONE NO. 3
By Mall, per year (Strictly in advance) $7.50
Dyt Carrier, per month .. 7G
.It -n ill to tbc earnest endeavor of The Review never Intentionally
to 'wound the felling of anyone.
Should an erroneous statement appear In tho columns of this paper,
call our attention to It. and If an error, duo correction -vs ill be mado and
smplc justice cheerfully accorded.
The advertising columns of this paper are for sale at the regular
office rates to unobjectionable matter.
Entered as Second Class Matter
under Act of March 4. 1S72.
Editor Henry Wattorson in tho
Courier-Journal thus dispose, of the,
inaugural ball: J
One;of the greatest adverUslaEi
mediums in tfaa world. If not the great
est is tbc Pros Gallery in Washing
ton Through that medium there had
been well and widely hdvertised the
Jact that the persons in charge of ar
rangements for 'he inaugural ball. In
cident to the incoming of the new ad
ministration, had decided that there
vrcrp to be no restrictions upon tho
Cha-acter- of the dancing. The an
nouncement was doubtless read with
ruore or less surprise fu Paris, Lon
don. Berlin, Pekin, Tokio, Bankok,
Cairo, St. Petersburg and stlndry oth
or foreign capitals of greater or "lesfc
importance. The lightest news, like
tiiu flotpHm that is Matted to the far-
ttlvst shore whllo tho treasures sink
to the ocean's depths, travels to the
ends nt the oartb, or. to be exact, to
tho newspaper readers of the earth.
Every news editor knowsr that the bi
zarrcis more eagerly read than the
Important, or the edifying-.
Of 'coarse it is not customary at
court'Jbtlla in Europe or in -Bla, or
lu the civilized portions of Africa, to
legulate tho character of the dancing
by edict. That is because it is not
within the range of probability that
any one would be vresont who would
have the hardihood to dance In a
iuestIonablc manner. To do such i
thing in Berlin would be to majestats
beloldlg'ing." Although no other na
tion has ever coined a word quite as
terrifying to describe the same high
crime, the. affront to the dignity of
ihoe presorit" would he equally
trcnsonyblc iu any other country. Iu
: "eK halt of the vqrld, as measured
ia ara, and In more than .half as
measured in population. It has never
len the custom for women of Hie
lilabr social castes to appear at
1 iiMTq balls. It is easy to Imagine the
fjtpof horror -srlKb which their High
ixxMpc ta Ktog of Stem, the Khedive
of iffcn. the Shab of Persia, the
Arcsr of Afghanistan, the Maharajah
of Raroda, the Akoond of Swat, the
Nrtaa of ilyderbad, the Emperor of
AWyssIafa, tho Japanese Mikado, the
Soften of Turkey find other Oriental
rulers may have read that the ques
tion 'of whether guests at a national
Inaugural BaH in America's capital
would be policed, or norm! tied to
doe as they damn pleased was
l-dlng discussed and all of them do
lettd the papers bscause all prince
MBwadafs are college men.
If the ball had tnfceu ptace as ar
rMffed K would dottbtieva have bce
In Ike laRgnape ot expoHeMa of tho
-risM Saht" the "CWeken rMp,
ifie Tas Tommy, tho "Tango and
omt trysloh0ran efforts of equally
aHvle4 aewefictetw-e "some ball.'
'& hata betog dowm, ia a figuatlve
wnm nwd.tfce Itarn botag npen in a
Weral sHe, the Inagral Hall ot
JSIS woM hare been memorabl
TIJet Hiarveleutrff eUeetive medtara of
DIlMieHy, tb ITees Gallery, vowld
taff Mborriiiwed the pomp and pa.
WDgrtptftfcei ina'iiBBra'Jon .to tht
TbVMaM jftagrasra of tber baJl.vThtJ
meWeM. aatt Mrs. ' WiSon wovli
hav flgurtid.aJi;.the-otHot3i hoit.and
Itt.sUwa assisted by the Misses
A Witt? fft talcMned le
at tho Postofflce at Bisbee, Arizona,
emrure the Prosident-olect for what
thoy will regard a his prudlshnpsj
snd his efforts to act as censor o
aolic morals, e'ould pause and, ask
Uistut-elves whether they would relish
i ,
iolns Pre6;nt5U' to the vide world
as iadorser of the fetyle of danclnp
that Is now confined, Iu Parte to Mott-
wartre and used to be confined in
New York to McGurk's' and places ,of
aitnllar repute.
