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NEW YORK, Jan. 31.
Copper, 14.50. Elec
trolytic 14.75 to 14.876.
Sliver, 57. Lead, 4.05.
ffix&btt Daily
For Southern Arizona!
Fair and warmer; In
the north, colder and
" fair.
VOL. 1G. NO. 209
r ,
"i i
Begins to Look Like Big Ac
tion; Federal Troops Are
Moving to Protect the City;
Villa Will Lead the Rebels
Diaz Conspiracy Nipped in
Mexico City; Leaders Ar
rested; Number Said to Be
Involved; Detective's Work
JJUAltEZ, Jan. 31. Federal rein
"forcemcnts were ordered today to
Torreon, where tho rebels made their
next attnek. General Garcia Hidalgo
and 400 soldiers left Saltlllo to join
General VelaBCo, while General Gus
tavo Mans, with 3000 men was sent
out to maintain the railroad between
Torreon and Saltlllo, which It is fear
ed the rebels might destroy. As a
precaution against rebel advance into
Durango, Goneral Argumoiido has
marched westward.
Goneral Villa, who 1b still here, will
assume jiersonal command of the reb
el campaign and plans to place tho
bulk of his nrmy in oasy marching
distance of Torreon before the assault
opens. Assurances from Mexico City
that In caso of attack the Spaniards
of Torreon would be protected, are
accepted as applying to Federal treat
ment of Spaniards. In occupation of
Chihuahua City, General Villa ordered
nil Spaniards to Ieavo tho country. It
ho occupies Torreon It Is not likely
he will change Ills policy.
Prominent Men In Alleged Diaz Plot
'ABaTnutHuertu Go to Prison '
MEXICO CITV, Jan. 31. Jose
Luis Kequcnn, leader of tho Nation
.1 .1 ,.,.to ,.,. n,l pnn.ll.1nln f.ir
4,. u....v ,,.., -
vice president with Goneral K-llx DI-1
az in mo recent imuuun anew-
ed at his home today and put In the
military prison here. It is understood
his detention is duo to suspicion that
ho Is Implicated in scmo seditious
Pedro del Villar. another close
trlonu ol enx uiae, anu aunaiur iiu-
. i i.. .i ,
quena were nlso arrested anu lougea
In prison today. lllar accompanlen
Diaz from Havana to ora Cruz when
tho special mission to Japan was re-
calltU. He is the wealthy owner of
i.n .irlnclnal theater in Mexico City
tho principal tnoater in .mico t uj.
General Eusonlo Rsscon. whoso
name was mentioned In connection
,.. Mntiv .tunmwni ..Intnl.
.. . .....
IcBCd to bo uirecicu ugninsi lae iu-
orta government. Is said to bo trying
to nee nie luhiuiv juul-uh nus a
candidate for the vice presidency on
tho ticket headed by Gamboa In tho
tecent presidential elections.
Rebel sympathizer Put Cards In the
Hands of Blanquet How Ar
rests Came About
MEXICO CITY, Jan. 31. With the
arreBt today of Jose Luis Kequena,
chief of the Felix Diaz political or
ganization, nnd two or three other
men who were also prominent In hla
support In his late race for th0 pres
idency, and tho discovery of several
hundred rifles stored In tho capltul,
the war department believes It has
woll in hand a new plot, which It la
alleged, had as Its object, an attempt
to overthrow the government tomor
row. The cne has been handled entirely
by agents of Gengral nianouot. Tho
Chief of Police many of whoso men
are alleged to bo implicated In tho
treasonable plan, was inclined to
doubt tho accuracy of the war de
partments Information.
Tho arrests came after submission
to General Hlanquet of evidence dis
covered by a detective who represent-
Figures on smelter production
of blister copper from Warren
a .Ucfrlrt mines will 'CO given oui w
... n . .
from tho smoltors tomorrow, u.
& A. output will to materially
higher than last month. Copper
Queen will bo about tho same.
