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Nothing Occurred Yesterday
to Change Monotony. Pro
posed Tariff Changes At
tracts Principal Attention
BOSTON. Jan. 27 No decisions of
Importance were banded down today
and nothing occurred to break iha
monotony. Prices were unchanged
and-volume ot transactions were
smaller than ever. The tariff changes
are principal topic of interest und
very little can be expected in the
stock market until some line can be
obtained as to what congress intends
to do.
5n tbe local curb issues Denn sold
at 71-2, Warren quoted 4 3-4 bid with
only tight offerings at ' Saginaw
sold at 71-S with that figure bid for
more. Wolverine 73 cents bid.
Total sales New York 1I5,9.
Money 2 3-4 bid.
(L. J. Oerlock)
New York
Amalgamated 71
Anaconda 27
American Smeltera 71
Atchison 104
Brookljn Rapid Transit ft
Baltimore and Ohio 101
Chesii'ake and Ohio 7S
Canadian Pacific 241
Erie ...'... 31
Creat Northern 127
Interboro Common 17
Lehigh Valley If.l
Louisville and .Nashville 139
Missouri Pacific 41
Northern Pacific 118
Penca ., 122
Peo Gas 114
Reading XD', t... 1G2
Rook island 22
SugaF.-jJ........ 11G
SteeTCommon ' ., '..: C8
SteerPfdtv:? . 110
Southern "Pacific , ..
Union Pacific . ...V; ..
July 901-S
May 01S-S
" Corn
July -1- S22-S
May 512-1
JAnuary., A . . 12.S1
March .V.U 12-W
Aljomah v.. ... .. 2
Adventure .".'... 41-2
Arizona Commercial .' 31-2
Allouez ,-' "
Uutte Superior 327.S
Centennial -.. .. 1C
Calumet and Hecla 49S
Calumet and Arizona C6 1-2
Copper Range 48 12
East Butte 133-4
Frank S
Granby 06 ,
Greene Cananea ... 9
Ciroux ""31-2
CoMWrt , ' 2
Hancock "22
Helvetia ...... - ..,,. 75i
Indiana 13
Inspiration Consolidated . . 161-2
Isle Royale ' "2S1-2
Lake .... 20
Lasalle .. 5
Miami 241-2
Mohawk .- 64
Mayflower 121-2
Mason Valley 9
.North Butte ..'--. 3Q Jl
in tb two umipurAi trjt sliaf New
cl-m. iiu'e been put n ou the lon
er !('l1 t replace ihs old b'm in0
the mine mis bee; put in evlctit
iiiaj so as to permit operations oi
a much larger scale than formerly.
A ne CM-foot callows frame baa
( been erected" at the mine and two
iHirge ore bins Installed, o 420 and 210
toil capacity respectively. These bin
w '11 soon be connected with each otN
r by means of a belt coneyor. o'
the Bobbins type, and a crusher in
stalled at the collar of the abaft.
crusher arrived during the 1re-
week and Is now being installed.
large Jtankb have been iQbtalleJ
u-ar the dhaft which will serve ai
reservoirs and to -egulEte a steadv
J ;!ow of vater to the mill.
a new ore uin nas aiso neen in
stalled at the et mill, and is of 27fc
tons capacit. The mill hHs been
comidetely oerhauled and remodeled.
T"o hjdraullc clasifier have been
added to tbe equipment, replacing one
which was in use heretofore. The mll
was again placed in operation, aftei
being Idle, for several months. m
Jnnuarj 13.
The proerty is under the manage
ment of Dr. Walter Harvey Wood,
aud the worl; is under the supertn
tendency of V H. Tansye, assisted
bv A W. Sansb'irn and J. R. Baile.
A a soon as all the equipment has been
installed, which will be very soon,
'.be company will bo operating the
propertj on a paying basis In fact,
tho. management has every confidence
to that effect
Del Pilar
Del Pilar, which is considered tn
most important property in the Santa
Cruz neighborhood, about 35 miles
northwest of Cananea, Is steadily be
coming more of a producer as weeks
go by. Urder the guidance of A. O.
Koppes. M. E.. and the president of
ine Arnold Mining conipany. Ed R.
Arnold of Nogales Ariz., there has
been considerable progress at the
p-operty. Since last June work has
been conducted on a small scale,
st&rting in With a force of five men.
This has been increased to 30 al
though the oixratlons have been con
ducted with a series- of difficulties to
contend with Alread, 'the property
hr shipped sK carloads of ore to the
Cananea smelter this 'month, and an
other car is being loaded -at present.
Sressrs. Koppes and Arnold are very
enthusiastic regarding the outlook in
the Santa Cruz section, as all the own
ers of mining ground are eager to be
gin operatiors, seeing the showiiii.
the Pilar is making. They believe
thtt in a short time tbere will be
quite a camp established In the mount
ains. The shipments from Del Pilai
j v ill soon be increased to between lo
und 15 cars monthly. Tue ore aver
ages 10 per cent copper.
