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Bremen's Brotherhood an
nnunces strike on 5J eastern
roads beginning tomorrow
, Turkey asks powers to take
off the dogs of; war. Has
had enough from the Balkan
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reltei l S I " fe
1 1
American Club
" i
Representative Duncan Read
Martyr President's Speech
at Gettysburg to the House
and Kelton Was One of the
a r. t,
Tax Commissions Furnishes
Assessors with Table ofi
Valuations to Be Used in
Listing Property this Year.
PHOErJlX, Feb. 13. (Special) In
ability to ?gree on which of the
clerks should be dismissed from em
ployment by the houce, temporarily
postponed the bringing Into public
view ofthe fight which has beer. In
pregres ,'among..houxe members foi
the past 48 hours.
In the senate today several meas
ures Acre Introduced, the most Im
portant being Senator Worsley's anti
blacklist law, the most stringent In
its provisions ever urged before an
Arizona legislature Under its pro
vision an employer is prohibited from
asking an applicant for employment
the name of his former employer or
from requesting a record. Violations
are punishable by a fine of $1,000.
Senator Hughes had a bill aimed at
the scalpers of wages and loan
sharks, which many members sa
will,' if passed produce a needed rem
edy for stopping the operati6ns oi
usurers. In house, Ball has a bill for
the regulation of the practice of
pharmacy and to prohibit the sale of
(.Olsons. The last named bill seek:
to curb the traffic In cocaine, mor
phine and other drugs.
Feb. 13. TUe lower branch of the leg
ialattire took cognizance at Lincoln's
birthday on Wednesday nnd brief re
marks were made by several mem-j
- - -- - .
house tor the uay. and asked that hIsjRr0unds. Indeed there were few lo-
colleague, ltepreentative Duncan read
to the house. Lincoln's speech at Get-,
tysburg. This was done aid loudly ap-
plauded. and Captain Kplton, theu
took occasion to explain to the hous"for the night with blankets and mat-,
mat even tnougn ne had been a mem-; tresses, wh'ca were spread on tne
her of the army of the south, he held ''floors in every chamber of the place
the highest respect and cherished the! and utilized for sleeping,
greatest love for the martyred presl- Francisco de la Barra, former pro
dent. Representative Wren, ot Yav- visional president, became a refugee
alia! county spoke brleHy as did alse at the British legation yesterday. He
KepresentatiT4 Barker, of Pinal coun-, approached President Madero on the
ty. who also touched on the admira-' question of compromising with the
tion of Southern men lor Lincoln and I rebels, but Madero refused to lis
recited the circumstances of a per . ten. to hlra.
tonal Incident when he. ns a boy, ai' Tho question of food supplies
hie home in Louisiana, heard of thn , throughout the capital was not solr
aseassination. . i e txr, een tho soldiers are ex-
Christian Science periencing the discomforts of short
The Christian Scientists of the state
i- ,.ninn ir. ih. i.i9mr m '
dur, for public hearing on the medical! Issuance of a general order to cut coast cities to learn whit water trans
Wll. which they alleged !s an eflort ff all coramunlcatlon by telephone, donation can be secured f.-rm prl
on th part of regular practicing phy,H?, Protest " Made thatu !?airate 'P owners in case It becomes
lotans to prohibit the work of their, rebf"s CT? n connected with the' necessary to transport more of -the
church They named as a committee, ; 8stem and that ."', wouId ,0rst brigade of the regular amy to
wKn .?irp an onoortunlty to Df
hoard: Allen Jaynes, of Tucson; Judge
T. W. Wells of Prcscott; Bruce Per
ly of BIsbee: Louis Gareshe, of Phoe
nix; W. S, Matton and Garth Cate.
Land Bill Re-appears
Representative Graham of Cochise
fm re-Introdnced la the hous. the
Wll which was so bitterlr fought at
fkv last session providing for the snb
mhtslon of an amendment lo the con
stitution to the voters of the state for
no sale of school lands.
