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WASHINGTON Midnight-Ambassadors
of for
eign countries are bringing
pressure for intervention.
influential members of
congress are of the opinion
action will be taken Friday.
i .
&.&. .
Diplomats Appeal in Vain to Madero and Diaz for Cessation of Barbarous Course-- Intervention Threats Fail
MEXICO CITY, Feb. 12.Anticipatinir an early resumption of DOUGLAS, Feb. 12. Troops, on the bowler patrol here are on
hostilities tomorrow, more than GOO Americans fled tonight from the alert as a mutiny of the federal garrison at Agua Priefa, the
their homes to temporary abodes on the outskirts of the city, where Mexican town opposite Douglas, is predicted. Four troops of the
danger will be minimized. Other foreigners are pursuing a similar Ninth cavalry at Nogales were ordered today to mobilize with their
course. - ; regiment here. The Fifth cavalry will relievethem at Nogales.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 12.---Alarmed by reports from Ambassa-
dor Henry Lane Wdson that the combatants in .Mexico (Jity are
training their guns in such a direction as to increase the danger to
Americans and other foreign residents, the state department dis
patched instructions to Wilson tonight to warn all non-combatants.
rifshtPTfi nl Tmn NntirmQ FnrincS Afncf RiithlPSS ""money to mexico city.
- .,.....,. w. vV """""" "i, wi.- ,,
Wilson Declared Elected, Faces Gravest Crisis
Warfare in the History of the American Continent Undaunted HLS l In Taking Care of the Mexican Situation, Now at Breaking Point
tl I I Hi i i f r? E3 1 I S
Wilson at Mexico City 11000. Of
this 300 mil be aHdtted to the
Mexican lied Cros-s society. The
fc.-lance will 1o expended by the
ambassador In tho relief of Amer-
lean citizens. .
Thousands of Convicts Arei
Loosed Upon Cit-, Madero'
and Diaz Both Claim Vic
tory Sure Today.
At the top: M :xican ioldie-s from a recent photo-j
graph taken ni sn fighting crder and now enrouie
States Marine the capital and at the bottom United
to Mexican ports.
15,000 MEN 0
These Are with Battleships Bound to!
Mexican Ports 30,000 More Ready-to
Move by Water and Rail.
a..... t.
Congress Must Act
Inlerventio t Seems Only Course. Pres
ident Has Done His Part Marines
May Cut Way to Capital.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 12. Preslden Taft ar.d
hie cabinet art in accord that congress shall bear
the responsibility cf any intervention in Mexico
The day'e conferences between the p-esident and
lilt advisors ended with the undei
tt?nding that, should conditions in
Mexico City become so much worse as
to demand the landing of American
troops, Taft will lay before both
rousts of congress the full facts of
the situation. Every prel minary was
arranged today for action which might
follcw such a course.
Thirty-five thousand men of the
army, navy arid marine corps were
fiut in readiness for movement. The
irst brigade of the first army division.
just created by the reorganization
plan,-3,000 men in all, was the nude
us of an expeditionary force of 15,000
men put on marcning orders. Tnese
aro to entrain for Newport News, Va.,
where army transports wait under
Between 20O and 3.xw marines of
tho Atlantic battleship fte-H at Guan
tanamo naval station are preiared for
immediate movement to Vera Cruz,
where they might 50 alioard r.hip.
ready for landing to Maze an avenue
ot escape from Mexico City for for
eigners, as they did at Peking.
Six droadnaaghts. with approxi
mately C06O Jackles and officers aro
now rushing under full steam for Mex
ican lKJrts, four on the Atlantic and
two on the Pacific coasts. The first
should arrive at Its destination on
Last Sunday ten other crack fight-
Inn shifts of the Atlantic battleship
vSHH53St"V ,
S5SSSWKa .Sr4 r- v ... ..,issSBI
n' y?S?
sPC '
?..-a .' -
SAN .TONIO. Fc . 12
MEXICO CITY. Feb. 12. Not until
9 o'clock tonight did firing cease -in
all quarters.
Diaz forlifid and entrenched
around the arsenal, held 'his ground
I against the federals and subjected
i the citv .o a more terrible bombard-
Iment then yesterday.
