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MC Va.v V.-'
Tuesday Morning. October 10, 1922
Page Three
To ! Lead Team if He Wants
to; Ruth and Meusel May
Be Given Discipline
Yale in Practice
For U. of I. Game
NEW YORK, Oct. 9. Miller Hug
gins will remain as manager of the
New York American League baseball
club next year, if he so desires, ac
cording to a statement made today by
Colonel Jacob Ruppert, president of
the club. Colonel Ruppert made this
statement in substane to The Associ
ated Press following a report circu
lated that Eddie Collms, star second
baseman of the Chicago Americans,
would be the Yankees' pilot in 1923.
Reports were that Collins would come
to New York in a real involving Bob
Meusel and Aaron Ward. Rumors here
included Babe Ruth in the transaction
instead of Ward.
"Huggins will manage the team in
1!2;'. if he wants to," Colonel Ruppert
frankly declared.
"Of course," he added, "we'll have
to come to a new financial agreement
but that shouldn't be difficult. The
Yankees never decrease a man's sal
ary they increase it. I don't see how
these reports originated.
"Any club would like to have Eddie
Collins. He's a great ball player, but,"
and the Colonel smiled broadly, "Mil
ler Huggins can manage the Yankees
if he wants too."
' Do you contemplate trading Babe
Ruth?" he was asked.
"We'll trade any man if we can
fctrcngthen the club," the Colonel re
Asked if he thought that Huggins'
reported impaired health would pre
vent him from continuing at the helm,
the Colonel answered negatively. It is
reported that Ruth is to be given stiff
discipline. He was almost a total fail
ure in the world's series, at least at
the bat. Not only for his showing in
the world's aeries, but for the constant
tul of Jiot watre in which he steeped
himself all season is the Bambino to
bo punished, am-ording to thsee re
Similar stories predict something in
the air for Bob Meusel. Some critics
assert that Meusel was very indiffer
ent throughout the world's series.
NEW HAVEN, Conn. Oct. 9 Yale
started practice today for the gamoi
with University of Iowa next Saturday
with three first tring men, George
Becket, Charley O'Hoarn and Eddie
Bench absent from the squad. Bec
ket sufered a broken bone in his hand
in the North Carolina game Saturday
and Bench ttfisted a knee- O'Hearn
has been out of the game with a
pulled tendon. It is believed O'Hearn
may be able to play for a short time
Saturday, but Becket and Bench are
expected to be out for more than two
Oppose Admitting
Wome nto Ministry
TORONTO, Oct. 9 Delegates to the
Methodist general conference here to
day voted to leave the question of ad
mitting women to the ministry open
for consideration at the next quadrien
nial conference of the church.
Opposition to the proposal was vig
orously led by the Rev. Dr. James
Smytehe of Wesleyan college, Mon
treal who predicted that admittance
of women to the ministry would split
the church. ,
JT' gj" f"
Fire Prevention Is
Carefully Studied .
. at Warren School
Woman Leads Field
With Score of 89
Work in
With Tracy
Proves Surprise
BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 9. (By the
Associated Press) Louis Angel Firpo,
the big Argentine fighter, who on Sun
dav afternoon retained his title of
heavyweight champion of South Amer
ica. by knocking out Jim Tracy, of Aus
tralia. in the fourth round of what
was to have been a fifteen round
bout, said today that he desired to
return to the United States, but that
ha might take on several other heavy
weights in Buenos Aaires before mak
ing the voyage north. ,
Firpo's work in the ring yesterday
came as a surprise to the sporting
writers and the public. Writers in
their article of today, dilate on the
improvement the boxer showed, n
compared to his skill prior to his visit
to the United States.
NEWTON, Mass., Oct. 9 Honors
n the qualifying round of the Boston
district women's golf championship at
the Brae Burn country club today,
went to Miss Elizabeth Gordon, of the
Rhode Island country club of Provi
dence. With a score of S9 she led a
field of 85 starters. Next in line was
the women's national champion. Miss
Glenna Collett, of Providence, whose
effort was a pair of 45's. Mrs. H. H.
Companion of Murdered Man
Says He Was Killed Dur
ing Drunken Quarrel
An inquest over the body of Juan
Duran, Mexican, whose body was
found Saturday near the Warren-
Douglas "cutoff," was held yesterday
before Judge Craig. Tne corcners
jury brought in a verdict that the de
ceased came to his death from wounds
on his head from the, hands of parties
unknown to them
Dr. Reese testified that the three
wcunds on the head were sufficient
to cause death. Dr. Reese stated that
in his opinion the man had been dead
since Oct. 2, or four or five days, at
Thomas Garcia, who reported find
DULUTH, Oct. 9. Heavy rains and'
damp weather the past 48 hours have j
virtually extinguished the numerous
forset fires which menaced northern I Old age is comparatively tearless
Minnesota towns for several weeks,' There are 122 garrisoned forts in
according 1o reports reaching here the United States.
I Titian, the great Italian artist, died
i of the plague at the age of 99. .