Greene Cananea, It was stated
vestcrday. will havo approxl-
matoly tho sarao output as last
month, around 3,000,000 pounds
a fnr rirecno and 3.000.C00 pounds
more from Miami ana owcr cus-
torn 6rej.
At the headquarters of tho Woman's Party in Chicago,
Voting paraphernalia of even. sort has been installed in the headquarters of tits Woman's Tarty of Cook
county, in a Chicago hotel. Tliu board of election commissioners has ycit un expert to instruct members of
the organization who are to serve as judges and clerks of election this spring. According to this expert,
his pupils proved quicker than men ut grasping the intricacies of operating voting machinery.
INDlANAPOIJS, Jan. 31. U. S.
Senator John Kern was given an
ovation today when ho addrossod the
convention cf the United Mine Work-j
ers. After the cheering died downj
and -when he concluded, the inThers;
came here,"
Korn.l'to bring you a. njessago o',,
good Will from members on both
sldea cf tho U. S. senate, from that;
Ktiilwnrl nehlor llm Mnrtlno nm! (rnm '
. . . ....... V . ...
iiicnry Asnurst, wiuiam k. lioraii, v.
s Kfcnyon and olht.rs Th,g ,g a cru.
cla, Un(J for organlzed abor. Bne.
mIeR of ,abor aru puttnK forUl grcat.,
I cr et!otia lnm eVir llK.fore to exert!
lnfucnco upon members of congress!
,n attempt t0 crush traJo un0ns. u
jj8 a tiIno wnen 0Tfs should bo har-i
imony araong y0Urgeivce.
cd himself as Juan Ortega, an active
rebel 0I)eraUnB ln lhu territory cf
T.,... Th1 lIp,Pl,..n , Pr!tn.
, ' Serrano with a letter said to
SZini by another rev
, , . ""eu 7 anointr reio-
i,lUon8t, which appears to have con-
vnccU Sorrano of tllC bearer-8 Wen.
utr as Orteisa The dVteet ve won
L"' 0 . uru?b?. 1 uo detectue won
VVUtlUL'(lt.U till 14 UU UliUlCU
to COI,trU)uto ?M0. and 500 gunS( pro.
m,gnK ,00o mon ,0 jo,n thfi new
DOUGLAS, Jan. 31. Monetary con
ditions ln Northern Sonora resulting
from the circulation of large amounts
of counterfeit and unsigned consti
tutionalist currency baa been re
lieved somewhat, it is reported,
through tho joint efforts of state offi
cials and heads of mining nnd mer
cantile companies, although a tele
gram from Carranza's caihlnct, reiter
ates tho statement that their curren
cy must be accepted in payment of all
bills, with severq penalities on refus
WASHINGTON, 3an. 31. "Govern
tnent monopolization of telegraph,
tulephone, wireless and other means
of transmission of intelllgcnco as
may hereafter develop" Is recom
mended ln a report submitted to tho
Senate by Postmaster General llurle
son. Immediate government ownership of
telephono Hues is recommondod, with
n system of license for the others,
establishing government monopoly
oven though not actual ownership.
NORFOLK, Jan. 31. Asserting the
loss of his vessel to bo due to care-
.leabneus of the commander of tho
Nantucket, Capt E. E. Johnson of tbo
i . . . . irHBn , 1 1 ... i .
siearaur muiiiuc, muu u
libel suit
late today against the Nantucket,
claiming $1,000,000 damages,
NEW YORK Jan. 31. Smok0 ris
ing In masses from burning tobacco
60 firemen during a four
hour battle with tbo flames, which
wero brought under control tonight
im tour twt) icwr duuuiub iu mu
upper east sldo. Property loss Is os-
tlmated at fS0,00d.
CHICAGO, Jan. 31. More 4
tlinn a foot of snow was left In
tho wake of the storm which fell
, today here and In northern II-
llnols, Ohio, Indiana and South-
cm Michigan.
