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$1 : .
Special notices iu the reading columns of
the MtNKii will "be charged lit the rate of
Ten Ceuts per line for each insertion.
j J. Weyl. Notary Public, room 5. Bank of
Arizona Jiuuding, f rescott, is tne autuor-
uea ngent 01 tuo mouavk uounxx juineu in
Yxapai county.
iMujfum News in Parvo Type.
Speaking about the weather
; Woman t it ue nice
To turn on the ice,
And allow a stream
Of Vanilla cream
To moisten your guzzle,?
And a soda Cz
Attend to its biz,
Cool the inside coat
'Of your parching throat, 2'
Freeze you to the muzzle?
Htnv 'do .you leel after:tho rain?
;v i J.-Uassell of Jimgin&n Vas iu town
'. .,Exd JRoebne of Hackberry -aiis hi town
, labiHondtiT and Tuesday. '
"Wi S. Hodges,
a representative of
Preseott Courier, is in town.
L. 'DaTidson.B.D'rhrEjidP. Hach left
lastTriday to attaud the Santa Pc exhibi
J. AV. Stephenson has gone ta Albuquer-
a;uo for a week -or two. He left on the
itase last Tuesday.
P. F. Collins has been to Hackberry dur-
xner the nast week on business connected
-jrith he Sheriff's office.
VV. J. Chamberlain of Kinsman was in
townlast Tuesday, accompanied by Mr
Bat&keller of Emporia. Kansas.
" '
Jit ik not true that frank watkins says
&atMorev is Aikin to come to Gnerai
rsri ou iub ruutm 10 wane h jaunts.
TVm. Seed of Union Pass -was in towr
last Monday. He informs us that Mrs
Reed and her two daughters have returnee
from Los Angeles.
Yfc understand that A. E. Fay, who -waf
- -to have run the Alt Arizona, at Ktngmai
in connection with "W. H. Cureton, has lef
ar parts n lknown.
Sheriff Sen returned last "Wednesday
from a' three weeks trip to the northon
portion of this county. During his trip hi
took the school census, besides attending ti
other business connected with the Sheriff's
ftsd Assessor's officos.
M. W. Henkid'will lecturo at the Coait
Jlonse this even n.i and has chosen for Im
iubjpct the novel theme of ''Women, "Wine
jindiha GospelJwhich cannot fail to be in
t6restmg. Aftoritue lecture Mrs. i. i
Pattridge williraman essay. Ve hops
. w p,v -Jijjyy! Dtr n p Tl C; .
o. u. jones nnu wile ot rueuio are vis
ing iLneraligark und propose to remain
wit h. ns fyr several' weekH. Mr. Jones rep
resents the Pueblo smelting and refining
company of Colorado and is hero for tht
purpose of buying ore and will visit all th
mining districts in the county during hit
P. L. Crovat, for the past five month
bookkeeper for the firm of "Welton i
Grounds, leaves us to-day for Tucson wher-is-will
engage m the hotel business. Durhn
fsli shoi t stay jmong us Mr. Crovat hn:
-TVMlfi many friends who, while wishing' hir
success iu his new venture, will witness hi
departure from Mineral Park with regret.
The Atlantic & Pacific railroad will se
round trip tickets from Kingman to Sant
tFe and return, good until August 31st, fo
16.30. From Hac. berry and return $44,
i05.ud from the Needles $50.80. Partie
of from ft to 9 and from 10 ta 14 and ove
ou obtain a still farther reduction of r;ite
for the round trip. Tickets sold on Monday.
and Thursdays only.
Nearly five year3 ago ft young man Iof
Salamanca, to seek his fortune in the fa
west Arizona being his definition. B
economy he had accumulated funds enougl
to tako him there, bat no more. Previous
to leaving Salamanca he had worked at tin
printing business about two years. Hi
name, Ans m H. Smith, now appears at th
head of the Mohave County Mines as itt !
proprietor. Pluck and energy will alwsyi
win. "Warren Ledger.
