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Adrianople burning from
bombs dropped by aeroplane
of allies, while Turks are re
pulsed at Bulair.
Twelve Bath Tub trust
beads and 29 officials of Na
tional Cash Register Co.
found guilty yesterday.
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. X
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01 )H-iBE!if 3 11
. it
Half His Army Slaughtered Under Fire f
of DiazLate in Day, Battallion Kills "
Officers And Joins Diaz Pressure
Brought Upon Madero By Foremost
Mexicans---Official Announcement Re
signation Yet To Be Made
t I' 77
General Felix Diaz,
Called to Receive Resigna
tion of Madero, Which
British Legation Says Was
Arranged for.
Losses by Government in
City and Defections Out
side - Still It Is Neither's
MEXICO CITY. Feb. 14. The reslj,
, nation by, Madero of the presidency
S is believed !o be .in the hards of the
f Mexican congress. It Is authoritlvel7
Jls$-LJiat Madero agreed to resign
Tf the Inmate so wished. The senate
was called into session abou, , a" 1
u tiut luumui 10 taKe action.
At the British Ieeat;on. whprh
Senor De la Barra took refuge Thurs-'
dny. It said that Madero'a rcsigua-i
This is no time for publishing unfounded nsational stories along -he border about danger " American
citizens In Mexico. Our-neighbor country and the citizens of that eountrq. Including the leaders of both fed
.ral and rebel armies have, 'since their revolutionary trouble first began, shown a disposition to protect
Americans and other foreigners in thai country rather than a disposition lo harm them; true it is Ih-i Ir
responsible parties of brigands have n.ided American ranches, but the fact tomafnr. that few Americans havo
:o,t their lives as a result of the rrvolution.-cxcept those accidentally killed when in She danger zone or
raging battles. i ,
The American people tave every reason for desiring that Mexico sh.UI come out of Its tumbles unaided or
vlthout coercion from any source. The Americans have received many favors from Mexico In the pat and
will no doubt desire many favors In that country !n the future. So, It is the duty of Americans on ltao
lKnIer to advise ttelr Mexican friends and neighbors to be calm In the present crisis which may be th
leglnnlng or returning peace and prosperity to that country which is so marvolously tlch In undeveloped ro
The rece.pt of the news early rrs'terda evening that Prenldent Madero had resigned his position, brought
a sigh of relief after a tension of soieral days sq severe as to threaten po-slble intervention by' this' country
trlth the possibility of necessity for prosecuting a war on a weak nation that has been our good neighbor
for many years.
In laying down of fcls authority for the purpose of stopping a bloody war and by rhtit act seeking to
end the turmoil and deprivations which havo-been continual during the u'ast year. .Madero must be regarded
us a many who loves his country, but who failed to Inspire his countrymen with sufficient confidence In him-
fclf to bring them together In peace under his leadership. That he has been' honest In hisfdesire to bene
M the citizens of his country there w!I be few to offer denial; that lie Was lacking in capacity for the great
executive work he assumed will be generally agreed. He tried to govern by persuasion when the most stern
and unyielding authority was needrd to hold In check the many who had received a taste of" war and Idle
ness and were inclined to continue the fray when tierc was no other reason forjt than a desire for loo
ami other rormsTof personal gain. Ami now that.Ma'dero has, Stepped down and out UfnaVoe exacted that
his successor will find that there are those who will attempt to continue Their brigandage. Hut wo shall hope
that at least the Ratters of tl-e revolt -against Madero will be willing to uso their influence In inducing all to
tion had virtually been arranged and. lay down their arms and return-to ;helr homes or seek honest employment.
cTed him Tin the .1Secy. '"""I ncisco I. Madero, who laid down the high office yesterday which came to him as a result of his
iier. Ue Ja Barra, while proceed- leadersnip m the revolt against me oid Diaz government, had been president but a few davs more than one
and a half years. He had not been in office a month until there were rumblings of dissatisfaction because h
lermitted old Diaz officials to retain jiosltions which required training and experience to fill. Then when the
time came for mustering out many ot his rebel soldiers who were no longer required there come open revolt
and defiance at various places. Such instances occurred at Cananea, Afeua Prieta and other places In So
nora. Zapata continued in opert revolt, never acknowledging either the authority of De la Rarra. as provision
al president or Madero who succeeded him by virtue of election. Within a few months come the charge that
Madero was not fulfilling tbe promises made for the providing of land for the poor classes In the country and
this charge found favor with many throughout the country and the uprising which followed when Orozco de
serted thq standard of Madero was based on the bad faith of the new president in falling to carry out the
promises made for the distribution o; public lands to the homeless.
