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lK)s.sible. Tliousauils. of nun are be
ing laved off every day by eubtern
factories and industries because of
the present business depression. No
industry has been hit harder by this
degression than that of producing
couper. 1 do not believe there is a
single iKTson in the Warren District
who would favor laying off of a lot
of men in order chat a comparative
lew miht keep on Urawii:--; war time
salaiies. Wo An w.i want i-J se.
thousands of n:en ua: ot work n j
zona nor do wo wan to st;e aay ji
the big mines cios-id down because
they cannot be operated without huge
Men Are Notmed
"The new wage scale, we believe,
will help the situation a great deal,
aud it hu3 been gratifying to us to
day to see that the thousands or em
ployes hero have apparently given
the bituation a lot of thought recent
ly and are apparently willing to rea
lize; just what the true conditions
Het'ore the announcement of the
wage jxductijn was mado, it- was stat
ed last nibht, grievance committees or
both compunus were notified of the
pl.iu. It is thought probably (hat a
meet in;: of these committees will be
held within the next few days, but
no friction between einp.oyes and
company officials over the new scale,
is looked for.
Local merchants, upon learning of
the wage reduction yesterday, gave
assurance that prices on foodstuffs,
clothing, fuel and other necessities
would be kept down to the lowest pos
sible level with the intention of mak-
ing the new wage scale as easy to ernoon, White, professional fcr the lo
conform with as possible. ;Ca.i ciub, with Vance Johnson for a
In general the wage reduction was partner, and Jolly, professional for
received with much more optimism the Djuglas club, with Stuppi for a
than pessimism, inasmuch as it set- partner, will engage in a four-ball
tied the question that has been m tne match.
miuds of the entire district for many! The Bisbee team follows: Vance
months: "How is the Warren Dis- j Johnson. Joe Curry, Harry Ziesemer,
trict going to pull through the pres- ;G. 11. Dow ell. Roger Pelton, George
em nation-wide depression?" In a jB. Winfrey. Arthur Not man, Wil
manner that was much more cheerful liamson, Arthur Toule. F. C. Bledsoe,
than many had txpccteir. ;Toin Cowan. Jack Chapman. H. B.
All smaller companies and leasers ! Johnson, Walter White, Don Raite. J.
in the district, it was reported last IL Golden. Ira Burgess. Harry Mollis,
night will conform vith the new scale j"- ouick.
set by the C. & A. and Copper Quern I The Douslas team follows: 1
. j John Stuppi. E. C. Robniscn. L. E.
Rheumatic Pains
Quickly Eased By Penetrating
Hamlin's Wizard Oil
A safe and effective preparation
to relieve the pains of Rheumatism,
Sciatica. Lame Back and Lumbago
Is Hamlin9 Wizard Oil. It pene
trates quickly, drives out the sore
ness, and limbers tip the stiff ach
ing joints and muscles.
Wizard Oil is a good depeudabla
prtparation to have In the medi
cine chest for first aid when the
doctor may be far away. You -will
fn almost daily uses for it in case
of sadden mishaps or accidents
snc'a as sprains, bruises, cuts, burns,
bite and stings. Just as reliable,
too, for earache, toothache and
croup. Always keep it in the house,
Ocoaroua sla bottl SSc.
If too ar tronblvd with eanatlptUoa
r alok head acta try Hamlin Wlxard
lirar Whips. Just pleasant llttia platt
UU at drucsUU for too.
says :
"I call again upon the people of
the United States to make such fur
ther contribution as thjy feel dia
peised i:i t!.c.?r tsyr.-.iutl.y and gen
croi'.ty, for the aid of the suffor
lug peoples."
Arizona Headquarters,
42 E. Monroe, Phoenix.
Subscriptions may be deposited in
any bank In Arizona and thiy will
be properly forwarded.
1 lo 11
"Married Virgin"
And An All-Star Cast.
This stoy is told with many thrills and laughs and a few
tears are thrown in for good measure.
Added Attractions:
The Sensational Mystery
And a Real Comedy
Hold-up Suspect
Given Fine and
10 Days in Jail
Char;. rd wiih carrying concealed
weapon;!, and suspected -if being im
pl cated in the holdup of W. H. Strat
ton in Vista Park, Warreii, about a
week aso, Jesus Jiminez. arrested
Thursday night by Patrolman Slier
11, was found guilty yesterday in po
lice court and sentenced to pay a fine
of $30 and to ten days in jail.
