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Legislature Will Make Pro
vision for Their Immediate
Enrollment If Davis Bill
Provisions Are Detailed
Transportation Men Are
Watching Legislation Very
Closely Attaches List
PHOENIX. Feb. 5. Senator Wore
ley returned to the senate this morn
ing rather unexpected!), for Jt was
thought lie would be absent for sev
eral cays. His coming saved what
tvou'd otherwise have been a dull day.
hi introduced five bills, all of them
effecting employers' llrbility '
One of the Ic 3 constitutional
,-w . hi.u . .... i. ..
hoped w II st engthen the law and
m. .h. ,1.-11-1... . .... ..',
. w.oi .uvit.iia ii .aic M'ac,, -
law the asumption of risk. A third
of his bills makes possible the putting
in operation of the Industrial pursuits
amendment to the state constitution.
In the house the Hunt county bill
djvldjng Maricopa was introduced, tc
gttrTer with bills limiting-, the hcurs
of labor by women to forty-ilght hourc
in any week, the Colorado river bridge
at Yuma and a bill for the develop
ment of artesian wells in the Sulphur
Springs valley.
Ariz.. Feb 5 The present session o.
the legislature lias louinl it necessarj
10 increabe their corps of clerical as
filHtants and each house today firnilb
confirmed tho work of sub-committees
which had previouslj been appointed
and made the following selection of
clerks nnd attaches for the session.
For the Senate
Secretary Con. Y Cronln of Santa
I'rnz. Assistant Secretarj' A C Pier
Fon of Cochise; Enrolling Clerk H
E Pierce of Maricopa; Chaplain. Rev
Feabcrn Cnitohfield of Slaricopa, Ser
goant at Arms Joseph L. Wiley of
Pima: Assistant at Arms rnd Door
Keepers. J. L. McCuIlom of Gila ana
Tom Kulahara 0f Cochise Journal
Clerk. Antonio Contreras of Yuma,
Dili Clerk, Thos. J. Gamble of SanU
Cruz; Assiftant Bll Clerk, Mrs. Ken
dull of Mohave, Page. Miss Louise
Oass of Maricopa.; Stenograpuers
Misses Shiver?, of Graham, Gray of
Greenlee. Grant of Maricopa, Waller
of Cochise. Cull of Yuma, Thompson
of Pima, Egner of Gila, Florence
Jones of Maricopa, Mrs. W. A. Pfafi
of Marlcoiia.; Janitor, J. C. Phillips of
Fcr the House.
Chief Clerk. U F. Sweeting of Gra
ham; Assistant Chief Clerk Pete:
.Munch of Santa, Cruz; Sergeant at
Anns Walter Brawner of Maricopa;
Chaplain Rev. V n, Thornton of Mar
Jcfpa; Doorkeeper Ed Boland of Gila;
Assistant Doorkeeper Jno. Merrill ot
Cochise; Bill Clerk M. M. Conn of
Yavapai: Assistant Bill Clerk Chas.
Hansen of Cochise; Enrolling and En
grossing Clerk Frank Vaughn of Co
chlse; Assistant Enrolling and En
grossing Clerk J. C Evans of Gila,
Stenographers: Rose McGrath of Gila.
.. r. ' . . ...... ., i
Klla Harrison or Locnise. ri u. i.oizb
of Maricopa, Gladys Rpnders and MSss towing the Remittent to within a
Keating, of Yavapai, Miss Kenyon. nundred mX 0- Cape Henry. lost
Mabel O. Fenn. Minnie Seman; Read- her jn a v 0ient gale. The Marie C
ing Clerk. C. L. Hardy of Pima: jeste was found at sea with a pot
Clerks, Sally Jacobs, Emma Reo, R. boiling In the galley, the captain's
L. Edwards. Susan Winchester. J C.' papers on the cabin table, and ev
Houghter, James T. Tehan. j ery indication that the crew had been l
The Live Stock Sanitary Commls-j aboard within a few hours of the dls
slon has named Miss A. Hawley, Sec-jcovery. Nothing was ever heard of
retary of the Board to succeed Sam B. 1 the skipper or crew. The story of
Uradner who resigned on the first ol : the Remittent is scarce less strange.
