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JBaBapragy jfaBgawwBraggTFyr
u J . " " V "
Published Every Morning Except Monday
j; " by the
Editorial ,OHIc PHONE NO. W, 2 Ring
Business OMce PHONE NO. 3J
Bj Mall, per year (Strictly In advance) J7.50
Single Copies ,. . 05
By Carrier, per month .73
It will bo the earnest endeavor of Tho Review never intentionally
lo wound tho felling of anyone.
Should ait erroneous Etatemcnt appear in tho columns of this paper,
call our attention to It. and If an 'error, due correction Trill be made and
ample justice cheerfully accorded.
The advertising columns of this paper aro for sale at the regular
office rates to unobjectionable matter.
Entered aa Second Class Matter at th? Postotfice at Bisbee. Arizona
under Act of March 4. 1872.
The follow lag from the Boston
Commercial Is worthy of careful con
sideration in .connection, with the
question .or government ownership in
this country: , ,
'Tho tendency of tho "prascu't re
form movement is so strongly in tho
direction of ultimate state and muni
cipal ownership and operation that
those enterprises now conducted by
different branches of the government
should he Investigated and their prof
its and losses, benfits and detriments,
thrown Into comparison with tkosoiof
similar business privately owned and
has been Spent or allowed for renew.
alB or depreciation since 1D0S. Such
bookkeeping by a private business
vould be considered lltle less than
criminal ,
Tho price cliarged for olectrioity In
Frankfort is 12 fc cants ier k. w.J
hour up to 300, then 10 cents. In
Berlin. iiRdcr private ownership, tha
rate is 0t cents., and in 1911 the
Berlin company iald the city $l,S6i.
f'SS in taxes. ,
The same publication In its" Decem
ber Issue nresentcd a list of 177 muni
cipal lighting failures.
Aro tho people of America willing
to purchase and turn over to the vol
iticians big business enterprises and
For eiuniple, tho posfeface service the chances of pa in? dearly for
pt the United States pays operating
expenses for one 3 ear and in other) creasing the strength of the party in
. .'..... . . . !. u.. .,, , : ... .-
ears -reports deficits running up into
many Ynilllons; uutfeven these deilcita
do not include numerous Important
items of cost that necessarily must iw
met by pnvato busiue-ss.
Government-owned enterprises paj
no taxes and taznavers in General ! chase.
Lad management, and also of to in-
have to make up by increased pa
incuts the money which tho-govcrn-
ment thus fails to geL , -
wtt. .,
If the parcels post is to be' com
luired with express companies, for In
fctance, 'consideration properl mus.
bo gien to the fact that the govern
ment now lias a largo Income from
the express companies through, the
medium of taxes, while cv eryi post of
ftco building and equipment of the
ttio itostal department arc tax tree.
The government's expense of erect
lug buildings and maintaining them
for the use of the post oitice depart
treat has never been figured as a par
of the cost of conducting tho iostal
Lnsinoss, notwithstanding borrowed
money is usul for this purpose and
tho internment pajs Intorest on i
Government ownership of rallroadt
j 'tirnllv wohM exempt the lines, ter
" -alaofftae buildings, eta, from tax
ation. Unless they were haadled
much more oSicieftUy than tho gov
iraniMt has ever handled an tiling
riv Jhte would immensely increase
the harden of taxation on all other
enterprises and property t
A arsaraple of the government's f
i rogreaBiveBots It may be mentioned
that the United States cosrts arc still
coMp9fcating wluiobsab precisely as
they iitd in MaSP coach days, the wK
ness receiving Ave cent per mile go
ing and coming and only $LSO a day
for his timet Tho goYernwent has not-
jet discovered th teet that tran-HJC. a scandal, a hold-up of lcglsla
j-ortalfon rdte haw dscHiW In tho
Jaat iu year, or that wages axd sal
artog ha a'dvantwi.
Our attention has recently beon
L-aHed to tfc fast that a profesiona!
MB dohig bHBes la the far wti
wag sttmaiened to N-aw YsrU to testify
ia th4 (United Stats court. He was
kept in that city for three or four
weeks before heiag edited to tb
stand, daring whish period he &
lorcad to aaglet hte business, prob
aHy wrth $mt im $l,f6 a year to
Mai, and the govern meat paid Win
oaty i a day.
"Concerning Manlciaal Owimrshlp.-'
a t4Xpiwijilx;maKzine, statoc
VWimKF -i
tffl.'ijWrrnknttHeln.: German;.
a'mnp4eiWty-tliatts iJoln$j4 toSrtth
Irid(4 hy advoeales of state sociaHaw,
power that political reform will be
rendered practically impossible?