F.- W. MosefrOur former, clerk of tLe
court, has accepted the position of book-
kenner .it, Martin & Co. s and is ii jw a res
ident of Pinal.
Tom Alien dropped dead on "Wednesday
last, in frdat of Murray's Saloon. He was
buried on Thursday. It is supposed to have
been a,case of paralysis of the heart.
Tucson Citizen.
Hon: P. J. Uolan is in the city shading
naiads with the boys.
TJio.preparations for the electric light
works are fast approaching completion
The dynamo and engine will be placed in
position this week, and next week the boil-
ef and furnace will be put up..
A vaquero, while herding in the Sierritas
tsomo two weeks nno, discoveied n lodge
which has since proved quite valuable. Ono
assay of average ore was S2o0 in gold, and
nearly SflOO in silver. Two locations have
been made, and half a ton shipped to the
-Benson smelter to ascertain the practical
outcome, t
Lordsburg claims fiva hnndred inhabitants
and has thirty-seven saloons and places
where liquors aro sold, as well as dance
houses and gambling eat.ibli.-hments. Siuci
July 3d, 18S2, fourteen persons have died in
the town, and the causes of dea'h may be
classified as follows: Lynched, 1; murdered.
3; suicides, G; smallpox, 3: doubtful, 1.
The largest and unquestionably the most
valuable cabinet ot ores in Tucson is that
iu the office of 0. R. Wores, assayer on
Camp street. The case is ten feet wide by
six feet high, and contains five hundred and
fifty labeled specimens. Nearly every mine
of note in every district in Arizona is rep
resented. Among them every class and
quality of mineral may be found. Any
one interested in mineralogy or metallurgy
can at anv time spend a pleasant hour in
looking over so extensive and valuable a
gilenaore, somo of which goes well in
Twiggs and Gruifield have finished work
on the Wall ipai Chiof at Chloride for the
present, and w.ll now turn their attention
to some of their other claims.
The recent rich strike in the Keystono
still holds out and has every indication of
being permanent.
Mulligan & O'Brien have struck plenty
plenty of water in the well which they hav
been sinking.
Tbore are about thirty tons of oro at
Kingman from the Infallible mine at Stock
ton, ready for shipment.
The Gray Bros, have shipped about
twelve or fourteen tons of ore from some
of their claims at Stockton.
Chamberlain & Co. sampled a lot of
ore from the Amencan Hag mine last
The mill at Gold Basin is taking out
about $200 per day in gold bullion, and this
is gold which is saved from the battery and
nos included in the concentrations. At
1 1 s mill about ten tons of oro are ooncen
at id iiito oiie. The mill is under thp ble
snpjrintendence of E. L. Morey. who has
no superior in concentrating gold ore and is
evidently the right man in the right place
Fourth of July.
JLinlli-Oinl Items.
"We are indebted to the courtesy of the
Hon. W. H. Hardy for the following itoms :
The Southern Pacific railroad company
have erected a fine depot building at the
Needles. The mam building is 250 feet by
30 feat wide and is divided into ticket of
dces and waiting rooms on ono side and
Jinina-room. kitchen and lavatory on the
jther. The duiing-ro jm is cap ible of seat-
ing 250 people at once. Tne building- is
handsomely fitted up and contains all the
modern improvements. An 8 foot porch
jxterjds entirely around the building.
foundation is built of brick and stone, Ithe
stu..tnr be n? bu It entiioly of California
redwood and the roof is covered with red
wood shingles, which make the coolest cov-
er.ng known in this climate. Judging from
tue size and appearance of this depot,
which, is intended entirely to accommodate
passsnr traffic, the Southern Paomciconi-
:-janvimnRfcxrse3t to tnmsnort sanouH fivn
pnnndredeugers per day af (RjitgiTp'
The celebration will commence with
National S ilule of 38 guns at 4 a. m. under
the direction of Cipt. Hardy.
The litcr.iry exercises will begin at 3 p.m.
sharp at the Court House. The following
. is ine oruer or exerc.sss:
Music by the band.
Reading of the Declaration of Indepen
denceHon. A. E. Davis.
