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Mohave County miner. [volume] (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, December 24, 1882, Image 2

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Published Evebt So'day By
James J. Hid
One Copy, One Year. fjj-jg
fi Six Months 3.00
mt It fPl, "MVnic! l.oU
" , 25
fY"Km wiico.
One inch in column, 2.00 for first inser
tion andl.00 per inch for each additional
A liberal discount from above rates -will be
made to persons who advertise largely by
the year, half year or qvarter.
Professional and business caTds inserted
or $2 per month or per year.
It takes this paper just .fifteen
days to reach Tombstone, and yet we
Virocf flinf. wo have the most com
plete mail service in the world
these United States.
And kHII thev come! Fresh faces
to be seen on our streets every day,
the owners thereof coming mostly
from the railroad. Capt. Hardy in
forms us that travel is increasing so
rapidly on his line that he win have
fn -nnf, nn fnnr-horse coaches to ac-
commodate it.
Mohave County has the finest cli
mate in the world. With the ther
mometer ranging among the seven
ties in the month of December, and
the air feeling like Indian summer,
it is no wonder that there is little or
do sickness here, and that the county
will barely support one or two doc
tors and a drugstore.
The last issue of this paper was
unanimously spofor of as the best
ever published in tlu county. The
Mohave County Mixeh has received
words of praise and commen
dation and good wishes, in many
cases accompanied by a years sub
scription, all of which wo shall en
deavor to deserve in the future as in
the past.
Thpro has been another meat lire
in London, England, the largest in
fifteen years, the burnt district cover
ing some two acres, and being occu
pied by some of the largest whole
sale houses in the city, all of which
were completely destroyed. The fire
was in the heart of t the city, and
within half a mile of the school where
the writer spent six years of his life.
The dnmage was over $15,000,000.
ino- trw rlnv in nnnmnnv with oneiWM.M. Kbideb.
"t3 r 1
August Boedweg who furnished the
necessary food for all, the others be
ing dead broke, because Boedweg
would not, divide his money with
them, waited until he was asleep, and
then put a rope around his neck, the
end of which they threw over the limb
of a tree apparently with the inten
tion of hanging him, but lacking the
courage to carry out the deed, they
first tied his feet and then tying his
hands securely behind him they tied
him to a tree, aad took all his money
and blankets, water and provisions,
and left him to die a horrible linger-
iucr death, far worse than hanging
And lot it not be foreotten that all
this took place on a desert some fif
fnon milfiq from anv habitation and
in the month of March. Happily for
Boedweg, he waB able to release him
self after working for some hours,
and about eight o'clock next morning
wandered into one of the railroad
camps in an exhausted and nearly
crazy condition. Here he procured
the services of a deputy sheriff who
followed the trail of the robbers for
some two or three days and eventual
ly captured them within a few miles
ofPrescott. They were then taken
to Mineral Park where they had
their preliminary examination and
were held to auswer,and on their trial
before Judge French plead guilty,
under the advice of their attorney,
and were sentenced to five years im
prisonment in the Territorial prison,
at Yuma, at the April term of Court,
in this year. These men have been
m prison a little over seven months
nnrl vnt alreadv aDDlication is to be
made to have them pardoned out.
"We consider these two convicts to be
wnrsp. than murderers, for is it not
worsfi in tip. a man iid to a tree in a
barren desert in the cold March
winds and snow and leave him to die
a lingering death, than to kill him
instnnflv -with a blow of a club or a
pistol shot. We believe that these
men should be made to Eerve out
their full sentence, and advise every
one to have nothing to do with any
application for their pardon, to re-
fncn f n sip-n anv Tetition to that ef
fect, and to use every lawful means
possible to prevent such a pardon
being issued. What is the use of
our holding trials and transporting
prisoners to Yuma if they are to be
let out iu a few months? There has
been too much of this pardoning
business in the Territory and we
propose to raise our voice against it,
except in meritorious cases, and this
certainly is not one of them, and
shall see to it that the Governor of
this Territory has the full facts of
this case set before him, and when
that is done we have little fear that
the application for pardon will be
J. P. Krideb.
S. Ij. Stanley.
Cash Grocery Store.
.Tolm Spruance,
Importers and -wliolcsalc IeaIei'S"lii
Pine Old Kentucky Whisky, Wines and LiauoRs,
African Stomach Bitters,
The Finest Tonic ami Appetizer in the World.
410 FrontSt., Saix JTraneisco, Cal.
Lamson S. Welton. . W. F. Grounds.
-tt tt-
Provisions, Hardware, Powder
Fuse, Caps, &c.
