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The Review Carries the Only Full Leased Associated Press Wire Report In The Warren
. '
, ,,, . ) j
ARIZONA: Friday fair
south; Saturday partly
cloudy and colder.
pi ice of cnpt.e r fi.r the
... .112
Average i: i e of e-npppr for the
work eliding Die. 1, If 20 ... .1510
VOL. 24 NO. 295
Price Five Cent
Ultimate Passage of Johnson j
Bill Is Almost Assured ; i
Oononents Are few t
i k
Partisan Lines Disappear As j
House Debates Plan to
Stop Foreign Flood
WASHINGTON'. Doc. 9 Support- 1
ters of the Johnson' hill to prohibit j
immigration for two years won every
preliminary skirmish in the house to- j
dav with such ease that ultimate pas-I
sage? of the measure seemed to them
to be assured. !
The only record vote that came aur- j
ins the two hour debate was carried
by advocates of restricted immigration
151 to 9. This vote, taken on adop
tion of a special rule to limit general
debate on the measures to four hours, i
was taken by the hill's proponents as ,
an indication of the attitude of thjf
house. Opinmeuts of the bill dispute.?
this contention, however.
Two of the four hours allotted to
general debate hud been consumed
when the house adjourned. Another i
two hours of general debate will fol-i
low tomorrow mid then speakers will
be allowed ony five minutes each.
Chairman Johnson of the immigration
committee, who drafted the bill, said j
that disposition of amendments prob-1
ably would delay the final vote until j
Debate at today's session was divid
ed by agreement between Chairman
Johnson and Representative Raker,
Democrat, California, who led , the
forces frUndly to the hill and Repre
sentatives Siegel, Republican of New
York, and Sabath. Democrat of IllinHj
i?i.;. leaders of the opposition. ;
Partisan lines disappeared ' during j
the deuate. Apparently by coincidence
the leadership divided itself equally
between Democrats and Republicans,
one member of each party leading the
forces lor mid against the bill. !
Corporation Commissioner
Jones Goes to California
In Interests of Arizona
PHOENIX, Dec. 9. Corporation
Commissioner F. A. Jones left tonight
for San Francisco to attend the hear
ing before the California commission
of an application by the Southern Si
erra Power company for increased
rates for power. Roth California and
Arizona commissions are interested
in the matter, Arizona's interest cen
tering in Somerfon, Yuma and Yuma
valley consumers of the company's
power. On his return to Arizona,
Commissioner Jones said, he will sit
in a series of hearing tn Yuma, be
ginning December 17. From there he
will go to Globe, where he will take
up a number of matters called to the
attention of the commission.
WASHINGTON, Doe. 9. Argu
ments were heard by the supreme
court today on the appeal of Victor
larger, editor of .the .Milwaukee
Leader and twice elected to congress
from Wisconsin on the Socialist tic
ket, from It'.-, conviction under the
espionage act.
The arguments will be continued
Root and Fall Hold
Deny League
WASHINGTON. Dec. 9 Specula
tion regarding the probable attitude
of thr- Harding administration to
wards a il'ace concord of nations
was revived today by a long confer
ence between Elihu Hoot and Sena
tor Fall cf New Mexico. The latter
is regard-d as close In the confi
dence of P;f fsident-r-lect Harding and
Root was a member of the commit
tee which, under the direction of t he
league of nations, drafted plans for
Tit L
m 11 1 v crj jm in
Bankers and Business Men
Will Meet Today to Talk
Over Conditions
Big Semi-Public Corporation
Planned to Help American
Producers Market Goods
CHICAGO. Dee,. 9. Decisions as
to organization of a 1100.000.000 cor
poration to -finance American export
tradp will be taken at a meeting to
morrow and Saturday or more than
250 bankers, business men and pro
ducers from all parts of the country.
The corporation would he authorized
under tl' Edge act for the protec
tion of home industries and proper
financing of American trade.