Hymn, America By the quartette.
Oration Judge W. G. Blakely.
Hymn, Star Spangled Banner By the
Poem Hon. S. Hamilton.
Hymn, Columbia By the quartette.
The audionco are heartily invited to join
in the singing and to sing their best.
In the evening there will be a grand dis
play of fireworks under the direction of "W.
M. Kridor, Professor of Pyrotechnics.
Dancing will commence promptly at 9:30
p. m. and will be continued till daylight,
with an intermission of one hour at m"r-
Xllt . niflllf f.il. Onnnnf Ttt-rrn- l.mn, n 4-
will be singing by Messrs.
and others.
Abbott, Eppler
alsio eompleleuja large
rteen stallaSlsoa coal
Tei'ritoi'ial diivplnff.
Yuma Sentinel.
Mr. 11. R. McGaughy, U. S. Postal hi
spectjr, was in town this week. 3Ir. Mc
' Gaughy has a Urge number of friends hen
And is is a firm admirer of Arizona.
The body of Phillips, the man who jumped
from the train near Volcano, has been
found. He had wandered ten milei from
the track, where ho had expired.
Mr "W- C. Barney, nephew of Col. Bar
fly fll1 M resident of Yuma died iu Los
Angeles at the Sisters hospital, on Sunday
The river bas commenced falling. The
.highest stage was reached onjttnday last,
at which timo it measured 23,?feetPand II
About the first of July Mr. H. C. McCoy,
who has been purser for the C. S. N. Co.
for the pnst fow years, leaves for the eaBt
. where be will permanently reside. We will
hate to lose Mac. as he was always ono of
the boys.
Arizona Enterprise.
Snpt. Curtis of the Ray Copper company
was here Wednesday and took the noon
stage for Tucson. He says the exploration
work at the company's mines is progressiiif.
satinfactoriiy and showing good results.
The lower workings of the ray mine show
a magnificent body of red oxide and native
Pinal Consolidated output for the week
ending Friday. June 22.1883 203,915 pounds
Total to date 2.0J4.000 pounds. No. oi
carlo ids to date, 100.
The furnace will be closed down to-duy.
'The heat has become intense at tho smelter
nd the men conld not bear up under it.
Extra men were put on, but it was no use.
Tho heat literally melted thorn down, Work
will not be resumed at the furnace till
about the 1st September or till cool weather
9t8 in. It is to be rogretted, but what can
not be avoided must be endured. There is
ijo way of ''standing off" tho Arizona sun,
especially when to its heat is added the boat
of a lorty-ton furnace, a forty-horse power
boiler and a half acre of red-hot- slag. Under
these conditions tho temperature becomes
decidedly tropical. Work at the mines and
pharooal kilns will be continued right along
Pinal Drill.
The Hasting company has orderod work
to h resumed on its mines at Queen Creek,
connoctionijl once established . .
The companv liave
loundhouse with fourteen
nouse 50x100 feet. Both of these are hand
some buildina built of redwood on brick
foundations and have corrugated iron roofs
Among the improvements recently made
s a 50.000 gallon tank: also a two story
section house with a double roof to protect
the inmates from the heat as possible.Those
juildiugs are completed and in actual use
it the present time.
"Workmen are now engaged in grading
nd measuring off the ground for a first
dass hotel, which is to be built immediately.
"Work on the bridge is being pushed
ihead as rapidly as passible. There re-
uains now about 200 feet of tho old struc-
ure on tho Cal foniia side aud about 300
eet on the Arizona side, and some 300 feet
a the middle. This is all that remains of
ho original bridge 1700 feet long. A bavgo
aas been constructed 30x50 feet on which
hep'Ie driver and machinery is to be
placed and a steamer has been sent for
rrom up he river, t. be used in holding the
barge in place. The bridge is to be con-
t ructed with heavy piers and bqlke :ds, the
piers "being 43 feet ap.trt, the spans being of
x!2 timbers, strengthened with heavy truc
es, lue piles wuicu are now bomg driven
re sixty feet long and are green pine sticks
roni the San Francisso mount tlu3. J. H.
