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Elestrelytle 1gJC te
Silver 48 1-8.
Weather - (ttud.
Colder Probably mow
VOL. 17. NO. 173.
General Scott and General
Hill Meet on International
Line at Naco Hill Agrees
To Some Little Plans.
Weather"iHas Prevented the
Meeting of Governor With
Scott 1AI30 Has Refused to
Cross International Line.
The Carrans officials, both mili
tary ami elvllfl In command of tbe
Karri sou at Naco will be perfectly
willing to meet the representatives
of the Maytoren faction In an effort
to end the trouble on and about the
Arisona bonier. This was the result
of the conference beld yeeterday af
ternoon at the United States custom
house In Naco, Arizona, between
General Hush I- Scott, slilef of start
of tlie Unite States army. General
Bliss, brigadier general, and General
Renjarata Hill. General Rllas Calles
and Roberta Pesquelra, confidential
agent for Carranaa.
The meeting between tlio repre
sentatives of the United States and
those of the Carranta faction In 'the
state or Souora, was entirely harmon
ious. Genet!, Seott expressed him
self, after the conferences, bb being
well satisfied with the results. Pes
Quelra, in sHftklng for the Mexican
f ffiiafl jsia a like comment on the
to end the hostilities as they now
stand, seems assured. General Hill.
Oeneral Calles and Pesquelra are all
aF tiu niUlnn thttt thp nreiient con-
dttton in Naco. Arizona, should be They urge further that any addition
eliminated and are willing to co-op-11 contribution to the funds for rclle
emte with the officials of the United or to the supplies of clothes and food
..,. i.. f.i, ma..r i m. to I be sent in as soon as possible today.
.h utter condition. I
Both tbe United States represents-1
Uvea and the Carranaa officials came
out from the conference feeling that
a long step had been taken to end tbe
difficulties as far as Naco was con
cerned. It remains mow to arrange
some aatlsfactory manner in which
Maytorenu and hla Sonora troop
may agree to and the flatting which
has been going along the Arisona
border and In proximity to Naco, Ari
zona, will be ended.
Efforts are now being made to ar
range for the conference between
' Maytorena and General Scott Ow
ing t8 the heavy rains, prevailing in
Naoo and vicinity for the past few
days, the scheduled conferences at
Osborn were postponed. Maytorena f
could not get out of bis camp. It is
hoped that this condition will be elim
inated today.
Another obstacle, real or otherwise.
aald to be In the way of the confer
once, waa th8 'act that the const!
tutlon of tb. stale of Sonora pro-1
vides that no governor shall go out
side of the state without the direct
pnnlsaloft of the legislature of the
state. Maytorena is aald to bare giv
en this as his reason for not attend
ing the conference yesterday at Os
born. This reason, according to Robert
Pecquet!, confidential representa
tive of Carranaa. holds no water in
face of the proaent difficulties. It Is
true, declared Pesquetra, that a pro-
..I.I l.t. 1. .), .nnalltl.Mnn hilt
wb emewnele. exist. In the pros -
eat form, wltli no legislature in sess
ion. It to leMaeary that tbe govern
Ing oKlcials male, tbe best or the
matter and so into conference.
day morning to Attend the conference
between Sflott and
Hill. He arrived
In Btobee Iat8 last evening and re
turned to hie headquarters In Doug
las late laat night
"I Jiope that the conference will be
Z7" iiW -w dM.re
keep tbe bast faith with the United
States and the people along the bor-
der and In order to do this, we real
lie that conditions. aB they exist at
the present time In Naco, are hard
to combat. If a fair compromise can
be effected I feel sure that the trou
ble in Naco will be ended.''
Conference This Mornlna
InformaUau received last night
would indicate that tbe postponed
Meeting between Governor Maytore-
PRKSCOTT, Dec. 23. State
Senator M. O. Cunnirf died herf
today of acute pneumonia after
an Illness of twenty-four hoars.
Cunnirf was one of the beat
known democrats In Arizona.
He was president of the upper
house during sessions of the last
legislature, and a member of the
constitutional convention. He
was once secretary to Allen II.
Bsker. and later associate, edl-
lor of The World's work.
Relief Committee Prepared To
Take Care of Needy Whether
Weather Man Favors District
This Evening or Not.
