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Tax Commission Is Now
Framing Revenue Mcas
i ure to Be Presented to I
Governor for Transm'slcr. '
bb sir- Ta"wi-rt "."NEW YORK'S OSTWMdORlLTTO 'GOVERNOR filjjSnT 0111111!
if! ill IHAlD wswssS hmi IqW'P
v-KBV?fed' dHsBBBBasBBBata. - k. -bbb siihnnpnQ "ervri jiuv-c- frBBBBssv tfK
WP? liBYir 8'"' l'ft holders, to Be Called Upon B9B
iwRl w wHz&M m kl for Explicit Statements ot JvM '
uflKaL 3w ?IL M r Contributions. ' Mm
VfHnr; jm &. i taft appoint.ments m&- -- --i J
iHrlWHBrT f Eli. 4 likely done for yf t t4M
XHISF '' Bf Republicans Practically Give sJ'i"- y.Wx
gWBPMft BE Up Hope of Confirmation T 't SMfesgfig-
JBiiTk 3,, -Senatorial Investigation jk'- ' ,. ?.
IISSHh' flSftw J Not Halted. U? -dAPM
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'-vBsl-. Hrs. ,BHisv,t ,j
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French Investigating Discov
ery Startling in
PARIS, France, Feb. 4. An appa
ratus that it ia -"rlired vil! carnse an
aeioplaii of any ty to capsize In
the air. Is belnu instigated by Gen-
ler.U lllrschaiicr, of th?'-flying corpr of
ie French armv. It U claimed that
Ithn apparatus, which Is light ard elm-
pin. can b carried by soldier In
l.napeackH and will provol'e attnos
pnerio dUturbances Rulllrlently heavj
to wrMl nn aoron'ane tlviiic lower
' iian nine thousand feet It is thought
UiU the invention, it proved prac
ticable will have a serious bearing
n the value of aeroplanes In war.
Adrianople, Bone of Conten
tion, Served with Aero
plane Notice to Qu.it. Still
Senator Wood, of Yavapai.
Will Push Anti-Lobby
Measure But Its Result Is
ZONA RI.DG.. PH0KN1X. Ariz. Feb
C - AlthoHRh there is plenty of dte
cHSston among the members of both
houses as to just how the work of the
extra session should be mapped oat to
gel Uie best results possible there is
no difference of opii.on as to what the
most Important work of the session
will be. AH are aqreed tuat the reve
nue legislation will be ihe most ini
jmrtaHt accomplishment, the question
of taxation of producing raining proi
crtie coming under this head.
The stale tax commission t now at
-work on a bill which will have theii
eiklorsemont if they decide to tend
llw-snme to the legislature in tho
t!iape ot a rtJlort to th- governor.
Thy litive not. however. decldel
whether to make public their lews 01
lust send to the governor the mfoi
mation they have gathered that hej
may transwiit the same to the legis-j
latnre for any action they raaj see
r.t to take.
The Code Revitlor
Another question which has nol as!
yci been sEttled and over which there
Is discission Is the best method of
Considering the rel-ort of the code
commissioner. That the session will
take up this report all are apparent!
agreed and although the report has
hen completed by Commissioner Sam
Iatee none or the members apiear to
understand the form it Is in or what.
ff any suggestion he may make as to
Cur. William Snlmer.
ALBANY. N. Y.. Feb. 4 iSpeclaU has given even' promise, cot only of
When William Sulzer waa inaugur- being governor in fact, but of re-
ated governor of New York a month j deeming -ea'lea,estetfhu,J
ago he announced that he pnJiK.sedoPeop lie b.
be governor In fact as welt as In ,at(,.a business with ecouomical
name, and that politicians aspiring ones; he has abolished 'secret cham
to be rowers behind thrones need ber" meetings and inaugurated a pol
not apply for a-Job at Albany. At 1 ley of publiclt He ndjusted the
that time the boldness of his state- Lrandt case to the wjtisfactlon of nil
inent aroused considerable comment. concerned. Just now he Is :nteri,t!ns
Suiter has been on the job just a himself in the rapid transit problem,
month now. but in that short time he which is troubling New orK city.
