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ARIZONA: Generally f:ir
Thursday anil Friday; nnt
much change In temperature.
w At U
VOL. 26 NO. 225
Price Five Cents
"ml x
-a. r &
S I Tl
Senate Roll Call Shows Four
Less Than Necessary Two
Thirds Vote Required
Ashiirst Pleads Cause of
Vets; Cameron Votes to
Sustain Veto
WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. f- The
soldiers' bonus bill failed of enact-,
ment late today, the senate sustain
ing President Harding's veto. Previ
ously the house had overridden the
veto by a large' margin.
The senate roll call showed 44 ayes
to 28 nays, or four less than the two
thirds majority necessary to enact
the bill without he president's ap
proval. The vote in the house was
258 to 54, or fifty more than the re
quired number.
Although it was reported that a
new bonus, bill might be introduced j
tomorrow it was certain that the bon-
us fight would not be renewed at!
least until the next session of con
gress, which will begin December
fourth. The senate roll call follows:
-To Override the Veto
Republicans Brandegee, Fursum,
Capper, Colt, Cummins, Curtis, Good
ing, Hale, Hareld, Jones of Washing
ton; Kellogg, LaFollette, Lenroot,
Lodge; MtCorraick, McCumber, Mc
Lean", XIcNary. Nicholson, Norbeck)
Oddie, Rawson, Shortridge, Stanfield.
Sutherland, Townsend and Watson of
, Indiana.
Democrats Ashurst, Broussard,
Culberson, Fletcher. Gerry, Harrison,
Heflin, Hitchcock. MeKellar, Ransdell
Reed, Missouri; Robinson, Sreppard,
Simmons, Smith, Trammell and
Walsh of Massachusetts.
Total 44.
To Sustain the Veto
Republicans Ball, Borah, Calder,
.Cameron, Dillingham, Dupont," Edge,
Ernst, Fernald France, Keyes, Moses,!
Nelson, New, Newberry. Pepper.
Phipps, Reed, Pennsylvania;, Smoot.i
Sterling and Wadsworth.
Democrats Dial, Glass, Myers,
Owen, Shields, Underwood and Wil-
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Harding Expected
to Approve Tariff
Upon Presentation
WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. The tar
iff act of 1922 will be taken to the
White House tomorrow forenoon by
Chairman McCumber, of the senate fi
nance committee, and Chairman Ford
ney of the house ways and means com
mittee, co-authors of it. "Mr. Fordney
said tonight he expected the president
to sign the measure immediately after!
1 - . .1 t.fM In that
It .was it;atrijiu iu iiiiu.
event It would become a law at mid j
night tomorrow night, replacing the
Democratic Underwood" law ahd the
Republican emergency tariff act now I
In force.
The engrossed bill was signed today I
by speaker Gillett of the house, and i
Senator Cummins Republican. Iowa."
President pro temporte of the senate.!
Son of Murdered
Father Slayer of
. ConfeSSed Robber
EL PASO. Sept. 20. "There are 24
of us. Some one will pay for this,"
were the dying words of Julio Lugo,
alias Luis Trlllo, confessed smuggler
and bank robber who was shot and
killed by Luis It. tComancho, a bank
employe in Juarez today. Lugo had
admitted being implicated in a rob
bery of the Russek bank In Juarez re
cently when Comancho's, father was
killed by the robbers, but denied any
hand in the murder. He was being;
taken from court to jail today under
a guard of soldiers when the son of
the murdered man drew a revolver
and shot him. Lugo's dying remark
is supposed" to refer to a band of 24
liquor smugglers. Comanche, who is shops of the Louisville and Nashville
employed In the Rus6ek bank, is be-j railroad, was slightly Injured late to
lng held incommunicado on a chargej night when a box' car used for sleep-
of murder.
