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No. direct wire has pre
vailed to coast since yester
day morning, due to Califor
nia storm damage.
1 Dispatches indicate im-
proved conditions' and prep-
arations for return of Por-
firio Diaz to Mexico. ?
m i-r-wm ?e
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Much Discussed and Long
Looked for Measure Comes
Before Congress with His
Does Not Expect Action But
Asks Consideration-Much
Light on Government Con
duct. WASHINGTON, Feb. 2. President
Taft today ?nt to congress his much!
discussed '."budget" message. He rec-i
ommended the adopt ten of a budget)
sOftem of relating proposed ependl -
tures to expected reven-.es and de-i
clared that congress would be greatb
benefited by having befote it such n
rtatement before it becan the annual ''
grind upon appropriation hills. Th I
Tinted States; the president wrote. Mexican tallroad are burned to tne
was the only grat nation in the world I north and south of Torreon between
which did not uee the budget system that city and Saltillo.
and in consequence it "maj be saldj Although there Is some increase in
to be withont pian or program." He brigandage around San Luis PotoM
indicated that owing to the late day at the roads are operating south and
which he uur nLle to transmit his east from that section. Hermosil!
mossage he exiected little lecisla-', remains quiet except for the exeli
lion on the topic from the present con- meat of sensational rumors that navu
jTri-BS. ' j reached the capital.
"Tlio nt-Aelilftrtt trr fll Voctlnnelhlt.-
Uv for the liitsnnt unon himself Pnn.
j-ress in the last sundry civil bill dl-, Madero, was shot and killed north p:Juuge smith came to Tombstone this
reeled the secretary of ht treasury ' Monterey, according to reliable ;n-w-eek to render a final decision -to
submit estimates hereutter in the, formation received here tonight, j At the last hearing of th's cas-e the
old waj. Mr. Taft pointed out. now-' "attorneys for the defense asked that
ever, that he had directed the secre- The rebels In the north, with theirithe case be re-opened for the pur-
lary of the treasury to agree with the
directions of congress and also to
send to him Information for a budget
mt-ssage. He referred congress also)
to the iortion of the constitution ,
which requires him from time to tlm. :
to recommend such measures as h-
thall deem necessary and expedient.
Some of the advantages of the bud
get as pointed out by the president
A means of locating responsibility
for estimates In keeping with reve
nues. A means of allowing congress to see
how much grobs it will have to spend
before it begins appropriating for each I
department or detail of government
llecause It would furnish congress
and. the public with ready r Terence to
reports and detailed records of ac
count. Hecatise it would product, an ade
quate organization for assembling and
classifying Information to be Used in
telling" the country what has been
done and of the government's future
To aid in working with a well de
fined purpose Inquiry bureaus hitherto
organized, bnt directed under an in
consistent and ill-oefined program.
To cancel the nation's debt, through
a sinking, fund and to eliminate tn
deficit, which Is slowly growing.
To carry out the budget plan, to re
luce the deficit and the fixed charges
against the government the president
To create a sinking-fund commis
slon to consist of the chairman of the
finance committee of the senate; the
chairman of the house ways and
means committee; the attorney
cer.eral and Uie secretary of the treas
ury, with the comptroller of the treas-j
nrv as annual auditor of the sinking.
fand accoHnt. legislation which woula
wipe out the national debt In twenty
years after July 1. "14. congress
xhould set aside $43,000,000 annually
for that purpose. That would be $15.
ftooOOO a year less than the present
amount required by law. That fund
hr.uld le Invested In three per cent
government bonds and In twenty
years the 1.1G0.009,000 debt, the
president iays would be retired.
The adoption of a definite th-ory is
recommended for future proposals for
Internal Improvements so that such
Improvement would be In accctd
with a well thought out plan. In that
connection the president suggested the
salng of the rent P1"1 ,n Wa8nlnB
ton for buildings used by the govern
ment through the construction of new
buildings to cost abosit $100,000,000 to
be paid for through a period of 21
years. . ,
"Briefly stated," wrote the presi
dent, "my suggestion Is that the gov
eramenl first plan for Iw land pur
chase, buildings, and public works,
iiion hnrraw the money to acquire and
to construct them, proportioning the
cost over a period of 30 years, anu
makins the bonds Usued to meet be
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Except for Shooting of Anotrer Madero and the Burning
ol an American Smelter and Uold-up of an American
Manager,-AH -Is Quiet ;m tHe Other Side, If Incidentals
Are Omitted in Calculation '
ministration is taking a much morn
hopeful view of the outlook lu Mex
ico. This was reflected at a cabinet
meeting today when all recent dis
atches for Ambassador Wilson and
American consuls were discussed.