Of course tho ienQtraUve quality of
the nc8 that an American President
elect felt forced to call off an Inaug
ural Bajl because he had reason to
belie e that it woutd not be i holly,
or reasonably, respectable will be
considerable. But it will hardly reach
.i' fr as descriptions of the ball
fviould have Eonc. And if it does. Dr.
Wilson has proclaimed his principles.
If ho arrhes In the White Ho&,e to
Hind lii countrywomen adocatiug
thr "scteeors stop"" and arguing for
the hish morality of Hie bunny hug
and the bear cat he cannot be charged
with havlng'n?ade the morals or man
ners of his country.
The committee on arrangements,
liich announced that tliaro would bs
"no .restrictions." condemned the ImIII
o annullment. Of course the commit
tee vas cornered by the insistent
gentlemen of the Press Gallerj, who
-jnsolona of t hefaet thot the public
.s rssdier to read about the tuikey
trot than about the tariff, scented
iews awl would not bo denied. The
lUStUile of a majority of the members
' the committee, who did not wish
o fiure as censors, is one with which
it is easy to sympathize. But it. 1& also
?as-' to bmiathlzt; with the Presl-'cnt-eltct.
who did ot wlBb to take
!rs daughters to "that klnt1 of a
ran.' '
According to the advices or The
Tribune, the democratic sonators are
rery shy of the bouse -plan to give
complete independence to the Philip
5-ine Islands at u fixed and near date.
-eBotor O'Gorman is quoted as fol
It would be decided Impracticable U.
?rant the Philippines an independent
jfowrnmont now or to Hx a definte
lime when Uwy sJiall be left to ad'
minister tnstr own atialrs. such a
proposition was submitted at ISalti
store when the platferm was under
consideration, and was rejected. How
long a time may be required to. train
these Filipino in the art of self-gov
ernment I do not know It may require
ae or two generations of training.
It is impossible to predict how ef
fective the system of education ee
tifbllsbed by the Americans may go In
bringing about th desired end of
tting them for the responsibilities
9i ser- government At present only
a MaU proportion a few hunured
bosrHl out of tS population of
.08u.0W can read aBd write. There
StIH much to be done, and Until I',
te done we must defer fixing any ex-
act time for turning over to them the
diflcnlt task. 1 hHYe that we should
.do thte as soon as iossIble, but th
tme has not yet arrived.
Tie stuiator's view Is entirely
oand. The position of Influence be
has attained in the brief time be
lias beer In the senate, the weight
that his counsel had to the remark-
able conrenUon of Lis party last year,
asd the intimate relations that have
Jtwn established between
yjfloe that?tkii
rs tho New
OBe reasntfor'
the conservative
- i . i
iator 1s that s yet no practical)
Ntotfeed ks beH proposed for deal-
tt give ground for con, :thhl .Uahlan lioniVwhrat' e .wldldoTOnTcst of themaal M- ; i fikiH
A view fwiirrrrevail,' poe; the 'flghfmy'forceforfihe'lnnbW nt(dtxcoltagalnst control by aismall w. B. Cleary. Arlzonas talenFcJfi
VorWXimes. , " , erable lnsttrrectb banUa are byma-i-telect' minority of tho population, orator, of tho soap box, was In
- w-r '.. t ' , m. J V r M'"T"
l . i-1 . tf -" r
tug with the islands after wo bhall
Itavo declared them entirely inde
pendent. There has been tho sugges
tion that we could secure u pledge
from all foreign powers indirectly
interested in the islands to "neutral
ize" them. We might or might not
be nWe to get such a pledge, if wo
could, it would by no means cover
;'ie case. No nation, for instance,
vuuid bind itself not to intervene to
j I otect its nationals from the conso
qttuhees of bad Internal government
To. guard against such intervention
wt would be obliged to guarantee
t,ood internal government at the very
moment that we gave up the means of
s-ecunng IL l has also been proiKsed
jhut we should establish a bort of pro
tectorate in the Phlllpiiwes. But an
'effective protectorate fs'nol consist
?hi with real Independence. At beet a
