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Balkan war settlement ex
pected within week and gen
eral European business up
lift begins.
Increased demand for cop
per rapidly lowering" stocks
on hand. 17 .cents expected
.... ... ' '" "
- CuN
Prompt Getting 1 ogether
Will Occur Day After In-
auguration to
for Business.
Kern Will Probably Displace
Martin - Tariff Plans and
Other Points Are to Be
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27. The poli
cies of the now administration and
plans of the new congress. It Is be
lieved, wilt be outlined fairly well
within, the next two days. Democrat
ic leaders have prepared for party
reorganization immediately after Mr.
Wilson )a Inducted Into office. Points
about which there has been specula-1
tion for many weeks will be cleared
up by March C. These Include the
make-up of President Wilson's Cabi
net the relations between Mr. Wil
bon and William J. Bryan, the per
sonnel of the 'democratic membership
of the tar.ff making ways and means
committee, the scope of the reorgan
ization tight In the senate, and the
convening the extra session of con
gress. The house caucus, which will meet
on March . will select the democrat
Ic members or the ways and means
committee, attend to other matters
of party, xcorganlzat on, and lay the
foundation of tariff discussion.
The -ftauxanization fight in thu'
senate, after many conferences dur
ing the last few weeks, apparently
has centered about the effort to make
Senator John W Kern of Indiana
caucus chairman an office that has
tioen held by Senator Mart.n of Vir
ginia. The so-called progressive dem
ocrats of the senate said today 'hat
the selection of Senator Kern would
be part of a comprehensie plan of
senate reorganization In which all
elements of the party would be
brought together.
The house caucus, it is likely, will
name members of the banking ant
currency committee and select ai
least tentatively the heads of other
important committees and house of
ficers. Champ Clark will again be
Bjn-jker. and Oscar W. Underwood
floor leader and chairman of the
ways and means committee.
The kind of revision favored by the
present ways and means committee
is unknown. Chairman Underwood
and members of the committee have
refused to commit themselves as fav
orlng any particular rates of duty, or
any exact plans Tor revision. The
general subject of the tariff will be
taken into the caucus of March J.
and considered by the full democratic
membership of the new house In ad
vance of any positive action by .be
ways and means committee in pre
paration of tariff bills.
It Is expected that President Wit
ton's call for an extra session of
congress will specify ,the tariff as the
subject for immediate consideration
but that the way will be left open
for the consideration of other urgent
matters. While Mr. WHson has not
said that he would bring currency re
form to the Immediate consideration
of congress, the subject undoubtedly
will come up early In the session, be
cause of the desire of many demo
crats that the "money trust" Invest
Ration be resumed and that a much
more thorough Inquiry be made Into
financial affairs, and into the char
acter of Federal legislation needed.
Tbe senatd will tale tic action at
this cession on the treatv- recently
negotiated with the Republic of Ni
caragua, by which the United State
would secure for JS.WW'O the per
Ietual, exclusive right to build an
inter-oceanic canal through this conn
try. This was determined at a meet
ing of the senate foreign relations
committee today.
A carefully drawn system of com
pensation for personal injuries to
Panama canal . employes was em
bodied in an' executive order promul
gated today by President Taft to take
effect after March. 1.
The canal act passed last August
ami directed by the president to pro
tide a method for adjusting claims
of employes. Every canal employe and
the family dependent upon his is! In
sured against tbe results of injuries
received in the courze of bis work,
without reference to questions of con
tlbutory negligence or any other re
strictive rules of common law limit
ing tbe liability of the employe in
such cases.
4 Is asserted here today on what
appears to be good authority 4
that the Taft pol'cy of non In-
terentlon meets with the ap-
proval of both Presldent-Klec
Wilson and William J. Itryan.
his conceded choice for secre- 4
tary of state.
In the last few days, the, presl-
4 dent-elect has had placed before 4
4 him all the details in connection 4
4 with the Mexican situation as It 4
has interested the United States 4
and the statement that he en-
dorses the Taft udmlnistratlon
line of action In a general way
4 follows his review of the facts.
