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(ESjp Miches 3mhj Steufeui
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Daily Newspaper Association. Full leased wire Associated Press Service
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Company, at the otiicea of the Company, Main Streot, liit bee, Ai Uona. Kntcred
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'Thursday Morning, October 14, 1920
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Sunday Only I2.5Q
S .80
rpHERE was a time when the people of England swallowed the offer:ngs
of promoters and caused the South Sea Bubble; others,, in J.his. country,
took bait. Una and singer and the Mis sissippi Bubble was the result. We
have had our Ponzi's and the glittering promises of the oil and mining
promoter are but recent to our minds. We have also had our political
promoters men who would promise anything to gain a vote and they have
been believed by some but for the first time Arizona has a "promiser"
who has been compared, by E. S. Clark, his late opponent, to Moses ana
the latter called a "piker." The man is Ralph Cameron, Republican can
didate for the United States senate.
Here are a few of the things the great "promiser" has promised:
That steam shovels would be operating on the San Carlos project
within' twelve months after he took office.
That the Colorado River hydro-electric project would be a fact, if he
were elected. -
That the $10 passport charge, made against Americans entering Mexico
would be eliminated, if he were elected. v ' . v
' That the Charleston project would be assured, if "he were elected sen
uTor. ' ' '
- That federal' buildings would flock into the state, if he were elected
' In' fact Ralph Cameron has stopped at making no promise and had his
attention been called to it. would undoubtedly have assured the people of
Cochise county that he would have the San Pedro river converted vnto a
navigable stream, one year after taking office.
Most people live on hope and promise. We like to hear our aspirants
for office promising this. and that reform; but we also like to see reason
applied where reason is necessary and in the promises of Ralph Cameron
wc merely see one man's vanity, so enlarged that he assumes every one
other person in the state to be a fool.
JL PASO was en fete for President-elect Obregon when he crossed the
U.o Crande Wednesday. on tho first train that had arrived at that bor
der city from Jueraz in eight years. A pacified and busy Mexico means
more to El Paso than to any other place in Texas. It has a large Mexican
population, and in normal times does a remunerative business with the
northern states or our neighbor. For ten years El Paso has been waiting
TTopefully. but without much encouragement, for the advent of a stable
government in Mexico. On Wednesday it was host to a man whom the
occasion called for, the one-armed farmer-soldier of Sonora, who was un
known to fame when Felix Diaz with Bernardo Reyes brought about the
tlowufall of the ill-slarred Madero, but who has since proved" himself a
great military leader and a politician with some pretensions to statesman
ship, as popular as ha is capable.
Jt was an auspicious coincidence that on the day General Obregon
came to El Paso as a welcome victor the announcement was 'made in the
City of Mexico that the provisional government had rejected the demands
of Felix Diaz and decided to banish him. Not for him were pardon and
rewards, for he could never clear himself of the odium of compassing the
f,atwh , Mader0 Wh SUU hlds a Warm p,ace in the heart of Mexicans.
With Diaz disappears the last Insurgent and conspirator who could make
trouble for the new constitutional government.
General Obiegon was the distinguished envoy of a pacified Mexico to
he American people. For four years after Dec. 1 he is to rule in Mexico
if he can maintam his authority. I:s visit was. therefore, an vent of the
first importance. He came to El paso with the purpose of announcing a
policy and making friends. He told his horits at a luncheon given in his
honor that he hoped the entire continent of America would always be free
from war. and he pledged himself to do His share In maintaining cordial
relations -w,th the United States. He urged such visits as his by the lead-
ng men of both countries to bring about a good understanding. In a date
ment given out later General Obregon promised that foreign interests would
be protected by his administration, and said that Meco would have room
mpressendVeE 8hU'd ,egitimate buin there. He must have
5m ! ! PaS.aS a man far removed frora Carranza tvpe of pro.
W, h nan'0W- 8USPici0U. tolerant. Liberal. deW
n,en Generarohr T S his try-
men Gene, al Obregon, who can be firm as well as amiable, bids fair to
-tw0e adminiStrator ,ia a of post-war reconstruction
yoo tighten wmvMzz
Named Governor
of Georgia
Threaten Review With Libel 'Suit; Proves
Paper District's Best Advertising Medium
and Read by Thousands of Crucial Perusers
W. BEDDOW, N. C. Bledsoe
and John McK. Redmond,
chairman and secretary of the
Democratic county central com;
mittee and chairman of the Repub
lican county central committee,
yesterday morning, threatened the
Review with a libel suit.
Beddow and Dr. Bledsoe object
ed to their names being attached
to an advertisement as officials of
the Republican organization and
Redmond adopts the ground that
he desires to be informed when
the Republican changes its chair
The Review passes the blame to
the proof reader and feels that he
either is a socialist or doesn't
know the difference between the
Republican and Democratic.
That the advertisement was
read by thousands of people, how
ever, there can be no doubt for
everyone, having a . speaking ac
quaintance w;th any person on the
Review forcewas joshed about It.
All of which proves that Review
advertising is read by the people
of the Warren District.
