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NEW YORK, Feb. 2.
Copper, 14.625; Elec
trolytlc. 14,875 to 15;
Silver, 57?:; Lead, 4.05.
For Southern Arizona!
Fair and warmer; In
the north, (air and
VOL. 16. NO. 209.
V i
if "
Villa Gives Force to His Dec
larations of Loyalty to Car
ranza by Killing Emissary
Sent From Felix Diaz
am i ssa
Gomez Was Promoter of Or
ozco Revolution and in the
Huerta Betrayal of Madero
Met His Fate in Juarez
JUAREZ, Feb. 2. With an army
ot 12,000 rebels advanced to n point
north of Torreon awaiting the word
ot attack on the- Federal garrison of
tlmt city, General Villa, planned to
leave hero tonight for Chihuahua
front whence, after several days, he
will march south to direct the. open
ing of the battle.
How long Villa will remain In Chi
huahua will depend on the rapidity
with which tralnloads of ammunition
mul latlons can bo sent southward.
The rebel leader probably will not ap
pear until everything Is ready for
Francisco L. Guzman, who figured
prominently in tho revolt ngalnst Ma
tlero in Mexico City a year ago, was
executed today in tho front yard of
tho houso occupied by Villa. Guzman
had just como from Havana. He was
charged with having been given a
secret mission by Felix Was: to in
duce Villa to renounce Carranza
through the strength of a revolution
for Diaz.
As Boon aoho heard of the pro
posal, Villa conferred with Guzman,
m:;Isg tare. It. the natura ot tho
Visit. He then ordered the messenger
Within a few minutes of his ar
rival. Guzman was led out of Villa's
room, stood before an adobo wall and
with his hands tied and blindfolded,
was shot. Guzman was former private
secretary to Dr. Enillo Vasquez
Gomez. He was known as ono ot tho
nromotors of tho Orosco revolution
ngalnst Madero. Later ho Joined In
the Huerta conspiracy against the
lato president.
An effort was at first mado to con
ceal Guzman's summary execution. In
qulry ns to a pool of blood In Villa s
yard revealed
Miss Mary Mason llrown.
Formal announcement of the engagement of Miss Mary Mason
Brown of Lexington, Ky., society leader and heiress, and Henry M.
Waite, city manager of DnyUm, Ohio, has just been made. The wed
ding will take place in the inrlr.j:. Mr. Waito is Ohio's highest paid
public official, Vii salary be inn $12,G0U per year.
One of Six Charged With
Murder Forfeits Bond; Dif
ficulty in Getting a Jury
It. Later tho rebel
HOUGHTON", Fob. 2. Only live de-
leaders nuimueu uuw ' oix deputies charged with the mur
buried a lew nours der q q BtrJkl m,Ilt)r8 wa9 ca,ka
on tho street. Tho execution of Jq drcut court loday Tho yofi(jQ
thoso upon whom tho rebels look as bond o Thoulag naloghi the mjssjnB
political enomies, is saiu 10 defendaut, waB forfeited.
with the order Ot arranzn uiai mi rc -innmmrnc! thn ntliflr men
thoso who took part in the overthrow, j,cauy jor trIai anil tho casn proceed-
William Stewart, convicted of
tho murder of Fred Klbbe, of
Olobc, Ariz., mUBt hang. The U.
8. circuit court of appeals af-
firmed today the sentonco of the
Arizona court to that effect.
Stewart, and a former army
chum, J. 11. Goodwin, the state
contended, shot and rebbed
Klbbe and Alfred Hlllpot at Tut-
ties' station, Arizona, September
15, 1910. taking the victims'
horses and arms they fled.
Congressmen Confront Secre
tary Daniels of the Navy
With Discrepancies Placing
U. S. Force in Wrong Light
Instead of Even Break With
Germany, U. S. Ranks
Ahead in Naval Strength;
Allege Error Is Intentional
WASHINGTON, Fob. 2. Experts
of tho navy department Juggled the
llgures or the 1013 year wok to make
tho American navy appear Inferior to
tho German navy and thereby set the
1. S. down In third placo as a naval
1 power, was charged today by Hepre
sentatlvo Wlthorspcon, of Mississippi
I and Hensley of Missouri, members of
I tho house naval nfTalrs committee.
