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Decline of copper is be
licvedat bottom by reason of
recent sales, holding: price to
15 or better.
V Rothschilds have been
J practically compelled to- quit
- attempts for Balkan war
Joan. i , A
iino Aunos n :.
Em m swt. jn sm m s n suv
ilunOLlfiLii I :
French Correspondent Says
Fierce Assaults by Bul
garians Have Been Made
Since Feb: 3.
Will Be No Fight Over
Boundary; Russia and
Austria Also Cone to an
Amicable7 Agreement.
LONDON. Feb. 2. The oporaUons
of the five armies engaged in the
Balkan war has been brought prac
Ucally to statidetill by the wintry
weather. Snowstorms are frequent
ana the roaas are in a deplorable
state. Dally official dl;--ucbes. up
on wlileli the world is now compelled
lo raly for aews trom tne theater
wai, repent the stereof.jied state
ment, -i.ihIug of importance has oc
c.irred.' A dispatch from Constantinople to
i!u) reccrds that Turkish volunteers
are skirmishing along tha Tchalja
lines and claim minor successes
News from Adrianople is conflict'
ing. The Bulgarian war department
says that only desultory lighting has
len in progress, but a dispatch from
a French correspondent inside the
city sajs that since February 3, the
Majgarjinis have been delivering des-""rste-!it
Ineffective assaults on the
fortrew,' 'bontbarding it crnelly but
TrmMlWHdy. The correspondent con
Jinn, the report sent tt ihe Turkish
wcr office by Siiukry Pasl.-i, militar
commander at Adrianople. that Tie
hu 'iicwded in getting a fresh sup
plv of provisions
t Itullair the Bulgarian and Turk
ih armies are ent'nrlien. patiently
waiting a Lrfeek in the veathtr The
wily heavy fighting, except in Adrla
nopif, since the wsr was resumed has
taken place around Scutari, where
the Moutencpran army, now assisted
by Servian troops, again tailed in try
ing to take the fo-tress. The Monte
resrans are most amicus to capture
the fortress, as Kusbia has agreed
with the Austrian demand that it will
b included in the future Albanian
plate. With the town once in bis
popsctsion. Kins Mcohlas Ielleves
that his broiler Slavs w'l insist on
Hs retention by Montenegro. The
Greek array sepms. to be Idle at Ja
ulna. There te an occasional report
of a movement cf Turkish troops in
Macedonia, showing that he will be
tBtlrel disposed of tlierc. -while fail
ure of tho Greeks to take Janlna,
which was their objciive is regard
"d as another indication of let up in
the fight on the Ottomans In that part
of the country. The Greek fleet Is
now extended In a blockade cf the
Albanian coast as far as Durazzo In
onfor to stop the revictuallltu of .he
Turks at ScHtari, Macedonia. This
action may give rise to objections by
Italy and nstria -on the gsound that
the blockade te Ineffective.
ItUCHAIIEST, Feb. 26. Roumsnia
accepted today the c'ffer of mediatios
made by the powers regarding tn
boutuiary disputes between Koumanla
and Bulgaria. The government's ac
ceptance 1b subject to conditions
wMcfe IncHnle the acquisition by Bon
mania of the Bulgarian towns of
ST. PKTHHSBinia. Feb. 2C De
meMlhiMIon ol AHMHftn and Bussian
foreea hot been decided wpon, accord
Hk to laforwetlen from ? reliable
WHtret. the retwk of a recent ex
chaiMt of Iter Jietween Emperor
Vnineim JoBep aM the Kusslin em
The extra units concentrated on
the rcjeetlvc frontiers, it ia said,
wlH le 5taHltaHeoJy withdrawn In
lh near fiHare and the resrvits
Th action colaeMeg wFh prepara
tiona for the Tereoatenary celebration
ct tho noewnoK ayuasty. vhlch It is
desfred to mark by peac in interna
tifiml ralatlons and goo-1 will in In-
lonal noMtloa. An amnesty decree
on lante aaale hi how being pre
8ACKAMBNTO, Fb. 2C Andrew
Ilenlnr, who fe held at Florence. Ariz
wrtl 1 brBht bacH to Stockton to
mm- a nbarae of failure to provide
for Ms ntfsor aWWren-. A requisi
tion forw return was imwa m
Governor JJmob teday.
mmmmmm!tMMmAm0 m tm
XOGALKS, Feb. 28JA, elash
at amis between supporters of
me insurgent governor and tne
followers of the Htierta goven-
men occurred late toda at
ilermosillo, tne state cap'tal. ac-
cording to a report here. The
wires are not operating between
be and Ilermosillo and no con
firmatlon has been received. .