Officers Reach Conclusion in
Lockett Case on Find
ing That $300 Is
TOM11STONB, Feb 27 Special)-
Announcement was made from the
-sheriffs office thi3 afternoon of the
offer of $100. reward for information
leading to the arrest and conviction
of the -murderer or murderers of R.
It. Locketr. Gleeson meat market man
whose body wag found hidden in a lit
tle canyon, near Courtland yesterday
While It is stated at the office ot
the sheriff that there hate been no
new developments In the case. It U
known that suspicion is directed
toward two unknown Mexicans who
Were seen In the vicinity of Court
land on Tuesday and at that time'
had money. The whereabouts of
these men. It is understood. Is now
a matter ot much interest and one
that the officers are endeavoring to
It Is also learned that the last
doubt as to I.ockett hav.ng met with
foul play has been removed in the
5 minds of those conversant with the
facts In the case through determlna
tion that he had $300 or more on nlr
person at the time of his disappear
ance. He bad collected the money at
Courtland and was on his a home
with the amount.
Result of Battle Between Federal-.
and Rebels Not .Known;
Foeed Loan Reportrd
EAGLE PASS. Feb 27 Loya'
troops from Lampasas encased the
revolutionary force of Gov. Carmnza,
of tne state of Coahuila. near Mon
clova, 17.0 miles south of the border,
today, according to advIct-3 received
tonight the outcome of tne fight Is
not yetjuiown.
A dispatch from Cuatro Cinegas,
near Monciova. reports that a rub
ber company located there controlled
by German capital has been forced
tn subscribe 50D0 to the cause of
maintaining the constltuil.-nal g
ernment of Mexico.
The records of the customs bouse
and a branch of the national bank
at Piedras Nesras were moved se
cretly across tho international boun
dary last night and tbe, affairs or the
two" Institutions -were conducted on
the (United States side of the borller
Sent on Wild Goose Chase;
House Tables Condem
nation Bills
AUSTIN. Feb. 27. The house of
representatives tabled today all reso
lutions condemning Mexican author!
ties for the death of ijadero- and
The withdrawal of four companies
of Texas 'nutional gaardsmen from
Urownsvllle was ordered, by Governor
Colquitt. These troops were sent to
Brownsville two days ago on the
strength of erroneous dlsuches that
Americans were thteateneo by Mexi
can rebels.
Alleged PJotters Are Being Rounded
Up by Police.
The police of Constantinople have
discovered a conspiracy against the
government and have arretted sever
al prominent officers on.! civilians.
Araon? those alleged to be Implicated
is former Governor Major Yussut
Safvet. ,
AWONA Local snow'., north, fair
south Friday. Southern California,'
fair Frrslay, light north wind.
10 CLOSE!!
Appropriations Bills Go
Through, Including Award
to Douglas and El Paso!
Business of Congress Nearer
Through Than Had Been
Thought Possible Lone:
3 S '
..oiiiiiuiui,, rco. .1. ire sen
ate late tonight pissed the sundry
civil bill, carrying in the neighbor
hood of $120,000,000, an increase of
almost $7,000,000 over the house bill,
it Included $72,000 for payment to
several clt.izens of El Palo, Texas,
and Douglas, Arizona, for damages
sustained in the recent Mexican rev
olution. A similar bill formally paseyl
the senate appropriating $71,000 for
the same purpose. The senate- en
dorsed the provision adopied by the
bouse prohibiting the use of any of
the $300,000 appropriated for the en
forcement of the anti-trust law to
prosecute labor unions or farmers or
ganizations. WASHINGTON. Feb. 2 Tho house
and the senate gave the annual ap
propriation bills a vigorolm push to
day toward completion and made
marked inroads upon tho mass of
legislative matter crowded on the
ctllendnrs. The 'last appropriation
measure the general deficiency bill,
tiassed the house today and In that
t-ody only conference reiwrts will be
ated upon from no until adjourn-
menL I
After a session lasting until 4 a. I
m. the senate re-assembled at 10
this morning and movco rapidly j
through the agricultural tnd sundry
civil appropriation measures. The;