Frlelc nt
Inlm Dcaeb,
Commercial Club Enterprises Wins Endorsement-Funds
Will Now Be Raised fo t Improvement of the Prop
erty Acquired for Benefit of the Children.
a, mnhth of elfort on the lart tions of havlm a person conaiantly
" '" ":T;J V .""::. :;. t. I .."-... ...... . ...w"..Hn chargo anu l responsioimy ir
rn.a .1 thft tfttlU llAVVVPr 1)101)3111! - . -.. r.t. 1 I.
After another Ineffectual effort today
to force an action -of President Taft s
nominations pending jn the senate re
publicans decided to make no' further
move nt present It Is probable they
will caucus before resuming the! fight.
Some republ cans predict that any Ra
tion by the caucus Is useless.
'It has been demonstrated that
the democrats can block all confirma
tions," said Senato,- Gallinger today
"Many of us cors.der it a pure wai-te
of time to make any further attempt
to secure confirmations and we are
liable to decide to do nothing more
Federal office holders and employes
who have been solicited to contri
bute to the national campaign funds
will be summoned, v-as witnesses by
the senate committed on campaign ex
penditures when it opens Its investi
gation of campaign expenses in tho
general election of 1912 Subpoenas
will tie issued secretly to V. S. mar
shals and made to determine the ex
tent of "assessments.
Despite, the fact the aulho:- of the
pr.ncipal charges of corruption in the
election of Senilors Watson and Chil
ton today, withdrew the allegations,
the senate elections committee may
proceed with invest gation. because
the senators today submitted to the
committee a statement of defense, in
stead of presenting it to the sena'e.
The comm ttee holds that if it con
siders the explanat ons of tbe sena
tors it must also hear the statements
of the other side
Sensation Hovered Over the
Legislature Briefly and
then Wafted on ,
Mav Come Back
No. this picture of the famous steel
magnate vas taken neither on Wall
stree- nor 'n the busy marts of Pitts
burg, but Uown at Palm Reach. Fla
whert Mr. Frlck is enjoying the balm
breezes and swimming around In the
the warm surf. Mr. Frlck arrived at
Palm neach a few das ago after
supervising the plans of his million
dollar mansion ip New York.
Still Want to Wait a Little
Longer Declared Their
Forces Are Vastly Better
Operations Curbed, Not De
pressed - Money Mar
ket Not Affected
K-pms at this time, however, probable . - ,.,, e.Kt. Is as
r.T: ... I f th!-. -c.-tr.n U..III CampuiKli " " ---
lira, vuv --- v. -....-. .-...
Up-made a part of the re-vlsea coae
. . . ..nn.i.f !... u'dl ho nA
aMx consequently there will be no
jiesslon laws, for this legislative ses
sion. Special Measures.
Other than the code and the revenue
tuiAires and the always present ap
Hi-HrkitIons there are a few special
inmnuuirec members have brougftt to
Phoeals ami will introduce during the
osUn. Senator woou ot xatapai.
who wrote tbe anti-lobby mandate In
the, state constitution and who sug
e?ted to Governor Hunt Including
such iMibiect In Ms legislate e call has
a1 bill ready for introaucuon reianus
to, such subject. The Yavapai sena
tor's Ideas ,did not meet with the ap
pfvl of members of the last session
an. - tho personnel of the meuiber-
Mii Is in no wise changed the out,
eeme of the hill is doHbtluI. itepre
u.i.n Kerr of Yuma has bis Col
rado river bridge bill all drawn and
will Itrodu(j-e the same at an early
date. There Is a bill of similar Import
before the California legislature and
m, fefn. eonsress. It belns, the plan
foTiave the cost of the bridge- fall one--1.1..I
.... nlifnrnhi. one-third on the
Mderal government and the other
a,ua on Arizona. All of the bills arc
tured ot a puollc jlaycround. At tl$
co-ncll meeting last night the reso
lution that declares vacated the old
v-metery and appropriates the land
'or a public playground Tor the chil
dren of the city of Disbee was hand
...ou- .irripti .Ilv. anting or early
umrr'er the necessary funds shoulu
e raised 'and the playground para-,
. ---! ... tlmru !
injuries should th-sy ocrur. were
i.mnirht n-. liv tho raaor. Secretary
loray ansv-ered tho former and At-,
torneys O'onnoii ami nmuuis .
latter io!r.ts.
