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Mohave County miner. [volume] (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, December 03, 1882, Image 1

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VOL. 1.
E. t. BURDICK, tf.
Mineral Park, aJt.
Mineral Park, AT.
Czibk Chduchtlii
F. P. Datsw.
ciauKcnix.r. & pawn.
Prescott, A.
j. w. stepiieon;
Attornoy fc Counsoor atLair
Distbiox Axrosinti & Noai Public.
Mineral Park, J. T.
A. J3. AlJS,
Mineral Park A. T.
A "4Yliilc Squ'illin IJic 35;diterraii'
Having recently brmghfc from
JFraueisio a fill lino of
lients Furnishing Goods.
And a fin lot ol
On deoir, beneath tho p.'wning,
1 dosing lay and yawning;
It was tho gray of dawning,
Ero yet the sun arose;
And above tho funnel's roaring,
And the fitful wind's deploring,
I heard the cabin snoring
"With universal nose.
I could hear the passengers snorting
I envied their disporting
Vainly I was courting
The pleasure of a doz9.
So I lay, and wondered why light
Came not, and watched tho twilight,
And tho glimmer of the skylight
That shot across the dock;
And the Binnacle, pale and steady,
And tho dull glimpso of tho dead-eye.
And tho sparks in fiery eddy
That whirled from tho chimney-neck .
Strange company wo harbored;
We'd a hundred Jews to larboard,
Unwashed, uncombed, unbarbored
Jews black, and brown, ind gray.
With terror it would seize ye,
And make your souls uneasy,
To see those Rabbis greasy,
"Who did naught but scratch and pray.
: :Thcir dirty children puking
. Their dirty saucepans cooking
Their dirty fingers hooking
' Their swarming fleas away.
To starboard Turks and Greeks wore
Whiskered and brown their cheoks were,
liuormous brown their broeks-woro,
Their pipes did puff away;
Each en his mat allotted
In silenco smoked and squatted,
"Whilst round their children trotted
In pretty, pleasant play.
Ho can't but smile who'traces
Tho smiles on their brown faces,
And the pretty, prattling gracos
Of those email heathens gay.
And so the hours kept tolling;
And through the ocean rolling
"Wont tho brave Iboria bowling,
Before the break of day.
"When a squall, upon a sudden.
Game o'er the waters scudding;
And the clouds began to gather,
- And the sea was lashed to lathor,
And tho lowering thunder grumbled,
-And tho lightning jumped and tumbled,
.ana tne snip anu all the ocean,
"Woke up in wild commotion.
Then tho wind set up a howling,
And tho poodle-dog a, powling,
And tho cocks began a crowing,
And tho old cow raised a lowing
As she hoard tho tempest blowing;
And fowls and geese did cackle,
And tho cordage and the tackle
Began to shriek and crackle:
And tho rushing water soaks all.
From the seaman in tho fo'ksal
To the sti I.e..", ,,ho-i black faces
I'otiBr&ut.b ti::r S:w.!-pld2.'.-i:
AiK-he dibtuuJ, . win b.i-.vliu,
AnuVthe S-gloKpftuiliia:?, haulin,
And llip cpjkj&r-deck tarpauling
WnS sluvftriig'ih-tfie aquailing-,
And th p8seri;axs awaken,
MoakpIttifaMy. shaken:
And ilia steward jumps up, and hastens
For tho necessary basins . quivered
Then the Greeks they groaned ad
And tiieyknelt feid moaned and shivered,
Ai the plunging waters met them,
And splashed aud overset them;
And they catted in their emergence
Upon cqunfcleas saints and virgins;
And ih&ir marrowbones arc bended,
Aud they think the world i3 ended.
And the Turkish womon tor'ard
Were frightened and bthorrored;
And, shsekiiig smfi bewildering,
Tho mothers elutcked their children.
Winter Suits,
Also an excellent assortment of
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Blankets,
am prepa&l to sell at reduced
prices. Tb public are cordially
invitedjO give me a call,
The mentsang: "Afcih! 3 llah!
Mashallah Bismillah!'
