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Would Cost Twenty Billions
"2 To acquire the railroads the
government would ha to to pledge its
credit for eighteen to twenty billions
of dollars at a time when other large
financiering must be done. It would
be difficult for the government to
dispose of the securities required to
purchase the railroads, and it would
be necessary for' the government to
secure from five hundred million to
one billion dollars of new capital
each year. If the government were
to assume the burden of financing the
railroads at the present time, when
the war debt is so large, its interest
rate would necessarily be as high as,
if not higher than, the rate at which
corporations could secure capital.
"3 Government operation is
seldom, if ever, as efficient as
corporation management. Com
petition, the cause of efficiency
and progress in private enter
prises, is absent from the gov
ernment " administration of af
fajrs, individual initiative Is less,
bureaucratic methods are more
characteristic, and the services
rendered are less progressively
efficient.' - .
"4 While the government would
presumaDiy select ouicers and em
ployes by means of efliciency tests,
political influences would almost cer
tainly be given weight in selecting
men for official positions.
Either High Rates or High Taxes
"5 Unless the government adopted
the policy of fixing low rates and
fares, with the Intention that any re
sulting jeflcit from operations should
be placed as increased burden of
taxes upon the general public, rates
and fares would be higher under gov.
ernment than under private opera
tion. Under government operaUoa
expenses rise in relation to income
and the charges imposed by the gov
ernment if a deficit is to be avoided
must be higher than those which it
would be necessary to permit railroad
corporations to make.
Political . Effect Unsavoury
b me political enect ol govern
ment ownership and operation of rail
roads in the .United States might be
serious. There are now about 500,000
civil employes of the government,
and the addition to the public services
of 2,000,000 railroad employes, the
majority of whom are voters, would
constitute a force of about 2,!00,000
government employes Interested in
vun ii iriiiug nic uuijr ui tut? fuveiu'
ment as regards wages, hours aad
conditions of service. Such a body
of employes might easily exercise a
. controlling influence upon state and
national politics." .,. , .-
(Continued from Pace One)
ture being offered by the state's wit
neases. ' ".
Tomorrow's session of court will
include the hearings of Frank Ralney,
John Salmons and James Olasson.
Hearings set for Thursday, August
7, are those of John Southerland, Alt
Cromer and Harry Anderson.
29 Hearings So Far
The four hearings today brought
the total held thus far to twenty-nine.
Court officials state that, as some or
the hearings occupy but a few min
utes and others more than an entire
day, it is impossible to estimate how
much more time will be needed to
complete the hearings of all the men
arrested. It is expected that a recess
of several weeks will be taken after
the group of 51 cases now being con
sidered is completed.
. Rev. Smith Meeting
Sam I. Smith is still preaching at
the Christian church this week. His
theme for this evening will be "Praia
ing God With Our Lips." A special
song will be given by the Lyman
sisters, Helen and Margerle. The
public is invited to these services.
You will not need to burden your
mind with exact dates of certain
great events of the late war. This
has all been taken care of in a com
plete chronology of happenings from
the assassination of Archduke Fran
cis Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, up to
the end of the awful conflict. It's
day-by-day account with which to Bet
- tie disputes, and you'll find it in the
"New Atlas of the World," which
now is beinjr distributed by The Bis
bee Daily Review and newsdealers
Enquire lor this new atlas.
Wallace Attending
Kappa Sigma Meet
Tom Wallace is having an enjoy-,
able time Tisiting in eastern cities.!
He was Bent as a delegate from the
Arizona university chapter or tne
Kappa Sigma fraternity to attend the
national conclave held at Washing-
Wallace and was attending the state! bidder for cash, lawful money of the titled to the proceeds of such sale
university when he went to the navy.