The Madero resignation we believe opens up possibilities of a restoration of the country again to Indus
trial prosperity and peace; It may roqulre months to dispel all the Irresponsible bands that have been rov
ing over the country and looting tlie defenseless under the guise or rebels, but if Fells Diaz, who by his
coupe of last Sunday and his stubhorn flght during an entire week forcej the resignation of Madero accepts
De la Barra as the provisional president during the pacification of the country and Madero likewise gives his
support td the new government therP would seem to be no reason why It should not be successful and that
at a presidential election which w presume will follow soon the man choisen will receive the combined sup
port or the country.
De la Barra is a man of brains .n regarded as one imbued with patriotism and desire for the welfare of
Mexico and the Mexican people. Di.lz belongs to the old fcOvernmental regime, but without the disposition
to assume all authority which charactcrjled nl9 illustrious uncle. Don Porfirlo. He knows the Mexican peo
ple; their disposition and desires ana wj,ji the prestige he has gained during the last few days he should bo
'able to exert much lnfluer.ee for th., Kood of h!s country ana bring la all those who have led the revolts
against Madero to the aid of the Provisional president and the man who shall be later chosen to permanent
ly hold the governmental reigns.
We do not lay claim lo being a ecvernmental dreamer, but we can 'imagine much better conditions In
Mexico as the result-of the happenings at Mexico Cit.-durin& the past week culminating In the resignation of
Madero, than those or the past two yoars. There .Is possibility or a genuine love feast In that conptry in th.j
near ruture with De la Barra. Diaz a!)(i Madero. with the Jester lights in 4he recent general disturbance all
oraerted with the one common desire and purpose to preserve Mexico from lurther civil strife and start it
again on the progressive jiath along x-hlch It was making such rapid steps before the revolt against the Diaz
i-rivernment Then, when peace Is restored we can imagine the' country, again united, calling on Porflrid
Diaz to return to his country there t0 dwell during his few remaining years and finally yield up the ghost
among his countrymen, his Kinsmen and friends.
NEW 11
B'll Introduced Provi
Taxing Reserved Val
Sale of Surface Righ
Mineral Land. '
des foi 1 kI. mHlf
Zi& " IBS,
ues in N3lf HiK
f - vs
House Adopts Rule for Gov
erning Legislative Agents
Which Will Mean No Law
Against Lobbyists .
PHOENIX. Feb. 14. fSneelalV
Tvo hundred representative citizens'
cf the stat; attended a banouet at thei
Adims hotel tonight complimentary to.T
- . ,........., .iiMi.ii.il. tuife aner
noon, vith Governor Hunt, Mayor
Christy snd former Governors Sloan
and Klbbey, Marshall reviewed a civic
parade and later addressed the eit!
zens in the city hadll plaza.
R. E. Mcrrlson. of Preseott. also
&poke. No legislative sessions were
neld. Tomorrow a historical pageant
will be had.
PHOENIX. Ariz., Feb. 13. Repre
sentative J. Tom 1-ewis today nro-
I posed In the House a bill wh'ch Is
procably of greater general Intere-st
over the state than any new enact-
May 30 Madero enters race for
June 27 Diaz re-eleed pres.
Nov. 20 Re"els seize Vera Cruz
Nov. 25 Madero estates sezed.
Nov. 27 Five hundred rrhel
fihdt MV ardi nnuMft-ti..
. - S - yv'bi MtvlU.
jv ucc. 1 Diaz Inaugurated.
Dec. 5 Government Deac
West Virginia Legislators
Are Having a Nasty Time
of It Under the Bribery
Many Prominent Citizens of
State Will Keep Them
Company Under Subpoena
New Indictments
jp mrougn me streets in an auto
mobile was stopped and msde a brie?
address, assuring the crowds that a
neacfUl Settlompnt VL'Tta MHi4n nlL
ably before morning. ' I
Barra had been In consultation '
.!th both Madero and Diaz regarding'
a quick settlement to avoid Interven-t
tion. At C o'clock tonight Gen. Huer.
ta gave orders to cease firing and de
tachments oc federals were soon
marching from lositions to the gov
ernment base near the pMace.