The conclusion was reached that
nothing remains to be done in view
of the excellent disposition profess
ed towards American bj Huerta.
The only threat of serious trouble
came from the consul at Cuidad who
reported1 that Col. Jesus Carranza,
brother of the governor of Coahuila
had arrived with an armed band of
200 men with intention of establish-;
ng headquarters In Monclova. j
A band of GS bandits sacked andi
partially burned the property of the)
American Smelters Securities near'
Villardena Sunday night and the)
American manager attacked and beat-'
en, saved his life only by the pay;
'ment of J3wt to his assailants,
Tn? consul at Durango further e-
200 volunteers have desertad
from the Torreon garrison, presum-
ably to light against the new govern-
ment. He says that bridges on tbej
2a. mhiiid
vnter Coahuila. and the Zapatista!.
in Mcrelos
are the two chief revolu
tionary zones that the ner .govern
ment bus to contend with
In the north the government has
closed the port of Ijtredo. while the
reuels have cut the railway linen at
number of points near to Luis I'otosl.
In the Bouth Zapatistas have cut
Ibe railway not far from the capital
ami hae entered on a systematic
campaign of destroying all the rail
way lines in the state. The govern
ment has sent troops south from
C jiernavaca.
EL PASO. Feb. 25. --Fifty MeMCau
political refugees bearded a secjal
tralu for Mexico City here tonight,,
fill. Dnvid de la Fuente, chief of staff
of the Salasar rebl army, said that
the train will lie met at Anumaaa, be
tween Juarez and Chihuahua by Oen
er.il Pascual Orozco. Jr- the missing
chief of the northern revolution.
Faces Execution On Charge of Plot
To Blow Up Federal Barrack
EL PASO, Feb. 23. Abraham Gon
zales deposed governor of Chlhualua
is being tried by court martial, charg
ed with a revolutionary plot In which
It is alleged, an attempt was to have
been made to dynamite larracks at
Ohlbuahua where hundreds of feder
al soldiers are quartered. If convict
ed, execution is expected.
Federal volunteers, ex-insitrrecln
troops of the Madero revolt appear
resigned to Huerta. although declln
lng runner service uuuw ',""
in..fMi. sniiiir at juarex. wcr",
,,.v . -. .,.., i
offered today a cnance to euuer juiu
the regulars or give up their arms
and return home. Almost to a man
they stacked arms. In a speech. Col.
.Manuel 1-anda explained that Uie use
fulness of the corps iad passed.
AMe from the uprising of the volun
teer garrison at Saur the Irregulars
are quiet in other pa"8 ot the ''
CHICAGO, Feb. ?r.. MJor Genera!
Carter and staff left tonight for Tera
City Texps, where he tvIII tak
charge of 1400 soldiers assembled
Meet This Even'pa to Start
Douglas Work in EarnM
DOUGLAS, Feb. 25. The new
charter board, recently elected, or
ganized today with Dr. F. T. Wrlgn
chairman, W. M- Adaroson vice
chairman. Dr. Greene, secretary.
Ross, Stacy and Haromlll were nam
ed a committee on rule and order of
business. The board will meet to
niorrow evening at which tim it !
expected that i?s work will be form
ally launched.
state congress adjourned this
afternoon without date. Huerta
followers are credited with ac-
complying the adjournment.
The latter was brought about
before any action had een
agreed upon by either house of
congress. Considerable Litter-
ness prevailed between the dlf
ferent factions, neither of which
cared to risk a test of strength
on a vote. '
Suit Against Costello Estate
for Half Million Is Now
Near Decision in
Superior Court
What was the last hearing in the
case of Mrs. W P Cunningham
against the estate of the late Martin
Costello iu wh:ch she sues for halt
a million dollars, was had yesterda
in Tombstone before Ji:i1k Smith, of
tuc laiajmi touujj -superior coun
pose of admitting additional evidence.
-The court yesterday denied this mo
tion, at least for the present and alt
er some oraj agreement by the ja:
tomeys. announced that he would
probably render a final verdict in the
vase on Thursday.