Watson, runner-up for the title last of th bQ(lv put on the stand
- n a r T- I
thy Campbell Hurd took a 93.
Mid-West Gasoline
Reduced Two Cents
He stated that on Friday morning,
Duran was drinking with Juan Quin
tanc, Felix Garcia and another Mexi
can named Rodreguez, that they be
came involved in a fight. One of the
men, he said, hit Duran over the head
with a bottle.
Garcia has made a number of con-
CHICAGO, Oct. 9. A reduction of tradictory statements regarding the
two cents a gallon in the price of gas- killing of Duran and never stated any
oline and all other naptha products ef-j thing about the fight until he was told
fective throughout the 11 middlewest-j by the officers that a Mexican named
ern states, comprising the company's j Quintano had made the statement
territory was announced today by the, that Garcia had hit Duran with an axe
tandard Oil company of Indiana. After that Garcia began to talk.
The new prices which become ef-j The officers are endeavoring to lo-
fective tomorrow morning will makecate Quintano but have not been able
the Chicago base for gasoline 19 cents! to do so. The last heard o" them was
at the tank wagon and 21 cents at the; on Saturday night when they were
service stations. j seen in Tintown.
i It is the opinion of the officers that
A clro Tnfnirnnf inn rm i Duran was killed in a free-far-all fight.
norVO UUUlllltlliUll Ull Garcia is still being held bv the of-
State Auto Stations fi
Orioles Win Fourth
PHOENIX. Oct. 9. Colonel Paul A
Wolfe of Fort Sam Houston. TexasJ C Dnl
umiiV x -i vji it :r. x tl ill
officer in charge of the national guard'
affairs of the eighth army corps area,!
which includes Arizona, has written BAI.TIMORE.Oct. 9. Baltimore won
Colonel Walter S. Ingalls, adjutant the fourth game of the "little world
general of the state, asking for infor-: series" from St. Paul here this aftter
mation concerning the gas stations, j noon 7 to 3. With the score tied in
garages and service stations in Phoe-'tne ninth, three men on bases and one
nix and Flagstaff. The information' out. McAvery, of the Orioles broke up
is desired. Colonel Wolfe states, for he game with a home run into the
the purpose of determining the most right field bleachers. It was his sec
practicable routing of truc k trains ! ond homer of the series. The victory
through the eighth corps area. ; Put Baltimore further in the lead,
three games to one. I
Groves and Benton, who started on
the mound, were both knocked out.
Parnham went in for Baltimore in the
sixth and held the Saints scoreless
Pupils of the James Douglas Junior
High School had a very interesting
group of programs on Fire Prevention
spoke of fire as a greatc
during the past week. Miss Fiero.
spoke of fire as a great and universal
helper that becomes an enemy through
a trifle called "carelessness." On
Tuesday, Miss Fuess, school nurse,
gave a very interesting talk on the
care of scalds and burns. She said
that for any serious burn a doctor
should be called, but for a small burn,
a paste of soda and water would be
sufficient. W. H. Wilson, principal of
the night school, talked to the assem
bly on Wednesday. He gave the view
point that the law takes toward pre
ventable fires. Thursday Morning, Mr.
South, the science teacher, told how
buildings may be made fireproof and
described results of negligence in that
respect. Friday was the pupils' own
day: they began by distributing hand
bills with the aid of Fire Chief J. J.
Murphy and the fire truck. In the
afternoon, they told about their own
experience which was followed by
"The Trial of Fire," given under Mrs.
Hoon's direction.
The progra mfollows:
1. Piano Burning of Rome Earl
2. The Boy Scout and Fire J. P.
3. Fire Prevention in , Verse and
Story Elizabeth Foster, Virginia
Cromwell, C. W. Corn, Helen Gilman,
Bernice Merrill, William Elsing. J.
4. .Fire Experiences:
9th grade Evelyn Capt, Anna Houle,
Imo Beam, Howard Wittig, Elizabeth
Sth grade Ena Beezley, Robert Mil-
utinovich, Grace St. John.
7th grade Frances McPherson,
Maroyle Sinclair, Mrs. Honn.
5. Our Most Recent Fire Fred
6. Pianc Midnight Fire Alarm,
Helen Clark. .. " s
7. Play The Trial of Fire. ,
Cast: Judge Ralph Brent; Clerk
Jack Rogers; Court Officer Ransom
Potter; District Attorney Edward
Price; Counsel for Defense Cleon
Defendants: Kerosene Helen Gil
man; Cigarette Howard Wittig;
Match Verna Yelland; Chimney
Gilbert Clawson; Gasoline Floyd
Harris; Lightning Wilma Ewing;
Bonfire Maxine Olsen: Spontaneous
Combustion Francis Billman;- Elec
tricityRuth Stitt; Rubbish Julia El
sing; Gas Donald McGregor; Care
lessness Aphareis Armstrong.
Jury Foreman, John Kennedy; C.
