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ii r ,iT. . i. iii. i i i I r r.m.MfcfjfQ2glmmM
Js .till c t
Tie Sioiv That Is Better
Where Everybody Ooes
101 Bison Masterpiece in 4 Parts
Coming Wednesday, February 10th
'The Counterfeit Rose" 8th Episode "Trey O'Heails"
Wonderful Masierpices Booked for Every Sunday
'The Threads of Destiny'
hubin 5 Part Masterpiece Featuring
Evelyn Nesbit Thaw
And Son, Russell William Thaw
Hanhn Brothers' Wonderful Spec,
taclc in Five Parts
"The Locked Door"
Vitagraph Masterpiece Taken in
.Cqlaboration with the New York
City Fire Department and
Vitagraph Masterpiece Played Con
tinuously at the Vitagraph
Theatre for 8 Weeks
"Pape's Olajtaptln" ends Indigestion,
Oas, Dyspepsia and Stomach Mis
ery In five minutes.
If whet: yop Just ate In souring on
your stomach or lice like a lump of
lead, refusing lo digest, or you belch
gas and eraUl sour, undigested
food, or have a feeling of dliaitiess,
heartburn, fntlnssa, nausea, had taste
hi the mouth and stomach headache,
you rf.n get blessed relief In ftv
Ask your pharmacist to show you
the formula, plainly printed on these
fifty-cent rases of I'ape's Dlspapsln,
tli on you will understand why dys
peptic troubles of all kinds must go
and why they relieve sour, out-of-or
der stomachs or Indigestion in Are
minuteo "Pace's Diapepsln" Is harm
less; tastes Mke candy, though each
dose will digest and prepare for as
similation into the blood all the fool
you cat; besides, it makes you go to
the table with a healthy appetite:
but. what will please you most, is
thai you will feel that your stomach
and intestines are Oean and fresh,
and you will not need to resort to
laxatives or liver pills for biliousness
or constipation.
This city will have many "Pape's
Diapepsln" cranks, si some people
will rait them, but you will be enthu
siastic about this splendid stomach
preparation, too, it you ever take it
for indigestion, sasas, heartburn
sourness, dyspepsia or any stomach
Get some now, the minute, and rW
rourselt of stomach trouble and lotH
cestion in five minutes. 739'
Phone 57
Proprietor and Manager
Eclairs Special Western DraniH
"Till the Sanrk of The Des
art Grow Cold"
li Twa Parts
The Uibin Special i-Part Drnma
"A'Recent Confederate
'rs Victory"
A Tale of the Southland
The Edifcon Drama
"The Last of the Hnrgrovsw'
- Featuring Gertrude McCo
The Essanay Comedy
"Sophie's Fatal Wedding"
With Slippery Slim and Mustang
Infuriated Bull
Gores Bisbee Man
Ad infuriated bull wag respon-
sihle yesterday morning shortly
t before noon, for a very painful
and serious Injury to E. A. Rolfe
one of the well kndwn' residents
4 of the district. Rolfe. as a u-
suit, is in bed and will remain
t!eie.un.m.Ws right leg ijfcov-
era from severe contusions.
V Rolfe entered the lot ot his
home, which Is located in Wood
Canyon. He was not watching
closely and suddenly, t bull.that
was loose m the lot, lunged at
him. He was unprepared and
the animal's horn entered the
fleshy part of his leg. Luckily,
it did not hit the bone.
A doctor was immediately called f
and attended to the wounds. It
P 1 thought that Rolfe may be
over the wound srortly.
Coming Monday
"Bronco Billy's Judgement"
The Royal's liig Payday Monday
"California Syrup of Figs" best for
tender stomach, liver, bowels
tastes delicious.
Hereford Bridge Still in Bad
Snap a-San Pad ro Practical
ly in Floods-Valley High
ways Impassable.
Road conditions in t'oc-is county
Etiil are reigning topics of conversa
tion. The term, lack of. road condi
tions, is perhaps better, according to
those who are forced by situation to
travel over the highway and byways
of the section. The only road in
real travelable condition. Is that be
tween Tombstone and Douglas, thro
the Warren District.
The residents of tbe San Pedro
country, as well as those of the Sul
phur Springs valley, are up In arms
Many who make tbeir way into Bis
bee declare that the roads are all
taut to passible. They s4d that there
doesn't appear to be any chance of
eliminating; the cauae of com plaint
The bridge at Hereford across tbe
Ban Pedro is in tew same condition
in which the December floods left it
Look back aJour childhood days.