After the armistice was signed he im
mediately resumed his studies at
school and was unanimously elected
1 on the 2nd rlav nf Auniat 1919. I will.
as Trustee of the above mentioned
estate, receive written bids at the of
fice of my attorney, Charles Blen-
man, Esq., Old Post pffice Building,
in the City of Tucson, for the pur
chase of the personal property here
inafter described, such bids to be
filed on or before Saturday, the 9th
day of August, 1919, at 12 o'clock
noon, and I will on such date sell at
private sale to the highest and best!
tion to the caretaker of the store at
The list of book debts and accounts
forming Lot Three can be inspected
at the office of my attorney at any
The goods wares and merchandise
forming Lot One will be those re
maining unsold, and contained in the
store, on Monday, August 4th, 1919.
If any are sold by the Trustee after
that date the purchaser will be en-
to attend Kappa Sigma's national
convention. He writes home that he
has much to tell when he gets back,
and the many Kappa SIgmas of the
Warren district will be glad to hear
bis report of the conclave.
Eight Hour Day For
State Work Upheld
PHOENIX, Aug. 5. Artisans or la
borers cannot be compelled to work
more than eight hours daily on any
work done for the state of Arizona,
directly or indirectly, according to an
opinion returned today by J. K. Mc-
Bride, assistant attorney general or
Arizona. . . ' - ' :"
The opinion was requested by Hy-
well Davis, federal labor administra
tor. Mr. McBride asserted in the
opinion that the current local wage,
though based on nine or ten hours
labor, was the minimum that could be
paid workers on state work, even
though they were required only; to
work eight houis.
The opinion was to the effect that
the law of the state makes eight
hours a day's work on works done for
all political subdivisions of the state
such as counties or cities, as well as
that for the state itself.
Is a Merry Widow
"Soon after my husband's death, 9
years ago I was taken with typhoid
fever. Since then have suffered from
stomach and liver trouble and consti
pation. I have-doctored a great deal
without benefit Since taking Mayr's
Wonderful Remedy three mouins :)?o
my bowels have moved regularly and
I am feeling well again I am now a
hpppy woman.". It is a simple, harm
less preparation that, removes the ca
tarrhal mucus from the intestinal
tract and allays the inflammation
which causes practically all stoniachi
liver and intestinal ailments, includ
ing appendicitis.' One dose will con
vince or money relunded.
Mickey Scahlon Is
Still Globe Guest
PHOENIX, Aug. 5. The office jf
Governor Campbell still was without
information today regarding Nevada
officers expected to bring extradition
papers here for "Mickey Scanlon,
now held at Globe. Scanlon is want;
ed in Tonopab, Nev., on a charge o?
criminal syndicalism, and 'has boen
detained some days at Globe.
Recently word was received hero
that officers were on their way i'
jTako him back to '.Nevada,-but so far
none have arrived.' it is supposed hero
that rucent washouts, which. Jis
ananged train schedules in northern
Arizona, account for the delay. .
Mr. Frank Holmes, manager, "ar
rived in town yesterday and reports
the. .following progress being made on
property, estimate has been made for
pipe line and new road to property to
haul in heavy machinery; excavation
for mill practically completed:
The company has over 40,000 ton3
of ore blocked out with average value
of 35 ounces of silver per. ton." The
value of this tonnage at present trice
of silver is 11,500,000. This ore.
which is now blocked out as . above
stated is a north continuation of the
main Tigre vein. The ore occurs
in the form of sulphide and a good
extraction can be made by flotation
The North Tigre Leasing company is
a corporation organized- under laws o
Arizona with capitalization of 750,000
shares, 25c. par. The company pro
poses now to sell 300,000 shares at 25c,
the pnoney o be used for erection of
the milk
Application for stock may be made
through L. J. Overlock, broger, Col
lins & Bretherton, brokers, and C. W.
Bos well, Copper Queen hotel.
United States, subject to confirms
tion by the above entitled Court, the
following described personal estate
in three separate lots as follows, to
wit: LOT ONE.
All goods, wares and merchandise
which may be contained in the store
and premises at Gleeson, in the Coun
ty of Cochise, lately occupied by the
Bankrupt, . and "forming the general
mercantile business formerly carried
on by him there.