As the warring waters doused thoin,
And splashed them, and soused tlie:n;
And they called up:n the Prophet,
Who thought bat little of it.
Then all the Mens in Jowry
J cnipocl up and bit like fury ;
And the prreny of Jaoob
Iivi on iiio .maiii deck waki up,
(I wot tht.s(graaH.v
Would neve pay for onbins;)
And each nun nioanel andg;.bbarod in
His filthy Jewish gaberdine.
In woo and lamentation.
And hov.liug consternation.
Ant? the splashing wator dr"anche3
Their dirty brat? and wench&s;
And thoy crawl from bals anil benches.
In a hundred thousand stenahes.
Then a Pru:-s.:u:i captain of Llmcors
(Those tight-bowl, whiskarqd praucers)
Game on the dedk astonished;
By that wild squall admonished,
And wondering, cried: "Potz tftusend,
"Wie ist der sturm jetzt brauseu9 :"
And looked at C' iptain Gewis,
Who calnilj' stood and blew his .
Cigar in .ill the bustia,
And seorn-Vi the tidjt,s tflSlS,
And qft w.'V.i lUo&gstf-ire ,
How i-- u -. th.. mn fc ymwmi
For well li knv hil - jEr
With that vain vivJiffliffifl&
And wht.n a vV ihoir-ht ho;-.
And doomed oursdkei t slaughter,
How gayly he fought her,
And through the hubbub brought her,
And as tho tempest caught her,
Cried.t;Goorgo, some brandy and water!"
Aud when, its force expended,
Tho harmless storm was ended,
And as the sunrise splendid
Came blushing o'er the sea
I thought, as day was breaking,
My little girls were waking,
And smiling and making
A prayer at home for me.
William Makepeace Thaokuray.
bread around the table while in con
versation, or to fill his mouth full of
potatoes, and then converse in a rich
tone of voice with somo one out in
the yard. He might get his dinner
down his trachea, and causo his
parents great anxiety. In pickin
up a plate or saucer filled, with soup
or with moist food, the child should
be taught not to parboil his thumb
m the contents of the dish, and to
avoid swallowing soup bones or other
indigestible debris. Toothpicks are
generally the last course, and chil
dren should not bo permitted to pick
their teeth and kick the table thro'
tho other exorcises. "While grace is
is being said at table, children should
know that it is a breach of good
breeding to smougo fruit cake, just
because their parents' heads are
bowed down, and their attention for
the moment turned in another di
rection. Children ought not to be
permitted to find fault with the din
ner or fool with the cat while eating.
Boys should, before going .to the
table, empty all the frogs and grass
hoppers out of thoir pockets, or those
insects might crawl out during the
festivites and jump into the gravy.
If a fly wades into your jelly up to
his gambrels, do not mash him with
your spoon before all the guest3, as
death is at all times depressing to
those who are at dinner, and retards
digestion. Take the fly out carefully
with what naturally adheres to his
person, and wipe him on the table
cloth. It will demonstrate your per
fect command of yourself, and afford
much amusement for the company.
Do, not stand up in your chair and
try to spear a roll with your fork. It
is not good manners to do so. and
you might slip and bust your crust
by so doing. Say kThank you," and
-"'much obliged," and- beg- pardon,"
whenever you can work in these re
marks, as it throws peoplo off their
guard, and gives you an opportunity
to get in your- work on the pastry
md other bric-ii brae at tho time.
Bill Nye.
to tho fact that Dr. Muck of Bocoum
held that algce have mainly contrib
uted to the formation of coal, and
that marine plants wore rarely found
in coal, because of their tendency to
decompose, ana tnat calcareous re
mains of mollusks disappeared
account of the rapid formation
carbonic acid during the process
- Salt Lake, November 10. At Kan-
ab, U. T., last night Elder W. H.
Holladay of the Mormon Church at
tempted to assassinate Thomas Tur-
ley for voting a Liberal or Gentile
ticket. Turley was the only Liberal
at that place,and tho CKurch thought
the best way to rid the town of his
presence was to put a Danito on his
track. Turley got in cno shot,
wounding Holladay in the head.