Of course all unsuccessful busi
nessos arc for sale and the owners
will spend money to promote seiitl
mont In favor of government pur
It Is well to reniemocr, how-
cxer, that losing ventures pay taxes
at well as profitable ones."
When Mark A. SwliU and Henry F.
Ashurst were elected to the United
Uiro tho time required was twenty
two minutes. Tho legislature had
been directed in this action by a sen
atorial primary In which our present
benators wore victorious.
A.t Ijucoln. Nebraska, iast week, a
legislature which is decisively in con
trol of tlie democrats on joint ballot
concluded the e'ectiou of George ,V.
Norris, republican, to tho United
States, tenate.
On the sanif day, Mr. Norris, at
tending strijAly to his business In
Washington, roporlsd an Imjiortant
bill from the house committee on judi
ciary He knew he was going to bs
tlected, bocaubo the people of Ne
braska, voting under the Arizona plan
at the polling In November, had lo
Miad their orders to the legislature to
olect him.
On the same day ar Salem, Ore., an
oerwhelmingly republican legislature.
elected Harry Lane, democrat, to the
sotiate, under the same procedure.
Oregon thus gains the distinction of
being rprM.ntod by two democrats
fa the senate, both elected by ropub.
Hcan logtclaturec
in no case has there been a dead-
Hie statement of Presidentelect Woodrow Wilson that he lstroDgly opposed to the undcjnorrat
Ic Inaugurol ball, ac-Ji as we bite always known in the past, moves the cartoonist to offer a tuggestiun
Tho Massachusetts
inow devoting its tlmo to the consider
Mark Smith in the cloak room said
"How ie it Mark, that Arizona b
not bonding delegations to Washing
Inn fni- lirtff Inna? Tlnlon'f vnjt nm
msn out there that want office?" 3atlon ot a wli Hn,it the lenBth
"Well, senator" replied Mark, "our 'the hatpin which leads tho Boston
I eoplo of Arizona aro too bnBy build- joumail to remark
ing nigtiuays, ocnooi nouses, canais, a
imiortunate that tho progress of gen-
legislature is inX! reronus should bo hampered by
j me laiotio- pcrionnuncos of wouiu oe
etc to waste time in.,, such foolish
ness, but mj colleagues proiiose to
see to it that our state will be prop
erly represanted in the democratic
The New Yori senator iaid a nice
compliment to tltc good sense and in
telligence of Arizona cltizena who
placed puch implicit 'trnsr in- then
representatives. The democrats li
Loth branches of congress favor the
prompt removal of all iepublicau of
ficials, no inatUr what the date of!
their commissionb may be, and it is
States senatf. hv ttm Arlxnna lofriKtu.fctbouRht that President WiUon, while
uu is iiul 111 auy euac rauiuAi, win
tlve buvinaas iociaent lo electing a
senator under the Arizona plan.
The legislature of AVest Virginia.
Tonfieaeee, New- Mexico and Illinois,
trying to choose senators under the
laachlce caucus plan, are deadlocked
and nlnts of scandal are already befn;,
ewhted. Mom. of the senators who
will flBGUy be elected will be men
wlo coatd not hare been chosen if
life ixeopie had had" the chance to de
I: it a fine lesson to legislatures that1
bae before thn the constitutional
amendment for direct senatorial elec
tions. Indications are that every state
wHl ratify that amendment
U' 4. . .
lament. , . .
A. WnKhIn-firTi TtrAfrb vnvn
i Be most noiaoie proms earaea in xrt70Ba is aboul tb oniy ute in
I'll were br the itehttns plants the Ue onion that haant dozens of ap
plicants ueTP for positions Senator!, , . . , , .
t.l.iuu of New ork tueeiinsl1 as A lmrfw,llMl physioomlst.
fPfiu' belli. """
t noin
listen to the advice of the representa
tivc democrats ot the country. Tht
Arizona Federal judgeship is still hi
tho air Tho friends of Judge Sloan
have given up all hope of confirming
him, but are working to have tho
president give him another position!
that would take bim from the state.
How this will work out 's problemat
ical as yet.
The Review gives the above for the
purpose of pointing out the dry humor
of Senator Mark Smith, who, when
lie loft Arizona for Washington wa
tompelltd to purchase an extra trunk
into which he packed several thou
sand lottery and notifications of appli
cation for positions at the political
pie counter. Besides the applications
there were other thouands of letters
of endorsements.
