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Bisbee daily review. (Bisbee, Ariz.) 1901-1971, February 14, 1913, Image 2

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Morning Found Danger to Life and Property Greater Than Ever in Mexico City and District
Fighting and All It's Terrors Resumed at Noon Rep
resentations of Powers in Endeavor for Protection of
Subjects Entirely Ignored Who Started Today's
Battle Undertcrmined
,j Gyt, Cctqultt.
AJSTlS. fijyas, Feb. 13. Govern
or 'ojqullt tqjlay declared that Texas
stood 'toady tr ji m the invasion of
llextcovju aj (Intervention movement
t iay flaw and would lead all pos
sibly assistance tlirough its state
-troepfe Thy response was made to
liuitttry whether tn the eveat of
troipg being rpshod Into Me.eo by
UaeU. S., Texas would t in position
to protect the border with its rallitia,
thus rKeving the I'. S. Army of ne
cesirtty Tut retaining bodiea on the
CITY OF MEXICO, Feb. 13. That the end of the
struggle between President Madero in defense of his gov
ernment and Gencval Felix Diaz, who has been making de
termined and effective assaults for two days on the. pres
idential palace and other government buildings is not in
sight was evident this morning when the discover' was
made that during the night the government had been
busy digging rifle pits in the streets and around the na
tional capital buildings.
That the efforts of the i epresentatives of foreign
governments, who exerted influence to have the fighting
cease in the city where thousands of non-combatants
and foreigners are exposed to rain of ledden pellets as
occurred yesterdav were fruitless was made manifest justj fice'rs and men in the two regiments.
after noon when hunting was resumed all along tne lines
During the nighl both sides placed their artillery and; studied the Mexican situation closely so that he might
machine guns where it is believed their fire will be more! constantly be in a state of readiness for any trouble that
effective. Just who started the fighting today cannot be demands his' attention and that of his command
ascertained, as the resumption of activity seemed to be
nearly simultaneous on both sides, showing that both
During today there has been much eagerness to
learn of conditions in northern Mexico and along the bor
der. Apparently nowhere be tween Nogales and Douglas
has there been any sign of intention on the part of the
rebels to abandon their poli cy of inactivity which they
have adhered to during the past month.
The United States troops available in southern Ari
zona for guarding the border and protecting the life and
property on trie American side of the line in -case the
struggle between th Madero. government and its enemies
should reach .northern Mexico amounts to two:full cavalry
regiments, the Ninth under Col. Guilfoyle, whose head
quarters are at Douglas and the Fifth cavalry with
headquarters at Fort Huachuca, about two thodsand'of-
Ccl. Guilfoyle ar
Douglas is keeping close watch for signs of activity any-
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I wnwc iitdi wic uwiuci aiiu uuuiig tuc nibt aiA minims was
obligaotry out of courtesy to
congress, if for no other rea
son, inasmuch as the presi
dent has placed himself on
record as yielding direction
of further steps to the na
tional body.
It is known that President
Taft brought to the confer-
resentatives and individuals.
All bore the same message,
couched in varying language
but leading to' the one de
mandintervention. It is .to be said that among
diplomats and all representa
tives of foreign powers, that
recognition is accorded Pres
ident Taft and his cabinet ad
visers for good work and ex
tensions of material evidenc
es of sincerity through the
complete preparations that
have been made for the im
mediate occupation of Mexi
co with relief forces.
Madero and Diaz were read for a continuance
of the
morning for action relativeto
the Mexican situation.
During the conference the
rectly this afternoon with the
state department in manda
tory ways and that a time lim-
nresident held this afternoon1 st has been set within which
'all papers and evidence bear- the United States mus.t move
ing upon the entire Mexican or by its lack of action ipvite
situation, as the several gov- the powers to take Hold in
oLaUgrltei' in MeXICO j been advised since the over-! Monroe doctrine or no.
j throw of Porfirio Diaz, werej Leaders in congress oi
Powers Take Stand, Repre- assembled and an introduc-, both parties are advised of
c ti r e p ' ii rv i01"-" mcssaffe framed by the ; the tense situation and are
sentatives fractica.ly UC- ;i f cnhmissintt in rnn. this evenina enminp topether
, .-.,, . . ...,.. 0 ----0 --0
Graviiy Is Increased
State Departments and the
President Besieged with
Cables and Cablegrams
'. Mexico1;
Situation Up to Congress,
Before Which President Is
Ready to Put All Details in
Message Prepared Today.
(Special to the Review)
6 p. m. At this hour the pre
diction Ls that congress will
be called upon by President
Taft either tonight or in the
daring Must Intervene in gress of the entire documen
tary matter being now ar
ranged for.
The activity of the presi
dent is at this hour admitted
to be due to the late after
noon reports received here
over roundabout wires and
cables from Mexico City of
the resumption of fighting.
This news has aroused a
new and stronger than ever
the feeling among foreign
powers and their representa
tives that the United States
must act. It is hinted that
Germany and Great Britain
have both' communicated di-
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tion must be taken. Demo
cratic members of both hous
es are understood to have
been in communication with
President-elect AX'ilson this
afternoon, but have given no
intimation of his attitude.