The foreign trade financing plan,
it was announced, is designed to
meet credit needs of foreign buyers
who cannot pay because they lack
specific .security. The corporation,
it is planned, will be under the pro
tecting wing of the federal reserve
banks and will be semi-public in
Among thee who will attend th"
conference are Herbert Hoover, Jul
ius Barnes. Paul Warburg of the
federal reserve board. Senator Edge
of New .Jersey and General George
W. Coethals.
Clara Smith in
Juarez Thursday
EL. PASO. Texas, Dec. 9. (By the
Associated Press.) Clara Barton
Smith, wanted at Ardmore, Okla., in
connection with the death of Jake L.
Damon, was in Juarez as late a3
Thursday, according to apparently au
thentic information developed tonight
in an independent investigation by a
representative of the Associated
The woman for whom a wide search
is being conducted had dinner on that
day in Juarez with an El Paso man,
according to the correspondent's in
formant, a personal acquaintance of
Miss Smith.
This acquaintance, together with
the correspondent, tonight conducted
a search through the haunts of Juarez
and through many places in El Paso
in an effort to locate the woman with
out success.
Sheriff Seth Orndorff said tonight
there were no new developments in
the search. He said deputies are
watching every road and a close
watch is being kept on the home of
Miss Smith's father. A warrant Mas
sworn out today, charging Miss Smith
with being a fugitive froh justice.
MONTREAL. Dec. 9. George Rob
inson of Boston was given a sport
ing writers' decision over Johnnie
Wilson, holder of the world's middle
weight boxing championship, in a 10
round bout tonight. Wilson was
knocked down by the first blow land
ed in the first round and went down
again in the seventh. Ttobinson v.es
floored in the ninth.
LONDON. Dec. 9. A third Italian
war vessel, the destroyer Espero.
has joined d'Annunzio's foi ces at Fi
nnic, says a Milan dispatch to the
London Times.
Question Discussed
an international high court of jus
tice. Root spent five hours in confer
ence with Senator Fall, but it was
denied that, the peace policies of the
next administration were discussed.
"We did not mention or discuss
tiny possible of American action,
either as t; the present league of
nations or any other association or
organization for world peace." said
Senator Fall aftr the conference.
"As far as I am concerned." Sena
tor Fall added, "my opinion is that
we are out of tr.e present league of
nations absolutely."
Senator Fall further asserted that
his conference v ith Hoot was only
one such as they were In the cus
tom of holding when occasion af
forded. He added, hew'er. I hat
they discussed Root's work abroad
in connection with the international
coiii-t and other operations of the
league of nation.
He did not visit any other senator
whil nt the tupitol todny but it wh
naid he plans to f othflr Republi
can, leader fomoriow before leaving
Washington. .
Obregon Family
Will Return to
NOGALES. Ariz., Dec 9. Mem
bers' of the family of President
Obregon of Mexico will return soon
to the family home at Nogaes, Sm
ora. it became known here today
with the return of Ameriean excur
sionists who went to Mexico City
by special train to attend the in
auguration. Seven Nogales resi
dents remained in Mexico City to
escort the family back to the bor
der by way of Mazatlan.
Excursionists on the special train
this morning raised $1000 gold to
contribute to Americans iat Mexico
City to provide a Chrismas celebra
tion for the poor of Mexico City.
For the first time in history. Amer
icans will stage a celebration, fea
tured by a great Christmas tree,
at Chapultepec castle. They have
made arrangements with President
Obregon to dispense gilts to the
. Action Is Taken After Foch
Report on Application Is
Read to Commission
GENEVA. Dec. 9. (By the Associat
ed Press) The admission of Bulgaria
to the league of nations has been vot
ed by the commission on the admis
sion of new stales. This action was
taken after a report submitted by
Marshal Foch had been read in which
the marshal declared that 'Bulgaria
had made sincere efforts to live up to
the treaty terms.
Even the "little entente" countries,
which had been, strong ine, their oppo
sition to Bulgaria, voted for hjr ad
mission. The commission also decided to
permit Armenia, Albania iel Georgia
to participate in ihe work of the tech
nical commissions. LitchtensLein was
refused admission, but will be allow
ed representation of its interests in
the league by Switzerland.
The Baltic suites were not admitted
and the only remaining question is the
disposition of Lithuania.