No motien beia made. Gray raid:
'We arnestlv retjues the counci' to
immediately pasi the retooluuon re
ill lred to approp-iit- the old ceme
torv for a munlCtDRlly owced chil
dren's plaprouml. In accordance wi;li
.ihemalla be inwallfd. Then there ,,e 0rfcr ..r ll- i. if rem ""
win lor.K ""'I',,,' inr inlmV,.d tlie lAsnse of the resolution,
pifcee wnei-r -" ' ,, ,h,.!-.,, Ir ,nQn ,. mil. Ry VlYfc
. rn v i intfii M ma iiu. fc. -- . ,-tvvuiiu wj
will the lies of children in the city I
,iOt be exposed io u.ingcr unuer
kt. r i-.v.le.s-cf"atrsorts or tht.
hoofs ol horses. The long.' stP ha
been taken and-Uie idaygron-id rnubt
Inevitably follow,
When the council convened last
..ii.. 5 k Williams. J. M. O'Coil-
ieTl and J. H. Grev of the Commercial
ii. Mmm'tin. ji-ere present. Secre
tary Gray said they were there to
second by
rnre vote It carried.
The end had come quickly auer
:dug efforts for its accomplishment.
The graves of the dead will now bo
.dared where they may be kept In hon
ker and reverence. Sentimentally the
council did an act to ne approveu.
lor the children of the city they had
.Inn., more.
The Commercial club will now take
up the raising of funds. In tha state-
ment of secretary uray, aim no "
NKW YORK. N. Y-. Feb. 4 - The
persistent feeling of uncertainty on
the part cf stock market operators.
a as registT! today In the irregula
inovement of prices on the exchange.
No clearly defined trend developed,
although broadly speaking the move
ment was downward, in the aiter
noon Uia market sold on. Tne weal.
ness of some of the standard issues
save the list the appearance o'
Resumption of war in the Ralkans
13 held largely responsible for tne
.'ecline of uncertainty. The homo
market is awaiting a definite lead
from abrcad. The effect or the re
newed hostilities was to curb opera
.Ions rather than to actively depress
prices. In the early part of tne nay
ihe international issues were among
ie strongest of the list.
I nccrtainty as to the details of the
Ifarriman dissolution plan, announce
ment of which !s looked for soon, u
a factor that has caused traders to
hesitate. Southern Pacific was un
der heavy pressure, at Mmes selling
two points off. Recent pressure
against this stock has been attributed
to belief that a large amount ,of
these shares may- be marketed In con
nectlon with the dlssoluUon plan.
PHOENIX. Ariz- Feb. 4. (Specia!)
A real sensation just missed break
ing out In the house of represent i
Uvea today and while, for the time
being, it has passed over, there Is no
telling when It will return. The
lracas came up over the adoption of
a report of a special committee ap
pointed to consider the qualification
of ce.'tain members to their rights tp
seats in the house in consideration of
the fact, that they had violated a pro
vision of a leg.slatlve article- of tne
state constitution.
The paragraph of the constitution
In question proudes that no person
holding any position of nrollt or trust
under ,ho,authorlty of the state. shaR,
be a memoer ol tne legislature ana
it is. well know n that Representative
Rradner and Saxon' have, since their
election to legislature, served he
btate for profit. The committee, how
ever, reported that all members were
entitled to serve and their report was
adopted with but three negative
votes, those of Representatives It
cobs and Jones, of Mar copa couuty
and Kane, of Greenlee county. Rrad
ner and the members of the nnnorit)
were excused from voting. In cast
ing his negative vote Jones denle;
that he held anything tut the high
est regard for the members who.se
rights were questioned but that his
conscience would not perm.t hls Ia,t
LONDON, Eng.. Feb. 4. Forty new
seven ' inch guns are bombarding'
Adrlanople, says a late dispatch to -the
Dally Mail from Belgrade. Fugi
tives from that town say there aro
comparatively large quantities ot
bread stuffs in Adrlanople, but few
medical necessaries.