Sei-rotary Daniels was before the
commltteo to explain his program
for tho coming year. Tho two con
I I'rcBsmen opposed to a "big navy"
questioned him on what they declared
I to be faulty comparisons In the year
j book. Tho secretary replied he was
not an expert and had rolled upon
what experts advised him ot tho
The congressmen brought put. that
three U. S. battleships tho Oregon,
Massachusetts and 'Indiana, with the
same tonnage, but heavier armament
then ton listed German battleships,
wero left out altogether and Instead
of giving the U. S. 3C battleships, the
same an Germany, they should have
credited the- U. S. with 39 and a
heavier totnl tonnrfke 'tlurf-'CVrmauy.
- Final aetlon on tho Unrnett lnunl-
gratlcu bill was postponed tonight,
when tho house adjourned after vot
ing down a motion of Hepresentatlvu
KJoldfogle, of New York, to eliminate
tho literacy test. It was because of
this provision that President Taft ve-
tcod a similar measure, passed In the
last ccngresB.
While President Wilson let It bo
known today that whllo he would not
mako public his position In tho lit
eracy test tlntil ho had consulted tho
committees of congress, thoso who
asked privately found that hu was
opposed to the proposition because he
did not think It a fair character test
Tomorrow tho debate will continue
on the amondmont. If Hayos, of Cal
Ifornla, to exclude Mongolian, Malay
and Afrlcaii Immigrants.
of Madero must bo killed.
Indians Said to Be Killing and Pillag
ing; Encroach on Moetezuma
DOUGLAS, Feb. 2. After several
ed. Difficulty was encountered In ob
taining unbiased Jurors. Tno court
adjourned with 11 men In the jury
box. Neither side oxerclsel proemp
tory challenges.
Tho regular panel was exhausted
today. Judgo It. C. Flannlgan ordered
a special venlro of 100 called.
Tho men on trial are James Cooiv
lty of Arizona as a placo tor tho or
ganlzation of industrial corporations,
as it would seem that, whllo stock
holders would not be personally liable
for corporate debts contracted in
rlzona, such exceptions could not be
claimed for purchases mado by for
elgu companies organized here.
weeks' quiet, Yaqul Indians are again 'pr( William Groff, Arthur Davis, liar
raiding ranches in the vicinity ot ry James and Edwin I'olUlnghorn.
Ures, Sonorn, according to roporta xho first throe wero employed by the
'which reached hero today. Several Waddell Mahon corporation. The
M,.irim freighters navo ueen kiiiuu omors wero county uopuues.
a fow inllos from Ures, it Is stated.
Inhabitants of that region are practi
cally defenseless.
Tho Yaquls havo extended their
field of operations, declaro travelers
from Ures, until they havo reached
the southwestern edge of tho Moete
zuma district, which hitherto has been
freo rrom their raids. Tho hostllo
Indians havo been augmented by num
bers of "Umo' Yuquls, deserters from
tho rebel army.
Mr. Groundhog.
Study critically tho above pli.to- a test in which Arizona weather is
graph of tho famous Wan-en District ' concerned. There Is no bad weather
groundhog. Ho posed specially yes- In Arizona. There may bo some
toiday for The Kevlew, It being Can-, water-spots nnd wind-breaks here
dlemas Day and thoroforo the occa- and there but nothing really "bad.'
slon for his annual appearance. He, As for six weeks cf continuous bad
came out to get a lino on the weather ncss! Utterly absurd! Utterly!
for the forthcoming six veoks. Helcgi It was only out of respect for the
a firm believer lu tradition, he under-' calendar that Dtsbco's boulevards
took to play his old rolo of prophet by I did not blossom out in straw hats
lendlnd himself to the, "shadow test.'