The Lobbyists
It seems probable that there will be
ao enactment of a law to prohibit
lnbhvlnc at the present session of tho
legislature. Althongh, strict rules will v as revealed ' -y a sharp attack on a
be adopted by both houses, concern-(detachment of federals advancing
iiS lobby agents and the regulation from Cbapultepec.
of"the!r appearance before legislative) The rebel sharp shooters on the
"Representative Irvine, of Maricopa
junty, "who Introduced the Anti-lobby
(Continued on Paga 3)
Riddled With
i -it u , i
in eiuier ine government or renci iorces. me mm any
of fighting ended at nightfall, firing continuing after sun
down. Madero, himself stated two hours earlier that Gen,
JIuerta would renew efforts for subjugation of Diaz im
mediately. It is authoritively stated that the government forces
I.. lwJt A
"" "
t the top. Genera! Bernardo
Reves killed In the fighting of Sun
day, and at the bottom President Ma
dero, said last night to be preparing
to leave Mexico City with the chief
documents of eovernment. but whose.
determined attitude at the palace In
ihe face of most imminent danger the
latt five davs refutes an thought ot
Right by reason of fear.
How the Day
Went With
7 hose in Fire
TVn Yiin-ftrr.ntrintK
,j C ,u wic w,.t. l..uvu
calltles In the city that were not thus
" i rxv
visited. loluUonary leaders, who will be urged
in tho American embassy dozens' to cease hostilltes pending action
of American citizens were provided ' on the report of the commission.
Amcassaaor vvuson prevented uie
"-.. . . TT' --- - . .
Straggling federals -who arrived at
the American embassy at noon de -
clared that a detachment of govern-
mwit troops was shot to pieces at,
the western edge of the city. This
I indicates that Diaz has a mobile
torce ouisiue nis lines in tne central
Sharpnel rained on the walls and
shutters of the cable office today, but
the operators remained at their sta
tions. A solid shot from a field gun
entered the Jar-din hotel.
Diaz succeeded during the night In
hiding sharp shooters in the houses
of the so-called American colony.
many blocks behind the lines. This
roofs of buildings on "Hamburgojto Mexico City from New York sev-i
I street attempted to pick on tne ar-,crai years ago wiui nis wi:o anai
ftillery men manning tbo tea federal mother. His mother, according to at
f guns near the British legation. The; dispatch sent Mrs. Kate Dreyfus te-
-trebels subsequently were driven fromjdsy. was kiled ft& a shell In front of
I their position on the roofs.
Bullets, Which
- Withoilt decisive advantage i
ii t ii trii l I
, rector John Barrett ot the Pan-i-
American union proposed to
President Taft and members of
4 the house and senate foreign
affairs committees' this even ng
of a "'commission ot mediation"
to offer its services to ring
about pace In Mexico.
Barrett proposed that the com
(V mission be composed 'at one
American, preferably Senator
, Root; an ofTlciil of some South
American Republic and one ilex-
lean. Francisco de la Barra, for
- merly provisional president of
' Mexico, was mentioned. The
proposal was made fornalljr aft
) er the conference held by house
;- an.i senate lea.de. s.
W-WT-W -w -r -r -
'Madero and -Diaz -Will Be
Asked to Adopt Its Call-
for Consideration of- Dif
r lUI'wIlLCb.
Proffer Will Relieve U. S. ot '
Embarrassment in Inter
vention If It Does Not
Meet with Approval.
WASHINGTON, U C . Keb. 1 i -
HIa mediation plan was urged upon i
by President Taft and other h sh of- j
ftclals tonight by John Barrett In a '
letter outlining bis plan I'.ar.c t
i scys. "It invohes international
Amer can coope.-atlou rather than
United States action and the nra-ti-'cal
application bf the Pan-Arcencan
rather than the Monroe doctriur "
sbt(Jld investigate the situation in
Mexico on the ground ana "mui,- r.-."-!
!. It I .!.... t -1 I
UIIUUKh AU1UU3&UUUI lliei.l 4J5'
pian wm be presented
tn Ihf M(xl.
.M nv-rnment fomorrow .imi n re'--
-jf Latin America and Mexico fa 1
tbe'to act on this suggestion," said llar-
rett, "they will still be obliged to ad
mit that the Un'.ted States first tried
to proceed along the fairest lines
posiftje and. with every effort lo con
vince Latin-America and Mexico of
Its good faith."