As a result of the showing being
made by Del Pilar mine. Las Mer
cedes mine, owned by Franklin & Co.
of Nogalps. Arizona, will soon be op
erating. In fact a quantity of sup-
New and Important Shaft Is
Being Sunk on Capote
Propertv Where- Ore Bod
ies Are Believed to Be
CANANEA. Son.. Mex- Jan. 27.
Tbe, Cananea Consolidated Coppor
company is at the present time doing
mere actual mining and .develoi
iccnt. work at its various properties
than""lt has done for quite a few yearu.
About tbe most important work beln
done at the prevent time is the sluic
ing of a new shaft at the Capote
mine This work has been under way
for some time and the shaft has now
reached a depth of 600 feet, beinf,
connected at every iwel with the
old shaft, a short distance away. The
latest reports are to the effect that
on the 700-foot level the drift has
teen run to the new shaft and the
bhaft Is now being raUed from thai,
level. The shaft will go dovn to the
1000-root level before sinking U
fctopped On the surface, at the new
abaft, bins have been installed, bell
conveyor completed and everything
placed in readiness for the operation
ot the new- shaft when completed. The
ore body at the capote is considered
li many to be the richest as well as
largest in the camp.
The Henrietta
Tunne! 12 of the Henrietta mine, lo
cated towards Puerlocitos from the
Henrietta shaft proper, has been cut
sbout 165 feet ii?t the hill where a
carbonate ore body has been encoun
cred. As to the importance of tho
find, nothing can be said at present
as tbe tunnel has only recently en
countered the are.
, Actual mining has been resumed
in tbe Henrietta mine after having
been discontinued for a number ot
months during which time only de
velopment work, was done. The xnln
'Kg operations are being conducted
ou the 400-foot level. An imjiortam.
bit of work was recently completed
at Puerlocitos. Tunnel No. 31 has
been driven completely through the
hill, or mountain, being "holed" re-
,-u.,tl- Til. .unnnl tz. n IJ1a n.'AV
1500 feet m length. This tunnel is 'dies and machinery have already
iu ut? utu iur a muiur lire wiutxi viu
Nut Cake
Simply Delicious
By Mn.JanetMtk'ensie Hill. Editor of
ike L'oston Coottig School MagastM
In giving this recipe, Mrs. Hill !e
Heves it to be one of the best all-around
cake recipes it lias been her good for
tune to make. The simpliatv ami uni
formly good results will appeal to every
K C ut CLe
One-katf cup buUer; l' cups gran
ulaUa sugar; U cup vitli; Zcupsjfour;
2 level teSupooufuU K C liakinglxv
der; I cup of mil viealt chopped fine;
whites of 4 eggs, beaten dry.
Sift fiour and taking powder together,
three times. Cream tbe butler, add the
sugar; then alternately, the milk and
the Hour mixture; lastly the whites oE
eggs and the nut meats. Bake in a
sliet in a sliallow pan thirty or forty
minutes AVheu cold cover with the
icing and decorate with w hole nut meats.
This is nla an nrcileut while ciVc recipe
wtcu sUU ure omitted. '
CbacoUte Iclnit
Otte cup granulated sugar; i ounce
chocolate; white of I egg, beaten dry,
i teaspoonful vanilla tract; cup
Stir the sugar, chocolate and water
until the mixture boil; cover and let
boil three minutes. Uncover and let
boil till when tefed in cold water a soft
ball may be formed; beat into thewhite
of egg, then beat until cold, odd vanilla.
The not caramel tnlitiz eirrn on pare foitT
of the K. C Cook s Uool: ituty be ncU in iUce of
the chfcviljte frosiinr. If dtiirl. A cuur of
the Couk s IJook lumtsouicly fttnttratrd In 9
tutor, will be nuital f rc, if you will fiend the
Cblorrtl cetlficnte packed in 2S-cent can of K
C Baktnc tinnier lo Oe JAauu 3!fg. Co,
CJucuso. 35
had read the book and It lost very
little of its orig'nal flavor by tbe turn
ing of one of the most ropuler novels
into a stage story. The audience ap
plauded theartHy the fine passages
with which the play abounds and the
able manner in which the company
presented their respective parts.
North Lake
Old Colony ..