legislative decks presented a more ,
cleaned up appearance tonight thauj
congresslccal leaders dared hope for. j
Conditions will be aggravated If Taft;
carries out his original prrpose 01
vetoing tbe public buildings bill.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27. After a
four days' debate, accompanied at
tbnes by scenes o.' disorder seldom
witnessed at th capltol. the house
tonight passed the naval appropria
tion bill, tarrying approximately
J139.000.000 and authorizing the con
struction of one battleship, six tor
pedo boat destroyrs and four sub
marines. -
The amendment, which provides for I
ne battleshln instead of two, rjs rec-'
omraended by the committee, was LONDON, Feb. 27. Mrs. Pank
carrlfd by a vote of 171 to 13C As'hurst.g "hunger strike" was shorter
reported by the committee the b!lu,h,n im,,riKnnpd imrrraettea u..ti
carried appropriations of $:4G.0C0,0O0 j
and provided for two battleships, a I
iransport ana a. suppiy amy. iuwu
of order by Representative Sisson, of
the committee on the whole strucu
out the transport sapp'.y ship, holding
that there was no authority for ap
pYoprlatlons because no vessels of
this type have ever been authorized
before. Until today "Big Navy" men,
beaded by Representative Hobson, of
two battleships program would go
Alabama, and RerresenUtive Ayers,
of Neve- York, were confident that tho
through and the result was by no
means certain until the final roll call
on the amendment Democratic lender
I'nderwood spoke tor one battle&hlp
when the vote on the amendment
came. HO democrats voted for tho
amendment and 54 against. Of th'e re
publicans 102 voted ABalnht 23 for.
The -ship will he constructed at the
government navy yard.
Latest Development in Thaw Bribery
Asylum Scandal
ALBANY, N. Y, Feb. 27. Govern
or. 2!zerconss!ted today with the
committee inquiring Into tbe latest
Thaw wcahdal and announced that he
would demand immediate suspension
form office -of Dr. John W. RuBselL
superintendent of Mattewan hospi
tal. Dr. Tlussell. however, did not
wait to receive the governor's sum
mons, lie announced that he handed
his resignation In this morning .It
was promptly "accepted.
bill io prevent prize fighting In Ok
lahoma -passed the senate today. It
includes bull fighting. A oimllar bill
is before tbe house.
PHOENIX, Feb. 27 (Special)
Interest today centered In a
communication sent the leglsla- 4
ture by Governor Hunt, In which 4
he Bays- that prisoners will 1ms 4
forbidden to go Into the town of 4 '
Florence In the future, althougl- j
the prison Investigation in no
way deters h m In his plan of 41
prison reform. Concerning pris ,
on purchases he declares a sav-
Ing baa been made the state. 4
The house killed the: senate 4
anti-lobby bill this afternoon. 4
! C. 0. 0." IS ADDED
Ruling Signed by Hitchcock
ana oecomes nnec-
tive July 1.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27. Collect
on delivery will be added to 'the1 '-parcels
post department, Jul; 1. An or
der to this effect was signed today
by Postmaster General Hitchcock.
Under the approved resulaliccn a
1'arc''1 u"ing the required amount of
linrCf.1 tttnmrta n-nv h. on nw.
where In the country, the amount due
from the purchaser .to be collected:
I and remitted by the postoftlce de-i
1 parimeiit. me parcel mu?t bear the!
amount due from the add
ressee and
!o Provided
he collection will be niado
me amount is not in excess or 1100. , a in comfortable situation. Consul
A lee ci ten cents must be affixed ' Oeneral Shanklin reports from Mox
by the Fende rin parcel post stamps. ( leo that the following, concerning
Tins will also Injure the r-urcel to an 4 whom there has been alarm, are safe
amount not to exceed $30. . Mrs. M. Alper. Mrs. Pearl K. Haines
j Joseph P. O'Brien Mrs. Oliver w!
n n nrnnnrn ittiri Im"1' Wadmar L,aderen and Mrs.
K. H, nLrUli U flNU , AUhough ooiet 'reigns In Sonora.
in id iiui uiiiu iiiiu that j!tate hM gjven noUce tbai t
.. . . . . -
I fiflfJ HFI P MflRK-TiUntil U hlenionstrote"" aWIUy
LUnll IILLI ninllllLI j to coutrol tho situation throughout
T- . .rr... r. ..