"Above all things." he add, "it
would bring Immediate pea'" to Max
Ico and the actual protection of life
and property without .str.k'fts a blow
at Mexico's Independence, with evi
dence to all America, that the I'nited !
States seeks no territorial aggund j
Bxcept to make inquiries in fom
of the eovernment rested toJav. at-
""w ":"' "" ""ij Jt'.
jjSfied with the preparations alteady
made to meet any emergen-v For
the present the eut re efforts of the
administration will be concentrated
l0n the protection of foreign life and
property m the Mexican capital, w th
out actual! forcible -intervention
which the president Is determined !
to avo'd until the last extremity
NEW YORK. Feb. 13 At tho home1
of Mrs. Kate Dreyfuss It was said to-
day that It was Mrs. C Or'fftths. j
mother of Perry Griffiths and not i
Griffith's wife, who was k'lled yester-'
dpy in Mexico City Mrs. Kafts Dre)-
fuss Is Mrs. Perry Griffith g mother
Griffiths, an electron! estlnM. won '
I the American Club.
Through Day Rained Everywhere Penetrate
planned to take the rebel positions by assault between G
and 7 o'clock, but the day's operations ended with federals
only feebly aggressive.
It means another day of terror for hundreds of
thousands ot non-combatants, including a large number
of foreigners who find no pa rt of the citv free of danger.
Shells tcdav raked the princ
: - t .. i jr.ki ai tv :tm iiiAWT.o 7it..i aiii ji i.wwnr'Mt:! ;. ri vtut.Cw&... . . r uan- Aa:ijn- i
Destruction Wrought Af
fords Fair Sample of Ruin
of Sheels Throughout the
No Quarter of City' Misses
Flying Missiles Madero
Late Assault Plan Mis
carries. .MXXJCO CITY, Feb. 13 That Diaz
waa prepared for the threatened ov
er whelm'nj movement by the gov
ernment, which Madero promised
would be carried through today, was
shown by the fact that he had sta
tioned sharpshooters On the roofs of
building adjoining the arsenal and
bad dispatched a force outside the
1 nes to the west of the city, and
placed his heaviest guns In positions
commanding1 all the approaches to
his strongnom.
General Huerta, commanding thj
federals, had promised to storm tho
ifchsl poslt'on, but elected instead lo
employ artillery from various points
of vantage. Only once in the early
part of the day, did the Infantry como
Into action. During the heavy shei!-
tng of the palaces-Diaz apparently
moved some of tho forces to the
inal streets of the capital, lore t
. .
northeast of the cky. and shortly aft
er 12 o'clock the palace was made a
target for both shells and rifle flro
from that district.
Coincidental!-, the rebels succeed
ed In extending their zone of act vi
ty in other directions. The rebel fire
towards the pa I ice was intended not
only to bring atout Its surrender but
hai for .ts purpose also the clearing
of the intervening buildings of ma
chine guns and riflemen and the sil
encing of the federal batteries oper
ating n San Juin Let ran street, a
point midway between the arsenal
and the palace. This shelling wrought
havoc among the buildings in that
section of the city.
The American Club was riddled.
The interior of the second and third
floors was completely wrecked and of
the forty Americans within at the
time, several had almost miraculous
escapes from death. Seven shells
tore through the walls. The first two
crashed through the reading room t L
the rront of th second story, and
others entered above the second
story on both tides.
In addition to the shell Hre, the In
terior ofthe American Club was m
forated in scores of places by bullets
from r'fles and machine guns. Tho
shots which entered the reading
rooms tore their way through tn
stone window, casings, demolisHcd a
heavy leather chair, and exploded
, with terrific force. Sharpnel was
hurled n all d'rectlons. cutting the
'furniture to ribbons, ripping the
floors and walls and puncturing In
scores of places the portraits about
the room. The portrait most serloua-
,ly damaged was that of President
'Madero Pres'dent McKitiley's faco
! was set In a circle of t"ullet holes.