th month In order that he might re-i The Roumanian sighed tbe Remit
jmme his duties as a member of the tent riding In a hetvy swell without
legislature. (hand to guide her before a freshen-
For the purpose of assisting thtj Ing breeze. The tank steamer's loox
Corporation Commission bi placing out immed.ately v&poned ner as a
a nhvBlcal valuation on the water, ship without control and Captain
.. . f At rto-1Tk eal ! 1Y TM! mill f
1-lants or Ine siaie yrnere application!
na "n made for an investigation
-.,, iVii been employed by the Notes on the strike ballot are now be- JTahoo were recommended In the re
? 1 1, oTJ r,H LlLn Thev will ing counted by the brotherhood oflrort of the state water commission.
first take up their work at Blsbee and
tablr will SO to tbe Cllfton-Morencl
H tricL
Senator Davis of Maricopa county
wag an earnest supporter of tho Wo-
magi's Suniage Amendment to the
State Constitution and fouowtng out
tJio suggestion made Dy uovernor
Hunt Ir. bis message to the legisla
ture, will tomorrow Introduce a bfil
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rf-J tf v-
Startling Situation Revealed by Recent Activities in Massing
Troops on Border Rebels Plan to Force Intervention
Through Acts at Gananea That Cannot be Overlooked
Americans Alert and Equal
to Any Emergency at So
nora Copper Camp. Where
Last Hand Is ro Be Plaved
Mexicans of Camp and State
Will Welcome Anv Move
r I
That Will Aid in Uivjn
Them Peace
Imminence of an enaeavor to com
pel United States -intervention, care
fully planned and believed certain of
success, through a demonstration at
Caranea, Is held to account for much
Increased vigilance of the United
States In close by territory during the
last several days.
The general situation as put before
The Review by well Informed persons
on both sldrs of the line, is given be-j
low, wnne cognizant 01 tne mexicar 1
rebel pirns and also of the inside
view now taken by the United States
government, one of The Review's In
formants holds that there Is no dan
ger to American life at Cananea, even
under the moct drastic steps that the
rebels may resort to In endeavor toi'"s,y nJrJ In the hattle of Ayotalnpo. tellinc 3 newspaper correspond-
carry out their present plans. ;
Xew dispositions of United States,
t-r..r, l .1a. ...In.t.. .J ..
"WWI'B ClUSO ftUAIIilll IU 1XI1U Mil'
.. . . . - .
4 flu VnsT a 11 n rw A)ia IahI Fsv A 1 f 1
InrltwHn- tho nrtrtltlon m vr,n -.
uwiui uui iif, iuc iaai ic uaj -, :
a strong detachment, gives color to
reports recently current of expecta
)n I?fer,, 1ction on the pa? l
tho. Unl ed States ov eminent of de-
cislve character.
Jb "F foUnd trail o
quarters that there are reasons foi
.. 1I...I.. .. II t... -. 1 j
believing are well informed and from
some of the Information the Review
has been able to obtain on both sias
of the line in the last few- days, the
present situation Is made to appear
to hold possibilities of more deter
mined character than have yet pre
vailed. Backing the local information that
has been obtained, are reportB that
have come from El Paso during tbe
week of the presence in that locali'v
of Zapata In person, accompanied ty
otber prominent leaders whose ac
tivities to date have been largei)
confined to the .south and central
zones of Mexico This feature to
gether with known steps in other di
rections toward new rebel activities,
give further reason for belief In the
reports that are tell.ng of prepara
tions near by for early action
From a person well informed and
In position to speak, the Review
learned vesterday that while the re
cent strike at Cananea came to a
quick end and earned no considera
tion entitl ng it to serious standing.
