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Sunday Morning, September 10, 1922
Page Three
10,000 Mil es in Third
Year Distance Covered
by Local Owner
H. Hendrickson of Warren ia one
man that believes that the proper
place tor an automobile is not in the
parage but out on the road. Just four
months ago Hendrickson bought a
Stud t baker Light Six touring car from
the Bisbee Auto company and in that
short four months he has driven his
machine a distance of a little over
10,000 miles. Considering that the
distance covered by the average car
in a year is around five thousand
miles, Hendrickson has received from
his car two years service in about one
sixth of that time.
Hendrickson's recent trip from Los
Angeles is a fair example of the per
formance fie demands in an automo
Leaving Los Angeles one mornin
he arrived in Yuma, a distance ot 313
decreases the efficiency of your car
100 per cent. We can repair ailing
generators so they will function
just as gtfod as new ones. No mat
ter what kind of car you own we
can remedy its electrical troubles.
Our work carries a guarantee. And
the price is right! We repair and
Install generators and starting sys
tems. Also rewire cars.
Expert Says Audion
Tubes Secondary to
Battery That's Us6d
The terms "hard" and "soft" used
to describe certain kinds of audion
tubes are not often clearly defined
so that many radio operators may not
know exactly what is . meant when
they are used. A "hard" tube is in
reality a vacuum tube, that is, one
from which a great portion of the air
has been exhausted and tho air with
in it greatly rarified. These are
known to the trade, as amplifying
tubes and require at least forty-five
volts in the "B" circuit for their sat
isfactory operation. '
"Soft" tubes are not exactly vac
uum tubes, but contain some gas and
operate on a circuit of 18 to 24 volts.
They, in trade terms, aro known as
detector tubes, because they are
more receptive to faint radio signals.
"But regardless of the kind or num
ber of audion tubes in the set." says
Sid Wright, local representative of
Willard Storage Batteries, "much de
pends upon the kind of "B" battery
used. A storage "E" battery is much
quieter than the common dry cell
type, besides giving a more uniform
delivery of current and much longer
Summer .. static didnt bother the
radio operator on the tug Oneonta,
which was anchored at Columbia Riv
er harbor, Astoria, Oregon, when he
heard Atlanta recently. This i3 a
distance of about 2400 miles. It is con
siAered a record in radio telephony
and is the more interesting in that it
was made during warm weath&r.
Radio Development
Takes 26 Years to
Attain Popularity
The progress of radio has not been
so fast at its' last year's development
would lead people to believe. In fact,
it has been even slower in gaining
popularity than the automobile.
It was 26 years ago that Marconi
succeded in signaling without wires
for a distance of 100 yards. For years
before 1896 he had been experiment
ing on his father's farm in Italy.
One year later he signaled nine
miles and In two months in creased
the distance to 12 miles. In Ju.ly,
1898, he signaled 20 miles and in 1901
his wireless messages crossed the
Atlantic Ocean. ,-
She Finds Son After 58 Years
miles, before dark. Left Yuma next
day and made Tucson by way of Ajo,
276 miles. This road Hendrickson re
ports in excellent condition. Four
hours driving the following day landed
him in Bisbee. v
Hendrickson reports his gasoline
consumption as 24 8-10 miles to the
gallon, oil 400 miles to the quart, very
little water crossing the desert and
j no "trouble of any description.
I Asked how his car was standing up
Henderson replied, "she was just as
I good' as new," a fact, considering the
service he has had, that speaks well
for the Studebaker light -weight mode!
Esquimaux Enjoys
Modern Luxury of
Electric Lighting
American explorers are fast intro
ducing electric lights in the Arctic
regions and one would . not be Sur
prised to hear shortly of the Esqui
maux enjoying this modern luxury in
their huts, according to the prediction
made by the manager of the local
Exide Service Station.
"A few weeks ago," sair the man
ager, "I read of the natives in some
isolated section of Alaska, Cediak Is
land, I believed, being introduced to
electric lights and the event was com
mented on as a step toward progress.
"Then the other day I received word
that MacMillan, the explorer, had
taken a complete lighting system with
him on his latest trip to the Polar re
gions. He has also equipped his ex
pedition with a wireless set and will
send back radio reports as he makes
his way north. Current for both is
furnisked by Exide batteries.
"Mr. MacMillan, who sailed from
Boston, wasleader of the famous
Crocker Latfi Expedition seven years
ago. It was really on this occasion
that electric lights, also furnished by
Exides were introduced in the Arctic
regions, probably, for the first time
in history.
"This was made possible principally
through the development ot the stor
age battery. Such a voyage necessar
ily is rough and full of hardships andj
the equipment must be strong enough j
to witnstana a 101 or rougn nanunng
"After 4000 miles of traveling dur
ing which the party was ship-wrecked
and almost perished in blizzards, they
were still able to give the Esquimaux
the surprise of their lives electric
4 vr
i'A j i
: --.---::.