The law of Mexico makes it neces
sary for resignation of the president
to be submitted to congress, for thU
reason, official, announcement of the
resignation of Madero mny be de
layed .considerably, evn ir already de
cided upon. Another development
early this evening was the resignation
of Rafael Hernandez, minister of the
Whether hostilities are resumed to
morrow naturally depends upon the
action of the president and congress.
In case of dilatory- tactics It is. not
impossible that Diaz will decide to
force action. He has repeatedly .-said
that nothing short of resignation oi
the president would satisfy him.
Madero's army was repulsed today
with great loss after absolute failure
to subjugate Diaz. More than half his I
men were losL Madero was subjectea
to the pleadings of his closest friends.'
many going so far as to demand resig
nation. The government has not been
whipped, nor have the rebels, Diaz
not attempting to whip the govern
ment at present, merely resting It,
For six days bis force ha? done that
In an eminently brilliant manner, al
though the methods emploved resulted
in ruthless bombardment of the cap
ital by two heavy forces of artillery.
Prom regions outside the capital the
news is bad for the government Gen.
Aguillar. an aged officer of the regular
irmy. who revotcd a few months ago.
atd Col. De la I Jure, also formerly.
attached to the regulars, who has
been In revolt some months, took the
city of Pnebla, capital of the state of
the same name.
men tso far proposed this sessioi.;- leader,
5 Government D,ar. ni.M
..ii. ' r
Dec. 17 Diaz army beaten at
La Junta.
r-eD. c Mexican tmnoi fi. a
Juarez. A
March 9 American troons ,.
dered ttf Texas.
April S Madero declares Dlar
must reslcn. a
April 23 Armistice signed.
May 25 Mob seizes City of Mex-
May 26 Diaz resigns.
May 27 Diaz escapes.
AuS. 3 Gomez ousted from cab-
4 Aug. 31 Madero elected presS-
Dec. 7 Reyes starts new revolt.
t r. - - 1912
" "-co. neeels name Gomez
CHARLESTON. W. Va., FeWl 14.
Every member of the West Virginia
legislature except tbote agnlnst whom
inaictments Dave been returned, to
gelher with many other veil known
persons, have been summored to ap
pear btfore a special gnrd Jury oi
ihe Kanawha county intennediatu
court, to tell what they know of tho
alleged purchase of votes for United.
States senator and of money alleged
lo have been scpent parage or do
feat of lobulation. Six members ot
tlie legislature were Indicted today.
Seven indictments In all were re
turned. There were no import-nit develop
ments In the coal sriKe tonight. The
military court will not convene until
Monday to hear cases of violation of
martial law, numbering over lf.o.
Militia guarded the state building tonight.
jne tjlla counU- members laea Is lo " March 10 Juarez bank looted a
JroyifleTor the assessment, valuator'" Oct. 12 Felix Diaz Joins rebels
and taxation of mineral, coal. gas. oil, Ct- 17 Diaz" seizes Vera Cruz
raining and other rights rese.ved in Oct. 24 Diaz captured- ordered
or to lands against the owner there- shot '
xf as an IntprMii in lnn,i it coin A- T
all of the mining counties of the state Ja". 13 Rebels fire on Ameri
contained many tracts cf land whk-n can trops at Fabens, Texas.
...; ircii buiu i-u proviso in xnu
ueeu reserving to tne seller vai ous
underground rights The situation
can tr.ops at Fabens, Texas.
Feb. 9-Oiaz seizes City of Mex-
J Ico beginning sx days of bat.
tllng and carnage In that pop-
ulous center.
Feb. 14 Madero resirme I- h. a
Interests of peace, with Prefer-.
ence for" Francisco De La
Barra to serve as provisional
President for the second time.
aimed at by representative Lewis will
apply esiecially at Mi .ml, Ai zona,
where the, entire townsite of Miami
was sold with all rights other than
surface rights reserved. Lowell and
Blsbee and Cochse and Jerome and
Yavapai couny give similar situa
Representative Lewis stated today
that if enacted into law he est mated
several hundred dollars would be
acled to the assessed valuation of
tho state. His bill In detail Is a3
follows :
Section 1. That all mineraL coal,
gas, oil. inning or other rights in cr
to any lands within this .state and
all rights to land or the ores, oils,
gases, gravel, or other mineral dejx.