Wherefore, the question arises:
Did he see his shadow;? He did. Al
though tho uestjcu' has been an-
SAN DIEGO, Fob. 2. After being
on tho road six days, llobert W. Har-
wood of Oakland, Cal., a newspaper
man, and Mortimer Miller, wiioso ex.
ppntion by Mexican federal author!
ties was reported, reached Ensonada
this afternoon, according to wora re
ceived from tho United States consul
at that place.
saw FRANCISCO, Fob. 2. It did
not tako long for secretaries McAioo
, uniiston to hear all thoy wantod
about San Franclsco'n claim as a fin
ancial center worthy of ono of the
government's regional reserve banks.
t jpn than day was used. Tcnlght tho
cablnot mombers nro on the way to
Imb Angeles. Tho information they
desired horo was prepared in advance
In etottetlcs, maps, cnaris, piueprmw,
These were documents taken floos.
Supremo Court of the United
States Holds That They
May Not Have Exemption
INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 2. Increases
In salaries amounting to $10,000 a
year wero voted today by tho United
Mine Workera of America.
Amendments wero adopted to tho
constitution to provldo a fine of 10
for nny officer found guilty of giving
names of tho membership to other
than officers entitled to them, and to
make possible tho establishment of
sick, accident and death benoflt funds
by districts.
A resolution was adopted endorsing
social welfare work among miners and
directing tho various districts to levy
an assessment for tho benoflt of tho
Michigan copper strikers.
during tho hours for promenading
yesterday. Warren and lowell revel
ed in continuous, siiushinu nine.
Springtlin feigned -throughout (he
Bwered, It really was unnecessary. district. No wonder tho groundhog
Study critically (as we have already nwas disconsolate. Ho will live up to
suggested) the groundhog's facial ex-j tradition, however, and retlro to his
presslon in tho specially-posed photo. 'abode for another six weeks but he
Note the lines of grim determination knows ns docs tho rest ot us that ho
to look pleasant, it is no criticism of la lllt, victm 0f , Ramo of 'bunk. The
H .-. nn,lly n nltunovn flint lin'
w.u w , vb w "igroundhos test on Candlem
reasonably bo expected of any Intel-' w "ever deslgnwl to be tried
llgent groundhog to lend himself to Arizona.
LONDON, Feb. 2. The strike of
school teachers, the first ot Its kind.
In tho nrltlsh Isles, Is In full swing
today in County Hereford. Eighty
out ot 120 elomontary schcols under.
Jurisdiction of tho county council,;
are closed. Tho teachers say they,
will remain out until they gain their
demands, which Is for a minimum sal-
ary of $500 per annum, an Increase of Former State Architect races
$50. !
Serious Charge From New
Year's Escapade
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2. The su
preme court of the United States hold
today that tho provisions of tho Ari
zona stato law exempting tho pri
vate fortunes of stockholders from li
ability for an Arizona corporation's
debt Is not effective in all Htates in
which the corporations do business.
Tho corporation decision relatou
to tho lUVblllty of suit resulting from
tho falluro of the Wontworth Hotol
company at Pasadona.
During tho past dozen years many
hundreds of corporations havo been
homod in Arizona because of this pro
vision of tho law, by which it was
bollovcd that Individual fortunes wore
Immune, from liability for debts of tha
Tho decision rendered today 1 o
pacttd to rtly 1IM tb nojwlir
U. S. Circuit Court So Holds
in Appeal From Montana
Decision as to Property
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 2. locat
ing a mlno without actually trying to
open it up or find out what Is unJer
tho surfaco does not prove tho dis
covery of a mineral lode, or In fact
lta existence at all.
That m-as tho basis of a decision
today In tho U, S. circuit court ot
appeals, affirming a decree of tho U,
S. district court of Montana In the
case of Thomas I). Thomas' vs. tho
South Ilutte Mining Co.
Tho original suit wan brought to WASHINGTON, Fob. 2. Ileports
Oiut titio on placer ground, -i nomas (to thQ stato dopartmont Indicated
U. S. Representatives Contin
ue Recent Line of Action
No Choice Shown.
claimed tho discovery because of prl
or locations- Tho court hd against
him, theru being no evidence that the
prior locations had not been abandoned.