1 7 Bodies Of Mine Victims Now
On Surface; Seven Identified;
Inquest Will Be Most Searching
. , '
! Eight Additional Bodies Are
Victims Will Be Held rnday; Coroners Jury View
Two Bodies and Adjourn Until After Funerals
JACKSON, Cal., Sept. 20. (By the
Associated Press) All of the 47 bod
ies of miners who met their death In
the Argonaut gold mine by fire and
Doisonous gas are expected to be
brought to the surface by tomorrow
morning. The federal miners on the
crews will work without, stopping un- cemeteries from the Argonaut proper
til the last body- is placed in its cas- ty and will be placed beside the
ket. , '
Eight additional bodies were
brought from the Argonaut level in
which the miners had erected bulk-1
heads to retard the movement of the 1
gas. Seven of the bodies were identi
fied and altogether 17 bodies have
been placed in caskets in the Argo
naut mill. ,
Funerals for all of the Victims will
' "
O I ItIX I JL JlL I i'WlV UXJllJilV IT VlYli-lJ.1
UUolJo luJ V JCi -T JlX lJ)01JlLLJ lii
CHICAGO. Sept. 20. - Mrs. Marie J
.. .
uemen, oi years oiuj iuuay sunum-
install Invo far her hiishflnrl nt. more
, A.
than 3S years to sympathy for "the
other woman" and a child, when she
obtained a divorce and $8,000 alimony
from Charles Reinert, 63-year-old Chi
cago realtor. . 1 . '
During the hearing, it was disclosed
that Miss Marie Bourgous. the "other
woman" andReinert's niece, is living
with a (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rein
ert. Mrs. Reinert expressed her will-
. 1
jsjef Spread by Officials For
r n ,kl C
IC13U"5 ixc""""'
Shooting Tightened
NEW BRUNSWICK. N. J., Sept.. 20
(By the Associated Press) The
snares spread by the prosecuting and j
detective staffs of two counties five;
days ago for the person or persons,
responsible for the double shooting of,torces even up in the contests in yes
Rev. Edward Wheeler Hall, rector ofterday's primaries it apeared on the
the Protestant Episcopal church of
St. John the Evangelist, and Mrs.
James Mills, choir singer in the
church, were closing tonight the po
lice said.
"Wa will not he rushed in this ,
case," said Prosecutor Strieker of!
Middlesex county. " To make an ar-
rest now would be to open the - way j
for habeas corpus proceedings, which j
would force us to disclose the lines!
along which we have been working";
rrA4n ,1 1, nf '
iitrictiivo j uiicu nuu mvriiiuci uij
the prosecutor's staff of Somerset!
questioned every member of the f am-
jily at the Hall home. Totten carried
with.'him the revolver found yesterday j
which Is believed to be the weapon;
with which the clergyman and Mrs.
Mills were killed. The detective quot-,
ed Willie Stevens as denying that the;
gun was his. while at the same time
reiterating that he had a pistol.
Detective Totten said that he asked;
Willie Stevens, who is a town charac-;
ter and figure known throughout the
j county for his eccentricities, to re-
on last Thursday night the assumed
time of the double shooting. Mrs
Hall had told the police early in theland WeBtcheBtep COUnties. where the
mvestigat.on U ner Dro ner arcom-, atlong of Wm Barneg and Wm
panied her when she went out to the,? , . VCktaran rIn,1v1,inn yA
church about midnight Thursday in
quest of her husband. While declin
ing at first to speak in corroboration
of his sister's story, Willie la reported
to have said later in a conversation
at the fire house that he wasn't with
his sister on Thursday night. Detec-
tive Totten said that he retracted this
statement during today's questioning.
which lasted three hours
BIRMINGHAM, Ala:, Sept. 20.
Clarence W. Jones, helper at the
ing quarters was blown up.
Brought Up; Funerals For Alii
be held Friday and the Jackson band;
w 114 itrau nil i unci ui jnvaoiuiiij i
the morning, one hour apart, to the j
Roman Catholic, Protestant and Greek.
Catholic cemeteries.. The caskets,
covered with American flags, contain-)
ing the bodies will be taken to the" !
graves before the processions arrive
at the cemeteries.