Three members of the .Sonora
congress are refugees here.
Washington Will Wait Un
til -Huerta. Government
Proves Strength; iMen Go
Back to Texas Border
200.000.000 PESO LOAN
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 Political
recognition of the provisional presi
dent of Mex.co is deemed a subject
not requiring Immediate attention by
the secretan of state. It became
i known today that this subject will
be left for the next administration.
State department officials ma'ntain
that no Interest of the United States
will suffer by withholding full recog
nition and all necessary business :an
te transacted under the present work
ing arrangement established bv Am
bassador W.lson. The arrangement
In no wise commits the United States
government to an acknowledgement
of the legality of the Huerta govern
If Huerta is able to conduct his
governmen in the constitutional
foim and retain undisputed pos.se.s
s'on of the capital and extend full
protection to foreign life and proper
ty in Mexico, the formal recognition
not be withheld. ,
At a meeting today of the senate a
committee on foreign relations, at
wheh Senators Culberson and Shep
pard of Texlas were present. Secre
tary of War Stimson and Major Gen
eral Wood gave assurances that such
rifftnnefHnB nf trnnna unntri hp ma.b
nlnnn- lio T hnntsr tn 4nan
protection to that section against :a.w""-"KUl- "wever, ' 'asi naraec
aslon by maruderc from Mexico neme-wure was saved from being kill
said that seven reg.ments will te ib-v ne adoption of a motion to recoin
placed along the Texas border. mltt tne h II to a committee that the
i same might t? redrafted
NOGALKP Feb. 26. The forced Christian scientists hae won i.
resignation of Gov. Maytorena was victory and have teen recognlted 1b
confirmed by passenger arriving ,he medical till which was today rc
here tonight from Ilermosillo. Senor ' IHJrted favorably by the publ c healtl
1'asqueirel is reported appointed as committee and the house will toroor
governor The Sonora state congress ;ro' consider the measure
after taking action aga'.nst Mnjto-, Senator Worsley proposed two
rena. who had refuted tj reknowl I memorials to congress in the senate
edK tli Huerta government jussed'One petitioning for the passage b
resolution of neutralltj r.-sar:nf.,conB''es8 of a bill authorizing a $:..
threatened uprisings tluiw have al- OOO.OuO bond issue for road purpos
n-ady occurred in mai.y taru, of olh- es and. the other for the annexat on
. - . . - . ....... .
it state. All is miiet at ihe state '
MEXICO CITY. Feb. ?C Orozco
hs sent a telegram to Diaz protett
.3? his allegiance to the new govern
ment. He places all his men at the
disposal of Diaz, either to muster out
or Incorporate in the federal forces.
irEXlCO, Feb. 26 Two hundred
million pesos Is the amount the min
ister of finance will probably ask
congress to authorize the gove nmeot
to raise by means of tonds for the
pacification and rehabllitlon of Mex
Iff At the time of the fall of the Ma-
dero regime a bill or a bond isjje
for hundred million pesos for the
same purpose was under considers
tion. Minister Esqulval Obregon dis-i
cussed the subject today with a com-
mlttee of congress and the measure;
will probably be introduced !2Eisr-J
row. l
It Is expected that part of this sum
will lie used in payment tor inaemn -
KmlMo Itabos. a member of the sen
ate, regarded perhaps greatest au
thority on Mexico International law,
has been appointed ambassador of
Un.ted States.
According to government advices,
YttiK.;fno Carranza. former gover
nor cf Coahuilo, is making little had-(
way In the new revolution imagur -
ated by him with Sa tlllr. n a base,
To the e-Mit thai I'mllio '! a.vo
had been killed was added a rumoi
that hi brother, Raoul. met the same
fate at Torreon Both mmg moo
were .fi v:v wll.c'l wlfi f'arranrt
If true, their taking off will doubt
Utt nave a deterrent effect on rebe1
aetlvity In that district.
Csrranza still holds tho region
about Monterey, but General Trevlno,
tho fleral commander at Monteiey
h? fcald to have dispatcher troop la
the direction -of Saltlllo.
P'-icua! Orozco, Sr who Is allied
n-SttTth.it movement, is known tot
MfllC UCTII IU1 "b "'" UllMtl .u
Would Allow Railroads Tim&
to Hie Changes in Tari'f
as Precribed by Interstate
Christian Scientists Win
Point: Game Law and
Penal Code Come Up For
PHOENIX. Feb. 26. (SiiecIaU-
Altbough on every hand one hean
little but a discussion of the rlsoL
intest'gatton. both branches of ihi
legislatuie resumed their normal at
thlties today and disposed in cacL
house of a crowded calendar.
bn the seriate the drastic anti-black
list bill was, b a vote of 10 to x. a
definitely postponed.