The attornes attending the se
sioc of the court yesterday were Elln
wood and Iloss, of this city au-i
Joseph Scott, fit Los 'Angeles, for1
Costello and Eugene S. Ives, of Tuc
son and Roy Morfoot, for the plaintiff.
The late George JCeale was the lead
ing council for the plaintiff in this
case and his last work was In p-f
paratiup of br efs after the trUl u
the case lart October
German aviator falls M0 feet and
U killed. VI
Winnipeg, Can fire destroys entire
block at loss of $300,000.
"Jake- De Hosier, motor cycle
sieed' record holder, is dead.
ARIZONA Cloudy, prooably
in north iortion Wednesday.
No Recent Cases and Every
Effort Is Put Forth
- v ' j i
iii iiir-cic nimiemiL:
TUCSON. Feb. 23. Thero hava
been no developments In the spinal
meningitis situation In the city. Up
x Monday evening nq additional
cases had been discovered, and .Orion
Bartlett, the one patient, was improv
ing. The high school, the one place
where cases appear to have devel
oped, has been thoroughly fumigated.
The university has been quarantined
and theaters will remain closed ano
all public gatherings discontinued
until it appears safe to allow freer
At persons have been refused ad
mission to the university grounds.
Unless on the most urge
oy order ot Dr. A, H. Wilae. Classes
are in session for students 'on the
campus, but no others will be ad
m It ted until further notice.
At the high school several students
applied for their books, but they
were not allowed to take them home,
A complete fumigation with forr.-.il
debyde was made. A number of chil
dren also appeared at the public
bcbocli. apparently not knowing "of
the enforced vacation, but they were
turned away and 'not permitted to en
let the grounds. A1! measures possi
ble will be taken by the health author,
ttles, city and coHinty, to prevent any
?lre?d of the malady.
Tremendous Rainfall Puts
Lowlands Under from 4 to
10 Feet of Flood Waters
from Uplands.
Life Lost in Ordinarily Drv
River - 00,000 School Chil
dren Ger Holidays No
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 23. One life
lost, much was d image wrought,
much good accomplished, covers rain
fall of the last two day's, which ceas
ed temporarily this evening. The
forecast Is that It Will continue to
night The fall la already 7.H lnch3
making the total for the season 12 09
Inches, two 'nches more than normal.
Cecu Carney, nine year qld son of
an S. P. fireman, was playing on the
bank of .the Los Angeles river, 'oil
In and thef rushing waters carried
him away. He was. drowned before
aid was possible. The tody has not
been recovered. Ordinarily the riv
er is dry bottomed, but today, fed by
storm waters from the mountains, it
was more than three hundred feet
wide neap the DtisMfss center of the
city, and in some places thirty o.
more feet deep.
OrchardIst8 ranchers and cattle
men received the downpour with gen
eral rejoicing, but the damage Is es
timated at some thou&iods of dollars,
to others, prlncipall) to the steam
vand electric railways
The street car service In the cit
Is demoralized. 60000 school chil
dren were given a hoi day for the
second da in succession because of
difficulty in getting to school ISeat
ranches and all lowlands between Los
Angeles and I-ong Ileach are under 4
to 10 feet of water for miles South
ern California nvers generally, fed
by the storm water from the moun
tains are becoming serious menaces.
iSGiii IN
Held to Face Federal
Charges of Neutrality
Violation at San
KL PASO, Feb. 23. There Is a real,
live provisional governor of Sonora
In the county Jut!. Manuel Mascare
nas. Jr.. a member of oli of tha
wealthiest families in the state of So
nora. was placed under arrest at noon
Monday by department of justice of
ficers. Including Jack Noonan and
Deputy United States Marshal Frank
Xewnam and special Agent Blanchar'd,
cf the department of Justice.
Mascarenas, is said to be wanted in
San Antonio 'in connection with the
alleged conspiracy of Emllio Vasquez,
Gomez to violate the neutrality laws.
Mascarenas cametherf from Douglas
Monday 'morning .en rout? to Mexico
City to urge bis own appointment as
provisional governor of Sonora in
place of Governor Jose Maria Mayto
rena, who has declared for the Ia
deristas. The officers say that Mascarenaa
w.i? arrested in company with Man
uel Lujan. He will be .rranged be
fore United States Commissioner O.