(t8 contained therein n-htoh ehoii
have teen heretofore, np hli ham.'
j after te reserved .n any conveyance!
oi sucn tana, or any conveyance o
ithe surface thereof, or to such land
for specified depth below the surface,
shall be valued and assessed against
ithe owner as an interest in land In
precisely the same manner as Is mi.
viaea ny law tor, tne valuation and as
sessment of land or real estate, and
the same shall be subject to taxation
and to special assessments In pre
cisely tho same manner and to th;
same extent as If the owner had nojjof dead anc. wounded he says Is en-
wii m in
'"WASKr-NGIlOC. Feb. 14. Ambas
sador Wilson In a graphic reiort em
phasized today the terrors cf the sit
uation .n Jlexico City. Th-? number
MEXICO CITT, Feb. H. It was an
advance of federals down Flalderas
street early today which provoked the
first sharp reply from the mutinous
zone Diaz waited until the federals' revolted
were far down the line, then threw I these federals succeeded in Joining
into their ranks a hall of s&arpne! ' Diaz. This battalion was 'stationed
ind swept them with machine gun J along Independence street The men
ceding hours firing from the govern.
ment lines Iiad , virtually been sus
pended. Ceceral de la Vega, com
manding the line directly east of tho
rebel position, admitted he was nn
nb'.e to advance. Failure had been en
countered in all quarters.
Coincident with the cessation of fir
ing a battallion of the 20th Infantry
AH except a handful' ot
fire. Few were left In the
The government troops then at
tempted to carry the rebel posltioa
from other directions, but always
wltb the same result, the federals
falling under vr(UTerngr Are cr being
driven back to shelter.
A general order to cease firing was
given at p-n- DUt lr th twd pre-
and shot them, but the sound of thesa
shots did not attract geacral atten
tion la the heavy fusillade. Then tho
entire battalion broke for tbe rebel
lusts, reaching ttjeri safely. Thirty
eight were overpowered, however, by
loyal troops and marched tc the pal
ace, where they will probably be executed.
WASHINGTON-, Fci 14. Coinci
dent wfth the receipt of the news of
Madero's abdication and the relief It
carried of a tens situation, a wire
less message was flashed to the navy I
oepartment annoiincfng the arrival
at the port of Mazatian of the cruis
er Colorido. the first of the six Amcr.
lean warships to reach her destioa
.tion off the shores of tbe revolution
torn republic- Acting secretary Win-
throp said tonfght that the five other
vessels would probably continue to
their destinations.
Not less prepared was the army.
iThe entire first (brigade of the first
dlvlsron, 3000 strong was under
marching orders, awaiting command
to entrain for the respective stations
at New York and proceed to Newport
News, where four transports, fully
equipped and provisioned were ready
to set out for Mexfco.
Jidero's resignation, jt Is felt gen
erally by officials here. Justifies the
correctness of this government's at
titude in adoptfng and following per
sistently of the hands oft policy as a
solution of tbe Mexican situation- It
Is also tbe prevailing .optnton that It
will be expedient to. continue the pa
trol of Mexican waters ufltll coadi-i
tlons settle. The opia'on Is ex-presa-ed
that De La Barra will doubtteJa
persist, as he did formerly when serv
ing for a time as prorisloaal presl-
ponveyed the land, or dhe surface
thereof, or any Interest therein; and
the taxes and assessments levied
against the same shall te a Hen there
on In like manner" as such taxes and
assessments are a Hen nion other
real estate; and the same shall be
collected and the payment thereof
.enforced as such taxes are collected
and payment enforced aga nst oth -r
real estate.
Section 2. That such Interest so
reserved may b sold and conveyed
In tbe enforcement of the taxes and
assessments no levied against It in
the some manner that other real es
tate may be sold and conveyed: and
In case of any such sale any person
owning and holding anv other or
afferent Interest U such' land may
become the purchaser, the purpose
of this act being to make any such
ngni or interest so reserved taxable
and assessable for genera.). local ami
special purposes against the owner
thereof In the same manner and t.-
tne same extent, and subject to the
same provisions that other real prop-
Shots aSaln struck near the embas
sy today, one American, named
Urandenbnrgv was wounded.
Late today the Relglan and Cuban
ministers were driven from their
residences b fierce artillery f.