Senator Sims, of CochUe. made ai.
effort to have incorporated tn t.i
three cent fare bill an amendm-n
providing that the corporation com
mission be ghen the right to sasnem
Ithe operation of the law for sixt
days on application of any rallrua,
thus enabling the railroad to prepari
and publish their schedules of ra:
as required by the Inteigtate com
merce commission.
The entire matter went over ua I
the opinion of the attornev sen ra
might -be obtained, and it . possl K
that an emergency vjlause will Le
t.,1 an fmnt . .. I.ltf
M1IVCU ..Ui IUV yilb u
In the lioiitneTiiir rader . rt
liorted STTonToi! tie code , e .
sion committee,. T'ho'- house pasjee
the bill correcting the game taw
which prohibits state traffic In game
and In the committee of the whole
agreed to indcf nitelv postpone tin
bill for working county prisoners cl
luuni: UlKUd;
Just prior to nd
oy the united btates of Sonora anu
Lower California.
VIEW. 203 X U A. nidg.. Phoemx,
Arizona February. 26.
Cattl-men Protest
The Prescolt Chamber of Com
merce haa transmitted to the les-sla-ture
a copy or a resolution recentl
adopted by that organization protest
ing 'against the action of the State
Tax commission in fixing an arb
trary valuation on live stock for put
poses of assessment for taxes Sits
liar communications, it was 'ntlmat
ed when the document was read tn
the bouse, will come from othr
parts of the state, and the subject
wag called to the attention of tbe
ways and means committee of he
house and the finance committee (A
the senate by referring the com muni
cat. on to that.
in ibis connection, a number of
cattle men of tne Bait Klver Valley
appeared before the tar commission
today, complaining or what they ne-
clared to be a burden in being foc
ed to pay taxes on tha feeders, thy
have on their ranches during tax As
sessment periods. Th's class of live
stock is In their possession, but a
! little over one-fourth of the year, and
they anticipated inability to pay a
tax on uch stock at the valuation
wh'ch the tax commission bad by
order to county assessors agreed to.
lThe tax commission suggested that
jthe Maricopa county ranchers pro-
. pose a bill, which would correct the
domlnntlon ol his son atvi the tele
grant snt totfay by thj latter to
IHaz promising abcolute allegiance
to the government, is regarded as in
dicative of the father's attitude.
If nil the officers of Orozeo's armyl
follow the example of thl.-e leader It
is practically certain that the Car
ranza movement will dwindle awy,
!caving the government only tho
; Zapatista problem to deal with,
1 Friends of Diaz formally launched
his candidacy for th epresTdency to-
Here are Members of the Cabin&Lof Wilson
WASHINGTON. Fb. 20 The new
cabinet, which assi'med deflniteness
last night, was not material')
changed bj today's developments,
which served only to conlrm the fl-1
ialll of the selections of Messrs. ,
3ryan. McAdoo, Daniels a.io Burleson j
and to disclose the steps by which
tbers names were eliraiii,Med fr6ni
oonsWtration. J j
It became known that Ty-presenta-live
Mitchell Palmer, of Pennsyl-I
tania, had been offered tlio iortfollo
situation compjalsed of, and subinil
:t to th legislature and such actiot
will be. taken. ,
The 3 cent Fare
Senator Sims has proposed to 'bt
Worsley three cent fare bill, l
amendment which provides that tht
corporation commission shall havi
the power and the right vhen gooc
cause is shown to suspend the opera
(Ion of the proposed law for a reasoH
able time, not to exceed sixty dayi
alter the passage of the act. and when
rel'ef from the law is requested b
any of t&e railroad companies of the
state. He pointed out to the state,
that it would be unfair to tbe rail
road companies to pass the law with
:he emergency class, as the bill now
toads, without giving Che compan es
a limited period of time to publish
tariffs and schedules of rii'j
Ball Complimented
Representative Kail, of Cocfelse
toasty, was today ompr.mented by
the house., when that 'tody passed a
bill of which he was the author, regu
lating tbe sale of pofeoa. The bill
was under a suspension of tbe ralec
advanced to the committee of the
whole, and after a brief explanation
on the measure by Mr. Hall, was or
dered enrolled,, and today brought in
to the house and finally acted upon
with the above result Tne bill pro
hibits, under the strictest terms iny'
sale of any cocaine, opium, morphine, j
codeine or any compound of the fore-i
going substances, except upon thci
written order or subscription of a
physician. There is a heavy penalty
attifhed for violation of the law
Commission Busy
Although Commissioner Geary ts
out of the city, being in Blsbee. at-
fundlfirt Ivflr Titr nil tttlta i(a rf
the local water company, the conr-1
atlon commissioners, Jones and Cole,
are disposing of several matters of
public Interest. Commlssionor Jones
Is drafting the order wh'ch it rn
ticlpated will be entered before the
close of tho present week and materl
ally. reduce rate on Life Stock sbfp-
(Continued op Pag S)
f '
h l4HiiMil
aaaft' jgyigt-riagiii .awif, r.i.