He enlarged the rcr.c of action and
,sent forces ajiinst the National Pal
;ace. But tonight, Madero Is still op
itomlstic. ,
I Throughout the bombardment the
president went about, ils work a; trie
palace, apparently :unoerturbed. He
.took counsel frequently v.ith Finance
Minister Madero and with General
) Huaerta commander V chief, regard.-
inc plans of attack.
His courage- is great and confi
dence remarkable. At the arsenal,
Diaz calmly directed operations. He
too, is optomistlc.
The number of dead and wounded
is not even estimated, but is large.
Some rebel shells and not a few
rifle bullets reached the National Pal
ace, none did serious damage.
It is not believed that Diaz ser
iously contemplates at tne present
time an atcack on Madero's headquar-l
ters. Madero has promised to make
a combined assault at the rebels posi-
Hon tomorrow.
Operations today indicate the Dia;
ASHEVKLLE, N C, Feb. 12.
12.-DclKates renresentlnx
iN'orth Carolina, Tennessee, Ala-
bjraa, Georgia, Kentucky. Okla-
homa, Arizona, Xew Mexico.
CaV-fornia and North Carolina '
were present today at the opon- ,
lng session of the Southern Na-
tional Highway convention, call-
C ed to take steps to secure fedor-
al aid in the constrdotlcn of an
- ocean to ocean highway through
the south and southwest.
-- 4
Democrats I Ipbraided for
Kiting Appropriations
to High Record
of Historv
United States.
' is auiiseu 10 nui-i equii- -v ' ,, -t,-.!..,- ,i, hm.K h nou.
as reported :' ment ready to take troons from ' ;x .' i .t- ...,.. .-
Holmes, Wife Of 1,lero t0 Galveston on short no- Bfem ja of several thousand pris-
rr llnnc Wonov Z. x. . x.. xl i oners. Sbme of the latter joined the
OI lUnS Agency,' Coaches. freight cars and ,,.., ,,,, h. ,u. , iH .-, loot.
Americans killed and injured F,
lonav so lar
Mrs. H. W.
an employe
Mrs. Percy CrifTiths, wife
of an employe of tbe street
railway company, mortally
wounded both legs being
shot off.
Allie Bland, a printer, was
shot through the arm.
Mrs. Holmes and Mrs.
Griffiths were preparing din
ner in their Kitchens in an
TO MOVE TO GALVESTON stregth not fuIly 'snown. Two threat- of war.
.. ..-x.. r. ,-... Z. ening features today were, the ap-ttoclarit
pearance in the outskirts or tne city
r.l-.l ..nLe hi,. n,Kr titf-nfH tn tnnt.
SlUUi LAID lilt? &4im-.Ai 11X U1C K na
yards here and locomotives at-
tached with su-aa up , From y mornlrlg the sharp
. ll. f Wflo nr- flvo .l,l. r,r Mn-
lest suns ava.Iab'.o and bring to ai
non could ito heard In some quarter j sw-if, .nj the next He action.
or the cky almost every minute erj en the fighUng resumed lt vias
,the day. The diplomat c represent-jd(H.are,j tbat the government would'
1 lives of four powers protested and , ,, . ,.,... i,vir OT,na ,hnn r.t !
Ian anntetSce was arranged so that, , d and wouM- rorce the attick ,
;aii ram) nuui inv ui.uu "-"" -from all e des. Not doubtim the in-bhip-
the rehel linos and conrer wl'n I . .. . ., ,." .
niar. I .i... ..i
scale and reminded from moment to
moment by desultory aftd scattered)
., . ... i. .i i j
tlTHle ilUl IWUI bluVU lilUl UVIItt'S Ui
almost every quarter of the city
would be rendered unsafe, foreigners
part, cularily Americans, flritish and
Germans sent automobiles under
white flags this afternoon to collect
women and children and transfer
hall, annarentlv from the fed-
t wore swinglnK ancmor seventy, , .. , Amr:nnB
i.-, fti.anmnj.mo, readv to mit to cnu lines, ine iimcncans
Amer' can Ambassador Wilson. Brit
ish Minister F. W. Stronge. German
Minister Herr Von Hlntz and Span
ish SItateter Ssnor Y. Cologan, called
""'" i ., j. , 1 ' West Virginia Legislature at tho 'atlonal palace m tig a lull
apartment building close to, Wt , -"ji . . S'a''UrMn the fire shortly before noon anl
the arsenal, when a shelll Takes Quick Action if,"6."66 li,1hnIcadehr?J
frnm ihi. fprnl linnc hnrci Regarding Alleged !1 " VLl '" B " ? til
..,,.. v.. ..-w.... ....j uu.u., - r - n""" " - -- " -----: women ana cnnaren ana iransiei
throilirh the walls. VOre guying (the diplomat's representatives con ta tbem to a gection around tho Atneri
i ,vnnr(r vrTfti itii rermi commanuer- nt t .u-i. i- 1.1- 1
.Bland Was Walking in tllCI SENS ATION EXPECTED Dtez J?ld d0 likowl?c- . ,retet,vely free from danger.