Norwegian Bark, Full Rigged
and Provisioned Sighted
Near Azores by
British Ship
Another mystery of the deep, vir
tually parrallellng the unexplained
disappearance of the crew of the
schooner Marie Celeste several years
ago. was reported here by the British
tank steamer Roumanian. On Jan
uary 19. churning along ten days out
from Port Arthur, near the Azores,
she picked up the Norwegian bark
Remittent, seaworthy, provisioned
and fully rigged, but without a so'il
aboard and no indications of the
-..,. .., .-h,. Kr.nmanlan after
-""""a" -
locomotive firemen and engineers
Tam the flrty-four eastern railway
w,nl ''-oeen received by Saturday
a'Ptt- according to a aiatemuit made
tonight by I. Shrn, sslant pwsMept.
""! W. S. Carter, of tie brotherhood.
-"""', " , ,VY, ".Th V '". ,,r?; "
rady received Indicated, but It" Is re
ported from reliable rources that
eighty per cent of the members favor
a strike unless tbe railways grant
tLclr demands.
-rt tr?tf .stitttt Afa
T r " 'f lli
Ji i-- "-nf" 7i " mrfP v Ha
. vrKi bHbi .y-"1 "t SE 9V9t' Kc''vi jhhhb
- 1 1 mi . iiir
Moimilrcl Mcxlrau xflilirr Irlllnc
The picture shows Jimn T'erci. a
ent nis impression, these being thru
It Is now known that rebel Iiani!s
were mixed up In the deal These
,,- l.l , . . .
cave lately taken steps that are con-
j , . t. 1 . - ..
ucreu iu ue caicuiaiea wun intent
le calculated with Ir
to correct the lack of spirit that was
shown by the strikers In the'r moc-
iiiem. anu in me direction ot wnifii
the rebel ambassadors were careful
to keep their hands concealed. It
is now declared that It was this lal '
ter policy that caused failure of the ,
Cananea movement to spread to oth- '
er points, as was the intention, and ,
that the corrective movements now 1
being formulated will avoid the weak
Points in the earlier attempt, or st
least endeavor to do so.
According to one well Informed
person, resident across the 1 ne, in
an interview accorded a Jeview ro y
rescntatlve this week, the relel lea.l
ers as now organized are united la
agreement that only an overt act of j
major character will brins about 'he
Intervention of the Un ted States.
which they ba,v e come to believe to .
be essential to the overthrow of Ma-1
dero Also they are agreed that thu ,
act must directly affect American
property interests and citizens close
to the American line, as 1 ttle or no
attention is paid to interior opera
tions and atrocities because of the
difficulty in eecur ng reliable con
firmation in seasonable time
"Having reached this Tiew." con
tinued the Review's informant, "they
are now preparing for a movement
at Cananea. the logical point, kno.-.-
May Be Lost On
Arizona Desert
LOUIS. .Mo . Feb .".
Mader "f ths city, left
1 1 loaiy lor Arizona ro searcn ior v i
his father. Leslie Mader, fifty- j
flvp years old, w bo. It Is said, ts i
lost In the Ari7ona dfert The O '
elder .Mader left here Dec 21 I
to inspect mines in Arizona near I
tha confluence of the Virgin and
Colorado rivers. On Dec. 31 be
wrote from Arizona that he
would start In a skiff down the
Colorado nvei to Needles, Cal,
125 miles away, there to take
a train for St. Louis. Nothing
further has been heard from
Mader and a money order sent to
him his been returned undellv- .
' ered. Perry .Mader, his son, wjll.
go to Kingman. Anz., about forty .
miles down the Colorado river
from the plare where his father
ls-supiiosed to have started.
MONROVIA. Liberia, Feb. 5. A
crushing deft-at and heavy slaughter
was Inflicted on the Kroo natives of
Liberia on Jan. 27 by Major Ballard
one of the American officers lent some
time ago to the Llberian government.