The French and Genain legation
were frequently struck .y bursting
shells and bullets
Ambassador' Wilson's latest ad.ice
represented the condition of Ameri
cans aa we.II as other foreigners at a
Mexican cuil'tal as extremely precar
ious and deplorable .
The American embassy is describ
ed as overcrowded: with refugee In
addition food supplies are running
low and It i's necessary for the nmbas-
Sidora' servants to make sallls
through the lines of fire Into the sub
urbs to gather up food for the hun
gry it is understood similar condi
tions prevail i!n other legations. Sev
eral of these were obliged to fiial
new homes.
Many Americans, the aidtrassador
reports, are displaying grctt courage
vny is taxaoie ana assessable, and i and spirit or self sacrifice, but tlie
to make such taxes and assessments i panfc is still great. An enormous
enforcule In the same manner bv
sals and conveyance of the Dronertv
dent In refusing to permit his name
to be considered for nomination for
the permanent head of tbe govern
ment Because of his ability as a di
plomat and his broad knowledge nf
foreign affairs and.bfs Intense love
for his country. De La Barra as am-
baseador here became one of tbe best
amount of property. Including several
American apatment houses, whoso
Inmates were rescued with great dif
ficulty have been destroyed.
Wilsons report cites a volunteer
regiment which wfth the 20th regu
lar regiment was annihilated by the
revolutists. Military experts told tho
ambassador that although federals
w-ere constantly bringing up more
troops they were apparently jiot gain
frig strength.- -owing to constant
liked memfers of the diplomatic losses in wounded and killed
ns- The American embassy constantly
rushed automobiles through the fir
ing fines to pick up such American
as remained In the danger zone. Kf
fDrt.tP.xemo.ve them was nut wholly
successful. ow:ng to the range of fir.
The situation in the texlcan cai
fcil was regarded in military circles
today as unparallelled In modern his
tory experts were astounded at tho
ammun) tion resources of the con
tending forces. One army officer de
clared today that the United States
army could not fight six days as tho
combatants in Mex'co had done with
all the ammunition now on hand. Al
though theoretically equipped wi'ih
L0OO.O0O rounds of ammunition for
three inch field guns, less than 150,
000 rounds are In United States ar
emls. while of 6a.O0O rounds sup-
pose-d to be available for seige guns,
only 25,000 are In sght. Moreover,
i jout 1000 rounds a day represent
the entire maximum product or Unit
ed States arsenals.
A difficult question, disclosed toi
day Is llkelj to arise In connection
with prospective claims or American
residents or the City of Mexico for
pecuniary .damages growing out or
street fighting. Under ordinary rules
of International warfare, the govern
ment is not responsible for damages
sustained by individuals beyond its
power to prevent. Ordinarily that
relieve the Madero government ot
Iltruity. But it has steadily refused
to admit inability to extend full prtw
tection to foreigners, fearing a con
trary admission would involve the
-mmetrliate issue of a neutrality pro
clamation by foreign countries, which
would cut off the supply of war ma
terials. This attitude on the part of
the Madero government may justify
presentation of indemnity claims. In
the event Diaz Is successful It is
Iointed out he could scarcely success
fully assert that he was not directly
responsible for damage dealing hos
tilities. MEXICO CITY, Mex. Feb. 14. The
society of the American colony of
.Mexico City dre- up today a iro
test to the American people again-tt
the proposed plan or John Barrett, di
rector of the Pan-Amencan union, for
mediation i)i the Mexican struggle
by an International commission. Tie
protest reads- "The American colony
will be grateful to the Associated
Press it it will Indicate to the Amer
ican people through Its agencies the
vast harm that has been done by in
discreet comments or John Barrett
on the Mexican situation and by hH
proposed plans for amelioration,
wb;ch were published here. This Is
not the time for discussion but for
energetic action.
The American government's ener
getic attitude of activity and alert
ness revealed yesterday, made an x
celient impressfon here, both In sob
ering tho contestants, who are wag
ing a savage warfare in Mexico Cttv
and by arresting the panic among alt
the foreign elements."
Although firing on both sides was
lichter today, tbe total number ot
shells used was enormous and the de--trnctlon
of property great The loss
-f life among non-combatants as a
result of the shelling was probably
le3 than on other days, because
every one who had strength enougn
moved out of the districts near tha.
rcene of operations. The rebels' eon-
Jt;?ed helr artillery action largely to
iree-s tureaienea py assanit.
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