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Sunday Morning, August 28, 1921
Page Three
ters that stragglers frohi the now cits
banded "army" might rema
Boone county, and the presence of the
force would be needed thern to help
Sheriff Hill and hi three or lour ue
putiea to clear up the situation. There
was. no official statement on this
point hut the assumption was home
out hv people in Logan when Captain
J. R. Brockus and his tipopers rode
through the town on their way to the
Boone county borner.
One Man Demented
MADISON. V..Va., Au.e. 27. Paul
Cuilev of Madison. as shot last
night at Danville, near here, as he
and Triends were driving along a road
lined with men on the Marmet Min
go march. A miner sitting by the
loud received part of the charge of
nhot in his face and was taken with
Curley to the hospital.
One of the many men waiting here
last night for the special train 'to
take them back home became dement
ed and was placed in the county jail.
Today the sheriff learned that the
man belonged in a village on Cabin
Creek, and sent him to Charleston.
EAST LAS VEGAS. N. M.. Aug. 27. , my suggestion, when it was seen that
-J. K Bledsoe, a ranchman, was shot j there was to ge trouble."
. .... t Blenbe was shot several times
alwl fatally wounded by T.P. Penning-1 b , d ,n tne
was unarmed, ol
ficers Stated.
Pennington was arrested and made
no resistance. His head and race are
a mass of bruises from the beating
he says Bledsoe gave him. Five
chambers of Pennington's revolver
. ton. of Valmore, on the streets of this iieart being fatal. He died on his way
. .v city today. The trouble arose over to th hospital. He
on n
ding to Pennington's statement j "Jgtln'was employed for
e press. Bledsoe came up to the . ' ,
to leave it and
Pennington's attentions to a young
The shooting occurred in Penning
ton's automobile which was parked
nlnrnr the nrinciual business street
to the press,
car and ordered him
follow him. -
"1 knew he meant to heat me up."
said Pennington, "as he had threat
ened to do if I ever was seen again
in the- company of Miss Josepnme
Johnson. So I refused to get out. He j
climbed in the car and began to beat
me unmerciruuy. , .
'J 4ljached jn my pocket, got my
revolver' and shot several times. I did
so in the belief that I was acting in
self defense. Miss Johnson, who ac
companied nje here from Shoemaker,
her home, got out of the machine at
Students are Required to Sign
Pledge This Year Not to
Try Any 'Ruff Stuff
al vears bv Armour and company in
j Chicago before coming to Valmora, N.
I M., for his health. He was assistant
' there to the superintendent of the
Valmora Sanatarium.
Bledsoe was a rancher
sive sheep holdings.
Scotch country. 40 miles from a rail
road. There is much curiosity here
as to who will act as negotiators in .
behalf of Great Britain in case thej
negotiations begin, since the prime i
minister, in his letter to de Valera, !
I emphasized that there should be no.
delay in negotiating.
Henderson Hopeful I
I Two labor leaders, who are friend-i
TUCSON', Aug. 27. The action to '. ly to the Irish aspirations, gave their j
abolish hazine. taken bv the faculty ', views today. Arthur Henderson,!
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Reports from points along the road I gardless.of the question or
etween here and Racine were to the sonal altitude, must be he
of th University of Arizona at the
close of the academic year, has elic
ited widespread interest. This rule
has the decided approval of parents
and taxnavers. It became known to
with exten- the authorities of the university" that
more than once there had ben nar
vrtro cciinnfia frr.TTl anriftlia n& 1 51 St rOTlhe t
red from this cause, prompt and deci-J ... . nonraB , Vjll,r pnd
sive action seemed the wise course. tneir la8t notes b Ktalernents of
;The hair-cutting episodes, in partic-l rp wnn.nftsa to continue
lar, naa Become iiigmy uisiairiui wm
speaking at Carlisle, said the situa
tion was criticized hut not hopeless.
"An almost insurmountable obsta
cle in the fact that the Ulster parlia
ment has been created," he declared.
J. R. Thomas, leader of the railway
. i men, who is visiting LiuDiin, saiu:
The atmosphere I see in Ireland
effect that the main body of march
ers had Mt the county. A few still
were waiting at Racine for transpor
tation but It was thought these would
move out before Sunday morning.