D. Oliver and his bond arranged. He
will probably be taken to 3an An
tonio to answer the charges against
Asiatic exclusion' !eagu forwarded a
letter to President Taft today charg
ing Chas. Nagel. secretary of com
merce and labor, with derelicUon, of
dnty. The league charges bat Nagei
discredited Uie work of TWn.el J. Kew,
conjmissloner ot general Immigration. I aviation camp bcru. to report lmiredi
aad prevented him performing his du-1 ately with all oOcers. men and ma
ties faithfully in order to drive html chines at Galveston. Preparation to
from office to pur a. friend In his place,
fCSHlteEv.f5SS I 3
r?& & trvy&ssssF y&sKsssaa.
Scnl.r Cllba ItMt (left), s-nlor Murray Cmnr ilnp rlxtill anil Senator
Tkrailitre K. Uurtoa.
WASHINGTON"., Feb 25 iSpe- spoken of as the southern represcnta-
clall The proiKsed -republican na
tional conventlonijto tie he!d next fall
for the d'scusslon dtj primaries and
reduction of soutfiersi'.re.Pfesientation.
Is the topic of mUcWosslp among the
statesmen of tlie,ljeapUal, It is sig
nificant that Sena&nTnRoOt or Ne
York Senator BilrjoH'-qf Ohio, and
Senator Crane '.'f7-' 'Massachusetts,
three of the mostMmppriant figures
In the last campatsHr n favor
of such a convenjioti ,
"I am In favor;1 orjvoldlrig a repub
lican convention ,,3$? some convenient
time next fall orwlnterj; Senator
Root declared, ""Jfpr 'tluv, purpose of
doing two things:, .
"First, to make Tepresentat.cn tn
national conventions proportional to
the republican ote that is correct
ing the disproportion in what is
These Are Leaders in the Cahinet That High Official De
clared last Night Had Been Chosen to Carry on the
Work of the New Wilson Cabinet Indications Are
That the Grouping Is Correct.
Late tonight a statement was made
by one high In authority that 'he
following calblnet selections would be
positively made:
Secretary' of state. Wm. J. Rryan
Secretary of the treasurer, Wm. It.
Secretary of the navy, Josephus 1L
Postmaster general. Albert Sidney
'Burleson. .
Information from other sources,
gave assurances that oL Geo. 'V-'
Goethals, chief engineer and chair
man of the Panama canal commis
sion, was under consideration" for sec
retary of war but the sources of this
information -was not disclosed.
From another source It is learned
thnt (he cabinet, as a whole, is com
pleted with the exception of secretary j
of war and secretary of agriculture '
Tne cnovce oi vv imam j. itryun i
secretary of state Is looked upon is
settled. Another appointment sick
en of as certain is that of representa
tive Albert S. Burleson of Texas for
nost master general, altbongb It .s
said Burleson might be shifted to see-
"" " """ "" "
CHICAGO. Feb. 23. The tr'.al of
Jack Johnson on smuggling charges
was postponed Indefinitely by Judge
.Carpenter of the United States dis
trict court today because of the prize
fighter's serious illness with pneu
WASHINGTON Feb. 23. A de
mand on the government for ade
quate troops to protect El Paso and
other border points will be made to
morrow either through the senate
foreign affairs committee or upon the
floor of the senate.
AUGUSTA. Ga Feb. 23. Orders
vere received tonight by Cept De For
est Chandler. In charge of the army
entrain were beguh immediately.
Second to permit the republ'cans
of each state to select delegates to
national conventions in their own
way. so that the choice in each state
will be regulated according to the
laws of the state."
Senator Crane echoes the views of
Senator Root. "History has shown
that a change In the basis of rtpie
sentation Is not likely to be made at
a nominating convention, an i this
emphasizes the necessity of a s-po
c al convention." he declares
Tre scheme Is not looked utvn so
i-iouily by progressive leader here.
"1,ht whole .suggestion. Is frticji'r
df. j,res Senator Rristow. Sriuld a
convention be called it s nor likly
l''Pt Hull Mooscrs such a-- Hr'stou
C spp.
at end
Dixon and PoiDd-Mi-. won't'
retaryshlp of the Interior before the
personnel of the cabinet is announc
California "Commission Rul
ing Boosts S. P. But
Hurts Other Harri
. -man Lines
. NEW YORK. Feb. 25. A new mar
ket factor of genuine- interest Is the
decision of tHe California Railroad
commission thar'wrhere the Southern
tpaclflc granted 'to the Central Pad-
f 4X . .i-a .9 Ia xlni iavihIhaI fnrtilt.
fir- use nf its tracks, terminal facili
lties for the same privilege should be
extended to other competing lines.