A dispatch was brought today by --
runner and states that "Ballard, with
9 T I r f A M 4 Ahv n itAurf flA
io . -- ""? ' '" ,'"7
Kroo stronghold at Rock par. i on that
late after a severe fight. Ballard's
force lest eight killed - and
ft f teen I
SACRAMENTO, Cal.. Feb. 5. Ac
tions against tlje state of Nevada In
the United Slates supreme court for
the protection of the waters of Lake
lust Issued The report says. "We
believe that immediate action should
be taken by this state to protect, its
interest In the waters of Lake Tahoe
and thel-efore recommend the Institu
tion of a suit against the state oi
Nevada In the supreme court for the
pnrposc of having the water In Lake
Tahoe and Truckee river duly appor
tioned in accordance with the deci
sion ot tbe Kansas versus Colorado
- tWfA - vxr. - Ty.gtwvvi
rtirropunilriit til liujirrliM.
soldier of the 16th battalion.
there Is no peac In sight.
ing that whenever there is. a real
demonstration made there that
threatens the becurity of property
and of American citizens, f there will
no longer be chance for the United
States to stand basic I jicrsopill
know that this la the plan of th-
leaders, and also know from a verr
hlt;h source that they are right n
their surmises r to he result
"I do-not helltve that the Men
cans have any Idea of carryins their
policy at Cananea to the point of
bloodshed, but they Intend a bluff
that will force the hand of the Vn t-
ed States. I know that to be tfieir
plan. Also I know that Americans
In Cananea are 'advised and that thev
are equal to any emergency that may
come up. They represent a tody of
men who understaj3rDach other and
are alert to developments. In their
present number and lined up as the)
are, no fears need be entertained
about the American colony beini;
well taken care of
"As for the Mexican itopulation cf
Cananea. and of Sonora for that mat-
ter. it is heartily tired of all the
t:r. ii in mutiny urea m an "
trouble and would toaay .gladly join
iiiu.i-meui mm nau mr us I'ur-
pose tbe stopping' or fighting and
marauding and the restoration cf
conditions of peace under which thev
could go ahead with their work un
disturbed and enjoy the advantages
uh'ch their splendid mining and
agricultural country should and
would afford them under settled con
Western, Fuel Co . Declared
Beneficiary from Meth
ods Similar to the
Sugar Trust's
Subpoenas -were-- served today on
' John I Howard, -president of the
Western Fuel company and other of
ficers of the corporation, summoning
them to appear on Friday before the
United States grand jury.
It is announced that this Is the ho
ginning of a federal Investlgat.oil in-
to what. It Is alleged, will be the big
gest customs iraua perpetrated oa
the Pacific coast v
in effect the fraud is said to be
sim lar to-MoV Sugar trust weighing
cases In New York, which resulted jii
the collection by the government of
hundreds of thousands of dollars
withheld tluough manipulations of
.scales by weighers on tbe docks.
In the case of th Western Fuel
i company, short weights on foreign
coal are said to have been the means
Joe Mandot, tbe lightweight, will
not meet "Harlem Tommy" Murphy
In San Francisco on February 22 foi
a twenty round bout Lecause of a se
vere attack of grip.