protectorate would only give us the
right to keep out other governments
on condition that we became respon
sible for the conduct of Philippine
affairs. A protectorate In practice
has generally bean only a step toward
annexation. It would be absurd as a
tep In the process of the surrender
of sovereignty. Tho whole question Is,
Shall we take on heavier burdens
hile rejecting the means by which
alone we can make sure of hearing
There is evidently much more go
ing on In Moxifo than the averagn
American understands. Even those
Americans who have fled from our
fritter rgjmbHe betau-w of the dis
turbed conditions of affairs seem un
able to analyze the situation tum
cfently to give a clear Idea of why it
is that insurrectionists are scattered
practically over the entire republic
and can not be suppressed by lh-j
federal government. The usual ex
planation is that the Madero govern
ment is weak, and that if Diar were
at the nation's bead again he would
use the strong hand with which he
held insurrection in check so many
jeans and would sieedlly bring quiet
and submission to authoIty. But thU
lb only an opinion based upon the
fact that he did so in the past, before
insurrection became so strong tbaty he
Mmneir wan drltrn from nnr anil
.. .
nls native lanu.
There is no eertalntv nt all that
"" " """b"1 uacK anu maae prci
dent again, would be able to restore
an orderly condition of society. The
conditions are not the same. ThU
dissatisfaction may be so widespread
and to deep, as these constant tur-
molls indicate, the the iron hand of
a dictator might not be able to sup
for the roeum and teum of property
acd small comprehension of. the pnn-
riples ot btabJIItv in government. Thin
r ..i
him anif Itrikefl la mnn1fMtalIn It Itr 4a tn r.nltm Tf ta l lASlt mnfilfAtf.lInn Clf
caution which Im- tnre irreapnsible,- have little regard Mexico Is the last great example of- nis one day last week where he
A' i r
The Critic for the church tocial and now the
My father says tho paper somehow . l:ojs arc using them fore quate pltch
aln't got up just right. tin out back of the putolflee lustld
He finds a let or fault with it when of horseshoes.
he- reads A at night.
He say3 there ain't a gol dum thing
in it worth while to read,
Ai.d that it dcosnt print the kind
of stuff the people need.
He tosces it aside and says it's
strictly "on the bum"
But you ought to hear the hollei
when tbc paper doesn't come.
Ho read about the weddla's and he
snorts like all git out.
He reads the ocftU doins with
most derisive1 shouL
lf says they make th papers for
' the wimmen folks alone.
He'll read about the parties and
he II fume and fret and groan:
He says of information it does not
contain a crumb.
But yon ought to hear him holler
when the paper doesn't come.
He's always first to grab it ami be
rad it plumb clear through.
Ho doesn't inis an Item or a warn
ad that is true.
ys: "They dont' know what we.
.. nM, t-nn .1 a, m natiBfi.tlar'
' giiys; J to uay for a round of drinks thai!
I'm goln" to take a day gome timeframe to $1.50. Gasoline is 17 cento
aud go and put 'cm wiw. ja gallon, do jou know that? And
It sometimes eeems as though they then lock at the oipen8e of Urea.'
MIlUl, MJV1U Uai.l o n oirui'v. i
must be deaf and blind aud.UKe ue another round or orinKs,
v dumb.
But you ought to hear him hollei
when the pair doesn't cpmt.
According to Uncle Acner.
It Is safer to intimate the Wrdi
by slngln' than by flyin'
if all tho troubles a feller f-xpecte i
rhould actually hannen to him. he
wouldn't last moren a day and a
There p always one safe bet, tht.;
tustmarter will never be aglM 'the
administration. , .
The difference between a warm
bouse and A. cold houso is gexw'llyj
nst the amount of coal jou are;
willln to burn.
There are lots oi people who llk
a feller get along if h happotw a
bo goln' in tho right direction dowt
if it wasn't for the crooks and sby--tera
and scandalmongers this earth
vould Ik almost a pood enough heav
en for anybody.