In Toledo, Cleveland, and
parts of Indiana the snow was
preceeded by sleet before n high
wind. Telephone, telegraph and
train service suffered. 4
In Chicago ono death was' re-
14 ocrded. In mdlanapolls. two. Near !T"er ""u'ou '
International Falls. Minn., the 4ljJ1- Krowlns, rf,pllnK t,,at 8l,ould
lU)ljles Qf mm ;wero fo(uu,
, Jln .
j t days ago. - '
4 4 4 4 4 4
VTKIXSrU'ItG. West Va.. Jan. 31.-
I The little vlllago at the mine of the
TSo "UIe vl,mR0 al ltlt' nune ' Ule
Wcst Virginia Coal Co.. near hero, v
attacked by a party of men ccn- hi
.x . , ,,,, tn. si
cealed In the surrounding hills to-
nlBW' WUen m,ners W" "aV0 lJCon
cmploycd at tho place slnco the strike
was inaugurated in September re-
Plied with their rifles. The fusllado.
continued half an hour.
So far as known no casualties re-
suited. Tho sheriff was summoned
nnd this afternoon took charge of the
situation. A strong force of depu-
ties is with him.
MILWAUKEE Jan. 31 For hitting
in clinches and lndulcins: In rouch
tactics not permitted under the law, theso and a multitude of other ore
Ad Wolgast was reprimanded today I 'ess llt"o things which may at any
by tho Wisconsin lloxlng commission,
and told that repetition of the viola -
tlons employed ln tho Hlvers bout
would result In severe action being
, .
CHICAGO, Jan. 31. Indictments
agahiBt three railroads and Swift &
Co. were returned by tho Federal
Grand Jury. Charges of rebating
were brought by special U. S. agents.
Tho railroads indicted are the I'enn -
sylvanla and its subsidiary, tho Pan-
handle, and tho northwestern.
IlOiME. Jan. 31. Cardinal Casmlr
jbennarl, prefect of tbo Congregation
Council, died today. Ho was third
cardinal to die In two months.
WASHINGTON, JaJn. 31. Senator
Newlands Introduced today a river
regulation tilll, amended to provldo
p, may to prevent repetition of flood
disasters ln tho lower Mississippi.
SAVANAII, Ga., Jan. 31. Judge
Emory Sneer, of tho southern .dis
trict court of Georgia, In testimony
today characterized as "malevlolent
distortions," most of the charges
made against him by witnesses bo
fore tho congressional committee in-
yestiiratlnr allegations ot misconduct,
"Tho time Is coming about. Is suro
to come, when men who will not take
care of themsolves will not be per
mitted to work in mines. The men
ace they represent to tho safety of
1 other men Is constantly coming to le
I better understood and there is a run-
jnot have jobs.
That wan-tho substance of ono of
lp paragraphs, wlm-h. Safg;
ty Supervisors McKeehan of lhe
, ,..
uuiurancu I
than 700 miners at the Safety First
entertainment at the Y. M. C. A. It
was greeted with murmured approv
al from nil over the hall and the gal
leries 'by tho tensely Interested men.
It came with other striking sen
tences in between the numerous
slides presented, on the curtain, with
each of which the Safety Supervisor
pointed out the warning carried In
'each picture. Each one had its Jes-
, ton. All were taken in tho workings
of Copper Queen. Seme of them
ere posod; some illustrated actual
happenings. Each carried its dau-jor
signal. Many of thorn were ins'nntly
, .., ,
with murmurs of recognition nnd
sometimes with a grim chuckling all
over tho hall, signifying that of
courso It was a fool trick that was
shown and certain of resulting In
pomebody getting hurt. Humor Is
not lacking In :.fx. McKeohan, of a
dry, entertaining sort, and he used It.
too, to advantage In bringing out
Bonio of his points. The danger of
tho candle left to burn to the timber,
cf badly piled timber, of testing
ground, of trnmmlng cars closely to
gether, of the unguarded ladder
l,mn cost W or limb, were brought
'"X -1lr- .ncueoiian.