)rury. the master-mechanic of the Atl -nl'c
& Pacific railroad has (shargs of the mechau
.cal work of the bridge and H. C. Todd is
he engineer in ckiyrge.
Engineer Henninf has charge of the rip
rapping, etc., now being done or. the A. &
track where it runs along the bank of
-tie-river, and ;g working about sixty or
seventy Mohave Indians, He claims that
they make as good laborers as any he has
evar employed at that work and claims that
they are imperYKU8"t6 the heat.
j?otit;li oi" July To let.
The full programme of tho exercises at
the Court House during the afternoon is
published in another column.
Tho singing of patriotic songs, etc., dur
ing the afternoon and between tho dances
in the evening will bo quite a feature of tho
celebration. The singing will be furnished
by the wsll known quartet from Fort Mo
iiave, assisted by all of our Josal. talent.
W. H. Hardy, the enterprising stage man,
will run two four-horse stages bstween
Kigmau and Mineral Park and will make
two trsp? p3r day if necessary to accommo
date visitors to anl from Mineral Park
during the celebration.
We understand that a large delegation of
the railroad employes from tho vicinity of
tho Needles will be on hand.
W. H. Hardy will make -a reduction in
stge faro between Kingman and Mineral
Park on the 3d, 4th and 5th of July. On
these three days the fare will be four dol
lars for the round trip, or two dollars for a
single trip.
The following additional appointments
have been made, viz: Marshal. P. F. Col
lins; Floor Manager. J. P. Krider; Floor
Committee, M. Abornethy, L. J. Lassoll
and H. H. Watkins.
Mose Stoen will set out a.maguificent sup
par at the LMace Hotel and will bo pre
pared to fred everybody.
One of the most attractive features ofjthe
celeb rat'on will be the display of fireworks
to take place under tho direction of W. M.
Anybody who will take a look at Hardy's
new hall now will see at a glance .why the
committee chose it for tho3anoe -in "prefer
ence to the Court House.
For aomejunrfecount ble reason the post
office dep t tntpitajW' h shin" ton has failed
thus far itdftHJswvT adequnt5iatt.? Vaw;-
rtCDTor thcrcf6h8!6nthe western end of thf
i. & P. raiirftad. AU'the roat3 a-unts no v
i stop at W mania ,' ttlat being the end of the
present mail son ice, except that W. H.
ilardy nas the contract for carrying it
overland from Williams to Hackberry.
Mineral Park and Fort Mohaye.
The real hardship is on the towns between
Williams and the points called for by Mr.
Hardy's contract and they must go with
out regular mails until a certain amount of
led tapo is unwound at the Washington of
ficos. There is no reason in this sort of thing
tho department should bo ready to put- rail
way mail service on as fast as tho road i
completed and now instead of paying" Mr.
Hirdy a big price for oarrying the mails
the people at Poach Springs, Tmxton.
Kingman and the Colorado river might b .
supplied by tho regular mail trains. Albu
querque Journal.
National Birthday
John Hughes.
G. Blakely.
A. E. Davis.
Patriotic Singing; hy Messi's. &lbott, 34pi?er.
ucrsoii of Jb'oi'6 Moliave.
Baker and An-
Lameon S. Welton.
"W. 2?. Grounds.
w' IE! Il' t 'o In'
ill L J I I
i-A-f 11STI I3D1 "
Gj jRj-jojjUl'fNffDj fs'
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
A Grand Ball I A Grand Ball !
-In ilie Evening at
arcly's lew Hall
The Best Music in the County has been
Supper at the Palace Hotel.
iverybody in the County is Cordially invited to come
MINERAL PARK and have a good time.
Tally jVIail.
Gliiof Clerk E. W. Pierce, of the railway
mail service, has issued tho following ordei,
to go ino eifect at c nc. :
ItAIljWAY Mail Sjevice, )
SaE'Vfc.NTH Division J
Albuqukbque. N. M.., June 2G, 1883.