Remember the "dose" mother insisted
on castor oil. calomel, cathartics. j In other words only te light laden
how you natea tnem, now you rottgrn
(Crown Brand)
beat oil for motors and stoves in
M gal. tanks lock faucets at whole
sale 20c pergallon delivered any
where. Gasoline 5 gal in faucet
cans SOS. Pearl coal oil. XW,
also faucet cans. Zeroline medium
heawy or light at $3.26 per 5 gal.
cm. IQne 398 or letter P. a Box
WB. Lewsll. Aria. Wholesale at
against taking them.
With your children it's different.
, Mothers who cling to the old form of
; physic (imply don't realise what they
, do. The. children's revolt is veil
' founded. Their tender little "Insfles '
'are injured by them.
1 If your child's stomach; liver and
.bowels need cleansing, grve only" da
! llcious "California SyrUp of Wigs.'
Its action is positive, but gentle. Mil
' lions of mothers keev this harmless
j "fruit laxative" handy: they know1
children love to take It; that It never
fails to clean the liver an bowels
teaspoonful given today saves a sick
! child tomorrow.
vehicles can pass the stream, tbl
San Pedro being scatty la flood at
this time. The prospectors and for
mers from tbe Huacauca Mtctioa are
com plain log and til declare that some
thing must be done In order to clear
up the situation.
cm the other hand the supervisors
are doing all thai they can in regard
to the .matter of improvements to
roads. If tt were possible for the
board to spend an unlimited amount
of money on this or that road, i
would probably be' done without de
lay. This la not tbe ease, however
and tknuiyti lh mMFYliAri ra it a
sweeten the stomach, and that a .L 'Zl 7
i fuVWsv v mwz v. iiwhs eatnr
i they are curtailed by the law a ltd by
Ask your druggist for MMt hot- Ut thj very poPl. who de-
tie of "California Syrup of Figs." : "B m" w lu" "
which has full directions for babies, i udC8 ? ,k,y
eh I Wren of all ages and tor grown-ups ! nUer of enewltr. of county
LpUinly on egcit bottle Beware of ".
counterfeits soia mm. ee tnat it
Is made by "California Fig Syrup 1 Fresh cut ilowers. delivered when
Coropany " Refuse any other kind you will Bee Beeley's. Lowell.
With contempt- Adv. ! Phone 370.
NEW YORK. Feb H Tli' enlist
ment of the 20.000.000 children of the
r nlted States in an army of helpful
ness to relieve suffering both In this
country and Europe Is the purpose of
a movement which is announced here
by A committee of .educators of na
tionwide reputation. It Includes Chas.
W. Eliot, president , emeritus of Har
vard University David Starr Jordan,
president of the National Education
al Association, and Richard McLau
lln president of -the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology.
It is tbe beiief at those interested
in the plan thst evil Influences In
tbe schools of tbe United States are
arising" tram the .wax, 'Influences of
lying, hatred and murder are mould
ng the lives of America's 20.000,000
children." says an announcement of
the committee's plans, "which tend
to crush out truth, Justice and love
As a nation we are evading our re
sponsibilities in not seriously at
tempting to counteract these evil in
fluences from their lives.
"With a nation-wide relief move
ment of our children' we can turn
their minds from destructive niurde;
to helpful llfe-glvlng and build on
the terrible need tbe strongest, most
Musterelc Gives Delicious Comfort.
Vhen those sharp pains go shoot
ing thrrtugh your bead, when youi
skull seems as if It would split. Just
rub a MtWrMU STERILE on tbe fern
pies and neck. It draws out tbe In
namation, soothes away the pain
gives quick relief.
Ml'STKROLE is a dean, white oint
ment made with oil of mustard. Bel
ter than a mustard plaster and, doe
not bliater.
Doctor and nurses frankly reconi
mend MU STEROLS for Sore Throat
Bronchitis. Croup. StlK Neck, Asthma
Neuralgia, Congestion, Pleurisy, Rheu
mat ism, Lumbago, Pates and Achet
of tbe back or joints. Sprains, Sort
Muscles, Bruises, Chilblains, Frosts
Feet. Colds of th. Chest (It often pre
vents Pneumonia).
At your druggist's In 25c and Mk
jars, snd a special large hospital slat
for SS.tO.
Be sure you get the genuinf MI'S
TEROLB. Refuse imitations, ge'
what you ask for The Muaterolt
Company, Cleveland, Ohio
Senator Smith Wires that he
s. Called on Secretay of War
Who Inferred Favorable
-Action on Matter.