SHANGHAI, Fob. 2, Tho Jesuit
prloHts, Fathers Allaln and Taills,
who wero captured by bandits when
they 'burned the sacked town df Diuan
Chow recently, havo been reloasol
and aro In a 'place of safoty. At the
tlmo tho two prlosts were captured,
Fithor Rich, a FrcjacJi Jesuit mis
lloiury, w Wiled.
1. DlgRB. former stato architect.
charged with ja statuary offense
against 17 year old Ida Pearrlng, a
New Year's night, faced tonight his
secend night lit tho city prison, but
confident of his! ability to furnish to
morrow the $10,000 bond which will
clvo him temporary liberty. So far
as his ball Is concerned, arrange-
ParttciDatcd in Diicourajte-! nients aro perfected, and ho and his
ment Felt by Working!" ""B,I"B J. ,ZZZ
Women Callers Yesterday
WASHINGTON, Fob. 2. Women
workers who toll in tho mills, sweat
shops and factories ot tho nation to
day illoaded with President Wilson
Gllllgau, his friend, who was arrest
ed on a similar charge, preferred by
Mrs. Elizabeth Pearrlng, mother of
tho girl.
It is announced' that with Diggs,
ailllgan would obtain freedom toraor
for his, asslstanco In tho cause orroW( through tho arrival of a frlond
woman 'suffrage. Tho president re- (rom Sacramento who assured them
gretfully told them, as ho did the dele-,0 hg intention ot furnishing the (111
gallon In December that ho coulU 1 ugaIl BUrety.
not urge anything upon congress pjorlan E. Fischer, tho third man
which had not received the organic accused by tho Pearrlng girl, who was
consideration of tho democratic party
Today's demonstration affocted tho
president deeply. As the delegation
left tho executlvo office, discouraged
released on his own recognizance aft
er Miss Pearrlng admitted ho did not
attack her, will appear with Dlgga
nnd Gllllgan, Thursday. Fischor Is
and disappointed because thoy ob- expected to provo tho star witness for
tained no positive aid, they did not tll0 prosecution,
know that tho president himself was
day that tho real crlBls In Haiti
expected tomorrow, Tho Amerlcau
naval commanders and minister at
Port Au Prlnco continue, however, to
act under general Instructions to pro-
toct Americans and other foreign lu.
Thoro Is disposition among tho i
flclals hero to- refrain from glvinn
even moral support to any individual
leaders In tho turbulont island until
thoy ostabllsh their own rolatlvo
It was eald today that Admiral
Badger, now wltb the Atlantic fleet at
Guantanamo, Cuba, might 'be Instruct
ed to proceed to Haitian wttirs it
condJtlonB. became worse
depressed, perhaps even more than
themselves. Ho told friends anor
iwards that ho wished ho could help,
but saw no way to do It. Thoro Is
ev'rry reason to believe, however,
that tho day gave added stimulus to
tho presidents desire for early legislation.
NBW YORK, Feb. 2. Joseph Cas
sidy, until recontly democratic lead
er or Queens county and Louis T.
Walter Jr., were found guilty by
Jury In the supreme court of aecopt,
ing a bribe In return for tho Judiciary
nomination given Win. Willetto Jr..
iormer memfber ot congress iu 1311.
Th Jurr was out 62 tujautts.
HAITTMORB, Feb. 2. Congress
man Hubert G. Uremner of iN'ow Jer
sey, upon whom radium valued at
$100,000 was used for cancer In Do-', esteemed for his industry.
Tragedy in Douglas the Out
growth of Threats Made by
Man, According to State
ments by Wife and Others
Occurred Yesterday After
noon in Front of Hotel;
Young Woman Called to
Street; In Fear, Took Gun
DOUGLAS, Feb. 2 tSpecIal) 'Mrs.
Winnie McKvcrs, 24, Is held tonight
on a charge of murder. The body ot
her husband, 24, Is In the morgue.