Albuquerque and Williams li- P. O.:
Make uuucLe dnily for the following oflice:
to be uo pituhed fr m Williams, Arizona
by train J. 13, Atlantic & Pacific railroad,
viz: jsh .Fork, I3reon (Peach Springs.
Hackberry. Kingman, and Needles, Amour-.,
iiinem.m mch also to contain mail fur
Cerbat and Minor.tl Pirk, aud Needles
pouch mail fpr Hard) v lie aud Mohavo City.
Arizona. Xouchos to be returned daily by
train No. 14. ' E. W. Pieb e.
Chief Clerk.
i-Torlina's I . Torli
The Largest, Fines! and
Groceries, Dry Goods, Hardware,
Boots & Shoes, Grain & Feed,
Mining Supplies of all Kinds,
"We alsc carrj an immcii.se stock of
Pipes,1 Cutlery and Notions
. . . i-
Hosiery aaul CrloTes
Orders Promptly Filled.
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Mail Superintendent . Warfield, f St.
Lquiq, if fh'ff'c'ty for the pnrpoa5 of mak
ing arrangements to oxtend he mail ser
vice on the Atlantic & Pacific routo which
at present runs only to "Williams. The ser
vice will undoubtedly "bo extended by July
1st, which will bo good news to western Ar
izona. Mr. "Warfield says the service could
notice put on the road until tne govern
ment had accepted it. aud this has been the
cause of the del ay. Albuquorquo J ournal.
At Mineral Park, Juno 2i)th, 1SS3, of con
sumption, superinduced by malarial fever,
Charles Lancaster, aged about 2G years.
The deceased gentleman was born at Mo-
keluniuo Hill, Calaveras Co., California.
and was a near relative of our townsman
J. C. Asbury He c.ime to Mineral Park
about two weeks since, in the hope that our
wonderful climate might stay the progress
of that worst of j 11 dise si, viz : 'on ump-
tion. The sudden cban e anl t e ft:li ue
incident on a long journey, provod too
muck for him and Lq grow r. pi-. ly worse
and died two weeks after his arrival here.
His funeral took place on the evening of the
day of his death and was largely attended,
Judge "W. G. Blakely conducting the sol
emn and impressive services.
kilning: IMivtl er.
J. H. Luthy and Henry Elfers are work
ing on their claim near tho Pontenoy at
Cerbat. They nave struck a big body of
For fulc.
I offer my range aud all the cattle under
my br ind at private sale. The rango is sit
uated in the northern part of this county.
and has three large and never failing flnrings
of water contiguous thereto. Any person
desiring to engage in the stock business on
a large sc l6 will do well to address mo ior
particulars, at Mineral Park, A, T.
Mcses Steex.
Hackberry, A. T,
SSPls prepared to attend professional calls
in any part of the county.
STEIN", MAN r ELL & CO.. i'm-iucial Agents, i
C . L . IIUBRS, Manager. S
Check Mailed Within 24-Hours After Assay !
Correspondence Solicited,.
Freight Paid by us & Deducted From Value of Ore.
VV.3X. IvrldCr.
3 . r. Krider.
Leading House of the County
Principal Store at Mineral Park.
. Branch Store at the Needles-
S. JLd. Stanley.
J ohaSpruanoe.
Importers and vliolesale Iea.lcr8lln.
Fine Old Kentucky Whisky, Wines and Liquors.
African Stomach Bittees,
The rincst Tonic aud iippctizcr in tho WwWii
410 FrontSt, San Francineo, Cal.
Miners' Headquarters I
Have j nst received a large Assortment of
Ladles' Dress Gods, Ginghams, Prints, Gloves,
Underwear, Hosiery, Shoes and Slippers.
Hats, Boots and Shoes, Clothing, Etc., Etc.
la addition to which wo carry a large and well assorted stock of
All of the alOYCvri!l'le'Mll-nt
Postofflcc Btxilding, Mineral Paris.
Wholesale ami Kc tail Healers im
Mining Material,
Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing,
Boots and Shoes, Tinware, Etc.,
Liquors- Cigars an$L

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