Z-. -y-' ft y
f 4
S ...vV.
7 w
Mrs. Mary' Roper, of Little Blue,
has just found after a 68-year search.
rnthfr. Charles, who Is somewhere In Ohio.
Mo., with her son Joe whom ehej
They are now trying to And Joe'a'
of the society are urged to attend this
evening service.
Rev. John C. Schmidt of Douglas
will preach on Sunday, September 10
at the First Church of WarrenTat 3
P. M. Basing his sermon on I Peter
2.9-10, he will preach on "The Christ
ians' Duty to Propagate Christ's
Kingdom." In connection with the ser
vice Holy Communion will be admin
istered. The Sunday school begins at 2 p. m.
Your are cordially invited to attend
and join in the worship.
Come and worship with us.
Sunday School 9:45 a. m. A good
crowd last Sunday. Make it larger
this Sunday.
Morning worship 11:00 a. m. Spe
cial music by the. choir. Sermon by
the pastor. Subject, "Does God Have
Fair Play?"
Junior High School League in the
men's class room 6:30 p. m. High
Schoolers, make this a big thing.
Epworth Leaguq in the church 6:30
p. m. Leader, Platform meeting. Sub
ject, "Institute Echoes."
Preaching service 7:30 p. m. Iusic
by the choh'. Gospel song service led
by Mrs. Richmire. Children's chorus.
Sermon by tho pastor. Subject, "The
Friendship of Jesus."
Official roara meeting in the church
Monday evening 7:30. Important bus
iness, so every member please be pres
Prayer and Bible meeting in the
church Wednesday evening 7:30
o'clock. Como and let us pray togeth
er. The W. F. M. S. 'will meet with
Mrs. W. B. Haynie, Ftiday evening
7:30 o'clock. Fill the house.
The Junior League will meet In the
church Saturday afternoon 3:00
The Pastor will ie at home Monday
afternoon from 2 to 4 to see any one
who is in trouble, or who is puzzled
over any part of the Bible. Come,
and I will gladly and tenderly talk it
over with you.
Mothers, ask for the young ladies
to take care of your children, when
yop, come to the morning worship.
The church with a friendly hand.
- fmm
More than 1000 patents have al
ready been issued by the U. S. Pat
ent Office, covering new designs or
materials connected with radio. Be
tween 2000 and 3000 patents are
pending, "vtlth this work ahead of the
officials for investigation and approval
the patent office Is one of, the busiest
places in Washington. .
i : ii
" si ft Wlf v u r A W ilk -Hi
rH i r-v jp. -.T..T,-rr...-,TjCi.;.jt-. ,.,.--hLJ. - jNy . ,
NtjL! ' The Standard of Comparison "Si
Headquarters, v Independence, Mo.
Woman's Club bldg.. Quality Hill
Sunday School 9:45 a. m.
Preaching 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Religio.Dept., 6:15 p. m.
Midweek prayer service Wed., 7:30
p. m., at our chapel on Garden Avenue
The public is cordially invited to
al! services .
E. R. DAVIS, Pastor.
Sunday School at 10 ar m. with
classes for all who attend.
Public worship at 11 a. m. Theme
of sermon, "Helpless Longings."
The Yonng Feople will meet at 6:45
We trust, that , all the officers and
members will be present as this is
the first meeting since vacation
months. - . 5
A cordial invitation is extended to
all of our services. Tho church for
the entire community. ' "Come thou
with us and we will de thee good."
Sunday school 9:45:a. m.
Morning prayer with address by the
Nector. 11: a. m.
. Oector.
A "Four" That Sets a New Standard
The 1923 Buick Four Touring $885
Distinctive Head Lamps
Drum-typa head light mnd parking 1 tun pa
mrm among tha oow refinement of mil
1933 Buick models, both fours mnd aire a.
In beauty of appearance, dependability and economy
of operation the 'Buick four-cylinder, five-passenger
Touring has established an entirely new standard for ,
four-cylinder cars.
Its low body with its clean, straight lines, accentuated
by the high radiator and straight hood, give it a long,
racy appearance that is new to cars of its class.
Massive crown fenders add to this distinction, as do
the snug-fitting, shapely top and the handsome drum
type head and cowl lamps. .
And with this beauty ,has come a hew riding comfort.
The seats are deep and low with full leg room in both
compartments. The steering column has been changed
in position to increase driving ease and the gear shift
leyer has been raised to meet the driver's hand. A
. transmission lock, a . windshield adjustable from the
inside, and a transmission-driven speedometer likewise
are among the many new refinements of this model.