All fixtures, shelving and othet
furniture in the above mentioned store
of every nature and description, ana
also all other personal property for
merly belonging to the Bankrupt
therein contained, except the stock in
trade comprised in Lot One, but in
eluding one auto truck. .
All hook debts and accounts due to
the Bankrupt according to the list and
statement thereof now on file in the
office of the Referee in Bankruptcy
in Tucson, such book debts and ac
counts aggregating the sum of about
510,000. Together also with all books
of account formerly belonging to and
kept by the said Bankrupt in his busi
Terms of sale: Twenty-five (25),
nercent- rash. or. 'certified check, to
accompany bid, balance on confirma
The above Lots One and Two can
be inspected at any time on applica
The book debts, etc.. forming Lot
Three will be those remaining uncol
lected on Monday, August 4th, 1919-
If any are collected by the Trustee
after that date the purchaser will be
entitled to such collections.
Dated this 2nd day ot August. 1919.
Attorney for Trustee.
Rooms 2 and 3, Old Post office
Bldg, Tucson, Arizona.
First . publication, Sunday Aug. 8,
Last publication Friday, Aug. 8,
I r Wash the affected
Y KJ J surface with bout,
i hold ammonia or
warm salt water; then apply
YOUR B0DYGUAftDw-30f.60i'"
' of the
relieved in
Each Cap- f
Bulo bears the (MIDY)
is at the bottom of most
digestive ills.
for indigestion afford pleas
ing and prompt relief from
the distress of acid-dyspepsia.
it- 9sr a m a, a t m t j m
Br J.l'l T 1 W . W T
, For the District of Arizona.
In the Matter of BARNEY L'ONO,
(Tucson) f "":. f
4 ' NOTICE OP SALE 'v. I r
under and by virtue of an order made
by the Referee in Bankruptcy, herein
The wise man Investigates, the fool
never does. To which class do you be
long? So positive am I or my power
to tell the past, present and future,
and exactly what you wish to know
that I will make no charge unless you
obtain perfect satisfaction and find
me superior to all other clarlvoyants.
The future can be told. Seek and
you shall find success, harmony,
peace, power and happiness.
Located permanently next door to
U Lowell Waiting Room. Office Hours
9 a. m. to 7 p. m. Office Phone HZ:
Residence Phone 521. . -
Texas Crude
Monarch of Independent Companies
this ad is written that No. 2 Tri
angle well at Burkburnett is being
balled out and big producer Is due
any minute. Watch for the news of
this great well. It will mean more
dividend and bigger ones than
those we already have paid. No. 1
in 63 at Burk also is in the sand
and being drilled into the "pay"
with a roller bit. Watch for that
news too. When you read about
that you will know you are too late
to get in at the $2 price in all prob
ability and you'll have to wire
quick. Five other wells at Burkbur.
nett are either producing, drilling
or located and we're after the big
stuff ' at Ranger with three prize
wells drilling into the wonder pool
right amid - the greatest . gushers
that Texas has produced. Smashing
big ones are . due. We have over
50,000 acres in Texas to develop.
You share in all.- You can buy at
$2 a share today. We are convinced
the price will go to $5 and probably
to $10. Buy now. .
It's your right to share these riches
' General Agents
610 Main St., Fort, Worth, Texas
"ILKA fa'
Advance styles in
new Fall Waists
All the new shades
' in Georgette,
Crepe de Chine.
Priced at $3.49,
$4.98, $6.90 and
$7.90. Also fine
Voile Waists, new
Fall Styles. Priced
at $1.98 to $2.98.