Street When Struck by a rifle I "JL"1?, " luT.. An American rd . on duty at
- . - - .-.,.. ... :x fcjj wwsv ua L - -u ..- - . ..
WASHINGTON. Feb. 12, A pner
:i attack on 'democratic. extJaVai
gajice" and a heated dolJate ,5ver tho
aoUvItles of tlj house monor trust
committee vas precHHtatcd today In
the house by a resolution appropriat
ing $3.-, 000 to defray the further ex.
I pense of the money trust incsfga-
V.-codrw wviwon. I )l?n TI,P resoI"tlon- which made
rr.an who was yesterday formally declared elected president ol I lh total expenditures for the investl-
will 1311 ine responsiuini - i - .", .... uuuiarw, uhu i
duct of war with or invasion of Mexlc o. should the present critical " , "(, .u...c.1l, u, a ow oi iz:i to
tion terminate in necessity for one o r the other of these steps. "-,maBy democrats voting with ro-
J publicans against lt.
Mmority;.eader Mann upbraided
the democrats rigorously, asserting
that the control of ','leglslation was
In the hands of a disorganized mob"
nud that appropriations for the ses
sion wore reaching the record high
representative Fitzgerald, chair
man of the a-pproprlatlos committee,
agreed with Mann and declared that
the aporoprlatlons of this year far ex
ceed those of any session In the his
tory of congress, "so much fo tlral
any talk of revising the tariff down
ward would be a hollow mockery."
Representative Gardner, of Texas,
and Representative Lloyd, of Mis
souri, defended the work-of the com
mittee, while MannV stand was sup-'
ported by Hughes of West Virginia,
The resolution was brought In by
Chairman Lloyd of the committee on
Chairman 1'ujo, of he money
trust commitee. explained that the
committee had already expended $20,
N'O of the original 325.000 appropria-
I lion anci that the estimated obliga
! tlons of the committee would reach
! SHO.000 by the close of the investiga
j tln.
J Following the action of the house
j affairs committee today in voting to
I include provisions for two dread-
n impropriation.
tliat the bombardment cf cities is bar
Larious. Especially in such a strug
gle as Is now going on 1-etween the
forces of art'IIery and the minister
sent to Gen. DUz a protest.
ttoclaring that If he persisted, the
government would regard all those
occupying ithe arsenal Ibeyond the
pale or tbe law.
Immediately after the dispatch of
this message, finance m nister. Ma
dero, speaking for the president,
-T -" t '1 . . i. ..!.. .... -
1.1 .1,.. t V,wl lu.An .It.tAi.ml.i.ul !.. iiyWUHCI.' 'U 1..U.1
SUIU IIM1 n. UU .iTrtl, uvi iiiimu ' . i .
cmsh the relwb by a concerted at-: i"r u.-se -i. .-
tack, the government using the heav-,
PRINCETON. .N J-, Feb. 12.
4 Wilson announced definitely to-
nicht that he will not make pI)-
lie the names or his cabinet un- I
til he has sent tnem to tne sen- -
ate for confrmation in March.
Wilson's remarks were called
forth l)y the publication of re-
pens from Washington that he
would announce his cabinet to- 4
morrow. He sa':! trs ; lu.' A
CHARLESTON. W. V. Fcft. 1.-; ?erTar automobile, which: with a le nfcr and foreign roHenta.
i tir.tica o! oaoa Af &,A tfu . . . . . ... TL-Whrtut vittltUA nrma malm till a nimr.
VIrglnSo legsfatare decided
Cheer the California Vote
When Counted in Elec
toral College-Other
tat -itrvow It; AVPn naughts in the nary appropriation,
FORMAL ORIV lb UVtK econon,v advocates of the demo
- i. .... .....
cratir side of the nonse met tonignt
WASHINGTON. I). -C,. Feb. 12.