If the weather, which for a time
last evening appeared to Indicate
clear skies for today, remains good,
the Municipal Christmas Tree in the
plasa of the Copper Queen general
offices will be illuminated this even
ing. This was the announcement
last evening of the oowmKiee In
charge of ttli arrangements when ,
they had decided Were was warrant- j
ed reason for hoping for a clear day
and night.
If. on the other hand, the weather 1
continues as It has been In the pat I
three days to make the llllutalnatlon
of the tree Impossible, the commit- J
tee -aas ueviueu tuui iuo uuio iui iuc
Illumination of the tree will be plac
ed aside, and will await assured clear
and comfortable times.
However, postponement of tbe Illu
minating of the tree will not relny
the work of the relief committee in
dispersing of the many gifts whlcli
toe been received, TAW have com
pined arrangements for distribution
pave seen that all needy poor hi the
I city have felt the touch ff a Santa
before tbe Christmas day Is over.
tlwat they may prepare for lis dlstrl
button. The committee la prepared
to handle all the supplies and funds
which they can obtain, and will ap
preciate further efforts on the part
of those able to help.
Additional attractions have been
added to the many already prepared
for the Illuminating of the tree. Yes
terday evening the Cornish Club an
nounced that tey will sing a Christ
mas carrot at tbe time of tbe cele
bration. In addition there will be
two or more of tbe bands of tbe dis
trict on band, and other items of In
terest will be arranged and displayed
for the Christmas crowds.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. Congresa
ih&s suspended business and goHe
home for tbe Xmas. Both bouse and
senate adjourned to meet again De
cember 26.
The holiday recess finds the exe
cutive work well advanced. The con
stituUonal amendment for woman
suffrage will probably come up early
in January. Several committees will
reK)rt appropriation bills soon after
tlte recess, and the house leaders are
determined to press them vigorously
in an effort to clear the session's bus
Iness business by March 4. Tho sen-
l """""
' ' tamedUt.ly after ChrtaUnaa
Tb president presented each
White House employe with a fifteen
pound turkey as a Christmas present
He distributed 12S turkeys, remem
bering the policeman as well as dark.
aBc domestic. The president plans
I lu cu'""uoru"' umuvu
by emulating tier aotion mm year in
the distribution of useful presents to
soma of the city's poor who bave
been called to the attention of tbe
family. Wilson Is a regular oontrlb
to',' to the Washington Associated
, Charities and through that agency
will assist In making needy families
comfortable. Many Christmas pres
ents were received at the White
House from all purts of the country.
ns and General Scott will be bald
three uiilte east of Naco tble moru
la If tfals meeting is successful an ear
ly end to tbe warfare- In Naco Is prom
These pictures have Just been re
ceived from Warsaw, Russia. One
shows the Siberian defenders of the
town, who arrived in Warsaw just In
time to save it from the Germans
when the Kaiser's forces first began
te attack the efty. The other photo
sfcaws a 2eppHt air scout flying
over tbe city to locate Its line of
El Paso & Southwestern Tracks Washed Out in Two Places ar d
S. P. Birn Line Broken; F armers and Families Spend Day
in Trees; Farm Dams Wa shed Out; Lands Inundated and
Crops Taken Away in Wate r; State Bridge Submerged.
TUCSON, Dec. 23. Floods, tbe re-! hood of one mile wide, and was show
suit of a week of practically unbrok-jing no signs of lowering,
en rainfall caused tbe loss of three j Greatest damage to railroad proper-
Uvea, hundreds of head .of llve.ty and right of war was sustained by
stock drown and ranch bouses and
city residences washed away. Near
ly the entire area of tbe state be
tween Phoenix and the border waa
A Southern Pacific passenger train
Is stlH .marooned near Nogales. T.ie
Santa Cruc river attained a width of
more than one mile and one-halt
while the flood which awopt through
the Amado region readied Tucson,
wiping out bridges and houses. Dos
ens of ranch houses were destroyed
in the vicinity of Amado.
Two Mexicans were drowned there
i atter may oau wsueu nours m iroe
tops, for rescue.