"Fifty thousand children under the
age of sixteen veara work in Penn-ion
sylvanla." Charles. H. Chute reported !at tne ezpiratlon of the armistice, to
in the child welfare conference, Har.Wnjch the Turks d'd not respond, no
ri8burg. Pa. , further aggressive acts In the war
Five Dundle postmen were burned are reported. At the TchaUija fort
by chemicals in letters they dellvereU ress the retreat of the Bulgarian
that were mailed by suRragettes to rlgnt wing, however, and the burning
Promlcr Asqulth. 'of thp town of Tchatalja is confirmed
A resolution to ratify proposeu j f rom various sources. The objec f(
amendment of the constitution pro- the retirement of the Bulgarians wan
viding for the election of United' apparenUy to occupy lines further
States senator wa adopted by the north and west In order to check a
delaware house. I flanking movement, which the su-
N ii! rSr h ! ii ffi&sBiw t1 h 1111" ! ! i
ns: ciDiiiTc tw&G&$ ppnonLT)
a 1 j S! HbJI i SI vf ffC 7' I u Ii ii ii i Ii
Treasury Empty, While Al
lies Seem to Be Out Ma
neuvering the Foe at Every
Declaration of Minister -
Meantime Turks Issue
Brave Reports in Face of
1.0XD0.N. Teb. 5, The Bulgarians
am devoting their chief attention to
the bombardment of Atlrlanople and
an attempt to capture the .Galllpoll
Peninsula, so as to take .the Turkish
forts from the rear. An official dis
patch Isued at Constantinople, indi
cates that the Bulgarians have been
successful In their first operations In I
the latter quarter and, according to, A ;,-., U...,t.,w.
a Sofia dispatch, tho capture of Gatll-,iL HZOna LjOWDOUS
jioii is. tne cnief object of the Bui j
garians for the time being and no;
serious attempt will be made to forc I
til. Trhatnlln llno I
The same dispatch says that th6
Bulgarian attack on Gallipoli Is. sup
ported b tho Greek navy In the Gulf
of Saros. Fifty thousand Bulgarians
landed along this coast last Novem
ber and It may.be presumed that, dur
ing thp armisficeT this force was
strengthened by" artillery.
Should the Bulgars capture the
Turklh forts, nothing can prevent
the Greek fleet from entering the
Dardanelles, where, in the opinion of
naval officers, the will easily defeat
the Inferior Turkish ttwt in .thlcii
i n,T , .,,. , . "7
j f' ntinople will be at th. -
---- - .. .
lit- i .iiiimiii niiiiiiM i-nrrpo linn it art-
nt tll QtunHnivl nnnrta atvnnn . nm,
..- U....U(U u.iiv.7 atinii(,c OlUIj, A A
importing that tbe leronam of tIu'Z
Trukish annj at Moi.astir. which has
never been precisely accounted for.
is sun operating in mat district and,
has captured the important town of
VMriiTii ifs in'in mrw niic rw
Ceritza, ltss than llfty miles
The statement attributed to thn
Greek premier. M Venlzelos. that
licaco will be speedily concluded,
tends to confirm the report current
Pi turopean capitals iii recent Oays to
iiie same enect. annougn tnere has
iieen no evidence in the khape or
.resh di)Iomatic movements to mip-
port it The Turkuh government,
however, is evidently in dire straits j
for money, even attempting to dls-
rose of the crown jewels and making
despairing attempts to place treasury;
bonds in Turkey and Egypt and.
among the mosleme of India It Is
announced that the ambassadors' con-i
ference at Lond.on has arrived at am
Sa-n"!;3 ssBa ?,w'
21 mh ?Mnu7i lX U'-e BaIk,ani
XllfnTh, ",no!1'
of the Ottoman public debt, settling,
also the allies liability In regard
Ottoman railroads.
The grand vizier, Mahincud Schefkll
rasna, wno lelt the capital this
morning and visited Hademkeul, e
turned here tonight He reports that
the Bulgarians burned IzzendenUe.il
and other v'llajes and afterwarJj
withdrew from TchtaUa. The follow
ing dispatch has been issued:
'The enemy part of whose forces
are concentrated In the vicinity of
Galllpoll, sent a reg.ment Tuesday
from Kadikeudf j0 Kavak. where one
of our detachments Is stationed Al
engagement ensued, lasting until eve
ning and terminating to our advan
tage. When night fell, In accordance
with a previous arrangement, the
Uulkour troops withdrew towards Uu
lair, but tbe enemy was unable to
pursue them.