Love's Young Dream Ended
As Motorcycle Spills and
Papa Takes Myrtle Home
j NOGALES. Ariz., Dec. 9. Myrtle
! Williams, 17. and Harold Nye, I'-'.
elopers from Globe, were overtaken
here today by the father of the girl
at the office of a physician while Nye
was having the doctor dress injuries
cause'd when the motorcycle on which
the couple traveled overturned on the
Tucson road this morning. The po
lice held Nye on a charge of theft in
connection with the motorcycle. The
father took his daughter home.
Abolition of Consolidated
Buying Is Urged By Hoover
In Letter to Farm Meeting
KANSAS CITY, Dec. 9. American
farmers face a new era, which will
be marked by a steady improvement
in marketing conditions, despite the
present discouraging low pi ices of
1 farm products, speakers deck-red to
day at the opening session of the
filltfnth annual international farm
Confidence in the future of the
farming industry was expressed ami
fanners were warned of the danger
of cutting production. Marketing of
products on hand ratUer than future
production plans drew the principal
d'scussion at the first session.
A letter from Herbert Hoover, out
lining what he characterized as "the
major needs of American agricul
ture," was rea'l. His suggestions in
clu led:
"Peace with Europe and participa
tion of the I'mted States in preserv
ing peace.
"The erection of international cred
it machinery by which we enn en
able Kuice to buy our surplus.
"An abolition of consolidated buy
ing, and this control of our farm
prices by European governments."
Turk Nationalists and
Armenians Reported to
Have Signed Peace Pact
pea4t treat v between Armenia and
the Turkish Nationalist is reported i
to have been signed at Alexnndropol !
during the night of December 2-3.
Under the treaty Armenia's terri
tory will be induced to only the re
gion of Erfvan. the capital, tmd Lake
Gokcha. excluding Kars and Alexan-diopol.
Assembly Disappointed Over
America's Unwillingness
to Attend Conference
Dominion's Delegates Secure
Elimination of Permanent
Commissions Clause
tiK.EVA, Dec. 9. President Wil-1
son's negative reply to the leaj i;e of
nations' invitation to name an unof
ficial delegate to. cooperate with the
commission to be appointed by the
assembly to. discuss disarmament
has caused great disappointment
here. Tiie chiet desire of the assem
bly members seems to be to maintain
as nn:ny point of contact as possi
ble wi'h the United States and it
was ihought. tti disarmament inves
tigation afforded tin opportunity of
winch President Wilson could take
advantage without committing him
self. President Wilson's decision re
garding the. Armenian boundaries
have not been received here. It is
thought in league circles that his re
ply has more likely been sent to Ixin
don or Paris, since it is a matter for
consideration by the supreme coun
cil of tl.e allies, rather than by the
league of nations. Canada, whose
delegation has made a great impres
sion on the assembly, scored again
today when it secured elimination of
the provision in the technical com
mittee's report for permanent fi
nance, transit and health commis
sions. The as;i-Miibly. impressed by
the growing expenses of the league
and the international labor bureau,
accepted the Canadian view.
The Canadians agreed it was pref
erable to work with temporary eom
mis.Voiis having - onsultiiig power
only until it is possible to .-ie more
clearly just what may be done with
specialized organizations.
The prospects of a prolonged stay
in Geneva are beginning to worry
the delegates and officials of the as
sembly. All life members of the del
egations are making every effort in
committees or full sessions to in
crease, the speed of thoir work, but
with little success so far. After two
days spent -ntircly upon the report
of the technical committee. President
Hymans of the assembly today made
an earnest appeal to the delegates
10 cut the'r remarks short.
Pitsident Hymans held over the
heads of the delegates the menace
of two sessions dailp and advancing
the hour of the morning session by
half an hour. A number of the dele
gates have arranged to Lnue Geneva
Fi'day or Saturday of next week.
Meantime, theie remains to be dis
posed of the report of the commit
tee 011 the admission of tiVnv states
and also disarmament, mandates and
the intermit ional court, besides a
number of smaller questions.
Men Accused of Slaying Two
Detectives and Sheriff
Taken From Jail
SANTA ROSA, Calif.. Dec. 10.
