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Wednesday Morning, October 13, 1920
North AVoods Drama LouiscGlatim Starring
Will Be Shown at
Eagle on Thursday
Tlie big outdoors, la the back
ground for the newest story in which
Frank Mayo ig starred, "The Red
Lane," announced for next Tuesday
and Wednesday at the Central thea
tre and Thursday at the Eagle thea
tre. It is the Work of Holman Day,
whose . tales of the Maine north
wtods have thrilled the readers of
the printed page as well as the pa
trons of the drama. It is directed
by Lynn Reynolds, who has estab
lished himself as a master of open
air photoplays by producing such
masterpieces as . "The Brute Break
er." "Overland Red" and "Bullet
Proof." . ' "
Its scenes laid on the Canadian
border, where the smugglers carry
on their nefarious traffic and look
tipcn the law and order as their nat
ural enemy. "TUe Red Lane" is ricn
in dramatic incident, the thrill of
physical combat, the line of the pri
meval and the romance of a young
French-Canadian girl and an Ameri
can customs officer. Frank Mayo
lias the latter role, finding himself
the enemy of Vetal Peaulieu. a ring
leader among the . lawless, and in
love with Beaulieu's pretty daugh
ter, who had been reared in a con
vent, unaware of the character of
her father cf his associates. When
she discovers her father's occupa
tion and that, he had promised her.
in marriage to Dave Roi, chief of
the smuggling crew, she openly re
bels and runs away from home.
, In "The Red Lane" Frank Mayo
is supported by Lillian Rich as Ma
rie: Jean Hersholt as he brutal
father; James Mason as the young
leader of the contraband ring: Paul
Weigel as the Arcadian priest; Karl
Vermel as a wandering musician;
Frank Thorne as an tiriscfupuTous
politician; Margaret Mann as the
pader'a housekeeper; James O'Neill
as a half-witted sheep herder and
by a half hundred others, all select
ed for their especial fitness for the
roles to be portrayed.
i 1 u ic
at Lyric Theater Today
Having established herself through
out the world as one of the few truly
great stars of the screen, Louise
Glaum entertains no thought of seek
ing 10 noia ner piace in picture realms ( stroheim, the directing genius of
on past performances.. No greater "Blind Husbands" Generally nrohounc-
"Devil's Pass Key"!
at Central Friday
arid Eagle Sunday
"The Devil's Pass Key," a Universal-Jewel
production by Erich von
company. The liquor was shipped and
Its seizure was followed by the arrest
of Sadler, who was Ir.ter released on
Shipped from N.:w York
.v'.fer Sa.l.t a;re.: n- e he is
I whiskey was higher in Chicago and
1 .'ljr, hio-n-or finale fTililrl ho Tl;wlrt
here. Chicago is regarded in Now
York as the center of the booze traf
fic. I .secured letters of introduction
from Edwards to several friL'iidu in
Chicago and then came went."
Federal Investigators declared that
they have determined that the letters
were not those of Edwards, and say
if any were signed with Ms name
they were a forgery.
CORK An attack on a military
lorry in the Mallow district of f:,ui;
yesterday resulted in the death
the driver and the wounding of three
M-luit-rs. It developed . into another
fight between soldiers harried to
the scene and the attacking party
which, according to a military head
quarieis report, numbered 150 men
and was armed w.th machine rruns,
rifles and bombs.
lexas Lady Suffered With Puffin
and Aching Pains in Her Back, ,
WEich Cardui Reliered.
vnirf trt IiATA rvrtrA AH art ir Vow VrTlr
proof is needed than her remarkable ed to be one of the greatest photo-1 and gJven information to the authori-
Crowd Cheers Departure
of Famous Rebel Leader
VETnr CKUZ, Oct. 12. General
Felix Diaft. who has been ordered5 de
ported, sailed at 6 o'ciocX. this Even
ing, from Vera Cruz on board tiie
French steamer Flandre. He will bo
accompanied, until he reaches TIavana.
by Captain Cortes o the hrexican mili
tary, police. It is Said that Diaz will
go to New Orleans. While boarding
the steamer, General Diaz was cheer
ed by Targe numbers of people "who
gathered at tho dock to ttfd him farewell.
characterization in her newest Paralta
starring vehicle, "A Law Unto Her
self," a W. W. Hodkinson release
which comes to the Lyric theatre.