What has become- of the oId-fsh-.oned
barber who tiled to curl your
Lair up over his lingers.
laiUcs Blbblns made home dnnnlU
..aw m11 1.a fA 1 mnv l.n tfinf Ihawl
itance disposed to Iadroneism and j iaed, undirected, crude and even bru
prefer the free life of roving pillage !f&I and ctuo! a are'th manlfesta-
to steady work, or, at least, llk to!
rfesort to it when oul of work, an icy; this is the only understandable ex
many of them are at different seasons' planatlon of the apparently alums' i
of the year. AH this does not accoant j purposeless raids and deeds of the
Tor the entent and conUnuance of many Insurrectionist Vands. Thi i
the Insurrection or the Inability of Btates a deHtate one. We can co'
tlie federal government to suppress! aid in suppressing a movement for
it, sayg the Globe-Democrat. ( popular gorernn.uni. however ijiior
What seems to be .the fundamental
, cause is a general revolt of the mass-
!cs against ancient hidalgolsm, or pe -
lite old order
tigs In the Newr
World. There aristocracy has until
- -
now governed aud poefceaseu", and the
Ife TtLoy K.JVfou.i"fcoT.
The worst thing about being a
vooden Injun is that some foul smell
in' cigar store always comes up and
stands behind him.
Elmer Jones has saved almost
tnocgh coupons to git married.
Soiee fellers ar so unlucky tint
ott can't pay them a bill without
having them think you are giving
them counterfeit money.
When a man writes tombstone
loctry he writes poetry that oiuIitob
Aiiy feiltr who doesn't dike his
job ought to quit and give bomebod)
else a crack at it inslld of moochin
Many a gal who tin get along
wiLh n -?2 hat before she 1m married
.-inu trim it herself, lias other ideas
after she lands a permanent meal
It takes more moral courage than
most folks hev got to admit that
tncy are passionately fond of corned
beef and cabbage.
The Other Side of the Shield.
No, I can't afford to run an an-
tomofellc.' said the Talkative Per-
inn 1 o ln lftl.1 , t9 lllll nn Mm Ka I-
rwt,, ..? IJ u . v ". "" u. u.
George." f
The TalknUve Person laid another
tt bill on tlie bar and got 40 cent.'
In change. Then lie continued i
'Automobiles represent extravagance.
The best you car. do It a cnt a piUe,
.md I. for one, can't stolid the ox 1
pense. Gasoline is never go'nr to b
my cheaper. Well, let's havo one'
more nefertt we go, anu some eoou
ugure"' ,
, Tho check this time was $2.40.
The Tisn who itWa't drink, Una
wned an auiombHe becauee he
4fcln't went ot anfl climbed idto hti
car anil on the way home did a lit
tle fUrurirvK.
His talkative friend, who could not
aiford tc. run a car, had spent ?7.2t
inside of an hour and was still hold
.BB hl place at the end of the bar.
For $7.4 he coakl have boaghv
enough gasoline to run an automo
bile 7W miles or for two weak dp
an average of fifty miles a day, or a
month on an avorage of twontyfiTO
mites a day.
It all depends upon the point of
i lew. and there ar two sides to
very question.
nmnA0 tlCfBTA mtftlt ATff in if Wltli
I tans of th! revolt against aristocra-'
unUy It may be rtlrwted, i-or can w
permit anarohy to contlnuo
if it
i threatens the Hww and property of
citizens and other foreigners.
clared that he was neither a domocrat. i
republican. Bull Moose or socialist.
Whnt t ell. Bill
An 'emergency nhc'r has uiualb
btten roitslderca only from one olnt
of view, tiul tliat is a "holt or cub
board with plenty of foci ruly ti
enAk uuieklv when eomlny corned
Titah. There are a few other
tkinw Mrb might dlst'irb the host -
aside from lack of food, and that
is okan Hieu and sliver.