KUSSia Will Place Loans Ot
$137,500,000; Cheerful
27. Further
rosres.j'.trp'.iard was made by stocks ' Oalveston, It Is evident that heart has
today, although the market did not(Sne qut of the movement under "the
posstss the sustained strength of' Influence, of th growing conviction
vi-i1cy- i.i.oii Hiii.ntfi !...-1 that the lirovlslnnal rnriir.im.nl n
larly but the tendencv was toward
higher level and an outburst
strength in the final hour lifted thejal tenor of reports to the state de-
list well above yesterday's close
The gains among the important
stocks ran as high as two points and
among a score or more 01 specialties
to more than six oointn. There arc
evidences of better demand for the
0ng account. The improvement lu
a the principal markets this week
g regarded as indicative of a belief.
that the long period of strain is
nearlv ended.
A development to which signifi
cance is attached was the Russian
government's decisicn to place loans
aggregating $137.00.000.
Two more western roals rcTotted
gains in earnings for January. The
Northwestern's net Increase was $1,
197.000. The Southern Pacific was
$175,000. The bond market showed
an increase in activity, with a higher
range of prices.
bjtlierto accustonjed to. The home
oflce today overruied the Epsom mag-
istrates and the suffragette leader
was released from Holloway jail on
bail. She agreed not to participate
personally in militant suffragette
movements pending trial.
Coahuila Governor Empbatie In State
ment to that Effect.
EAGLE PASS, Feb. 2" Governor
Oarranra. of CoabuHa, today senl a
message to an Associated Press rep
resentative here with this state
ment: "I wish emphatically U deny all
reports to the effect that I am deal
ing with the' so-called Huerta govern-
jnent and to state further that I have
uo intention of ever considering any
sort of compromise."
HELENA. Mont. Feb. 27. Tfce
bouse of the Montana legislature to
day passed a bill legalizing twelve
round boxing exhibitions under state
supervision. Ten percent of the rev
enue from tbe exhibitions Is to go to
the state.
TUCSON, Feb. 27. Antonio
Pesoulera was formally made
provisional governor of Sonora 4
at a meeting today of the state 4
congress at Hermosillo. Ignaclo 4
4- Bonlllas. formerly named gov-
ernor, retired In favor of Pes- 4
qutera Gov, Maytorena, the oust- 4
ettnate executive, fled from the
-4 state capital and is expected to 4
4 cross the border. 4
Army and Navy Prepara
tions Continue, But Lack
the Snap and Life of Pre
vious Davs.
Prominent Persons Account
ed for Sonora Reported
as Only "A
WASHINGTON, red t ,i.,i
j received today Mate thav there are
,w'o thousand refugees at Rai?lr Pr.u
1 ... . . . - - - -"
me repiiDiic, The governor of So-
nnrn dm h-m that .1.1.. ..-.i ,.n
ww. oiai uuuci luir
troI, has been ordered by thjilm" ,ne unuea states nau snonn
tate congress to uotlfy tbe IVderal
capital that tor the present, Sonora
will remain a. spectator.
Although United States troons are
i... .1- -
i roll,n steadily southward toward
al3Iel,co Wl11 e able to maintain or-.
This is indicated by the gener
partment from the consular offices in
.is mere is now lime expectation
of requiring the services of tho army
except for border patrol, cr depart
ment officials have turned their at
tention to the academic value of tho
experiment of the moblliution of the
army and are planning practice
inarches The navy. too. is fallin?
back iuio the old routine of peace,
us evidenced by the resumption , of
target practice by the battleships Bta
tioned In Mexican watera
Meantime Huerta is Conferring With
Rebel Leaders
MEXICO CITY Feb. 27. That r.i
estigations will determine tbe re
sponsibility for the death of Midero
and Suarez, tending to support the
pfflcial statment relating to an at
tacking party, war indicated by the
arrest today of Jose Zamaroona. an 1
five others alleged to be members
of the party that attempted to res
cue the former president and vice
rresidenL These men are of no pub
lic prominence. Zamarcona Is class
ed as their leader. No statement was
given out as the result of the investi
gation. Negotiations with representatives
of the rebels especially the Zapat-s-tas.
continue with -varying success.