Old Dominion
Osceola .....,
Phelps Dodge
fimnrv 2'
Raf Consolidated i .... 19S-S
Shannon ..-a .... ..."...... 12 1-2
Shattuck ........ ..- 2C1-2
Utah Consolidated ., . 10 1-2
Utah Copper;;., .-4". 64 -S
Nevada Consolidated ... .. IS 1-4
Superior Boston "
Wolverine ai 08
Chi no 45
Saginaw . 7KT
Alaska Gold .' .. .- 14
Braden ., ,. 9JH
B. and A. .,., -. . ,, . ' -
B. and L. ... 35
Bohemia S
Jlaltic ...... , 98
Qaotus W
Denn : .... 7-8
Davis Daly 1T-S
Blenita ax J... 2
Kerr Lake 2-4
Lucky Tiger 4 1-8
North Tlgre ,.. 9
Necozari 36
OJtfrway 3
Oneeo 2
Ohio 1W
Jtay Central 21-4
Ray Consolidated 19 3-S
Ttalnbew Dev. Wd 93-4
Sierra 1H
San Antonio 51-2
S.V. Miami 4
Savannah bM 2
Tenopah 6
Tsnopah Belmont .... ...... s 8H
Warrior". 1M
West End 1W
Warren 5
Calumet OU SC
. Baltimore Oil as 4fc
carry the ores from the Elenita. min
wken operations are again unuVr way
at tbe lattter proierty of the com
Iany, to tbe bins at Puertecitos. The
motor l'ne is to run on the surface
between the portals of tunnel 31 from
Pjlertecilos and El-'nita No. 1. -
A drift is at present being run to
connect shafts 4 and 5 a' Puertecito
which will soon he completed. Shaft 4
has already been connected with tun
nel 11 by means of a raise of 100
feet, and exploration work is being
done In that working in an endeavor
to ascertain the extent of the ore bodj
wbich-is at present being mined from)
tunnel 14. The majority of the ores
mined at Puertecitos comes out of the
ore Lody reached by Tunnel 11,
which is the lowest tunnel it that
portion of tbe camp. Work bus beei.
resumed iu the breast of Tunnel 14
and it will be continued clear through
'he mountain Puertecitos promises
to furnish a goodly portion of the
ores for the smelter in the luture.
Outside the District
Tho company has beer doing some
work outside of the heart of the dis
trict for the past Sve months or so
Some time ago a contract was let for
Mime work on Its Chipewa denounce
ment, located about 12 miles south
east ot the city, and a tunnel wa
drivpn a distance of 30 feL Later a
rake was made to the surface at the,
ead ot the tunnel, and the results
Drought by this work were so encour
aging that the raise was made a shaft
and sunk until at present It Is down
lo a depth of about 150 feet or more.
Kxcent the first 100 feet of tbe tun
nel, most of tbe work was done In s.
leached ground containing consider
able iron. Native gold and silver have
been encountered In this leached
material and the conditions warrant
the liellef that with greater depth cop
per will be found.
Calumet &. Sonora.
About two miles north'vest of Can
anea is located the main shaft of tho
C-Uumet & Sonora of Cananea Min
ing company, S. A. which has been
making considerable headway both
in development and In Improvements
to the equipment. Ever since the re
organization of the company tn June
of 1912. the company has been fol
lowing a line of work which included
tue making of mnny Improvements
and developing the pror-erty. At the
time the company was reorganized
It was decided to electrify the entire
plant because of tho VIgh cost of
steam as power. The Instillation of
a new air compressor, electric pump,
double-drum electric hoist picking
belt and crusher, etc was decided
upon- besides to persue, a system of
develo'pment work during the interim
awaiting the arrival of the new ma
chinery. Now most of this new equip
pient has been received and Installed,
and as oon as everything is In read"
iness operations will be conducted on
a much larger scale than at the pres
wit tim.c.
In development work, crosscnt No.
10, on the 300-foot level, was started.
It bing the Intention to get out un
whiol: if about 700 ret from the shaft.
Trie rbaft was sunk to the 525-foot.
Jivcl, rctunbered; be new elect rle
lAhst installed and 13 toy raising oie
been shipped anil Is now being
freighted to the -property, which 1
about two miles from Del Pilar. Tho
shipment includes a holbt and pump.
Chenowlth brothers are continuing
work on their Jcseflna denouncement
adjoining Del Pilar, and during the
past week have Installed a gasoline
Some vears ago the Santa Cruz lo
cality had quite a boom but no pro
ducers resulted. Since that time It has
BROOKHAVEN. Miss., Jan. 27
The grand jury today took up the case
of Mrs. Mattie Clempnts, who two
weeks ago shot and killed John Mul
len for alleged intimacy With her
young daughter. The tragedy occur
red at the home ot Mrs. Clements,
who Is a widow The woman claims
self defense, alleging that she shot
Mullen only after he had drawn a
knife and threatened to kill her. Her
statements in this particular were
born out by the testimony of tho sher
iff, who found the knife tightly clasped
in the dead man's hand when he ar
rived at the scene of the tragedy hi
response to a telephone call from Mrs
CIemeut Public sympathy appears
to bo stronglypn the side or the
widow, who has been at liberty on
a small bond since the killing.