With elaborate ceremony the xennie
The house and senate of the We .n.i, ru-in nrHi ihmmrh the wthot vfslWe arms patrol this nar-!nn,, homie . to-nt session canvassed
today to;feiJera, Hnes t' a SUppcged that teru -ecase the total .absence otjtoda-y (he cIee01
a. They have approxlaatoly 906 , wounded in VCSterdav's 3C- nn.S! " charges of brRervltho tr, j teen advsed of th!l)OHce
... , I . . . , .MUU.k AH71'H31lWfc.C
officers and men.
ct other smaller, craft in Central
American waters are In call by wire-!
It ha been
rarte that to land troops In Mex-
teo woW be an act oi war urai couiu
be JtWed only -with the approval of
tion are improving.
U.. S. (5
, . ... .. . jt. . l i Tho nmtoat .f tAi. iflnlAmqla trtvV
(Rhodes, H. F. Asbory, Dav R IHH,.stantly made the ta-get for numer- the form of demand that the firing
,and Rath Daff and state senator, ii. -,,. -irw a v,nt. ntti ot.nt !t rone be Urrcttrf bat acpcmnlished
Wilson will be Instructed to try ann vS- ZZ JniiJ'!1' " W. however, the nothing. Both Madero and IMa
..... ..... . ..j... . "ay in. connection with the balloting Jininnti. nvv aroniir unhurt, evaded roteonBlbJ ty. each, nlac ns
sesested in Mm. Bd"ce th An,ri? "f 'ff!1 -1?.?0 ior United States Senator Clarence
w j,. ..u !. . -iw. Watson.
ty. Representatives of other foreign . ,.,,
VCl?t?,S?? e. . PPOt a committee of
"" w"" civ.cuv u. uuu-,:. .u "."-nyo two irom the senate and three
muauou an. noui L..e Jimw ", from, the nous to InveMljtate.
dlDlomatlc envoy aooarentlv unhurt, .evaded rwponBlfc.llty,. each, placln;
The bombardment wlVch was ter- "lame on the other and characteriz-rii,!-
.,at.ni97 nvuk.j ita xlimav Inir tha attitude nf the onuoslne sides
j A rcsoluton was adopted by bolh;tWi morning when Diaz shelled tho! as barbarous and a violation of the
Many military officers fall to see a tne CUy of Moxlco of about 17.000
distinction between such a landing of
troops on foreign soirln case ot an
archy and. the employment of marines
for the same purpose, as was done at
vimnisn recently. To meet this
constitutional objtction. in case the
traitofl 3re sent to Vera Crni. It
I undorsteod that the commanding
officers will be iiwtnictcd not to land
troops oxcepi. by coHRresslOBal authorization.
The presnt on the coast, it Is felt.
foreigners, whose home government
aro known to- be; in receipt of roanj
hurt rending appeals for assistance.
Recognizing the disposition of the
I'nited States government to extend
the same protection to these Euro
peans and Asiatics as to Its own citi
zens, so far none of the diplomats or
representatives of foreign powers at
Washington have done more than
make inquiries of the state depart
ment as to the actual situation in
-aHii have a strong moral offect on the; tho Mexican capital,
contending factions n Meiico. More Wholesale evacuation of the city by
thanrti week's time will be saved bj- the foreign element would Involve an
slaoing Foldlers Just where they will j enormous financial loss and looUng
hf needed In caw the danger to for to precedent established In the Civil
lgn lives and property should become' war it Is doubtful If any compensa
mere Imminent. Hon could be exacted from the gov-
Unlesa one side or the other, rnment as It exists after the close
nttAV a decisive victory In the. of hosttlltlenln Mexico.
City f Mexico within the next day or Altogether lt Is upparent that the
two lt HI propauio uiai. AiuuuBgauuj i aumtni5inuiuu is itt-eiy iu uuu i iti;
difficult to adhere strictly to tbe de
clared" policy of Hfw-l"ervention. if
the sltnation in tin; r.jy of Mexico Is
not niaterla'ly rbnitc for the better
lu a veiy short time.
To add to thj dirCculty In keeping
In clo? tmu-h mli the situation,
wor-1 came to the state department
late today freni Consul Garrett at I.a
redo. Texas, that all wires are down
south of Monterey and communica
tion between Laredo' at.d tbat point
can be had only by way of motor.