The latest commission to confer
with the government regarding co
operation represents Genevevo De Ls
O, Amador Salazar and Felipe Non,
all of whom gained unenviable repu
tations for their thoroughness In vic
ious warfare. Among the conditions
set forth was one that has been in
listed upon from time to time by a'!
Zapatistas, that federal troops be re
tired from tbe state of Morelos and
that the garrisons be composed of au
(army made up of ex rebels.
Huerta declined to grant this !
mand but it has not resulted in breaking-
off the negotiations.
Is Th Latest Spring Style In Nam-s
For The Rebels In Mexico
till PASa Feb. 27. "Constitutlon-aCstB'-i"
is the name adopted by the
latest revolutionary party'Tn Mexico.
A report reached here today of Op
erations by tbe constltutionalistas
at various points in tbe state of Chi
bcahua. Ranches and mining camps
have been rallied In tbe district
along the Mexico north western rail
way, east of Chihuahua. Most ot the
new rebels were former federal vol
SAN DIEGO, Feb. 27. A radio
frara received from Admiral Suthrr
lam' tonlsht snyc that quiet coatiauvs
at MazatUn. Acapulco, Aca;irtb cud
Coriote. Tbe flagship Colorado is
4anchorcd well off front Mazatlra.
kZv 4f .
v - r r uuniHLts
WASHI.WfOX. Feb. 27 A
telegram appealing for protec-
tion for Abraham Gonzales, civil
governor of the state of Chihua-
hua, Mexico, was received to-
4 day "by Senator Fall, of New
Mexico, from J. G. FolIansbe
an American having large pro.v 4 j
cnj interests in imnuanua.
Gonzales has been supplanted
by General Habago. actlnsr a-
military governor under 'author!- 4
ty of P;es.d,ent Huerta. The
telegram to Senator Fall read:
Abraham Gonzales In the grav- 4
est danger. Please do all you
can for blm." 4-
faenator Fall said that he
would make no representations
to the state department "but ;k
pealed to the press." 4
I Senate Committee Looking
into Alleged Contribu
tions and Madero Fav
oritism, Reports
WASHINGTON. Feb. 27. Senator
Smith, of Michigan, chairman of the
senate special committee appointed
to Investigate alleged activity of
Americans In Inciting and aiding
Mexican revolutionists since 1910,
presented today to the senate the
huse volume of testimony taken dur
ing the committee's hearing along
the Mexican border. Most of the
testimony has been made public It
consists of a volume of more than
900- printed pages, covers the exam
ination of more than 150 witnesses
I many of whom expressed a belief
. .
partlallty toward the Madero forces,
and that the neutrality laws had been
violated in their behalf, but strictly
enforced against the Orozco forces
when Madero came Into power.
The volume presented to the ien
ate today contained no statement of
conclusions or summary of the evi
dence. Many witnesses expressed be
lief that large American Interests,
centering In financial circles in New-
York, had aided the Madero forces.
The committee is understood to be
j seeking further Information on that
Edward C Houghton, manager of a
big ranching and mining company in
Chihuahua, told the committee that
Salazar. rebel leadet. told him that
the "American government has align
ed itself with Madero to fight the lib
eral cause and consequently there
can be no more guarantees to Ameri
can or foreign interests."
Many witnesses declared that
Amerlcans received less consider-1
ation In Mexico than other fore'gncrs j
and that Mexicail rebe' - "- -nnt
ed American settlers that the Am-r
lean government would not protect
George; A. Laird, manager of lb
Candalarla Mining company, at Sen
Pedro testified that rebel leaders to'd
lum that the demonstrations against
Americans we?e "due to the belief
that the United States government
would do nothing and that they could
do anything they wished to Ameri-
cap citizens."
Senator Smith asked the senate to
continue to the work of his commit
tee until next December
South Dakota Legislators
Accused in Contempt
PJSMARCK. N. D Feb. 27. The
names of six members of the North
Dakqta legislature were mentioned
today In 'the trial of J. B. Ness,
charged with contempt In connection
with alleged attempts at bribery.