The coroners jury viewed two bod-
ies today and adjourned until after
the funerals
The inquest, it is
planned, will start late Friday and ad-j tne striking railroad shopcrafts will 'by the house today by an overwhelm
journ until Monday or Tuesday. j De decided by tomorrow night, a few! ing vote and the measure was sent to
District Attorney Thomas G. Neg-jnourg jjefore the temporary restrain-j the senate which is expected to adopt
rich declared today the inquest willj ing order now in force expires. j iti if it is evident it cap complete its
be as searching as he can make it. 1 Thls became evident today when i business by that time. Otherwise the
ingness lo care for Miss Bourgous and
tna vntori ; o
According to the testimony at the;
hearing, Reinert went to Europe in
. mW 1091 . POtlirno. lnat
April. Shortly after. Miss Bourgous
arrived from Alsace-Lorraine and as
serted that she was Boon to be the
mother of a child of which her uncle
was the father.; . The Reiherts separ
ated, Airs, tiemert going 10 me noma
r? rn n don o-Vi (ai T V iIa Tl T Ion T3 1111 virniia i
VI 5 iuluI6u,.;power Qf extent jg jn jtsef a
1 I
Wet and Drv Forces Even Ud I Bovernment affidavits, Mr. Esterline; session today Mr. Mondell sought un
, ,. y i sa4d it constituted "the filthiest rec-!animous consent for two minutes in
on virtually complete
Returns of Election
ALBANY. N. Y.. Sept. 20.-Victory i
for Gale H. Stalker, over Representa
tive Lewis Henry for the Republican J
congressional nomination in the thirty
seventh district, left "wet" and "dry'
face of virtually complete returns to-
night. ;
In six contests for congressional j
nominations, where strict prohibition
enforcement was made an important
issue, candidates suDDorted bv the al-
lied "dry" forces went down to defeat j
m xnree contests ana were victorious
in three others. In a seventh contest,!
where both candidates received the !
ndorsement of the "dry" : forces, a!
bone dry" candidate appeared to have
1tof in f "vnit Afo t a
iu uiwuci ui j .
Delegates who sought the nomina-'ants
tion of delegates to Democratic state
conventions with the announced under-
standing that they were favorable to!
the candidacy of Wm. R. Hearst have
been generally defeated, returns in -
In 80me lnstances, delegates who had
announced tneir intentions to support
M.r Hearst at the convention next'
week were overwhelmed notably' in;has confined itself to requests for in-
Albany county where they were de-
feated by a vote of twenty to one.
in the Republican primaries efforts
insurgents to gain control ot the
organizations were defeated by
large majorities especially in Albany
ers, triumphed.
Jury to Try Acker '
Is Now Completed
PRE3COTT, Ariz.. Sept. 20
selection of a jury to try William E.
Acker on a charge of murder in con
nection with the killing of Iver Engs!
near here last June was completed yond the three mile limit, are far more
late today. Judge Sweeney ordered) grave and important than any mere
the Jurors to rest up until tomorrow! question or the punishment of a few
morning when the taking of evidence' smugglers, or the enforcement of do
will be begun by the state. imestic customs laws.
B ; O j,
i nnnrn mnnui An innnM rnmflv
i iimii n' iiiiiiiw' mi limn in laninii
uimui uuni nuuuumu muni
! i
s . rN k t .
1 courts Lecision on iNanon-:
Wide Injunction Against
Strikers to Be Made
Point to Modi
fication of Some of Most
Drastic Clauses
CHICAGO, Sept. 20. (By the Asso- WASHINGTON. Sept. 20. A, reso-j
ointeH Press 1 The government's suit'lution calling for svne dve adjourn-1
Aor a nation-wide injunction against!
j the defense closed its case and open-!