J. C. Penney Co.
197 Busy Stores J
HoWiNuxaecI Iron Helped
rut Me in aucn superti uonaiuon iis 10 .Lname
Me -To. Whip Jesc Wilkrd
And Win The World's Championship
GIANT allows you a few days of
grace. It Is an unusual privilege we
extend to you. But wc don't want
anybody to miss a good thing like
this. Wo offered you stock In the
Giant Oil Company first as-a pure
gamble. It was and is a ai'e,
square-deal chance to bet your
loose change on oil. . We have let
the contract for the derrick for our
docp test well on our 8500 acres in
the Texas Panhandle, riRht on the
lino of extenaion from Ranser and
Burkburnett to our neighbor, the 6-million-foot
Ilapgood well. If wc get
oil a few shares will bo worth a
fortuue. If we Uun't you can't lone
much. Wc won't let you invest
moor than $100. You can get this
stock now at ten conts a rihare and
we'll pay you the 100 per cent
stock dividend. For every share
you buy at a dime now we'll give
you one extra share !ree. You can
buy as little as a dollar's worth.
Just send us your spending uon?y.
We don't ,'wimt you to mortgage
your house or your salary to ouj
this ctock. A dollar, or five or ten
id what you ti'n a (Turd. And it may
make you independeht. Oct your
order in quick. Don't inids thic
General Agents
Giant Oil Co.
Tell a Secret of HU Training
Recommends Nuzated Iron To Every
tUn and Woman Who Wants To
- Build Greater
Strength, Energy and Power
Today recognized as the phys
ical superior to any living man
the Superman of the Age Jack'
dJempsey, Heavyweight L-harn-
fion of the wpr(d, explains be
ow ihe part Nuxated Iron
played in helping to prepare
fiim for the supreme test of his
career. In hisdecfsive, smashing
victory over the"' mighty Willard who
had never before been knocked from
his feet, Dempsey displayed a dynamic
overwhelming strength' and power
never before known in the history of
the ring. That he took . Nuxated
Iron as a part of his training is con
vincing evidence of the importance
Dempsey attached to keeping his
i-i i i .t r
uiooa ricn in sirengin-giving iron,
and the high regard in which he
holds Nuxated Iron as a master
. strength and blood builder.
r l I
ito5Dj4 17 . - .
III) Grand PfizelBto ' .
bisbe daily review
Nuxated Iron put added
power behind my punch
and helped me to accomp
lish what I did at Toledo."
v In etatrmrnt made t ii training
iuarteri in Toledo, the scene nf the bis
Batue, jack Jjempser aaid: "After com.
mencitiK the use of Nuxated Iron during
iy training for the big fight with Jcm
Willard, I soon noticed that I could
tand harder atraina with less fatigue
than Detore, and l rcalued that I had
found a tonic and blood builder
which played an important part in
Setting me into fine condition. For
merly I had relied solely upon
i atrenglh-building foods and outdoor
exercise to keep my blood rich in red
corpuscles, but with the World
DcniDicr nlaced him.
elf unrrurvmrjlv ir Vi
bafxls of exnert trainer
and comnetent rthvsician
and heeded their advice. In
my opinion whoever made the
suggestion that Nuxated Iron
Should rjlav A nart in vti'n.
Dempsey into condition t tr m-
mended for his foresight. No man
wiUiout Plenty of rich. rH M,! kha
with iealth giving and strength building
iron could withstand the terrific on-
slaushts of a giant like Willard. It should
occur to every thinking person that if a
man as physically fit as Dempsey should
consider it advisable to tal.e Juxated Iron,
how much more important it is for the aw-
ac man or woman to see that there is no
William Harfkori ("Jack")
Although like an untamed
tiger in the ring, the intensely
human sicte of the new World's
Champion is clearly shown by
a remark he is quoted as making
just before the big fight, in
which he said: "X have tele
graphed my Mother that I will
win the championship and I am
not going to disappoint her.
I'm going to win that title
if for no other reason that,
because I've promised her
I would." t
Dempsey 'describes here
the part Nuxated Iron
played in helping him to
keep his promise to win
the title.
Championship at stake. I felt that I
should leave nothing undone that might help llc of iron ia the blood. Thce is today
fne to win. I was advised of the great value a surprising number of persons who suffer
of Nuxated Iron for building up the blood, from iron clrficienry. Many a capable man
j... ...... iiw ... uu uuij; in ui,. or woman i.ms jus snort ol winning because
ing the body lit, and I am firmly cn'vi:ict.i they don't luck up their mentality with the
that its use has helped to wonderfclly in- pVnl renp'h and enerj which conies
jrease my stamina aud endurance. Nuxa-.cd from havir.g plenty of iron In the blood
Jrnn put added power brhiud mt m-nrh a-J I n!r f I it !. V,i,l i .l.. .