A United States soldier waa re
ported as drowned in a big wash at
An open cut a mile long and half
a million dollars worth of pumping
machinery of the Tucson Farms com
paay H under water.
iN'ogales, Port Huachuca, Florence
and Ray are isolated. The Salt River
Valley irrigation project suffered se -
. w va
Paiui Munine- iiAtm tha Hvr ltr
" ... ... .. r - - - -
after tbe Tucaon farma were noonea.
indicated that tbe power line was
A relief train sent out to rescue
passengers stated that tbe Southern
Paeifle train between Tucaon and
N'ogales that more than 100 ranchers
In the vicinity of Santa Crui valley
with their families were rescued by
the raflrocd men, hut their homes
were destroyed with a complete loss
of stock and other property. Rescu
ers found men and women clinging
to their house tops and windmill tow
ers which swayed under the attack!
of the flood waters.
Water damage on the San Pedro
river between Hereford and Benson,
on both the branch lines of the Bl
Paso and Southwestern and the So.
Pacific and to the farms which are
along the liver, has been tbe heavi
est In the history of the settlements
affected in tbe past two days, and
there is at tbe present time little
promise of better conditions inside
the next twenty-four hours. Last
evening, when word waa bad, from
several points niongi the river the
raging torrent pouring down the val
ley was at all points In the neighbor-
the Bl Paao and Southwestern whose
tracka on the main line and their
branch line from Benson to Pair
banks were washed nt In several
places. Between Lewis Springs and
Hereford there, wa on serious wat
er break in the tracka which was re
paired aa soon as possible but not
before the taut bound train last even
ing had been delayed several houra.
Seven hundred feet of the U..P.
S. W. tracks between Benson and
Fairbanks wa lnumlatad, and last
evening there was water several feet
deep over the whole of the right of
way. It Is not known what the dam
age at this point is. but It la pro be We
that tber, is a good portion of tbe
section washed out. Tbe burro line
oi me Bouinero raraiic unvwi uiw
aame two cltle. waa out in two plac-
as all yesterday and train senrte baa
not yet been re-started.
Damage To Farms.
Several families In the neighbor-
hood of 8t. David, on the San Pedro
I between Benson and Fairbanks. annt
' veitardsy In the trees in their yards
- - -
or on tne tops oi vnrnr nomes or
barns. Water lu their farms and
residences waa from thre to ten
feet deep, and the were driven to
cold shelter from the floods after It
was too late tor mem to gain ning
land, and after they had been sur
rounded by the fast rising flood wat
ers wtbich swirled down ibex steep
pitch of the river bed.
In th. same district, above St. Dav-
Id, where the Mormon colony of this
section of the country have their
farms, there was a heavy damage to
farm property. Five dams which the '
Mormons have built for their irrlga-1
tion, were waahed away, and their,
nelds were all or tnem inunaatea.
Hay stocks were taken down the
.1... I.. . V, I. iu It wam ark tiAitltr
""' "" " -
soaked by the flood waters about
them that they will probably be a loss
to their owners. Farm ground In
cultivation was cut badly a-"d filled
with rolling stones. Acres of sor
ghum and corn, lately cut,
washed into tbe torrents.
Heaviest of the losers above tue
St. David district was the Bosqulllas
Land and Cattle Company, whose
farms extend from the neighborhood
of Hereford below Fairbanks. Tnelr
4. . 1 p P-
ROME, Dec. ,23. A rumor is
in circulation here that Emper-
or Francis" Joseph of Austria-
4 Hungary is dying. The report
has it that the emperor has re-
ceived the last sacrament.
storage and diversion dam near Fair
banks and one mile above their head
quarters ranch, on which during the
past summer they fcave spent much
money and which has Just been
placed in good shape, was completely
destroyed. The loss to this structure
alone la estimated as in the neigh
borhood of $4000. The whole of the
farm lands of the company In tbe
neighborhood of Fairbanks was- lnun -
dated, and their crop In the field
were destroyed. One hay stack In a
field near the Fairbanks station waa
reported ten feet deep In rising water
.The State Highway.
The state highway bridge at Pair
banks waa completely under water.
At this point' the water In the San
Pedro valley waa estimated as over
one mile la width, extending past the
store, hotel and oter houses In the
little, change station. What damage
tbe bridge bat suffered is impossible
to say, aa It to Impossible to approach
near enough to examine the struct-
i urm Ttla .nnrn,.k., wn .-.