The' new Louise Glaum picture pre
sents the brilliant young artist in a
role distinctly different from any she
has hitherto essayed a role which
while brimful of dramatic incidents
of the most thrilling nature offers her
opportunities for displaying as never
before the many-sided phases of her
talents and the winsomeness and
charm that have endeared her to mil
lions of picture lovers.
"A Law Unto Herself," which was
written by Francis Paget for the star)
tells a charming love story. Besides
iis highly romantic flavor, the Glaum
production is gripping melodrama
throughout, and the suspense is held
until the find moments of the picture
when through a series of rapid-moving
complications, which promise disaster
at any moment, the heroine of the
story finds happiness and is pledged
to the man of her choice.
piays or several years, comes to we , lles there relative to the operation
Central Theater Friday and Saturday : of eastern distillers. He is said to
and Eaffle Theater Sunday and Mon
day, October 15, 16, 17, and 18.
Von Stroheim's latest screen pro
duction is founded uponi the story
"Clothes and Treachery," by Baron
ess DeMeyer. The scenario was pre
pared by von Stroheim himself and
the drama has been produced with
unusual realism. '
Sam d& Grasse. who played the
Look What New
Rich Wear!
CHICAGO, Oct. 12. Reductions
ranging from $2 to $3 a ton were
reported by several Chicago coal
dealers today. Only Illinois bntumi
nous coal was affected by the drop.
The cut Is attributed to the fight
against high prices. CcjI that has
been seltng wholesale for $7 and
$8 a ton is now quoted at $3 and
w m m f ii a s.
J j I
.", L HI
I ' ' f ; I f
I 11 f .
; J I 'M
II :tl-K
If W&V;'4 r
yt' Knimnii lfyiir
"ThcDeMs PassKey-"
husband in "Blind Husbands." had
in "The Devil's Pass Key' the prrt
of a talented American author livit,g
in Paris with . his young wife, who
gets deeply in debt to another
Beta deeply in debt to an unscrupu
lous modiste. This woman expects
the girl to get a rich lover to pay
her bills and Introduces hr to a
wealthy young American army offi
cer. The American realizes youtig
wife is unsophisticated and helps her
out of her difficulties. ;
The husband, unaware that his wife
is the principal figure In this scandal
which has reached the, columns' of a
society newspaper hases a play oh the
story and has . it produced in Paris.
, Then the plot takes on several situa
' tions not dreamed 6f by the innocent
' Others In . the cast are Clyue Fill
l.more, Una Trevelyn, Maude George,
j Leo White, Ruth King. Mae Busch,
Jack Matheis and many others-
Some heretofore unknown fish have
been taken recently from the waters
oT- southern California.
Many Japanese are wearing kimonos j
made of paper pulp. t
I As a preventive; melt and in-
1 hale night and morning
Outt 17 Million Jan Used Yearly
have declared that outlaw liquor val
ued at millions of dollars was ship
ped from New York, Pittsburgh into
"I saw a restaurant man one day
and we beean talking about the
whisky busiaeffi," Sadler is quoted as
saying. "He asked me why I didn't
get into the business. He said there
was st, chance for a quick fortune.
He told me I could get a permit if I
went to the offices of Booth and Ed-j
wards, insurance men. .1
Name Collector Partner j
"Big Bill" Edwards, Collector of the j
port of New York, was said to be a !
partner in this firm. !
' VI twent to their offices and saw
Booth- t paid him ?500 and got a
bond for tne permit and paid an ad
ditional llCOfli after I made my first
lifftior deal whieK netted me $10,000.