CompI't severance of telegraphic
communication between the United
Htateg and its embassy in the City
cf Moxlco at this critical juncture
easily mlgnt bring about a change of
policy by tbe administration, at least
to lh,e. extent of opening tip a line of
communication between the Mexican
capital and Admiral Fletcher's ships
at Vera Cruz by a naval expedition.
very center of the business districts
in order to w'lence tbe canon of the
government ami drive from the roofs
of the Taylor bulling the federal
rules of dviVzed - warfare, the diplo
mats recited tbe great damage done-
The American consulate has been
demolished by government shells and
sharp shooters and the men serving It was pointed out that the Ameri-
the machine guns. lean embassy Is ruled wuth Americans
A terrific action was directed from. driven from homes by bombardment
tho arsenal and continued more than! of which no notice was given,
two hours. Sharpnel fell Xke hall . All governments. It was added,
and occasionally bursting shells tore ,wero deeply concerned for their sub
boles in the sides of ibuildinirs. tto.ta Wilson later Kneaklner for the
The first fire from the opposite dl-WpIomats said that Madero was vis-per eignt otes.
rect'on rendered the far .out resl-'dbly embarrassed and confused but Certificates of all states were re-
denco district uninhabitable as well attemnted to nlace lesnonsMlItr on .celved and counted therebcing no re-
oleetoral votes In the var-1
Mous states of the union and officially , ,h(p scheBie bUI
f declared Woodrow Wilson, ot cw: j, which will
Jersey and Thomas F. Jlarsnaii, ot
Indiana, elected president and vice
president of the United States for
the term beginning on March 4. ,
There 'were cheers.. fwnfctepP'ng
and yells as the, .canvass proceeded.
The announcement of the California
vote drew applause from the Roose
Velt supporters and a real democratic
outburst followed; when Senator Mar
tine announced New Jersey's four
teen votes for Wilson and MUrsball.
Applause came from the republican
side when I'tah and Vermont each
gave Taft and Butler four votes.
The recapitulation gave Wilson and
Marshall 435 votes. Roosevelt and
Johnson 88 votea and Taft and But-
as tho big department building known
83 Gore Court, at TblrJ ail Roma
streets. The ederal guns replied oc
casionally, 'Jut W-thout sirloua dam
age to the reuel positions. This was
tbe action wlwh deeded the diplo
mats, after communicating with their
30vernments, to protest against the
continuance or such operations wach
were characterized as unsanctioned
by tho- laws of warfare of civilized I that war vessels
nations. I
Madero nd his mfnuncra agree (Continued on Page 3)
Diaz. The president had given glow
ing accounts of measures to be tak
en and expressed the opinion that
the rebeU'on would be quelle! bv to
morrow night, Wilson declared tbat
sMadero's" words did not -make favor
able Impression oo diplomatic repre
sentatives. To Diaz, the min'sters after urging
establishment of a neutral zone said
had ben ordered I
sponMo to formal demand of Senator
Bacon as to whether tnere was ou
lection to leccrdtng the Motes, at
each state was called.
BERLIN. Germany. Fefcu 12. .It is
understood that the, mantage of
Princess Victoria Ioutee, the only
daughter of the German emperor and
emnress. to Prince Ernst August, son
of the Duke of Cumberland, will take
place In October next.
to plan a fight against big naval ap
propriations. The committee, by a vote of 14 to
7. committed itself to the two battle-
wheR it rpaohes the
Jloor, which win contain an item ap
propriating funds to begin the con
struction of two ships.
li.. Harry N. Thaw quietly celobrateJ
hi forty-third birthday today at tho
Matteawan hospital vforthe Crlmltml
Insane, where he was sentenced five
j ears ago after the secoad Jry which
tril him for the slaying of Stanford
White found him insan. No special
'neWent In the roatise of ThaWs ltfo
marked tlie anniversary, eweptins
the receipt of several presents and
messages of greeting from relatives.
Says That He Did Not Leave Vatican
To Visit Home of Dead Sister
ROMK. IUIvi. Feb. 12 The Vatlein
denies absolutely tbe rport that the
Pope loft Uie vatioan yesterday ;o
visit the home of hs dead s4ter.
The authorities at the Vatican saM
that such action on tbe part of tbe
'Pope was in utter contradletlen to
the Pope's character, as he oonsMer
ed It hla sacred Jty to remain with
in the Vatican.
k I

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