George Boyd, Terence Fitts
and Charles Valento, accused of
having murdered Sheriff James
A. Petray. of Sonoma county,
and Detective Miles Ja-kson and
Lester M. Dorman here Sunday
afternoon last, were taken from
the county jail here early this
morning and hanged.
At 12:30 o'clock this morning a
mob of 50 to 100 men, all wear
ing black masks, entered the jail
overpowered the officers there,
took their keys and removed the
prisoners to waiting automobiles.
Cananca Shutdown
Is et for Jan. 15
NOGALES. Ariz.. Dec. 9 Official
aimouncenfeiit from Cananca. Sono
la. was received today by American
Consul Dyer, of Nogales. Sonora,
that the Cananea Consolidated Cop
per Company would delay tho sus
pension of operations until January
IS. Suspension had previously been
announced for December 15. The
message stated the extension of time
as due to the miccefs of General
P. EHas Cnlles in seeming a rebate
of -r.O.oru in taxes.
Labor Leader Compares Life
in Cork to Occupation of
Brussels By Germans
Lloyd George Preparing New
Announcement on Question
Is Report in London
HOUGH GREEN. Lancashire. Eng
land, Dec. 9. (By the Associated
Press) Arthur Henderson, who has
just returned from Ireland, where he
went on a trip of inspection with the
labor commission, saiil in an address
tonight tint if British statesmanship
was not equal to the opportunty
which be now was convinced was op
en, a hopeless situ.'.i i' li. so far, as
Ireland was coicorned. vas boun I To
arise, u was immKsioie lor mm. lie
said, to,exagg-'i ne the dcploribh- con
ditions, prevailing there.
"Coercion is applied with such in
liscriminate violence." Henderson de
clared, "that the people are terror
stricken. The unhappy inhabitants
are reminded day and night that their
country is under the heel of a ruth
less military occupation.
"It is actually true to say that life
was safer in Brussels during the Ger
man occupation, than it is now in
Cork. Dublin and Londonderry. No
man is safe; even women and children
run terrible risks of being shot while
in the streets. The economic life of
the country is coming to a standstill."
He asserted that he had informa
tion from 10 persons of their having
been robbed by servants of the crown
who had stopped them.
Conflicting Reports ;
TRALLE. lrlland. Dec. 9 (By the
Associated r:;ess) While officers of
the Biiii--.li auxiliary forces claim that
lbs gueiiiia tactics of the Irish re
publicans virtually have been broken,
the military commanders have inform
ed (lie member; of the parliamentary
labor commission which has been
visiting Ireland that they are in no
wav sure pi this.
The coi ! '.siK'udciit today interview
ed General Cumming. commanding the
Krry brigade, who admitted that he
was not making any appreciable head
way against t he guerillas, who were,
able to secret themselves in the dif
ficult country and severely handicap
the mobility of the troops by obstruc
tions of all kinds, such as deep
trenches, trees and piles of stone.
Lloyd George Busy
LONDON, Dec 9. (By te Asso
ciated Press) It is announced that
Premier Lloyd George will make an
important statement on Ireland on the
opening of the house of commons at
noon Friday.
American Relief Worker
Is Still Held Prisoner
By Turkish Nationalists
NEW YORK. Dec. 9. Colonel Jas.
P. Coombs, director or American re
lief in Constantinople, still is being
held prisoner by Turkish Nationalists
at Sainsoun. on the Black sea. accord
ing to a cable report received today
at the headquarters of the Near East
Relief. Eleven American women and
six American men workers are detain
ed with him.
Governor Campbell Will
Return to Phoenix From
Washington Next Sunday
PHOENIX, Dec. 9. Governor Tbos.
E. Campbell will return to Phoenix
Sunday from Washington, according
to word received from the governor
today by his private secretary. P. R.
Milnes. The governor was at Chicago
today. Governor anil Mrs. Camybell
left here November 26 to attend the
conference of governors at Harris
burg, Pa. From there the governor
went to Washington in the interest of
legislation beneficial to Arizona.