l.kW Htu
KKFmfnP tt''i4SSWt Jmmmm
iat-rn H. Cttviitffi.
of war but had refused it. basing his
decision on the fact that he was a
Quaker whose antecedents do not
comport with the iiirectioits of that
department It was alu disclosed
that Mnor Baker, of Cleveland. wa3
offered a cabinet position and de
clined It because of publlr interests
and that Edgar H Farrar, of New Or
leans former president of the Ameri
can Bar association, was considered
In connection with the auorncy gen
SAL.T LAKE CITY Feb. 23. A bill
'eglslating boxing and creating a box
ing commission to control tbe sport
was passed In the Utah house ot rep
resentatives todav. The bill s simi
lar to the New York law excep that
it make 'he limit fifteen rounds 'n-
Bituc of ten.
GLOBE, Arlz Feb.. 2C. Cha j
Rphaefrer. who was convicted of tne i
raurder of Edward Giles Wlnkeinian
en Sept. 21, 1011, was sentenced to
day to hanr o'i May ninth.
When asVed by uJdge Lain If he'
ie4 a -statewnt to make Sctnotferj
fcIf there's a just God in heaven,
you and your kind are In a hell it
K. fix, if not?m In a hell of a fix. The
court made no reply.
Schaeffer charges that he was rail
roaded td the gallows by public 3n
Ument tefore convicted.
PATERSOX. N. J.. Feb. 2C It
was so cold here today that 5000
striking silk operators who qu't this
morning at various mills went back
to their machines rather than shiver
in the streets. Mill owners sa'.d that
they are running at full force. Th
strikers went out for an eight hour
day and a minimum wage ot $12 a
week. The strike order was issued
by the Industrial Workers of the
World. Elizabeth . Gulev Flynn. j
companlon of Carlo Pr.est, leader ot
the striking Garment Workers and
waiters In Xew York was arresieJ
hen she refused to leave Patersou.
Today she purposed making speeches.
DOUGLAS. Feb. jSe.-'Part of the
mutinous Madero volunteers from
Agua Prieta, Joining others In the
hills attacked and took the town of
Fronteras late today. Or a small fed
eral garrison four were- killed and
fourteen" wounded.
- -.A-i
William G. JlcAUuo.
Appropriation of $13,657 852
Passed by upper House
Fall Attacks Apache
WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. Carrying
approximately $ 12.Gj7.S 32. of which
SlODl'j.tr.2 was appropriated out oJ
the treasury, the remalner being re
imbursable Items, tne Indian appro
priation bill was passed today by the
The measure as passed, almost
doubles the approprlat'on authorized
b) the house.
The senate Increawd house appro
priations, for suppression ot the 11
oior traffic among Indians, construc
tion of hcHpitals and the iniprov ement '
ot Ind'-an-schooix.. , .. , j
A heated attack on the proposal to
transport the Apache Indians now
held prisoners of var at tho Fort
3M' mililarv reservation in Oklahoma,
into New Mexico and nzcna. was
made bv Senator Fall, of New Mexi
co He offered an amendment pro
hibiting the use of funds in this man
ner, but It was not adopted.
Attack Below Douglas
the Usual Result in
Matter of Fact
DOUGLAS. Feb 26 According to
relfable reports received here this
afternoon the townsneonle of Fron-
teras, 14 miles fsouth ot this city, sud-j
denly rose under the leadership of
the jefe politico and expelled the
small federal garrison from (be
It i reported that there was sme
fighting and that three or four of
the federals were killed. There was
also a number wounded.
The attack on the federals started
shortly after noon and the light was
soon over. There were 17 federals
stationed in the town. No adherents
of either side hav'e left Agua Prieta
for Fronteras.