"I then heard that the price of
Donl let the grass grow
under yourieet
while the hair.
falls out
your head
i I
PARALTA Presents
By Francis Paget, Directed by Wallace Worsley.
Big V Comedy
1 to 11 Continous Program 1 to 11
j Houston, Texas. Mrs. C. D. Cook, of
1912 Whltty Street, tnis city, recently
eald: "About four months after my
marriage, I . . . began suffering mucli
pain, and knew that my condition was
unusual, but couldn't Just decide what
was wrong. I had to go to bed. .
"All across my back and hips wcr
tains, pulling and aching until I could
i hardly Eit np. I stayed in bed a lew
days. My husband had heard of Car
dul ... so I told him he might get it.
"After I had taken Cardui a few
days. I was up. I took five bottles and
I haven't been in bed since for this
trouble, for if I have the least symp
I toms cf this trouble I get Cardui and
j take it in time.
' "I have a number of friends irhfr
. have used Cardui, and they recommend
lit very highly." .
I The experience of this Texas. lady
j is similar to that related by thousands
; of other women.
! Cardui is purely Tegetable, and mild
'and gentle in its action. Cardui may
I be the very medicine you need if snf
I ferin? with womanly, troubles. ,
I Take CarduL KC-131
ave your nair wnn
. Sold by Drug and Department Store
Applications at Barber Shop, c
r-helps Dodge Mercantile Company "
Special Agent
Sun WndWSSCf riders
. UEAUVILLE, France It's the
New-Rich and their desire to create
sensations that has put this famous
old watering place on the bum, say
the society people wTio are going else
where this year. Gowns like the one
in the picture give Deauville a black
eye socially but the New-Rich are
spenders, say the townsfolk. So they
worry little about such . sleeveless
Ftockingless costumes.
Pa's aDemocrati
' Grandpras aRepublican
and Ma's Independent
butviie it comes to the
Food Administration,
we aXL vote for
says (ffrMy
a package
before the war
during the war
(a package
The Flavor Lasts
So Does the Price I
i -
Admission, Main Floor 15c, Balcony 10c, Reserved 25c, Children 10c
Plus War Tax. No Advance in Prices
Lasi Time Tonight
The big romance of the
North woods
"The Red Lane
Frank Mayo
and a wonderful support
ing cast.
Fox Wonder News
Chuck Reisner in
"A Champion
Eagle Tomorrow
Last Time Today
The wonder racing special
"The Sporting
Drury Lane's famous
melodrama in seven
parts. An all-star cast in
cluding Alice Joyce
The greatest racing drama
ever produced.
Also Latest News and
Central Tomorrow
H. E. Wootton
"Tht Winchester Store"
68 Main St. 'Phone 268
Join the crowds tomor
row for big savings at
our Re-adjustrhent
Sale. 15 to 50Vv off
on all aluminum and
kitchen utensils.
68 Main bt. 'Phon 268
"The Winchester Store"
II. E. Wootton
Owing to the increase of the freight rates and
other additional expense, followed by a renewed in
crease in the price of real at the mouth of the mines,
we are compelled to raise the price of coal to the con
sumer until these conditions are modified, both by
the Railroads and the Mines.
1 Ton $21.00
Vl Ton 11.00
1-4 Ton 6.00
1 Sack : 1.25
Call or Delivered.
For further information regarding the price and
. grade of coal, call 121.
fri... J... . O I A 1
me iucueru runner aies Acaaemv
Peerless All Star Trio Music
Truscott, Burggen and Becker
Tom Rushui, Jack Prater, Kigrs,
Ltt us h-lp
Grocery bill.
you cut down your
Suflar, 6 oounds $1.00
King David Apples, 3 lbs. 25c. or
$2.75 ner box.
Warren Bisbee
That Is Best By Tet
M. D. MAXNIX, Prop.
A trial will convince you. Tele
phone Long Distance (no charge)
Eight Hundred P One One

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