It Is charged that Senators Hooi-
may and Latnoure received ji.uvj
and $1,200 respectively two years
ago and that Hookmay was to have
received $1Q00 this year, A. M.
Thompson to receive JB00 and that
three other members were to 00
BUFFALO, Feb. 27. Jucge John R.
Hazel, of the United States district
court, today granted the Wright
brothers petition for a permanent in
junction restraining Glen.i H. Cur
tlss and others from mannfuctutlng
or selling aeroplanes or Important
parts which It was alleged. Infringed
on the Wright patents. A stay was
granted by Judge Hazel pending fur
tLcr appeal on condition that the
appeal bo taken promptly. The chief
Inlrlngeraent alleged by tlie Wrights
is upon attachments for maint&og
tbe equilibrium ct machines whlls In
I Til
Comes To Placate People of
Sonora and Ask Them to
Await Announcement of
, Government Program.
His Official Family Also Will
Go Out Fronteras Cut
Off, But Sonora Advices
DOUGLAS, Feb. 27. (Special to
The Review) Dr. Jose S. Saenz,
formerly high in the counsel of Por
flrlo Diaz, later the author of much
of the Vasquista literature and gen
erally considered the brains of the
Gomez revolutionary campaign, has
established himself here tor tbe pur
pose of conveying to the people ot
Sonora through personal interviews
and otherwise the wish of the Hue ta
administration that they refrain from
actions of violence or revolutionary
kind until the administration can an
nounce its plans for the future.
Dr Saenz says the administratrix
program will be ready for publica
tion within ten days and that not on
ly Provisional President Huerta but
all members of his official family
stand ready to resign If it does not
meet with the general approval of
the Mexican public. He is satisfied
that It will find sanction In Sonora
and that the people of that state will
make a mls'ake that they will regret
if the'y do not waltror the pronunira
mento. From his best advices and from
otlier advices received here today,
disaffection in Sonoia ls not of -no
general tort that advices earlier !u
the week indicated as probable. The
removal of Governor Maytorena from
office and bis succession by Senor
Pasqueirel is reiorted to have beua
accomplished at Hermosillo without
serious clash, and with no prospect
of the latter at this time. The dis
turbance ot railroad communication
in the vicinity of Fronteras by the
destruct'on of two bridges and the
c ltting of the telephone and telo-
giauh wires will probably be renie-
died tomorrow by the completion ot
repairs by the Federal troops sent
south on Wednesday from Agua
Prleta and who have had no conflict
with the jbel band so far as known.
Dr Saerfz slated his mission here
and h's hopes today In a written in
terview submitted to the press nnd
accompanied by an optimistic person
al interview as to the immediate fu
ture ot Mexico. He docs not antici
pate trouble in Sonora, believing that
cool judgment will prevail there as
well as elsewhere In the republic
from now on. In nis signed inter
view. Dr. Saenz says in part:
"I am here as a special represen
tative of the government to appanl
to the Mexican people ot Sonora to
establish peace and order and do .;ot
represent" any political party.
"I was appointed to the position
by General De La Fuente. who is
now cabinet minister of communisu
tlons, and who has taken a great
deal of Interest In the welfare ot
the Sonora people and wants to do
all in his power to give tbem peace,
justice and order. He desires that
tbe people co-operate with him and
myself In order that 1 may success
fully accomplish the objects or y
mission. I want the people of ihe
state ot Sonora to be calm for a few
days more until Mr. De La Fuente
has had time to confer with the f
tldals at Mexico City.
"If their plans are not approved
by the? people of Mexico when they
are announced, then Mr. Hiente. tne
other cab'net officials and Provi
sional President Huerta himseu. tiara
promised to resign tnelr officei.
"I expect to remain here for a few
days and shall be greatly pleased lo
meet the Mexican people and dis
cuss the present situation with them
from every point of view regardless
of any political views they may
School Hill
Resident Succumbs at
Robert E. Lee died lost night at
the Topper Queen hospital, where ha
was taken last Sunday suffering with
pneumonia. The deceased had been
a resident ci this city for some years
and live don School Hill. He is sur
vlved by a wife and two children in
this city. The funeral arrangements
J will probably be made today.

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