Logan District Quiet
LOGAN. W. V.; Aug. 27. All was
quiet in' Logan tonight and reports
from over the county did not indicate
disorders inany place.
stnipment with reference to the
march and its consequences was
sued by General Bandholtz tonight, in
which he stated that he placed the re
' sponsibility directly up to the United
Mine Workers' officials for this dis
trict. It' said in part:
"In the present instance, I have
not made an effort to obtain evidence
-with-which to definitely place respon
sibility with any person or persons.
A defiance of the law has been com
mitted by a body of men mainly com
posed of members of the United Mine
Workers of America. I have, there
fore, acted- upon the assumption that
the leaders of that organization, ro
il their per-
ield respon
sible for the act of the member i ot
the society which they have creiied
and represent.
"It is a fixed administrative prin
ciple that, leadership not only has its
prerogative, but carries with At re
suonBibility for the action of subord
inates. It was entirely in view of(
thistnts tnat .Messrs. rveeuey nu
Mooney were summoned to a confer
ence and plainly but courteously in-
fnrinnl tliot In caw martini law was
1C I 1 V I 1 1 1 ' . I. VI. Ml. ... ......
is-1 declared, they and others would be
held responsible for the acts com
mitted by the law-breaking members
of their organization. Nc inducements
or promises of any kind were offered
nor were any threats made. They
told that it was likely the movement
had grown 'out of all proportion to
any original intention and might soon
get entirely beyond control. They ap
preciated the situation and promised
to take ' immediate remedial action,
with known results." '
the arrest of the assassin of Mathias
The local police are investigating
the present whereabouts of Oltwig
von Hirschfeld, the student recently
released from 18 months' imprison
ment for his attempt on the life of
Herr Erzberger in the courtroom dur
ing the sensational trial of the Erz-j
berger-Helfferich libel suit.
The party organs continue to pour
out a flood or bitter recrimination.
The national party, of which Dr. Helf
ferich is one of the leaders, has iiu
stituted proceedings for criminal libel
against the independent organ, Frei
heit, because of the latter's charge
that the Pan-German party instituted
Erzberger's murder.
annoying to the public as well as to
the college community. At best, haz
ing seemed very juvenile a relic of
the boarding school Ftage of educa
tion and, at worst, a dangerous and
brutal sport, humiliating in the ex
treme to-certain victims of inborn
pride and courage! The University
of Arizona has happily passed beyond
the rudimentary stage of its progress
and has won cordial recognition as a
unique ana aignuieq institution
among the first class universities of
the nation, so the abolishing of man
handling is timely and appropriate.
In order that there may be no pos
sible misunderstanding on the part of
entering students, either of the rule
abolishing hazing or of the serious
the discussions.
Cnogratulate Craig
BELFAST, Aug. 27. (By the Asso
ciated Press) The Royal Black in
stitution, a branch of the Orange Or
der, held demonstrations throughout
Ulster at which vigorous resolutions
were adopted concerning the present
Irish negotiations. That adopted at
Ballymena, county Antrim, is a fair
sample. It said:
"We look with shame upon the hu
miliating sight of the British prime
minister grovelling in the dust to reb
els and assassins. We congratulate I
Sir James Craig (the Ulster premier)
for having refused to confer with a
man calling; himself the president of
the Irish republic. We tell him that
intention of the authorities to enforce, on these lines, he has loyal Ulster at
1 3 fJ-;&:fek
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the study and handling of childbirth
his lite work. Be spent years delving into
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scientific! means and methods of lessening
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suffering and reducing the burdens of
motherhood. Be made many important
discoveries, one or them a simple, narmie
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MADRAS, British India, Aug. 27.-r-(Bythe
Associated Press.) Concen
tration of the necessary troops in the
disturbed area of southern India, has
been completed, says an official com
munique issued today, and those sec
tions which have been occupied by
the military are quiet. The total num
ber of military casualties since the
outbreak are given as one officer
killed and two of the ranks missing.
The steamer Nawab is expected to
arrive at Calicut from Bombay Sun
day with supplies.
Riave-ui luemiij, triaay. .Nearly 'six
lakhs of rupees. 600,000 rupees or nor
mally about $190,000, are said to have
been contained in the treasury.
The Moplahs, or native Moslems, re
leased prisoners from jail and forced
two of them and a warden to accept
the Mohammedan religion. They also
carried off arms and ammunition
from the police station. i
A motor bus . returning to Calicut
from the disturbed area was attacker
by Moplahs who killed the driver and
an attendant and set the vehicle on
the rule promptly and firmly, a print-
ed slip has been prepared to be given
to each student before he registers.