,eml wltu tne noo4 WRUMtl aw, ,t te
'thought they ar, wasted out badly,
Word of the water passing over tbe
j bridge waa yesterday sent out from
Tnmh.inno m th no annoor-a
I department, and a raqueat was made
.tk. nn. v,a . i
Minf IVIH Wf W 11 V " 1 ..1 UDH V' ,
.!, .. ,i. .. I
im vniQ ui 1 1 1 v I' I'l Vu Mica m u u 11 j
to gave tbm gm) the orldge from
further damage. It Is not known
here tf metJ ,mve bMn urried to the
glot, but it la highly probable accorU-
,, t0 from ToHibatoae, that tbe
citisens of that city will see that the
bridge has attention If the state does
not take immediate action.
About The State.
Word of other water damage in
several carta of tbe stat.. cornea to
nisbee. On the Southern Pacific.
wegt of Tucgon, .here was one ble
WMhout. It is reported that the
track wag Bga!n renajred Mi sven.
m)ti aBd tPBns were win nmnlng.
0n tne southern Pacific line oon-
nectinc Tucson and Noaalaa. tbare
wa. ,,0 WHter trouDie, an(I 0 ' traln
wu repurieu to u lanruoueu ue-
I , , , .
itWeen the two citlea wbere help
.could not reach it.
Streets Being Cleaned.
The task of cleaning Brewery Gulcb
between the entrance to tOe subway
el the depot car atop and fountain
square was commenced yestenjay
I morning. All day. teams, wagons
'and wen, under tbe direction of
strWl supervisor Loreuso Wrljbt.
. , ,. j. 1
1 . (Coutlnued on Page Three)
Belgian King from Headquar
ters of Army in Flanders
Sends His Hearty Greetings
To Kind Americans.
Says His Men Saved Dunkirk,
And Calais from German
Onrush at Battle of Yser!
Food Until February 12.
FLANDERS, Dec. 23. In the council
chamber of the Ancient Flemish
1 town hall from which he is direct
; Ing, under German shell fire, the re
I slstance of hi war-torn little army,
blocking the road to Dunkirk and
Calais. King Albert told the AstiM
elated Press of the stand tils soldiers
are making against the' German In-
' vaderH.
! The king's headquarters are locat
ed on the remaining dry areas in
tliut small oonier of Iletgium left
under hie rule. The king also request
ed the Associated Press to convoy to
the people of the United Statos his
deep gratitude for their efforts to
feed his subjectR now under German
mUItary rule.
He praised the soldiers and ex
pressed the modest belief that the
shattered little Relglan army waved
Dunkirk and Calais at the battle of
Yser. He expressed the belief that
before the war Is over he will re
turn to ftrueaeia at Uib UsaiUcUUhJa
The monarch was alone when the
correspondent was admitted to the
council chamber, not even his aide
being present The king's tall angu-
, 1T 1-lncolii-llke form was clothed in
the slnipte undress uniform of the
general of the artillery, which is
without Inalgnia beyond tbe braided
shoulder straps to distinguish him
from the staff officer.
Physically King Albert looks hard
ened but the lines of care show in
his otherwise youthful face. In n
manner he te decidedly shy and be
apologised for his English, which,
however, was very fluent.
The light from the smoky oil
lamp barely penetrated the receeee
; of tlle grwit beamed hall, from the
walls of which empty picture frames
atared down. When the king saw tha
eyes of the correspondent fixed on
the blank spaces where a few months
ago Invaluable fmelsh canvas hung,
he smiled and sall he no' longer ex
pectet the Germans even to be In a
position to take the frames. He mod
estly praised tils soldiers, speaking
of them with great kindness sa
though talking of his own children.
"I' believe," he aald, "my army is
courageous. Mv' people, however, are
too democratic for the same discip
line that prevails In the oonecriift
European armies. You will see some
thing of the bravery of my people
when tomorrow you shall have a
chance to witness Peasants working
In tho fields under shell fire, con
cerned only for the losaes of their
homes, tbe destruction of which
causes them great grief."