Application for Receiver
For Schuylkill, Tennessee
Mines Granted at Holbrook
HOLBBOOK. Ariz.. Dec. 9. An ap
plication for a 'ceiver for the Ten-nesso-e
ami Schuylkill Mines in Mo
have county, near Chloride, Arizeuta.
was granted in superior court here
toelay by Judge' Jess E. Crosby. A
mortgage- for three hundred thou
sand dollars wa held by Frank A
Garbutt. a Los Ane, Calif., min
er, on prope'ty. which is ia'd to b
valued at about ten million dc.'.larb.
Govrg N, Mae Bean, of Holbrook.
was appointed receiver. The Miit in
volved tho control of the propyl ty.
which it in saiil. will soon be operated.
Papal Secretary
Urges Peace
For Fiume
FH'ME, Dec. 9. (By the Asso;
ciated Press! Cardinal Gasparri.
the papal secretary of state, has
written a letter to the mayor of
Fiume advising a settlement of the ,
controversy between the forces of
d'Annun.io and the government
without bloodshed.
Mayor Rikardo Gigante. in reply
said the Italian government had
been most firm in settling the
question without regard to the peo
ple of Fiume and that blood spill
ed for a just cause always would
bear fruit. He added that he
would "follow d'Annunzio with all
those who remain unfailthful. by
vhi teer means or by wnatever
D'Annunzio today issued a coin
niuiMcatioi saying that no one had
been authorized to. treat with the
co. oiMeent except his own repre
sent:. the in Rome and that there
would be no official relations until
the government, recognized his
i President - elect Is Advised
Governor Is Ready to
Appoint Successor
MARION, Ohio. Dec. 9. Unan
swered letters and telegrams that
had piled up during him month away
frojn Marion occupied Presidei.t-eleot
Harding's undivided attention today
and He put in several hours of over
time in the hope of catching up with
his office routine before the begin
ning cf his league of nations confer
ences. . .
Bright, clear weather p rcsn led his
best opportunity in weeks for a gani
of golf and alter lunch he wavered
for a while under the temptation but
finally put it aside and stayed on tlu
During the day
by telegraph the
Cox, his defeat ed
he acknowledged
offer of Governor
Democratic oppo
nent. in the presidential campaign, to
appoint a Republican to succeed him
in the senate, if he wanted to retire
now instead of waiting for a Repub
lican governor to assume office.
Harding sent a brief message of
thanks but roerved a dt-cision.
The president-elect's plans have
provided that he quit his senate-rial
office bhout January 1ft, when the
new governor is expected to name
Senator-fleet Frank B. Willis to the
vacancy. No decision will be made
as to an eailier resignation lint i'
Harding has consnhed the wishes of
the senatorHect with whom he has
been unable to communicate because
of the illness of Willis' father.
Reclamation Association
Will Hold Special Meeting
To Make Legislation Plans
SALT LAKE City. Utah. Dec. 9. -Acting
under a call issued by Gowr
nor I). W. Davis of Idaho, the execu
tive coinmiltef of the Western States
Reclamation Association will hold a
special meeting in. Salt Lake tomor
row and possibly Saturday for the
purpose of discussing and preparing
: definite progrnin appertaining to
reclamation work for submission to
PHOENIX. Dec-. 9. Citizens of
other states should not he commit
teel to the Arizona state hospital for
the insaiM", was the positiem taken
to-day by Dr. Thomas Cummins, su
perinto'inleni of the hospital, in tin'
case of Gottlieb Ki'-tn,, a' two we-eks
No Big Reduction Of Taxes Near,
Longworth, Tells Insurance Men
NEW YORK. Dec. 9. Lite insur
ance in its relations to many other
phase s ef American lite was discuss
ed today beiore insurance executives
from nearly every state- in the- union
ami Canada, at the fourteenth annual
convention of the Association el Life
Insurance Preside-nts.
There will be- ne substantial rceluc
tion of taxe's in the- r.e-ar future, said
Representative- Nicholas Longworth.
me'iuber of the- he use- ways and tne-atis
eoiuniitt-c whie'li frames reve-nue
measures. He predicted that congress
would make a cut approximating a
billion dollars from rhtinrites agsre
Sating more than lour billions pre-ente--d
by the legiMatlve departments-.