Material changes also have been made in motor,
chassis and body construction 'which contribute still
further to the wonderful performance record charac
teristic of Buick cars for twenty years.
The Buick Line for 1923 comprises fourteen models:
Fours 2 rots. Roadster. SSC5; 6 Pass. Touring. SS85;
5 Pass. Coupe, tll75; 6 Pass. Sedan, S1395; 6 Pass.
Touring Sedan, tlSH5. Sixes 2 Past. Roadster, ttl76;
6 Pass. Touring, SI 195; 6 Pass. Touring Sedan, 31935;
6 Pass. Sedan, 31985; 4 Pass. Coupe, 31895; 7 Pass.
Touring,31435;7 Pass.Sedan.32195; S port Roadsler,3 1025;
Sport Touring, 31675. Prices f. o. b. Flint. Ask about
the O. M. A. C. Purchase Plan, which provides for Deferred
Luke 6: 1-11 is the Bible school les
son, Lk. 6:10 is the text for the morn
ing sermon, the title Is "Jesus Requir
ing The Impossible." "
B. Y. P. U. meets at 6:30.
At 7:30 the pastor will bring the
second sermon in the series on Chris
tian fundamentals. The title is "Good
More or God More" based on what
Jesus thought of , himself.
Mrs. Garnett will sing a solo at the
morning hour and the choir will sing
an anthem In the evening. '
The Pastor has resumed the Wed
nesday evening Bible class. There
were 48 present last Wednesday. We
are now studying the books of the
New Testament and have gone as far
as 1 Thessalonians.
A church where the Bible is be
lieved and taught.
Sunday school at 9:35 a. m. We
welcome all there's a class for you
Rally Day in our school will be held
October 1st. The Sunday School and
Church will combine in one morning
service, the hour to be set at a later
date. Let us make Rally Day a big day
this year. Every member of the
church should be in Sunday . school
Southern Arizona Auto Co.
Local Phone 20
When better automobiles are built, Buick will build them
i mn, ii - 'fM
Whether It be a Packard or a
Flivver, and know how to make
any necessary adjustments and
We play no favorites but give
every job that comes to us that
careful attention which insures
perfect satisfaction to you.
Lowell Next to C. A A. Office
for Rally Day. Mothers who can teach
their little tots recitations as part of
the special program should make this
known to the teachers or the super
intendent of the school. One feature
of the program will be the caling of
the roll of all departments, including
the Home and Cradle Roll Depart
ments. Public Worship at 11 a. m. Rev.
W. T. Elsing of New YorK City will
preach. There will be no evening
church service.
A Congressional Meeting wil be held
in the Church Friday, Sept. 15 at 7:30
P. M. The purpose of the meeting is
for (discussion only. No action will
be taken regarding the call of a pas
tor. Society of Christian Endeavor' at
6:30 P. M. The older as well as the
young folks, interested in the work
We are experienced and;
equipped to handle any automo
bile repairing from the smallest
adjustment to a complete over
hauling, on any make car.
We Specialize in Dodge
Brothers Repairing and
Overhauling,, and Service.
Dodge Service
L. G. Bock, Mgr.
Lowell Phone 182
fRJteiy Service
Wherever the Exide Battery Ser
vice sign is displayed, car owners
will find complete facilities for the
handling of all their battery needs.
Whether R's a simple battery test
br a question, of extensive battery
repairs, the same prompt and cour
teous attention prevails. There's
no requirement of the starting bat
tery too small or too large that
cannot be cared for in the RIGHT
WAY at pri Exide Station. Nor is
Exide Battery Service confined only
to the Exide Battery; It is a service
that knows no exception . ; i
It's for all car owners regardless of
the make of battery on the car.
; -; Machine Work -
Acetylene Welding
General Automobile
Not an experimental garage
Frank Thayer's Garage
Lowell Phone 29
There Is No Better Battery Made
Than The EXIDE
$8.99 $7.99
FOR A 30x312 FOR A 30x3
A standard tire dovered by a standard guarantee. v
In fact, the most trustworthy tire built.
Simoniz Polish
American Hammered Piston Rings
Southern Arizona Auto
Local Phone 20
Lowell Douglas
Explaining One of Our
Exclusive Features
. ' .
By, Introducing this epoch-making frame unit, Lexington engi
neers made It possible to Insure absolute rigidity In the Series 22
frame without' employing excessive weight or cumbersome con
struction. The Lexington's frame, of which the double-triangular
center cross-member is such vital part, guarantees long
life to the chassis and body.
se" . Lennfiton . Co.
Phone 18
Regular and
Oversize Cords
Ring-Shaped Tubes
1 r
And as for prices, just ask' us
C H. ALLEN, Manager
LrnraQ Pkon 34

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