A Bulgarian aeroplane dropped a
proclamation Into Adrlanople yester
day, inviting the surrender of tho
A Constantinople correspondent of
the Times says that- all attempts to
raise a foreign loan have fa'led.
VIENNA, Febi S. The Frele prew
Ccnstantlnople correspondent says
the Turkish cabinet liasJ:aBreed hi
principle to the cession of Adrlanople
on Bulgarian conditions, but wishes
to await the issue In Immediate?' h9
tillties. - '"
4. The Bulgarians, according to re
ports received ton'.ght, are retiring
from the burning village of Tchatalla
especially the left wing. This Is re
garded as a strategical movement,
possibly with the Idea of drawing
the Turks into tak'ug the offensive.
The belief of military experts hero
is that no serious operations can bo
executed at Tchatalja at present. Tno
condition or the second portion or tho
zone between the lines of the belli
gerents Is such as to ender the move
ment of men impossible. It Is litt'e
better than a morass. The .only high
er ground is in me normem rcsiun
Snocking Confession of Mur
ders and Other Crimes
Committed Is Partial
ly Corroborated
REVENGE THE MOTIVE n, after further Irregular fluctua
In a three and one-half hour session
to' last night the city council iransacrca
" .- .,:H..na Mnvor WU
HanrTi-,wev.-r courteously brought the jthat he was certain ot obtaining geu
matter up at once anu irau "-e uu era nuwiiuii. i... -,""-.
attorney read the law. Then the cierK
read the offer and request of the com.
... ...... .. h.n , inilf.-4akl.il tO
rule the fundi, for all cipen-. tb a mass of business ranging from the
."l .1 . ....!..!. th. ..ew sravea : mfclne over of the old grave yard for
tfakd on Arizona, a i w - W ""r.n7. tnQl . nTnveroand. to the purchasing of
nwtdltiolMil on tne otner jmnieu j m. tn sversreen ccoc... ",-:.' I r " :
Sntme agreeing to sch with a law. , ,ncH to aprollK ,jjrt "' (Continued on Tage !.',
President Cunlff of the senate who or playground couHumsioit- The ques
KT "Mukle meetTno IheW' ,., early tomorrow, Mr, Deach jdl,
,i .sonciatlon for he promotion ii i t i 1 1 I 11 I 1 III Kl t tase iac siuim iumi.- - --' taise in many omi.
I'0., legislation will have . U U U U I I 1 1 Rl that It was a negro and not her bus-1 Every tlme FarrcU had a .grievance
wweral bills for Introduction along!
.Tl .! nroirram of that orgam-
aitlon. 0i of the measures deal:.,
with a phase of the divorce law. the
remarriage of divorced persons anu
the nullification of tuich marriages un-1
dor certain conditions.
ujxnlrv Aheaa.
Senator Worsley will not be In tht-
'D - i. .. 1 a tan dll'il
NEW YORK. X. Y., Feb. 4. John
Paul Farrel. a discharged apartment
bouse Janitor, confessed today that he
killed Mrs. Bernard .Herrera Sunday
night by means of a bomb he mauc
Bv similar means he causea ir-e
death of Mrs. H. Taylor a year azo
and atteraated the life of Judge Otto
A. Rosalsky of the court of general
cos'ona lasr Warch.
Farrell Is held on the charge of
murder of Mrs. Herrerj. Although
the police are convinced the man Is
mentally unbalanced. Deputy Commis
sioner Dougherty said tonight the
detectives he put out to Investigate
the case have learned enough to lead
.ham tn hotlot'A Farrell'a startling
story is true in essentials, thoujii
false in many details.
tions. closed a point lower. Furthet
engagement of gold for exoort to Ar
gentina is announced. Despite a large
outflow of gold to France and Argen
tina, the money market remains undis
turbed. Bid market regular.
Called from Prison Walls to
Jefferson City' Business District
The convicts at the state prison wer
called out today to fight a tire which
destroyed the Thomas bulldlrg. one
of the largest office buildings in the
city. Thu work of the trained fire
lighters of the penitentiary prevented
the flames from spreading to. aajoin
log hufldings. '
ing o voice nis protest asa uw , .u. - CQme , con.