OAXAXEA, Feb. 26. Saioons were
ordered closed today and the federal
troops stationed hare are detained In
their quarters In order to prevent dis
turbances. State troops continue an-
LtagonUtlc to the Huerta government.
but no clashes are reported in Son
ora. EI, PASO. Feb. 26 As s solution
for 'the demands Of northern rehels
for distribution of public lands. It will
be proposed to the government, at
Mexico City that It employ first the
estates of the Madero fam'ly. Rebel
agents here today said that this pro
posal would be made to Uen Huerta
by David de la Fuente, representing
Cen Salazar. Fuente left here yes
terday on a special train for McxKso
t City.
The Madero estates, although
drained by the revolution conducted
by tho deposed president and the iHb-
sequent unsettled conditions arv
among the richest chain of proper
ties in Mexico They comprise the
smeller at Torreon. mercantile
houses, banks and ranches controlled
by many of the sons of the cWer
Francisco I. Madero. In view of the
reported death or the last two sons
and the probable exiling of the re
ma'nder and the head of the family,
the rebels hope at once to secure the
Madero estates for distribution
amongst the northern revolutionists.j
Former Bisbee Man's Body
Found in Canvon Near
Gleeson After Missing for
Two Days., :. . ?.
Cunningham-Costello Decis
ion Is Expected Today
Thieves Sentenced and f
Other Court Business.,
TOMJ1STONE, (Feb. 26. (Special
to Review) Reported today to tbu
office of the sheriff and Investigation
started at once, was the probable
murder of R. R. Lockett, recently of
Glee&on, formerlj of llistec and well
known In the county generally.
The Lody ot I.ocKett was found
yesterday in a little canyon on tbe
main road about two miles from
Courtland. Indications were that the
man had been murdered by a blow
vlth some blunt instrument and his
body subsequently dragged into the
canyon in expectation that it would
remain hidden.
Locket t had been missing aboi.t
two dajs from Gleeson. where he
conducted a meat market. Yesterday
a search was started by his friend.
In tile midst of which the report
came of the finding of his body uy
passersby in the little canyou.
Lockett is telleved to" have had
considerable nionc.v on-fcfs porson.at
the time ot bis disappearance. Search
of his clothing today following Uia ,
finding ot tho Lody ailed to revent
any thine of value It is the belief
that he was k'lled for valuables he
bad in his possession.
Lockett went to Gleeson from Rist
bee, where he was for several years
engaged in the dairy business, oper
ating a milk ranch in Tombstone can
yon He was identified with the meat
and dairy business also in other
I arts of the country. He had been
at Gleeson about two years and was
v ell known and liked throughout that
and tbe Courtland districts.
The district court today recognis
ed report of rellg ous insanity in the
case of Paul Sporar. eent from I-ow-il
a few weeks ago following an ct
tack with a billiard cue upon an ac
quaintance who disagreed with him.
The mind of Sporar Is plainly unbal
anced," accord'ng to attendants at tho
jail who have watched hlra since
sent here
J. W. Blackwell and Antonio Citt
shaw came to grief quickly following
theft of a wagon, three horses, a sad
dle and a mixed list of supplies fro-it
the Abrams ranch near Xaco. In a
canyon beyond Hereford the men
made their f'rst halt, taking the wag
on and harness apart to the end ot
getting materials for improvised Rad
dles, after which-they left a sign of
welcome defiantly on the wagon and
proceeded to Fairbank. At that point
they were arrested In possession of
two of the horses The district court
today gave one to ten years to Black
well, who plead guilty. Cutshaw will
stand trial declaring that h was a
party to the crime only through hap
pening to meet IHaefcweH and Join
ing him af'er the robbery.
Lopez and Rodrlruez Mexicans, ar-
rested at Lowell last we for robbing
the IteW "-esidenee at WirreH. wore
pit en one to five yarsi by the court,
today n-hen thy entered pleas of
guilty C A. Utetz, chargert with theft
of a Wcjcle at Dos:la, war entered
for seftteace of from 1 In 10 years.
Tomorrow it i expected that de
ftekiii wHI be rendered Ay .Jnd
Smith, of Yavapai eoiraty, ia the Cwt-itl&ghnm-CosteHo
Charges that rattrea4s are greMy
overpoW for carrying mails were
made by Senator Astrarst. He
deed statistics from the United
States postal commission to shew
that the government paW $71.39 for,
carrying a ton of mall fretn iNew
York to Chicago, while ter carrying a
ton of freight the railroads received
$13 and for a ton of express $2. s
hurst contended that the government
cohM save mHch by providing its
own postal cars, instead q( renting
the cars from the railroads.
rtRNO. Feb. 26 J. WWIman, a
rasoher, shot "off the head of a prow
Jor or his ranoh here last night. WoH
man, who notified the poWcc today,
declared that tbe man tried to forte
an entrance lo his ranoh house.
'I' &
bl '

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