No sus It. Arizona believes that
there will be any scarcity of appli
cants for federal offices. In fact they
arc a numerous almost as grass
hoppers during a plague year in the
state ot Kansas. And no one knows
this better than our senator. It Is ail
right to "string" Senator O'Gorman
with a line of talk about our people
being busy with building roads ant
school houses, but the number neck
ing offlcn amount to a stunning figure.
Congressman Carl Hayden has in
troduced in congress a bill providing
for pensions for all the old frontiers
men yet living in Arizona and other
states who were engaged ia fighting
and subduing the hostile Indians be
tween the years ol 1SC3 and 1803. A
timely effort to recompense by this
government many pioneers of the
vouthwest who "risked their lives In
the work of redeeming for civillza
tion and industry this once Apache-,
ridden country.
Advices 'from Phoenix indicates
that someone has been trying to "put
one over' pn W. G, GUmore. our coun-
"The subject fs not altogether d
terving of the light treatment some of
the legislators are Inclined lo givo it
Only a few weeks ago a man in this
city died from die scratch ot a hat
pin and a seridus accident Is liable
to overtake anvone in a crowded car
to long as woraSn throughtjessly per
-ist In wearing hatpins that protrude
several inches outside the crown or
statesmen whose trains and bowcisi
suffered transposition during the pre
natal period and wbofe sense of do
cency and honer got lost hi the
their hats as many of them still do.
These perilous pins, of course, are
relics or tho time whou hats were of
the washtub etyle. Hat have been
reuced i'n size, bjitljtoo many pins h.ivo
not. aUhoughlLJ:
to have them sliortened
en would find out by consulting an
shopkeeper. The good sense of most
women has already anticipated the
proioscd legislation."
s-am easy matter
as the woni-
Pned for many years and the public
will hardly know how to inet the
new conditions. There have been fam
ilies in .the luxuries of life, such as
bread and coal, but never in suco
a necessity of the ioor as champagne.
There is some question as to how
tho new battleships will be christened
and the champagne famine may provo'
a great setback in this respect. The!
United States can hardly afford to
drop from second or third 'place to
seventh or eighth on account ot a
scarcity of champagne. ?nd it seems
aa though the administration would
bestir itself to find a reined.
When one stops, to consider the un
told suffering that the shortage on
champagne will cause in the poverty
stricken districts along the Great
White Way and of the misery that
will prevail among tho Pittsburg mil
lionaires and the chorus girls the true
meaning of tho situation becomes ap
parent But let evorone remain as1
calm as posttiblo and it may turn out
that the reports concerning the grains
crop failure have been exaggerated.
My Lady's Hat.
A little bunch of bent and battered
A quarter's worth of lace tliat's
hardly seen;
Two rooster feather stuck up on the
topj j i
A hunch of artificial j grapes be
tw een. ' 5 ', S
A paper rose ortwo pinned on tho
side, 7 I
A silver buckle, valupfifteen cents;
A velvet rib')0!fe hangin " down be
hind Tlie whole thing made ""regardless
ot expense."
The thing looks, like a soiip plato up
side down. f
It hangs around her head, beforq
and aft.
Looks drooping like and wilted, front
the rain;
Tho wholo effect's enough to drive
one dafL
A man should heat a rowing basket
Until it looks like nothing on Uii3
And trim it up and make his wifo a
bat, .
For then he'd sure'' get hi."
money's worth. ,
Bill for i
Her bonnet.
Ten plunks
Doggono it.
Our Navajo Scri
We now have our Navajo itaee scrip
r-nd are ready to acquire title to jour
lands. We will make a selection la
the U. S. Land Office February 10.
1913. Send iu your orders now. so we
can check them in Land Office. ' Tin
prle- w ill be $3 00 per acre, and fully
Act quickly before the other fcllovj
acts our land.
Write or wire
210 Vh'oeuix National Itank Bids.
i ' Phoenix. Arizona.
(Arizona Democrat)
Arizona pas seventy-four p-r cent
of all the Internal revenue collected;
In New Mexico and this state Yet,
Now Mexico has the Internal revenue,
collector. This is unfsir and unjust.)
Arizona is untitled to that office wlthi
its twenty-live employes and wo -ug-'
gest to or representation in Wrsh-t
ington that they get bus and bring I
that office home to Arizona. W- real-j
ite why it was located in New Mexico!
under territorial rule that territory i
was republican and it was placed!
there to aid the republicans to hold it!
In the republican columns. Those das
are ast and we don't think a demo
cratic preafdtnt will appoint tho col
lector from a state that lus two re
publican senators, when its nelghbot
with a solid democratic delegation In
congress awl paying three quarters of
all the retenue collected. Is demand
ing the position.