,B,T?a. Jr""' ,." .,'"w I ta. . R seems improbable that either
S "-.. """ ' - S ...1-h- i- ;..!, I !? will venture to attack lntorce
ilirit? wnc ukuc oinv"i,a ...
it was suggested that better places
than the floor of the house could be
round for the discussion o tl.. . ' -tion
and the v hole matter fma'.'y
wrangled itself out but evidently not
for all time, for tonight it was sug
gested to Bradner by one or his own
delegation that he should resign and
save his colleagues irom enuiarraa
ment. There was a completed act by the
senate late this afternoon when the
expense budget Tor the session was
passed and sent to the house. The
bill appropriates $50,000 and. as one
member put It. "It will carry the
work up to the time It is all spent-"
There were also several new bills .n-
troduced in the senate. Including what
Senator Hughes called his pet meas
ure, the abolishment of caplptal pun
ishment and antl-clgarettes for mln
nni. nnd a measure by Wood, t.f
Maricopa county, embracing a revenue
code. In the house notices ot tne .n-
troductlon of measures were numer
ous. The honor for the first bill w-w
reserved by Maddox, or Coconino
county, which will be a bill proposing
to create one county of Hunt, with
Williams as the county seat No bills
will be introduced in the house until
Sneaker LInney names his commit
tees, which will probably be tomor
. .j ..., ula.hiul hot- thmilt at theti. .AAn. .n tiri. cettlerl tl with a
U.1I1U . nm .. I lie BCCIHO .w u -- --
i.ofh xctnipr home here last Fetru- hnmh Tha trouble with Mrs. Her-
i ary.
1 None of te witnesses whose
tdence consumed the trials first day
i could give details of
rorn he said was that she nreJ
evi- - him from his JoTi as janitor and hlrel
a negro. He wanted to kui juubo
Rcsalskv because he sent Joseph Har-
.v o -ruil" to nerve 3D years tn
stni- sine- for stealing jewelry. Far
tbe assault.
. . t. nf t,i M'vmnn
I rour ot tne mein"i .....
K j. itnat f rkTM
family, living acrois : " "UJ"' rt im Ih. nollce he helped Harvy
series of screams, irom uiuei- - -- --;-. . , in,
. .a.. .....aw innn.nn . i.i.ii.t
IUIJ ICici w....
, ; that a
enat for the first week or ten days' v7.e Xhom Beach Charged ' ent parts ot the Beach premises were j
of the session by reason oi ihc !".; . .. vwin heard at ;...u o
l ,u i ,i nnrfesslonal business' with Attacking, Will , r..h,,. , -
fMrwWch he has arranged prior to the i Testify Negro WaS
j r the covernor's call. Other . ' t-i
In 1903,
clock on the night of but easily esc
nay ffflueu ... .. ...
TV- -ii the members liart been
rd from and Had Indicated their In-1
Henru nt,hnnir! todav i
Her Assailant
Hmru iw -.. . .
t-ttnn to be present altnougt: iou o-PART DRFRNSE TODA) , mo In.
" . . i..o nni reached tne cap-i
in u i. - -
dyinr echo of the last scream was
quickly followed by a loud rapping
on a door and ten sound or a man's
voice exclaiming- This is Beach, let
rte or
Uusal Crowd Lacking.
i. nnmnn sometimes Known .is
Grace Walker Is more than the po
lice can fathom. Tn his early story.
Farrell said she was h's daughter
isnri ha slew her because she had
7rn wrnnir. Later he denied this
Through Dr. Macon Wyman, the!H cnid sho was an intimate frlen'l.
AIKEN S. C. Feb. 4. With the ex- defense brought out the fact ihat.f,ut Bave no reason for killing he-.
amlnatlon of eight witnesses, the Reach explained to mm next 3y . Ho aiSO torn oy o rwi ". c'
assert, to having perpetrated a se;
les of robberies in Brooklyn. Harvey
and Harry Hartman. companions, n
the exploits were sentenced to Sing
Sing for 59 years each . Farrell has
never been suspected of compl'clty.