-jinS arguments were begun. Black-
; burn Esterline, assistant attorney gen j
I eral Penel for, the government fol-i
(lowed by Donald R. Richberg, attor-
ney for B. M. Jewell and John Scott, i
j the strike leaders. Mr. Richberg will
j complete his argument tomorrow, to
e f0"ef1. , a,SSCat,f counf11'
(Frank Mulholland of Toledo, while
I Asciafant Attnrnpv fie'.prnl MoT JiijprVi-
Hn wU, c,ose fQp thg Un, d stateg
The government has not quite com
pleted the draft of the injunction
which it will ask Judge James H. Wil
kerson to sign-, "but there are indica
tions that some ofvtne drastic clauses
of the restraining order will be modi-! congress In special session about. No
fied. ' vember 15 to take up the administra-
A nation-wide strike, by the sheer! tion ship subsidy bill, amendments to
I spiraey against interstate traffic, Mr.
1 Esterline contended in his opening
! statement as representative of Attor
j ney General Daugherty. The fact of
j 400,000 men at 4,000 points quitting
j work in unison is a menace against
I the movement of mails and of inter
j state shipments which the govern-
ment may rightly seek to curb he
! pleaded.
j Of the story of violence and intimi-
dation read in court in more than 600
I ord that ever stained a court." j
ine si ieuerat injunctions oDtaiueUj
! by various railroads against the strik-
ers on t,heir lines- and introduced yes-
(Continued os Pace Two)
May Take Up Jurisdiction of
'Dry' Navy Beyond 3-Mile
Limit With Washington
WASHINGTON, Sept. 20. (By the
1 k r r. i . J .
jASSOUiaieu x ress; j mess tne uetenu-
take appeal from the decision of
'the federal court in Boston yesterday
i and permit a higher tribunal to pass
upon the claim of the American pro-
i hibition navy to jurisdiction over the
1 seas beyond the three mile limit, the
British government Is expected here
take up the subject diplomatically
ith the state department.
UP ot tne present the British embass
j formation as to facts connected wltn
ine several seizures ana Bearcn ot
"?8 unaer 'llsn w
pearance inA tne rltn leal r-
ceedings. A complete lack of sympa
thy with the operations of the rum
runners on the part of the British of
ficials Is said to'have .caused the as
sumption of this attitude, but now that
cases have begun to emerge from the
court dockets throwiug the weight of
judicial decisions behind the claim of
extended high seas Jurisdiction It is
understood that there is to W a change
iu nit? cuuiao uviiuuu iu
ment. ,
It is the British contention that the
Issues raised by the court decision
yesterday in Boston in the case of the
British schooner Grace and Ruby
which was held for rum selling be
nniTinii nnm 1 mi ir t 1 r n n r "t" o I
1 11111 1 ii'ii 11 11 nil iiiiii 111 1 11 11 1 1 11
hh . in MT m NH Hh
'I 1 a m - 1
1 i
fti 1 I- C-0-i.-;
measure is jeni 10 jenaiei.
Which is Expected to
Fall 1 Into Line
Harrli'ncr I nA&r J foliar i
- -- "fci e - - -
1 Debate Question of Calling
I Congress November I o
ment at 2 p. m. Friday, was adopted
senate will amend the resolution to
provide for a latter adjournment.
The house practically Bisposed of its
pressing business with ' its action on
the soldiers bonus,, but members were
urged by Representative Mondell, of
Wyoming the Republican leader, to re
main on the job for possible action on
a request from the president for a
special appropriation , for relief of
American refugees in the Near East.
The senate however, has before it
for disposition the Liberian loan, a
deficiency appropriation bill and other
matters which nia or may not be giv
en final consideration.
Meanwhile, the question of calling
the transportation act and certain ap-
propriation bils was considered at a
conference today between President
Harding and Speaker Gillett of the
house, Senator Lodge of Massachu
setts, the Republican senate leader,
and Representative Mondell, the Re
publican house leader. The congress
ional leaders were said to favor such
a step and President Harding has in
dicated that it was under considera
tion. In the closing moments of the house
which to tell of the activities of this
congress ana nepresemauve uarrci,
Tennessee the Republican leader ask
ed of the story could not be told in
(Continued on Page Two)
Expulsion of Senator Urged
in Address at Democratic
Convention in Conn.