E mCmbCr f the -e of Nations solemn agrees that it will
wh " 1 T W'th0Ut flrSt having donc one mother of two things
withcut e.tiu-r submitting the matter in dispute to arbitration in VhTh
tTsuLruT blT1y to abid0 by the oThTZc h,
LnrM t ? arbUralion' withcu submitting it to discussion bv the
tounc.1 of .he League of Nations, in which case it promises to lay all th
oocuments and all the pertinent facts before that council; ,:t cons nts th
In he ww , h nP,rbU8an d0CUments he pertinent facts, so" that
all the worl, shall know them; that it shall be allowed six months in which
to consider the matter; an that.even at. the end or tlte six months, if the
decision of the council is not acceptable. It will still not go to war fa
three months following the rendering of I he decision
It Is provided in the covenant of the League of Nations that anv nation
that disregards these solemn promises with regard to arbitration "and dis
cussion shall be. thereby deemed ipso facto to have committed an net of
war against the other members of the League aud that there shall there
upon follow an absolute exclusion of that nation from communication of
any L'.nd with the members of the Ingue. No goods can be shipped in or
out; no telegraphic messages can be exchanged; there shall be no com
munitation of any kind between the people of the other nations and tl4
people of that nation. There is not a nation in Europe that can stand that
for six months. Germany could have faced the armies of the world more
readily than she faced the boycott of the world.
JJV'EN the Republicans, the bitterest or them, have not the bardihocd to
attack thr Federal Reserve System. It tcok the mastery or the coun
try's finances out of the handc ot Wall Street, aud placed it fn tae govern
Trent at Washington where it belongs and where, under Democratic law
and Democratic administration. It has been exercised for the benefit of the
TUtion's people and the nation's business.
In the stress of the grc;it world war and recoustructioo days not once
fius oven .the fear of a financial panic disturbed us.
The great Union of South African Republics, intelligent and rrogres
Bive.j ip planning' ;to set up a ccutral banking system modeled after thQ
American idea. ; The Federal Reserve plah, ha 8 appealed to the 'financier
throughout the world, but the South African Republics are the firct to
imitate it. The South African plan will closely follow ours.
A report of the phut says. "Special Hirveya of the Amerjcau syt-tem
aud purpose have been made for tho Union GoM'inment. It is felt that the
ndcjal Reserve System has shown its worth by haviug enabled America
to finance the war on an unprecedented scale and baa again showu it.t
worth ill aiding the country to pab unruflkd through the pcriu-I ! in
dUbtrUl aud l.udUcittl adjustment."
(Special to The Review)
CLIFTON, Oct. 13. United States
Senator Henry t: Ashurst was wel
comed in Greenlee county Monday
evening at the Y. M. C. A. tennis
court at Clifton by a very large au
dience. A concert by the local brass
band preceded the speech. Greenlee
County Chairman Peter Riley presid
ed at the, assemblage, introducing the
junior senator with appropriate re
marks. Senator Ashurst was given' a
hearty welcome by tho crowd and his
talk was punctuated by. frequent and
spontaneous prolonged' applause. . i '
The junior senator paid splendid trl
bute to Senator Mark Smith, his col
league in congresa, dwelling at lenftli
on his influence in the senate by rea
son of his membership on the commit
tees of reclamation and appropriations
and that of foreign affairs, and illus
trating his prestige among Republic
ans, as well as Democrats, in t ho senate.
Senator Ashurst told the- story of
tho confirmation of former Governor
Hunt as minister to siani which was
brought about by the individual ef
fort and prestige of Senator Smith as
a member of the committee on foreign
Referring to the Ksch-Cummins bill
in the senate which was voted upon
during Mark Smith's absence on the
border, investigating the Mexican sit
uation. Senator Ashurst stated that be
fore Mark Smith left Washington on
that mission, he was paired against
the Esch-C'.imminu bill with Senator
Taking up national issues Senator
Ashurst flayed the partisan methods
of the Republicans against the league
of nations, and his loving tribute to
President Wilson, as the great peace
maker, was greeted with hearty ap
plause. j Many leading Republicans in Green
lee county, following Senator Hard
ing's speeches in Des Moines and
Omaha, are openly declaring for Gov
ernor Cox and the league of nations.
A number of the leading state can
didates were at Morenci today. Sena
tor 'Ashurst met the party of Mit
Simuis, Congressman Carl Hayden, At
torney General Wiley E. Jones and
others at Morenci, where a joint meet
ing was scheduled.
Several ardresses will be made. in
Greenlee ami Graham counties dur
ing the next few days.
LONDON, Oct. 13. Lord Mayoi
Mp.cSwiney of Cork was reported by
the phys' cian in attendance on him
in Brixtca prison as being weak and
tired tonight, according to the bul
letin issued by the Irish sell-determination
Tups, w tfAzp vrctr
ATLANTA. Forr,.er U. S. Senator
Thomas W. Hardwick, cne time strong
supporter of President Wilson and
now bitterly opposed to the League of
Nations, was nominated here for gov
ernor by an overwhelming vote over
his opponent, former Attorney Gener
al Clifford Walker. The Democratic
nomination is equivalent to election in
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