When Jiminez was arrested ,the
police were raiding a house between
O. K. street and Brewery Gulch. He
was found to be carrying a new 32-20
calibre revolver, of high grade and
price- A 44 calbrie gun was found
in a room and was claimed by Jimi
nez. The police are making a check
of cups stolen in recent burglaries
to see if the two in Jiminez' posses-)
sion are part of the loot
Francisco Rodriguez was arte ted
in Douglas Friday night by a police
man who was making his rounds,
flashed his light into an unoccupied
house and saw a pistol lying on the
floor. At the same tinve a hand
grasped the gun and the officers cov
ered and arrested the mau. Rodri
guez was sentenced to 90 days in -the
county jail Tor carrying concealed
weapons. He was brought to Lowell
yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Ash, and
Stratton looked him over but was
unable to positively identify him as
th man who held him up. He snul
that. Rodriguez looked like- the man.
and that his assailant used a similar
Douglas and Bisbee Golf
Teams to Meet' in Second
Tournament Here Tomorrow
The second golf match of the sea
son between the Douglas and the
Warren District Country Clubs win
Le played tomorrow on the course ot
the local club. Twenty golfers from
PM.-l. rlllK will r.mr,ot T th -ft-
jl'ortin, Ted Rice, A. B. Packarr. J.
I A. Drake, T. Mac Smith. H. T. Cuth
ibert. William Foster, Col. H. H.
j Stout. J. P. Sexton, J. T. Leeson,
Chaa. LKirande. H. J. Bishop. J. T.
Hcod. A. J. McKinnon. Mr. Trout man.
Doc Sheldon, Henry Williams. W. M.
Thompson. Millard Haymore and eGr
ahl Sherman.
. i
on January first and will notily e-ni- j
coves accordingly.
Following are the
lot the reduction in wages posted by
ine copper ejueen comrany, tne c
A. announcements ditfering only in
form and wording:
"Effective January 1, 1921, and un
til turthT advu-ed. all daily wage c:u--
ployes o, the Coppe-r Queen Branch,!
Phelps Port a- Corporation at Bisbee,
receiving $5.:55 or over per day, will
I be- reduced Sl.no ner da v.
"All daily wage employes receiving !
.... i - - , -,, ,
under So.Jo per day will be reduced
o(, t.,. a-,,- '
' ..c" t.ifL. ;V. .. , i
luuiiiivM iiiu'iu.h s it.ii it u'uut-,
ed 20 per cent on the baserate."
"Employes- of the Copper Quen
'Branch of Phelps Dodge Corporation
ar hereby advised that effective this
dale it has been decided to discontinue
! payment of the service bonus atjopt-
;cd during the war
j "Payments of the bonus to employes
w ill be mad for their current service
year, after which all payment will j
In; discontinued." j
At bedtime rub tha throat and
che6t Uior6oghl7 v;iti
ft if fl A-'- V'U1 bt' rolled t,::, .-.Her.v -i, a'
V 5!B,i,V;i1 compose! of K. L. Ilai". A
V V ARO RUQ;0. Johuscn. P. W. WKmnp, P,
Oxt 1 7 Million Jan Used Yearly i Wilson and Earl WiUii;
The l(.-jrii."M.u.t will bo d cided l y
1 lo 11
f llSTilELS
The Y. M. C. A. minstrel show.
"The Stranded Troupe Minstrels." to
be presented at the Grand Theater
Saturday evening. December IS. gives
promise of assuming the proicrtions
of "the event of the season" in lo
C!1 theatrical circles. The boys have
been rehearsing failthfudy during the.
past two weeks, and some talented
thespians have been brought to liiit.
The action of the first part takes
place in a railroad station. The mem
bers of the troupe, having been de
tained by a washout, enter the
station singing and are threatened
with arrest by the constable for dis
turbing the peace. On their agreeing
to present their show in the station,
this arm of the .law consents to waive
prosecution. Their interlocutor not
bciug present, the station master Vol
unteers to assume this role, whereup
on each of the bystanders demands
permission to play a part, and ah are
admitted to the circle.