HARTFORD, Conn.. Sept. 20.
Pledging of every candidate for the
United States senate to vote for the
j expulsion of Senator Newberry of
Michigan was urged by Homer S. Cum
mings, former chairman of the Demo
cratic national convention in an ad
dress tonight at the opening session
of the Connecticut Democratic state
ur Cummings criticized the Ford-
! ey-McCumber: tariff bill as "practi-
cally a replica of the infamous Payne-
Aldri?h bill," asserting that it would
send prices up and "make Interna
tional trade well night impossible."
The Republican policy official ac
tion, he declared, was directly respon
sible for "the industrial panic of
1921-22 when several million Ameri
can working mem were thrown out of
work and a staggering blow wa
struck at American prosperity."
He attacked President Harding for
! sending "the impossible Reily to be
devil the affairs at Porto Rico" and
for sending "the unspeakable Harvey
to the court of St. James where he
seizes the first opportunity to misrep
resent the spirit of America and to
vulgarize the cause for which our so!
diers died."
The name- of Attorney General
Daugherty also came in for criticism,
along with "inexcusable raids upon
the civil service employes" in the
post office and treasury departments."!
Conference With A
Separate Peace In
View Being Sought
Strike Leaders Reported to Be
Negotiating With Some
'Eastern Railroads
NEW YORK, Sept. 20. Conferences
with heads of other eastern railroads
with a view to obtaining separate set
; tlements of the shopmen's strike, sim
! ilar to that signed with the New York
Central last night, were sougnt toaaj
T ,r y,At , ty, n,:,.
iway Employes' department of the
j American Federation of Labor, and W.
i H. Johnson, international president of
j the machinists' union,
i The two strike leaders refused to
j say what roads they were negotiating
with. It was generally reported, how-
ever, that the Erie was one of the
lines. '
Presidents of two roads the Lehigh
i Valley and the Delaware and Hudson
issued statements declaring Jewell
and Johnston would waste time if they
called on them.
"Mr. Jewell and the other members
of the committee can stay in -New
York until eternity, but we will not do
business with them," said President
E. E. Loomis of the Lehigh,
for that is past."
The time
Denies Fatherhood of Child
in Question and .Tells of
Efforts at Settlement -
5T10F1Y II
pacc nr m rr
im. sir mm 1
; Bosporus, which wall be the second
' SOUTH BEND. Ind., Sept. 20. John 1 line of defense, the first being at
Tiernan, Notre Dame law professor,! Yarinja. a small railway station be
testifying today in the case of his twn Ha,daf Pasha and l3Iid
wife, Mrs. Augusta Tiernan. who! T I Brih lUce frCeS 10 CP
charges Harry Poulin with the pater-, Ita have been greatly angumented
nity of her third born child, denied and Probably will be assisted by
that he was the father of the child and! renth 8endanne. It is estimated
told of efforts to bring about a settle-l at the present tota British strength
ment of the arrair between his wifejiu Consantinople and the Dardenelles
and the defendant without legal ac-! arf ,ab0ut 16-000 men- wnicn- whea
tion. The prosecution made an effort ; Enforcements now on the way arrive,
to introduce testimony of Professor i'111. be increased to nearly 75.000 ef
Tiernan regarding the marital rela-j
tions between the latter and his wife,' These forces will be further strength
but after a wrangle lasting through! enod by large detachments from the
most of today's hearing. Judge C. L.I Atlantic, and Mediterranean fleet.
Ducomb ruled the testimony of the The British are enrolling Russian
husband in a case of, the peculiar char! refugees with military training for
after of the nresent one wa nnt nd-! auxiliary work, while Russian Kal-
Throughout today's hearing Poulin
maintained, an attitude of bored pla
cidity, only once 6howing signs of in-; have more than 100.000 men in the dls
terest. This was at the point where; tuxbed area.