That the protests of the people
of the Warren District and a(
Douglas will carry con4(iera,l)t
weight with the war department,
was indicated yesterday when
Secretary Joe Gray of the Com
mercial Club, received a wire
rroin Senator Smith. Tbe sena
tor staler that be took the mat
ter of the retention of tbe troops
on the Artapna border up with
the . secretary of war yesterday
morning and had received a fav
orable reply. Senator Asburst
and Congressman ligyden are
yet to be beard from but it 1h
expected tat their course of act
ion will be simitar t- that taken
by Mark Smith.
The diSftetcb. of the telegram
to the Arlsoaa delegation in con
gress wss occasioned by the fart
that the business men and ot! ers
of El I 'ago were asking the wal
department to transfer the troops
now located In Douglas, to the
Gate City.
The people of Arlsona. and par
ticularly those of Cochise county,
who have seen tre damage
wrought by the contending tac
tions in Mexico are Insistent upon
the troops being left where they
are. For months last fall bullets
fll in the, United States and the
presence of the troops alone, pre
vented further and more danger
ous hostilities.
Douglas has been busy for sev
eral days slong tbe same line and
from the telegram received from
Senator Smith R would appear
that the war department is con
tent to let the ' troops remain
where ttey are for some time to
come. With the rumblings ami
grumblings of the war clouds in
Sonora. a movement of the sol
diers to another state, where
there is little or no r ed for them
Is said to b nearly out ot the
royal wednesdays
Manager Walter D. Evaiib, ot t- e
Royal has Introduced a new tetilme
In connection with the Main street
theatre. Every Wednesday afternoon
tie will give a feature "Ladies Mati
nee." At the first matinee, which
will be given next Wednesday, an at
tractive souvenir will be given to ev
ery lady who attends.
Tonight the Royal's program in
cludes a two-part feature entitled
"Till the Sands of the Desert Urow
Cold." This Is a western drama and
is said to be one of the best things
of the character ever filmed. Anoth
er two-part feature is the Lubin dra
ma entitled, "A Recent Confederate
Victor)'-" With the augmented Roy
al orchestra the playhouse Is getting
an extra large patronage which Is
repeating, testifying to the worth of
the performances.
helpful race of men and women the
world has ever known.
"The school children are organ
ised, and can begin Immediately on
relief work. They csn raise at least
11,000,000 without burden on any one
'as tbe fuuda will be raised in small
sums the people's gift through their
children. They can make millions or
needed articles of cloth tax and oth
er things. Working shoulder to aboul
der to offset the influences of organ
led murderous warfare they will feel.
tbe quickening helpful Impulse of
their great llfe-glvlng orgflanlatlon -!
a mighty Impulse In their Ives- and1
.i great example to tbe world. They
wW do njore to establish Internation
al peace and good will based, on
kindly acts tt-au years of diplomacy
and peace conteieuces."
Call or pboue Seeley's. Lowell, fcr
cut flowers or floral desigus. Phone
n mat"'"" u i -
m Less-Of That m.
m Cooked Taste I
m i
HAT has been your trouble when
using an evaporated milk? What
has prevented its use for the most deli
cate of dishes? Only fear; fear that
the "cooked taste" of the ordinary
canned milk would taint the mild flavor
of your table delicacies.-
From- America's Healthiest Cows
S MILKER freer from that "cooked
taste" than .any other evaporated
milk on the market. Pure as the dew
drop on the daisy, it comes to you with
but the slightest suggestion of any
process of sterilization.
The use of the moat modern and scientific machin
ery In America and the 'shortness of the time re
quired for sterilization, has disposed of all the harsh
ness af "that Cfoked taste". Ttst It now. Gt the
LILY MILKMAN In your home today.
12 Lily Milk can labels will
bring you our new COOK BOOK
Pacific Creamery Co.
m ,'aaaaaam
Sunday, February 7, 1915
"The Price of Crime"
Featuring Dot Farley
The Famous and Fascinating
Albuquerque Star
Over 1000 Rings
No Two Alike
Tq ba sold at 1Q Per Cent Discount for a few days
only. Valut frqrrt If 1.00 to $450.00
L. L. GILMAN, Jeweler and Optician
Wall Paner Half Price THE STORE THA T SA VES YOU MONEY Folding Ms and Tables for Rent tor Entertainments
- - . Mrs. 1- .
Good Transfer Truck
Sale at a Bargain
Svchl Sale of Unredwirmd Pawn Broker's Pledges consisting of Watches, Diamonds, God Rings, Caff
Buttons, Stot Guns, KiJUs, Fiatol ana Musical instruments, w are tne largest ouyers anaggufsra: vj
SiaQudJiancl Goods in Ajvio$a exchange goods. Bisbee's Gnat Bargain Store, $Q,Q0 argqtn,s
For Sal-Two QfflcQ Deslcs
and Two Iron Safa Ckmp

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