This part, of the entertainment intro
luccs a number of new and tuneful
songs, as well as some clever and
tnappy dialogue. A few of the musi
cal numbers presented are "Candy
jLand." "-Alary Will You Marry Me."
"In the Vahey of Broken Hearts,"
'Somebody's Waiting for Someone."
"The Barefoot Trail." and "The Ra
diance of Your Eyes."
Th) second part is an olio featur
ing a number of high class vaudeville
acts. ,
General admission tickets at 50
cents are on sale at a number of
u"" ,kX "
. "--t "v-
trict. These may be exchanged for
reserved seats at the Hisbee Drug
company by the payment of an addi
tional 25 or 50 cents.
International Disagreement
Looms Over German Cable;
gation that the German cabh- i,i I he
possession ol" France and extt ndiiig
from New York to Bre.t via Uh
Azores be diverted from the Azores
to C;uoa. Italy, and divided brtweon
Italy and the United Siates, is sa'd
lo have met with th determined op
position of France. It also has b-acn
proposed that the cable "bolwen
South America and Africa, the Mon
rovia Perm: mbuco cable, be join? ly
ownod by the United, States aril
So tar as the trails-Atlantic cable
from Halifax to Penzance fs con
cerned. Great Pri'aiii. which ik-w i
cor.irols it, has acceded ta the: rlv!
s re ol th American gove:-nnifiif i
that this line be restcred to its fcr- j
mer connection bet.wVen New York!
and iMiiden, (ern:an;',- ii: .t'"i"isider;.'-!
tion of the transfer td GM,t Britain I
of one of the American irans-Athin? ic
cables between England and Canada. I
U. S. Demands Justir..
St-nators said that. Secretary Davis:
had informed them, however, that a
disposition on the pi-rt of Great j
Britain Co btain opt-raling control
of the German cables, now worked i
under ds authority. fo;-r.!Rd another!
phase of the situation.
,J""1' "l '"e -"a.o.s wno n,:r.-a
,V:MJ,"U ' a "K in'
JMiuiicauons migni vti rc-'cP m-,
cu,.. "i - i'
''-rfpniot'l- Senator Ijoeg.-: and c h-
eM- members said the difference.; l.rd
no i-oachcd
in acute stagn, l,t;( thev
v?re informed by Davis that v n-r:
of the conference was panned wn
(hat the representa.tives might re
turn home for t-onff renees with the: -gove:
nm' iils regavdinr fntu-r- iu-.tro-
s.?'t ions.
-ona'ers said tl-.ti. hm.I'-,
the poitieju cf the Pnii.c-)
was that America
tatisf .x:to"y a pos'l
to cable cnr.miur ic;
should :
;01t v.-it l;
tlolis 1K-.
di'l latere, the world wai.
The fir.;t of th ee tv.atvnes of ih'
ai;rr.?l b-i-.vlin;-.- icu-.na:!--ca'. fcr ih(
Walter Douglas cun. I;ctw.-cn ffa-'::
cf thv Tisbee and Dj.j: V "I. C
fx total (lumber of pins "ifd bv
I tho two teams. Libee won tin? c
I lat ear by a margin of one pin.
C-inu-t Cochran arrived hove yes
terday from Llk. California, to spend
the holidays with his parents. Mr.
find ilr.. K. li. Cochran of i'oon can
yon. Don't Fool With
Rheumatic Aches
a Bottle of Pain-Hslieving
Sloan's Liniment Hardy
7"Or need it whe?j i!t iniixpectel
rheumat'c lwin;jok: starts---t!s'
pains and aches follo.siiig t.vpvmn -ff-i.-uica.
l.tnibao. laaic ha -k. .sore
muscles, stiff joinis. nr-nnilp'v. Ki;r.
,'1 all about buyi;i-- anotiifr boillo
and keepirg it h?ndy, tl ?; ni you? c: t
it today- y?, ii may need it to.iiht!
Thi.- fsnieii;; on iiT-r jrrit i n! pvre
trstss without rubbino juid M-iitti-r.s
the conppstlon. The p'-;i i or .-u hc I:;
soon n licved. leaving no pla. t. r oi
jioultlce miiKHinoss. tio stained skin.