W. Corn, Claude Bergquist, Thomas
Jay, Dorothy Tripp, Ellen Hill, Lucile
Manning, Edward Hall, Jr. Hunt, John
Bridge, Remi Lalonde, James Simpson.
Yesterday, as a grand finale. Fire
Chief J. J. Murphy and T. A. Hughes
spoke on fire prevention.
During the past week, a committee
headed by Miss Barber decorated the
drug store window with the new flag.
attractive slogans made by Miss Out
water's pupils and fire equipment fur
nished by the fire department..
After bathing in a river in East Af
rica a white hunter suffered from tem
porary blindness, supposed to be due
to some peculiar element in the water.
Get A
For Fall
$750 and
' up
Other well known
makes, $5
Former President
of Bank Arraigned
PHOENIX, Oct. 9. Lafayette Myers : for the remainder of the game.
former president of the" Glendale state ! relieved Benon in the ninth.
bank, who was indicted by the Mari
copa county grand jury on charges of
having received deposits' in a bank he
knew to be insolvent was arraigned
before superior Judge R. C. Stanford
today and furnished bond in the sum
of $5,000. Judge Stanford set Octo-
LONDON. Oct. 9. Carlie Ledoux,
the French fighter, tonight made Tom
my Harrison, the English bantam
weight champion, quit in the 18th
round of a 20 round bout at Hanley.
ber 21 as the date for Myers to enter 1 The fight was for the bantamweight
a plea to the charges against him. i championship of (Europe.
Quit Making
Faces At
Your Meals!
Ironized Yeast Civet the Stomach
Natural Digestive Power!
There's one orpan in the human
lody that "kicks back" when it gets
vca'k, and that's the stomach. No
Ftomach on earth can operate with
out vitamines-and-iron. The samo
thini? Is true about the nerves. There
is hardly anything that can happen
NEW YORK. Oct. 9 (By the As
sociated Press) Babe Ruth and Bob
Meusel. YLankee outfielders, who
were suspended for the early part of
the past season for engaging in an un
sanctioned barnstorming trip, will
leave tomorrow on an exhibition tour
of the middle west this time, with the
official permission of baseball's high
est official. Commissioner K. M. Lan
dis. Ruth, in announcing tonight the pro
posed trip, said he and Meusel had
received unqualified sanction for the
trip from Commissioner Iandis who
handed out the suspensions to them
Look to Your Eyes
Beautiful Eyes, like fine
Teth, are thr remit of Conwant
Care. The daily ute of tAurln
mikri F.vti Clear and Radiant.
Enjovable. Harmlet. Sold and
Recommended by All Druggltta.
..I 4. I
last year after the two sluggers, to
gether with Pitcher Bill Piercy. defied
the commissioner's ultimatum that
they abandon their trip.
"Commissioner Landi3 treated us
very fairly," Ruth declared.
"Last year's affair had nothing to
do with his decision granting us sane
tion for the tour this fall."
The Babe added that he and Meu
sel would be accompanied by no other
members of the Yankees. They will
start exhibitions in Nebraska and con
tinue through October and November,
as Ion;? as the weather permits.
Under the new rule affecting barn
storming by world's series players
they can engage in post season exhibi
tion arnes providing no more than
three members of a club play on a
team. The members or the Giants and
Yankees who plan to join an exhibi
tion eour of the Orient, Carl Mays and
Wallie Schang, star Yankee batter',
will head another barnstorming party.
Ptomaeh-Poner Gone! Ironized Yeast
Quickly llullda Vp lliretlve Power.
You'll Kellau Your Koodt
to the nervous system that is not
at once reflected to the stomach.
"Weak nerves! weak Ftomach! Na
ture has only one answer; more vlta
mincs ironized! But remember that
Jronized Yeast Is not a mere mixturo
of yeast and Iron, but is yeast iron
ized. which is a substance, all by
itself. This is why Ironized Yeast
liroduces almost immediate results
in cases of loss 'of appetite, aversion
to food, belchinif, gas on the stom
nch, fermentation. "Iump-of-lfad'
feclinK after eating, dypepsia. imli
irestion. There is only one Ironlzed
Yeast in the world: it contains)
veast - vitamines -with-ortranic-iron.
the very natural food-power which
every stronp stomach and every
strong nervous system possesses. Tha
answer is. ironize! vitamin-ize! Iron
lzed Yeast, if sold at nil drufr stores
at $1 00 a pai-kne. Kadi parkat?o
contains C0 tablets, each tablet irt
Foaled. They never lose their power.
M'f'd hv Ironized Yeast Co.. Atlanta.
CJa. Take Ironized Yeast, and you'll
-nJov eatinp, and digest thoroughly
everything you eat, Tht' life!
Blend ing by Chesterfield's
method (based on our private
formula) produces a mild
cigarette that is at the same
time completely satisfying.
No other combination of
tobaccos achieves this result.
Chesterfield's Turkish -Domestic
blend can't be copied.
of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos blended
TTTE utate it as our honest be
" lief that for the price asked.
Chesterfield gives the greatest
value in Turkish Blend cigarette
ever offered to smoker.
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