Previous to this feature of the pro-
gram, Captain Hodgson dclivou-'l an
' address that was warmly reoolvej
i ma uiai in a lorcniui convincing way
carried to tho men assembled tho un
I derstnndlng that there was no effort
going to bo spared to help them pro-
tect themselves and that they needed
! to add their aid. Tho amusement
features of the program were again
I excellently carried out, with acconv
i panlment of much pleasure. As pro
uiciua ycsieraay morning, tiio as-
sombly room was again packed to tho
limit. At tno back, as indicating tho
Interest manifested, all standing
room was filled and so intent wero
those at tho roar that they did not
hesitate tolling about tho follow In
front to movo over, nor draw the line
at u little Jostling for better posi
tion. Tho next Safoty First Smoker,
whenever a dato may ho fixed, will
bo watched for with keen interest.
There will bo at that tlmo nil uow
slides, for pictures are to bo taken
steadily In tho mines to Illustrate tho
daily dangers to bo avoided and pre- ' means of support Is $1G a month. All
vented. These Safoty First smokers ' almshouses in the stato shall bo sold
aro undoubtedly going to prove tho and tho proceeds devoted to carrying
biggest cntortalnmont features over out tha provisions of the act.
brought about ln tbo dlstrlcL In fact It was to bo expected that an ant!
tboy have alroady won that standing blacklist bill would 1w drawn. Tho
That the lessons tboy have sent homo measure Is practically tho same as
to dato will undoubtedly pnryent the ono defeated ln tho legislature
many a. man going to tho hospital, last spring. A blacklist Is )M any
if not tho morgue, la another cortaln
thins, and the highest pralte unrjues-
I Uonably that can bo bestowed.
comttee jpl
Overlooks No Bets in Pre
senting the Constitutional
Amendments, So Far as
Radicalism Is Concerned J
Measures Confirm Review of,
Report of Plans Made in
. Convention, Some of Which
Met a Vigorous Denial
Phoenix Ilurenu of tho ' Review,
PHOENIX, Ariz., Jan. 31. Startling
and radical Indeed aro tbo constitu
tional amendments and bills to bn
submitted to tho people of Arizona
next November by tho State Federa
tion of Labor. Old age pensions,
mothers' pensions, the abolition of
tho senate, a state banking system
ami a stato printer' are only a few
of tho things that the vcters will 'be
asked to consider.
After a session lasting several days
tho law and legislation committee of
tho federation has adjourned. Tho
members, all of whom were present,
are; George Powell, Illsbcc, chair
man; W. K. Holmes, IUsbee, secre
tary; P. J. Hippie, Globe; Kenneth
Clayton, Miami; Alfred' Madden,
Measures considered and given en
dorsement at tho annual convention
of the federation, held ln Illsbce,
were put Into words. Steps were tak
en to havo tbo bills printed and tn
send out Initiative petitions.
To Review readers there will 1-e
nothing particularly now in these bills
for they carry out the Insldo forma
tion reprrts made In tho Review at
thoJtlme of the convention, somo of
ti LJ
"on leailers.
then denied by con von
but are now confirmed:
Amnnir -Ir.ffi
Among statements .which drew dc
nlnls was ono that there would be a
bill prepared compelling SO per cent
employment of American citizens.
Tho convention did not dare face tho
foreign element represented ln Its
body with this declaration and, stren
uously denied Intent to further such
a measure, hut It Is nevertheless
among the bills tho committee put
through, J list as tho Review bald It
would be.
Of the constitutional amendments,
tho laboring men themselves regard
as the most Important cue that to re
ovo tho power of tho legislature to
repeal or amend any initiated act.