Thousands of reculnr vbit keep- it
handy for emornrencv thry don't suf
fer lici-dlertdy. AH driifrr' ? 3.-,c
"He, $1.10.
tic-'-- -
Iflloran Knocks Out
EngHsh Champion
In Secimd Round
LCvNDOM. Dec. 10. Fr.ink Moran,
ol Pittsburgh, knocked out Joe Beck
ett, English heavyweight pugilist, in
tins second round of their match in.
Albert Hall here tonight.
In the first round Moran l;d with
his left, but was caught with a right
to the jaw. Moran then swung his
right and clinched. He was warned
by the referee.
Beckett got in some good work m
the second round and again Moran
closed in, trying short arm jabs which
failed to land. Moran then got in v.
hard smash, but Beckett quickly re
taliated with a powerful right, to the
Beckett was floored with a trash
ing uppercut during ii... jilting and
was counted out when he failed to
rise. The end of the brut came amid
excitement. The match was for 20
Mrs. Spera Antono, w"tio was reuui-
! tc-1 at Douglas with her iather, Eli
Miguel alter having lived all ol her
life iiince childhood with a band of
j gypsies, was slid tryng to' make ar-
xa.igements yesterday to secure pos-jso.---.ion
of her child who is in kee;ing
'of its '"a'.her.
A v. end aud almost unbelievable
i.stoiy is the al:j rniath of the even
year search of Cue fattier ."or his
i chiid. To substantiate the-ir charge
jihat Mi'.i'.el sold his daughter seven
Jycar ago in Ptjra to fier ir-csent.
husbauil,. lii gpsies unblushingly do
dare that it has always been the cu-i
torn or their tribe to buy and f"ell
young girls of the tribe to and among
other tribes, price ranging accord
ing to the cccult ability of the girl.
:Tln gypsies allege that Miguel is
! seeking the custody of his daughter
'and her three-year-old child for the
sole reason that be can sell them
! again. They admit that is the rea
ison th.it tliey want the child it is
.lames AIlifoii, jiistice of the p. ac
was in Toni'isti'ine yesterday oi busi
Ghe them p!easant-to-tako
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar- lloixcy
CIIILDREN . romp around iin?
play and become ovc-rlu-arcJ. A
cold oft. tn results. It should not
be neglected one instant. Hjve Jr.
Bell's rinc-'J ar-! lonoy oa hand, ar.J .ive
them some as directed. It is very plcas
aut to take and its ingredients art- sure
to ease tiie tickling throat. It helps in
relieving irritation and lessens that
hard packed phlegm. Clears t!ie air
Take Dr. Ecil's Pine-Tar-IIoncy
yourself for that heavy cold. What it
elocs for thousands of others it un
doubtedly will do for you.
Get a bottle ironi your druggist today,
r,0c, GOc, SI. 20.
tor Coughs and Colds
ForRciif from the torturing jjliin
itch, the i.st:uril:fc eruption anil
rcalesof f'.i:e:r.&, U6 lr. Hofccon's
Ec2ma Ointment, iloodforpimt'ly
fu:cs, ltduntr lash. ar.J other skin
rmuties. Any ttnicnist.
m is
Loit 1 ime Today
Samuel (-kyn Kex Brtch
iimou! story i
A KqJiliU B.irkcr ritxiiKikfl '
Sunday and Monday
Army Ofifcpr Is
t.iijii. 10. II. Coylf, forr.Krl;. in com
mand of trooius si at ior.iul i ."aco,
was found guilty yesterday in the
superior court at Tombstone of for
cible entry ui)n the lands and pos
sessions of Harry Janus, formerly em
ployed at Camp Naco as a machinist.
Counsel for Cole gave notice of a
motion for a new trial.
The case between Coylcand James
aroused much interest here several
weeks ago. James charged that Cap
tai'.i Coyla entered his home ut Naco
ucar the military camp, ordered him
se.f and Mrs. James to leave, and
lh:ew thtir belongings out. After
James had made complaint against
Coylc. the army officer had Mr. and
Mrs. James arrested on charges of
bootlegging. Tho bootlegging charge
was dismissed in the local .justice
court for lack of evidence, but Coyle
was found guilty in the justice court
at Lowell of forcible entry. He appeal
ed to the stun rior court.