I During the afternoon a number of
'shells were directed toward tho Vi.
jtional palace, fred apparently from
a -line force. The artillery range In
the vicinity of the barrack south-
(.Continued on Page 3)
into private homes and business buildings as well as
through the public structures for which they were in
tended. Bullets of machine guns and rifles penetrated all
corners, finding lodgement in buildings of even the re
mote sections, unofficially but tactily designated as the
neutral zone. Both bodies insist on a fight to the finish.
pf Army and
Navy Heads
GALVESTON. Tex. Feb 13 -Major
Robert R. Lee, L. S. A., ot the qtiarul
i-nnajter's department, conferred to
day with local agents of the Mallory
nnd Morgan steamship lines as to
tleed with which troops might be con
veved o Mexico from this point
should such a movement be ordered.
He also Inspected the Galveston ter
minals. "SEATTLE, Feb. 13. U-Wr Admira
Mired Reynolds, commander of the
Pacific reserve fieet at the Puget
Sound navy yard, received orders to
day to make the vessels under his
command ready for sea. .As soon as
the orders were received the war
jhips began to take on full bunkei
supplies and tomorrow morning five
cruisers and battleships will be
VALLEJO. Feb. IS.-Orders re
ceived at .Mare Island navv yard to
day put in special service the vessel
Glacier for full commission, inasmuch
as the shin vCas onlered out of com-
minion yesterday. It is Iwlieved that
today's developments me that th,f ned tomorrow. but t.t
es,sl will be dispatched to Mexico.
MEXICO CITY, Feb. 13 -The fact
that preparations are being made to
night to gtit a raln rearty at the Mex
ican Central stat'on is creating much
ecu. menu I. is Migcostert as barely
possible that Madero In preparing to
flee tiio city.
National Palace
Legislature, Investigating the
Bribery Charges, Gets a
Report That Strikers Are
Feared Rioting Wjill Bo Re
sumed in Coal Fields-and
Militia' Is Beingpljleid--inj
Readiness. " - " . '
CHARLESTON. W. V.. Feb. 12. A
ser.es of Important developments
marked tho coal strike situation 13
day. Jn the coal fields, which are
under martial law, 25 miles from
here, the militia !s using stringent
measures to stamp out violence,
while In this city It became neces
sary to sound the riot call when a
demonstrat'on started In the stale
The legislature is troubled tecansa
cf charges of bribery and was In ses
sion when it was learned that miners
and tbelr sympathizers were marcli-
l inc here to take the state capitoL A
number of miners and others Inrad
cd the state building and a rfot call
was turned in The entire police
force responded. The halls of tho
! capltol were cleared promptly a mint
J her of persons receiving slight Injifr-
I The legislature, however was not
t disturbed. Warrants were sworn out
i tonight for "Mother Jones." well
1st paper and Frank Hartley and Paul
j Paulson, said to be connected with
the m'ner's organization. They are
cnarged wltn conspiracy, ana as ac
cessories bofore fact in the death of
Fred HevlietL one of tile victims of
the recent riot near Mck!ow. Uou
well was arretted and taken to Paint
CTcTi. Junction' for trtil 'before a
military tomir;Ission. A search 's
being made for the others. An -Important
development today wm tho
ra'ding of a mine in HeHegr. Grove,
on the Paint Creek an the arrest o
The wDatnrnl l ribery sittmtlon took
a fensttllonat turn today with the ar
reft of Col. William Savtnour Kd
wards, candidate for t'sited States
senator to succeed Ctertweo W Wat
son. Edwards 1 charged with offer
ing bribes. He was released on loml.
The arrest of Edwards fo'lowed the
srret of four representative and one
slate senator last Tuesday on charges
of accepting bribes to vote In favor
Edward;. In statements tonight
Edwnrds charactcri7ed the charges
.VKfcinst him as untrue and preposter
ous. He denied emphatically that he
directlv or Indirectly offered or
caused to be offered bribt? to any
member of the Wett V'rfrfnia legis
lature to Influence votes in behnH of
his candidacy for TTntted States sen
LARFDO, Fefli 13 It wa announc
ed tonight that train service over a
direct route on the National railway
to Mexico City from Laredo will be"
There connections mlcht be mado
for Tamp'co over a ctrcuHon route
Into the Mexican capital. The Ex
press companies operating In Mexleo
(also announced that fer the present.
nothing of value destined for Mexico
City would be received for transjior
tation. .
P'JiMMfWMllllMssMi'MlM"" r ' ''tiiiir Jrii'-ir"--r--r--ri-ili)ftittTiiTiiiiiMrtiii-

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