Lake Tahoe, in California, is sub
ject to tremendous gusts of wind,
which rush down tho surrounding
gorges of tho mountains. 2?ot locg
since a party were fishing from a
pier in tho lake when their attention
was attracted by a great roaring, and
they descried a regular cyciono ap
proaching. Before tho hurricane
came a long, unbroken wave, at least
fifteen feet in hight. Knowing that
this would sweep the whole 'line of
the pier, all present boat a hasty re
treat to the shoro- When at a safe
distance they turned 'to gaze upon
the scene. While thus employed
they were startled by a tremendous
roaring to tho northward, and a mo
ment afterward a cyclone
The finest-"Wines, Liquors &
. Cigars. "
-" -
Union Pass Station.
1ms station
and is
has changed hands
ow under the
igement x)f .
TilMe Maaasrs of CliiT!i,en
The Purest water in the County.
- Meals, at all Honrs.
The table will be under the
supervision of Mrs. Keed
and will bo supplied
v'fch tbe best the
rket affords.
Young children, who have! to wait
till older people have eaten all there
is in tho house, should not open the
dmiug-room door during the meal,
and ask the host if he is going to eat
all day. It makes the company feel
ill at ease, and lays up wrath in the
parent's heart. Children should not
appear displeased with the regular
courses at dinner, and then fill up on
pie. Eat the less expensive food first
and then organise a panic in the
preserves afterwards. Do not close
out tho last of your soup by taking
the plate in your mouth and pouring
the liquid down your childish ueckr
You might spiil it on your bosom,
and it enlarges and distorts the
mouth unnecessarily. When asked
asked what pari of the fowl you pre
fer, do not say you will take tho part
that goes over the fence last. This
remark is very humorous, but the ris
ing generation ought to originate
some new table jokes that will be
worthy oO the age in which wo live.
riu:unii shouM-Aavly learn the use
of the fork acL, -bow to handle it.
T.iiio . "ledge can be acquired by
allp,wiig thanrjfip pry up tho carpet
tackaWith ikrHastrunient, and other j
: little jxercises jsuch as the parent
ind nay suggest
ht at iiice not to wave
from that
direction struck the lake. This sent
before it a huge wave, which had
soon attained the. hight of that com
ing from the southward. In a few
minutes the two Avaves came together.
When they struck a column of water
and spray was sent into tho air to
the hight of at least one hundred
feet. Tho collision of the two waves
was followed by a report that sound
ed like a heavy clap of thunder. A
moment after ihis grand shock of the
waters five or six huge WAterspouts
made their appearance, all within an
-paijea or three or four miles, and car
ried great columns or water and
spray to tho hight of several hundred
feat. After about fifteen minutes of J
.thai elemental warfare tho lake be-
Billiard and Pool Table
- n?,
WcukI say to my friends cf Mohave Co.
that. I am ready az all times to sun-
ply their wishes.
.'as, Toilet Articles,
tcahie calm. Detroit Free Press.
1 J
If the women of this country are
going into the law they must invent
some new title by which their op
ponents in court may address them,
Mi's. Lockwood, ike well known
feminine lawyer of Washington, had
opposed to her in a case recently a
witty attorney who was somewhat
pussled-.as to how he should refer to
hqr. He could not address he;- as
"my learned brother, and ''my learn
ed sistarV seemed rather out of place;
so he accordingly extricated himself
from his dilemma, and produced a
roar of laughter from judge, jury,
and spectators, by alluding to her as :
"my learngd sistqr-in-law.: j
Me and you
After a protracted microscopic
study of coal Prof, lleinsch has come
to. the conclusion that coal was not
'derived, froni land plants, but chief
ly from micrbscopic forms of "a lower
order of protoplasm" Ho holds
that plants of a hif
her order havo
fractiou of the
ma'ss of coal veins, however numer
ous" thoy may.liave been in some in-
Tho child should 'stances. Lo. recent lecture, stating
his i his conclusion, Prof. P?irjsch referred i
W e have also on hand a fine stocfe of fresh
GroceriesCandies, Nuts, Tobacco, Cigars, Jk
b it rn mn Mn

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