"Another force of the enemy ad
vanced and occupied Myiophyto on
the coast of the sea of Marmora,
which was defended only by a few
grendannes. The sloop Zoal has in
fllcted serious losses on the force oi
the enemy advancing in the direction
cf Charkeul (to the south of Myrio
phyto). The force was unable to
day to advance beyond Xanillo."
Except for hours of cannonading
Mondav nleht bv the Bulzarians
u. sbnt begins 'iTTTiinTrn
OrfXEW N1CKLES fl j g - M M 1 r 1 1
a j i ril ILifl! iLU
h Wm!ff
Tho new nickel soon to take the
place of thd Goddess of Liberty
nickeL which has been In use for
many years, will have the American i
Olson on one srJe and on the other
the American Indian. There will bo
no "V."
Instead will be the 'bison, under
which appears the word "five cents"
and 'e plurlbus unum."
In design It will be truly American.
,It was designed by James ZZ. Fraser,
of New York.
t Tbs nickels will be put In circula
tion at once, and the mint at Phila
delphia yesterday began the stamp
ing out of the coins at the rate of
IS) a minute.
Witt Be In Parade
The " Rough Riders" and w ild-
west" features that marl-cd the
4 inauguration parade four years
ago will be repeated on March 4.
This developed today when the
Inaugural committee received
word from Maricopa county, Arl-
zona, that It will charter a spo-
O clal train on which to send an
Indian band and 200 cowbovs to
take part In the irad' Frontltr
davs will bf depicted The dem-
O ocratic committee or .viancopa
, c0UntJ ,M8 a!(SlIreU the inau!;ilrai
ocratic committee of Maricopa
a committee that shooting irons'
' shooting irons"
i will be left behind.
SAi!li,tMEXTO. ral . Feb. 7.. Tbe
rortleU) legislature flni'sted today the
f ..... . .. ..
I work provided bv tho constnciion ior
he accomplisnment of the fin.l ses
sion of thirtv days and adjourned
until 10 o'clock Monday, March 10.
The amenacd corporation tax bill
was the only measure of im Kirtanoe
passed under the c mori'in .' na'ibe.
Dul n rc.coruo vi-.e b.,-.en b Ih
!ntroduction of nearly 4,000 Dill,.,
When the adjournment was an
n0nced in the senate by President
Pro Tem A- & Bonton -at -111
o'clock the senators scampered for
trains and the hall of the senate was
a00n empty
hanker qisappfarc;
w.lv Wsih Vol, r .:,. m.
u"Siiv,itad di to ;
whereabouts of Vnnibole BressI, an
Kalian Uinker ot Seattue, Vancouver
.,,. nra,Bt . arran. wfts ls.
sued today. Th police seized a bar
rel ot .correspondence 'belonging io
llressl and are havipg the letters
: ; (
perlor Turkish mobile force, thsnks
to lu command of 'the North sea,
might permit
The Bulgarians are reported to
have destroyed bridges and culverm
M they retreated and to have made
the railway unserviceable. Fighting
occurred at Kavakli, the engagement
lasting three hours, according to of
ficial Information. Reports have been
current for some time that the Turk
'isn government purposes selling
some crown jewels In, order to sup
plement she public subscription to
aid the -imperial treasury m The re
ports have acquired some substantia
tion owing to the presence in Con
stantinople of a reprcsentat ve ot
prominent French jewelers.
SOFA. Feb. 5. Gen. Savoff of the
Bulgarian forces, has had addressed
an order to the army declaring that
tbe Turks object throughout the jie
gollatlong were merely to gain time,
but that he Bulgarians utilized this
to far greater advantage.
VIENNA, Austra, Feb. 5. A Con
stantinople dispatch, describing tbe
fighting on th4 Galllpoll peninsula,
says that the sloop Zoaf noinpardsd
tho Bulgarian positions at Myriophr
to. k'UIng 300 Bulgarians.