The latter, if the later bear
ing of thoe who consulted
him mav be accepted as a
guide, has retired from his
position of disinterestedness
Resumption of fighting in
Mexico City is accepted as
meaning that the entire dip
lomatic corps in that city has
failed to secure an armistice
( from Madero and Diaz or the
' ijrant of any protection to
.life and property. Such atti-
j tude putsf the Mexican lead-
i ers entirely out of the pale
of further consideration and
is held to take down the last
barrier that may have stood
in the way of intervention.
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- m
The Afternoon
Account of the
Street Fighting
MEXICO CITY. (Special)
6 p. m.Thr battle opened
with heavy fi.:i; by federal
artillery, which was strongly
reinforced in the night. From
about the Y. M. C. A. rebels
replied with hot fire Shells
of the contending forces tore
a way through the heatr ol
te city for ours but no de
cisive result was achieved.
It was practically an 'artil
lery duei, although occasion
ally small arm fire played a
vicious part.
T?-e swift, crushing action!
promised by the government
not realized. On the con
trary the fighting was monot
onous, the federal troops
slowlv pounding rebel posi-! "" '" """ -
.-. j" J.. i :!. UelSevrt in ens m'nutt- If oner bark oulcfc
tion in endeavor to silence, muocnt. u.aorMccoitoot
Diaz guns, that final charge)
might beimade withiless sac
rifice of life.
The rebels replied with
steady fire but were wary
about throwing away ammu
nition. They appeared to
take better aim than ever.
Urging Action
3 p. m. The gravity of the
Mexican situation is assum
ing deeper significance and
occasioning greater concern
each hour. .In diplomatic cir
cles there is expression of the
belief that the United SUtfes
must intervene., at least to
SACItAMBNTO, Cal- Fb. 13-tal
irornla.n militia ls ready to move
almost at a moment's notice, Adjt
Ocin, E. . Forbes said today follow
ing ait iHtervfth with Gov. Johnson,
when hs apprise! of the Mexican sit
uation. "We cn mili;ti a force of 5.oo
'men oh the bon'er probably within a
week' or tn fUys. However, T do
not am;Hato any Mate K"arit will bo
called oMt Htitil a 'Jeftnte decion is
reached te move the .-ovulars I. .to
Mexico. In that r-c:it. ,.t court . it
wotild not l.c ticUkety tfcut the stat
militia vott'd be tmi:c:ed into ir
"Our ne-v am tMnspor ,ii; i
wagiw. ot 'b vtry 'ntest n.c I.
would bo no advantage to tb- Cali
fornia mint.?. Onr c'obe (iroxlinity ta
the IonJer would nlaco on tlio Cali
fornia multla the early responsibility
In tbo event intervention came.
"I ail very well satisfied w.th the
national guard of the state, and be
lieve the men are tho moet seasoned."
Gen. Forbes asserts the total
strength of the state militia Is ap
proximately 7.000 men.
ihe extent of immediately
providing safe convoy for for
eigners from Mexico.
These expressions, direct
from the representatives of
the foreign powers, this aft-!
ernoon assume almost the'
standing of demand. In fact!
only the formal trimming-;
are needed to place the atti
tude of the powers m that ex j ence this afternoon numer
ous cable and telegrams re
ceived during his absence of
eighteen hours from the cap
iroi and that these were dis
cussed at length. Inquiries
from foreign powers for offi
cial statement of the attitude
of the United States were
among the cables, while a
mass of telegrams were pre
sented from diplomatic rep-
tg&wyjjfcfr. - "vy'E
sw. m ram Johr.son.
act position.
President Taft returning!
from Philadelphia this after-!
noon entered at once into!
conference with members of
the cabinet, leaders in con
gress ad army and navy offi
cials. Care has been taken
that the results of this con
ference be kept secret. It is
stated that such attiude is
is usually impossible to the bilious.
But biliousness yiefds and head,-
aches, sour stomach, indigestion gJ
when the bowelsareregulatedanil
the liver and kidneys stimulated by
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"i-c-amLyj--tM'Ji i n ws..stM j-wtiWAKlajj
Most rebel fire was directeJ
at federal batteries, but one
of the Diaz, batteries from
time to time dropped shell,
over the city into grounds or
national palace onto that an
cient building itself, the wall
of which withstood bombard
ment well, no evidence dam
age showing.
Adding to distress and
oringing the gravest of fears
for the near, future is great
ly decreased supplies of food
n the city. Nor can more
come in under present condi
tions, all shipping being com
pletely demoralized. Even at
tne present time thousands of
poor are suffering for lack of
food and manv are starving.
All classes will soon be
reached. i
7,000 federal troops were
engaged at the opening of
battle at noon. The forces of
Diaz were also largely aug
mented over yesterday, from
released prisoners and Zapa
tistas. Claim of the federals in ad
vance of battle todav was
that they would win decisive-1
Iy before night. They de-j
clared gain of better fighting!
position throughout the city.i
This was met "with Diaz as-!
sertion of much gain in;
strength and of completion
of plans that would bring!
down the palace within a fewj
hours. It is heh'eved that this!
means that Diaz
.; palace.
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