Among the arrivals at the Copper
Queen hotel last night were: N. E.
Sutton, A. C. Uroadbridge, Mr. and
Mrs. F. O. Mat-key. El Paso: W. E.
Davis. C. W. Henry, W. B. Norton,
Phoenix; Amy Gordon, James F. Boy
Ian. San Francisco; Edward -B. Jones,
Douglas; Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Mitchell
Mrs. Frank Hodges. Mrs. Charles H
Ecimoudson, Mrs. William Catron, Can
anea; Jess J. Levy. Chicago; Charles
Weaver. Denver; Edward II. -Klein,
Brooklyn; T. W. Donnelly. Tucson.
Made Young
Dright eye3, a dear skin and a body
full of youth and health m?y be
your3 if you will keep your system
ir order ty regularly taking
:-:s -world's standard remedy for kidney
U'.vcr, bladdc-r and uric cciJ troubles, the
enorr.ies of lifts and looks. In is' s s:nc
IC96. All drujrgists, three siies-
--jk tot tie name Coli McMsa ery bos
an '.I curpt aa ii-Jiiatioj;
William DeMille's
production of
'Thomas Meighanj
I he wonderf ul star of "The
.Miracle Man" and "Male
and Female" in the most
Jianr.irg romance ever told.
Supported &y Kathlyn Will
iams, Lila Lee, Ann Forrest,.
Chailes Ogle, Casson Fer
guson and oiher famous
Last Time 1 cday.
Sunday nd Monday.
Adults, 35c; Children, ISc.
I mm.
mi -aW Jp
AD Over Face. Lost Rest
Culicura Heals.
"My fftce broke out in one mass
of pimples. Tbey were large and
festered, and were scattered.
11 fii-M1 mv far. Th.u
burned so that I was in
misery, and I lost sleep
with them. My face was
"I saw an advertisement
for Culicura Soap and Oint
ment and sent for a free sample. I
bought more, and when I had used
two cakes of Soap with the Ointment,
I was completely healed." (Signed)
Miss Neva Warner, Pino Vw t, OiUL.
Dec 15, 1919.
Prevent further trouble by using
Cutkurm for all toilet purposes.
EipU Km fm br Had. A ddma: -Oatlran Lab.
watclW. Dp. a. Mil.4, UtM." SoMewy
rhrt! Sopa.OintniwitfeandK)e. TklcnmHC
tlmm CuticMm Soap daB witkMI mum.
Offers the Following Inducements on
For Cash
g I f t ,
t I 111- . '
1 m
u km
With the Purchase-of an Edison Phonograph from now
'til Chrismas, we will give absolutely Free of Cost, the
following number of Edison Re-creations with
$ 95.00 Chalet $20.00 Worth Records Free
$120.00 Modern $25.00 Worth Records Free
$167.50 Hepplewhite $30.00 Worth Records Free
$200.00 Sheraton .-. ....$32.50 Worth Records Free
$250.00 Jacobean $35.00 Worth Records Free
$295.00 Wm. & Mary :.$40.00 Worth Records Free
$295.00 Chippendale $40.00 Worth Records Free
This comprises an unprecedented
Discount on the New Edison, the
Phonograph with a Soul.
i iLde M
Once said, "Habit is Second Nature." Culti
vate the habit of saving and in a little while
you exercise it almost automatically. The
habit of accumulation is the one certain road
to comfort and independence.
Your accumulations thrive and grow fat under
our very liberal interest irrigation.
Citizens BanS and Trust Co.
Where you feel at home.
is caused by improper heating and ventilating of the
liome. To assist you in keeping an even temperature
we have a large number of thermometers for distribu
tion. We want to place one in each home. All you
have to do is ask for it whether or not you carry an
account with us.
Morning, December 11,1 920
The Peer of AU Music
Peerless AU-St&r Trio.
Gents, $1.10; Ladies Free.
!'. I "i. 'w I
im mm
A' .ViSSIO-! Lower Floor, 15c: Balcony, 10c; Reserved Seats, 25c:
Children. 10c.
r1 'jimmout drtcmflQlcItire r?

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