The sliver uted every day
wnshod In good hot ttoap suds and
'iHsed Willi plenty of hot water, doee
not need jwlhthinK very often. Keep
t-owe silver la reserve. It U better to
itftto ot of the cases only the num
ber of piece of flat silver necestarj
for overyday use. There Is Ies dan
ger of its being losU as each piece ii
Here canil) accounted for. and frash.
bright silver can be brought out at a
moment's notlco for the unexpected hortroent o fthem always in the house,
guest. inud witb fresh green vegetables and
And, oh, tho joy of linen, such as j laeat. which Is included In tho regu-
tupkius, tablecloth, doylies, center
jrfeces daintily embroidered, extra
towel, and plenty of all these when
tho occasion demands. Sort out the
ones to be u?ed every day, and these
are best of n German half-bleached
which wash, bleach white, and Ironj
w Hh a beautlf ul gloos. Then the nxtra l
linen' may and should be finer, care -
full wanhed and Iroiu-d, with special
Ixi s for the snwller -pieces and nai' -
kins and drawers for thn tablecloths
Then, with immaculate Unen mil sll
ver the table neatlv set, a hearty
welcome given, and even a cup of tea
will make your guests feel that they
art truly welcome But the careful
Miners & MerchantsBank
The holidays are over, taxes have been paid
so now is the time to save money. YOUR
money deposited with us now will have
earned four per cent at this time next year.
Start an account now, however small, add
to it every month and you will be surprised
at the amount you can save in a year.
The Firm Or Corporation
i 1 1 i i . i I, I. i
The Young Business Man r v c
The Salaried Man ' -"
The Woman
The accounts of all these go to make up the total ot our
deposits. We have the account of some of your friends, no
doabt, but wa want yours, mjev&axt&l&XGt&jBh. '
Just remember that at this
large account service.
On Savings Deposits
The Bank Of Bisbee, Bisbee, Arizona
Oldest and largest hank in southern Arizona.
his pa ' do a little more than support his family weekly
if hr doent he is losing, because the future Is to come.
It it's only OM. DOLLATt, try aad deposit it with this bank
Tceekly and provide for the day when the wages stop.
4 Per Cent Interest Will Be Paid On Savings
100 Small Savings Banks for IMstributjoTj, oa.Il and .get .yours.
Gitizens- Bank and ' Trust Company
Main Street. Bisbee, Arizona
Will E. McKet President. C. A. McDonald, Cashier.
O. W. Wclf, Assistant Cashier.
jfixAtcitch5. jgc'
l'ostees who has looked well after the
r.boie will be quite sure to hava
,'cnty on reserve on this "emergency
hhelf Whenever there is a good S4le
ii" for canned pons, tomatoes, etc
bv b dozen cans It certainly Is good
v onoitt) to buy.
i know I hear you nay, "But 1 ran't
always afford It whon 1 have the op
portunlt for bargains." Vos. you can
ir vou Uilnk nhead. Dot. I spend that
dollar and a quarter left over from
Mmr illowance last wcok, juet save
P for just such an "omorgency." That
i the wny this shelf Is kept supplied.
erj few housekeepers jeel that they
rjin. stock this up all at once, but add
to It each day or week as joii can
, "' "i.in..T,r"f'!. ,v
Plenty of gocd .seasoning is abso-
j k,tchra ,,ou ce,e goed anJ ,
onIon M,t c,ovcg cinMtao
tag mustard. Worcestershire, nut-
j meg, caers, horseradish, tarragon
vinegar, white popper, paprika, lH-
tiientos. lemons, gmted cheese, breid
iTumbii. canned salmon, lobster, sar
dines, anchovies, olives pickles, peas,
lima, kidney and string beans, corn,
kornlet, tomatoes, egg needles, siia.
phetti, canned soup in small sizes,
wafers tailed and of the sweetest
kind. These arc only a few pt the sug
gestive things, but witb a small as-
- , inr marketing, a hostess need havo
no fears when extra culinary feats
aro demanded in her home.
ST LOUIS. Mo, Jan. 2". The casj
of Barbara Gladys Arnold, tho 1G-
1 year-old girl whom tho police allege
J to te a firebug, was called fortrial
ivoday. The g rl, who was employed
; as a nurse in tne family of a local
iiaptst minister is to answer to a
charge of having set fire to the Win
dermere Hotel, In the burning of
which several lives were lost some
' t'me ago,
bank the wr.all ace Hint receives
. J7V ?.-"'

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