This 'means the Western Pacific.
In the nplnin of the heads of the
Harriman lines, this ruling, if sus
talntd, will Interfere seriously Vi
the proposed dissolution plan and
might even cause Its failure. There
was some selling of Union Pacific
when the significance of this action
became known and the price fell un
der 153.
The greatest effect, however, was
pn Southern Pacific which was
bought on the theory that the com
pany will be benefitted by the upsat-
ting of the dissolut'on plan
em Pacific became tne strongest o
the leading Issues, rising more than
a point above last night's close.
The weakness of the copper group
reflected a further decline in the
metal market London quoted lower
prices and In the domestic market
sales of the refined metal for future
delivery were reported at under 13
Shameless Excuse Framed
for Purchases at Florence
Bars, Humiliating to Dregs
for Sims.
Take Pen Away, Is, Declnra-,,
tion - Hunt Involved in
Sales Violating Law-Look
to Situation.
PHOENIX. Feb. 25-Altbough both
branches of the legislature devoted
hours today to regular legislative
proceedure. passing a bill prohibiting
the sale of poison and a memorial to
congress praying for investigation of
u.e luuercuiosis indigent situation in
the southwest, and the senatb passed
the county fair bill and heard a new
anti-cigarette measure, the greatest
Interest centered In the prson in
vestigation bv the Joint committee
R. II. Sims, warden state prison.
Parole Clerk Sanders, secretary ot
prison, Wansiee and Matt Bryan, tes
tified on behalf of the prison manage
ment after which Charles Osfcorn,
secretary board of control. Knott
Guild, of Red Rock. Colonel Tom
Weeden and Price, Florence mar
chant also testified.
The evidence of Sims was a great
disappointment. -Hie admitted the
truth of EyLnge. the murderer, hav
ing been permitted to drive Into Flor
ence with Kate Barnard; but he de
nied that honor men, generally are
permitted to go and come in Flor
ence without guard.
He denied that Jack Munroe had
ever been outside of the prison, ts
cept under guard and said that Ron
Anderson, the Gila county convict,
was trusty at the prison when be
look charge
It developed from Sims' testimony
that when Andenon bought liquor at
a Florence bar. he did so for SIma.
He admitted that several Instances
had come to his attention where con
victs in road camps had secured li
quor aad become Intoxicated. Ho
dien a distinction between honor
men and trusties, and said it wa3 thu
trusties of the state prison, who wero
?ermltted to go about in citizen's at
tire.. According to testimony he gavu
the gravity of the ofTense with which
a convict was accused did not In any
way affect the right or the prisoner
to be made an honor man. Sims thon
discussed several special instances
where convicts had been permitted
to go and come without guard, des
cribed the circumstances and gave it
as h's opinion that the present sys
tem was. in his Judgment, the best
way to handle the state pri.son. It
developed that Sims had been Pur
chasing supplies for the prison and
later reported his action to the board
of control which gave its approval.
One of the purchase was a bill ot
goods from the Old Dominion Co. at
.Globe, In which Governor Hunt is a
large stockholder A mild sensatlou
was created when Osborn, secretary
of the board of control, said that tie
board had approved of this purchase
in the face of the state statute pro
hibiting any member of the board to
benefit in any contract for the pur
chase of goods.
The testimony of Sanders,, parole
clerk, largely confirmed the evidence
given by Sims as to gentlemanly
conduct of honor men. Bryan, eaif
tain of guard, gave testimony that all
convicts except trusties were at ail
times under guard, btit on inquisition
said that men under ' sentence of
death had been given privilege of the
prison yard and even allowed to aa
slst around the administration office.
It had Ibeen charged In the testi
mony thaj WansU-e, secretary of pris
on had charged a certain Florence
merchant 10 per cent to collect a bill
due him and Wansiee went on the
stand today and admitted the trans
action ut declared that he acted not
as a prison official but as a prlvnte
in concluding for Florence peti
tioners, Weeden bitterly assailed
the prison management and deolated
hope that relief would oe given resi
dents of the city of which he is may
or and laws on the statute books con
cerning conflnoment of prisoners un
der sentence be enforced or the pris
on removed.
It seems probable the committee
will agree to a report demanding that
Governor Hunt instruct Sims to keep
from the streets of Florence state
prison convicts utiles they be in
Is convict attire, guarded

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