Fort Worth
Shoot aTenSpot
Jielprd me to accomplish what I did ct
Toledo. From the results ia my own cars
-eere tue possession ot super endurance ii
necessary, 1 feel that I am in a position t
strongTy recommend Kux:!cd Iron to err-r
tnan and woman who wants to build gre;;r
strength, enr-fry and power.
J In connection v.;:h the fore--;--
. i t i ; . '
Turn, i m'ic rj i-nsc", i,-r. i;3"-s i ccn. r
J rancis Sullivan, forrrrlv tS- Vian of in
mind sre derived from the blood
and the blood in turn derives it
from the food we cat and the
oxygen contained in the air we
breathe. But unless the blood is
rich in iron to increase its oxygen
power. . it cannot develop living
tissue muscle and brain or keep
active the vital torccs. btrong.
healthy men and women wita
lIH the ones vn0 K through life
t J k t with a smile, self-reliant and
: Jr.. ai icancss ana their dynamic power
and energy make tnem
virtually masters of their
.).:..;. t :
prising bow many people
VV who do not Bet alone in
''e ,re a. reality suffer
" " incr from iron deficiency
and do not know it. To supply this lack
of iron ar.d helo build stronger.: healthier '.
rm a plivcicat and mental weaMinj, fcarv- ,rncn ud women; better able physically to
?rn:a'Ue, easily fti(ued, biit it uttcrl'' 'meet t!ie problem of everyday life,- I be- '
t- i'im cj tirii virile mrce. tliat stamir.i
Beats Them All! The New
Tour Nose Knows"
It's soft and pliable decreases in size as the
tobacco is used tobacco does not cake in the
package no digging it put ' with the finger.
Keeps the tobacco in even better condition
than tin. Now, don't you owe it
to yourself to .buy a package anc
give Tuxedo a trial? Not quite as
much tobacco as in the tin, but'
The Perfect Tobacco For Pipe and Cigarette
r.J s;rrn;;h of will which are so neeesnry
liere that physicians 6hould, at every op
portunity, prescribe organic iron luxated
to cuctes and powfain every wa'lc 6f lifr. 'ron or in my experience it is one of the
!t m".y c.ljn transform a bcauiilul, swe?- t;3ttnnio and red blood builder known to
trn-pered 'n;n into one who is cro, rrjedical science.''
r-rvous and im'BMe. To heinm.ike stronr. fiwirrftm" irr: VniM Irr wr hu t nrf
d Anf rirans there is tlr-thins Dmpy n4 whiU If pcrrib.d nd rnn-
wi,i,i I have found s- 7.: r.LZlT.Z'.ZZ
as orin 5 iron r urated Iron. .u..i...i. . i.J." w ..Li. ..n.ui
lit. joitn j. ijn iinrne, tortner'V . lenir'i o ant lumr. in. i..k, mil. Um tica, sor ur ita
Inspector ani CVni-al r';v!c!n on h; v th mmotfrturer nirnte. gurc-tiiful u
f.c. J I . u j i awast. It u wim4 f all asci
u;;s: "Strecs;!! aaJ v:Ul.'y cf biy tui 4,40,
Finest Burley Tobacco
Mellow-aged till perfect
Pins a dash of Chocolate
Tt.Ulcvn lrn..,itl f.. - i. .r . T "c. ., whihl.-.llkiwntortn.,.,rt. ...tr-h.. Lnlik. th.
lorn, ti lae vvestcne'Tcr i ounty iif:,i,
'.r.l: "The pi'IIiolIj of tra:-.;r? a 'p:.d 1 '
V'i'arJ s-d Ivrr'7 r:: ' v?ve ! " ! a rr '
eal t da wiia the' ouUckss ef tii Lztt.
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