-tf tt-
eeklyNEWSPAPEE. whicn will be
strictly Devoted to tiie
Cheap JTor CasliS
When Hon. Granville H.Ourywas
here last Fall he mentioned as one
of the meritorious services, he had
done for this county, the establish
ment of several new mail routes and
rSSpepially the ones between Mineral
Park and El Doi ado Canon. These
two Routes may have been established
but there has never been a mail sack
carried over eith er route since, and
now orders come from Washington
to the postmaster here to discontinue
the rcut9 from hero to El Dorado
Canon. Why, bless your poor old
innocent souls at Washington, don't
ou know we have never had a mail
ovar ihis route and therefore it is
impossible to discontinue that which
has r9r been commenced, and the
otherironte from Signal to the Parkj
abo.t which Oury bragged so much,
will;doubtless meet the same fate.
"We don't want mail routes, wo want
mails with letters, newspapers, &c,
in tl jm. Let it go forth that, with
the exception of a route from Miner
al Park to St. George and PiocheJ
which concerns and benefits Nevada
more than it doess, there is but one
mail route over which any mail is
carried in this large, rich and won
derful county of Mohave and that is
between Fort Mohave and the end of
the A. & P. track at Williams, and if
the citizens of Mineral Park and
Hackberry had not started that and
paid for it out of their own pockets
until they shamed the Government
into continuing it, we should have
been without even that much. Bet
ter Btop talking about reducing tho
letter postage to two cents and all
such and give us back our old Star
Routes and we in Mehave county
will willingly stand our share of
their stealings and pay it in advance
if necessary. The present state ofj
the mail service in this county
eimply disgraceful.
will be
stanthat an application
the 8th of January
iglPritle to have Chas.
ury Earner par-
:om the Territo-
if there is
is mat-
The Postmaster General having
seen fit to remit to the citizens of
this town and vicinity the amount
paid by them to Chas. Beecher, for
carrying the mail between here and
Hackberry during the past summer,
the Alta Arizona immediately comes
out with the proposition to donate
the whole of it, with the exception of
100, to the school fund, as a nucleus
towards erecting a school house, the
100 to be devoted to fixing up the
road between the grave yard and
town. Now, we don't believe in any
thing of the kind and principally for
the reason that there is no necessity
for doing eithej- Fortunately, with
our limited population and wonder
fully healthy climate, we have little
use for a graveyard and the road
thereto is only used once or twice a
year, and if we go to tho expense of
putting it in good condition now tho
winter rains will soon leave it in as
bad or worse fix than it is now. With
regard to the school house: It seems
to us that we had better get some
children to attend school before we
talk about building a school house.
At present we can think of but seven
children here who are of the proper
age to attend. We have no school
now and have not had for two
months and no prospect of any for
some time and certainly no possible
use for a school house. When our
population increases so that a new
school house becomes a necessity, we
are perfectly willing to assist in
building one, but we do not believe
in going down into our pockets at
present to erect a school house of
which future citizens will reap the
benefit, and as it looks to us now the
present school house is amply suffi
cient for all purposes for the next
year or two, and when our district
shall require more school room wo
shall have a largo number of people
here who will be better able to pay
for a new school house than we are
at present. We say let this money
be paid back to the parties entitled
to it and after that is done if they
wish to donate any of it to tho school
fund, or anv other fund, let them do
so, but let them remember at the
same time that our school fund
now has over one thousand dollars in
it, with the crosnect of a large in
crease after tho first of the year and
We bay for C'iish niid( sell for cash.
Our stylo "of doing llnsiiiess gives
the cush customers n show to get
-tt tt-
Value Received.
He does nrt have to support the man
who does not pay.
We Extend Our Thanks
To our friends and patrons for
past favors and hope to get
a share of their patron
age in the future. '
Andyou"willjbe convinced that our
prices are cheaper than
AhOrders Must be Accompanied by the
in Connection with the paper we have
a full and Complete
Welton & Grounds
Xl I XTTT'O T TATrAno a tt nrr a tVo
Mineral Park and Polhamus: -
Bailroacl Contractors & Miners Headquarters
We are nrw prepared to furnish
Miners, Ectel Keepers, Restaurant Keepers and Families
With Goods at Prices Lower than Ever.
We have thelargest stock of
0 -Q o
And are" prepared to Print anything
from a
o- o o
To a Four Sheet Poster
If twelve miles nearer for shippers to (his section of rounfry than
Fort Mohave. Shippers will iiud it to their ' advantage to
have their ireight landed at Jolhamns.
AVo have ample storeroom for any quantity of
freight, and a reliable man is there at all tiir.es to receive and
forward it.
We .will Deliver Supplies to Railroad Contractors
Either at Their Store in Mineral i'ark or I'olhaiuus.
Hay and Barley for Teamsters
Always on hand at either store.
Having a Resident Agent in San Francisco,
Parties Desiring any Special Business Trans
acted or Ores Sold, can have the same
Promptly Executed Through us,
We Also Have a Store at the Needles
Where Contractors and Others will be Supplied with Every
thing they Need.
Mineral Paris :uil Plli:umisi Xorcmltvr 1st, 1882.
such a
no prospects of any of it being1 used
for months.
Main St., Mineral Farhf

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