The legislature can submit an act or
ap amendment thereto to the people,
but It can do no more. Any int. ie
people place on tho statute books
will remain there till tho people take
It off, If this constitutional amend
ment is adopted.
Another proposed amendment Is to
abolish tho state senate. The legis
lature shall consist of tho house as
now constituted.
A third constitutional amendment
Is to glvo. tho state power to bond
ltsolf in any jamount necessary to
meet deficits or new obligations
created by law.
Of the bills to bo initiated the most
startling Is one providing that where
five or more persons ar omployod at
least eighty per cent shall bo quail
fled electors of tilt United States.
Violation of tho cat, or mlsreprcsen
tation on the part of an employer,
shall ccnBtltute a misdemeanor pun
iBhablo 'by thirty days in Jail or n
fine of $100.
The longest bill of nil those drawn
gives tho stato board of control pow
er to do just about anything. Tho
board can, If It sees fit, establish a
stato prlntcry, a state siiwmllle, erect
any kind nt a factory, or build dams.
It may estkbllsh a stato banking sys
tem conforming with the national
banking act. No Btato work shall be
done by coutract but by persons who
shall he paid by tho day.
Another measure provides pensions
for agod persons and mothers who
aro citizens und have lived In Arizona
flvo years or more. Any mother
whcao husband Is dead or in an In
stitution shall bo entitled to $lf a
month and JC additional for each
child under sixteen years of ago. The
pension provided for any person over
sixty years of age without visible
means of identification. Tbo use ot
a blacklist, or the raqulramont from
an employ pi means ot laenuuciuou,
1 m.'w v-i
Mr. a.id Mrs. Brand Whitlock.
Drnnd Whitlock, the former mayor
of Toledo, Ohio, mid author of many
loox. is now a member 2 the Amer
ican diplomatic corps and has just
l "tiled LlriiSssL, where he succeeds
lir-2 Anderson cs minister to lie!-
f;iura. 'He is accompanied by his
wife. .She was th former Miss L'ia
Itmlnurrt nf SInrlt.r. field. Illinois. Jlld
marrU-J Mr. Whitlock In 1S0&.
shall constitute a, felony punishable
by from 'one to five years lu the peni
tentiary. Any person ar.alnsi whom
a blflcklisi Is used can recover $1,000
by civil action.
Tho Kinney 1)111 iaa scarcely touch
ed upon during tho sessions of the
committee. Information had been re
ceived that the measure had been In
itiated In Gila ccuuty and It was not
considered necessary for the federa
tion to Initiate It all over again.
Callfornlan Makes Severe Criticism
.... on Flor of the House
WASHINGTON, Jan. 31. Omission
of Ablatio exclusion, from tho Uurnett
Immigration bill precipitated a lively
discussion in tho house today, debate
extending into the night session.
"Loose morals" declared Curry, of
California " are universal among Jap
anese men and not condemned by
Japanese women, their daughters be
ing sold without shame Into morali
ty. Thero aro two million profession
al Immoral women in Japan. The
Idea of marriage between white and
Asiatics Is revolting. The Japaneso
farmer Is driving the American farm
er out of hustuesB ln California."
Takes Second Victory prom Campl
Claim of Foul Dlsproven
LOS AkVGKLES, Jan. 31. Kid Wll
llnmq nf Ilaltlmnre. knocked out Kd
die Campl, of San Francisco, in tho
12th round of n scheduled 20 round
bout. Roth fought at bantam limit,
111! pounds. Campl's manager claim
ed tho knockout blew, a vicious left
hnnic tn thn atnmach. was a foul. Ex
amination by physicians disproved
this. From tho beginning it was a
struggle between a clover boxer,
Campl and an aggrcsslvo fighter, Wil
Fall to Earth With Disabled Machine
After Fouling Tree
LOS ANGKLKS, Jan. 31. While
flying at altitude of 350 feet, tho pro
indlcr of Lincoln Rcachy's biplane
shattered. He tried to volplane but
fouled a tree, which upended his aero
nl.ine on tho rudder. In which posi
tion It struck tho ground, smnshlng
tho rudder nnd partly wrecking the
machine. Beachy was slightly In
jured about tho legs.