COLUMBUS. O . Jan. 27. -The first
Anti-Alcohol Congress ever held in
this country, in which the participants
'nclude representatues of all the
prominent temperance and anti-saloon
organizations and churches and re-
litfimiQ societies of all denominations.
been having an up-hill time of It anti wag to oraer ln tnis c.ty Xoia.y
now it seems as if the district will
toon come into 'its own.
San Bernardino
Jack O'Brien and associates of Can
.inca have secured a leaee on the old
San Bernardino mine, locatfi. clo5t- to
tl-e Alacran mine of the Moctezuma
companv. This week they took a BtocL
of supplies to th property nnd began
work. There is a shaft on the prop
ertv .vluch was sunk a few years ago
to a depth of 200 fret or more and
which showed up considerable ore.
in The Theatres
for a two das' session. Prominent
among the scheduled speakers arr
Congressman Richmond P. Hobson. of
Alabama, Zella Faster. Stevens of the
International Sunday School associa
tion, and Judge J , C MfcWhorter.
who led the "dry'' forces In the recent
successful campaign for state prohibi
tion 4n West Virginia.
Here Is Entertainment.
At the Lowell theater today and to
morrow will be seen a number of mo
tion picture subjects Just released for
production by the various Americaz.
and foreign factories. These subjects
comprise the finest execution; they
are the finished product of careful,
comprehensive preparation, fine act
ing, splendid staging and wonderfully
accurate photography, the kind ol
pictures secured by the Lowell and
no'other house in the district.
"The Pathe Weekly" shows four
splendid scenes of tho Balkan war
Smyrna, Turkey. The Inhabitants of
this city hold a mass meeting to show
their approval of the war. Cettinjc,
Montenegro. The king, Nicholas I,
receives the homage of tbe represent
atives of foreign volunteers. Touzi.
Trukey. This town is held by the
Montenegrin army under the com
mand of General Dussau Gjuraskovlc.
Vranica, Turkey. The Montenegrin
troops guard 6,000 prisoners captured
in their victorious battles in Albania.
There are also six other subjects
in the Pathe Weekly of great Interest
to the general public. Other wonder
fully entertaining subjects on this
bill are "The Struggle of Hearts," and
"Fog" two very pretty dramas, and
'Three Girls and a Man," and "The
Eavesdropper," two dandy comedies
which go to make up one ot the
strongest programs yet produced at
this popular play house. Mr J. P.
Coy will sing a baritone solo "When
the Bells in the Lighthouse
Imples Source
of Great Danger
May be Means of Absorbing
Disease Germs in Most
Unexpected Manner.
Ding Dong." This is one of tbe heav
iest songt in Mr. Coy's repertoire,
Bid Farewell to All Blood and Skin
The research laboratory of The Swift
Specific Co. has collected a vast amount
of Information regarding the spread of
biood diseases. In thousands of instances
the molt virulent types have been the re
sult of coming in contact with disease
eerms in public places, and the apparent
ly inilcnIScant pimple has been tho
cause. It Spreads with asstonUhins ra
pidity, often infecting the entire system
in a few days.
It Is fortunate, however, that there Is
a remedy to cope quickly and thoroughly
wiin such a condition, and thanks to tho
energy of its producers the famous
S. S. S. may now bo had at almost any
drug store in the civilized world.
This preparation stand alone among
speclnc remedies as a. blood purifier. It
is somewhat revolutionary in its compo
sition, since It accomplishes all that was
ever claimed for mercury, iodides, arsenic
and other destructive mineral drugs, and
... I. t Vn1lw rnirelv vefi-etubta
ninR j product. Tfccre ar tsore cozes of artic
ular rheumatism, locomotor ataxia, w-
resfi. neuritis and almilar diseases result
ant from tho us of minerals than from
r.RAIICiTARic' nniw"; wpi I disease germs- direct Thesa facts are
uRAUSTARK DRAWS WELL Ug ont In a nlgtlir interesting book
Craustark, the dramatized novel ct -.-nni ire th medical department of
George Barr McCutcheon, proved to ! fjje gwft Specific Co.. 1ST Swift Bkie..
bo a good drawing card for the Or-
pheum theatre last night which beld
one ot the largest audiences seen
there this winter. The play was
famll'ar to most of the patrons who
Atlanta. Ga. It la mailed free, together
with a special letter of advice to ail who
are stnurgllng with a blood diaease.
Get a ll.oo bottle of 8. S. S. to-day ot
your drucelst. It will surprise you with
its wonderful action lo tbs Mood. .
A f
t- ' ti" $'
Don't Send
r &
equipment for all
1 IiiUII&
JLJSLm, &J& JJL J& Jib
of every character
e e e e
'' if
stimates Promptly Given
1 y-i
Call phone 39 or apply in
- I
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isbee Daily K
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