When Edgar Sengeer, Belgian at
lacho of the American commission
for the relief of Belgium, eutered,
presented the king's report from the
commission, allowing that there la
enough food In alght to feed his pt'!-
pie until February 12, the king turn
ed quickly to the correspondent say
ing: . ,
"Will you be king enough to eon
vey to the American people my rteea
BERLIN, Dec. IS. A report from
tbe German army headquarters In the
field states the German attack has
bn made In the eastern war arena.
UUl r llOllltJI lite uiivimwuii niw m-
, : .
reeled against tbe Russian rear or
main line s not stated,
"The situation In Gallola.'th e re
port says, "bus cleared. The Rus
sians are holding ' the east bank of
the Ditnajec river to Tuchow (a town
Juat south ot Taruow). Another Bus
elan Use extends U tb south east of
Kreeno (aa the raHroad between Jas
lo ami SaaSk). Heavy fighting Is
going ob both at Tucuew ShU Krosno
and also' In the Dupkow Pass."
Changing Their Point of At
tack Kaiser's Forces Have
Taken Positions Much Nettr
er Polish Capital City $
While Gains and Losses Seem
About Evenly Divided, in
Per Cent of Advantage, Ger
mans Appear to Have Best.
LONDON, Dec. 23. The Allies. 'In
the west, the Germans In Poland
and the Russians In East J'rftaala and
Gallola continue their Offensive oper
ations but advances have been mo
slight as to be almost imperceptible
in the long run, however the ground
which Is being taken may prove vit
al and the various arntiw jffe light
ing with an Intensity which han not
been exceeded since tbe war began.
In Poland the center of lntereat has
hlftetl slightly to the soma. , Plait
ing the direct road to Waraaw block
ed by Russian reinlotoementa tho
Germans made ait attack from the
southwest and bave reached Skiern
iewloe, which la some forty mlleu
from the Polish capihU. THex htfre
thus far failed to pieroevh.. Russian
line but have forced Qnuid Duka
Nicholas' forces' to withdraw from bo.
fore Qnicow. In this one at the chief
alms Qf their offenatve against Rus
sia the GeinioiiB have, been suoqeea-
. 7..
U EtWttlifa.i Wfli tt a.&wtoB-(tpruwn
Mm whWr poured rtf fffrm UmL&sJbV
acroea the Carpathiana, according ta,
I the latets Petrograd report, the lius-
slans Inflicted heavy losses on these
forces, while In the north they pur.
sued Into the Interior of East Prus-
"la a small German army which mads
a feint at Warsaw from the north
west. Although the Allies have scored
some successes in battles in the west
they are meeting very stubborn re
sistance and military men warn the
public that a very heavy casually '.1st
must be expected before any serious
Impression can be made on the Gr
man entrenchments.
Activity seems to have been re
sumed along tbe Belgian coast, for
it la announced slight progress has
been made by the Allies between the
sea and the road from Nieupert lo
the west end. At other points Similar
fighting is proceeding with here suc
cess and there reverse or failure of
the attack.
Airmen of both sides are extreme,
ly busy and aeroplanes hn'e been
swarming over Ilelglum, aviators re
connolteiing the movements ef op.
posing troops and occasionally drop
plug bombs, llniges and llmsweift
have been visited by aviators f refit
the ranks of the Allies, while Ile
um hb and other towns In northern
Prance received attention from tha
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. Prohi
bitionist leaders in congress are re
lignetg forces for another tight lu
tbe stxty-fonrth congress which meets
next November. They claim victory
lu that more than a majority In the
house voted for the Hobson enttetltu
tiotial amendment resolution tost
night, although It failed to. get a
two-thirds vote.
It la figured that If all voting
agalnat the resolution this time ra
pes t, only eight of 1SG Members in
tbe house need vote against It B
assure another defeat
AMSTERDAM, Dec. 2J. Tbe Aux
trian official report received sara:
"Our operations In the Carvatbiaas
are nrogreealng favorably, tn the
districts or the iAteresa rlvr In
Uiingary. near Volvoez. the Russians
attack was repulsed . 8ever bittlsn
oenibiue near Krosno, Jaelo and Tee
bow and also o tbe Dosajec siver.
Tbe battle on tbe Nbte rWr (tit
soutbem Russian Potanst) to ssuh
ar. A fresh battle is now
lag along the entire front"

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