(Tucson Star )
One thing that Governor Hunt dll
Rot mention in Ms call for an extra
sesiriofl He fuikd to ask that the Ie?
islatnre consider appropriations icr
LuIIding at h'an Iiego and San Trau
Cisco This Is taken to mean that th
governor does not want thf legisla
Editorial Comment
Florence Blade)
Some people. In hiejh places, seem! ture to Rqnander the state's rar-ney 1 1
unable to distinguish between folly i erecting bulldinioi at the Pacific coa i
and rcrorm and the startling stunu!xpos!tlon Hut the Icbuyi3t vi.l bo
they are informing In the name of j on hand In Phoenix asldng tho mem
the latter are slovvl developing a pub- ters of the legislature to make appro
lie sentiment that will, cventnall prluions for the b'liidinss or nt least
swtep the humbugs and their hum ' mtrod ue measures provides for such
1nggtry off the -stager of action It 1 i ap ropriaticcs
The" Firm Or Corporation ' ' '
The Young Business Man
The Salaried Man
The Woman
Tlie accounts of all these go to make up tho total of our
deposits. We liave the account of some of ou- friends, no
doubt, but we want yours, , w MaiJ-.'is2aaa !
Just remember that at this hank the small accvunt receives
large account service. 2isriM&'SUtSBtlGS8f&r j
On Savings Deposits
The Bank Of Bisbee, Bisbee, Arizona
Oldest and largest bank in soutl era Arizona.
"by Eoy K.lyfoxil-fcoT. Sj
The Artistic Temp4ramen William Hanks was a blacksmith and
Mnefp .Tr.nfis fitlldlCd musk Snd w8 a c raKe
learned how 10 sing.
And she went In quite strong Tor tin
grand opera thing.
When she visited home her recep
tion was grand,
With the home talent sbOAs, so he
wat on the stage
Now his wife has divorced him and
he 3 had a hunch
That he's well on the road to the gin
mill free lunch.
But her language the olii folks coW i For qard work fcas not recently been
not understand; i
For she spoke with a strange, almost
foreign accent.
On account of her-artisllo tempera-
ticts from a. rotd.worklng camp. An
explanation of this attempt acquits our
county attorney as one who can read
la defendant's character as successful-
Henry Peck, was the pride and the
joy of his town.
Till one day he leaped into a sudden
When he drew a cartoon which calle.l
-forth glad acclaim,
And secured a half-Nelson on old
Mistress Fame.
Then he quit works, and basnt a
single red cent,
Ob account of his artistic temperament.
Katie' BInis made good money type-;
fomeloe, lf her jUda$e?ig
And sne wentjm
-.tistie stun.
' she wenAfo for ralntfn? just
three months ago.
And she spent all her coin on a- fine
Katie's just been ejected for miss
ing the rent.
On account of her arti"tic tempera
Williams bent.
On ncoonmt of his artistic tempera
In t'ao works ot th slangist high art
is a "shine,"
And hereafter it's naught but the
old fame for mine.
For three square meals a day and the
old fame for mine
Tor three square meats a day and the
quiet home game
la a mighty stehl better Uis laurels
aad fame.
For there's r.o peare ot mind and no
lasting content,
Worn you're sung by the artfstlc
A New Champagne Peril
. Thh country Is facing another crl-f&Tnifc-aw"1'
oevws hap jusileaked
ont- vla.SeW Yrk.Ula'tonaccoiint
fof thpc shortage of tho grapo crop
thi ear there Is going to be a cham
pagne famine. Many families will ba
caught without a drop of champagne
In the home Thns It is that the se
rtonsness of the crisis manifests Itself
I It is the first time this has hap-F
to make
his paT do a little more than aupiort his family weekly
If he doent he is losing because the future is to come.
If it s onl ONB DOLLAR, try and deposit It with this banU
weekly and provide for the day when the wages stop.
4 Per Cent Interest Will Bz Paid On Savings
1000 Small Savings Hanks for Distribution, 'call and get yours.
Citizens Bank and Trust Company
Main Street. Bisb'w). Artona
Will E. McKec Prezldent C. A. McDonald, Cathler.
O. W. Voir, Assistant Jthlei.
Getting the Bank Habit
Every young man who starts a bank account
and maintains it is doing something that
will surely raise his standing in the com
munity. At the same time, the habits of system,
accuracy and economy developed will prove
very valuable factors of success, 'toj say
nothing of the value of being well known to
a aioochbank. j -, v u . ..'!?
Miners&Merchants Bank

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