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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, November 12, 1882, Image 2

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.frSONH. SMITH & 00
-o o-
Jahes J. Hyde,
Or. Copy, Ono Year $5.00
fi Six Months... 3.00
" ThxeoMdhths 1,50
Single Copies - 25
" 0 0
Ono inch is column. S2.00 for first insor
ilon find $1.00 per inch for each additional
A libora! discount from above rates mil be
mido to persons -who advertiso largely by
ilia Tiir. hfi.lf year or avartor.
Professional and business cards insorled
for 2prnionth or 20 per year.
In MincraTPark the election passed
off unusually quiet and with no dis
turbances to speak of. Of course there
woa considerable hilarity among cer-
"fen of our citizens who consider the
riLt -of getting drunk on election
dav. one xf the privileges granted
them by the Declaration of lndepen
donco.The vote fell short considerably
-v irom want was oauuuibu, uut tutiu
)H 1- L tJJ 1 t it.-
can be accounted for from the fact
that many of our towns-folk who
should havo vted here were away
on the railroad and elsewhere elec
tioneering. So far wo publish returns
tarn all the railroad precincts, from
hdcbswv, Gold Basin and Maynard
?S From some unaccountable
reason the returns have not yet come
W hand from Cedar, Sandy and Sig
nal, nor from Frazier's camp near
-Haokberry, hence there ia still some
uncertainty on the part of some of
the candidates. From the returns as
far as received we conclude that
Gary will carry thi3 County by about
7S majority, while Davis will have
about the same majority over Hbrton.
FAthe Ceuncil,as far SB heard from,
irvoltonHas 22r votes against 84 for-
Southwick.TJnless Velton should get
the whole of the Sandy vote,which is
not likely as Southwick is well known
and liked in the southern part of the
county, it looks as though the 84
votes cast for Southwickwould lose
pfohave County her Ciwrilman, the
r'ory thing we m Mingt-xark tried
prevent It xertam-v will be
her I
cg rC-ifiLu. ittallorv, as there iatEl
do uL she For theso ol
olectod by a voryyndsome majority,
duo noZ only to lpis per3onff popular
tty bat to the lUnpopildarity of his
As to who wijll be next .Sheriff of
f!nnnt.v wa (cannot tell. Cox is
one vo to ahead Steen, Vfhilo Potts
is 65 votes beh; :nd both. "Ve think
that Steen's chaices are by far the
?t iTLd that! he surely -will bo
selected - -
Aa o Diatricr. Attornejr, there is
littto doubt ofBlakely's election.
!oenormou3- majority given lu'm
'.a this town has made his election
skaooft certain, and -what has sur
prised every ono is that Blakely got
isnoli a voto at bhenheld s, beating
ireton right in the Democratic
T; or Bgyorder .(Mackenzie is elected
jvdnd a douBEfis"opp7cant Jrad
sr - 'j
lio chano fifwin from the commence
roasurer it is very close
Burdick and Krider, as wo
and it may take tho official
to decide who is elected.
Supervisors, it is pretty cer
mt Grounds will head the list
Jimonds juxt and Henkle a
rd. I
IToiyecinctSfcmcers in this 'town
voffor Jifbtice of the Peace was
.e is eieccea oy o
1 1 1 1 o
t5 lietween Sherman
or ocnooi Trustees
and Gross are elected.
3urdick are elected.as
e, the Bepublicans
every office in the'
3 exception or one
the old stvle of snelliijBtWai.and
which we believe to be TSect ono.
From .thence the next slopping place
will be at Hackberry 12 miles from
Hualpai. From Hackberry east there
will be a siding at Truxton 11 miles,
1B miles further on there will be f
one at Peach Springs, 14 miles from
Peach Springs will be another called
Yampai, another at Aubrey l&f miles
from the last, then one at Chino 8
miles from Aubrey and one at Pica
cho 12 J miles from Chino; at this
latter place the boarding car and
track-layers were on the 1st of this
month. From Picacho east the next
siding is at Pimavita 9 miles, then 8
miles further 'east is another at Ash
fork, thence 9 miles to another
called Fairview, then to one called
Summit (on the divide) 9 miles, from
thence 10 miles to "William's.
The distanc from Albuquerque to
Williams is 377J miles, and from
"Williams to the river 193i miles.
At present the company are haul
ing water at some places along the
line 100 miles, there not being enough
at the different springsjilong tho
track to supply the demand.