The slip reads as follows: "
Formal notice is hereby given to
each student who desires to enter the
University of Arizona that hazing has
been abolished and is from this date
prohibited. Each applicant for ad
mission is required to- sign the fol
lowing statement at the time of reg
istration, 'I hereby pledge myself, on
my honor, not to encourage or parti
cipate in hazing during my attend
ance at the University of Arizona.
Contests among students according I
to rules approved by the faculty are
not classed as hazing."
If it should come to the knowledge
of the authorities that an applicant
before registering in tha university
has engaged in any form of hazing
since the passage of the rule prohib
iting hazing, he will not be accpted
as a student, since such act top would
show that the prospective -filudent is
out of sympathy with the published
r-.lii-i' onH nil rnoofl nf hc li.-ilyf.Tot
h!s back, and that the day he deviates
from this, he has ceased to represent
the voice of Ulster.
1 N If
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preparation that removes the catar
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and intestinal ailments,v"Tncluding ap
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Farm Bureau News
Phone 170 84 Urmr MaJn StrT
; At a recent meeting of the execu
, tive committee of the Arizona Farm
, Bureau, held in Phoenix, they em
ployed Lawrence G. Wilson, of Pinal
i county, as marketing agent fo. the
I Arizona Farm Bureau. On the same
i evening, this committee sent Mr Wil
son to Washington, D. C. to appear
' in a hearing against the railroads on
, hay gram, and grain products. Upon
I Mr- xv "son's return he will devote his
I 10 me creation of marketing
agencies in tne various count Im in
connection with the various commod
ates me counties
"B,B an 10 seeK such an institution
as meets his ideals of diseipMie
A sheet of writing paper will take j
up clearance and ston an annovin '
valve tap, when no time is had to cor
rect the defect with tools. The en
gine should be hot when the paper is
placed, between the push rod and
vaive stem. As the paper is contin-I
uany unaer pressure, it will not slip
Also low round trip rates to
and comfortable.
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Ninety per cent of the people of
Honduras cannot read or write.
These monster bombs measure just
one inch less than 14 feet itf length,1
and , have a body diameter of 23 !
1 "'V kM SSMtlte STMf tint tsSWMlMla.
Z2"4 -iZAiXL uc" L"""
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Thrift is steady earning, wise spending, sane sav
ing, careful investment, and avoidance of waste.
.Every, dollar you spend for something that, really
pleases you, and that answers a real heed, is spent wise
ly and encourages legitimate business and industry.
Every dollar spent that does not fulfill the forego
ing conditions is spent wastefully and means that much
less comfort and happiness at your command.
Let Mr. Interest help provide for your old age.
may determine
K lira: rvtejCN CDO
Member American Bankers Association
"The Bank of Courteous Service"
Saturday, the 13th, State President I
C. S. Brown attended a county-wide
arm Bureau meeting in Cochise
vuumy, wnere is ol the members of
the board of directors had assembled
for the. purpose of transacting the
County Farm Bureau business. In
this county, many thousands of dol
lars have been saved by co-operative
buying of fuel oil. corn and cotton
seed meal. Independent of the bene
fits that - have been derived from
-uuniy Agent Adamson's purchase of
pure urea nogs and dairy cows,' their
oaving nas amounted to ?71,000.00.
. -v6uoi iULn a tour was made to
ttiua cruz county in connection with
uumy Agent joe u. Morgan. The
copious rains have made Santa Cruz
county a perfect meadow of grass
wuisiae or tne lateness of planting
which will force the farmers to har
vest their crops before maturity, the
farmers and stockmen of that county
are feeling more hopeful than for
many months past. A county-wide
ru nic is oemg arranged by President
Bristol and County Agent Morgan, to
ie neia some time in October, when
the Farm Bureau memhora win
together with the cattlemen, and in
addition to the celebration, there will
be a short business meeting to trans
act some matters of importance that
we feel the cowmen and farmers are
mutually interested in.
BERLIN, Aug. 27. The Taeg
lische Rundschau says it is informed
that the French are attempting to ob
tain an active interest in the Saxon
textile industry and have already
gained control of one of the big plants
at Chemnitz.
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