This, bowevnr. would net petmir any
peneml reduction in taxee
Life insuranc e companies of Ameri
ca have loaned more- than $2:'ft.ftftft,ftftft
Flat Reduction of Dollar a
Shift Will Be Placed in
Effect January 1st
Five Biggest Producers Will
Pay Employes on Basis of
22-Cent Copper Sales
GLOBE. Ariz . Dec. 9 - The cop
per companies of the Globe-Miami
district will post notices on their
properties tomorrow morning an
nouncing a flat reduction of wages
in all departn-nts of one dollar a
shift, effective January 1. 19l'l. The
adjusted wage for miners will 1'
?5.15. which, according to tlu oale
agreement adopted pi ior to the Eu
ropean war is the wage basis on "2
cents per pound as the selling price
of copper. No further reduction cf
working forces by the larger produc
ing companies in this district is ."i-tic-ipatcd.
The copper compamt-s of th 'i -trict
are now operating on a s
of about 4ft per cent of the w: tiiu
A joint meeting of the employes'
grievance committee of the district
has b1en called for 1 o'clock tomor
row morning. The opinion generally
expressed is that the wage cut will
he excepted by the men with few ex
ceptions. Employes of tbp following com
panies will lie subject to the reduc
tion: Inspiration Consolidated Copper
Company; Old Dominion Cnmpanv :
Superior and Boston Copper Com
pany: Miami Coper Comany; Arizo
na Commercial Comany, and the
Iron Gap Copper Company.
Border Cities Will Unite
In Effort to Bring More
Automobile Tourists Here
DOUGLAS. Dec. 9 A joint meet
ing of delegations from all towns be
tween El Paso and Tucson along the
Bankhead highway to unite on efforts
to bring more toiirist travel over the
southern route ia Douglas and Bis
bee will probably be held in Dou-jlas
soon, it was announced by Kiy Mar
tin, secretary of the chamlwr of com
merce and mines, who, with a dele
gation of the chamber, returned from
Deming. N. M.. last night, where t how
went in the interests of directing
tourist tralfic over tin southern
This city was suggested for the
gathering at a conference with Dem
ing officials who highly approved t
Douglas as did a lordsbutg delega
tion. The Douglas paitv b ft lo re
Tuesday morning for Doming, a dis
tance of I'll miles. May reached
Doming about G p. in. On the way
the chamber ol commerce party saw
to the erection ol road Mgns along
the road. A big sign particularly ad
vertising Douglas as eh as uie rorsi,
was erected one mile beyond Lords
burg. About two dozen smaller
signs were put up.
An hour alter the IKniglasites' ar
rival at Deming thev had dinner
iwith the president and live- etb-r
'directors of the Deming chamber. Tin
;six included President J. G. Ccmuht
and E. R. Vallandigham. A. A.
iTemke. J. A. Mahouey. A. W.
A. Mahouey. A.
D. O. Snoeiuras:
Ke.ad ilanl and
'matters were discussed at the elinni-r.
SANTA ROSA. Calie.. Dec. 1ft.
A mob early today toe k fnnn the
j:iil here three alleged gangste-rs
held in collection with the killing
eif three' pe'aev Officers iier last
Suuda v.
on city and farm n-al estate- ir..'-gage-s
in the lirsi lit months e-t M
year, according to Haley Fiske-. I-el-nt
of the Met ropolit.eu Lit-- . -nr-ane-e
Company, anothe-r spe-al e .
Mortgage- loans generally ban- con
st itut.-d the largest percentage of life-insurance-
inve-stine-nts, he- contlnucel.
adding that this re-tute-d the c-iitieism
that the- eonipanii-s had iut elone the-Ir
eluty in ivspcuieling let the- housing
shortage. In t lie matter of farm loan
he saiil that c ity dwellers hac diiee t
ly benefitted by lower food ce' t- ami
would suffer if agricultural eie -. e-Tep-r:ents
wore ttitailcd.
The insurance men hnd a their
puens. todav MX of the ohl-cl polie-y
holders in the Uni'ed S?Htes. ransins
in age from SI to S!i years. The old
est lias a pidicy which has been In
torce eS.i vears.

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