Professor Tiernan denied paternity of'
the child. Poulin half rose in his! Call Peace Conference
chair and gazed steadily at Tiernan! PARIS, Sept. 20. (By the Associa
wren Prosecutor Jellison asked the' ted Press) Definite assurance that
witness if he did not have two daugh-i there will be no war in the Near East
ters. land the calling of a peace conference
The professor replied that he didlforthe settlement of the Turkish pro
giving the names of Irene. 4 years old j blem. were the chief results of the
and Mary, 3. ' j allied meeting this afternoon. Prem-
"Have you any other children?" the ier Poincare, Lord Curzon and Count
prosecutor asked.' Sforza were the participants in the
"No sir," Tiernan emphatically re- conference,
plied. . The eight Interested powers, includ-
Professor Tiernan told ot a series
, of dancing parties
at surrounding
towns. He said the invitations always!
came from Poulin to Mrs. Tiernan1
and that he was invited by his wife!
to go along. !
Asked by the " prosecutor if Mrs.j
Tiernan was frequency away from!
home, the witness replied: I
"Between February and April, she
was regularly away from home on
Wednesday and Friday nights and;
occasionally on Saturdays. Often she
eaid she was going to church. I en
countered her in that attending Len
i ten services."
Confessed Hold -Up
Man, Winkler, Placed
on Train For Tucson
ALBUERQUE, N. M., Sept. 20.
Handcuffed and led by .three officers,
Edward F. Winkler, who, according to
local police admitted he participated
In anattempt to hold up the Golden
State Limited on the Southern Pacific
railroad near Tucson, Ariz., last May,
boarded a Santa Fe tralu at noon to
day for El Paso, Texas, en route to
Tucson. The officers were Sheriff B.
F. Daniels of Tucson and R. Hughes
and Tim Warren, special agents for
the Southern Pacific. Winkler signed
the necessary extradition papers and
went without resistance
Troops Evacuating Barracks
in Constantinople For
Strategic Points
British Begin Construction of
Second Line of Defense
on Asiatic Side
the Associated Press) The British,
are mobilizing every available .war
ship, man, horse, automobile, cannon
and rifle within reach of the troubled
zone. They are preparing to deal a
'tremendous blow by land, sea and air
if provoked by the Kemalist arnry,
which, according to the latest reiorts,
1 is concentrating feverishly around Is-
mid and Chanak.
All the British barracks in Constan
tinople have been exacuated and
troops are marching in the streets of
capital which is having a sobering ef
fect on the exuberant Turks. The
British soldiers are headed for stra
tegic points on the straits.
General headquparters have issued
an official order directing the wives
and families of British officers and
soldiers to prepare to embark tomor-
1 row.
Transports with 'British cavalry.
j heavy artillery and supplies are ar-
1 riving ai naiuar rasna, on tne ismwi
The men of the Constantinople gar
rison are constructing entranchmenl
;at' Scutari, on the Asiatic side of the
muks from Manchuria are being
rushed to the scene. It Is expected
that eventually Great Britain will
ing the Angora government will gatli-
er around the peace table within three
weeks, probably at Roma or enico
and make a new treaty with Turkey
to take the place of the treaty of
(Continued on Pe Two)
; "
VnlcfpoH DpplirP '
T UlolCtlU. jLCCWU vi3
Daugherty Charges
'Like Comic Opera'
WASHINGTON, Sept. 20 Impeach
ment proceedings against Attorney
General Daugherty up to the present
time lock a good deal like "comic op
era," Chairman Volstead of the house
Judiciary committee declared today
in a statement replying to attacks on
his committee by Representative Kel
ler, author of the Impeachment reso
lution Samuel Gompers and others.,
The chairman declared that Mr.
Keller, when invited to appear before
the committee "csould not be coaxed
to give the slightest idea of the nature-
of his charges."
"This is the only instance I have
ever heard of in which a high official
of the government Is impeached with
out some one telling, not only con
gress, but the public all about it." Mr.
Volstead continued. "The charges are
so general that no rourt would listen
for a moment to any evidence In sui-
port of them.'

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