Tho tragody occurred in front of
the Avenue Hotel, G and 14th streets,
where Mrs. McKvers was employed
as a dining room girl. Tho tlmo was
shortly before 4 o'clcck.
It was the culmination of threats
which Mrs. McEvers says McUvers
had made against her life, in this she
Is supported by tho statements of
others. Mrs. McKvfrs Ucges. Mc
Evers had cruelly beaten her on a
number of occasions nnd that ho had
also told her repeatedly that he -would
kill her. She says sho was In mortal
terror of him. This nlso Is substan
tiated by others.
McEvers went to the hotel this aft
ernoon, and (called to his wife to
come out. Sho paid no attention' to
the first summons but on the Second
went to the sidewalk. Before sho
went out fearing that McEvers In
tended violence sho put a revolver Iti
tho folds of her skirt. On the side
walk she asserts that McEvcrn up
pioached hex muttering that he In
tended to itlil her. sne asKed him' to
repest this thrent, which he did and
at the same time reached toward his
pocket. Sho then fired from the
folds ot her skirt, McEvers falling
with a mortnl wound, which ho sur
vived but a few minutes.
, When Coroner i.McClay arrived, ho
found McEvers lying on the sidewalk
with one hand In his trouser's pocket,
substantiating the young woman's
previous statement, mude to Officer
Ed. Nowman, to whem sho surrend
ered In tho hotel Immediately follow
ing tho tragedy. Her statement con
cerning the latter was voluntary and
mado 'bofore the arilval of the coron
er. She fled from tho scene of tho
shooting lntt tho hotel as McEvers
foil. Search of the latters body, how
ever, failed to reveal a weapon when
tho coroner arrived'.
McEvers was in a fight on Saturday
night with "Hlackiu" McEIvoy In
front of a saloon, He was arrested
but later released. Sunday morning
ho was rearrested on a chargo ot
carrying deadly weapons. This morn
ing ho told tho court that ho had
bought tho gun with Intention of kill
ing himself. Tho county authorities
after considering the matter decided
not lo push tho prosecution, the man
appearing reiotitant.
Soon after his roleaso, McEvor's
was met on tho street by W. G. Ow
en, city editor of tho Dispatch, who
asked him tho outcome of his case.
Ho replied that It was all over, add
ing, "hut bellevo mo I am likely to
give you a real story before tho day
Is over." Talking tq tho same news
paperman a little later In tho day, G.
L., Murphy, restaurant proprietor for
whom McEvers had worked a whllo,
said that ho predicted that McEvers'
would either kill bis wife or she lie
ccmo so frightened becauso of his
tbreats that sho would kill him.
Mr. and Mrs. McEvers camo hero
frcm Fort Worth. Ark., about nine
months ago. They wero married In
Fort Worth two years ago. McEvers
had worked somo at railroading. For
short while ho held Jobs nt tho smelt
ers, letter ho worked for shcrt per
iods in local restaurants. It was
comment among thoso who know tha
couple that most ot his work was In
hunting Jobs fcr his wife, who worked
In several restaurants and hotels,
whero she bears good reputation. H.
M. 'McEvers, father of) tho dead man,
Is a well known cook of the city and
cember Is dying In a sanitarium hero
It was announcoi tonight that com
plications had arisen and his death
a matter of only a fow days or per
haps hours. Only the incmltahlo
will of tho congressman Is keeping
him alive.
The charge of murder was pre
ferred ngalnst Mrs. McEvers this
evening by Assistant District Attor
ney J, F. Hess. Coroner McClay will
hold Inquest over tho body of tho
dead man tomorrow morning.
ST. JOSEPH, Fob. 2. Joseph
NEW YORK, Fob. 2. Tho defense
rested today In the second trial of
Hans Schmidt, former nrlest, xccused
of murdering Anna Aumullor. Tho' Schnlcke, a diamond broker, was way-
prosecution recallod tho two alien- la'd and robbed today ot gems worth
Ists who UsstlfleJd Schmidt was not J2.000 on a street In the wejft end
ln5j.no. o' tn c'to
.jt .-4 4, r?T'T--."l ' :t.' : .
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