It is reported that the.' company
lack iron straps for the Gliino bridge
and that thoy may be delayed there
some time jnTconseqiience.
Last August, when the Board of
Equalization of this county raised
the assessment on cattle from 10 to
12 per head, tile stock men all over
the county raiseJ-Fhb cry that it was
an imposition antHhat it was too
much,and-some-oven? went so far as to
say that they would drive their cattle
elsewhere, f
Tho wisdbm of Uhe Board in taking
the action they didlias since become
apparent in many ways, and at the
present price of" cattle in this county
there is little danger of any cattle
being drivon away. Cattle are now
held at prices ranging from 18 to
22.50 per head, and there are more
buyers then seljers in the market,
even at that high figure. Witness
the re cent sales of cattle in Mohave
and Y avapai counties. C. T. Rogers
$f Chino Yalle-y, recently sold 1S00
head of crutlo v.i 18 per head, Fred
Nobmann sold Lis entire herd a few
days since, including calves' at 20
per head. Chas. Gross of this phco
has lately sold 30 head at 20, Oar
Mineral raric butcner nas to pay
and 8 cents per pound for beef
loot. JL. . binpp, tuo cattle Kimjt i
this conntv. wnaJfAj .v-tar Didder on r
the conti-apj;i'supply GraW & Mac-
dossiers camp with beef, and his fig
ures were 11 cents per pound dressed
and delivered, which is equivalent to
22.50 per head for beef cattle. Paul
Breon and other stock owners on tho
Colorado recently asked ?22. per head
for, everything that was branded,
though they afterwards came down
to 19. We do not think that stock
m'en in this county have any reason
to complain at tho present price of
cattle or to claim that 12. per head
is an exorbitant assessment
Kicn Ore &.nl liargc YciiiM.
A Big Boom Predicted.
A short time ago a prospector dis
covered a ledge of rich galena on the
Littlo "Cottonwood Creek, a short
distancejiorih of the "Willows. As
soon as this became known a number
of prospectors rushed in and a great
.many locations is tho result. "Work
is being prosecuted on a number of
these claims with good results.
The Chloride, owned by Pulton &
Co., has a shaft down about 25 foefc
and shows a line body of mineral.
The ledge is about 4i feet wide and
will average SCO to the ton in silver
and carries about 50 per cent. lead.
Tho creek runs across one end of the
claim and an abundance of water is
assured for all purposes. Berry, an
expert in the employ of San Francis
co parties, has been examining this
property and expresses himself well
pleased with jt, and it is expected
that a sale will-soon take place.
Kemington.& Carr also have some
fine property whicli,witli--a--4tle.
worK, wiii loot as well ta the Chlo
The fact that these mines are in a
limestone belt and near to wood
water will cerfninlv finlinnp.A tlimr
J . PEbidbb.
Cash Grocery Store.
Provisions, Hardware, Powder
I . ;
Fuse, Caps, &o.
Olicap For CsislU
"Wo bay
for cash,
TfoiliC l)VBU'033 Rives '
Secnsh oustonierjibowto cet
Value Received.
He does nrt have tp fsnpport ' the man
who does not-pay."
"We Extend Our Thanks
To our friends and patrons for
past favors and hope to get
a share of their patron
ago in the future.
And you will be convinced that our
prices are cheaper than
the ohaanest
Wk. M. KnroEn.
A Weekly Newspaper whicn will be
strictly Devoted to the
i g g
in Connection with
a full and
And are prepared
from a
o O
t;-. ill :
the paper we have
to Print anything
ElMSbN S. Welton.
1 - -
Mineral Park
Bailroad CScors
We areprepareci to furnish i
Miners, Hotel Keopem 5&fea.KeeBfiKS ani91amilies
WiGgoatPiaJgTibW than'Jper,
We have the
Is twelvo miles nearer for shippers to this sechoojeonnfry tUx
Port Mohave. Shippers will find it to their advantage t
have their freight landed at Polhamus.
nin cf nrwnom for any .quantity ot-
freight, and a reliable man is there at
We will Deliver Supplies
Either at rJ?Iieir Store in
Hay and BvlejmVi
Alwavs on hand
Having a Eesident
W. Fi Geoi
and PolhanmsY
i m
H -. f
& Miners HeadtfuMli
lapgfock of B s f
aJl times to receiver ana Sorw-JV
to Railroad Co!
Mineral Pari or
at either jjjgre.
value m the t,s of capitalist
sa0HBBBBBSSF'im ii ii ,
iron sor re,
LLa drop q'

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