Farrell served ten years In New Jer
sey penitentiary for burglary and
other crimes as John McDermo.t.
alias "Liverpool Jack. Karreus P"
.... . l - It Iah. I
ture Is in me rosues Bauci . - . for ,rial.
sey i-uy. rancim c... .- . -so
many crimes, led to doubt about
his sanity and Investigation to ver'ry
his story. While the detectives were
doing this, the prisoner kept two
stenographers busy tamng down ren
details. He said ne was pom in ire-
it is supposed that the Bulgarians
renounced the armistice less on --ount
of the failure or the negotl.v
. ons than because they expected tint
Adrlanople would be compelled to sur
render in a few days. If the armis
tice nere still in operalton It might
have embarrassed the liberty of their
action. According to the best Inform
ation, the fortress will be able to re
sist Tor a long time.
Much Is expected by competent oc
servers from the new blood which is
now at the head of both the Turkish
military and civil administrations,
and which is burning to avenge earl
ier defeats. The enterprise ana oar
ing or men like Bnver Bey, now ior
the first time given a chance, it
believed, may surprise the allies. The
new Grand Vizier. Mahmous Schetket
Pasha, is already showing the orgjn
iT.lni? rmallties which won him re-
inown and gives many hours a day to
superintending In person mnuarj ar
tnvnrtW Eneland. Fe. 4. Tbe
Turks are the defensive at "Tchatalja
and Adrlanople. At Adrlanople tne
fortress replies only leeoiy to tne t-,
garian bombardment and apparently
no attempt will be made In the way
of a sortie.
The Turkish newspaper Tanin as
serts that Adrlanople has sufficient
provisions to hold out for four months
and other Turk'sh reports declare
that the fertress win certainly
able to hold out for several week--Official
quarters In Constantinople
radiate a spirit of screat confidence in
the new regime and declare that th
conditon of the country and the
i wintry weather win precimie seire-
' operations along the Tchatalja Hrs
Within one day ol the lreuiplomacy has made M
years ago. on which he Is alleged to - the-resumption :
hav assisted a convict to escape ' -'" -" L .. ... n..j r
fmm ,h Huntsvllle iienltentary. in
z . .1.-11.. t.hwi lot ..,. (irHin? his wife prostratco. mo u killed In 1SS. ric sain warner
PHOBNK. Ariz, J-JrltVi c6Zon of a cirwrn- victim of a negro assailant, and after betrayed the Taylor woman and a
h "3.Hui;ewh!.tal case against . Frederick O. carrying her into the house , ne went .mar i namea irEe . .
ent at the capitol this ynorning t'iiMcli. of New York, chsrsed wiui at- m search of the man. Returning un- revenge.
,o third session of the first stat , imwcii. o . e x successful. Beach said he knocked at I avlng ,,?"'
;ro,.m,ed on Page ?. 1 w tn esses will probably be Introduced ' tho door to be admitted. terles. Farrell confessed.
Continued on Page
bomb mya
the poli-e
Texas, Curtis Evans was arrested n
this city and taken back to iiunu-
lle for trial. ,
Curtts is charged with having as
sisted in an escape from the prison
at Huntsvllle on February 2. 1910. J
V. Cunningham, sheriff at Huntsvllle,
received Information that the man
cas in Ttisbee and commun'cated
details, ue "" zz.VV" " ith mn,table J. J. McCrea. Mc-
land 53 years ago ana 5" -'""" -"V" ,m, o. fnr the m:
orderly in the army in tne spannu-
Aroer'.can war. Asked R he orvea
in the navy, he promptly Ulsplaysd
a IT. S. N7 tattooed on his right 3rm.
He also told the police he was con
fined a short time In an asylum f.t
Danville, Pa.
Crea kept a look out for the man and
inraipd him last Sunday. The arrest
made late Monday ana ibc
hostilities and the Porte has made ho
further commun cation to ottner i
powers or the allies.
Should 11 turn out mat .uif
- ,ist for anv considerable time.
diplomatic negotiations- are likely to
remain at a standstill, although -n
European capitals the settlement ny
diplomacy rather than by arms Is
hoped for. There Is no confirmation
of the reported occupation or Scu
tari by the Montenegrins.
was maae iaie Jionuajr a..u , - 4.-Johnny
on from Huntsvllle, returned to Texas' pointed .un rUcolL of Brooliljn,
to stand trial. "n a ten round bout here tonight ..
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