NEW YORK, Jan. 31. Bob McAl-
Ulster, California middle weight, eas
ily outfought Eddie Nearlng, or Chi
cago ln a ton round bout tonight,
McAllister weighed ton pounds moro
(than his opponent.
Life in Los Angeles House
Where Found With Dead
Sister Lead to Belief That
They Were in Poverty
The Third Deep Tragedy in
Wealthy Toledo Family;
Father Disappeared, and
the Mother Died Suddenly.
TOLKDO, Jan. 31. The finding of
tho body of Mary Warren in nu
apartment house lu Los Angeles with
he'f sliter, . Nnnetto, revives ono ot
the -mysteries in local police -nnniiln.
The slsWrs lived nt the Warren
homestead until they went to Los
Angeles two years a'go.
Tho mystery Is the second In the
Warren family. In 1878 Samuel Wnr
ron, father ot tho girls, a retired
manufacturer, disappeared, detectives
having scoured this and many other
cities, but he nppnrcntly dropped off
the face of the earth. Flvo years
later 'Warren's wife dropped dead ot
apoplexy. Sho was formerly Mary
Von Gorton of Heme, Switzerland.
The discovery In California leaves
only tho sister, Nnnnette, to become,
tho heir ot approximately jnoo.OOO lu
her own right. The property Includes
the Warren place In Toledo, farms
on tho Maumeo river, beet sugar In
tcrests In California and plantations ln
the south.
The disappearance of her father Is
tsuid to have affected the miud ot
the younger child, Mary. They were
Jplnstcrs anil lived at mo ramuy noma
or twenty-live years. Nannctte was
manager of tho fortune. Samuel War
ren was a pioneer business rmau ot
Toledo, born In- H)cumSer. Mich.,- In
1818. An orphnn at 18, without rela
tives, ho come here and began work-
lug In a livery stable. Later he bu
came a noted breeder of fine horses
and organized a buggy and wagon
Hope of Solving Death Mystery Aban
doned Until She Recovers
LOS ANGELKS. Jan. 31. Miss
Nsnnetto Warren, 43, was found las
night keeping lonevlrgll besldu the
body of her sister Mary, refused to
talk when ijestlone,i by police sur
geons, who sent her to the insane
ward of tliu county hospital to await
examination 'before a lunacy commis
sion. Coroner Hartwell wilt sign a permit
for burial of tho dead woman and
try later, if the living ono regains
rontroi of her sensee, to obtain ex
planation or the death. Mary had
evidently been dead for three weeks.
After her death, the living sister
stopped the cracks of the doors and
windows of their apartment nntl sat
beside her Bister's corpse.
HOUGHTON, Jan. 31. Word from
their leader, Charles H. Moyer, that
he would be back In the copper coun
try in time to help present their easel
before the congressional committee,
was brought to tho striking miners
today by Dan Sullivan, president cf
tho district Council.
Moyer and Sullivan met last night
in Chicago. (Mioyer was on tho way
to headquarters lu Denver.
NEW YORK, Jan. 31. World.
wide Improvement In tho flnun
clal situation since tho beglii'
nlng of tho New Year was re
fleeted In tho increased -business
on tho .Now York oxchango for
the first month.
Sales of stocks In January ap-
proxtmated 10,500,000 shares,
compared with 8,800,000 shares
In January 1913, while bond
transactions amounting to $88,'
800,000 show an Increaso of i'32,
4 700,000 for tbo same period.
Ab an indication of tho In
4 creasing monotary oaso at tills 4
center, banks of the local clear-
4 lng house showed an actual cash 4
4 gain of $76,600,000 for the (cur 4
4 full bank weeks of this year. 4
14 44444444
.......... n .. .

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