'BELGRADE, Fob. 5 The. Greek
premier. Eleuthcrfos Venizelos, who
bad a long conference today with
the Servian premier M. Pachltch, it
is reported, declared at a private
(banquet that peace would be con
eluded within a week.
Congressmen Attack Pan
ama Exposition - Filibus
ter Sidetracks Appropria
tion for 'Frisco Show.
Indians Attack Graft - Forti
fications Appropriation
Carries China Asks Rec
ognition of Republic
WASHINGTON. Feb. 5. Oopon
ents of the bill to appropriate" $2,
000,000 for government particlpat;on
in the Panama-Pacitlc lfllu expo
sition have virtually forestalled ac
tion at mis session by a filibuster
tonight in the house.
The houso adjourned without ac:
tng on the measure, with 'many mem
bers voting for adjournment tel e
ing that the vote will be taken next
Wednesday. That day has been fet
aside, however, to count the presi
dential electoral vote and the busi
ness of tho house Is so congested
' that will hard); he possible to get an
exposition D.ll up at any other tiav
Representative Len Root declared
Gardner, Collier and Stsson led tho
fchp aSalnst the bill, arguing that no
appropriation should bo made be-
cause San Franeftsco wftn the aiiro
val of congress to Its exposition ay
promising the government that It
would not have to spend a cent.
Representatives Len Root declared
that the provision providing for sev
en commissioners at a salary of SI.
00 each a vear for nearly four yea's
' comes nearer to being a piece of
graft than anything else seen in i'io
house in a long time." Reiiresemv
tlve Heflin, of Alabama, chairman of
I the expositions committee, and other
advocates of the bill insisted that
since the United States has officially
Invited the nations of the world to
participate in the cxposlt'on It wouid
humiliate itself by failing to send an
exhibit of its own.
In less than ten minutes the sen
ate todiy passed the fort'ticatlons
bill, carrying $5,218,550 The amount
is the same as authorized by llio
The Otage Oklahoma tribal' coun
cil has asked congress to pass's law
making it s penal offense for any per
son to bribe or attempt Io bribe
"any members of the Indian Triral
council or the Ind an Tribaal Busi
ness committee." The council's re
quest Is in the form of a resolution
adopted by the new council elected
two weeks ago to supplant tbe one
dismissed by Secretary Fisher on the
ground that it had been under ho
Influence of the Uncle Sam Oil Cam
pany, wh ch Is trying to secure a
lease on the Osage 'Oil lands.
"Such action is unique in the h a
tory of Indian affairs, as far as s
known," said' acting Indian Commle
s'oner Abbott today "It is most
pleasing as an indication of the fact
that the Indians themselves watU to
see punished those who try to
any of their number to do wrong.
Conflicting claims of federal hn;l
state governments for control over
water powers situated w'thln the
states, markert the opening today
of thtf debate in the senate over he
Connecticut river- dam bill, througk
which it is proposed to establish th-3
principle of federal control of water
power. An agreement to vote on
tho bill on February 11 was made
but Jt is expected that it will be several-days
later when the vote Is ac
tually taken. Objections of allfifl
Invasion of state rights were hmhIo
by several senators. Works of, Cal
ifornia, insisted that the state ate..e
snouia nave me rcKiii io pvpcttisw-
and fix water power rates
Formal recognition by the UnRsd
States government of the Chinese re
public at an early date was reee
mended to presides t Tart te a jietl
ton received today from the Ameri
can Asiatic association of New York.
Tail referred the petition to 'ho
state department for 'ts eonWorti
Garment Workers Strike Brings
Death to One and Injury to Two
ROCHESTER, .N. Y, Feb. 5. The
first shedding of blood In connec
tion with the strike of tfce Garment
Workers occurred today when Vak-j-tlne
Sauter. proprietor of a clotttfag
shop, fired a shotgun Into a crowd of
strikers, killing !Ja Braeman, 17
years old, and Injuring two other wo
men and a man.
,. -j
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